27 September, 2023


Thajudeen Killing: Ex-JMO Sends 250 Million Letter Of Demand To Present JMO As Court Issues Notice On Respondents

Ex Colombo Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) Ananda Samarasekera who is embroiled in a controversy in connection with the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen has sent a letter of demand to present JMO Ajith Tennakoon on grounds that he has damaged Samarasekera’s reputation.

Ananda Samarasekera

Ananda Samarasekera

Samarasekara has given Tennakoon one week to pay Rs. 250 million or face legal action.

Meanwhile, the Colombo Additional Magistrate has issued notice on the OIC of the Homicide Investigations Division of CID to appear in Court on August 30 after considering the anticipatory bail application filed by Samarasekera requesting bail in expectation of being named or accused over missing body parts in the Thajudeen murder.

Last week, Samarasekera filed the application seeking an order preventing his arrest in connection to the missing body parts of Thajudeen.

Early this month, Health Ministry Secretary Anura Jayawickrema in a report submitted to the Colombo Additional Magistrate said that Samarasekera was responsible for the missing body parts of Thajudeen’s body. Jayawickrema said that Samarasekera had acted in an irresponsible manner when conducting the first postmortem, in which Samarasekera ruled Thajudeen’s death was due to an accident, while in fact he had been murdered. The ex-JMO had claimed that he had handed over the body parts to two minor staff to store in a freezer but both staff members had denied this.

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Latest comments

  • 37

    It is high time this corrupt official started counting bars.

    • 12

      This particular JMO to respond the nation yet.

      So as that medical doctor who louded that Duminda De silva s brain injury was mortal – etc.. all were blatant lies.

      • 5

        It seems that the accused /alleged makes every effort to grab more funds irrespective of the greater mistake done by him. Dr. Samarasekara should be made accoutntable for as to why he drew conclusions on the case, as if powerful men compelled him to do so…..
        He should rather explain all these to the press – Current JMO is right questioning this- since it is highly important to know the facts in this rregard if the case to go forward… alone let the victimized to fall even deeper not supporting the case to progress is seen as a greater mistake of the entire system.

        We the right thinking of this nation have further been fighting for justice for the victimized family.
        I would even write to the UNO bodies asking their assistance in the case, unless tthe moves would not clear this soon.

        We perfectly know if Prince Charls and UK powerful politicians did not force MR adminstration, nothing would have happened in terms of that British tourist murder occurred in Tangalle. The man wen tto the prison was a close friend of Namal and Rajakaapshe family.

        • 13

          If Sam Fernado writing in the Diaspora/CIA canpass judgement ofn inuedos and lies,
          this country does need an independent Judiciary

          • 4

            Sam Fernando is human rights activist, he will make it by every means to see justice for Thadjudeen family.

            So please dont add the kind of Diasphora the like to divert the attention here. Rajakashes should be sent to jails if the wounds to be healed off.

          • 18

            human rights are for western liberty and freedom not for eastern stupidity.eastern needs are honest, effective and efficient governance.

            you heard of Hambantota Sepala the hijacker of Alitalia?
            They breed at germany and now they are sure to be sleeping with ISIS refugees. So take care and the village Sam is luring BodhiSira of Anuradhapura to keep him in high spirits.

            • 2

              These Siripalas- the kind of ballige puthas bred during recent years-under the facistic dictatorship of MR seem to know nothing about Germany or other european countries, but they only know to hang on with higher criminals that this nation turned this country to the levels we experience today.
              Sam Fernando is a human right activist having lived in Germany for the last few decades. Following his university education only he continued his stay in Germany – no means belong to the category of refugees- not insulting some lanken or asians as a whole that sought any kind of refuge on the west.

              • 11

                You are a lizard at europe??

                Name connotes pol geddi olu burva from servitude trader Portuguese Goa.

                Don’t play with Sanskrit it is foreign to you and when it bites you freeze half-baked SC/ST Gautama.

                “know nothing about Germany or other european countries,”

                I don’t know you,never met, but I travelled and read more than your dream.- We rule and EU follows– the possibility of a breakup is inevitable during Trump rule.

                “Sam Fernando is a human right activist having lived in Germany for the last few decades.”

                Then he is a self-proclaimed farce like the other foxes.

                HRA is where there is wealth, fame and power –
                the humbug of Buddhism. –Iguanas

                HR is for the occidental not for the east.

      • 5

        Ex JMOs reactions prove that srilanka is filled with the kind of corrupted graduates that should have worked to previous regime wihtout stuying the cases properly.

        Even if the political leadership was changed on 08th Jan 2015, nothing in the line of the systems turned to deliver their jobs as they are bound to.

        In Germany, the kind of big errors would have suspended Medical Officers on the spot from their approbation rights. We need rigorous law enforcement in this country, specially in the areas of Law and Medicine not to repeat these blunders in the future.

        These men were produced by free education of the country, but they are not learnt to do their jobs going respecting all ethical and moral guidelines.

        In the schools too, we only hear not good about their performances to this date. Entire working bodies should see shift of paradigm fully if this nation to be taken forward.

        • 11

          If Sam Fernado writing in the Diaspora/CIA canpass judgement ofn inuedos and lies,
          this country does need an independent Judiciary

          • 1

            Let Sam or others to shape up it better if the current govt would fail to go rigourously against any kind of HIGH CRIMINALS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS. What count us is the justice but justice.

  • 31

    Hollow JMO,

    Don’t seek compensation from the current JMO. He is innocent. Seek it from MaRa family and Gota as Thajudeen Killing was undoubtedly engineered by them. You worked under their advice to mess up with evidence and now are miserably embroiled in this situation.

  • 24

    Anticipatory bail, getting admitted to hospital is not new. But claiming damages from others for ones own negligence is something new!!

    • 3


      Not to whitewash this man but negligence have to be proved.

      • 5

        Where are the rouge royalists??
        Dr Gana linga former JMO Jaffna??
        He specialises in tamil affairs

  • 16

    The Saint of Medico-Legal analyst should not be allowed to take cover under the guise of Vice Chancillor of SATIM!

  • 15

    I can remember a facebook post by Namal Rajapaksa one week before the murder of Thajudeen. In that particular statement Namal tried to emphasize the necessity of revenge on behalf of his own brother Yoshitha in such a hidden manner. Three days after the murder he deleted the post.

    • 11

      Incredulous! Do you have a copy saved somewhere, even on your hard drive archive? It could be dynamite and help get the arrogant, bogus, criminal little nipper jailed for the rest of his life.

    • 7

      That information/post can be recovered if needed

  • 5

    “his arrest in connection to the missing body parts of Thajudeen.”

    he can’t give them back because he has eaten them.gone for good with his poo.

  • 16

    These thrada fellows should be whipped kept naked. Can understand uneducated barbarians like MARA family commit murders and indulge in all illicit business and plundering, but an educated professional graduated with public money, acting in such dastardly manner could not be condoned.

    My opinion, these fellows are more dangerous to the society, than the murder committers.

    • 4

      education does not change the DNA.Besides just because someone gets some qualification does not mean he is educated.The qualification gives him knowledge only.Education=knowledge+wisdom+culture.(courtesy Dr.Rajasingham Narendran).

  • 4

    Culprits have taken the FCID and the country’s legal system as a joke,
    hence these threats come from them. This shows the weakness of the govt.in power. If they were put behind bars and cases heard later, CT
    will not have such jokes.

  • 4

    Culprits have taken the FCID and the country’s legal system as a joke,
    hence these wailed threats come from them. This shows the weakness of the govt.in power. If they were put behind bars and cases heard later, such jokes will not appear on this renowned journal.

  • 4

    Even at this stage of the game, this scoundrel is threatening and trying to stall this investigation. He must have been paid handsomely by those responsible for this killing, and he is earning his money, trying to prevent the truth from coming out. Those responsible for this apparent murder must be put behind bars soon.

  • 4

    Dr Ajith Tennakoon, don’t worry, this is normal practice of Sri Lankan society. Letter of demand was send by many politicians claiming millions of Rupees as compensation. Media were also published those.Most cases are rejected. You have done great job with your team about Thajudeen Murder. Dont fear to this type of intimidations. Anybody not pay this kind of demands ever. It should be determine by judiciary. Ananda Samarasekera has no good reputation. He is the person undermine this crime. He also should be punish.

  • 17

    Sulaiman disappaers while knocking on his own door , after returning from a Party in the night. in Bambalapitiya, which is next door to Wellala Gardens.

    Half a dozen Yahapalana cops harass a motorist in the same patch where Sulaiman’s house is.

    CID is busy chasing even retired JMOs trying “fix” Gotabaya over Tajudeen’ s accidental death.

    Sulaiman apparently was abducted in a Silver Merc, unlike the good Old Toyota Hi Ace White Vans.

    No wonder Batalanada Rail , the Yahapalana PM was boasting to Yahapalana suckers in Moratuwa that he has made a big difference to our Mahavamsa land and the inhabitants now have heaps of dough in their pockets.

    Wonder whether Batalanada was talking about Sulaiman and his abductors.

    BTW will Batalanada Ranil give time out for his UNP Police to find out whether poor Sulaiman is still alive?.

    • 3

      You should be a born fool…

      at the end of the day what would you expect from your posts man ?

      You are so biased – not even taking the side of the victimized ? Just attack PM or President will not allow you MR appologists to go smooth.

      Come will be the days of your nemesis. No doubt, Thajudeen case will have to be clear by the end of this year… world will watch out … we the right thnking srilanken expatriate ( southern blood) will never allow this to disspear in the carpet…

      • 20

        “”we the right thnking srilanken expatriate ( southern blood) will never allow this to disspear in the carpet…

        you are village animals on our systems by a stroke of bullshit casserole surpassing our system of aid to the persecuted.
        you are rightly 3rd class asslickers in the west.
        We listen when it matters to us but never the other way around.

        We prefer to wipe the island clean and how we achieve it and who the settlers is upto us.

        • 1

          Go to the flowing toilet pits of Maha Raja and give your service to them. You guys are born guilliable folks that allow them to abuse you. Ranjiths though soudn to be not even to have completed schooling cant see it right.

          So long these Ranjiths… always calling anyone add thoughts against to theirs as HIGANNOS….. villagers…. are the majority in this country, – we would not achieve anything toward the betterment of the nation.

          These men should be elemniated from our society if we at all to achieve our targets-

          • 13

            “Go to the flowing toilet pits of Maha Raja”

            you open your trap and it flows from the family sewer.- pedigree of the slug.

            the rest is of an animal going preek burp burp.
            You may not have heard of dry toilets either-
            sloth go back up the tree.

            Hingannage Thuwale Sinha le- heyna.

    • 0

      KASippu, you definitely need psychiatric help. Each comment you make displays a warped and demented mind that cannot appreciate a civilized way of life. Wherever you live this is a grave danger to the neighbors and society. You just don’t know what a maniac can do. Glad that I do not know you.

  • 2

    This “bought-out” guy by MARAs, now doing a Charlie Chaplin act. Hope the courts will dismiss his case with costs, with a fine equivalent to his damage claim against government JMO.

  • 1

    Although initially it was said that Thajudeen had died of burn injuries after the car in which he was travelling met with an accident and went into flames at Park Road, Narahenpita in close proximity to Shalika Grounds on May 17, 2012, later it became a question as to how his wallet was found a few kilometers away from the scene of the accident.
    According to highly placed sources, Thajudeen’s mobile phone has been traced from the Nuwara Eliya area, a long distance away from where the victim’s car met with the accident. For the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) teams who conduct Thajudeen’s murder investigations, these two cases in point have become solid proof to identify the former rugby player’s death as a murder.
    In such a background, the Narahenpita police are accused of deliberate attempts to hide the facts.
    “The then Colombo Chief Judicial Medical Officer, Prof. Ananda Samarasekera’s preliminary and interim post mortem reports state that the death was due to carbon monoxide toxicity. However, the Government Analyst’s report states carbon monoxide had not been found in Thajudeena’s lungs, which contradicts with the JMO’s post mortem report. We consider the Government Analyst’s report is accurate as the Narahenpita police investigation team failed to follow the proper investigation procedure into the car crash and how it went into flames,” reliable sources at the CID, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Sunday Leader.
    However, Thajudeen’s maternal uncle, Fayaz Latheef, said that when the family visited the scene within a few hours after the tragic incident, the front right car wheel was down a ditch but the rest of the vehicle was on the pavement.
    “The car fell further down the ditch when we tried to take Thajudeen’s body out of the car. When the Judge came to the scene and instructed the police to take the body out, we all tried our best to open the car door. Since we couldn’t, the police had to break the door and it was then only the car fell down the ditch. It is only this picture that was shown on TV and in print media. Those who saw the visuals may have thought that my nephew’s car had banged on to the wall and it went up in flames, which is not true. As I said earlier, only the right front wheel had gone down the ditch, which is a minor accident. When we inspected the fuel tank area, there were no damages to that side of the car. So then how could this fire break out?” queried Latheef.
    According to Latheef, the family was overwhelmed when they came to know that the once ‘closed’ case was re-opened after the new government came into power in January this year and added that they have hopes in the country’s present judiciary system and confident that the CID will bring the perpetrators to book sooner than later.
    “We suffered immensely in silence as there was no one we could turn to seek justice. Although we got numerous messages that Thajudeen’s death was not an accidental death but a planned murder, which we too suspected after seeing the burnt vehicle, we still could not open our mouths for fear. Even though we suspected foul play, we never suspected the alleged party to whom the fingers have now been pointed at to commit this crime as they were best of his friends from school days. However, my nephew spoke about certain rugby players who were jealous of him as he was an upcoming rugby player and once became the most popular rugby player of the year,” Latheef told The Sunday Leader.
    Meanwhile, sources from the CID, on condition of anonymity, said three former Presidential Security Division (PSD) officers have now been identified as probable suspects behind Thajudeen murder and said they will be arrested within a few days.
    “The CID is now following these suspects and we have taken all steps to arrest them once the order is given and they will not be able to leave the country,” sources said
    Meanwhile, accusations have been levelled against former DIG for Colombo, Anura Senanayake who had allegedly taken a personal interest to identify Thajudeen’s death as an accidental death due to burn injuries.
    After the new government came into power in January this year, IGP N. K. Illangakoon directed the CID in February to expedite the investigations into this mysterious death after the Government Analyst’s report was released two-and-a-half years after the death.

  • 2

    This b..u…gr Samarasekara is a bloody crook. Why is the government not challenging his and Sumal’s keeP Dr. Blood Maheshis false evidence in Duminda de Silva case? Simply because Yahapalanaya has deals with Duminda S and brother Raynor, AND Gota (whose responsibilities suddenly stopped!) AND because Maheshis brother is a UNP provincial councillor /Father Mahendra Wijeratne was a UNP minister!

    Wheels within wheels! Politics, power, impunity and corruption goes together irrespective of whether it is Yahapalanaya or subha anagathaya. Shame on you MY3 and RW! Where is the transparency of Yahapalanaya? ….. sorry I voted for you! But what is the alternative? When we don’t vote MR will win!!!

  • 2

    Bloody nonsense samarasekera and sumanesekera. 250 million are you day dreaming!!

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