2 July, 2022


The Anti-Imperialist-Patriotic Macabre Façade Of Mahinda Rajapaksa

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

The emperor covers his vile nakedness with the crimson robe of patriotism. The bloodied despot calls upon the people to defend him from his enemies in the name of the Race, Religion, Language, identified as the ‘Motherland’. All his butchery and savagery, his rot and robbery, is to be brushed aside at the moment of his downfall. Patriotism is equated with duty towards protecting him from his enemies to ensure that he, and his dynasty, shall prevail and rule in perpetuity. All opposition and resistance are denounced as treachery and betrayal to be smitten by the sword. Backward, superstitious and ignorant masses are easily seduced and deluded by this hallucinogenic patriotic opium. They are then herded like buffaloes to vent all their anger, bitterness and frustration against the projected ‘enemy’. Demons and dragons are conjured to play upon their deepest insecurities and ingrown fears. Tamils, Moslems are to be sacrificed at the alter of the Emperor. The enemy of the hated emperor is declared to be their own. The stupefied masses are mobilized for a war of national liberation under the banner of patriotism. This is the game of deadly machination played by all bloodied emperors and despots throughout history.

Now, it is one thing for backward masses imprisoned within a thousand chains of feudal-colonial oppression to be played. But, when learned, erudite scholars and ecclesiastical pundits such as Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka trumpets the call of defending the emperor in the name of anti-imperialist patriotism, then the time has come to strip him and his ilk naked, along with the emperor, for all the conniving machination being played. He trumpets the clarion call for national defense against the “Atlantic Alliance” led by US imperialism and argues that the defense of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Regime from this imperialist stranglehold is the foremost duty of all patriots and the crying need of the hour.

mr_national_clotheLet’s get some facts on the table. There is no question about the fact that the US and its allies have hijacked the UNHRC – as it does routinely – to strangle the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime (MRR) using the issue of war crimes. This is to pry the Lankan State away from the Chinese strategic orbit. This is a matter of the most vital strategic importance for the US in maintaining its global hegemonic supremacy in the Asia-Pacific Region. There is no doubt in my mind that the MaitripalaRanilChandrikaChampika alliance is its leveraging axis for regime change. The CIA and MOSAD are pulling the strings. That is why I have argued that this is an equally fatal option. Yet, to portray MR as an anti-imperialist patriot and to perpetuate his dynastic crony narco- mafia Regime is far more fatal.

The MRR is far from the anti-imperialist patriotic force that Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka portrays. He sings for his supper without even a tune or rhyme. In fact, the MRR represents and concentrates the politics of national betrayal and capitulation to world imperialism. When Ranil was about to sign the “Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement with the US” we, along with Bahu and Vasu stormed the US embassy and Ranil’s office and demanded that this agreement be rescinded at once. This was a military agreement whereby the US would have gained access to all facilities in land, sea and air for its military purposes. Our intervention prevented this from being signed. Now, the patriotic Mahinda Rajapaksa, without even Cabinet nor Parliamentary approval, got his brother Gota to sign this agreement. Hey, Dayan, are you reading! Then, to save his neck from Geneva, he has sold out the entire country to China, the rising imperialist power. This is not only to wade off the US threat. He and his dynastic mafia has pocketed trillions of Rupees as commissions for the deal. Can you deny! Shall I prove it with statistics! Besides, Dayan, is the MRR begging for loans from the World Bank and the IMF on its knees and subjecting our country to its conditions. This is the anti-imperialist, national liberation hero that you would have us to keep in power.

Dayan, you provided guidance and passion to Premadasa in the war of annihilation against the JVP uprising in 1989. You provided the ideological justification for the war of annihilation against the LTTE and the Tamil nation. You are a proven war-mongering broker of the Neo-Fascist Lankan State. Whence arises this blood lust against our own people? Our own human family?

So, you can sell out Tamara to sell your package of servility to Mahinda. I am not so sure she is part of that sausage. If she has any Tamil blood flowing through her veins! She may well prove to be a diplomatic careerist, much in your vein. Time will tell. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the most sniveling, servile Comprador servant of imperialism. But, the Maitripala coalition of equally bloodied partners of the State is not the solution nor the alternative. Truth shall have its day. We shall abide. We shall endure. The true scientific path of liberation shall dawn on the Land of Lanka. Get rid of the MRR. That is the call of the day. All Power to the People!

*The writer is Secretary: Ceylon Communist Party( Maoist)

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    Get rid of the MRR. Well said!

    Sengodan. M

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    “Sirisena-Ranil” Ticket Approach will Make People Believe they are Voting for Sirisena but will be voting for Ranil
    Posted by Administrator on 28 November 2014, 1:02 am


    Tamara Kunanayakam

    The surprise announcement that Maithripala Sirisena will be the common Presidential candidate who will face the current incumbent at the forthcoming elections and his promise to abolish the Executive Presidency within one hundred days has raised hopes that an alternative is finally in the air.

    RW MS TG

    Although there are a lot of ‘ifs’ on the way, including the need for a 2/3 majority in the legislature for constitutional change, of concern is Sirisena’s announcement of UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe as Prime Minister before holding General Elections.

    By adopting a “Sirisena-Ranil” ticket approach, the architects of the Common Candidate – the UNP and sections of the SLFP – are effectively giving the voter a single election choice for the office of President and Prime Minister, trapping the people into a Ranil premiership in a most unprecedented and undemocratic manner.

    People will be made to believe they are voting Sirisena, but will instead be voting Ranil. And, where Sirisena will be is anybody’s guess!

    What is ominous about this cynical way of doing or thinking is that it by-passes the people in at least two ways! Firstly, the person who may become the Head of Government with executive powers a hundred days from the presidential elections will have been selected by a handful of leaders from the ruling class represented collectively within the two main political parties, the SLFP and the UNP.

    Secondly, and, more importantly, the so-called alternative is only so-called, because there is no indication that apart from a new face and a new electoral system, there will be a fundamental change in policies and programmes – domestic and foreign – that will finally and genuinely address the concerns of the Sri Lankan masses, and by that I mean Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Christian and all other Sri Lankan minority communities living in this island nation.

    Structures and institutions must serve the people, not vice versa. It is like building an airport, port or highway without knowing for whom and for what purpose. In the case of the common candidate, the people are being effectively asked to take a stand on a person and a structure without being told what objective that person and that structure would serve.

    The opposition has put the cart before the horse and nobody knows where cart or horse is heading!

    What will this promised ‘change’ signify to ordinary people if it only means more of the same or continuity? And, what about the cartel that has hijacked the State, whose emergence can be traced back to more than quarter century of war that created conditions for trafficking of all sorts, and during which period the one or the other Party wielded power?

    Driving the Rajapaksas out of power is fine, but how will this change the daily lives of the working masses if the alternative proposed does not break with an unjust and exploitative system that generates inequalities, division, conflict and poverty through a programme of privatisation and liberalisation?

    Breaking with that system implies a radical reorientation of the economy from one that serves the privileged few to one that serves the working majority; from one that serves the needs of external markets – to one that serves the needs of the domestic economy upon which the majority of the people depend for their livelihood; from one that serves private profit to one that serves public well-being, protection of the country’s natural resources and its ecological heritage.

    No country lives or can live in a vacuum. A “peoples first” domestic policy will inevitably require a foreign policy based on principles that rejects the present practice of making private deals behind the backs and at the expense of the people.

    If change is to be meaningful to ordinary people, they must stop being mere objects or cannon fodder of a history made elsewhere, by others, and for others; they must become the architects of their own history, of their own destiny!

    Courtesy: Daily Mirror

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      Dr Dayan Jayatilleka

      “Sirisena-Ranil” Ticket Approach will Make People Believe they are Voting for Sirisena but will be voting for Ranil

      Dr Dayan Jayatilleka, it does not matter. The Goal is to get rid of the Medamulana MaRa, Aara and his dictatorship and family dynasty.

      Dr Dayan Jayatilleka, since you are a shill and white washer of MaRa, only fools, Modayas, and Mootals will believe-you., Unfortunately only fewer and fewer of them are left in the Sri Lankan Populace.

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    And what about your distinguished brother Kumar Rupesinghe’s critical support for MR on the same grounds as mine, namely that he is better than the lackeys of Western hegemonism which is plotting regime change and may well give MR the Milosevic treatment?

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      Dayan – Oh pleeeease give us a break from your futile attempts at resuscitating MR’s flagging campaign, the latest being the “.. Western hegemonism which is plotting regime change…”.

      As you can see, “regime change” is what OUR PEOPLE want as they are tired of the bullshit dumped on the country by the scam artists in charge. Just take a look at the enormous wealth accrued in a (relative) blink of an eye by the Rajapakses. Where do YOU think that came from? If you can’t answer that question honestly, then [Edited out]

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      Hey Dayan J, you are [Edited out] from Hambantota, who has dragged this beautiful country through mud and pig crap for the last so many years. You carry a Dr., title in front of your name and that in itself is a disgrace to that title. Even after you attaining this title, if you cannot see what this MR bugger has done to this country and it’s minorities, then you must have bought that title somewhere in India. Take your suit off and wear a sarong, it might be a more fitting outfit for you. Go and write your rubbish in some Hambantota newspaper, you might get some ardent supporters there.

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    Ajith Rupasinghe…. has to learn more on Mao Zedong politics and his political line of CPC and its practice by himself. December 26 Birth Day of Comrade Mao Zedong.

    Dr Ajith says “..he has sold out entire country to China ,that rising Imperialists power..” The theses is totally wrong, that China is not an Imperials power, in fact Chins is peaceful rise her economy become second world largest one, that in GDP terms. Different form of system of hegemony of Politics Economics and Social exist that having naked intervention and domination all over the Globe bulling other countries by China. In military terms China having soldier and any military camps outside of PRC. Since 1949 PRC never invade any country by People Liberation Army is organ of State of led by CPC.

    Dr Ajith his sinister move of ideology of metaphysics by influence of left-deviationist and adventurist form of anarchism come into wrong conclusion by correct handling of growth of productive forces and relation of CPC.

    Ajith is unable to realized that present context Marxist theory that its development by lack of his dialectics on correct handling of contradictions between US LED hegemonic forces and emerging countries like China.
    China is not an imperialist state ,is still People’s Republic of China that founded by CPC.Is most democratic state in World, which that Dr Ajith like it or NOT.

    I have advice Ajith read NEW ECONOMY POLICY BY LENIN BEGAN IN MARCH 1921.

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