22 March, 2023


Tamil Votes Amounted Not An Endorsement Of Sirisena

By Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Mahinda Rajapaksa is none other than the man who, as the leader of the Sinhala State, was overseeing the genocidal assault by that State on the Tamil people for a decade, which has left in their collective memory the pain and blood stains of the Mullivaaikaal Genocide. The Tamil people ensured his defeat in the Presidential elections by purposefully exercising their opportunity to vote. Such a decisive vote also sends out the loud signal that the Tamil people would never be prepared to forgive or forget the perpetrators of such international crimes.

We do not consider that Mr. Sirisena’s ascent to the position of President of Sri Lanka will bring any change to the status of the Tamils. We believe that it is the Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist structure that is the basis of the Tamil national crisis. In our view, the election has enabled only a face change such that the very same chauvinist structure could reassert itself further.

It is hard for the Tamils to brush away the thought that that the new President, Maithripala Sirisena, too has stains of Tamil blood in his hands. He carries the burden of responsibility for the Genocide of Tamils by virtue of having been the Deputy Minister of Defence in the final days of the war in Mullivaaikkal, when Mahinda Rajapaksa was overseas. He was in fact given credit for this during the election campaign. We could very well ask, therefore, why he too could not be summoned for an inquiry on his alleged role in the Genocide of Tamils perpetrated by the Sinhala armed forces.

With all that as background, it is the bitter reality of the Tamil people that they could not confer any faith in any one of the Sinhala leaders.

We would, therefore, like to bring to the attention of the Tamil leadership in our homeland, and indeed the international community, a set of pre-conditions that we consider as essential for the protection of the rights and identity of the Tamil Nation.

  1. The Genocide being perpetrated on the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State demands an international investigation on Sri Lanka. While welcoming the demand made by the British Prime Minister, Hon David Cameron, on the new government of Sri Lanka that it should extend its full cooperation for the international investigation, we call upon the UN Human Rights Commissioner to go to Sri Lanka now and complete the investigations there.
  2. We cannot accept the idea that the 13th Amendment, which is built on a unitary Constitution centralizing all powers, including the power over land and the police, as the one that would pave the way for the resolution of the Tamil National Question. Instead, the first steps towards a viable political solution should be taken on the basis of an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) that was on the table when the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government and the LTTE were negotiating.
  3. The Tamils feel that they are under military occupation as long as the Sinhala armed forces are present in their traditional areas. Therefore, as a prelude to creating civic space in the Tamil homeland, we call upon the Sri Lankan army to be withdrawn forthwith from the Tamil areas.
  4. All forms of land appropriation by the Sinhala regime in the Tamil homeland should be stopped immediately.
  5. All political prisoners detained because of their involvement in the Tamil liberation struggle should be released immediately and unconditionally.
  6. All information pertaining to Tamil political leaders in the struggle such as Balakumar, Puthuvai Rathnathurai, Yogi and Thilakar, and other cadres who were taken in during the last stages of the war in Mullivaaikkal, should be released immediately.
  7. A mechanism for the participation of Diaspora Tamils without any fear in the various development activities in the war affected homeland should be developed in cooperation with the international community.
  8. The 6th Amendment to the Constitution that denies the rights of the Tamil people to speak, discuss and express their political future should be repealed, followed by efforts to arrive at the permanent resolution to the Tamil National Question.

It is only when the Government of Sri Lanka moves forward to acknowledge the above as a set of just and democratic demands that the Tamil people will be convinced that the search for a permanent political resolution based on their democratic rights to the Tamil National Question would become a reality.

*Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – the Prime Minister of the transnational Government of Tamil Eelam

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    Mr. Diaspora stay the hell out of Sri Lanka. You are not welcome in SL. Only the Tamils in SL are welcome to stay and have a say in SL. You diaspora are out out out.. No more are you welcome in Sri Lanka. Stay in Toronto restaurant kitchens forever. Take some cooking classes to improve your cooking..

    You are a ignorant and stupid. You think we buy your genocide crap. Get the hell out of here. I was on the ground during the final phase of the war and can attest this genocide is a bunch of bull. Only the LTTE fighters died during the war. Why don’t you keep making things up??? How about add another 100K more to your figures to make it sound more compelling? Go tell your sister Navi Pillay she can take a hike. You will never get a separate state.. NEVER.. NEVER!!! so stay the hell away from Sri Lanka. You are not welcome anymore.

    We will treat the local SL Tamil folks with respect, dignity, compassion and friendship. You Diaspora on the other hand had your chance! You are not welcome.. GTFO.. STFO.. you are NOT welcome anymore. You want me to say it again???? Stay the hell away.. Do not come back.. You are not welcome… Get your Green Card.. citizenship papers anywhere other than SL…

    • 3

      Dutugamunu Sr.

      “Mr. Diaspora stay the hell out of Sri Lanka.”

      Fantastic suggestion.

      Please deport Gota back to USA and put a ban on Basil visiting this island.

      “We will treat the local SL Tamil folks with respect, dignity, compassion and friendship.”

      Please first learn to treat all people equitably with respect, dignity, compassion and friendship irrespective of race, religion, region, language, gender, ………..

      Then we can discuss about Tamils.

      “You are a ignorant and stupid.”

      There are 21 million of them.

      “You think we buy your genocide crap.”

      Usually you do buy crap from your politicians, don’t you? It shows up in your comment.

      “Only the LTTE fighters died during the war.”

      Were those shells and bombs highly advanced which only sought and destroyed members of LTTE? If true you should be able to export these armaments to other advanced countries.

      “I was on the ground during the final phase of the war and can attest this genocide is a bunch of bull.”

      Were you operating those multi-barrel rocket launchers? Then you wouldn’t have seen the dead on the other side.

      “How about add another 100K more to your figures to make it sound more compelling?”

      The compelling figures are 17,000 in 1971 and another 130,000 between 1987 and 1991.

      You should include these numbers in your calculation.

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        So you are telling “Please beehive me I am a Sri Lankan I don’t lie”

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    I Wonder who Dutugemunu[Jr:] would be? As interesting,like Dutugemunu[Snr:]?

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      Please check the older comments of this same article in previous page.

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    Ii would suggest that you read again my earlier response to your comment.You seem to have made me as a person holding a brief for MR. Nothing can be further from the Truth! I dont justify the acts of PSYCHOPATHS whether it be of Southern Vintage or Northern Vintage.

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