28 May, 2022


Tensions High Between MS & MR: Sirisena “Threateningly Demands” Presidential Candidacy Of Proposed SLFP-SLPP Alliance

Tensions are high in the Rajapaksa camp as President Maithripala Sirisena has threateningly demanded former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to expedite the formation of the proposed alliance and nominate him as its Presidential candidate.

Colombo Telegraph learns that Sirisena has informed the Rajapaksa family that time “is running out” with cases against the Rajapaksas are reaching the trial stage.

The three-judge bench of the Permanent High Court Trial, last Monday, dismissed objections filed by President’s Counsel Romesh de Silva against the court’s jurisdiction to proceed with the trial of Gotabaya Rajapaksa for charges including criminal misappropriation of Rs. 33 million of public funds for the construction of a mausoleum for Rajapaksa’s parents and decided to hear evidence.

Sirisena’s proposition to the Rajapaksas is to go for a Presidential election before the matters surrounding the court cases and investigations get further complicated, a source familiar with the issue said. Sirisena is on a desperate mission to secure candidacy from the SLPP/SLFP alliance and serve a second term.

Although the SLFP and the SLPP have agreed in principle that a common alliance should be formed to contest future national elections, no real progress has so far been made in this regard. The Sirisena camp is of the view that former President Rajapaksa is moving “too slowly” on forming an alliance.

Former President Rajapaksa has still not responded to Sirisena’s latest demand, a spokesman from the SLPP said. He added that Rajapaksa was “discomforted” with the idea of fielding Sirisena as the party’s candidate at the next Presidential election.

Former Minister and SLPP “Chief Ideologue” Basil Rajapaksa, meanwhile, has strictly shot down the idea of Sirisena’s candidacy. Speaking to the media in Matara a few days ago, Basil Rajapaksa said an SLPP member would take oaths as the next President of the country on December 09.

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  • 16

    If special court find them guilty and are sentenced they will lose the possibility of contesting in Elections as there would be repercussions on civic rights
    also if in the USA people are indicted on money laundering & human rights ,possibility of getting citizenship revoked could be remote

  • 1

    When there’s a cleavage let them be apart

    This is relevant to both main parties.

    Ranil or Sajith or Karu or Champika; many cleavages there.

    My3 or MR’s favor

    Why don’t another (like Bandula G) suface to make it more competitive?

    Nobody is precious for people.

    Let people decide matters.

  • 17

    Time for the civil society to nominate suitable Presidential candidates who will do a ‘Statesmanly’ job to get the country out of the dump our current Politicians got us into.
    Country needs to dump the rotten Politicians.

    • 3


      Civil society to nominate suitable presidential candidate!

      Oh boy, You’re nuts.

      Before all ask civil society to apologize to people for the mistake making MS, the common candidate in 2015.

      Unless, before all we have to dump that civil society instead of rotten politicians

  • 8

    We would save on a hangman if it is Gota. He would feed them to his sharks.

  • 11

    To hell with all of them.The whole spectrum from the UNP, SLFP (PJPeramuna) are of no use.We should send the whole bunch in the parliament home and seek fresh blood.The existing people have ruined this country starting from 1977. Vasudeva, Gamanpila and Wimal are non entities there to be hoorah boys and nothing else.

  • 10

    As an expat & a US Biochemist Prof. I agree with Upali W!! send these BLUNDERING IDIOTS to a REFORM SCHOOL ! NO MORE POLITICS! They have ruined this country!
    Research & Innovation can only help SriL & when we have IDIOTS like the present bunch with NO FORMAL TRAINING OR NEW IDEAS IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,ETC what do you get?? Looking at the recent Economic Forecast for 2019 done by London Sch. of Economics, paints a DISMAL picture for SriL!! The main foreign exch. earning comes from labor & garment manuf.?? what? when did that happen?? Agriculture is only 10%? A country that is blessed with the best of climates in the Indian Ocean, the country IMPORTS COCONUTS??? Such is the situation in this country where I was born & grew up! Politicians BEWARE! Good luck! Prof. Nihal S.DeSilva, BioPhotonics, USA.

  • 2

    “Only a storm in a tea cup”

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