22 July, 2024


The Hypocrisy Of The Dirty Seven

By Granville Perera

The voices from #GoHomeGota campaign has brought together all Sri Lankans under a single banner to chase away the Rajapaksa dynasty and restore democracy and human dignity that will usher Sri Lanka in to a truly multi ethnic, Multi religious, multi lingual and multi cultural pluralistic society. At #Go Home Gota Gama, the days of hate and racism seemed to be a fiction of the distant past. The genies of racists and extremists have been bottled to be discarded permanently at Medamulana or Entebbe. The youth at #GoHomeGotaGama proved that they do not believe in segregating Sri Lanka on religion, ethnicity, caste or culture. Even during these days of Ramadan fasting, we see Muslims coming in numbers to provide moral and logistic support to the protestors. The food, water and refreshments provided by all shows the commitment to a better Sri Lanka. My eating drinking Muslim friends tell me, they are beginning to have a sigh of relief and hope for a better Sri Lanka after the harassment they faced from the time of the Easter Sunday bombing of 21/4/19. The voice of the Cardinal and Catholics demanding justice to Easter Sunday victims has moved the focus away from Muslims and exposed the political strategy behind this tragedy. Unless and until answers are provided for the motives of Easter Sunday bombing and the perpetrators brought to book, there would be no sleep for the Christians and Muslims.

Historically the Muslim community has been very productive contributors to the national economy in the Sri Lanka. Their acumen in business has contributed much to the development of trade, commerce and the export industry. The absolute majority of Muslims are true patriots and will not compromise to live elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the self-serving Muslim parliamentary turncoats led by M H M Ashoff’s bootlicker Naseer Ahamed and his unholy gang have done it again. The seven infidels along with their leaders Rishad Badurdeen and Rauf Hakeem have betrayed the citizens once more. On the eve of the current No Confidence Motion, they have jumped the fence to protect the Rajapaksas again. This might force the Wimal’s, Vasu’s and Gonpilla’s to tuck their tails inside their backs and rejoin the Rajapaksa administration.

The betrayal of the Sri Lankan nation by Muslim parliamentarians in their support for the twentieth amendment to the constitution is a permanent black mark not just on these greedy scavengers but on the entire Muslim community. They were allowed to live another day after they voted for the 20th Amendment to betray the country now once again with the current No Confidence motion. They get elected on 100% Muslim votes and the Muslims as a community have done sweet nothing to punish these betrayers. They should be discarded from any public space including mosques and social functions.

All of them came to parliament from the SJB Muslim votes and thanks to “on my way home” Sarath SIlva’s supreme court judgment, the politicians have become permanent betrayers of the voters. They can jump further than the wildest cat family. Their mission is not to serve people but to amass ill-gotten wealth. Every Muslim politician since Ashroff who was been part of the segregated politics has amassed billions worth of assets that the Go GOTA Go boys must investigate and hang them at GOHOMEGOTAGAMA when the protests succeed.

The Muslim political wheeler dealers seem to be convinced that the Rajapaksas will rule for ever and provide them the impunity they need to survive with their MSD security. The Muslim youth might serve them what they deserve soon as witnessed the happenings in Puttlam to Ali Sabry Rasheed. The saffron clad terrorists too believed in the Rajapaksa might, but the youth at GOGOTAGAMA today are forcing them to kneel before the people. I know, many Muslims pray for the dirty seven to be treated with the muck they deserve.

The Islam I know is a noble religion and there is no place in it for traitors like these bunch of wheeler dealing hypocrites. The Islamic religious leadership should come forward and behead them at GO GOTA GAMA for betraying democracy as they do in Saudi Arabia to anyone who blasphemy the religion of Islam. I have witnessed 14 beheadings during my long stay in Saudi Arabia, and the crowd that gathers to witness the beheading shouts “Allah Akbar” rejoicing the elimination of rapists, criminals and murderers. In this case, betrayers of the future of our nation will hear “Allah Akbar” from the entire Sri Lankan citizenry.

A shameless group who has forgotten that the Rajapaksas burnt their Corona dead in hundreds including a 20 day old baby are providing the support to plunder more from Sri Lanka. When pressure mounted from the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and Imran Khan prior to the Geneva Human Rights sessions, the Muslims were allowed to take their dead 8 hours by road to the Eastern province and bury in a garbage dump in Ottamawadi. If not for the vote of the scheming Muslims traitors, Nandasena G Rajapaksa would not have had the 2/3rd majority that enabled him to use his madness to do as he pleased. A man who claimed that he is not mentally cable of continuing in the army and asked for a discharge on medical grounds was given the reins of government by 6.9 million Sri Lankans and the unprecedented power of 2/3rd was given by these seven imbeciles. Nandasena’s political ascendancy to the throne on the coffins of the 300 dead and 500 maimed Christians is now well articulated by Cardinal Malcom Ranjith and the bold Christian youth who are demanding answers which this government cannot give. They will not plead guilty and allow these young Christians to hang them for the crimes of 21/4/2019 but divine intervention is providing the retribution and have made them go mad. So it is important that the GO HOME GOTA campaigners win in their struggle to dethrone the Rajapaksa dynasty and try them for crimes against humanity and corruption.

Amongst the other blunders the 2/3rd majority in parliament facilitated was to bring the USA citizen Kaputa Kaa Kaa to parliament as finance minister. Along with the arrogant Cabraal, they forced the 6.9 million who voted them to power to line up the streets queuing up for petrol, cooking gas and daily essentials. The children learnt under mosquito infested conditions and candle light.

The Muslims have gained their freedom from hate and intimidation by extremist Buddhists with the support of the youth in this country. The GoGotaGo community has embraced the Muslims with both arms. In return, If the Muslim community does not make sure that these garbage politicians are dumped and never allowed to hold any political office, the peace and democracy loving Sri Lankans will not forgive the Muslims. They will end up hating the entire Muslim community because of these jumping frogs.

A through financial investigation needs to be undertaken to book these crooks who have accumulated considerable wealth through their high jumping and jail them for life for their criminal actions.

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  • 11

    A fine piece Granville.
    The reigns of Government was given on a platter to the Rajapaksa dynasty by 6.9 Million voters., mostly Sinhala Buddhist.
    The seven Muslim MPP, mostly from the Eastern Province ,capped it up to give the Rajapaksa cabal the Executive Presidency with the 20th Amendment.The icing on the cake………..
    What was the Price per head.? Was the payment in US$?
    The second round of payment is due with the No-Confidence Motion round the corner.

    At the end of the day ,when the Rajapaksa dynasty sit down to write their Memoirs, they will realise that it is the Muslim Politicians who had benefitted from this entire fiasco…….

    Politics is business for Muslim politicians. like Nazeer Ahamed who began his career with the Srilanka Muslim Congress. I was told that he could recite the entire Quoran by memory and as such was referred to as Hafeez………

    The portfolio is Environment. Is there money in this notwithstanding the economic crisis? Only Nazeer would know…………………

  • 14

    This is a very good example of a writer criticizing a group of politicians (which may be deserving), while associating them with the extremism of their religion in Saudi Arabia known for their radical form of Islam. This is highly irrelevant and inappropriate. The writer has witnessed 14 beheadings, and it seems the first one did not deter him from seeing other gruesome killings 13 more times. Mentioning the extremism in Saudi Arabia and associating Sri Lankan Muslim leaders in the same article is uncalled for, and it is obvious there is some anti Muslim feelings here. Sri Lanka is not Saudi Arabia, and it is totally ridiculous to keep referring to extremism, while criticism these Muslim leaders here in our country. They should be judged for their incompetence here in Sri Lanka, without comparing or associating them to extremism in one of the most extremist Islamic nations in the world. One has nothing to do with the other. It is this kind of attitude that divides us, and adds to the religious tensions already prevailing in this country. These Muslim leaders have shown bad leadership, that has nothing to do with their religion.

  • 3

    No surprise there! It seems they made the deal with BR before elections. These kind of people are known as “thoppiya harena paththata hoiyaa” people or turncoats. The donkey who insulted a naval officer in front of the American diplomat is a minister now. So now expect Muslim colonies in newly deforested areas. Their bosses should have been held accountable for Easter day carnage. Without them the carnage would never happened. Great Anagarika Darmapala warned about the disastrous community more than hundred years ago. The constitution is full of Sinhala Buddhist fooling gimmicks. And expect more gimmicks in the next constitution.

    • 10

      Many SB too made deals with Rajapaksas Did great Anagarika warn about them

      • 4

        And they aren’t accused of Buddhist extremism.

  • 5

    These seven buggers will rent out their women folk also if the price is right!

  • 3

    Mahinda’s replication of,
    “‎The Dirty Seven” – the 1982 silver screen film directed by ‘Bruno Fontana’
    Well done!!!

  • 0

    (Part I)
    “The seven Muslim MPP, mostly from the Eastern Province, ‘capped it up’ to give the Rajapaksa cabal the Executive Presidency with the 20th Amendment. The icing on the cake………..”
    Indeed so undoubtedly and duly rewarded too!
    At the behest and exhortation of Ali Sabry PC, for which the personal lawyer of the contestant was made a National list MP and thereafter as Justice Minister (1), post crisis as Finance Minister (2)!!!
    The ‘Crème de La Crème’
    Chief negotiator at the IMF to redeem SL from the economic and financial mess created in the very short period (of course 2 years in the 72 years history of Independent Ceylon/Sri Lanka) – Governance (?) or appropriately ‘Misgovernance’, would be soon revered as the “Great Saviour” – resource funds and provide – ‘much promised but denied’ “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”!!
    The promised offering, at the 2019 presidential elections to inveigle 6.9 million, mostly rural farming community, who incidentally were Sinhala Buddhists faith, by portraying the chief contestant as an avowed Buddhist Saviour or ‘Virayo’!!!
    The masses, would draw him in a GOLDEN Chariot from the KIA to his home on arrival, if successful?!
    Hold and behold!

  • 0

    (Part II)
    The sting is in the tail!!
    The end game is, the masses and the clergy, would demand cremation and not burial in case of death!!! As that is the only possible way any mortal “deserving respect” could pass on to the next world from this Sinhala Buddhist nation.
    Case in point Lakshman Kadirgamar – Cremated though a practicing, Church of Ceylon, Christian!!!
    Let the people at large out there make, whatever is this comedy is all about and make sensible conclusions!!!

  • 2

    It is a very good article. However, we need to go beyond the dirty seven Muslim opportunists to find where we all made the mistakes. Firstly, why Sinhalese went back to Rajapaksas knowing the truth about their corruptions, cheating and fake patriotism. Among Tamils, there are few thugs and criminals are also being elected by Tamils knowing that they are criminals. For example, Douglas and Pilliyan are close friends of Gota and carried out number of abductions and murders for Gota. So far none of the people who elected Gota or Mahinda or those Muslim and Tamil MPs are not demanding their resignation even though they knew that they are against to Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. Why?

  • 4

    When a person commits a heinous crime, people in general (except for similar criminals, sociopath, anti socials and Rajapaksa cronies) feel disgusted, but react differently. Race, religion or community should not matter in calling out the offender. These selfish men not once but repeatedly prostituted their positions along with people’s trust, faith, hopes, dreams and future for materialistic gains. They trampled upon their duties as elected representatives. They not only cheat their constituents but the whole nation. Whether it’s Muslim, Sinhalese or Tamil , doesn’t matter. For me Bert is vindicated by this article. Other than the typo he admitted, the facts are right here, for those righteous people to see.

  • 2

    If it sounds like a savage, if it behaves like a savage, then it must be a savage.

  • 4

    Muslim parliamentarians have been behaving, in the same manner, cheating their own voters, yet they are being reelected. Why? The reason may be bribing the voters, cheating their party leaders, and joining the party in power, whilst the leaders stay in opposition, but maybe they are also benefited from these cross-overs. This has happened for over 20 years, who is to be blamed?

  • 0

    Garbing the sinking boat, What the people request in the galle face is visible the support they give is to appreciate the present government bankrupt for the present situation But all the love in the world won’t save a sinking ship. You have to jump overboard. Debt is a trap

  • 0

    Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, Tamil or Sinhalese, we all have the same traits because we are all Sri Lankan. Those who come into politics in SL are self serving opportunists. I am against capital punishment but when it comes to the current bunch who have robbed & raped the country, I would not condone the noose or the guillotine, barbaric as it maybe. The destitution, hardship & misery of average citizens should not go unpunished.

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