29 June, 2022


Tamils Should Freely Exercise Their Franchise At The Upcoming Presidential Election: GTF

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) strongly urges the Tamil people in Sri Lanka to use every vote carefully during the January 8 Presidential Election.

Suren Surendiran -Spokesperson GTF

Suren Surendiran -Spokesperson GTF

Issuing a statement today GTF says; “Tamil people have a long history of voting based on principled considerations. The upcoming Presidential election is no different.

“GTF is fully aware that in the post-independent Sri Lanka, Tamil people have continuously lost their rights under a flawed majoritarian electoral system. Their desire to have a degree of control in the Tamil majority areas was never granted, despite repeated democratic expressions of their wishes through all available electoral means.

“Nevertheless, from our perspective, whether Sri Lanka should continue in the same path or whether change should be taken at this juncture to stop and reverse this trajectory is the fundamental question facing the electorate.

“Thus, GTF urges every Tamil speaking person, up and down the country, to fully participate in this decision and to vote in this Presidential election.”

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    GTF’S Exhortation

    GTF has clearly outlined its stance in the upcoming election and has issued a call to all Tamils to fully engage in the democratic process. This is in the best interests of the Tamils, not to mention for a better future for the whole country.

    GTF has made it clear that all Tamils think alike politically and march together with the forces of democracy and justice.

    It is best for the Tamils to realise that their potential for 2015, is over four times compared to their performance in 2010 Parliamentary elections. What 2015 demands is enthusiastic participation, to make that difference.

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      Global Tamil Forum (GTF) strongly urges the Tamil people

      That is the Correct stance.

      The Muttals, the fools and Madus , the so-called Tamil Leaders should let the Tamil People with common sense to decide.

      What they should do is educate the People.

      Write the Tamil Common Sense Phamplet and distribute. Dictatorship Vs, Democracy.


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      Mr. Siva..!!? You seem a bit excited by these opportunistic, selfish, arrogant and indecent extortionists like Suren Ragavan eha !!?

      Where were thers Hynas…BTF, GTF….and all fools, when the SLA approaching Mullaithivu !!? Did these cannibals asked the big monster to allow the people to go free !!?

      Did these monsters insisted their cannibal Lord at least to allow children and women free from being used as mud sacks !!?

      Or….did these Jackals questioned their mad Lord about killing the fleeing civilians at the last moment by their own F…ing liberators !!?

      Did these rascals questioned about the bribes – taken by the so called liberators to allow Patriotic Jaffna Tamils in the Vanni to flee from there, even at the last moment !!?

      Or…did they raise their hands against the illiterate Maniac…when he decided to bring Mahinda to the Power Chair !!?

      Now these creatures want to go against the will of the illiterate smuggler…but you can not call them Traitors eha !!? Only a person who happened to be stopped by a SL soldier at a check post – to answer the questions thrown to him/ her should be addressed as traitors !!?

      Mr.Siva…!! Who these guys are !!? they are big and fat…they eat the blood of the hard working poor Tamils in Europe…these bastards have no shame at all…the Tamils shall be better without these bastards….!!?

      The Tamil voter has reasons to reject Mahinda the worst criminal…but does he has any reasonable reason to support MS !!? All these guys are not born leaders….they all are from the same dirty Pond…!!?

      These opportunist have to answer their own crimes against humanity first..!!? ..and then …they can speak about democracy…!!?

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        Oh…!!? after every ”Did”..pl. Read the verbs in ”present” forms…regret the mistakes..!!? Sometimes emotions overstep…but never on Justice…

        Thanks for the understandings


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          `Sometimes emotions overstep`

          Emotion trailing a lost humour in the Waltham Forest where the exhortación takes place with the blessing of fishermen on rocking chairs laundering money day and night.

          What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer.

          Merry x’mas.

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        They were scared even to appeal to VP to let the Tamil people go. Now they are free to appeal to Tamil people … Now they have the freedom to speak. Did they have it when VP was there? They were even scared to think let alone speak.

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          [Edited out]

        • 1

          Dear Lanka liar…don’t be silly…I am writing an article in this page soon to show the cruel faces of these people…wait for it.

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    It is a very logical request. Tamils should always exed ise their right to vote. They also must remember the repercussions of having not casted thier vote in 2005.

    They should join the mainstream politics without being isolated and make their participzgion on all common issues. Time has now come for meaningful reconciliation, forgive and forget so that all can make this country a better place to live unitedly.

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    Forgive and forget is ok, but after all this sacrifice/loses we should not miss this oppertunity but to unit to get our rights.We have lost our education, accumilated gold for cenceries, our traditional land, Our old culture of respection elders,violent less north, traditional trees and animals,and many more due to greedy/selfish/ stupid/shortsighted tamil traitors and due to lag of knowledge in world politics to LTTE.When i was a boy we hate singhala army monkeys look into our houses over the fence from their tall trugs, but now we have to live with so many monkeys.

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      I agree. Somehow must get back the lost rights, Lamb, property etc by supporting common candidate and start anew.

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    Where is the head priest of the velu bab temple S.J.Emmanuel?
    Why does not he make a statement……..
    Is he preparing our rights list..
    Kindly leave us Tamils in SL tolive in peace & you guys enjoy a your White Christmas.

    Do not forget send us swim wear as its raining cats & dogs over hear

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      Ha Ha good one Thonda. Wonder who in SL are listening to these buggers.

      Tamils in SL will do as they please.

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      Emmanuel was never in the Velu Temple.
      Now he is pretending and claiming he was in the inner temple.

      Where is his record from 1983 to 2009?

      Where are his writings?

      As for strategist Suren Surendran, what a turncoat?
      I am enjoying my Christmas in Chennai and I do not want to spoil it by writing about Suren and GTF. I will write about this new JOKE of the GTF since they are now aware of what TNA decisionn is on the 26th and want to join the band wagon. No Tamil voters listen to the GTF except a few dependents.

      Suren who has spent most of his early childhood and adulthood in Africa, and being married to a Sinhalese girl until very recently does not know anything of the North. Nor has he got any dependents there. There zero votes.

      Merry Christmas,

      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice

      • 2

        Oh dear,
        u mean suren love Sinhala, [Edited out] & fight 4 tamil rights…over 2 u native …..

        • 2

          muthu,i think donald also liked sinhala [Edited out] until he found that [Edited out] whether sinhala or tamil.just like in the west one day it won’t be tamil vs sinhalese but sinhala [Edited out] and tamil [Edited out] getting together and giving the works to macho males both sinhala and tamil through courts,laws and seeing them on bended knees begging for access rights to their children and losing their money.

        • 0


          Where are you?

          The elections are around the corner, the country needs you.

          I love Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, …. because all of them are stupid. They need love and care.

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        Uncle Donald

        Good to hear from you after a very long time. I thought you are already back here in Sri Lanka for supporting your new saviour My3 for his election battle to achive your dreamland,Peelum on a silver plate in which your beloved leader blood suckering sun goat podian preba could not acheive.

        Also thanks for some information on private life of this natuarlly born tamil liberator Suren fella. By the way I saw a mug-shot of this Suren Fella in one of the CT forum with no heir on his brainless head. He resembles a member from the BBS.

        By the way, enjoy your Xmas in the Toilet Nadu and make sure to continue your tablets on lowering the blood pressure.

        May Bis-hope of Manner bless you for few more years before joining your beloved leader.

        Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 2

          Sinhala Banda Pervert

          “By the way, enjoy your Xmas in the Toilet Nadu”

          According to Sri Lanka Census (2012) department 84,000 people do not have toilet facilities in this island.

          What is the difference between “toilet Nadu” and this island of “Sinhala/Buddhist Kingdom”? There is no difference between your people and Tamils of Tamil Nadu, both share the same unhygienic stupid gene.

        • 1


          I was in a Maldives resort for 10 days.
          Chennai X’Mas was great as I have many friends.

          I was in Colombo for 25 days and accomplished most of what I wanted to do.
          Now we will wait for the results on the 9th, where my return ticket is booked from Delhi to Colombo.

          My marriage and divorce to a Sinhalese has been well publicized for 20 years.

          Suren and GTF has been brought back to make sense. Anyway, GTF views does not matter with the Tamil voters. The same with the TGTE, TAG, and BTF. They are now exposed of their inexperience and ignorance.

          • 0

            Dear Uncle Donald

            Thanks for the reply and the update.

            Just few recomments and complements are below.

            “I was in a Maldives resort for 10 days” – I presume that you are not doing your previous job again in Maldives. I mean organisng a few more loads of boats of so-called Thamil refugees. I am sure you are well ware of current Australian approach on refugees. You may have to try Europe this time. But I think such activities far below your age now although it is habitual.

            “Chennai X’Mas was great as I have many friends” – I have no doubt that you have more than many friends. Have you had a chance to visit, once Thamil saviour Jayalalitha in a cozy cell for the good charity work she did for Toilet-Nadu people. I hope you passed her my sincere regards.

            “I was in Colombo for 25 days and accomplished most of what I wanted to do. Now we will wait for the results on the 9th, where my return ticket is booked from Delhi to Colombo” – Did you have a chance to visit the saint of Mannar (Bis-hope Rayapoooo) and receive heaps of blessings as he is well known for that. Did My3 welcome you, being a hardlined Sinhalese? I am quite amazed the transformation this Gamaya acheive within a month or so. Was he really in MaRA’s goverment for last 10 odd years to realise how bad MaRa was? Are we all having a dream about this Gamaya? By the way, what about a drink with Wishkey Madam Chandrika, the reborn saviour on this great nation?

            “My marriage and divorce to a Sinhalese has been well publicized for 20 years” -Whay are you worring about your previous marriage? as a wiseman of the greatest Peelum Thamil nation, you should concentrate only on present and future, espeically My3 is going to bring to you all. The North of Sri Lanaka (in your language – Peelum) will be self-sufficent with rice and definitely rice mills under My3’s pious ruling. You know – I used to have few Thamil girl friends back in good all days in Pera University. Whether Sinhalse or Thamil, they all carry same the taste uncle. I am really disappointed that it took 20 odd years for you to to realise that sour experince.

            “Suren and GTF has been brought back to make sense. Anyway, GTF views does not matter with the Tamil voters. The same with the TGTE, TAG, and BTF. They are now exposed of their inexperience and ignorance” – Well, well!!!!!!!! you are jorking here my uncle. I thought those were the saviours of Thamil when your great Leader bllod sucking Podian Preba running a muck in this country. I am sure – you all can together start another libration struggle if My3 will not get into power as we all wish. By the way, I like Suren’s heir style. I am sure it is not funded by your asset of Thamil Liberation Movement. By the way, does this Suren fella really know where Sri Lanaka (beg your pardon Peelum) is really located?

            Wait for postive response from you. Be really careful once you are back in Sri Lanka as you may be given free unwanted transport (too early as you have few more years to serve Peelum naion) in a white van to the place (you know what I mean)of you great leader Poidan Preba if the new great saviour My3 does not come to power.

            May the Bis-hope of Mannar bless you with few more years!!!!!

            Beloved cousin Sinhala Bunda.

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      ¬Do not forget send us swim wear as its raining cats & dogs over hear¬

      Ponson Peenatu,

      Hang upside down and make a noise like a banana.

      Get Gujubhai Victorias Secret factory to make it for you with banana peels.!

      Satakaya Hato! Sivuru Hato!

      Burka Hato! Halal Bacho !

      Mara Maitri Modi Mooth Maro QQQQQQ ◕◕◕

  • 6

    These buggers live in comfort and preach from the safety of the West. They are preaching to their diaspora friends on CT not to the Tamils in SL. All of them are in mutual admiration for each other. SL Tamils don’t even read this crap.

    • 1


      “SL Tamils don’t even read this crap.”

      Why do the Sinhala/Buddhists lie?

      Dr Narendran is Sri Lankan born Tamil who lives in Sri Lanka and regularly read and comment on this and other crap including yours.

  • 1

    “Thus, GTF urges every Tamil speaking person, up and down the country, to fully participate in this decision and to vote in this Presidential election.”

    it is good that the GTF has said this because the tamil votes in the north and east could be the deciding factor as in the 2005 election.

    I have looked at the 2010 presidential election results and switched some votes given to mahinda against fonseka to maithri now and it shows that maithri needs a majority of 200000 votes from the tamils of the north east to topple mahinda. Here is the 2010 presidential results.

    and here is the forcast for 2015 begging for feedback and criticism.

    1.Assume that 125000 voters decide to switch from mahinda to maithripala in the colombo district,then maithri will win colombo by a majority of 170000 votes.

    2.If 140000 voters switch from mahinda to maithri in the gampaha district it would be too difficult to call.Either one could win it.

    3.So the net effect after the cumulative results of colombo and gampaha is maithri leading by 170000 votes.

    4.Now take the other big district of kurunegala.If 100000 voters switch from mahinda to maithri,mahinda will win that district by 55000.

    5.So after these three big districts are polled maithri will be leading by 115000 votes.

    6.Now take kandy district.If 75000 voters decide to switch from mahinda to maithri then maithri will win kandy by 75000 votes.

    7.So after the results in colombo,gampaha,kurunegala and kandy districts is added up,maithri will be leading by 190000 votes with Mahinda winning kurunegala district and maithri winning colombo and kandy with gampaha going either way.

    8.now take kalutara,galle and ratnapura which are medium size districts and assume a switch of 50000 voters from mahinda to maithri in each district then mahinda will still win kalutara by 80000,galle by 75000 and ratnapura by 75000 votes,making a total of approx 225000 votes.

    9.So after the seven largest districts colombo,gampaha,kurunegala,kandy and kalutara,galle,ratnapura counting is over mahinda would be leading with 35000 votes with maithri only winning colombo and kandy and mahinda kurunegala,kalutara,galle and ratnapura.

    10.Now take the small medium districts like kegalle,matara,anuradhapura and badulla and assuming a switch of 40000 votes from mahinda to maitri,then kegalle,matara and anurathapura will be won by mahinda by 40000,70000 and 75000 votes while maithri will win badulla by 40000,giving a net total majority to mahinda from these 4 districts of approximately 150000 votes.

    11.So after the largest 11 districts are counted mahinda will be leading by 185000 votes with maithri winning colombo,kandy and badulla with gampaha too difficult to call.

    12.The balance 11 districts are small ones with some smaller than the others.If we take the largest of them puttalam,hambantota,nuwaraeliya and digamadulla and assume a switch of 25000 from mahinda to maithri,then mahinda will win puttalam by about 15000,hambantota by 70000 while maithri will win nuwara eliya by 80000 and digamadulla by 55000 and giving him a net effect of 50000 from these 4 districts.

    13.If you substract this 50000 votes for maithri from the cumulative 185000 votes for mahinda so far as in point 11, mahinda will be leading maithri by 135000 votes after 15 districts of the 22 are counted,with maithri winning only colombo,kandy,badulla,nuwar eliya and digamadulla

    14.Now let us take matale and moneragala.Assuming a switch of 20000 votes,mahinda would yet win matale by 20000 and moneragala by 50000

    15.So the grand total at this stage for mahinda after the count of 17 out of 22 districts would be 200000 majority.
    16.now to pollonaruwa where maithri comes from.Will the home crowd vote for the local fella or mahinda?I probably would think the local.

    17.normally i would have given a swing of 15000 votes from mahinda to maithri,but because this is the local fella probably it would double to 30000.Too difficult to call any way and could go either way.

    18.Now coming to the balance 4 districts which are tamil majority batticaloa,trinco,jaffna and vanni.Can they give a majority of more than 200000 votes to maithri to clinch the election for him.

    • 0

      Hey Shonker

      You sounds alike a fortune teller or day-dreamer.

      Perhaps high time to come back to Sri Lanka and work as a snake charmer than working harder to feed everlasting parasite like Suren, Emmanual,Uncle Donald and all other internet Tamil liberators who are living in La-la land or the dream land of Peelum.

      Once you land here My3 will provide full security t you after that. Please make sure to pay a visit to Manner Bis-hope for some good blessing. He has been very good at that.

  • 3

    CT can i know who is surendiran’s hairdresser please?That is more important than the tamil votes for me.

    • 5


      I would prefer to put it this way !!

      Suren !! How come that you have only a rat-bush of gray hairs only on the forehead for the last 15 years !!? Who sweat every day to keep you fat and happy in Europe …you extortionist arrogant Liberator !!?

      Seeman Happened to have had a Photograph with the Bull Lord…and the poor children of Vanni mothers sacrificed their life….but this indecent cheater Seeman makes money for his living by their name….

      The recent drama was against the producer of ”Kaththi” Tamil Film…!!?

      Hahahahah…Seeman and his tails vowed…not to allow it being screened…but what happened !!? The film was a mega hit…collecting crores in hundreds…..we heard nothing from these tiger bastards….means…they filled their pockets and vanished from the scene !!?

      All these criminals should be crought to Justice !!?

  • 4

    Silencio! is very Buddhist. Silence is the virtue of fools.

    What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer.

    Jai Hind! Sihala Buddhist State of Hindia.

    Hillary Clinton could say she was a woman and running for president.
    And Sarah Palin could say she was a woman and running for vice-president.

    But Obama couldn’t say, ‘I’m black and I’m running for president.’
    It couldn’t come out of his mouth.
    He couldn’t say that because, if he did, he’d lose votes.

    From Picture Book Island to Sihala Buddhist Scum Regimes for 66 years-
    this is the classic 21st centenary Stupidity.

    600k sihala women in medival middle east house maid/sex on demand & devalued dollar for overtime..cheap dollar purchase & imports- the disgrace of the nation- pakistan & india have banned it.

    Play more Croak_et and let the British commentators spin spin sun & sand island in the sun as if we don’t have any better in the EU.
    Richie Benaud has not been successful in prompting the boring game to France.
    Bola bola fútbol del mundo!

    Can someone convincingly enlighten us as to why anyone should endorse the continuation of sihala buddhist only governance please??

    DEMAND A BETTER FUTURE Please don’t tear this island asunder
    Please take back this fear we’re under…..

    `NO COMMENT`Then INSCRIBE“NO CONFIDENCE` ON BALLOT PAPER! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    Satakaya Hato! Sivuru Hato!

    Burka Hato! Halal Bacho !

    Mara Maitri Modi Mooth Maro QQQQQQ ◕◕◕

    Sovereignty lies in all the people from 1932 exercise that franchise the alternative to party poop- “No Confidence` and let there be another and another till the joy arrives.

    Collaba Collo Kello Ape Ratte.

  • 2

    Am I to believe that Mr.Surendran has been bought over by Rajapaksa. You never know these days. The GTF has not suggested to the Tamils in Sri Lanka to whom to vote. The TNA so far not said anything. The Tamils have no share in the administrative or judicial powers in the Island. They are second class citizens under the watchful eyes of the Military. Rajapaksa has said that he will not remove the military from the North. Then why should the Tamils vote in the presidential elections. What are they going to achieve or benefit. Our learned friend Mr.Sivathasan has lost his head when he says” For the Tamils to fully engage in the democratic process. This is in the best interest of the Tamils and for the better future of the Country” Have the Tamils not learnt the lessons so far. It is the third generation Tamils now wanting freedom. The first two generation failed in their attempts to secure a place in Sri Lanka. Now the third generation too is failing because there is no joint efforts by the Tamil educated class.
    Yes the Tamil people should use their votes for Sirisena in order to drive out the Rajapaksa family. That is the only reason.

    • 4

      When the TNA says Tamils must definitely vote, when GTF says what it has said and when writers too set out their stance they do not take any Tamil to be so dense as not to get their message.

      They all know that voters don’t need spoon feeding and those who need it don’ have a vote.

  • 2

    “Thus, GTF urges every Tamil speaking person, up and down the country, to fully participate in this decision and to vote in this Presidential election.”

    I think what GTF is saying to the Tamil Speaking people is to take part in the Presidential election and vote for ONE OF THE 19 CANDIDATES (or is it 17). GTF is not advocating for any of the 19 candidates. GTF is also not asking Tamil Speaking people not to vote. I have still not decided to whom to vote. I am still waiting for the other candidates to publish their MANIFESTOS.

    • 0


      “I have still not decided to whom to vote. I am still waiting for the other candidates to publish their MANIFESTOS.”

      You are what is called semi educated person.Education=knowledge+culture+wisdom.

      This was told to me my DR.Rajasingham narendran.BTW don’t know what happened to him because no comments for the last two weeks.White van?

      from your previous writings i know you have knowledge,you have culture but from this comment i know wisdom is lacking.Don’t worry too much,most people are in the same boat including me because when it comes to culture i have a mountain to climb,but will reach the top one day and when i die i can die satisfied that i died an educated person.

      pray,could you tell me what is the difference between waiting at home and not voting,and going and voting for a publicity seeking numbskull who jolly well knows that him becoming the president is like srilanka becoming the hub of asia except as a hub for drugs transit.

      Mahinda will be very happy to see you wasting your vote.In fact he must have planted someone whose manifesto will give you eelam on a platter.

      • 2

        “You are what is called semi educated person.Education=knowledge+culture+wisdom.This was told to me my DR.Rajasingham narendran.BTW don’t know what happened to him because no comments for the last two weeks.White van?

        Shaker BA lanka(Bulls A*se) is the bogeyman sitting on your fingertips??

        What is knowledge??

        What is wisdom??

        Your culture is vulture’s prey.

        Start a discussion with bullets than apron strings eggplant.

        • 2

          Well forgotten to ask
          What is election?
          what is vote?
          Typical SL arguments. Keep it up.

          • 1

            Ghetto boy you studied via past question papers and guides and that is where our difference lies.

            Democracy is maintaining human `dignity`

            now go fetch what integrity means for elections and vote

            City Slick

          • 0

            shanker has Eiffel Syndrome since he has been reading the erotica therefore

            What is knowledge?? Helps you make a living trolls/pooks

            What is wisdom?? Helps you make a life.


            • 0

              Javi should remove his brothel sprouts(genital warts)otherwise he will be confusing us more and more. Or has an indian doctor left his surgical instrument inside him.i don’t know but something is irritating javi and he is vibrating worse than that dildo i saw in amsterdam fit for a horse.

              Or could he be suffering from chronic biscuit toxicity munching too much of indian biscuits and typing away.

              or could he be a Indian chocolate hostage(constipated) and have to get relief through CRI(Cranial Rectal Invasion)which has resulted him becoming a cranial rectosis commonly referred to as a butt head in the US.If so he should make a urgent trip to hambantota and do a CYA(Cover Your Arse)procedure under the MC(Mahinda Chintanaya)program so that he does not have to vibrate in future.

    • 2

      Dear Ethir,

      Voting for any of the 17 candidates other than the two main contenders will be equivalent to spoiling the vote or boycotting the election which in effect will amount to voting for Mahinda! This could be done, if at all as a so-called ‘protest vote’. But, where will such protest get lodged? In the blue? In effect, no where at all as nobody in the world will take note of such ‘protest’. Surely, the Tamils are intelligent enough to discern the fine difference between the two main contenders! If by any chance, they can’t, they are nothing but dullards!

      Sengodan. M

    • 1


      Australia fines a $50 if folk don’t vote. Greenpeace crosses the ballet `no confidence` and it is counted but not spoilt vote. If you don’t vote means uninterested not counted. There is shock wave that goes through the politicians when you don’t vote for `party`
      Democracy is still a radical idea in a world where we often confuse images with realities, words with actions. H.C.

  • 5

    Thank God, the GTF has not called for a boycott! Evidently Fr. Emanuel is a lot wiser than Bishop Rayappoo!

    Sengodan. M

  • 0

    All voters are guided by political promises – they being fulfilled in
    another matter. The Tamils are being given some space in that on 23-4-15 a National Govt. is to be formed as per MS Diary. In keeping with
    International trends of the 21st century, the National Govt. may find
    a way even for a Trial Federal set-up by way of negotiations? Life
    is all hope.

  • 1

    No candidate can win presidential election if he targets to get northern tamil votes because it will backfire with majority Singhala votes. That is happened in 2005 and 2010 also. Without Singhala support no one can win presidential election. GTF peoples are fools by declaring their choice earlier. If they want to defeat Mahinda they should tell their people to defeat Mahinda and vote any other candidate except Mahinda. If they openly tell vote for Maithreepala Singhala people will vote for Mahinda and Mahinda will be the winner. All North east tamils can give majority of 4 lakhs for opposition candidate maximally. That 4 laks can be compensated easily from Souhern Singhala votes.

    • 1


      TNA should just tell the people to vote for any of the 2 main contenders.That way they are not taking sides.You are right in that the moment they tell to vote for maithri,mahinda will start to scream that there is a secret pact to give a federal statehe has already started.

      However i don’t agree with you that to give the choice to the 19 candidates.Then they will go and vote for one of them which is a wasted vote.This is going to be tight election with the minorities deciding who is going to govern the country.The trick is to get the minority votes without losing the majority votes as you rightly pointed out.

  • 0

    This is the other cheater as Rev devil said.he is hoping to get contract of coal suppy for sampoor or norochcholai power station.all thse basterds not thinking of ordenary people just their stomach.Their kids all are getting good educations while crying crocadile for tamils.no one cares these beggers

    • 0

      money the root cause of all good and you have to be in the driving seat.

      typical para deshi demla Jealous because you cannot drive-

      India has one of the worlds largest deposits of coal
      The top producing states are:

      Orissa –

      He needs to know the language to get the best deal

      Modi Mooth Maro

      The former director mines india was a goldmedalist and his son too- simple folk nice friends papeji

  • 0

    I think the best strategy to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse is for the TNA to endorse him with great fanfare and praise him to the skies!
    How about it Ethir: Can you arrange that?

  • 0


    What the Tamil want to show to the international community? It is the king was bad or the Sinhala Community doesn’t like us, the Tamils?

    What is wrong with boycotting? Just because the Sinhala Intellectuals have successfully campaigned that the Pirapakaran appointed king to the EP post? Even if it is so, they know to analyze and understand that in that time, Pirapakaran was there; the war was going on. Now it is different time. They will understand the Tamils’ message. Boycotting is not to defeat or make a candidate to win or lose. Now the mooting for international Inquiry is taking place. We have an obligation to show them our displeasure with the Sinhala Intellectuals. Every Sinhala Intellectuals went to UNHRC to campaign against Tamils in 2012. Now time for to Tamils to send the correct message to UNHRC by boycotting the election.

    The IC certainly saw the truth with Fonseke’s election. Now the other side of the same truth is, Sinhala intellectuals, after the Tamils have been wiped out, they want to throw Royal family like the used curry leaves. We saw that is what they did all these time to Tamils. Now, after using the Royal family to completely wipe out the Tamils, the Sinhala Intellectuals have got even a better idea. That is “What about using the left over Tamils to wipe out the Royal family?” If that will not hurt Tamils, they can do that. No objection! But if Tamils vote for MY3 is will the King let them go just like that?

    The problem here is the Royal family is not going to that an easy target for Sinhala intellectuals. They are not going to hand over the power and go to prison, as Suren Surenthiran said last time. King is the one explaining that if he gives the police power to provinces, he cannot get out of his house. Is that the one going to handover the power and go to UN’ electric Chair as Suren said in BBC interview? That is just a dream! At the same time everybody wants to predict the King will lose this time. Then, is it too hard to guess what will be Tamils situation? He lost only because Tamils brought him down; at the same time he will be on the same chair too. How is this arrangement is going to better to Tamils?
    Isn’t this the idea of the Sinhala Intellectual to use one more time the Tamils and make them again curry leaves? MY3 very clearly saying that there will be no Internal or external inquiry. MY3 clearly saying the army will not move out of North. He blatantly refused to make any pact with Tamils parties. How is this in any way changed from the current situation? At lease MY3 is better than the consultants of Tamils. He is accepting he is not going to any better than the King. It is only this dishonest Sinhala Intellectuals backed up consultants are fooling the Tamils.

    Boycotting is not Pirapaharan’ style. It is another dupe created and floated by the Sinhala Intellectuals. They had been campaigning that they paid money to Pirapaharan and cheated him. When they saw it is way not getting well they are changing the story as Pirapaharan was boycotting the election. It is a smart behavior, but it is the typical notorious Sinhala Intellectuals behavior.

    Boycotting with nonviolent methods was introduced to world by Thirunaavukkarasar. Gandhi made it as Satyagraha. SJV is the first man brought it to Lanka. Because the Sinhala Intellectual successfully used Kathirgamar to campaign, they are now very successful in telling that if Pirapaharan has done boycotting, then boycotting is the most evil thing a human being would do it in the world.

    What is the wrong with boycotting the election? Didn’t SJV even boycott the Constitutional council in 1972? Because that Constitution was very good for the Sinhala Intellectuals, they did not waste their time to blame SJV as the person boycotted the constitution council and had brought them the bad constitution. Why the TNA boycotting the Parliament Select Committee? If they had gone for that, isn’t King promised that all Tamils problems would have been settled through that? Sinhala Intellectual did not blame TNA on the PSC boycott, because they did not lose anything on that.
    They brought the King to wipe out Tamils. That is over now. Now he is not sharing the lootings with them. So he has to be thrown away like the curry leaves. So they are talking about the 2005 election and the boycott. How many of these rogues Sinhala Intellectual felt sorry for Pirapaharan’ s wrong decision to boycott the election and sympathetically wrote articles. These Sinhala intellectual now want to sell the Tamils for the army stationed in the North and have their thing done. Should we sacrifice us to the Sinhala intellectuals’ jugglery or we should boycott and show the world that we have been hurt by the Sinhala Intellectuals, not necessarily only by the King?

    International community put hard pressure on Tamils to vote for Fonseka. That was a dictatorial action. Tamils voted. Fonseka lost because of Tamils votes. In the NPC election, Fonseka went to North to ask for votes without any pressure on Tamils. His candidates, in record numbers, got “0” votes. The irony on that is even the ones who stood on the election did not waste their time to go and put vote for them. If that is the truth, why are these Tamils who are bought out by Sinhala Intellectuals once again pressing the Tamils to vote for MY3?

    Some of these tricky ones are telling Tamils should vote according to their conscience. They think if the Tamils go and voted they will vote for MY3, but MY3 has said the Army will not move out, not any International or internal inquiry, and he had refused to make any pact with TNA so the Sinhala Buddhist can be fooled still to vote for MY3. First, whatever the heck you do, it does not matter, King will be on the same chair and will know exactly who and who voted to MY3. Second, he is well aware of these subliminal messages. If you want the army not comes for you Saamathiya Sadankoo, don’t go out on the Election Day. It is so simple. When you are in trouble Sinhala Intellectual will find out the baton and give to the arrestor to beat you up.

    “Eithavan irukka amapai naukaathe” Hunter who sot the arrow is standing in front of you. Why are you grudging with the arrow? Sinhala Intellectuals is planned and did this all to us from 1948. Why grudge with only King. For Sinhala Intellectuals, the need of his that is to wipe out Tamils is over. They want to throw the curry leaves. Why the Tamils have to go and revive it in their Maddi?(pocket)

    Did Gandhi said to Indians, if good governor comes do not protest, only do that if a bad governor comes to India to rule? Why do we want MY3, but not King? Are we no long protesting against the Sinhala Intellectual’s governments? Tamils have every right to protest the election and send a message to international community that they did asked from us in the 2010 election. But Sinhala Intellectual celebrated Kings Victory with Kiribati and fire crackers. Now we do not want to do anything with them. But they asked to vote for Fonseka in the last election. It was their turn. This time they have to be fair enough to give this chance, so want to boycott it.


  • 1

    Sam, why you are degrading singhala mass as policy less idiots, all they know is to vote against tamils and stave. How come singhalese are living together in UK while fighting in Italy – i thing you know the answer. So it is going to take many cenceries for singhalese and tamils to live together in srilanka and enjoy the beautiful country- as long as they only vote for who is against tamils – modias. We all know people in srilanka can’t read these comments but the relatives living in EU can direct them at the right path.If MR loose, he will do his weekly shopping at tamil shops in EU/UK but srilankan idiots will stave like sinhala army who were fighting for MR and disabled are starving while MR is flying everywhere and wasting money. Finally tamils do not have to read any candidat’s manifesto because to oust MR they have to vote for Mithiri not to any other idiots contesting for no reason but for money from either of two. You know MR like number 8 (sani) very famus to encourage some one to climb to the top of a palmera tree and at the end push them down from the top to teach them a lesson, he is playing with sani , dangerous.

    • 0

      Senthil (aka [Edited out]

      I have read your comment many times and still cannot understand what you are trying to tell the reader. I am totally lost my friend!!!!!!!!!! May I suggest you something? “Would it be the high time to get few English lessons through a night english class there are plenty in most of Western countries?” Spend a pinch of your hard-earned toilet clearing money rather tahn donating it to the parasites like Suren, Emmanual, and other Thamil Die-Ass-Poo-ra intellactuals.

      Remember whether you like it or not, Sinhalses will rule SL many more 1000 years.

  • 1

    I guess anyone who do not agree with you has no wisdom. Oh, you may want to learn how to copy my name correctly. You don’t need wisdom to do that. There is no ‘w’ and there is no ‘h’ in my name. I cannot remember meeting any one who thinks I am Half-Educated. May be they are not as crude as you are.

    If anyone with a Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. from leading universities in the USA and who have competed in Two Olympic Games, three Asian Games, one commonwealth games, taught in three Universities, and five years with UNESCO is a half-educated person then I am in rare company. Not yours of course. As Dr, Rajasingam Narendran has not indicated to me that he considers me as ‘half-educated’ I shall not respond to him.

    You may want to check the website http://www.edudept.np.gov.lk to see the Report of the Northern Education System Review. It is what an 80 year old facilitated. Check it out.

    • 1

      dear Ethir(hope you don’t mind calling you like this because i can avoid the misspellings).

      If i have hurt your feelings i’am terribly sorry.I understand that your generation must be considering our lack of tact as shocking,but what to do that is the way human race has evolved.Every generation will be smarter than the previous one but more selfish and self centered.

      To begin with i did not know who you were until i googled now.

      Now coming to your comment with my preamble over

      “I guess anyone who do not agree with you has no wisdom.”

      On the contrary i welcome criticism and ignore praise.Be wary of praise and use criticism to improve oneself is one of my motto’s in life.

      Probably what we were discussing was more in the area of commonsense than wisdom. However though we may have differing views on a topic i don’t try to impose my views on others.I respect the fact that they have their own mind just like i have my own mind.I just move on to another topic and if anyone my comments they will see that i don’t keep arguing with someone over and over trying to convince them.

      On the balance of probabilities you can’t be always right on everything.Life is full of mistakes.To err is be human.

      “Oh, you may want to learn how to copy my name correctly.”

      I have taken on board your criticism and will in future copy instead of trying to spell long names.Why did i not think of that earlier?

      However i must tell you that my name does not matter at all to me. What’s in a name after all?It is the soul that matters.The body and carcass will go back to the earth where it belongs but my soul will drift away and find another body and a new name.A thousand years ago this same soul of mine would have had a different name.

      “May be they are not as crude as you are.”

      I have already told you that i’am uncultured like those hambantota buffaloes who are governing the country.However unlike them i take criticism on board and will rectify that defect and become so refined that people who knew me previously will wonder whether it is the same person that they are talking to.I might even open the car door for the women and they will be transported into a previous unimaginable era.
      I don’t believe in half measures just like you.I saw in google that you were saying that in whatever you do you put your whole effort into it.

      “If anyone with a Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. from leading universities in the USA”

      These are just paper qualifications.I too have the Chartered Institute Management Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Marketing both UK qualifications and a bachelor of commerce australian degree.They would merely satisfy some of the knowledge component of what is called education.Bill gates in fact dropped out of university in order to pursue his dreams. Whenever i have interviewed people and selected them based on these paper qualifications only, it has been a disaster.So after that i started to ask them a lot of practical questions in a workplace scenario to see how they will go about their tasks.

      “Two Olympic Games, three Asian Games, one commonwealth games,”

      I believe you won gold medals at the asian games.This is a great pride to srilanka and the tamils in particular.

      However you got to understand that all these achievements are not yours,though you and others may think so.You were destined to achieve these.Already in your next life what you are going to achieve would have been decided for you.From your images i can see a handsome young lad and even now a dignified handsome old gentleman.Do you think your good looks also was your achievement?

      “You may want to check the website http://www.edudept.np.gov.lk

      yes, i agree with you that you have done a commendable job and many would benefit from it in future.

      However i heard CM Wignesvaran lamenting that northern youth are losing their values due to the foreign money pouring in.So do you think that a youth there who studies your education system and passes out with flying colours is a educated youth if he is uncultured and is not practical and having no commonsense or wisdom?

  • 2

    In other words sam,you have to tell the tamils that they are going to be governed by one of the two leading contenders and vote for the one you prefer.No point voting for the others because you won’t be governed by them anyway.The governance of these two will have an different impact on the tamils whether they like the two or not,so better not waste the vote.

  • 2

    Did UNP London force LTTE Suren to demand the Vellalas who haven’t made up their minds yet to vote for the Sira – Ranil secret pact?…!!!!

  • 1

    All overseas members of Tamil diaspora incl: GTF are waiting to eat the carcass of Sri Lankan Tamils, they know that MR will win the election and TNA and other Tamil politicians who has discriminatory interest in Tamils, know that all Tamil politicians need to cooperate with the Govt. to meet the needs of Tamils. If you have any plan to resurrect LTTE, let me remind you. ‘you have seen nothing yet.’

  • 0

    Whatever be the sad or painful history, if the so called minorities in this country participate fully in the elections then they have every right to say that they did their civic duty by the country and have a moral right to negotiate with whosoever elected for redress. The choice at the election is left to the individual voter.

  • 2

    Global Tamil Forum (GTF) alias Suren Surenthiran.

    When this GTF was established and who is your President?

    Does the GTF gives powers to a Spokesperson than the President of any organisation?

    Now you must be in your early at least 50s.

    When did you come into Tamil politics and why you were not involved before?

    What is the different between the GTF and the BTF British Tamil Forum.

    It is believed by many that the BTF and the GTF are in family business b’cause your brother, your Sisiter-in-law and her brother are are running these two GTF and BTF.

    In conclusion, what authority you and your GTF got to advice the Tamils live in Srilanka to caste their vote or not?

    • 0


      Fantastic comment.


      Tamils are good in that.

      Remember, Emil Saundranayagam, Joseph Rayappu, Velipillai Pabakakran Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi – they all use Tamils.

      • 0

        Bravo Thilai, three hearty chairs for you.

        GTF and so called Spokesperson SUREN believes in his publicity and [Edited out] journalists in Colombo to interview him.

        Colombo journalists who are [Edited out], doesnt know anything about GTF and Suren, conbsider Suren as someone accepted by diaspora Tamils.

        He and his family sidelined many youths, matured activists and trying to dominate the UK diaspora politics.

        They are empty vesels, so they make the most noise.

        Poor priest SJ Emmanuel is voiceless and helpless. Someone has to rescue him from this GTF, BTF family business.

        Suren is not boathered whther Tamil caste their vote or not but he wants to be in the lime light. For this reason he spends his personnel money.

        HAVE anyone heard of SUREN his bother and his SIL before May 2009?

  • 0

    Thank you very much for your advise Mr Punch/Loku Banda (you are very pathetic). What I am trying to tell to the readers is that until people like you are majority among Singhalese MR or Mithiri can produce Manifestos only for the election and bin after election because they have to agitate you people to get vote- God save you idiots, I know you are very adamant to pull back srilanka from development. Mithiri told that he will not remove army from the north, he never told that he will not reduce to save money to feed staving people. Even you can not understand a simple logic, what the army is doing now in north when LTTE is not there other than eating public money. Grow up Banda and see the world without advising me without knowing who I am.

    • 1


      Do you really worry about developing Sri Lanka?? My foot!!!!!!!!. Do you really know why Sri Lankan adminidtration keep army forever in your so-called Peelum? Endemic and vicious people like you will definitely mislead young sons and daughters of poor thamil farmers once more for another futile war. We do not need bombs blasting in public places by Thamil terrorists. There has been enough suffering not only for Tamil but Sinhalese also. This needs to be stopped happening again.

      Why don’t you send your hard-earn money to develop norrthern Sri Lanka rather than sending them for another futile civil war. But remember to keep some for your night english classes too.

      MAy the Bis-hope of Mannar bless you!!!!!!!!!

  • 0

    Brother Banda
    I am not your enemy, neither you. The last arm struggle in North was unfortunate (India used our graveness) and there will not be another one for 1000 years. The big army in north is not to fight with tamils , it is to keep MR in power and to suppress south people in case there is an Arab spring. If MR wins, there will be an agitation in the south soon due to unemployment and starvation. The ruling people are not patriots or strong Buddhists. They are all US citizens, worship Thirupathy God and rely on Hindu based astrology. After the end of war, MR made lots of mistake by killing survived civilians and you people supported his mistakes. Specially Gotha is not mentally or morally suitable for that post. Understand the situation, they are selling land in srilanka and investing in US. Earlier west took wealth from our country themselves and now through agents like MR. Eventually you and me are the fools.

    • 0

      Thambi Senthil

      Thanks for the comment.

      I do not have any envy on Thamil people as far as they are moderate and not looking for a separate country in my motherland. Remember you are now 5% to 10% of toral population and how logical you to demand 1/3 of Sri Lanka as a separate country? Your dreamland of Peelum is shifting moderte Sinhhalese more towards any Administrator who does not entertain such interest. Whether MaRa or My3.

      Can you please tell me how many kids of your Die-Ass-Poo-ra came down to fight for the last futile war. None!!!!!!!!!Theose chees babies re well fed and totally spoilt in the western world and having a good eduction and employment. Do you really think how many poor Sri Lankan kids (whether Sinhalese or thamil)have that previlage. All those Die-Ass -Poo-ra people wants to see SL as the wound of the begger for their survival. They do not blood care a hoot about poor Thamil in SL. You cannot keep going like that.

      You guys have to change your thinking and be constructive on your approach.

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