1 June, 2023


The Battle Lines

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Maithripala’s impure alliance must be defeated.”Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera [i]

It may not measure up to any ideal. But given the Lankan condition, it may be the only possible alliance of moderates.

A key problem with the Common Opposition was that, for a while, it looked too much like the common Southern opposition. True, most of the minorities, alienated by Rajapaksa extremism, were likely to vote for Maithripala Sirisena. But at the party-level, there were no minority stakeholders with sufficient gravitas in the opposition camp.

The decision by the TNA to support Maithripala Sirisena, which followed similar decisions by the SLMC and several other minority parties, corrected this unpropitious imbalance. The Opposition is now in fact a Common Opposition and an authentically Lankan one. It contains within its fold the most eclectic collection of political parties, personalities and ideologies. And in that vital sense it is infinitely more reflective of Sri Lanka than the government is.

MR KhanThe regime is reacting all too predictably to the decision by the SLMC and the TNA to back Mr. Sirisena. ‘SLMC now a LTTE’[ii], screamed the Daily News in a banner headline. Soon after the TNA announced its decision in Jaffna, the BBS retaliated in Colombo; Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera claimed that the “TNA was supporting the common opposition because they want to accomplish their aim of spreading Tamil extremism again in the country”[iii]. The state media managed to outdo even the BBS in extremist fear-mongering. “Maithri-Prabha Mugs appear in London, Toronto. Photographs appear side by side in key Tamil Tiger haunts. Sirisena, Ranil in Jaffna today to herald this ‘pact with Tamil Tigers’”[iv], shrieked the Daily News.

It is not only the regime and its Sinhala-Buddhist supremacist allies who are furious about the TNA’s choice. Tamil hardliners here and elsewhere seem equally discomposed. Tamil Net accused the TNA of supporting Mr. Sirisena “despite strong opposition from various sections of Eezham Tamils”. Just as the BBS accused Mr. Sirisena of betraying the Sinhalese, the Tamils Net accused the TNA leaders of betraying the Tamils: “Tamil people should realise that this group is trying to transform the nation of Eezham Tamils into a minority in the genocidal Sri Lanka, political observers in Jaffna said…… Some members of this group have already been promised with ministerial portfolios by Chandrika Kumaratunga.”[v]

Sinhala extremists and Tamil extremists want Tamils to reject both candidates; which, in reality, means helping the Rajapaksas win – like in 2005. For the pro-Tiger Diaspora hardliners that may be an unmixed-blessing; in the Rajapaksas they have an enemy who can be opposed justly and vilified effortlessly. These Diaspora elements did nothing to prevent the LTTE from dragging Lankan Tamils to Nandikadal. Now they want a repeat of 2005.

What the continuation of Rajapaksa rule might mean to ordinary Tamils struggling to live their ordinary lives here in Sri Lanka was demonstrated, again, by the Mathakal Fisheries Harbour incident. The regime is trying to take away a four-perch strip of land used by the fishermen to tether their boats and prepare dry fish. The land has been declared ‘state-owned’ and surveyors sent to commence the process of expropriation. The people protested: “We have been involved in fishing for many generations, but after the war, Coastal Security Forces have put up a camp where our boats were anchored at the Mathakal Harbour. We don’t understand their sudden move to interfere to our livelihood activities…. We will not give our lands to anyone. We will commit suicide if you grab our lands by force.”[vi] The Mathakal people, with the help of the TNA, managed to impede the surveyors twice, once in September and once in November. Maithripala Sirisena may or may not deliver a political solution to the ethnic problem. But under a post-Rajapaksa administration, there is a more realistic chance of preventing acts of barefaced theft such as the planned acquisition of Mathakal land.

When democracy and rule of law are in abeyance, there is nothing to prevent the state from treating ordinary people with rank injustice. The current deadly imbalance of power between the state and the people (this imbalance is extremely acute vis-à-vis the minorities but is existent vis-à-vis Sinhalese as well, as Rathupaswala demonstrated) can only get worse if the Rajapaksas win. But if Rajapaksa rule is ended on January 8th there is a realistic chance of ameliorating this imbalance to some extent. Such piecemeal improvements may not matter to armchair-hardliners living in safety and comfort outside Sri Lanka. But if that four-perch land can be saved, it would mean a world to the people of Mathakal.

Rajapaksa Blues?

Is this the Rajapaksas’ winter of defeat?

For the first time since 2005, the counter-Midas touch seems to be afflicting the Rajapaksas. The advent of a Bollywood-superstar into the Rajapaksa campaign, instead of being the election-winning masterstroke its organisers intended, became something of a comic disaster. Lankan public did not swoon in ecstasy. Tamil Nadu howled, prompting Salman Khan to depart in some hurry. The Rajapaksas may have intended the presence of a Bollywood star to be seen as the crowning glory of a winning campaign. Instead this first ever involvement of a foreign artiste in a Lankan election campaign seemed more like a sign of desperation.

The attack on a group of young Lankan artistes campaigning against the government in Kurunegala did not help matters. The attack, allegedly by Nil Balakaya thugs, led by a provincial councillor, was roundly condemned, including by many senior artistes who had stayed out of the fray up to that point. Taking a leaf from Basil Rajapaksa’s book, Parliamentarian and Nil Balakaya spokesman Eric Weerawardana claimed that the attack was staged by the victims themselves: “These actors, they were wearing our caps and our T shirts … This I think is a part of their mega drama which was staged at Kumbukgate.”[vii]. BBS, which is rapidly becoming the regime’s BSF (Best Soul Friend) agreed “It was planned by somebody who wanted to place the blame on President Mahinda Rajapaksa,” Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera claimed[viii].

This week the Mahiyangana office of Gen Sarath Fonseka’s party was attacked. The victims included a retired army officer who had lost a leg in the war. The marauding thugs not only beat up Colonel (rtd) M. Chandrasena and his 15 year old son; they reportedly took away the disabled officer’s artificial limb![ix] So much for protecting ‘war heroes’! Will the BBS claim that this attack too was staged, to soil its presidential patron’s pristine image?

One of the most remarkable things about this campaign is the increasing absence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s trademark grin. He obviously makes an effort to be his usual self but the act lacks his customary joie de verve. Such observations have no scientific validity; but in the absence of reliable opinion polling on what voters feel about the two candidates, even these signs count for something. The importation of Bollywood stars, the rising violence, the ethno-religious fear/hate mongering and the increasing use of bizarre propaganda tactics fit into this unprecedented picture of a president who has lots his electoral-mastery, and perhaps even knows that he is not quite on a winning streak.

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[vii] Ada Derana News – 20.12.2014 – translation, a literal one, is mine

[viii] Ibid

[ix] Lankadeepa – 30.12.2014

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Latest comments

  • 18

    It is only venom and hatred coming out of BBS
    Billywood cannot change the minds of Sri Lanka voters and a stupid idea from someone in MR camp. All these are becoming negative to MRS campaign and lose votes. Self destruction

    • 7

      “It is not only the regime and its Sinhala-Buddhist supremacist allies who are furious about the TNA’s choice.”

      You can say that again Titsaranee!

      Yes, the entire progressive community wishing to see a united Sri Lanka ais incensed by this ridiculous Tamil-Muslim extremist political groups trying to exploite divisions among the sinhalese.

      Sampanthan and Hakeem are not relevant. ‘Thaga’ Bathirudeen brings 100 votes and Mustafa none.

      The Tamil people sick of war, and Muslims persecuted by the LTTE are with MR and will be voting for him.

      MR will abolish ethnically based political parties in his third term.

      By the way, how are you going with a post-election item about election “Jilmart”. It is essential no? First to save face and second to start the colour (purple) revolution.

      Some people are organising with USAID some candles and purple bandanas and planning on a Twitter campaign to assemble people in front of Cinnamon Grand and sing Kumbaiah!

      • 12


        You should say this day and night till the 8th of January.

        Mahinda Saranan Gachchaami
        Basil Saranan Gachchaami
        Gota Saranan Gachchaami
        Namal Saranan Gachchaami

        Saadu, Saadu, Saadu…

        • 0

          They are involved in it with a front that they are upgrading Sri Lanka Telecom’s Peo TV. But, Peo TV technicians say the Indian team has nothing to do with any upgrading work.

          MR is definitely winning the PE – very clearly as per results
          disclosed by computers of the State!! A webnews reveals some
          Indian cyber experts are being employed in this activity:-

          “At Head End, what they actually do is relaying computer data to other locations. This place is strategically located to change computer data. Also, the entire election result communication process is coordinated by SLT, which gives dedicated lines and virtual pin numbers to the election secretariat and other institutions.

          The district returning officers are sending the results by fax to the elections commissioner. The Indian IT experts are looking into whether they can change the results while being on transit to the elections commissioner.”

        • 0

          TM – It is better to say “Mahinda and Gota Saranan gachchaami” than saying “Ranil, CBK , Mangala,SF , MS saranan gachchaami” — because first combination represent one clear policy whereas the second motley combination represent contradicting and confusing set of policies that will not take country anywhere other than towards more chaos – the main sublime theme of the this combination is “revenge” – many from the government ranks joined this motley group to take revenge from MR – for what – because they could not achieve their private agendas while being in the Government — Prominent figures of the common front like CBK,MS,Mangala,SF are driven by pure revenge — the past records of these politicos had proven enough that they are not leaders who love their country — but without doubt MR / GR love their country better than all the others put together – Any country should have a leader who love his country – of course I think MR / GR had heard and learned enough during this short campaign to clear their house of parasites and goons , backstabbers and inhouse threats – to run a better gov. in his third term

        • 0

          The Messenger:
          I would add to your suggestion:”…. you and the horse you rode in on.” Though not even a donkey would tolerate a donkey like email!

      • 2


        In the old days Sinhala kings fought among themselves for the expansion of their kingdom. They imported mercenaries from Tamil Nadu to fight their petty wars. Tamil Nadu mercenaries (vellaikkara padei) fought on both sides.

        Now in order to fight his opponent MR has imported a popular north Indian entertainer.

        We are living in interesting time. Entertainment has taken over sanity, policies, and bravery.

        It used to be eight measures of free rice (from moon) now it seems free entertainment for your votes.

        • 0

          Stop spreading lies, you low life.

          Your story about Tamil Nadu mercenaries is typcal ignorant bullshit.

          And for your knowldge, the “enertainer” who came for his charity work in not “north Indian”. He is a Muslim from Mumbai (Bombay). You are so stupid that youdon’t not know your ass from your elbow, and we don’t expect you to know that Mumbai is in the “West” of India, and that is where a lot of Muslims live.

          Your hatred has made you thick. Can’t help.

          • 2


            “Mumbai is in the “West” of India”

            Is it?

            Historically a group of who lived beyond Tamil Nadu (Northerners) were known as Vadukar:


            Of these two sections of people referred to, the term Vadukar is used for those that lived across the Tamil frontier on the north for which Pulikat on the one side and the northern frontier of Nannan’s territory, including in it both Tulu and Konkan, provide the limits. The Chief of Vengadam (Tirupati), Pulli by name, comes often in contact with the people who are described in various ways in these poems. The general trend of all this description is to make of them a class of hunters. Their chief occupation was cattle-raiding and they are always said to be accompanied by cruel dogs.1 Entering into their territory language changed.2 This language is referred to by a poet Kari-Kannan of Kaveripattanam3 as unlearned in character and long in sound. The latter characterisation would apply to Telugu even now, if it is the Telugu of the northern districts, from the point of view of the Tamilian. The former characteristic, whatever foundation there was for it in the days of our author, has long since worn off, and Telugu is regarded now-a-days as specially musical among Indian languages. The Vadukar were found on the frontier across the hill of Tirupati. Narkirar speaks of Erumai of Kudanadu as the chief of the cattle-lifting tribe of Vadukar.1 Another poet gives a Chola ruler a victory at Pali against the Vadukar.2 Thus we find the Vadukar all along the northern frontier from sea to sea. When therefore Mamulanar3 says that the Mauryas came to the south, sending in front of them the Vadukar, the natural interpretation is that they came practically into occupation of the territory which was the natural habitat of these Vadukar, and pushed the Vadukar in front of them in their further march southward.

            1 Aham 213 and 381. 2 Mamulanar, Aham 295. 3 Aham 107.


            Some Contribution of South India to Indian Culture

            S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar

            You might be able to get some help if you contact mechanic, sach, nuisance, saroj, wathie or refer to Ancient Jaffna (1929)

      • 1

        This news was on the WEB in last October!.

        MaRa has secret discussions with Nediyawan group in his Italian tour; Italian narcotics division was to arrest Sajin Vaas

        During the recent tour of Italy , President Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse through a Minister of his has had secret discussions with a group of businessmen associated with LTTE Nediyawan, according to an officer of the Italian intelligence division, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

        Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena who went to Italy a month before the President’s Italian tour has held the preliminary discussions in Emiliya Romangyo province , Reggoemiliya city , Italy .

        The city Rejjoemiliya is situated between cities , Bologna and Parma . It is the wealthiest businessmen in Italy who reside in that area. A group of wealthy Tamil businessmen among them had partook in the discussion on behalf of Nediyawan’s side . The Italian intelligence division however revealed that the details of those who participated cannot be disclosed right now.

        Based on a tip off received by Mahinda Rajapakse from an American officer that the LTTE funds have been released , the former has discussed with ex LTTE arms leader KP in this connection. KP had told him that part of the funds in the accounts in Europe are with the Nediyawan group.

        Mahinda Rajapakse had dispatched Rohitha Abeygunawardena to Italy to hold discussions with the wealthy Nediyawan group in order for MaRa to secure those funds , and to assure them that any facility and amenity can be provided to Nediyawan as KP.

        Rohitha had been chosen for this mission because he has become extremely close to Mahinda , and his sister is engaged in business activities in Italy .

        Following this preliminary discussion , Sajin Vaas Gunawardena the henchman was to hold final discussions on behalf of Mahinda Rajapakse , but that did not materialize.

        What stood as a barrier to this discussion was a photograph displaying Sajin Vaas along with a Pakistani international heroin peddler. This photograph had reached the hands of the Italian anti narcotics division. Though this division was in the ready to arrest and interrogate Sajin Vaas when he arrived in Italy , the Italian central espionage service had not agreed to this because Sajin Vaas was arriving in the company of SL’s State leader. Arresting an individual by the anti narcotics division, who arrives as a VIP with a State leader may trigger controversies between the States . Owing to this , the action was postponed.

        In the circumstances , the high profile Italian security detail providing security to the visiting SL head of State and his delegation have advised Sajin only to travel together with the Head of state and the delegation, and not to make solitary tours within Italy .

        In case Sajin had travelled alone and was arrested by the anti narcotics division , they have told him they cannot rescue him since the Italian anti narcotics division has such sweeping powers. This information however had not been divulged to Sajin Vaas , rather he had only been instructed not to travel alone.

        Accordingly , the final discussion with the participation of Sajin Vaas with Nediyawan group had to be postponed.

        In any event , the Italian intelligence division says , in the Italian tour of Mahinda Rajapakse , it became clear that he was having an understanding with the LTTE based on the fact that when a Tamil youth who was keeping watch over the movements of Rajapakse was arrested by the Italian intelligence division , and more information was sought from Colombo, there was no keen response shown from that end.

        Manikka Raja Iyakkaran who arrived in Italy via Dubai was keeping a keen watch in an unusual way over the movements of Rajapakse, he was arrested by the Italian intelligence division . However he was released later because there was not much interest shown over this by Colombo.

        The Italian intelligence division is of the view that Colombo took a lukewarm attitude because of the secret mutual understanding between the government and the LTTE leaders.

        Iyakkaran was nevertheless released after the conclusion of Rajapakse’s tour.

        No matter what , the Italian intelligence division declared that the old LTTE activists are all completely inoperative now. Only a youth organization by the name of ‘Chetty’ and that is a distinctly different organization which is not terrorism oriented , and that is comprised of youths who are all intellectuals such as Doctors , graduates etc., the Italian intelligence division revealed .

        • 0

          yeah, as long as the Sinhalese keep the LTTE story alive even a parayah dog down Galle road can become Sri Lanka’s next president…Good luck…

    • 7

      Ms. Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      Thank you. Bollywood cannot put together Humpty Dumpty MRa again.

      “Maithripala’s impure alliance must be defeated.”Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera [i]

      He is BBS. Whar is BBS? A Creation of Medamulana MaRa Dynasty and Cronies, in order to get the Racist and Chauvinist Fraction of the Sinhala Buddhist vote base that constitutes the population, making the assumption that the vast majority of Sinhala Buddhists are racists and chauvinists.

      Wrong. It is only a small fraction. They will find this out on January 8, 2015.

      So, they want the youth vote, and support, by getting Bollywood actors to Shill for them, by fooling them, and tarnishing their image both in Sri Lanka sand India

      “The decision by the TNA to support Maithripala Sirisena, which followed similar decisions by the SLMC and several other minority parties, corrected this unpropitious imbalance. The Opposition is now in fact a Common Opposition and an authentically Lankan one. It contains within its fold the most eclectic collection of political parties, personalities and ideologies. And in that vital sense it is infinitely more reflective of Sri Lanka than the government is.”

      Yes, now it is peoples opposition. It is a national opposition.

      It is the People, Country Vs. Medamulanana Mahinda Rajapaksa (MaRa) on January 8, 2015.

      It is going to be a Peoples Victory.

      Janathawa Jayavewa, Janathawa Jayavewa, Janathawa Jayavewa,

      Manithar Vaalha, Manithar Vaalha, Manithar Vaalha,

      Peoples Victory, Peoples Victory, Peoples Victory,

      P.S. Ms. Tisaranee Gunasekara, Common Sense Phamplet, sri Lanka 2014, jut like the one Thomas Paine did in 1776?

    • 12

      MARA cannot fool all the people all the time.

  • 12

    MaRa should bring in all the famous Porn Stars and do some live shows as happening in Bangkok and that may make him still have a chance to win.

    Salman Khan is no match for our Sri Lankans ‘baiyas’

    • 10

      POWER GREEDY KING MAHINDA RAJAPAKSHE’s brainless playboy son Namal Baby brought an Indian actor paying over RS.700 MILLION to Fool the MODAYAS and get the VOTES.

      The foolish Mahinda Rajapakshe is spending all the money that he illegally amassed for his election campaign even though he is going to lose. What a fate!

      What a DUMB leader with a DUMB son? Salman Khan must be laughing/saying what a Modaya this Sri Lankan President is.

      They invited INDIAN artists to earn SINHALA VOTES and sent thugs to beat the local Sinhala artists.

      And the funniest part is:
      Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan who was brought down to boost the Presidential election campaign of Mahinda Rajapaksa had made a sudden exit last night.

    • 0

      Excellent suggestion Matila Ellepola, they can start with Sunny Leone.

    • 0

      Kim Kardashians and her sisters.

    • 1

      Matild Wallepol, In to porn now, ah! Glad to hear.
      Which particular actors are your favourites?

      We can bring Ron Jeremy, Mandingo, Justin Slayer,Pierre Wodman or anyone slese you fancy.

      Wonder whether they want to have anything to do with you but They have taste unfortunately.

      • 0

        “We can bring Ron Jeremy, Mandingo, Justin Slayer,Pierre Wodman or anyone slese you fancy. “

        Wow , what a collection ! you missed out the legendary John Homes , it’s pity he is no more , isn’t it ?

  • 15

    leave aside maithreepala being defeated. BBS was defeated and chased away from Polonnaruwa by the monks themselves

    • 1

      If Gotas BBS can be chased, MR can and will chase all the M.PP on
      the 8th Jany. itself, so that the 100 day Diary is not effective???

      What next? All within the Constitution. Over to Mr. Sarath N de Silva.

  • 4

    I think you are mistaken. TNA is not supporting My3.

    Back in 2005 Sambandan spoke to Tamils from Troncomalee to boycott the elections. If you want to talk to Tamils that is where you would do it from isn’t?

    This time its done in the middle of Colombo. TNA did not talk to Tamils yesterday. They spoke to Sinahala people. Suminratharn even added the extra touch speaking in Sinhala.

    What they are doing is in fact making sure MR win again ala 2005. Its deliberate and intentional act to engineer elections yet again. The TNA “wonder boy” Suminratharn’s finger prints are all over it.

    The plan seems to be the “soft power” option that Suminratharn was going on about earlier. Essentially, they hope in 3 months time UN will penalise MR for human rights abuses. They hope to corner him and in exchange of his release get the promised land as per Chevlanayagam plan.

    These Tamil Nazi will never change. I suppose that is why Mahinda will win again. He is what they deserve.

    • 2


      “Back in 2005 Sambandan spoke to Tamils from Troncomalee to boycott the elections. “

      It was in support of MR.

      You are hearing Sambanda’s voice again.

  • 6

    This ugly habit of blaming victims for their own injuries, and the damage done to property, is a typical zionist habit. Perhaps they learned that deceitful habit from them. When 2000 Palestinians were being slaughtered in Gaza, the zionists blamed the victims, while the world watched with horror little kids being blown up as they played soccer, and scenes from the carnage at UN shelters. We see the same dishonesty and blame from the ruling party thugs. We saw a video of a Buddhist monk who criticized the regime, after being physically attacked, tied, and thrown on the ground, and the accusation, that HE did it to himself. He must be a magician, to have his hands tied behind, almost disrobed, with injuries, all done by himself. In Rajapaksaland, victims of brutal attacks, are the perpetrators of that crime, and hurting and injuring themselves. By that logic, rally platforms must be shooting at itself, and burning itself. Magic again. Which begs the question, did Khuram Sheik, Hirunika’s father, and Lasantha, all kill themselves too?

  • 8

    It is pretty evident to a discerning person what the Grand Design of the Dictator MR is. He has with duplicity, craftines and shrewdness set about achieving this grand design meticulously, methodically and systematically. The ultimate goal is to rule SL with an iron fist, dictatorially and autocratically for the enrichment of himself and his family. How does he achieve this?

    1) get himself elected as the President in a ‘fake’ and ‘manipulated’ election (bribes to VP in 2005 and taking over the EC’s role in 2010)
    2) Achieving a war victory agains the LTTE (although the true architect is General SF)allegedly violating and flouting certain basic Human Rights obligations. Using this as a trump card to garner the votes of the appreciative Majority (mostly Buddhist Nationalists and the ignorant poor rural folk) in getting himself fraudulently re-elected.
    3) Although his coalition barely won the Parliamentary elections in 2010, engineering a fradulent 2/3 majority in Parliament by bribing and inducing Opposition MP’s to cross over (thus creating a jumbo cabinet which is a huge strain on the Government coffers).
    4)Using this fraudulent 2/3 majority in Parliament, rammimg through legislation to ensure 1) he can continue his Presidency as he wishes (18th amendment), 2) making it possible for him and him alone to make critical key appointmrents to all sectors of Public Life (repealing the 17th amendment and destroying and politicising Independent Bodies)and 3) the National Budget is controlled by the family (Devi Neguma bill to empower his Brother Basil while holding the Ministries of Defence and Finance him self).
    5) Using to the fullest all his Executive powers vested in his role as the President and new found powers derived through the repeal of the 17th amendment, to systematically and deliberately politicise all sectors of public life by nominating his kith and kin, friends, acolytes and loyalists to key critical positions within the establsishment both locally and abroad (diplomatic postings and foreign service).
    6) Surrounding himslef with thieves, fraudsters, drug peddlers, casino kings, criminals, swindlers and impostors so he can enrich himself (commissions under the table) with their help by pawning the country (loans and land deals with China) on the false pretence of developing the country with mega projects which have mostly turned out to be white elephants (harbour, air port, cricket stadium, road works at exorbitant costs etc etc).
    7) Conducting piece meal elections at his convenience to his advantage and employing ALL State Resources and flouting most elections laws with impunity, to further his candidacy and that of the members of his Coalition and thus contriving elections victories by illegal and fradulent means. Thus he ensures the continuation of his dictatorial and autocratin rule under the guise of ‘sham’ democracy.
    8)Destroying opposition parties by such defections (with bribery and inducments)and eliminating his critics and detractors so his hegemony rolls on unhindered and unimpeded.

    The dictator is now conducting another of those ‘fake’ elections (allegedly illegal – but that does not matter to MR), two years ahead of schedue (wasting millions of taxpayers’ money),violating the Constitution in the process, so he can further consolidate his power base and autocratic rule. He is also grooming his eldest son to follow in his footsteps and perpetuate his family power!

    This time there is a glimmer of hope that this marauding thug can be defeated peacefully at the polls by the law abiding patriotic voters of SL of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is inspite of ALL his illegal activities to destroy the legitimate campaign of the Opposition. There is a Broad Common Opposition that has been formed and a credible CC has been presented for the sole purpose of banishing this Dictator and his family for good. Let us all do our bit to make this a reality and rid the country of the Cancer that is pervading the entire society.

    • 0

      Well said, spot on Lalith !

  • 9

    After january 8 Gnasara will remove his siwura and hide.

  • 0

    Vibushan: “He is what the Sinhala people also deserve.”

    You seems to have changed your tone, he is what you and the Sinhala people also deserve.

  • 2


    The Opposition is now in fact a Common Opposition and an authentically Lankan one. It contains within its fold the most eclectic collection of political parties, personalities and ideologies. And in that vital sense it is infinitely more reflective of Sri Lanka than the government is.

    The regime is reacting all too predictably to the decision by the SLMC and the TNA to back Mr. Sirisena. ‘SLMC now a LTTE’[ii], screamed the Daily News in a banner headline. Soon after the TNA announced its decision in Jaffna, the BBS retaliated in Colombo; Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera claimed that the “TNA was supporting the common opposition because they want to accomplish their aim of spreading Tamil extremism again in the country”[iii].

    *** I disagree with the above for the following reasons. There is no alliance between TNA and the Common opposition and I cant speak for SLMC.

    As far as the TNA are concerned it is not a vote for MS but a vote against MR.
    Frankly for Tamils there is nothing to vote for MS as he has openly dismissed Tamil rights. He is alao playing the Race card as every other Sinhala Leader has played since independance. That is the nature of Sri Lankan politics and there is no use denying it. Some people might argue that MS is an astute politician and he wants to become a King first and once in the throne deliver justice to Tamils. But I say this and if MS tries to do something which is not in the Manifesto and especially try to grant rights to Tamils we will have bloodshed in the Country on a scale which will make the previous Race Riots look PUNI.

  • 0

    North becoming out of bounds for Sinhala Buddhists from the South is a certainty, unless they submit themselves to Velalala Police checks and Sambandan’s Land rule , if Sira becomes the President with Ranil as the PM.

    will it force our inhabitants in the Ampara District to live under Sharia Law?.

    • 2

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “will it force our inhabitants in the Ampara District to live under Sharia Law?.”

      What did Salman Khan say about it?

      Mahinda needed northerner to win his first presidential elections.

      Mahinda needed Northern Hindians to wipe out LTTE, thus pave the way for his second victory.

      Now he is relying on another Northerner to win his illegal third victory.

      What the hell are the southerners doing to get MR elected?

    • 0

      hey Sumana, don’t be a dick… your comments about “…North becoming out of bounds for Sinhala Buddhists from the South is a certainty, unless they submit themselves to Velalala Police checks and Sambandan’s Land rule , if Sira becomes the President with Ranil as the PM….” spreading lies… no one stopped a Sinhalese commoner if he acquired land “legally” in the N&E… but Tamil commoner is definitely against poaching and colonising lands “illegally”… If you want to pursue the latter reach out to Gota…

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