27 June, 2022


Tamil Video: Rudrakumaran Reads Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter

The Prime Minister of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran is reading the Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter – May 18th 2013


  1. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – Prime Minister TGTE

    We, the people of Tamil Eelam, have an inherent right to self-determination. Subject to Genocide at the hands of successive Sinhala national governments and as an essential measure of protection we wish to establish our own independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam.

  2. The creation of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam remains the only viable option to lead a life with security, dignity and equality, both individually and collectively.
  3. For over six decades we have struggled, through both non-violent means and armed resistance, to protect ourselves from state sponsored Genocide. We demand the international community organize a referendum to enable us to exercise our right to self-determination and also take all measures to bring to justice the perpetrators of Genocide against the Tamil people.
  4. The North-East of Sri Lanka is our traditional homeland and will be the territory of the State of Tamil Eelam. The maritime and aerial limits of Tamil Eelam will be established according to international laws.
  5. The independent state of Tamil Eelam will embrace wholeheartedly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international human rights and humanitarian treaties and conventions.
  6. A Constituent Assembly, elected by the people, shall draft the Constitution. The Constitution will avoid any concentration of power in one authority or person and enshrine the independence of the Legislature, the Executive and Judiciary. Tamil Eelam shall be a Republic adhering to the laws enacted by a Parliament of elected representatives chosen through direct voting by the people. The people shall have the right to recall their elected representatives.
  7. No religion shall be given the foremost place in Tamil Eelam. The freedom to worship and the cultural right to practice religious traditions shall be ensured.
  8. Tamil Eelam will prohibit capital punishment.
  9. The state of Tamil Eelam shall guarantee Constitutional protection of individuals, families and communities from any form of discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, language, caste, gender or sexual orientation.
  10. The rights of all minority groups in Tamil Eelam will be respected and safeguarded. The distinct identity of Muslims will be recognized. They shall have the right to participate in formulation of their role in Tamil Eelam. Whenever the hill country Tamils choose to settle in Tamil Eelam, citizenship rights will be extended to them forthwith and the state shall implement special programs for their welfare.
  11. All freedom fighters shall be honored as national heroes. All those who sacrificed their lives shall be honored as martyrs. The welfare of the families of the martyrs and cadre shall be the responsibility of the state. All civilians who lost their lives during the freedom struggle shall be remembered through a national monument. May 18 will be established as a National Day of Mourning and November 27 will remain as the National Maaveerar Day.

Foreign Policy

12. Tamil Eelam shall maintain close relations with all nations that have democratically elected governments.  Expressing solidarity with the people of India and to foster peace and security in the Indian Ocean region, Tamil Eelam will forge a special relationship with India.

Economic Policy

13. The economic policy of Tamil Eelam will be shaped with the needs and resources of the people of Tamil Eelam in mind and to cultivate global cooperation as well as recognizing the significant role of the Tamil diaspora.

Language Policy

14. Tamil, Sinhala and English shall be the official languages of Tamil Eelam.

Education Policy

15. Education shall be compulsory and free for all.

Health Policy

16. Health will be a fundamental right and all citizens will have access to free healthcare.

Development Policy

17. Development includes economic as well as social, human resource and cultural development in a sustainable way. An important goal of development policy would be to create social equity and minimize disparities.

18. Some of the objectives of development projects in Tamil Eelam will be to ensure that all citizens have:

– their own shelter;

– basic livelihood

– adequate nutrition, especially for children, pregnant mothers and the elderly

– protection from infectious diseases

Environment Policy

19. Land, water and space resources within the territory of Tamil Eelam will be conserved. Large-scale reforestation projects, especially of the Palmyra resource destroyed during the war, will be undertaken as a priority.

20. Emphasis will be given to renewable energy forms such as solar, wind and wave. All non-renewable resources will be used cautiously keeping in mind the needs of future generations.

Citizenship Policy

21. Citizenship will be extended to all those born in the homeland or descended from those born in the homeland. Provisions will be made for obtaining citizenship through naturalization and also for holding dual citizenship.

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    Sorry, the comment language is English – CT

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    What is he talking about?

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      There is a going to be a new kothu takeout place opening near you soon!

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    A beautiful manifesto from the prime minister of a non existent government of a ficticious land, advocated by a group with a lot of blood on their hands. How people find ways to achieve false importance!!

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      There is saying in tamil along the lines of, when the big game animals are gone from the jungles even monkeys can become kings!

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    Dude, if you cannot live in peace, please go to Tamil Nadu. Dont try to create worst problems in this country!! So please, go somewhere and live happy

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    What a joke — Isn’t the suffering brought upon the Tamil people over the last 30 years not enough? From a safe distance these jokers know they are not the ones who will suffer. They have done a lot of damage, and they are going to do a lot more. Sad, really sad.

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    Keep dreaming

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    son: Mom!! I too want one of those.. a seperate state to play with all my friends :'(
    Mom: How cute :*

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    The shrill tones of authoritarianism, typical of Sri Lankan politics left right and center, ring out very clearly in this speech. When one hears that tone, one remembers Hitler and his fascism and one remembers the fascism of all the politicians who use that tone. Most Sri Lankan politicians are fascists. Perhaps the late Dr. Chanaka Amaratunga was one of the few who was not and he did not every speak in these sinister tones.

    Why does this fascist want English and Sinhalese as National Languages of Thamileelam? Who but a Thamileelamite would want to live in a fascist state? Fascism in Sri Lanka is bad enough and people are fleeing in boats and by whatever means they can afford.

    Some Tamilians from Tamil Nadu may come to visit but they will soon realize that these Thamileelamites have no respect for the over 10,000 year of culture of inclusive tolerance and freedom of the Tamilians. They will also learn that these Thamileelamites live in a mental reservation where the simple fact that all Tamilians have their roots in Tamilnadu is violently rejected. They will also learn that when you disagree with or oppose a Thamileemite he or she will immediately put a gun to your head, call you a traitor and pull the trigger. In short they will realize that these Thamileelamites ARE NOT TAMILS! And that in fact these Thamileelamites HATE all Tamilians.

    They are some kind of fascist savages who have learned some Tamil from neighboring Tamilnadu and they are trying to use their knowledge of Tamil to play on the sympathies of the Tamilians. The truth will out very soon and then these Thamileelamites will be seen for what they are.

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    I feel that the people who commented so far are the real jokers.

    Either you like it or not there will to be a solution for Tamils in Tamil Eelam. Even in your LLRC report (criminal do their own) says, solution must be given to Tamils in Tamil Eelam.

    Sri Lankan government got innocent Tamils blood on their hand and have been and still now systematically killing, raping and disappearing the Tamils in Tamil Eelam. The time have come for Sri Lanka to pay the price for what they did to Tamils in Sri Lanka, see what happens in the UNHRC meeting on September 2013 in UN. Sri Lanka will be punished, make NO mistake about it.

    Our Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter will be a guide line for Tamils in Tamil Eelam and I am sure Sinhalese also can follow the guide line to run your Sri Lanka too.

    This charter had been created BY the Tamil people, FOR the Tamil people. I am sure Sri Lankan government will not understand as they don’t even follow the constitution of Sri Lanka.

    I am sure the Tamil Eelam will bone soon in Sri Lanka and we Tamils will soon see that and even Sri Lankan diplomat for France said, I get the felling I will see the Tamil Eeelam before I die (at least he got half of brain).

    Tamils will achieve the Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka sooner than you think.

    “Thamilarin Thagam Tamil Eelath Thajagam” – “Thirst for Tamils always will be Tamil Eelam”

    S.Yogi TGTE MP (UK) – http://www.tgte-uk.org
    Director of ACT NOW – http://www.act-now.info
    Committee member of Nation without States (NwS)

    Tamil Video: Rudrakumaran Reads Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter


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      No Yogi, it your organization that is the real Joke. No insult intended. Sometimes when your passionately involved in project it may seem to to loom very large in your reality.

      For a government to be recognized as being in exile there has to be a state from which it emerged. There was no such recognition for the area that used to be under the control of the LTTE, even the ISGA proposals to were never ratified or excepted by the inter national community. There was not even a observer status in the UN. Even in the littoral regions of the north, the Jaffna peninsular remained under the control of the GOSL.

      If one were to visit Gurdwara’s around North America or Europe they will find Khalistan flags and similar TGTE type of organizations. If one were to speak to some of these Sadaraji’s they will insist that Khalistan very much exists or used to exist.

      I commend any group that strives to fight against injustice and there is no question that the Tamils of SL were on the receiving end. That is a fact. However, this is not fighting. This is fantasizing.

      In the 3 years of ya’ll being around name 3 things or even one thing that this TGTE has done for the benefit of Tamils on the ground in SL. If anything, the TGTE is a method to deal with guilt of the Diaspora for having abandoned wholesale the Tamils on the ground.

      Even KP, who some in your group, call a traitor has done more for students and youth , while in captivity, than all your shennigans overseas.

      Since you live in England Yogi. Why not question the original sin of the British and question why the Jaffna Kingdom was not handed back to the Tamils but given to the Government in Colombo knowing full well the history of conflict between Sinhala and Tamil nations. This is the true start of the conflict. You are living in the country that is directly responsible for the suffering of your people.

      No, that would not do. You can’t insult your host. Better to indulge in fantasy.

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      Yes Yogi, not only those who commented here are jokers but the majority of the Tamils including the so called TGTE MPs including yourself. We all know how you all behaved when VP cornered 350,000 Tamils at Mullivaikkal. Now you want a Tamil Eelam for them. Do not you all think that there shall be a limit for all your stupidity.
      How many of you are lawyers to become legislators? Rudrakmar is a LTTE supporter and a failed lawyer.
      Pls pls.

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    Well, I thought he would know the Queen’s English! After all you are addressing a cause to gain international recognition. Or is it a blantant show ‘ naam thamilar ‘ and others come second.

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    It is only a myth & never be a reality

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    Oh wow, just stumbled upon this video. This is exactly how things start. I am already getting a chill going up my spine. No joke. I wonder what end this TGTE will lead to. I can hazard a guess though – not too difficult. More bloodshed and suffering???? Anyone diaagree.

    Who appointed Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran Prime Minister of TGTE. Who are his ministers? Who are the MPs? And who voted them in? Where are the citizens who voted these persons into this imaginary parliament? Where is it based? The flags behind him are not too clear but I can see the colours of the LTTE. How are they raising taxes to bankroll this government? Who is paying the wages of these imaginary parliamentarians? I see many well dressed people jostling behind HE Rudrakumaran to be within the camera frame. Are these his cabinet ministers?

    Well no matter what, I can envisage only an ill wind blowing. I am almost very sure that the end result will be more deaths and destruction and strife for all people in Sri Lanka.

    Having said that I must admit I have no solution to offer that will redress the travails of the minorities in Sri Lanka or for that matter the ordinary citizens of this country. Today the situation is sadly just the same as before the LTTE’s armed conflict erupted 40 or so years ago and its terrible aftermath. All minorities in Sri Lanka are discriminated upon by the Sinhala majority. That is unfortunately the fact.

    Reading the comments it is disturbing to note that there are so many who already believe in what TGTE is promising to do. It is so sad that in the absence of any viable alternative that can redress the awful state of affairs in present day Sri Lanka the tormented minorities are going to be fair bait for the ilk of TGTEs.

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