12 August, 2022


The Greening Of The Media

By Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

The absence of media freedom and the violation of the rights of media personnel were a constant lament articulated by the then Opposition during the previous regime. The restoration of freedoms and the upholding of rights consequently was a key element of Maithripala Sirisena’s election campaign. He picked up the UNP’s gripe and ran. The UNP, for its part, in pledging support to Sirisena pledged to help him set things right in this regard.

That was ages ago.

If anyone entertained illusions that the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe dispensation was interested in doing anything to stop the rot if not cure the malady altogether these would have been laid to rest when the much talked of and many times promised Right to Information Act was first put on the policy back-burner, then completely removed from the reform discourse.

Ranil with mediaAnd now with elections called the true colors are surfacing. It is reported that the UNP’s Chairman, no less, has instructed all state media to toe the party line. Having even without such instruction pandered to party interests in doing everything possible to promote a split in the main Opposition, such institutions now have got the official green light to blank it out altogether.

If that were not enough a leading newspaper house has been taken over. It was not yesterday that this country moved from ‘censorship’ to ‘ownership’ of course. That said, we were made to understand that this lot would do better. After all, these are the very people who cried ‘foul!’ when all that happened and who, during the presidential election campaign, vowed to enshrine media freedom and the rights of media personnel. The journalists of that newspaper who have been effectively silenced, if asked about media freedom under Ranil Wickremesinghe would no doubt break into uncontrollable guffaws and thereafter snort in disgust.

The silence of media watchdogs such as the Free Media Movement and the Working Journalists Association as well as other rights outfits that tagged ‘media’ to their resumes for obvious donor-baiting reasons is deafening. We are yet to hear the US Embassy issue a condemning love note to Ranil Wickremesinghe. International watchdogs that worked tirelessly to censure the previous regime for such ‘wrongs’ have similarly disappeared into the woodworks.

And finally we have the curious case of a previous editor of a newspaper that prided itself for operating in the public interest being charged for pilfering monies collected from the public ‘to keep the newspaper afloat’. The Companies Registrar has received a complaint from a contributor. Those associated with the newspaper have gone silent. Whether or not the Government will bail out this individual will also reveal the true colors of the UNP with regard not only to media freedom but corruption. This newspaper, for the record, backed Sirisena to the hilt.

So this is it.

Media freedom? Forget it! Balanced reportage? Trashed! Fair coverage? Be serious! Change? Past tense! Yahapaalanaya? Cheap rhetoric!

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    Greening of the media? Complaining about media freedom, are we Mr Seneviratne? During your Raja’s 10 year dictatorial rule he blackened the media and blackened the lives of many journalists and their families. Were you happy then?

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    The UNP will do anything including abusing executive powers vested to PM to win the election and order to prevent Rajapaksa from winning elections. Since Its not easy to convince Village voters to vote for UNP because they were brainwashed by previous regime, I believe the UNP has right to repeat this once more, when the Rajapaksa family vanishes from politics, everything will return back to normal.

    I, as floating voter, command every single of you to show your support to the party without being subjected to its the party policies. First the UNP has to win this election, thus it will ensure the media freedom, rights of citizens to express themselves and new reforms that were sabotaged by Opposition will be reintroduced in 20th Amendment along with Right to Information Act (including crossover bill act).

    Let’s make this happen! This will also benefit every citizen who are born Sri Lankan or holding a Sri Lankan residence permit.

    Godspeed to UNP.

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    Kudos to highlighting the plain truth. There is no yahapalanaya in UNP!
    All jilmart to cheat people!
    The rest are all dollar crows,
    The wrath of gods will befall on people who destroyed the strong leadership and the development drive!
    Where is the fricking evidence of corruption?

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    Is that why you became a MR white washer?

    Suddenly you have discovered your inner voice for justice and freedom of expression that you seem to have made a u-turn in your views.

    Don’t tell me you were shit scared of Mara that all your ideals as a journalist had been compromised by the fear of Mara and his white van phenomenon.

    Shame on you Malinda. Those days my stomach used to turn reading your articles. Never realizing that you are a gutless fagot that was writing to keep your body and soul together, I actually judged you, sorry, now I see!

    But the sad reality is that people like you give a bad name to journalist who try to run articles at the risk of loosing their lives, because everyone in your profession is called a journalist by trade. So while you used to white wash out of fear others were risking their lives and those of their loved ones.

    Grow some balls, man-up, it goes with the territory, everyone has to die sometime. As a journalist you don’t have to always to wait for fair weather to to express yourself. You SOB.

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    Oh! Good Malinda is only now concerned with media freedom. This fellow poodled the Rajapaksa regime when media men were killed and went missing under Rajapaksa democracy. He is one of those who got laptops from Rajapaksa. Is your laptop safe/

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    Malinda Seneviratne, Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and whitewash..

    RE: The Greening Of The Media

    We know what MaRa Did. MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa ….

    Let’s look at the latest news from the grape wine…

    Herein is the secret list of names of 33 corrupt individuals who will not receive nominations from Maithri !

    The list of 33 names of the corrupt individuals who president Maithripala Sirisena has decided not to grant nominations at the forthcoming general elections under the SLFP or UPFA has been secured by the Lanka e news inside information division most confidentially.

    These names given hereunder are those who will not be granted nomination under the SLFP or UPFA , as has been decided so far , that is until yesterday (5).

    Mahinda Rajapakse (monumental corruption and other criminal charges )
    Basil Rajapakse (Divi Neguma funds misappropriation – Bribery and corruption commission)
    Namal Rajapakse (Nil Balakaya charges – financial crimes)
    Mahindananda Aluthgamage (financial irrgularities , corruption and frauds)
    Rohitha Abeygunawardena (corrruption and frauds –Bribery Commission)
    Duminda Silva (heroin deals and corruption charges)

    Dilan Perera (corruption charges – bribery )
    S.M. Chandrasena (corruption – Bribery)
    Ranjith Soysa (corruption – Bribery )
    Manusha Nanayakkara (corruption –Bribery)
    Lohann Ratwatte
    Uditha Lokubandara (Corruption –Bribery)
    Chandima Weerakkody
    Mervyn Silva (Corruption –Bribery)
    Bandula Gunwardena (Corruption: computer purchases fraud – Bribery )
    Wimal Weerawansa (corruption – Bribery and forged documents)
    Sajin Vaas Gunawardena (Corruption –Bribery)
    Sarana Gunawardena (Corruption –Bribery)
    Premalal Jayasekera (murder charges)
    Lakshman Vasantha Perera (Casino :corruption – Bribery)
    Johnston Fernando (corruption -Bribery)
    Dallas Alahaperuma( soliciting sexual favors- corruption – Bribery)
    Nishantha Muthuhettigama
    Vasudeva Nanayakkara
    G.L .Peiris
    Keheliya Rambukwella (Corruption –Bribery)
    Sarath Kumara Gunaratne (Corruption –Bribery)
    Prasanna Ranatunge (Corruption –Bribery)
    Udaya Gammanpila soliciting sexual favors ; corruption –Bribery )
    Vidura Wickremenayake
    Kumara Welgama (corruption –Bribery )
    Dilum Amunugama
    Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena .

    It is also learnt that a decision has been taken not bgrant nominations under the SLFP to any one in the name list provided clandestinely by Kili Maharaja.

    Kili Maharaja has on the sly privately made a request to grant nominations to Chandana Sooriyabandara , Suranga Senanayake, Siripala Wanniarachchi , Roshan Priya Watawala, Kingsley Ratnayake and Susara Dinal De Silva of Sirasa establishment .


    • 2

      Malinda Seneviratne, Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and whitewash..

      RE: The Greening Of The Media

      We know what MaRa Did. MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa ….

      Let’s look at the latest news from the grape wine…

      Colombo Chinese Embassy’s Pro MR propaganda

      Malinda , Get a Trip to China…before the other Shills grab it…

      It is clear that the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lankan is campaigning for Mahinda Rajapakse. The Embassy even paid some journalists to write articles in support of MR. These journalists have received various incentives from the Chinese Embassy including money, foreign trips, computers and training opportunities in China.

      Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has embarked on a propaganda campaign to support Mahinda Rajapakse. The Embassy has used the mobile number 0776706560 to send bulk SMS messages especially to the business community and Government officials in Sri Lanka supporting Mahinda Rajapakse. One of the SMS messages sent by the Chinese Embassy on 02 July 2015 is given below.

      “Chinese funded projects created 100000 job opportunities to SL in the past five years. 90% workers in Chinese funded projects are Sri Lankans. Spokesperson Chen Chuan of China Chamber of Commerce at Sri Lanka told media today. Chen mentioned that for example, A9 road construction in the north hired 4500 Sri Lankan staff including 2800 Tamils, only around 50 Chinese working on the project, account for only1.5-2 % of the total. Chinese funded projects created at least 100000 direct job opportunities to SL people in the past five years and trained many Sri Lankan young people to master new technologies which not only benefit them but benefited SL’s future development. One Minister figure’s allegation of only Chinese workers lost jobs at Chinese Funded projects is totally wrong. We suggest politician check facts and figures before make remarks and stop misleading people.”

      Sending these SMS the Chinese Embassy has directly involved in political affairs of Sri Lanka. No Diplomatic Mission can intervene into internal affairs of the receiving country as per the Vienna Convention on Diplomacy. In this respect, Sri Lankan Government should summon the Chinese Ambassador in Colombo and question about this incident and declare him persona non grata. Sri Lankan should request China to recall their envoy.

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    Here come next biggest boot licker of MR . The current media freedom is worth is weight in Gold than the previous Media Freedom where it was either told to shut up or there come the Van….. White in Colour

  • 4

    If ever there was an great example of a pot calling a kettle black, here it is!

    “Media freedom? Forget it! Balanced reportage? Trashed! Fair coverage? Be serious! Change? Past tense! Yahapaalanaya? Cheap rhetoric!”

    At least Malinda has the “freedom” to be critical of the government and not fear being abducted and assaulted by the White Van brigade!

  • 6

    This guy has really got nerve and a warped sensibility. It is well known that he spied on fellow intellectuals during the Rajapakse regime, that [Edited out] Now he is talking of media freedom having joined the campaign to intimidate and cow liberal intellectuals. These people have to be exposed if we are to move forward. [Edited out] If we want real media freedom it is people like him who should first apologise.

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    You championing this matter is much refreshing. Even better had you started writing this type before the offer of laptops, Double standards?.

  • 0


    Rapid political re-alignments have begun on the eve of nominations as parties and groups react to last week’s sudden decision by the leadership of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) to field former President…

  • 4

    Ohey palayan. Malinda is jealous that the media has freedom and that those phone calls are not coming now. So he is day dreaming for that era gain. Just take a look at the State media. There is a hell of a difference between the time his god father was running affairs and now. So I think Malinda has had a bad dream and also seen the wrong colours too.

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    Simple question to those questioning the man who was forced to issued an unequivocal apology to a retired and much-respected senior civil servant in a court at the highest level of our system for libelling him: Why do all of your bother to comment about the hypocrisy of someone who is a PAID EMPLOYEE of a newspaper OWNED by the Rajapaksa family and the last editor of which (Keith Noyahr) has been in hiding, incommunicado in in Britain, for fear of his life?

  • 1

    Malinda Seneviratne, you were once in my estimation as a tireless journalist, on paper and on TV eloquently arguing you points and I admired you for it even when I did not agree with some of them. But now, I cannot for the life of me understand your denial of the corruption, thuggery, embezzlement, disappearance and abduction that were conducted with impunity by the Rajapakse clan. They must have some hold on you for you to betray the trust people had on you for years.

  • 2

    There is no comparison between MR’s dispensation and Yahapalanaya as far as media freedom is concerned. No one has been killed, forced to flee the country nor been charged in court by heavyweights who even influenced judges. Chalk and cheese Malinda.
    Remember it was Ranil who removed criminal defamation from the statutes? Come on Malinda be reasonable. Is everything and everyone so politicised that one needs to bat for one side even though the truth is staring at your face? RTI will come under the next dispensation. Provided it is not run by MR.
    So, Malinda what are your thoughts of an ex President wanting to be an MP? Oh, don’t discount the fact that MR is getting more column inches and minutes in the media than Maithree and Ranil put together right now. Ask anyone if you do not wish to believe it. Sad Malinda…..sad

  • 0

    MARA committed the same and worse offenses. Therefore Ranil can do it.

    Is this correct or flawed logic. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka this line of argument appears correct and anybody who exposes another’s mistakes is considered as white washing the other.

    We as a nation need to realize that if its wrong its wrong irrespective of who had done it.

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    Ranil wickramsinghe was the eternal Opposition leader. Even at that time, he did not watch things and he did not get ready. Now, he is the prime minister without any contest, still he did not do anything except engineering the bond-scandle.

    Ranil wickramsinghe as an experienced politician knows very well how politicians accumulate ill-gotten wealth. but he did not bring forth the legislation to prosecute them. Instead, he established the FCID under the existing legislation. So that corruptions scandles could be used for his political advantage but no one will be prosecuted and nothing will be recovered.

    Even lay people know how they steal now. It is apparent most of them have stolen. but, low is blind to catch them. Even when they know it, they can not catch it. Because, no one wants to close the loop holes.

    Sri Lanka media does not deserve freedom. If they are to be prosecuted, Mangala Samaraweera should be prosecuted first for funding so many anti-Rajapakse campaigns.

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    What colour was the media when your “lap top” giving boss was in power? it left us all green with envy. That was the only green we saw.

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