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Thajudeen Was Tortured And Killed; Grave Site Under 24-Hour Police Protection

The Crminal Investigations Department (CID) is slated to file a motion before Colombo Magistrates Court shortly seeking an order to exhume the body of former national rugby player Wasim Thajudeen after unearthing new evidence that his death was not accidental but murder.


According to reliable sources the Attorney General yesterday has given the green-light for the CID to seek a magisterial order for the exhumation of the body.

Earlier the CID sought the advice of the AG on the matter. The CID is most likely to file the motion on Wednesday, according to sources.

After exhuming the body a forensic investigation is to be conducted by the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO).

The CID had unearthed fresh evidence that Thajudeen who also was the Havelock clubs former Rugby captain had been tortured and killed although the Police at the time claimed Thajudeen’s death was due to an accident.

The CID recently informed the court that it had detected marked differences in the Government Analyst’s report and the postmortem report on Thajudeen’s death and had come up with new findings which suggested it was murder.

The CID had informed courts that it appears Thajudeen had been subjected to severe torture before his death and multiple wounds in his body appear to have been inflicted by sharp and blunt weapons.

Also the CID had said that Thajudeens thighs seemed to have cut by a broken bottle and there appears to be fractures in his ribs.

The CID earlier requested the Courts to order relevant authorities to issue the final report of the postmortem and also summon the Medical Officers who conducted the postmortem.

Meanwhile Thajudeen’s grave site at Dehiwela cemetary is under 24-hour Police protection currently.

Thajudeen’s had died on May 17, 2012 in Narahenpita. His car had crashed into a wall and caught fire in close proximity to Shalika grounds, according to Police reports at the time. His charred remains was found inside the car.

Although the police spokesman at the time of Thajudeens death had said that the Rugby player had died after his car crashed into a wall and instantly exploded suspicion surrounded his death with media highlighting many irregularities with regards to the investigation.

Heightening suspicions at the time an unknown person had walked into Kirulapone police station and had handed over a purse, which eventually was found to be Thajudeen’s. The person had said that he found the purse near a road in Kirulapone, although the accident which supposedly killed Thajudeen had accured at Narahenpita about 2 Km’s away.

There were accusations that the Government at the time did not carry out a proper investigation.

After a new government assumed office afetr the January 08 victory of President Maithripala Sirisena a fresh probe was launched.

According to reports, suspects for this death include a son of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Yoshitha Rajapaksa and a former Senior DIG is suspected to be involved in covering up the crime.

Thajudeen a talented Rugby player was voted the most popular ruggerite in the country in 2009.

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