23 February, 2024


The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer gaming console

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, commonly known as the 3DO, was a pioneering gaming console released in 1993. Currently you can make Nigeria sport betting only on 1xBet, and use this platform to place wagers on esports events that take place in modern consoles.

Developed by The 3DO Company, it was designed to be a versatile and powerful platform that could compete with established gaming giants like Nintendo and Sega. While it failed to achieve widespread success and was eventually discontinued, the 3DO left a significant mark on the gaming industry and has a unique place in gaming history. The 1xBet Nigeria platform allows you to make sports betting only on the best esports events that are available today.

Gathering many companies

One of the most distinctive features of the 3DO was its open architecture. Unlike most other gaming consoles of its time, the 3DO was not produced by a single company but was licensed to various manufacturers. If you like games from the best companies out there, visit http://1xbet.ng/en/line/esports to wager on the best esports events that feature them. Some of the companies involved in manufacturing the device include:


  • Panasonic;
  • GoldStar (now LG);
  • and Sanyo.


This open approach allowed for a variety of 3DO models with different designs and features, but they all shared the same core technology. If you like technology, the esports wagers available at the 1xBet website will also be quite interesting for you as well.

Impressive technical features

The hardware inside the 3DO was impressive for its era. It featured a 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor, which was relatively advanced for the early ’90s. This power allowed for 3D graphics and full-motion video playback, which were cutting-edge at the time. The console also had an expansive 2MB of RAM and could support up to 16.7 million colors, enhancing its graphical capabilities. At this moment you can visit 1xbet.ng/en/virtualsports – virtual football betting can also be made here on games played on impressive consoles.

One of the 3DO’s selling points was its focus on adult-oriented and multimedia titles. It was marketed as a platform that could do more than just gaming. Alongside traditional video games, the 3DO also played audio CDs and featured an optional video CD (VCD) add-on, making it a versatile entertainment device. The system’s potential for interactive movies and educational software was also explored. The virtual football betting options at 1xBet are among the best wagers related to video games that can be made on the platform.

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