4 October, 2022


The Havoc That Is Created For The Sake Of A Minority

By Mass L. Usuf

Mass Usuf

With the Presidency of George W. Bush, the agenda for the so called new world order gained momentum. The genuine belief that they have a strategic and moral “right” to control world affairs. This interventionist foreign policy was an opportune time for the protagonists of Zionism. The Bush administration was filled with neo conservatives. There partners were either Zionists or those inextricably subjugated by the Zionists.

The world will never forget the Neo-con/Zionist hatchet man Collin Powell convincingly making a visual presentation at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The consistently blatant lies espoused by Bush and his Neo-con/Zionists that Saddam Hussein was possessing WMDs was proved to be a total farce and an unforgivable act of deceiving the international community. The Zionists influenced the American administration to commit acts of war or stir up sedition in independent sovereign nations, directly or by proxy.

Greater Israel Project

Jews are only 2% of the American population. The Zionists are an insignificant percentage of this 2% but extremely powerful. In perpetuating the ‘Greater Israel’ project Bush and his bunch of spin doctors, ably supported by the Zionist controlled media bosses, were used to the maximum. The current American administration is only a continuation of this exercise.

The Greater Israel plan is to fragment all Arab and Muslim states into smaller geographical borders and/or weaken and divide them on ethnic or sectarian grounds. This will automatically result in Israel becoming the dominant regional power. Besides dividing Iraq, the plan calls for the division of Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Syria. The extended plan envisages the breaking up of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan. If one looks at the middle eastern countries today its direct consequences are evident; Instability, bloodshed, destruction, starvation and epidemics.  States like Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, have been reduced to ruins. One can witness the Greater Israel Project plan being meticulously executed.

Criminals Going Scot-free

The Israelis supported by Washington have committed multiple acts of genocide against the Palestinian people. It has showed utter contempt towards hundreds of UN resolutions, violated international treatises on the use of banned weapons (Israel’s use of incendiary bombs – white phosphorus – against Palestinian civilians) and grossly violated basic human rights. All of these and much more of the combined American/Israeli atrocities make them war criminals either by direct action or complicity. Unfortunately, no one has the temerity to take these criminals to task.

It is public knowledge that in 2007, Moreno-Ocampo, Former International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor claimed that then-US President George W. Bush may face a war crimes investigation (pending jurisdictional requirements) stemming from the conduct of coalition forces in Iraq. The ICC was founded in 2002 by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) to “bring to justice the perpetrators of the worst crimes known to humankind – war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide”.

Though President Bill Clinton signed the Rome Statute in 2000, the Clinton administration did not submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification. In 2002, President George W. Bush unsigned the treaty effectively exonerating himself and his henchmen from any legal obligations.

Zionist Controlled Super Power

Israel the ‘Occupier State’ run by the Zionists (to be distinguished from the normal Jewish people who are not Zionists) have also cunningly not ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.  If not, almost all of the Israeli political and military heads would have been behind bars by now for their genocidal acts in the past. In cahoots with the Israeli is their counterpart sitting in the United Nations Security Council – the paragon of virtues, the protector of democracy, the saviour of the world – the United States of America. 

In order to slavishly protect the Zionist aggressor, the United States had unjustly used its veto power 42 times. It disgraced itself internationally when it used its veto for the 43rd time against a recent draft UN Security Council resolution. This resolution called on the UN to reject Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv, effectively ignoring Palestinian claims on the city. While all 14 of the 15 other Security Council members backed the measure including key US allies: the UK, France, Italy, Japan and Ukraine, the United States shamelessly vetoed it supporting Israel. All of these clearly indicates how a minority of Zionists are controlling and manipulating a super power.

Donald, ‘The Trumpet’

We, the citizens of the world, have to always dance according to the tune of Uncle Sam. When the United States says that we are living in a globalised world and barriers of trade have to be removed, all must say, ‘yeah’. With the advent of Donald Trump, the word trumpeted is ‘protectionism’. Economists opine that protectionism won’t make America great.  For a self-centred Trump, to hell with the globalised economy, at least as far as the United States is concerned. “A real estate magnate is now the most powerful man in the world and it looks as though he plans to run his administration as though the U.S. were a vast real estate conglomerate” wrote Der Spiegel in January last year.

“Who cares.  America comes first.” –  Conceited, arrogant and hawkish trumpeting. Funnily rehearsed at the UN General Assembly with Trump as the Class Teacher and the US Ambassador to the UN, Nick Haley as the Class Monitor. The Class Monitor announced to that august General Assembly that her ‘class teacher’ had asked her to write down the names of those who are against the United States on the Jerusalem issue. To what level can arrogance condescend?

Sri Lanka, Is It Payback?

The US Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program for Sri Lanka expired on December 31, 2017.  The US Congress did not re-authorize GSP before adjourning for the year. Accordingly, imports to the US from Sri Lanka will be subject to non-preferential duties beginning January 1, 2018. Was this payback for Sri Lankan support for the resolution against the US’s move to accept Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Political analysts are pondering.

Trump keeps trumpeting that the US is paying millions of dollars to other countries. He expects these countries to respect him. Does he not realise that whatever is given is in the global security interest of the United States? In many instances, the host countries are fighting the war for America for example more than 30,000 Pakistani soldiers have died fighting America’s war against the Taliban. So, this is not always charity but to fix the mess that the US has created worldwide.

The useless war with Iraq cost United States more than US$ 2 trillion and counting. In addition, fighting the terrorist group ISIS (like Al Qaeda, ISIS is widely believed to be a US/Zionist creation), from the air is coming at a high price for US taxpayers — about $11 million per day. While money is being squandered to achieve the Zionist dream, in this country of the great American dream, 43.1 million Americans are living in poverty. The number of children below the poverty line in America totalled to 13.3 million in 2016. (U.S. Census Bureau).

Fanning The Flames

Histrionics is part of the Zionist agenda. The United States making a mountain out of a molehill, has requested an emergency U.N. meeting to discuss the protest in Iran. Trump’s Class Monitor, Nikki Haley made a dry and uninspiring statement that the people of Iran are ‘crying out for freedom’ and we cannot stand silent. This is hypocrisy at its super, super best.

Trump speaks of violation of human rights in Iran but has not a word to utter about the grossly inhuman treatment by the Zionist regime in Palestine. Trump assails Iran for its support to Yemen while American military hardware used by the Saudi led coalition is raining bombs on that impoverished nation. The Yemeni people are crying for medicine, crying for food, water and shelter.

Shattered Head Of Teenager

What then about Ahed Tamimi, the latest child victim of Israeli atrocities? This 16-year-old girl, whose 15-year-old cousin Mohammed had been shot in the head at close range, was arrested by Israeli forces and may spend 10 years in jail for slapping an Israeli soldier who had invaded her yard.  The Story Behind Ahed Tamimi’s Slap: Her Cousin’s Head Shattered by Israeli Soldier’s Bullet’ was the headline in Haaretz of 06 January 2018. 

The Palestinians have been crying out for freedom for the past 60 years and the US has not only been standing silent but, also, actively supporting the aggressor regime. The United States annually provides US$ 3.2 billion slavishly as aid to Israel.

Instigating Iran

At the command of the Zionist regime Trump is hell bent to destabilise Iran paving the path for middle east domination by the Zionist State.To this end, he has harnessed the support of several Arab countries who are stupidly bending over to carry out the dictates of their lord and master. This would mean another war theatre opening in that region and the spill over can be catastrophic globally. 

The Iranians will never forget the unjustly imposed proxy war by Saddam Hussein from 1980 to 1988. Washington, which is now ‘braying’ about the need to listen to the ‘cry of freedom’ of the Iranian people was at that time providing sophisticated weapons to Iraq to destroy the very same people. The resilience of the Iranians made them withstand the combined onslaught by Iraq, the US, Western powers and the ever-patronising Arab states.

Anyway, meddling with Iran will be an extremely dangerous move. In the long list of destabilising Muslim countries then comes Pakistan – if that situation ever come to pass. 

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    TRUMP came to change the system. HE said he would not abandon the voters and give them some happiness. But once he came in the true picture is different. That is why he abandoned the transpacific trade agreement. HE wanted some outside issue to makers voters forget domestic issues. So, he phones North Korean Leader and created one. The same way abandoning GSP system to countries should be another method stupid way. Because, they manufacture only the high end high tech items. Excopt WHEAT AND MEAT which are the essential items and can not depend on other countries during a war. On the other hand, Sri lanka imports coconut, RI”CE, Onion and chillie too. YOU do to know sri alankan rurual and majority culture – I am not talking about urban culture. In a serious situation Sri lanka has to wait for staple food items.
    Abandoning GSP is not good for them as the items become expensvie to the public. May be china like countries will lose some. Cloths like items that Sri lanka sent are not manufactured there, Every thing is imported.

  • 5

    You are simply displaying your Judaeophobia. Israelis have demonstrated archaeologically that they had been living in Palestine before Arabs. Unfortunately due to years of brain washing with Islamic false propaganda, Muslims are unable to accept this. Reality is that Israel has come into existence and nothing can be done about it. Biblical prophesy states that Jews will be conferred with Jerusalem as their capital, and no one else will have it. If Muslims want to disprove Bible or to change history, then they have to go to war. At present no Muslim country can take a step into Jerusalem. Already we hear of war mongering against Israel by Turkey, and Iran may follow it. With aid cut off for military hardware by USA, Pakistan will be checkmated. In the meantime you will hear only posturing by Muslim countries as they all fear the wrath of USA,the God’s agent.

    • 2

      We live in the real world and in the real world the modern state of Israel was created by the Zionist project by colonising Palestine with European Jews in the first half of the 1900s. The most of the Palestinians who had been living there for centuries were expelled by the colonials. Its the equivalent of the British during the colonial days, kicking out both Sinhalese and Tamils from Sri Lanka and populating the island with Europeans. How would the Sri Lankans had reacted?
      You are right, there is nothing that can be done because the Zionist project has unconditional backing and support of the most powerful country, but that does not make the Palestinian cause wrong or unjust.

    • 1

      I cannot understand why you Al-fakur and Jim softy above loves the Jews (Israelis) so much although one time they called Sri Lankans monkeys. This news was given out by a Jew himself and it was reported in Observer. When Sri Lankan soldiers went for training there in another close by camp LTTE terrorist were trained. Knowing the mistake they had made the superior officer there had told in a sarcastic way to give each Sri Lankan soldiers a banana and send them off. To whom you give banana? Monkeys, isn’t it.

      • 1

        Ralli Ameen, why you a south Indian gene holder love Arabs. Jews have proved that they are superior to Arabs in many ways, such as intellectualism, industriousness and creativity. Jews are much more advanced and forward thinking than the stupid Arabs who are still in the primitive era obsessed with Koran. Stop insulting our brave soldiers as monkeys. Do you not realise that Arab soldiers are a bunch of donkeys who are unable to defeat a tiny nation and therefore should be fed on piduru.

        • 0

          Al-fa you do not understand English language properly. I am not calling our soldiers monkeys but it was the Jews. I wrote that was what Jew officers said, “give each soldier a banana and send them off”. That is why I am asking you rotters why you all have so much love for Jews who called us monkeys. Calling our soldiers monkey was like calling all Sri Lankans monkeys. You rotter talking about irrelevant Arabs and just accepting Jews said the right thing about Sri Lankans.

      • 1

        Ralli Ameen,

        Atleast the Jews called us monkeys because we were ignorant about the military matters back then. But, there are not like our fellow countrymen who called us Kafirs and want us to be converted to their cult.

        • 0


          “Atleast the Jews called us monkeys because we were ignorant about the military matters back then. “

          Seriously, you are still ignorant and stupid, that is why instead of calling you monkeys everyone call you Lankies. Whether the Jews call you monkeys, donkeys or Lankies you are still a stupid Sinhala/Buddhist fascist.

          “But, there are not like our fellow countrymen who called us Kafirs and want us to be converted to their cult.”

          What exactly your fellow decendants of Kallathonies mean by “Kafirs”?

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            This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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      You muslims and others. See how In India, except you muslims, how so many other religions, languages, different cuisines live side by side. Why you people are attached to this book and kill each other and try to destroy each other. Don’t you think that Judeo-christian-Islamic – mentality has something wrong. You people think you all are eternal.

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    Retard ……………………………………. women sniffer

    Well said, well done,………………
    Thanks for keeping it brief and secular.

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