19 August, 2022


The Darker Side Of Buddhism

“The principle of non-violence is central to Buddhist teachings, but in Sri Lanka some Buddhist monks are being accused of stirring up hostility towards other faiths and ethnic minorities. Their hard line is causing increasing concern”, writes BBC’s Charles Haviland.

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    We have to seriously consider why political violence against minorities occurs with such frequency in states of Theravada Buddhism like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The Buddhists in these countries make a great show about not even killing worms but kill their fellow human beings with such abandon. It is not the fault of the teachings of the Buddha but the manner of the organization of the Buddhist clergy and the political role it is permitted to play. The consequent disrepute that is brought to Buddhism is considerable. Every Buddhist must be concerned with this fact and take measures to remedy it. It is best to confine the clergy to the temples and ensure that they stick to the practice of Buddhism within the temple and the community. Buddhism is a religion that seeks peace not the subjugation of a race by another race.

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      The Darker Side Of Buddhism

      “We have to seriously consider why political violence against minorities occurs with such frequency in states of Theravada Buddhism like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.”

      1. There is lot of truth to this, but the core Problem is the Buddhist Clergy and the System they developed, using certain Buddhist teachings. It is the Protection of the Buddhist Clergy, the primary goal, and the people being Buddhist is needed for that goal, whether the people suffer or not like in Tibet, or the minorities. So, what is the difference between the Wahhabis and the Theravada Buddhists?


      The Triple Gem, The Buddha, the Dhamma AND the CLERGY the Sangha.

      A Buddhist can’t attain Nirvana or Nibbana without the Sangha?

      They are like the Popes of Older daya. They Controlled the King, and the king controlled the People. Therefore, the Clergy controlled the People.

      This is Precisely what is happening in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, The Clergy, the Clerics Control the King.

      A different perspective on Buddhism from those who looks at religions differently.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


      The Buddha – PBS Documentary Part 1


      Published on Jul 28, 2013
      This is a PBS Documentary about the life of Siddhartha Gautama.
      Written and Directed by David Grubin

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        The Monks Control the King, The King, Controls the People, Therefore the Monks Control the people.

        “But however any religion starts out, sooner or later it enters into a Faustian pact with state power. Buddhist monks looked to kings, the ultimate wielders of violence, for the support, patronage and order that only they could provide. Kings looked to monks to provide the popular legitimacy that only such a high moral vision can confer.”


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          We have observed for many years that the Theravada Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka, better known as Sinhala-Buddhism (or Mahavamsa-Buddhism) is not only intolerant but also violent and barbaric in nature.

          Instead of practising what Buddha preached (Ahimsa/non-violence, Karuna/compassion, Metta/affection, and Maithriya/loving-kindness towards fellow humans), the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka engages in un-Buddhist practises such as in racist politics and also promote Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism and hatred towards minorities.

          These Buddhist monks (hora ganayas or cheevaradharis) are exploiting the respect that the Buddhist society has for the yellow robed Sangha (one of the triple gems mentioned by Buddha) and not only fooling the gullible Buddhists but also betraying Buddhism and insulting the Buddha.

          Even during the 1950s, we have seen Buddhist terrorists among the Buddhist clergy such as Buddhrakitha Thero and Somarama thero assassinating Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranayake. Today we have extreme version of them in the Buddhist clergy known as Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Sinhala Ravaya. President Maithree and Prime Minister Ranil should take extra care and precaution against these Buddhist Terrorists who will not hesitate even for a moment when it comes to assassinating our leaders.

          The new government under President Maithree should think of forming a Buddhist Disciplinary Commission/Committee under the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs to maintain the Buddhist Vinaya (disciplinary code) among the Buddhist clergy. All the rouge Monks (hora ganayas or cheevaradharis) who are hijacking the Buddhist religion with their anti-Buddhist activities and disrupting the peace in the country should be subjected to disciplinary action and should be disrobed. This has become an urgent need in Sri Lanka if Yahapalanaya is to succeed.

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        One Correction.

        In Saudi Arabia, the King controls the people and the Clergy. To control the people, they need to keep the clergy under their control, giving “controlled” authority over the people.

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        Dear Mr.Amarasiri
        “whether the people suffer or not like in Tibet”,

        Did you know, with all the cruel, unethical, unfair treatment by the mighty neighbour, the communist ‘China’, the ‘Tibetians’ are the happiest in the world. Why is that?. They are the real followers of the ‘Buddha Damma’. I am pretty sure you are aware of the words ‘Alpechchatha'(simplicity) and ‘Majjima Patipada’ (middle path). The yellow robe alone does not make a person a ‘Buddhist Monk’.
        The wise are not surprised or challenged by the behaviour of these ‘Rouges in Robes’ as they were told/warned by the ‘Enlightened One’, about the present situation around the world 2600 years ago.
        So, my dear friend, “Appamado Amathapadam”. Metta to all!!

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      Ponkoh Sivakumaran

      RE: The Darker Side Of Buddhism?

      Or is it The Darker Side Of Sinhala “Buddhism” and “Theravada Buddhism”

      Well, what does, Buddha, Plato, Stoics, Bhagavad Gita say?

      Looking to expand your knowledge of Philosophy? You’ll dive into the realms of four classic philosophers, and learn practical strategies to improve yourself, the community and the environment.

      The Sinhala “Buddhism” and “Theravada Buddhism” will destroy societies,( Mahanama, Sri Lanka, Mayamar) if it is not to the liking of the so-called Third Gem of Triple Gem, the “Sangha”, who wants to maintain their hegemony over the people, the “Serfs”.

      One can, yes, can achieve Nirvana or Nibbana without the Sangha.

      Talk to Martin Luther. You do not need a Pope to be closer to God.

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    BBS is the savior of the Sinhala Buddhist nation.

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      Hey, we know that you tried a little political gimmick at our expense, by using these senseless firebrand bigots, whom you protected and nurtured as’holy men’ to capture the majority vote onto one side, ‘your side’ against the rest. We also now know its consequences since this ploy backfired ‘in your face’ handsomely. Being the politician that you are, you quickly changed stance and conveniently put the blame on them for having ‘spoiled your chances’ since the minorities voted against you en-bloc. What a poor loser. Even your astrologer couldn’t figure out what had happened and was at a loss for words to explain your debacle. It was obvious you simply played haughty politics just to ensure your return to the saddle. You didn’t care a damn about the country, its people and their well being. Now that the devil has been allowed to be spawn, it is we (the minorities) who are left to deal with it. The only conciliatory point is that we are not alone, since God Almighty will always be with us, since we believe in Him, turn to Him and place our trust in Him, and also, the whole wide world is privy to what is going on in our little isle.

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      According to the population growth and the recent Statistics Sri Lanka will be Muslim Nation in 2060.

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        Gemunu Weeraya

        According to recent census Sinhala population was 15,173,820 in 2011. Their population multiplied from 700 Kallthonies to 15 million over 2500 years.

        Doesn’t their population explosion bother you? It bothers me every second of the day, every day of the year.

        So does Tamil population virtually nil about 1000 years ago (according to some established revisionist historians) and exploded to 2,270,924.

        What you say we must do to stop their population explosion?

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          Native Vedda

          “What you say we must do to stop their population explosion?”

          So these Psradeshis, Paras, Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils.,and other Paras multiplied rapidly during the past 2,500 after coming Illegally to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, and introduced their Para-Languages, Psara-sinhala and Para-Tamil, and in addition introduced their Para-Religions Buddhism and Hinduism, and controlled the Para kings in order tpo control the other Paras?

          These Paras who came by Hora-Oru and Kalla-thonis, should be send back to Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Orissa, where they belong.

          [Edited out]

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            Here are the statistics for the population in 1939:

            Sinhalese: 3,473,029
            Tamils: 1,417,477
            Moors: 325,913
            Burgers and Eurasians: 32,315
            Malays: 15,977
            Europeans: 9,254
            Others (incl. Veddahs) 33,006

            Source: A Handbook on Ceylon by S E N Nicholas, 1939

            You can see how the Sinhalese and Muslim populations have increased substantially while Tamil population has dropped due to anti-Tamil pogroms, state terrorism, war etc.

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              30,000 BC to 3,000 BC, Native Aethho, 100%

              No Paras, Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamil, Para-Moor, Para-Malay, Para Purgers and Para-Eurasians and Para-Europeans.

              500 BC, Native Aethho, =100% – 1% Paras = 99%


              Then the Paras Called the Native Aethho, Veddah, Hunter. Now they are generally called in common usage, Native Veddah Aethho.

              Others (incl. Veddahs) 33,006 Total = 5,306.971

              Native Veddah Aethho =0.621%

              1939 Census and Compare with 2011 Census ( 72 years)

              Para-Sinhalese: 3,473,029 ( 65.442%) 2011 (75%, with Christian Sinhala)
              Para-Tamils: 1,417,477 ( 26.709%) 2011(16% with Christian Tamils)
              Para-Moors: 325,913 (6.14%) (9.7% with Malays and Converts)
              ( 9.4% without Malays)

              Para-Burgers and Eurasians: 32,315 ( 0.609%)
              Para-Malays: 15,977 (0.301%)
              Para-Europeans: 9,254 ( 0.174%)
              Others (incl. Veddahs) 33,006 (0.621%)

              Religion in Sri Lanka 2011


              Sri Lanka’s population practices a variety of religions. As of the 2011 census 70.19% of Sri Lankans were Theravada Buddhists, 12.6% were Shaivite Hindus, 9.7% were Muslims and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian).[1] In 2008 Sri Lanka was the third most religious country in the world by according to a Gallup poll, with 99% of Sri Lankans saying religion is an important part of their daily life.[2]

              Thiru, when you add the numbers, you will notice that Basically the Tamils were Chased out by the Sinhala, to India, Srima Shastri Pact, War, discrimination, Emigration etc. whereas the Muslims basically stayed in Lanka, because they had fewer economic opportunities.

              Muslims could not emigrate to Australia, because they were not Europeans. The women had fewer opportunities, and the only way to survive was to become a wife, and hope a man would support them.

              BOTH the Muslim and Sinhala percentage went up at the expense of the Tamils during the past 72 years, and 64 of that was past “Independence” on 1948. Please stop accusing the Muslims, when the Problem and the cause lies Elsewhere.

              Did You hear about Giardano Bruno, Galileo and the Sun going round the Earth and the Inquisition?

              If there is no further Ethnic Cleansing by the Sinhala for the Next 72 years, we can expect the population percentages to remain about the same, and perhaps the Muslim population will go up by 25%, at best, to 11.75%, on a relative basis compared to the other communities.

              What you are overlooking is the activities of the Christian Fundamentalists in Converting the Buddhists, Catholics, Tamils, Muslims and Malays to fundamental Christianity.

              Expect the Christians to Double or Triple over the Next 72 years.

              Have you heard about South Korea?

              Oh, what has happened to the Native “Veddah” Aethho!

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        Gemunu Weeraya

        “According to the population growth and the recent Statistics Sri Lanka will be Muslim Nation in 2060”

        Did you learn your math and statistics from Wimal Modawansa of 2/2 =0 Fame?

        Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s Speech on Wimal Weerawansa


        Remember, the Average IQ of those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa is 65 and most, yes, almost all of them, did not catch it.

        Are you one of them?

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        “According to the population growth and the recent Statistics Sri Lanka will be Muslim Nation in 2060” say Gemunu.

        Lets say the statement is true. SO WHAT, THEY WILL BE GOOD SRI LANKANS LIKE YOU OR BETTER. They will be less drunkards, less prostitution, less rape, people will dress modestly, less gambling.

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      “BBS is the savior of the Sinhala Buddhist nation.”

      Remember, the Sinhala Buddhists ate Paras, Para-Sinhala Buddhists in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      So that the Sinhala Buddhist Monks and Sinhala Buddhist can go around raping young boys and girls and young women and old women staring from the Monks, Loku Hauuduruwoo.

      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010

      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

      See What WFR press conference on CSR is doing. They are real women. You are a Fake women, just like the Shills and white-washers of Mahinda Rajapaksa.
      The women is talking about Sinhala Buddhists, mostly.


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      “BBS is the savior of the Para-Sinhala Para-Buddhist nation”

      Para, Paradeshi, means Foreign.

      The Aethho Tribe.


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    Please do not insult Buddhism. This has nothing to do with religion. This is fascism. The objective of fascism is to seize state power at any cost and fascists will use any strategy to do this.

    Any ideology that subordinates the rights of the individual to “a greater goal” can be used by fascism to seize the state.

    Mahayana Buddhism frees the individual. Theravada Buddhism subjects the individual to a system of belief … like many other religions and ideologies.

    That is why Theravada Buddhism is susceptible/vulnerable to fascist subversion.

    Fascism can only be managed through the strict application of the law and the ferocious defense of human rights. Once fascism seizes a state outside assistance is required to free its citizens. Fascists do not respect democratic or legal process and they will refuse to concede power unless compelled to do so by a much more powerful force.

    Unless idiots like this Haviland understand this and educate the world on what is going on within the structures of Theravada Buddhism it is only a matter of time before fascism subverts the Indian Army whose official ideology is Theravada Buddhism. Then not just Jerusalem,,, but the whole of greater south asia – Vishal Bharat- will be lost to fascism.

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      Mahayana Buddhism frees the individual. Theravada Buddhism subjects the individual to a system of belief

      Really, how exactly?

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      The truth is these Buddhists Ayotullahs are politically fanatics ..and racists ….

      This buddhist religion is blessing bloodbath since 1956 in this country …behind every racial riots these Buddhist Ayotullahs are involved….

      Every buddhist country Vietnam..Cambodia ..Laos..Thailand..Burma..Sri Lanka …is soaked with blood then and now ..

      Specially this is the only country where buddhist Ayotullahs bless politicians and army who have killed Tamils ..

      There should be a stern action against these things hiding under yellow robes….

      In Myanmar any buddhist clergy talk against rulers next day float in water without life ..

      Unfortunately this country was unfortunate leaders like Sir John Kotallawela who has threatened these buddhist ayatollahs saying he will paint their shaved heads with hot boiling bitumen …this is the right treatment these jokers need now

      Emperor Asoka will weep in the heaven for introducing Buddhism in this country

      it is really SHMAE today Buddhist violence has over taken Islamic violences …

      Now it is clear why Tamil Buddhists gave up this sect 1000 years ago …


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        Cholan, this article is about Buddhist monks and you blame everyone else. What about Hindu terrorists called Tamil Tigers? What about Iraqi terrorist invasion by USA? You are cherry picking whom you want to call terrorists.

        Shame on you.

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          @ Goraka


          Once VP told the TIME magazine if the Big Nose Emperor JR follow Buddhism there is no need for LTTE to take arms …

          for your mosquito brain

          there was no LTTE during 1956.1958.1966,1977,1983 but your buddhist Ayotullahs were there encouraging attacked on Tamils ..understand ???


          and since 1948 the same ayatollah never said a word of condolence to Tamils or said this is wrong but always shut their mouth ..

          BUDDHISM is already dead in Sri Lanka

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            “Once VP told the TIME magazine if the Big Nose Emperor JR follow Buddhism there is no need for LTTE to take arms “

            This is a very insightful and profound statement.

            The Corollary of that is that the Sinhala “Buddhists” are NOT Buddhists, and do not Follow the teachings of Buddha.

            What they follow is called Sinhala “Buddhism” or Monk Mahanama “Buddhism”.

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        “Specially this is the only country where buddhist Ayotullahs bless politicians and army who have killed Tamils ..”

        Have seen SINHALA “Buddhist” “Monks” attacking Tamil Shops.

        Did Buddha teach to attack Tamil Shops?

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      Talk something you know.

      Here, every idiot is a pundit.

      Why christians don’t talk about crusades and the instigators of crusade wars popes.

      Why do they insecurity of buddhists and their grievances are labelled as buddhism.

      British kill innocent arabs and muslims in the name of their security. Why that is security and not violence against non-british ?

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        Did you know that Gnane and Wirathu were doing Vat69 inside a Sri Lanka temple. Wirathu was the bottom. You will do well to find a top.

      • 2

        Jim softy

        “Why christians don’t talk about crusades and the instigators of crusade wars popes.”

        Why? Because, they have no place to hide.

        Christopher Hitchens Owns the Catholic Church (Extended Version) +Q&A+SPOILER


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    It is sad to see these Buddhist monks are walking with no fear of the law and they are shaming Buddhism.

    They have hijacked and harmed Buddhism, and it is time they are de-robed.

    Throw the whole lot in jail.

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    “Now it is clear why Tamil Buddhists gave up this sect 1000 years ago …”
    Also They should give up Christianity and Hinduism. What you say? Hindu Hindia Killed Tamils and killing Tamils and the Pope blessed MARA

    • 1


      Did Pope really know what this MURDERPAKSE committed to Tamils ???

      Murderpakse was one of the head of states on that day so he got blessing s standing in the queue …even if you go to Vatican in proper channel Pope will bless you..


      1000 years ago there were many Tamil Buddhists even in Kancheepuram in todays Tamil Nadu there was a Buddhist University …and students from China came here to study

      After seeing Blood BATH in the name of Buddhism Tamils completely ignored this fanatic ..sect

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      It seems that Buddhism was widely prevalent among the Tamils during the Pallava and Chola times. One of the Cholas, it is said, built a Buddhist temple called Rajarajaperumpalli near Trincomalee. Two of Tamils five great classics are based on Buddhism. The Tamils gave up Buddhism because of the bhakti movement of the four great Saivite saints and the other saints. The counterpart of this was the Vaishnavite movement of the Alvars. The popular historical novels of Kalki are based on this period. Buddhism still continues to play a role in Tamil religion. It is easy to fit the Buddha into one of the avatars as the Vaishnavites have done. Tamils did not give up Buddhism as such. It has remained amongst them but not the virulent, anti-human version that the Sinhalese mahavamsa believers practice. Fortunately, not all Sinhalese Buddhists believe in this version. The hope for Sri Lanka is that their numbers would increase.

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        Tamils were Jains.

        Seela patikaram etc based Jainism.

        JAinists walked naked until british forced the white caloth them.

        Now they call they are Saivites.

        • 1

          Today is the birthday of Buddha celebrated all over Asia…….

          But none can say the age of Hindusim

          …only after the sect of Buddhist Jainism..samanam all born..

          True there were Tamil buddhist…Jains..Samanam 1000 years ago….all was temporary …..

          Even in India where Buddha was born people stopped following Buddhism except a minuscule population

          Indeed Hindusm was much accepted religion in Russia..China..Vietnam..Cambodia..Thailand..Indonesia…Bangladesh ,Afghanistan Pakistan Laos …before the arrival of sect Buddhism later some accepted BUDDHISM others went for ISLAM ( from South Indian coastal Town Nagapaddinam islam went to S.E.Asian countries)

          But many of the above said countries still practice Hindu rites in weddings..funerals,,and festivals ..

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    I always wondered why the Prevention of Terrorism Act was not exercised on these monks. What they preach, hiding behind the robe, is actually terrorism. They are blatant racists and the flip side of the LTTE coin. So many who committed far less crime have been thrown behind bars under PTA by MR.

    • 1


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    “The principle of non-violence is central to Buddhist teachings”

    Hats off to you Mr.Haviland. I can wholeheartedly embrace you for opening your heart to the public. The truth of the matter is, there are even more than the 227 ‘vinayas’ mentioned in the ‘Trpitaka’ according to the true ‘Buddha Damma’. More than 99% of the monks in robes at present are not true followers of the teachings. I am proud to say that I am a better follower than any of these ‘Rouges in Robes’. These monks should be in jail in this life before they reach their next destination, ‘Sathara Apaya’.

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    Thanks Charles Havilland. What you have reported is factual, honest and well within your journalistic bounds. Nothing is further from the truth. The BBS is never at peace with itself, and is always looking for a fight against minority rights and privileges. They promote confrontation politics and view all events through racist lenses. They thrive on racial tension. They are backed up by individuals who like them are racists, who fund their ideologies and promote hatred towards minorities. They need to be identified and spoken to, in order to dry up the funding. It wont be long when they enter politics and start behaving like facists. Their leader has resigned as he is not inclined towards supporting the barbaric attitude of the Gen. Secretary, and the empty head civilian casualty Dilantha. If they get any chance to come to power, that will be the end of minorities, who will get stripped of all rights and treated like Rohingya Muslims. Refugees in their own lands, dragged out to sea and left to fend for themselves. That is what Wirathu and his ‘969’ is now doing to Muslims in Myanmar.

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    What ever is said one thing is clear that Sri Lanka will face a major problem with Muslims in the near future. Tamils and Sinhalese are fighting but the Muslims are slowly eating up the country’s economy. They have a private banking system where the money does not come into the national transactions. Their money circulates within their community. The system holds the money and give it to their members to do business. This system is a black hole sucking the countrys economy. See how many types of business activities are slowly being engulfed. It is time to wake up to the reality and adopt measures to improve our economic stake in the country.

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      If the govt does not address the muslim problem, it will be Jihad againstr non believers at the end.

    • 1


      Its with the help of people like you that the likes of BBS can prevail.

      In a democratic country every individual has a fundamental right to achieve his ambitions within an established system of laws and rules. It is not anyone’s business that someone who is working hard is progressing in his life. Don’t you want the best for you and your family?

      We Sinhalese should learn to be committed to our professions and endeavor to compete with whosoever is doing well rather than hiding behind BBS or some-other stupid illogical belief system.

      One has to be mindful of the fact that political power comes from the unseen force of alignment. Human emotions and feelings are what attracts or repels individuals. One of the main factors that influences the minds of a person towards another is IQ.

      It is easy to get the approval of a person with lower IQ by very basic or primitive means as opposed to winning over those with a higher IQ. The easiest way to reach people with lower IQ is through dogma, as most people with low IQs are dogmatic. They follow blindly.

      This has been prevalent in other religions as well, for instance the catholic church controlled the activities of their subjects tightly. Like wise Islam still tends to keep a choke over its followers even today. Though we may not like to accept it, Buddhism also operates in a similar manner.

      Politicians use religion as a tool to align people one way or another and finally get the alignment to favor themselves. To do this politicians use certain religious figures and inherently since religion doesn’t encourage you to ask too many questions, followers swallow whatever illogical crap they are dished.

      So what am I saying in essence: Roger you are a low IQd dunce who blindly follows emotional maneuvering by people you trust and you let your feeling dictate your views rather than reasoning and sound logic. I can’t and don’t blame you, low IQ is not something you have direct control over so all i have is empathy for your types.

      I think Amarasiri would agree with me too!

      • 2


        you have miss the point I wanted to make. There are socio-cultural factors which are in cooperated into religious practices over time. These factors are mainly adopted during a period when a religion faces threat from other sources. These are mainly aimed at protecting the interest of a religious communities. These practices may become a threat to a country or other communities when we have to exist as multi-religious country. For social harmony and coexistence such norms may have to be realigned accordingly. This needs to happen in Muslim community. Around 11th century Muslim community was highly intellectually oriented progressive community in the world which changed there after due to certain changed in the religious-cultural context.
        I feel a long debate about this is useful to understand why we are facing what we are facing today.

        The persistence of these practices which are harmful to peaceful coexistence in a multi ethnic country are the factor that gives birth to and to BBS and the likes.

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      “They have a private banking system where the money does not come into the national transactions.”

      I am sorry, whats wrong with their Islamic banking system?

      If Sinhalese or Tamils want to support their community they too can set up their own community banks and serve their respective people.

      In the past one particular bank refused to take deposits from potential customers except Sinhalese. It is one of the fastest growing banks in this island. They have changed their racist policies now, I am told.

      Tell me how does micro banking work. It caters for its own local members, self help is the underlying principle. Islamic banking system does not levy interest nor it pays interest to its depositors. Interest is haram (forbidden) in Islamic banking system.

      What seems to be the problem?

      You should be happy that some people are looking after themselves unlike many who expect free rice from moon.

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    These past 30years or so,due to the LTTE,the Sinhala-Tamil issue was at the centre of the Political stage.

    The Muslims took advantage of this scenario and slowly but surely worked their way up! The growth has been exponential and Principal towns in the country is more or less under their control in terms of the economy.The Muslims appear to have filled the void created by the Tamils in terms of Education and the Public sector jobs.Royal College Tamil stream,Law college etc are places where there is a marked presence.

    In pointing this out,I am not being racial.This could be the reason why outfits like the BBS led by Buddhist monks have sprung up!

    • 3

      When Hameed was foreign minister 25% of the foreign ministry were Muslims ..but no one protest .

      .in those days even for a messenger post in overseas Hameed personaly interview …the candidates.

      Tamils were less ..even today….in foreign ministry ..customs inshore all civil service

      Muslims increase in public sector is simply due to fanatic favoritism ….

      Tell them to appear for a competitive exam you will see negative results…

      • 0


        Be factual without writing your imaginary theories. Kindly show your evidence for the statements.

        • 1

          @ jUSTICE SEEKER

          Check with any staff worked at Foreign Ministry when Hameed was Minister…

          Ahamad..Mohamad..Abdulllah and Ameena and Ayisha ALL WERE FLOODED SL DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS overseas whether they are qualified or not never mind….

          .allmost all messengers at DPL missions were muslims ….

          Later Premadas brought teachers..clerks postmasters ..ironsmith..tailors..masons..carpenters .police to foreign service and posted them as ambassadors..consuls…etc etc

          And during last regime Army guys who can’t read one word in english only speak Sinhala favorite to Murdepakse family were assimilated in foreign service..

          One such army guy was sent as a driver to SL ambassador in European Capital ..this poor fellow knows only sinhala couldn’t read the road instruction and street names at one stage the pathetic ambassador told the driver to take back seat and drove the car himself to the mission—-


          So our foreign service is the best in the world


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    Look carefully at the rather large picture of Gnanasara appearing within the BBC story. The very large black patches on his face are a reflection of his dark heart.

  • 2


    Have you noticed this phenomenon?

    When a Muslim is at the helm of affairs Cabinet Minister,Deputy Minister,Chief Minister,Head of Department,Chairman of a Board or Corporation, NGOO, AND EVEN LOCAL UN agencies they will fill all available vacancies with Muslims! They dont bother about others.

    However if you do find Tamils in similar commanding positions[which of-course is very rare] they will play it safe by appointing non-Tamils as far as possible.

    • 3


      “However if you do find Tamils in similar commanding positions[which of-course is very rare] they will play it safe by appointing non-Tamils as far as possible.”

      B***less Tamils.

      Have you noticed in both cases if true meritocracy is abandoned.

    • 0

      If Muslims don’t help brother Muslims, don’t expect any help for Muslims from any non-Muslims. This is the way it goes, and don’t try to make it sound obnoxious. It is the same for all, although you try to portray it as unique and isolated to Muslims behavior only. Although you take issue on this, it is also your way to identify with Muslims being different and supportive towards their kin. Muslim ministers will help people of their electorate with jobs in their Ministries, whether it be Ports, education or any other. The Sinhalese and Tamil Ministers too feel the same for their own and that is how they show gratefulness once they get elected. You must of course have arrived from another planet.

    • 4

      To Cholan and Pygmalion, you are both commenting crap. No human being is ever born belonging to a particular faith. It is the surroundings that make them what they are. Some breakaway from this practice and follow their own path.

      Meanwhile, let me reiterate that Buddhism is a philosophy based on facts of life’s experience.

      Buddhism is not a religion and anyone who claims that Buddhism is a religion is a fool.

      Buddhism is a way of life that can be practiced by anyone irrespective of their own religious beliefs.

      Practicing Buddhism does not make one a Buddhist but a better person.

      In Buddhism there is no God and in Religion there is a God

      Buddhism comes from the term Buddha which means intelliigent or Buddhimath

      Dear Saffron robed monks Please do not confuse the teachings of Buddha.

      Placing a Buddha statute in every nook and corner and worshiping the idol of Buddha is not Buddhism but To follow the teachings of Buddah is Buddhism.

      There is nothing sacred about the “Bo” tree except that it is a cool and shady tree and will provide protection from the heat of the sun and rain and is planted in abundance in many Arab countries, specially in Dubai where it has caught up very well.

      People who place a Buddha statue under a “Bo” tree is doing so with personal interests in mind.

      Islam means peace and so is Buddhism.

      • 0

        @ Yasin

        Islam means peace.

        .Syria…Iraq..Afghanistan..Pakistan Muslims kill their own muslims regularly …even they throw bomb during friday parers

        Do you know how many academics were massacred in PAKISTAN to this day…..

        Buddhism is also teach peace ….have you been in another planet and just returned ?

        You know very what what happened to Tamils from 1956 to 1983 BY THESE BUDDHISTS ? why more ask what happened to Aluthgama muslims last year …AND find out how many mosques are being attacked every month

        In Myanmar Buddhists butcher and rapes Muslims daily basis …is this peace?

        About BO tree will you permit A MONK erect a buddha statue under a bo tree in Kathankudy ..Aluthgama ..Beruwella amidst of muslims ??

        This ready made BUDDHIST Temples in N-E is a fanatic actions by buddhist Ayotullahs with state blessing …

        If there is a real archeological excavation in this country they can find evidence many Buddhist temples were constructed by Tamil buddhists …like one in Nainaatheevu in North



        • 0

          To Cholan, thank you for the update. A true Islamist will extend his or her hand in peace, respect and love.
          A Christian does the same and a Hindu or a Buddhist will put their hands together in obeisance.
          The murderous Buddhist monks of Myanmar and Sri Lanka are not Buddhists but are using Buddhism as a shield for their atrocities and unfortunately had the blessings of the former MR regime.
          The murderous Islamist Jihadists are not Muslims either and they are just using the term Islam to carry on their barbaric and dastardly acts.
          People who join or support them do so under dire threats or are blinded by false promises.
          Like good Buddhists, good Islamists too are totally against terrorism and against desecration of other religions and faith.
          Let this letter be an eye opener to everyone to look at thinks the way they are and NOT as Christians, Muslims, Hindus or any other. Humans have to respect Humans and treat them as Humans. There are no upper humans or lower humans just human beings. We are all born the same way and die the same way….somewhat.

          • 1

            @ Yasin

            your islam for peace is repeated many times all over the world …anyone reading history knows that in the name of this religion 10000 s were butchered even 1434 YEARS AGO..

            Now the difference is they use modern equipments and medias to kill people …

            Every day 1000 s of Muslims are crossing seas to seek refugee states in Europe …these countries never even ask their religion…or bother about their color but accept them as a human being..

            Then …?? they will start a Muslim colony ..ask for mosque…separate cemetery shariah law ..and attack the religion of their host country and finally kill the citizens of the country which offered shelter and food ….

            Can a non-muslim go to a Arab country as get asylum ?…can he talk against Islam? can he ask for a mosque and cemetery or his people …?Can he pray in public like what Muslims are doing in U.K?

            Now do you know the difference between ISLAM and other religions ? which religion is tolerance and give peace Islam ? Christianity?

            iSLAM was created to change Arabs who lived like savages…looting ..burying their baby girls alive..bahaving like animals …before and after 4th century ….at that time there were much civilized countries in Asia and Europe …there was no America then…

            It is the Bangladeshi Muslims who traffic poor Rohingyas muslims and torture ,rape even kill them when money is not paid….near Thailand-Malaysia boarder they are finding graves of Rohingyas Muslims daily ….

            .Thailand government has suspended Thai Army chief and issued arrest warrant after the discovery of these graves…but What is your Muslim Bangladesh or Malaysian governments do…? NOTHING

            Where are your Arabs?
            where is Saudi King the self-made guardian of Islam?
            They don’t care about Asian muslims …because these people are converted muslims and not Arabs

            so Islam is only mouth service

            When there is a natural disaster..disease…famine in a Muslim country it is the western people act immediately …not your Arabs who are ready to loose millions dollars in a single night in European casino ….What happened to the compassion your religion boast?

            It is the right time you have to think…

  • 0

    In Myanmar many buddhist monks are in prison…no excuse…Police and Army will not hesitate to smash the bald heads when they go out of limit….floating bodies of thuggish monks in water is common there

    In Thailand Buddhists have mistress..girl friends even kids…..but the Thai government or Thai media never try to cover up this ….many monks were de-robbed….when a monk rape a girl ( common in Thai villages) media interview the victims and her kid fatherd by monk and publish in front page

    Once Thai national TV followed a monk when he visited his mistress with casual dress and gave a live telecast

    But in this country why these Buddhists Ayotullahs are above the law???

    I have never come across a buddhist ayatollah with a kind..peaceful face ..here…

  • 0

    To Christians and others of different faiths, living overseas, the scenes enacted by this Gnanasara thug in robes can be mistaken as Buddhism.

    It certainly was the Buddhism some practiced not very long time ago, but as every intelligent person knows is far removed from what the Buddha preached.

    This Gnanasara idiot should be disrobed and put into a road construction project.

  • 0

    In 1956,SWRD swept the polls and became PM defeating Sir.John. Buddhist monks were in the forefront,on a house to house campaign to ensure victory for SWRD.

  • 0

    In 1956,SWRD swept the polls and became PM defeating Sir.John. Buddhist monks were in the forefront,on a house to house campaign to ensure victory for SWRD.
    Even JR LOST HIS SEAT AT kELANIYA!due to the intense campaign of Buddhist Monks.

    When the new Parliament convened,SWRD walked up to Sir John to pat him on the arm.Sir John then came out with his celebrated remark….Banda, I kept these D..S on a leash all this while: You have unleashed them..It will be too late for you to regret this….

    SWRD was shot dead by a Buddhist Monk in 1959. The Buddhist monks have reappeared on the Political Landscape.They are even in Parliament now.
    What will be the next move of these Yellow/Orange robed men taking the message of The Enlightened ONE?!

  • 3

    Sri Lanka is losing its Sri Lankan-ness day by day. The ‘Tamils’ (not all but the extremist few) wanted to split the country. On the other hand, the Muslims want to establish their colonies in the East and the West with intentions of enforcing Shariah. Why can’t we go back 50 years when our parents lived in harmony with thy neighbor?

    Too much provoking exists from all sides and the vicious cycle continues.. Once the Tamil problem ceased, the Muslim problem started. I feel this problem is the worst because this is a case of religious persecution from both sides. Muslims won’t list their short comings of converting non Muslims, Halal etc; Sinhala extremist proxies like BBS are a bunch of disrobed monks pretending to be represent the Buddhist community. There is a reason why BBS exists and goes after Muslims; I haven’t heard of BBS going to Kovils and raising havoc!

    It’s simple; it’s cause and effect. I never agree with Cholan but it’s true.. A ministry run by a Muslim MP is going to have a higher number of Muslim public servants. Also converting is another issue.. Everyone knows Muslims get brownie points when they convert someone! Halal is wrongful from two sides: slaughtering like that is inhumane (don’t show me articles on how it’s not painful, I have seen videos and the way the animals whither and fight for their life is common sense that they are suffering) and the next being boycotting of non Halal certificate stuff by Muslims. In the future they will even make air also Halal.

    Look at UK, it’s no longer the same UK it used to be. There are tons of videos of Muslims trying to convert Britons and, protests with a Muslim patrol near Muslim neighborhoods disrupting the non Muslims and enforcing Shariah. People like Anjem Choudhary are the main reason Gnanasaras are rising all over the world.

    As a Buddhist, we need to stop future Gnanasaras from destroying the land but don’t incite shit and ask for my empathy because I am not going to give it to a Buddhist, a Sinhala, a Tamil, a Muslim or anyone else. My religion is mine and your religion is yours, it’s that simple.

    • 2

      Muslims like to live together as community so they can share or come together in the performance of their religious obligations. Beyond that, I see no reason for them to live together in colonies as you suggest in the East or the West of the country. They don’t like living isolated far from a Masjid, an Islamic burial site and close friends and relations who share the same faith. There are a lot of interaction between themselves, sharing and caring, intermarriage, rich helping the poor through education scholarships, sending on Hadj, congregational prayers specially during Holy month of Ramadhan and Friday prayers, enjoying a good buryani festival feed with wattalappam to wash it down. In fact there is a lot of interactivity going on, not just here in our country but amongst Muslims living everywhere in the world. You can’t get upset about that for Muslims liv8ing together. It just means that you don’t know them well enough. As a rule and in general, they (Muslims) will never keep company with people who drink since drinking alchohol is prohibited by religion, they will not share in food that is not permissible (Halal), etc., etc., I can go on. But these are reasons for them being indifferent towards other communities. It is for their own safety and survival from doing wrong.

      • 1

        Marwan, you my friend are very naive. They have the right to live together or do anything the same way as I do but it’s not the same anymore. The Muslims aren’t the same either. There is a rise in Wahhabism in the East and this isn’t good because this area is losing it’s identity. I have heard that non Muslims feel unwelcomed when they go to such places. Kattankudy for example has the largest density of Muslims in the entire South Asia and is 100% Muslim.

        There is a change in the attitude of Muslims. I rarely see a non Muslim lady without a Burqa or even the head scarf (not condoning it) but that’s an indicator how times have changed. Try and buy non-Halal stuff at any supermarket; if Muslims occupy 10% of the land, why is everything Halal?


        they put that too in tamil and english only.. If Muslims want a Halal diet they can certainly have it but that doesn’t mean the non Muslims have to eat Halal too. Even biscuits and mayonnaise is Halal lol

        I am not a muslim hater and respect Islam but I am aware of the changes in attitudes and that must be addressed!When the law of the land becomes Shariah, you will no longer get your Wattalapam lol.

        • 1

          this HALAL cry has gone out of imagination

          ( by the way Jews also eat meat slaughtered after prayer and Jews don’t eat Pork)


          After rall 500 years ago these Malays and Indonesians were HINDUS…

          Cheers ..

      • 0

        Other factors referred to like abstention from taking or giving money on interest, adhering to a strict Islamic dress code once children come of age, and young girls shutting themselves off from prying eyes of strange men until given in marriage, and after that being fully committed and totally loyal to their husbands. The complete avoidance of abortion, infanticide, birth control or getting involved in any other unnatural methods of sexual acts and gratification, as these have all been hard coded into religious ethics and morals, whereas all other religions fail to provide solutions, let alone address those issues.

        Just studying the lifestyles as examples to emulate in our lives, lives of those religious leaders just says it all. Lord Buddha first married, had a child and then deserted the family and went into becoming a hermit, until he attained enlightenment. But here we have unmarried Buddhist monks promoting birth of more and more children to keep their race intact. They should lead by example and not promote on others what they themselves cannot do (at least not out in the open). This alone amounts to hypocrisy in not recognizing and accepting the weakness of the flesh.

        Jesus Christ on the other hand didn’t even marry at all, so he didn’t set himself as an example for his followers to follow him in that light.

        Whereas if you read the biography of Prophet Muhammed’s life, he has shown greatness in every aspect of life. Be it as a trader, where he was extremely successful, so much so he married her (first marriage), she was 25 years elder to him. He was exceptional as a commander of an army outmaneuvering the enemy, uniting all forces under one flag and sharing the war bounty in a just and equitable way that satisfied everyone. Released and pardoned all women and children from shackles of slavery, etc., a loving and doting husband, a caring father to his children, a great Imam (prayer leader) whose lectures were very relevant and effective, a great statesman who won the respect and admiration of all the neighboring countries who ultimately accepted Islam at his invitation. In short, he had all these exceptional leadership qualities and also some great humane qualities as well which were extremely rare and unique. He left behind many examples for us to follow in his footsteps.

        Some in Western media have taken to denigrate and make mockery of him by drawing cartoons, misusing the ‘Freedom of Speech’ to hurt Muslim sentiments. But for us Muslims, he is our leader and will always be our greatest leader, also he will be our beloved Prophet and we will even die for him, to protect his name, not let anything to come between him and us – his followers. We don’t worship him, instead we worship God, but we accept him as only a Messenger sent down by God for the whole of humanity. Not just for Muslims. His universal message is for all of mankind.

        I know there are some who will target some parts of this message and tear it to pieces, but I just don’t care as long as everyone gets the message, I have done my part and thus blameless in the eyes of God, which eventually is what counts or matters the most.

        • 2

          Cholan and Marwan,

          Jews don’t take Kosher to the extent of Halal. I have Jewish friends who eat cheese with meat lol but this is a whole new level.

          Even food coloring is Halal lol, Halal vinegar and Halal tea LOL. Do they say the prayer before they cut the leaf? This is fooling the people at it’s finest.

          Marwan stop trying to convert me LOL. The Universal message includes death to apostates? polygyny for men but no polyandry for women? ohh, how convenient.

          Anyways the Prophet is noble and so are all religious Gods but it is how you interpret God which matters. Muslims nowadays are abusing God.. killing in the name of God and even the Halal stuff.. I don’t think the Quran says baking powder should be Halal?

          Prophet Mohammad would be shocked at the current state of affairs with ISIS. Again, I don’t have problems with Islam, my problem is with the Muslims who are abusing it and slandering it upon Non Muslims.

          When you provoke, you should expect retaliation.. cause and effect!

          • 2

            What these Muslims talk big about their religion were practiced by JEWS 3000 years ago..and clearly mentioned in Jewish holy book TORA

            1.Jews men and women undergo circumsification

            2.Jews don’t eat port may be exceptional show me any muslims never tasted alcohol secretly ?

            3.Jews bury their death before sunset by wrapping in white cloth

            4.Jews go for fasting but not 30 days changing eating habit in the night..

            5.Jews grow bead and wear cap

            But islam is there only 1400 years they say

            Before the arrival of Islam there was a vast Christian and jeweish population lived in Mecca,Media and many Saudi cities what happened to them? all were forcefully converted..or masscared

            Look at arab women to day they have white skin and look like europeans real arabs have dark or brown skin

            No arab country in middle East is ready to do vertical archeological survey if this happens all their cons will be exposed

            If my great -great-greta grandfather declared his neighbor as his enemy how can my generation treat their family as my enemy in this modern world ?

            But Muslims hate Jews love to eat McDonalds menu …drink Coke…enjoy Facebook all these belong to Jews …specially all the bankers for ArAbs in the west are Jews because they are masters in banking

            All arab banks in Europe and Asia take interest without shame


          • 0

            Fuckushima! Any food consumable that goes through a process before it is consumed must be subject to verification if in the process any extraneous substances used are within the boundaries of what is termed ‘permissible’ or in Arabic ‘Halal’, and if in the negative it is deemed ‘Haram’. Therefore food coloring is found to come from squashing an insect to get its pigment, and this is unacceptable so it needs to be classified as such for Muslims to beware of its source.

            Obviously, these may be laughing matters to you since you have no clue as to how or what is going on to the food you eat, since you will eat any old s..t as long as it is on your plate to eat. But we Muslims are different and we need to question and verify the source, (if we suspect it to be unreliable) so we are different. It is not the same if we are living in a Muslim country, since the government of that country is duty bound and will spend of its resources to guarantee that all the food sold is Halal. But not the same for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. We need to be wary and alert before putting food in the mouth.

            Water too goes through a process of purification before it is bottled. In the purification process carbon is used for filtering. This carbon can come in the form of charcoal, but that must be verified if its source origin is from burnt bones or flesh or dead animals, or is rock or coconut shell based charcoal. Thus the necessity to verify and certify it as ‘permissible’ or not.

            Did you even know there is whole subject called food engineering and specialists are being trained and we have qualified people working in food chains and processing plants to ensure these criteria are met to satisfy the culinary habits of Muslims. Of course as you say, the chances of taking the label ‘Halal’ to absurd levels does exist but has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. It is the ignorant non-Muslim who is confused and cannot decipher what it means to sell a Halal product that tries to outsmart the competition and labels what is naturally produced as ‘Halal’, like in tea as you suggest, or even eggs, cement etc., It is not the Muslim merchant who shows this kind of ignorance. In fact we, as Muslims, will even buy anything from a Muslim vendor, chicken or meat without any ‘Halal’ label, as we trust his judgment (as a true Muslim) on such issues.

            Regarding your suggestion that I am trying to convert you, you make me laugh. I cannot convert anyone. It is only God that puts in your hearts on what is the TRUTH, and you will become submissive to His will after that. I can only promote His message in His religion for you to read. The rest is upto Him. Checkout Youtube and see what makes people (famous or otherwise) come to Islam on their own free choice, then you will understand. If God does not want you, then you will remain where you are. So good luck to you is all I can say. You are all on your own free will.
            Death to Apostates has good reason for it and it was implemented under certain circumstances. Either you are conveniently ignoring or may be avoiding it, or ignorant of the rules of engagement. But that can wait.

            Polygamy refers to the practice of having more than one spouse. It is broader than polygyny, which refers to situations where one man has multiple wives, and polyandry, which refers to one woman with multiple husbands. It has all to do with procreation. Identifying the father of the child that will be born. In Islam, a father’s responsibility to his child he bore from his seed is sacred and duty bound to feed and look after. It is not the same if doubts arise in his mind if the child is truly his. Thus Islamic Law has sorted out the problem and given him the legal means by giving permission for polygyny if he has the means and is of sound health, and prohibited polyandry for the women folk, so they remain loyal to one man who will shelter and look after them.

            What IS is doing is un-Islamic and you don’t need to equate what is being done in the name of Islam to what our Prophet would approve or disapprove. “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole of humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of humanity.” God’s words in the Quran 5:32. How much better words you need to prove Islam is not what you think.

      • 2

        @ MARWAN

        your informations are nothing new if I add something Jews also follow same things even 1000a years before the birth of iSLAM

        The problem Muslims today wanted to rule others …and wanted to cut the hands once feed them …it is the Tamils gave lands and food in the East when they were chased by Portugese …

        This is exactly now happening in the East in SL…and they are playing with fire….

        unfortunately there are no more Saddam..or Gadafi to help …..

        In the last 30 years many cruel things happened to Tamils living near Muslims but they have not raised fingers and supported Tamils after all you are converted Tamils …still your mother tongue is Tamil…

        But now they organize protests in the East SUPPORTING Rohingya muslims living 1000 km away and doubt how many guys in this march know where is Myanmar…

        when muslims were attacked last year ..it was the Tamil leaders who raised this matter in the Parliament while your own MP s shut their mouth with fear…

        Maybe next time let Rohingya muslims will raise about the suffering of Muslims here


        • 0

          Muslims don’t want to be want to ruled by Tamils when they are in the majority in the East. Why? Because they are poles apart in their ideologies. That is what is about to happen in the East, and the Muslims are uniting to oppose such an arrangement vehemently. There is absolutely no evidence to prove that Muslims are Tamil converts and that is why they speak Tamil. Such rubbish can only come from shallow minds with no knowledge of how ethnicity and primary languages are inter-connected, and what part it plays in cultural influences. There are Muslims who speak all the languages of the world, and language has nothing to do with the religion they embrace.

          Your references to Rohingya Muslims is quite disturbing and insulting. Your mannerism indicates your contempt and disgust towards all Muslims in general, and thus you don’t have the capacity to hold a balanced view on those affected and displaced people, let alone a sympathetic word on their plight.

          Don’t expect Muslims to raise themselves to help Tamils, when they are minority within a minority and cannot even help themselves. This is just small talk. Muslims were at the receiving end from both the Tamils (LTTE, PLOTE, EPRLF, EPDP and all those forces killing other to gain the upper hand) and the Government forces on the other side, and had to appease them both to survive. That is the long and short of it all. What was spoken in Parliament by a Tamil legislator on behalf of Muslims was commendable and appreciated, but if not, next on the plate would have been their own people. Muslims in this country have affinity with other Muslim brothers from all over the world, and a lot of pressure was brought to bear on the previous government to stop this nonsense, and this got the media attention it deserved. So even if our Muslim MPs were tongue tied, the objective was achieved.

          • 2

            muslims in SL are converted hindus you can jump to the sky but this is the fact..

            Even Pakistan muslims ..Bora Muslims..Memon Mulsims were all Hindus in India before arrival of Moghuls rule this is fact….

            Even Muslims in Nagapattanam in Tamil Nadu were covet red from SAMANA sect ..do you know PALLIVAASAL is a word used by Samana SECT ??

            There are some talks that muslims have connection with Arab this is pure rubbish ..Muslims in SL FOLLOW tamil tradition AND SPEAK TAMIL….

            You all live in East depend on life because of support of Tamils but became spies for SL sinhala star for money….it is well known Muslims change the cap in politics ….but not Tamils

            Tamils never forget your participation in destruction …looting …rapes with the help of SL ARMY


            Because of ungrateful Muslims this world hate them today…

            Better collect food and clothes and take them to ROHINGYA people who are in mid sea and suffering the torture and rapes by your own Muslims human traffickers don’t forget to carry green flag and halal food …

            Why don’t you ask the president of Republic of Kathnakudi to take ROHINGYA muslims and colonize them …

            Arab leaders ..Kings.Sultans all have ignored these ROHINGYA muslims because they know all these Asian muslims are converted HINDUS 500 YEARS AGO…so no compassion from Arabs


            • 0

              Going by your standards, if what you say ‘muslims in SL are converted hindus’ is correct, then why did those Hindhu people convert and accept Islam and stayed Muslim to this day? Was it because they liked the new experience of being Muslim rather than being a Hindu? Well in that case that says a lot about their new found religion. Also can a person be converted without any conviction that what they are going to embrace is better for them than what they are already. Hmm, another plus point for Islam. Thanks but no thanks for your illogic. I am sure you will also claim that the Ka’ba in Mecca is an ancient Hindhu Kovil which has now been converted to an Islamic Holy site.

              Similarly your claims of IPKF threats to destroy Kathankudy may be a figment of your imagination. Do you think anyone would have cared or dared to stop a foreign force from going about doing what they have been sent to do, and that is to destroy all opposing forces, and that was stopped at your behest, intervention beck and call. Go tell it to the marines. Your bogus sympathy for Muslims living in Kathankudy does not match the actions of the Tamil leadership of LTTE when he chased all the Muslims out from all parts of the Northern areas. A childish attempt at ‘big brother saved the day for Muslims’ boastful rhetoric.

              All Muslims anywhere in the world are only grateful to God Almighty for what they get as daily bread and not to any human leadership. So your claims of Muslims being ungrateful to the Tamils and siding with the Sinhalese is just plain rubbish as they were at the receiving end from both sides. They were the worst of the casualties still living as the last of IDPs still waiting to be resettled into their own lands.

  • 2

    During the 450 odd years of European rule,first the Portugese,then the Dutch and finally the British there was a considerable number of Singhalese and Tamils who converted to Christianity.Names like PERERA and De Silva is a reflection of this European influence. These conversions may have been as a result of conviction or due to the benefits that could be harnessed from the rulers.

    The answer to the question how many Muslims converted is simple./


    • 3

      Good luck to the Silva’s and Perera’s et al. At least they picked a religion they could get something out of. Religion is a load of tosh, invented to keep the gullible under control. Pray five times a day, and with detailed instructions to control every facet of your life. Why are Muslims emigrating to countries and communities built by the kufar? Why is there no reciprocating surge of people from kufar hell to fragrant Islamic kingdoms? The answer is so obvious. Islamic life is so stifling; you get circumcised, then they squeeze your balls, and cover up your women. Then bomb the hell out of each other because of a disagreement 1500 years ago. Get real Pyg (appropriate name for a Muslim).

      • 0

        I have a Portuguese surname yet I am a Buddhist. What’s your point? I don’t have any Portuguese influence in me other than being an avid fan of Christiano Ronaldo.

        Are you forgetting the number of Sinhalese and Tamils that were converted to Islam; This must be a reflection of their Arab heritage but how convenient, as long as they are of your religion why bother right?

        That’s basically what your comment implies. Wonder if Pygmalion is Mohammed Fazl lol

    • 0


      “The answer to the question how many Muslims converted is simple./ ZERO!”

      The Reason was simple.

      The Christian Elevated on of the Prophets, Jesus, to be God, when their Scripture, Quran, clearly stated that Jesus was a Prophet.

      So, the Muslims refused to accept that man, a Prophet, Jesus, was god. Same story with Jews. Jews did not even accept Jesus as a Prophet.

      The other confusion was the trinity.Three in 1 and 1 in 3.

      What did Joshua say? Stopped the Sun for 24 hours, says the Bible.

  • 0


    Pygmalion is Mohammed Fazal?

    Pygmalion was created by George Bernard SHAW.

    Do you think a Muslim could have recourse to such a psedonym?

  • 1

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  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 0

    The picture says it all, the blind leading the blind in this instance the blind leading a terrorist monk and killer which is not the culture of Sri Lanka.
    I remember the times when the revered monks had the full respect for them by all faiths and sadly it is now scorn due to their unbecoming behavior and actions.
    These are the monks who will eventually kill Buddhism.

  • 0

    Jesus ! What a response !!. I have to take a day’s leave to read all of them.

    I too like to add my two-cents worth to the discussion :

    It is my belief that the essence of Buddhism is too good, too pure, too philosophical for the Sinhalese. Despite Lord Budha”s invocation that he should not be treated as God, the Sinhalese offer flowers and pray seeking Budha’s favour. Yet, they do not find anything “material” to satisfy them in Budhism

    It is because of that they pray to Hindu Gods such as Gana Deiyo, Katharagama Deiyo, Vishnu Deiyo, Pathiny Deiyo etc.

    Can some one please tell me what was the religion that existed in Sri Lanka before Budhism.

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