29 October, 2021


Ten Police Officers To Be Charged Over Embilipitiya Killing

The Police Commission will charge ten police officers in connection with the death of the 29-year old man who died in a police clash in Embilipitiya early this year.

Prof. Siri Hettige - Chairman of the Police Commission

Prof. Siri Hettige – Chairman of the Police Commission

The Commission having completed its investigations into the incident, has reached a consensus that the police were involved in the man’s death, which occurred in January. The investigation was carried out by a three member committee.

Therefore, charge sheets will be issued to ten police officers, in this regard.

Former ASP of Embilipitiya D. W. C. Dharmarathne who is in remand custody over the incident, is among the ten police officers who will be formally charged for the death.

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  • 12

    People are afraid of police; don’t know whether they are corrupt or not, shall we sack all and install new people friendly police service.

    • 10

      Excellent idea.

      You need a complete clean up.

      They are corrupt to the core at all levels.

      Look at every senior police officer and their kids are all studying abroad when the dad earns less than Rs 50,000 per month!!!

  • 16


    “don’t know whether they are corrupt or not, shall we sack all and install new people friendly police service.”

    Its a good idea.

    However the entire culture in this island is deeply corrupted, the country might find it difficult to recruit and sustain honest and humane candidates.

    A honest person cannot serve/survive in a corrupt environment, finally he/she will be forced to adapt and change or disappointed and leave.

    Even Anura Kumara Dissanayaka will not remain honest, he will have to adapt and change.

    • 7

      You are right on Native Vedda. Survival of the fittest is a natural occurrence so any honest person has to adapt to the corrupt environment.

  • 4

    Before the anti-Tamil campaign by the corrupt politicians like JR etc. there were many trustworthy,honest Tamil police officers in srilanka. They were not allowed to act during communal troubles and they were forced to leave and now the country is harvesting what they have cultivated – the latest cultivation of the Government in Mullivaikal of ready for harvest, unless as a remedy a good political solution is implemented and give assurance to Tamils that the same crime will not happen again. Actually we need a shelter to hide in case of any communal trouble in the future. Now the government is colonising Tamil area and creating an occupied territory for the future.

  • 6

    “don’t know whether they are corrupt or not, shall we sack all and install new people friendly police service.”

    I fear that we tried something similar with Parliament and have got nowhere.

  • 1

    And what about the Embilipitiya schoolboys, also tortured and killed on the UNP’s watch?

    This is a CT article

  • 2

    University fake professors failed in all aspects. Good examples CEB, Police Commission.

  • 0

    Police commission has a trying job in SL. Police, Politicians, Fraudsters, Lawyers are a click of rogues who have undermined the rule of Law. My Fervant hope is that they are investigated thoroughly . Even if a few are charged the rest would have learnt to tread a path of honesty and service of society. Only then will this country prosper.

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    Persons who are to be indicted for criminal offence(s), should first be interdicted from service, before charge sheets ar served.
    This is mandatory according to the Establishments Code.
    There is no indication of this having been done.

    Usually, such police officers are transferred to a new location. Transfers are not a punishment, but only offer an opportunity to, while in uniform, intimidate potential witnesses in the pending inquiry.

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    Every Buddhist temple may be given Police powers. And every Police station may be converted into a Buddhist temple.

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