8 August, 2022


The Great Betrayal!

By Gamini Jayaweera

Gamini Jayaweera

On 8 January 2015, the people in Sri Lanka faced the most critical question about the future of our country since independence. Were the voters to support the existing regime for a dictatorial establishment which would be run by one family and their close supporters or a democratic leader supported by various political parties and civil societies to re-build a Democratic, Compassionate, Peaceful, Law abiding and Sovereign nation in the coming years? A total of 6.2m voters of all races Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malay and of all religions Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, and Anglicans had answered the critical question in favour of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, the common candidate, to become the 7th Executive President of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, leader of the United National Party was appointed as the Prime Minister to lead a coalition government. The nation placed their trust and pinned their hopes that the President and the Prime Minister would overcome the challenges and change the existing political culture to fulfil the promises given in the presidential and general elections, to create a decent peaceful human society in Sri Lanka.

Apology for Poor Performance

After 3 years of slow progress on many critical issues, the coalition partners, the SLFP and the UNP suffered a humiliating defeat at the recently concluded Local Government (LG) elections. The Hon. Prime Minister has publicly apologised to the nation and his party supporters for their party’s mediocre performance in the LG elections due to mistakes made during the last 3 years. He has given an assurance that he would change the direction and take decisive actions to correct the mistakes made by him and his party’s cabinet colleagues. Though the Hon. Prime Minister had failed to make significant changes to his existing cabinet, he had proposed one important change to his cabinet. He had nominated Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to lead the Ministry of Law and Order. It was long overdue because the Ministry of Law and Order had received severe public criticism for its ineffective ways of dealing with crucial matters of public interest. But the request had been rejected by the Hon. President for no apparent reason. I believe that the nation is entitled to know the reasons for the Hon. President’s refusal to appoint Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to the post of Minister for Law and Order, as proposed by the Prime Minister. 

The general secretary of the SLFP, Minister Duminda Dissanayake has also publicly apologised for their mistakes during the last 3 years after the LG elections. But, as far as I know, the Hon. President has not apologised to the nation and his party supporters for the disastrous performance by the SLFP in the LG elections. Instead of doing so, he has tried to replace the Hon. Prime Minister with someone else from his own party (SLFP), assuming his party’s humiliated defeat in the LG elections was due to the UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Like many other people, without analysing the real reasons for the SLFP’s appalling defeat in the LG elections, the Hon. President was quick to embrace the “blame culture” and wanted to replace the Prime Minister who is the leader of the main partner in the coalition government. As the leader of the UNP Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe is entitled to be the Prime Minister of the coalition government unless he is replaced by the membership as the leader of the UNP. The Hon. President and other outsiders have no right to interfere with the internal matters of the UNP. It would have been much more productive and logical if the Hon. President had looked at his and his SLFP cabinet colleagues’ performance during the last 3 years before he had taken steps to remove the Prime Minister.

Desperate Measures

Recently, the Hon. President had publicly announced that if all 96 SLFP MPs were prepared to support him, he could form a SLFP government. It appears that the President had made this ill-advised statement without understanding the limitations in the Constitution for such action. The Hon. President had also asked the Supreme Court to clarify whether it was Constitutional for him to extend his term of presidency from 5 years to 6 years. As far as I could see there are two reasons for this request. Either the President has genuinely forgotten that he himself has passed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting such action or it is his tremendous desire to enjoy the presidential status, power, and privileges for an additional year. It is sad to learn that the Hon. President has also forgotten his pledge at the funeral of the late Ven. Sobitha thero, to deliver on his promise to abolish the Executive Presidency.

When the Hon. President nominated the defeated SLFP members as Ministers in the coalition government, the voters reluctantly gave the benefit of the doubt for the President’s unethical decision, thinking that the President was doing this to obtain the two thirds majority in the parliament to implement the promises given in the presidential and the general elections. But it appears that the honest voters have been misled by the President because so far most of the promises have not been fulfilled. There is no logic to the Hon. President’s attempt to sack the legitimately elected Prime Minister while appointing SLFP members who have been rejected by the voters in the general election, as ministers and state ministers.

It appears that these are desperate measures by the Hon. President who seems to have forgotten his promises and his genuine supporters who conducted an effective election campaign under extremely difficult environment to defeat the powerful former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in the presidential election.

Selfless Supporters

It is important that we remind the Hon. President how he was protected by the unselfish supporters who would have faced possible torture, disappearance, or death should the presidential election results had gone in favour of the previous regime. The Hon. President has forgotten that he was transported in a hired helicopter, provided bullet-proof enclosures, and appointed no. of private security personnel for his final rallies by the supporters of the coalition for the fear of assassination. The Hon. President has forgotten that he was given the ultimate leadership of Sri Lanka not by the members in the SLFP and UPFA, but by the shear dedication and unselfish activities of the late Ven. Sobitha Thero, former President Madame Chandrika Kumaratunga, UNP Leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, UNP and a few other SLFP MPs, and no. of Civil Societies such as “Puravasi Balaya”.

“Deals” with the Previous Regime

The recent media reports indicate that the Hon. President has contacted Mr. Basil Rajapaksa of the SLPP to discuss a possible reunification with the members of the Joint Opposition and his faction of the SLFP. Mr. Basil Rajapaksa, former economic development minister has been arrested several times and he is currently on bail for alleged misuse of public funds and money-laundering. Several other members of the Rajapaksa family have been charged for alleged corruption and misuse of public funds during the 10-year presidency of the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. The recent media reports have also revealed that the Hon. President had met with the former President Mahinda Rajapakasa for conciliatory talks during his recent visit to Kandy. It is ironic that the Hon. President’s efforts for alleged reunification deals with the members of the Rajapakse family while promising to investigate the allegations of corruption and misuse of public funds by the members of the Rajapaksa family.

PM’s Errors of Judgements

The Hon. Prime Minister has made some errors in his judgements including his dealings with the nominations and appointments of personnel to important positions in the government institutions. It is a well-known fact that some of these appointees have made a “right Royal mess” in the administration of some of these state institutions. The most serious error of judgement was the appointment of the former Governor of The Central Bank and the PM’s insistence of continuing with him long after the allegations of the Bond Issue scandal.

The alleged misconduct in public office by the former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake is disgraceful and his pathetic excuses during the cross examination are laughable. Mr. Ravi Karunanayake’s continuous association with the Prime Minister in the public arena is beyond belief. The Hon. Prime Minister should stop paying lip service and take decisive action against the fraudsters in the party because the supporters and the voters are fed up with inaction by the leadership. As the leader of the UNP, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe should start listening to his membership, because lecturing is not the effective way of leading a group of grown-up people. My advice for the Hon. Prime Minister is not to spend so much time in his ivory tower, so that he could know what the voters really think about their behaviour and inefficient ways of dealing with crucial matters of public interest.

It is worth mentioning that the Hon. Prime Minister has shown some humility by apologising to the nation for their mistakes. If so, it is a mystery why the Hon. President cannot accept the apology, demand change, set deadlines and move forward to fulfil the promises given in the presidential and general elections. As far as the voters are concerned, the fulfilment of the promises given in the presidential election are of paramount importance and all other matters such as losing LG elections, infighting in the SLFP and the UNP, etc. are secondary.

Motion of No Confidence

Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and the members of the Joint Opposition have handed over a motion of no confidence to the Speaker of the House, against the Hon. Prime Minister. According to the media reports, some SLFP members in the government and some MPs in the UNP are supporting the motion. So far, the Hon. President is silent about the motion of no confidence, but it appears that the majority of the elected and nominated SLFP ministers in the cabinet are supporting the motion. Recent press reports indicate that three SLFP MPs have already signed the motion and another influential SLFP minister who lost his seat in the general election has publicly supported the motion.

In a recent press (Daily Mirror) briefing, Minister Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekara has told that they would be notifying the President that the SLFP ministers would support the motion unless the Prime Minister was removed before that. It appears that the learned Minister still can’t understand that the President cannot remove the Prime Minister under the current constitution. Some of these ministers and state ministers joined the coalition government not because they wanted to fulfil the promises given by the Hon. President in the presidential election, but because they could exploit the situation to grab ministerial posts, status, and financial benefits at the expense of the tax payers’ money. The politicians who change their party colours as and when it suits them for personal gains, cannot claim that they have values, principles, ethics, and morals.     

It is hypocritical for the nominated SLFP ministers who were rejected by the voters, to talk about a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister who was elected by the voters in the general election. Is it fair and reasonable to propose that a motion of no confidence should be brought against the nominated SLFP ministers who were rejected by the voters in the general election before a motion of no confidence is brought against the Prime Minister?  Hope this may provide the Joint Opposition some interesting food for thought!   

The Great Betrayal

It is hard to believe the recent media reports that the Hon. President Maithripala Sirisena is considering a possible ‘U’ turn to join hands with the MR faction of the SLFP and the UPFA. The nation had high hopes that the Hon. President would rebuild a democratic, compassionate, peaceful, law abiding, and sovereign nation while working towards the advancement of social, religious, cultural, economic, and technological developments in the country. The selfless reformists never thought that the Hon. President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena would ever turn his back on the mandate given to him on 8 January 2015. They honestly believed that the Hon. President had the strength and ability to cope with tricky situations and go beyond petty party politics for the sake of rebuilding a law-abiding country for all its citizens irrespective of their race, religion, gender, and the status in the society to live in peace and harmony.

I understand that disappointments are part and parcel of the politics as governments are unable to deliver every election promise for no. of valid reasons. If the recent media reports are true that the Hon. President is going to turn his back on the mandate, I believe that it is not an ordinary political disappointment, but it would be regarded as the Great Betrayal in the history of Sri Lankan political arena.

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  • 19

    We as voters who elected them will not commit any sin by cursing them, but GOD’ curseth will be upon them.

    • 12

      Desmond Fernando,
      If there were a GOD, that person he, she or trans, regardless of GOD’s gender would have made an appearance by now and interfered. For to possess such limitless power as GOD, yet not do anything against such injustice amounts to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE. So, forget that non-existent GOD! Let us fight to build a nation with strong, independent institutions. The only way to build a more perfect country. Not least, punish those politician scumbags, who have been stealing and murdering in this beautiful country, since 1948. Preferably before they leave this world. This matter is way too urgent and important to be left to a “GOD”.

    • 0

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    • 3

      Gamini Jayaweera

      RE: The Great Betrayal!

      “….. but GOD’ curseth will be upon them.”

      “A total of 6.2m voters of all races Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malay and of all religions Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, and Anglicans had answered the critical question in favour of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, the common candidate, to become the 7th Executive President of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. “

      So just like Satan turned upon God, because of his Ego, Siriena showed Satanic characteristics, and turned out to be traitor to 6.2 milli0on who voted for him, and has like Satan, earned the titles of Traitor, Patholaya, Sevalaya and Perethaya,

  • 16

    He has already betrayed 62 Laks peoples mandate and not only trying to join hand with Rajapaksha goons but also sleeping with saffron robes thugs like nanasaara, Elle Gunawansa, Iththakande Saddatissa showing his born “Sewalakama” Also he is associating with people like Piyasiri Wijenayaka who is accused of murder case and accused of misappropriating public funds by his own presidential commissions and FCID and he is currently out on bail. He recently visited Japan along with Sorrysena as statesmen. If the expenses from Sorrysena’s pocket it is ok but one day he will have to explain if the expenses from tax payers pocket. Also he has new friends like Chandrasiri Gajadeera who is accused of covering walikda killing under Gota’s instructions. I am not sure weather the Jayanthi Sirisena could trust this Sewala man anymore.

    • 1

      Hey guys, you seem to be seeing only one side.

      Alone his election was not an easy at that critical turning point of the country. Were there any other candidates ?

      i dont think that black in terms of his eleciton, at least we have been able to get rid of most abusive gadfi style ballige putha of hte nation.
      But I agree with you and your anger not being able to get ballige putha et al higher criminals by their horns yet.. that should have been happened by now, but LANKENS in general rae MOre IN TO curuption and show off life styles even if their lovely ones would have been raped and murdered or not ?

      I think much lie on the side of PEOPLE.
      People have to deny most abusive rajapakshes and their falshhoods being spread for their abusive cultures.

      People have been made belieft whateever they hear today about Rajapakshes.
      But we perfectly lknwo Rajapakshes are born killers and rascals that would not see any mercy if they want to target anyone that stand against the reascals.

      1) Dismissal of former CJ Dr SB – remember
      2) Bharatha killing
      3)Lasantha the one who revealed MIG deal – was killed by Rajapakshes himself but pretended even shed tears publicly to paint the picture in favour of the rascals.

      4) That innocient Rugby play young boy with entire life ahead of him in their sons# age, was killed and let found in a burning vehicle.
      The current govt revealed it to be a murder else, that would hav ebeen buried under the carpet – as painted in favour of them. How many more dead bodies are in MEDAMULANA toture chambers ? is questonable.

      5) Rajapkashe s real face is not KNOWN to even their offsprings.

  • 15

    There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he speaks lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays his trust.

    • 1


      yes.. what you quoted as the characteristics of Hypocrite , was declared by the Prophet – The Messenger of The Almighty , Muhammeadh , 1400 years ago.. Its was , is and will be a golden saying forever.

  • 7

    Internal disputes between foxy Ranil and crafty M&s..who will win next presidential election?.
    Who is next President?
    Is it Ranil
    Is it M&s
    Is it Goata.
    If it is Goata..
    M&s; FS and some will have to be ready to spend some time behind bars .
    Is it champika. No way people will.vote for him ..
    No experience..
    But mouth
    No action.
    No good leadership skills yet.
    Who else .
    There are some young ones ..they need to learn leadership skills
    But Ranil did not train them yet .
    You do not have a system for leadership training in SL yet?

    • 2


      “Who is next President?”

      JVP wants to abolish the Presidential system with the 20th Amendment.

      Let’s hope that they will succeed. This was one of the election primroses of 2015.

      Hopefully, this will bring the crooks, traitors, patholayas, sevalayas and perethjyas out in the open.

  • 4

    I think your whole article is out of mind. first you saying that the win on JAnuary 08th, 2015 is a historic victory is BS. That was a Rejejction vote and is a protest vote. whether Mahinda Rajapakse did wrong or not, people were unhappy with him. Just understand why none of the major parties could win a land slide victory, I mean just 113 seats for a long time. I don’t know whether you are saying some thing went wrong for you from Mahinda Rajapakse but not from Ranil/MS, so forgivt them. Ranil did not make a jusdgemental error. It is very shopisticatedly calculated, very well planned, pre meditated series of corruptions. Ranils FCID, bond scam, crooked 19th amendment, Ranil’s appointment sin Sri lankan air lines, Getting importat taxes for his uses, appointment of finance minister, and the taking of the central bank under him, losing millions on car import taxes, Ranil’s asking help from George Zorro, IMF are all well informed. this is a very short lise.

    • 3

      Next General Election Rajapakse will get 5/6 th Majority seats. No one can stop that

      • 4

        Yes, as long as your kind of people are there. Udeni Athukorala got the highest votes in Walallavita Pradeshiya shaba and he got caught by accepting a bribe by the Authority.

      • 0

        The No.1 Astrologer from ‘Sorry Lanka ‘ predicts, Percy Mahindra Jarapassa will become the next …..who? in 2020. He will probably dead by then, who knows?. “Sabbe Sankhara Anichchaaaaa”. Was it a ‘White Elephant’ in your dreams uttered in confidence this to you or was it a ‘Drugged Elephant’ like ‘Naalaagiri’ from Medamoolana? Sweet dreams Asoka.

  • 16

    Brilliant Analysis Gamini.

    Hopper eating people who create there own drama, deserve there own Karma!

  • 2

    Belwwive me, th no confidence motion is a joke. JO is trying to profits from that. Ranil know he won’t lose it. IT is nonsense when you talk about values, principles, morals, ethic from Politicians. Only thing I know is for some Reason PResident has sacrificed the country in order to save his but from Mahinda Rajapakse. that is not leadership.

  • 2

    Most of the 225 are corrupt. Ranil thinks he is sarcosant, Invincible and invaluable. I think He accepted to be the Western agent so he is fulfilling the IMF/MCC agenda which is partly CIA. Mahinda rajapakse was trying to fool voters, so he got caught in Westernand RAW agenda. but, Ranil is not the solution and not even MS.

  • 1

    Feeling extremely sorry for Mr Gamini Jayaweera’s plight………….

  • 5

    Mr. Gamini Jayaweera It is high time that the people of this country move in the matter and help to build up two parties to replace this crooked lot.They are liars cheats.

    The money spent on the import of cars, working to satisfy A.Ratna, and the results of the inefficiency of the Minister of education could have fed at least 1,000,000 through one year.

    How can the President justify giving Rs 45,000,000 of tax payers money to plate gold on some unnecessary unit at Dalada Maligawa, when Dalada Maligawa is said to be the richest temple in the country?

    The best jobs in Sri Lanka are (i) Become a elected representative even in vanni Hathpathuwa or don a safron robe.There is a man who I see regularly who owns about one acre of land in a prime location, has four or five vehicles in his garage.His qualification to all this – he dons a safron robe.Near his palace two poor families lead a pathetic life. Their parcel of food is kept on a short rock to eat, and while hey eat dogs too partake.

  • 18

    I’ve never met My3, but I’ve been one of his keenest supporters.

    His performance has been below par. But that, by itself is not blameworthy.

    However, I’m disappointed that he hasn’t appointed Sarath Fonseka as Minister of Law and Order. If, in addition, he has cordially met Gnanasara in Japan, that’s it, as far as I’m concerned.

    If all that is true, he has indeed betrayed the trust we placed him.

    • 9

      Hi Sinhala_Man,

      I believe we have spoken before. I too used to be a keen supporter of My3 too. I just feel i saw through his facade a bit earlier.

      If this upcoming UNP reform turns out to be a joke as well, then sri lanka is truly doomed.

      • 5

        Yes, Mr Basnayake,

        the future looks bleak. I think I held on to hope in My3 as long as I possibly could.

        One doesn’t expect perfection from any human being, but a least we have a right to expect that a man in whom we have reposed so much trust would act up to reasonable levels of consistency.
        Now we’ve got to face the fact that this man is going to be a disaster as President, with may be a prime Minister who is even worse. Going back to the Rajapaksas is unthinkable. We’ve just got to “sit us down upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of kings.” Richard the Second, .act 3, scene 2.
        By the way, this is my e-mail address: paniniedirisinhe@gmail.com
        I don’t make a secret of my identity. I’m old, and I don’t have much to lose!
        The least we can do for our society is to get together with like minded guys and hope that we can find a set of younger leaders.

    • 1

      Not alone that, he paid a visit to that EUNACH mangalaramaya Pissuballa haamuduruwo, lately by betraying us all good buddhists.

      We dont consider the kind of rascal monks as real monks. There are also ones that hide behind the SIVURUA today, not having proper guts to live up their propensities, if they would remain as layMAN

      1) Ghanasara has broken all records but is well recognized by any Rajapakehs men for their struggle/and tricks – which is to build up SANGA protection parade if they would have been necessary to create unnecessary problems against Minotiries.

      2) That wild boar style Mangalarama man with DARK LIPs giving the prima facie evidence him to have been smoking from dawn to dusk, but behave like mad dog not knowing to respect police or anyone.
      There are videos that show how the bugger beat a POLICE woman verbally and physically with other police men standing next to him.

      Corrective action:

      Should be .. these violent PSEUDO monk personalities should be forced to derobe and rehablitate keeping them longer enough in rehab /Prisons.

      The kind of systems have been in application in Germany, US and other prisons world wide.
      We need to learn the trainings from them – International commuinity will help us there for sure.

  • 1

    CT, don’t you feel bit of lazy to publish this kind of same old lamenting tales frequently? Or you do not get fresh write ups from more balanced minded writers? Gamini Jayaweera seems to be another “innocent”, (or a spin doc?) who believed to live in a “heaven” with the dawn of yahapalanaya! Like many, he too did not have had the foresight to see whats going to be in his plate in 2-3 years time, after the yahapalana “kenda heliya” comes into power! Aiyo salli!

  • 3

    Biggest liar in Sri Lanka. Where are 10 lakhs jobs, bracelets, Volkswagen cars, wifi, motorcycles, J.R. Jayawardana said “Dharmista” rajayak, Ranil said Lichchavi “paalanayak” . J.R. killed innocent Tamils in 1983 in his “Dharmista” rajayey , Ranil promised Lichchavi “Paalanayek and 1000 people arresting due to Sinhalese and Muslims communal unrest in Digana, Teldeniya and Kandy District also. Rajapakse completely wiped out LTTE leadership and LTTE also

  • 7

    Very rightly said. It is indeed “THE GREATEST BETRAYAL”. How can the President turn his back on the people who voted for him, and those who worked hard for his victory against fear and other hardship.
    The President was NOT ELECTED by the 6.2 million voters to go groveling on his knees to lick the shoes of Mahinda Rajapakse, who in all probability should be counting bars at Welikada.
    Not appointing Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, to be Minister of Law & Order when that is what the whole country wanted is a sheer ACT OF COWARDICE.
    The President is being threatened NOT TO DO SO and that is what the voters like us think as there is NO OTHER reason to justify his actions.
    Or he should come on stage and JUSTIFY his reason for not making this crucial appointment. All the SLFP Ministers who have come through the back door are the ones who are playing with the President who is like a PUPPET ON A STRING.
    Most of the SLFP Ministers who are around the President are the very ones who ridiculed him from every platform, even calling him “AIYO SIRISENA”.
    They were all resoundingly defeated at the General Elections but the President thought wise to appoint them to Parliament on the National List.
    This President is just PATHETIC. We voters have been taken on a right royal ride, and those who were rejected by the people are laughing away.
    They know that if SF gets the WHIP he is going wallop them hard, and there backsides are really going to get the works.
    The people of this country is now praying that ONE DAY Sarath Fonseka would be the President, he was denied it in 2010, though he won it convincingly but denied the job due to a “Computer Jilmart”.

  • 7

    Slimy Sirisena is out of his depth as President. Period. He has no vision & nothing to show as accomplishments during his period in office, in fact, a hindrance to any progress the country may achieve. His only objective is to hang on to power as long as possible & prepared to go to bed with anyone who can keep him in office while his family tries to out do the previous President in accumulating wealth. He has to go, the sooner the better.

  • 7

    Coalition governments don’t work , This pufta party got to stop. Patholaya has ruined UNP s chance.Its high time for UNP/SLFP divorce and say goodbye to Patholaya who is already kissing Maras ass.
    RW may have weaknesses but Spineless MY3 is responsible for all these mess.

  • 5

    the reason for refusal by MY3 to appoint FM Sarath Fonseka as law and order minister was the pressure brought by Water Petrol Susil Premjayanth, WDJ Seneviratne on the instructions of Rajapaksas. Ranil is unable to put pressure on MY3 because he is in shit with the central bank fraud.

  • 1

    Mr. Gamini Jayaweera: You HAIL the “Recommendation” of the Prime Minister to appoint Field Marshal , Sarath Fonseka as the Minister of Law and Order. Thank “GOD” the President “Rejected” it. That “Recommendation” was yet another instance of PM’s “Incompetency” and “Lack of Leadership” in making correct choices and decisions in the selection and building of a TEAM to entrust responsibility in the Management of affairs of the country. Does this “FM” know of Law and Order? I know he could be a “War Hero” to handle an “Arms Struggle”; but do you really believe, he is the best to handle Law and Order of a peaceful and a Democratic country. I know one SINISTER idea of the PM in making that recommendation and that is to turn the country into another turmoil situation, so that, that DEPOSED tyrant would be REINSTATED at the next General Election. This PM’s next MOVE is very visible and that has been shown at the election of the Mayor and Deputy of Galle Municipal Council. Just see how the “POHOTUWA” and the “ELEPHANT” combination in that Municipal level. Then you will understand what is in stock for the future.

  • 0

    Betrayal? MS/RW know that they cannot count on the loyalty of the armed services or police. The mono-ethnic composition of the armed forces and the near mono-ethnic composition of the police was well planned indeed.
    The SLPP performance at the recent LG elections was because of the exploitation of the language/religion-divide. The no-confidence-motion promoted by JO, SB Dissanayake and Thilanga Sumathipala will fail but the predictable way TNA goes here is exploitable and used to reinforce the divide.
    We have reached the Gun-fight-at-OK-corral stage. Can we avoid a shoot-out?

  • 1

    Ashy D… The Prez has turned his back on the people as Ranil, Mongol and Mallik are right behind him.

    Roy…. Its is not the media portrayal Ranil that you get in reality.
    On paper there is no other like Ranil……. In reality he is just anotherfox & a poof……….Good for nothing.
    We only learnt this time and he has proven to us in no uncertain terms that he has the GIFT TO LOOT and at that he can out do MaRa.

  • 1

    What ever you people envision, it is PAlhoru #1, then PAlhoru #2 and next time PAl horu #3 and #2 together. Palhorau #2 will be history. Instead of recycyling talk about a new projct,a new group. A preident is peoples’ power when he is a leader. PM always,whther it is this party or that party, is there to screw and nail president.

  • 3

    As GJ quite accurately elaborates M3 is too immature as to understand the game of politics. Once he became the President he seems to suffer from forgetfulness of the past. The votes given to him are not SLFP/FA votes. They are the votes of people who dearly wanted a change in the system that prevailed in the country. This represented all parts/parties/communities except the two referred above. But what has happened now. Those who voted to power are disillusioned while those didnt are reaping the fruits. First top losers were nominated to the Parliament and positioned them in top most ministerial portfolios. Now they have gone beyong that want to form their own government. It is actually a great betrayal of the recent times .

  • 0

    Gamini ,

    We miss a point here . All three , MARA + My three + RUN = Nil are playing
    games in the name of the country and its politics . Why did Ranil decide
    not to stand against MARA in president election ? And why did UNP agree
    to it ? How can Ranil call for unity of UNP+SLFP without MARA ? What is this
    game , ruling together and contesting separate ? Voters have to be donkeys
    not to see it a game ! Ranil may be whatever anyone wants to call him but in
    the eyes of sensible voters , HE WAS A LOSER ! He himself agreed to it by not
    taking up the challenge thrown out by MARA with the announcement of
    election two years before the time ? MARA played the game of JRJ and PREMA !
    Ranil was not CREATIVE to defeat that formula ! MARA started to shake with
    the result of CMC election and HARIN’S resignation and consequent winning of
    UVA PC . MARA took a step ahead and challenged the outcome of these results
    by calling president election 2 years earlier ! Now look who is shaking ? Ranil is
    shaking ! And the consequence ? Emergence of Common candidate for the second
    time and this time lifting the man of MARA himself ! Was My3 ever groomed for
    country’s leadership by his own party ? Did he cross over to UNP ? Why not ? What
    was the situation created by not crossing over ? Simple . You trust me even if I
    won’t trust you and Ranil was ready for any deal if it gives him his portion . Was it
    catching thieves at any cost that 19th amendment was passed to ? To secure four
    and half years of his government from dismiss and to lose more election as usual !
    It is no joke you send people to prison(for fun) and they come back to throw you out
    seriously .

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    In my view, the present political drama is a creation of the lopsided media culture we now witness.The present day media are accustomed to highlight, blow up and harp on all the negative issues at the expense of country’s development efforts. They seem to have learnt
    ‘Gobellism’ and sensationalism more than media ethics and are hell bent on bloating a bunch of political liars who have no principles,values, ethics or morals, in their head lines and prime time news.Can children and sincere citizens look up to these political rascals to develop positive thinking and patriotism? But the media unfortunately continue to force-feed the people with unbalanced,political bunkum and blood curdling incidents that will never help to develop this country or build a patriotic citizenry. If our country is to emerge out of this pathetic morass, our present media culture should be changed to highlight more positive aspects that promote country’s development efforts and value systems for the people.

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    In my view, the present political drama is a creation of the lopsided and skewed media culture we now witness. In general,the present day media are accustomed to highlight, blow up and harp on all the negative issues at the expense of country’s development efforts, ethical and value systems. They seem to have learnt ‘Gobellism’ and ‘Sensationalism’ more than media ethics and are hell bent on bloating a bunch of political liars who have no principles, values, ethics or morals, in their headlines and prime time news. Can children and sincere citizens look up to any of the present day politicians to develop positive thinking and patriotism? But the media unfortunately continue to force-feed the people with unbalanced, political bunkum and blood curdling incidents and accidents that will never help to develop this country or build a patriotic citizenry. Even well developed countries do not resort to this so called liberal media culture.
    If our country is to emerge out of this pathetic morass, our present media culture should be changed, in order to prioritize and highlight more positive aspects that promote country’s development efforts and value systems for the people.

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