17 June, 2024


The Land Where Hope Was Killed And Despair Was Reborn

By Rajasingham Narendran

Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

Dr. Rajasingham Narendran


Hope is a bird 
With wonderful feathers
Sits on the boughs of the soul
And sings the song of how to remain alive

It sings when the dream breaks
It sings when ships over turn
You are at the bottom and
Far away is the beach
At that time it teaches you
How to ride from bottom to top
How to swim to reach to the beach
How to rebuild the broken wings of your dream

Then you get an energy in form of a wind in the tune
To be alive strongly better than before
And it will continue to sing till you want to listen. (inspired by Dikinson)


Dreams I despair
Loss of hopelessness
Doubt my hopeless dreams
Trapped in this small mess

Here lies in this yard
All my precious dreams
Not so precious anymore
Feel like I want to scream

One, two, three down, gone
There go all my schemes
Not so precious anymore
There goes the dream within a dream

Gone, gone, all gone
Those beautiful words
“When I grow up…”
“Goodbye” as they fly like birds

Dreams I despair
Loss of hopelessness
Doubt my hopeless dreams
Trapped in this small mess (
Nathalie Payamps)

In my travels around the world I have felt the hope that drives countries forward and the despair of hopelessness that hits me smack on the face in countries that are moribund.  I saw, I heard and I felt the hope for a better future surge among all Sri Lankans, including the war wary in IDP camps. I shared this hope and dreamt it would be translated into tangible action. This was both a rare historical moment and a golden opportunity.  My hopes and dreams have been shattered. However, I have not been rendered incapable of yet hoping.

The words of our President and the goodwill of the International community, led many to believe our country had turned a new page in her post-independence history.  The speed with which the government moved to address the mundane needs- food, shelter, clothing and healthcare- of the IDPs was impressive, amidst activities of social vultures who preyed on these camps, though under the patronage of the government. It appeared to be an unavoidable / inevitable adjunct to perceived security considerations.  These aspects- smuggling out of individuals, including LTTE cadres for a payment, skimming funds meant for the IDP camps, etc. -did not overwhelm the positives.

The manner in which the Sinhala villages and individuals responded to the needs of the IDPs was overwhelming, though expected in view of the fact that this is their nature.  The manner in which the political forces among the Tamil community sought to exaggerate the negatives and in instances invent the negatives, was revolting in the circumstances the IDPs were due to the nature of the war. This was not a new book for those involved, but the beginnings of a new chapter in the same old book. The TNA was also trapped in this fog and refused to see the possible light ahead. Was it a once bitten twice shy syndrome? The non-inclusion of the TNA in the IDP care, rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts of the government also contributed to this sad situation.  This was pardonable in view of how the LTTE had taken over the TNA and dictated terms.

It was a war defying specific definitions. It was neither a civil war nor a war between countries.  It had both dimensions. It was neither a conventional war nor a guerilla war. It was a mixture of both. It was also a war where all civilized norms governing even what in essence the most uncivilized aspect of human life, were observed in the extreme breech by both sides.

Sections of the Tamils and the political elements among them chose to make the plight of the IDPs their new political weapon both against the government and the Sinhala people.  For me this was a bad beginning after the war for the Tamils in the north and east.  It was a move that highlighted and exaggerated the despair without adding value and strength to the hope that was beginning to emerge. It was a bad political move at that point in time.  It did not place the immediate needs of a war battered people above the goals of failed politics.

On the other hand, the government led by Mahinda Rajapaksa during the years following the war and despite a good beginning, drifted either by design, default or death wish, on to a path that would lead to a new phase in the alienation of Tamils and other minorities. The President and his government, supported by the Sinhala-Buddhist extremist fringe was determined to write a new script much against the hopes and vision of the majority of people. The Rajapakse presidency that embarked on an ambitious program of restoring and enhancing the neglected and destroyed infrastructure in the north and east and admirably succeeded, unfortunately imposed a political leadership with tainted reputations on the Tamils in the north and east ( what was notable was that this government wisely also embarked on rebuilding the infrastructure in the South).  It also took under its wings the most culpable LTTE who survived the demise of the organization and pampered them while punishing the people who were their victims. Many surviving LTTE cadres became government operatives and used their re-found power against the surviving war-victims.

The government, under international pressure (premature and unwise in my opinion), hastily (or was it gleefully?) returned most IDPs in camps to their original places of residence without enabling them to restart their lives. It failed to create employment in the war-affected areas. It ignored the special needs of the war-widows, war-orphans, war-injured and the rehabilitated LTTE cadres. It permitted its political favourites to loot the north and east and misuse their new found power.  It principally failed to empower the Tamils politically. It has failed to empower the Northern Provincial Council, even after reluctantly holding the PC elections. It threw the APRC recommendations, which it touted as the panacea during the war into the President’s dustbin. This was unforgivable deceit of the worst sort.  It forbade singing the national anthem in Tamil. It has stolen valuable land from the Tamils in broad day light. It has also surreptiously initiated Sinhala colonization schemes in the border areas of the north. It has failed to implement the important LLRC recommendations and is lying about the extent of implementation.

The Rajapaksa regime has smothered the post-war hopes of a vast majority of Tamils with a wet pillow. The Tamils are free of war and terror, have electricity, have good roads and even a KFC outlet (!) in Jaffna, but they are caged animals who cannot even to a limited extent decide their destiny. What is the difference between the Tamils and caged broiler chicken?  They are yet under incipient threats of various kinds now and possibly more overt threats in the future, if they become restive and raise their voice- their democratic right. Are the broilers free because they are fed well, feel safe and are healthy? They will be slaughtered soon enough! The Tamils have reasons to despair five long years after the war. They have more the reason to be wary because of what is happening to the Muslims, who are also Tamil-speaking. This does not imply that they are not free of the burdens of an overt war and the extreme LTTE misdemeanors. Is this enough five years after the war?

The Rajapaksa presidency has made governance a mockery and bad governance its hallmark.  The entire country has been pushed into the abyss as a result. All cornerstones of our governance  and social structure- the constitution,  legal system,  rule of law, presidency, cabinet, parliament,  police service , administrative system, education system, healthcare system, universities, Buddhist priesthood and everything else we can think of- have been undermined and devalued as never before.  The armed forces have been brought into the realms of civilian life-a Rajapaksa first and the beginning of the Pakistanization of Sri Lanka.  Even the houses damaged in the recent anti-Muslim riots in the South are to be repaired by the army! Gnanasara thundered in Aluthgama that the armed forces and police are Sinhalese and for the Sinhalayos! I fear the implications of the militarization of public life for the whole country in general and the minorities.

The worst has been the bad example set for the peoples of this country- corruption, subterfuge, trickery, pretense, nepotism, financial profligacy, bribery of various sorts, patronage extended to drug peddlers, rapists and murderers,   corruption, misuse of the police, deaths while in police custody, murder of prisoners, misuse of the armed forces and use of hired thug muscle power,   intolerance of dissent, White Van syndrome etc., etc.  The people are being taught that bad behaviour, wrong doing and violence of one sort or another are the norm, they pay and are the means to achieve material success quickly.

All this is being capped now by the anti-Muslim crusade that has been brought to the fore.  The manner in which Gnanasara and his criminal gang are being promoted and protected is the most obvious and recent example of the shameful manner our government functions at various levels.  The plight of Vijitha thera sheds further light on our sad plight.  The anti-evangelical Christian crusade though in abeyance at the moment, can also come to the fore when this government wants it to. The country is being further divided on ethnic and religious lines, even before the old Sinhala –Tamil divide could heal and could be bridged.  The government is the principle impediment to this healing process. Even on this front, Tamil reactions are not as warranted or as to be expected, because of yet raw war memories and the heavy military presence in the north and east. However, no one can expect that social aspirations and grievances can be kept bottled by war-wariness or a military presence for long.

The economic renaissance expected has also not materialized post-war.  If the economy had improved as expected post-war, in real and palpable terms, many of the emerging social problems, would not have found public expression, however much the government would have wanted it. The cost of living, unemployment, under-employment and lack of opportunities, are creating a class of paid thugs, who are at the beck and call of the government and its coterie of corrupt, crooked and heartless.  The failure of the many is being blamed on the success of the others, especially the Muslim minority, in a very subtle manner by this government, to divert attention from the national malaise it has become. The frustrated young and the middle aged are the resource pool from which the black guards and storm troops are recruited to act and react at the command of the government and the organizations that work under its patronage. The black guards and storm troops in the vanguard of the Aluthgama and Beruwala anti-Muslims riots according to reports were hired from the Kegalle district! It was not a spontaneous action/reaction of the Sinhalese living in the affected areas.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has empowered himself beyond our imagination and the constitutional constraints that existed before, and paved the way for what he thinks will be perpetual rule by him or members of his family.  The personality cult and self – aggrandizement being promoted by MR using public funds is nauseating. One has to wonder whether he has any sense of propriety or shame left.  Structures and projects conceived and built with public funds are being named after him, while he is yet alive.  One has to look at his mug, wherever one goes! Mervin Silva and Pavithra Wanniarachchi have started falling at his feet and worshipping him!  He visits Duminda Silva’s house- an alleged murderer and someone perceived to be involved in the drug trade. This is worse than keeping him in parliament and appointing him a monitoring MP to the Defense Ministry!   The police was directly under the defense ministry once and is yet under it indirectly! There is no end to the immorality of this government and its head- Mahinda Rajapaksea -, despite the pretense and words of piety.

The government is discovering external enemies and their local counterparts by the day, to cover its own footprints and foul- smelling spoor.  Even the opportunity to prove the LTTE-crimes against humanity, is not enough reason to welcome the UNHRC investigation! Perverse nationalism of a very poisonous variety is being planted, watered and fertilized, as a deliberate manoeuver to win votes and hide the governments multiple sins. All principles of popular, vibrant and participatory democracy are being undermined with blatant disregard to consequences and moral norms.

Post-war hope has turned to extreme despair among all the right thinking and righteous people in this country. They are fortunately yet the majority among all communities .This is made worse by the fact that people’s despair is not translating into votes needed to displace this government. The reason defies me. The trick is yet to be deciphered. Some call it computer ‘jilmart’, while not explaining how. It is definitely not the popularity of this government and MR that makes this possible.

Hope has been replaced by despair. Despair leads to sullenness and/or violence. What will follow despair is already beginning to appear in our horizon on many fronts. How all these disparate events will coalesce to manifest as a consolidated reaction is not hard to predict. How can a hopeless and despairing people and the country they live in, progress in such circumstances?

However, hopelessness and despair always transform into new hope. Who or what will harbinger the new hope for our country?  Time is ripe. How will this new hope manifest as action? Thank God, we are designed to be capable of having a wisp of hope even in utter despair.

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    Dr. RN

    Reading your straight forward article that is freer of ethnic of bias than 99% of articles on CT, is what gives me hope. There are still individuals like you among the minorities who speak from the heart and reach out to sinhalese who share your concerns, fears and yes, hopes.


    • 2

      Problem is that they write like all the things happening in the world is not biased, no hidden agendas, very genuine when human rights concerned … etc ..
      But, the reality is completely different … Look at what west lead by the HR Champion, US, does around the world right now especially regarding Muslim countries. They created Muslim extremism (Taliban, bin laden’s, mujahideen, Al Qaida …etc) to create terrorism Muslims verses Muslims and others .. Earlier like in Iraq, they went physically and got killed in small numbers compared to millions muslims … Now they do not go .. They use drones, create chaos from far away for extremists and even normal Muslims to kill each other … Now ISIS is taking control … US and the West are at a loss what to do … They will wait little while letting fools of the muslim world killing each other in thousands … Then, the west will come up with another plan to get on top the situation … I feel this time it is getting much more difficult due to many reasons. Some of them are -ISIS’s toughness, people realising west’s agenda, the complexity of the problem due the involvment of number of countries etc ..

      Still, people like Dr Narendra Rajasingham do not understand them … May be they understand but they have some hidden agendas … Only themselves know for sure ..

      Dr NR says “….The government is discovering external enemies and their local counterparts by the day, to cover its own footprints and foul- smelling spoor.  Even the opportunity to prove the LTTE-crimes against humanity, is not enough reason to welcome the UNHRC investigation!..”
      For him it’s opportunity … But for the people who follow UNHRC, west, LTTE rump, INGO’s etc, investigation is a trap to execute regime change to get country into their submission to do whatever they like..

      Then, this Dr, says “…This is made worse by the fact that people’s despair is not translating into votes needed to displace this government. The reason defies me. The trick is yet to be deciphered. Some call it computer ‘jilmart’, while not explaining how. It is definitely not the popularity of this government and MR that makes this possible…”

      People in Sri Lanka deciphered the ‘trick’ longtime back and continuing to identify the new ‘tricks’ eventhough the Dr could not … For the people of SL, It was bit hard then … With so many data ( three decades of events, responses, behaviours) available now, even a kindergardner could decipher ‘jilmarts’ … Good example is the behaviour of the our US ambassador lady in SL .. She is everywhere showing her ‘love’ towards Sri lankan Muslims … It’s ‘heart breaking’ to see the ‘humanity’ shown by this lady ambassador when thousands and thousand of muslims are getting killed or killing each other due to their tricks … I do not expect Dr NR to decipher those tricks because those tricks are far far beyond Dr’s ability …

      • 7

        Bruno Umbato

        Try and understand within the context of Dr R Narendran’s broader thinking. I am sure if Dr Narendran wanted, he can rip the western perceptions on issues into pieces.

        In the changing world, the latest policy of the US towards Iraq is positive. This is what the west is saying to Sri Lanka. Without accommodating the minorities Shiates followed Mahinda’s policy and the West is washing its hands off from Iraq now. Are you going to crying over this saying it is double standard?

        Muslims too have serious attitude problems. On the whole they are so intolerant towards other religions. Islamization is their policy. That does not mean Buddhist supremacy is allowed to override other religions in the island.

        In the west Muslims are buying the churches and making them mosques. Christians are selling them without any fuss. Can you do this in the Muslim countries.

        Mahinda’s Chinthana is none other than adoption of Islamic crusade and in that Mahinda has decided to crucify the Muslims themselves.

        Please do not try to justify the conduct of the Sinhala rulers who lacks the vision to build a tolerant society in Sri Lanka through good governance means.

        Sri Lanka must change and will be made to change. How and when only the time will answer.

      • 6

        SL problem in itself is complex. So many people who live locally and have first hand experience but have very different views and that make it real complex. (Ex: some people truly see MR as King or saviour of nation and some others see MR as crazy fool)
        Now when you add different, huge countries which have similar but more complex problems to this equation, and you make your own conclusive remarks on those foreign countries actions and then correlate your decisions with SL (significantly small country in most areas)….
        Why so many Sri Lankan do this? For all local issues, most of Sinhalese always blame foreign countries, specially USA or UK, but hardly put any effort to isolate and analyse local issues for betterment of the country.

      • 3

        People who think like you, are the reason for hopelessness and despair.
        Why are you worried about Iraq look at what is staring in front of your face in Srilanka’s north and east and elsewhere. and try to look at things and understand without any bias.

      • 0

        Bruno- [Edited out]

    • 9

      Rajasingham Narendran,

      Hope is a fine emotion of human beings for progress, happiness and survival. However, hope alone is not sufficient for change in human behavior or behavior of states.

      Facts, understanding and formulating of the basic problem is more important than hope: If you don’t get the facts correct and don’t formulate the problem right you can only hope for Pollyanna kind of utopian solutions that will not be viable.

      As a person with scientific thinking and research as in my profession, I consider the problem of Sri Lanka, thus:

      From independence in 1948 the Sinhalese ruling elite starting with D S Senanayake up to Mahinda Rajapakse have been consistent in one major strategy, not in nation building; that is to make Sinhala Buddhist supremacy envelop the length and breadth of the island.

      You may say, there goes another Tamil extremist or even worse, but the facts are there if you take care to research carefully, the thread running for 66 years is clear as crystal.

      After 1948, in parliament estate Indians, though they contribute immensely to the economy, were made stateless by a new law. Whereas, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries didn’t resort to such ethnic cleaning actions to immigrant communities like Chinese and Tamils. Many Sri Lankan people accept this ethnic cleansing acceptable and democratic.

      As a child I noticed that Tamil Nadu Tamils working in Jaffna and elsewhere were denied residence and deported to India. Same thing happened to Malayalees who ran nice thosai kadais all over Jaffna, and may be elsewhere too. People may not know now that before World War II people didn’t need to carry passports, let alone visas to migrate to another country.

      A British ship in Madras port takes anybody who wants to go to Ceylon, Malaya, South Africa, West Indies or Fiji. Most Indians in those countries went that way and they became citizens at independence of those countries. Their ruling political elite didn’t resort to sending them back to India, China, etc or making them stateless.

      There are many more instances of, and still ongoing instances of ethic cleansing and oppression of Tamils, and now Muslims and Christians in Sri Lanka under all the regimes that followed D S Senanayake’s. I want to cut it short, but the list of ethnic/religious cleansing instead of nation building in Sri Lanka is lengthy

      So you see that those countries that took Indians/Tamils absorbed them all as citizens, whereas our rulers wanted to ethnic cleansing of people other than Sinhalese: Singapore is a striking example of nation building after independence taking Chinese, Malays and Indians in the fold and sharing an expanding cake.

      The irony of the whole thing is that even today tiny, but economically mighty and wealthy Singapore employs a large chunks of Tamil engineers and others discriminated and thrown out of Sri Lanka!

      Truth of this political pattern of not building up a nation for 66 years, but destroying it and making an ethno-religious centric state must be recognized and understood by all including the Sinhala Buddhists. Many Sinhalese still think that LTTE started all the problems in the country: This must change genuinely.

      Without proper understanding of the root cause of the ongoing problem you are not going to solve the problem. Einstein said to the effect: You are not going to find as solution to a problem with the same mind set that created the problem.

      Now this is why, for example, an international investigation of what happened during the last stages of the war must be conducted impartially to get at the truth. Without the truth you can’t have an understanding of the problem. Without understanding the truth of what went on for 66 years under Sinhalese dominated rule we are not going to formulate the problem correctly. If the problem is not formulated properly how can you have an effective solution?

      There are Pollyannas and vested interests arguing that trying to get at the truth will hurt reconciliation: I say that argument is dishonest.

      When the truth is bared for all to see and justice is done to victims, whether they be Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims or anybody else, then the problem can be properly formulated to find a lasting solution.

      • 5

        Well said.

      • 8

        In my opinion Rajasingham Narendran’s thinking is shallow, muddled and self righteous to get some kind of fame and acclaim as a neutral man among Sri Lankans.

        From the comments I see that many gullible people all willing to swallow his hook line and sinker as some kind of panacea for all.

        He is a popularity seeker of the worst kind!

        • 5


          At a stroke you have reflected your conditioned mindset. You are unable to understand the mature analysis. Instead, sunk to the low to make judgement of worse kind with unnecessary personal attack.

          What I think is that you must be having some personal grudges against the Dr and seeing his photograph and name must have irritated you.

          All what you have said in your lengthy response is the story even street dog in Sri Lanka will narrate. We are all fully knowledgeable to what you have stated and they are irrelevant to the emphasis made in the article.

          Thiru in Tamil is respectable name but unfortunately it does not fit you. Please change it to THIRUGU (Throttle) which is more appropriate for a one sided prejudicial person like you.

      • 7

        Dear Thiru,

        You are writing as if the Lanka Tamils were scions of Humanism and the Sinhalese were Brutes. But any in depth analysis of Lanka Tamil Society will reveal how grossly inhuman they were to their own. That centuries old inhumanity, would probably find only few parallels in the world.

        When you were inhuman to your own family, your pretense at caring for those outside the family, does not cut any ice. The Indian Tamils were the scum of the Earth in India, the untouchables of Indian Tamil society.

        Though you claim to be capable of scientific thinking and research, what you have written is a lot of irrational tripe coloured by racist thought.

        Dr. Rajasingham Narendran is a man who has suffered immensely at the hands of political goons in 1983, though his writing has changed from what it was in 2009 due to disillusionment, his ability to see through the veil of propaganda, at the Sinhalese polity, has been consistent and has not changed.

        His article was sure to attract the ire of the Tamil Separatists and the lunatic extremist fringe.

        I do not see eye to eye with him on matters of Land. But he is a man that will earn the respect of right thinking Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnicity.

        I wish him well.

        Kind Regards,

        • 5

          Off the Cuff or Off the Butt?

          “You are writing as if the Lanka Tamils were scions of Humanism and the Sinhalese were Brutes. But any in depth analysis of Lanka Tamil Society will reveal how grossly inhuman they were to their own. That centuries old inhumanity, would probably find only few parallels in the world. “

          This statement is not entirely Off the Butt.

          The truth is about the Para. The Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils and their derivatives.

          The Paras should take their Para Prakrit and Dravidian derived Languages, their South Indian bodies, their para religions from India back to South Indian East India.

          Let the Native Veddah live with the environment the way they lived before the Paras arrived.

          The Vedda Tribe


          The Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations


          • 1

            Whose DNA do you carry Amarasiri?

            Kind Regards

        • 7

          Dear Umberto Gui and Off the Cuff,

          Instead of going off at a tangent attaching labels and branding me, can you dispute my arguments in the a coherent logical manner?

          You cannot, because what I said are facts based analysis, and how the Sri Lankan state is acting up to now compared to civilized ones:

          If you are capable of scientific analysis do so like an honest scientist so that people can learn what is the problem.

          Let anybody capable of scientific thinking and analysis tell me where I went wrong in the analysis.


          • 4


            What is scientific in your comment. It is nonsensical subversion to reflect your conditioned and subverted mindset.

            Your facts and basis of analysis are not worthy of response/s from me or anyone.

            Please go to Sri Lanka and speak to the dogs and they the right ones to respond to your idiocy.

          • 2

            Dear Thiru,

            Re “Let anybody capable of scientific thinking and analysis tell me where I went wrong in the analysis”

            You are using 1948 as a baseline. What about what went before that? Such as the reaction of the Jaffna Tamils to the equal seating directive of the colonial govt?


            There were a few enlightened vellala Hindus, of whom S. Rajaratnam, the Chairman of the Hindu Board of Education, was a shining example, who tried to cooperate with the government over this matter but otherwise all vellala Hindu opinion, from the most cultured and Westernized man to the illiterate peasant, was opposed to the policy.

            Even by the mid-20th century the status of the pallas, for exeample, was hardly any better than a century before. Tambiah quotes from the Manual of the Madura District published in 1868 to describe the position of the pallas in 1951.

            They are a numerous but abject and despised race. Their principal occupation is ploughing the land of the more fortunate Tamils, and though normally free, they are usually slaves in almost every sense of the word.’ The outcastes or parayas had a deplorable social status. Among this group, there was a caste unique to Jaffna, the turumbas or washers men to the parayas. They were not allowed to be seen in the daylight and could only travel by night.

            The movement for social emancipation by the non-vellalas was given a fillip in the late 1920s with the commencement of the colonial government’s policy of equality of opportunity in education. The hostility which this policy caused among the vellala in Jaffna was a measure of the inter-caste tension which persisted throughout the 20th century.

            The history of this so-called “equal seating campaign” illustrates the nature of the caste friction very well. In Jaffna schools and colleges, differential treatment of castes manifested itself in three ways.

            First, certain castes, the parayas, for example, were forbidden entry into a number of schools. Secondly, the non-vellala castes who were permitted to enter schools either sat on chairs a few inches lower than the vellala children or sat on the floor. Thirdly, commensality or inter-dining between the vellala and the non-vellala castes was considered taboo by vellala Hindus. In 1930, three leading politicians5 approached the Governor to disregard the enforcement of the rule of inter-dining between vellala and non-vellala students at Kopay Training College. A few weeks later, several schools which had tried to enforce the equal seating rule were burnt down by infuriated vellala parents, and there were some outbreaks of violence between castes over this.’ In other rural mission schools, the missionaries reported that the vellala children had stopped attending schools which had equal seating, and several schools had to close for want of pupils.

            (Jane Russell in Communal Politics)

            What about the attempts made by the Jaffna Tamils to give Constitutional Legitimacy to the Abominable Cast Practices of the Jaffna Tamils that enslaved the MAJORITY Tamil polity and have them so enslaved for eternity?

            The foregoing underlines your PSEUDO concern about the Indian Origin Tamils whose population OUTNUMBERED the TOTAL Lanka Tamil population of Lanka.

            You would have been singing a different tune if the Indian Origin Tamils were living in the North as tobacco plantation labourers, turning the Vellala in to a very small minority, surrounded by an Overwhelming majority of antagonist low cast Tamils, instead of the Kandyan Sinhala hinterland of the hill country.

            You wrote “After 1948, in parliament estate Indians, though they contribute immensely to the economy, were made stateless by a new law”

            That is a Lie and a lop sided one at that. It shows how careful your research has been though you say “but the facts are there if you take care to research carefully,”

            You are referring to Ceylon Citizenship Act No. 18 of 1948

            1. The Act was passed with 9 Lanka Tamil MP’s (out of 12) of Mr G.G. Ponnambalam’s Tamil Congress voting WITH the govt.

            2. In 1948 the Soulbury Constitution had section 29 which protected the minorities.

            3. At that time the HIGHEST Judicial Court for Lanka was the Privy Council in the UK.

            4. Those who qualified for Citizenship were granted Citizenship

            Hence even if as you say the Racist Sinhala Govt managed to pass an Act that discriminates the minorities with the help of Racist Tamils in govt, the Privy Council that was the FINAL authority in interpreting the Constitution, would have struck it down.

            But the Privy Council held that the Citizenship Act was Intra Vires the Ceylon Legislature

            PRIVY COUNCIL APPEAL NO. 7 OF 1952

            S. C. 368-Application for Writ of Certiorari
            It was suggested on behalf of the appellant that this Act might itself be ultra vires as conferring a privilege upon Indian Tamils within section 29 (2) (c) of the Constitution Order-in-Council and that therefore it was inadmissible to rebut the inference that the legislature had intended by the Citizenship and Franchise Acts to make Indian Tamils liable to disabilities within the meaning of section 29 (2) (6) but their Lordships cannot accept this argument. If there was a legislative plan the plan must be looked at as a whole and when so looked at it is evident in their Lordships’ opinion that the legislature did not intend to prevent Indian Tamils from attaining citizenship provided that they were sufficiently connected with the island.

            Is it in the present case legislation on citizenship or is it legislation intended to make and making Indian Tamils liable to disabilities to which other communities are not liable ? It is as the Supreme Court observed a perfectly natural and legitimate function of the legislature of a country to determine the composition of its nationals. Standards of literacy, of property, of birth or of residence are as it seems to their Lordships standards which a legislature may think it right to adopt in legislation on citizenship and it is clear that such standards though they may operate to exclude the illiterate, the poor and the immigrant to a greater degree than they exclude other people do not create disabilities in a community as such since the community is not bound together as a community by its illiteracy, its poverty or its migratory character but by its face or its religion. The migratory habits of the Indian Tamils (see paragraphs 123 and 203 Soulbury Report) are facts which in their Lordships’ opinion are directly relevant to the question of their suitability as citizens of Ceylon and have nothing to do with them as a community.

            For all these reasons their Lordships have come to the conclusion that the Citizenship and Franchise Acts are intra vires of the Ceylon legislature and they therefore humbly advise Her Majesty that this appeal ought to be dismissed. The appellant must pay the costs of the appeal.

            Appeal dismissed

            End Extract


            I can write much more but the above will suffice for the moment.

            You have been propagating Separatist Propaganda for a long time. Here is an example

            Thiru on March 25, 2014 at 4:21 am on an article written by Charitha Ratwatte on CT, this same question was raised. I responded to you at this link but you failed to reply.


            Today you have donned the Garb of a Rational Scientist, how very impressive!

            Let’s see you respond to this comment as a Rational Scientist.

            Kind Regards,

            • 1


              You have RUN AWAY again.

              So much for you Braggadocio

              Kind Regards,

        • 0

          He had to change with the wind. That is what he has done

    • 6

      Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

      “The Land Where Hope Was Killed And Despair Was Reborn”

      The curse of the Paras, especially Para-Sinhalese and Para-Tamils, Land Where Hope Was Killed And Despair Was Reborn in the Land of Native Veddah.

      This is why these Paras need to be sent back to South India, where they came from, as proven by the DNA in their bodies.

      Paras, please leave the Land of Native Veddah

      The Vedda Tribe


    • 5

      sinhalese buddhist

      However, the core problem is with the Para-Sinhala Buddhists, from South India, as proven by their DNA, who believe in the lies and imaginations, of Para-Monk Mahanama of Mahawamsa notoriety, in the Land of Native Veddah.

      The Vedda Tribe


      Sri Lanka indigenous People


    • 5

      While the Menik Camp was open, foreign journalists interviewed the President:
      Excerpt from CNN video(2010) on ‘Witness to Survival” by Ms. Sara Sidner: the journalist challenges the President’s lies.

    • 4

      It took a long time for the author to realise that Rajapakses aren’t there for the welfare of the country

  • 11


    What a fantastic analysis.

    Dr Narendran reads the pulses so well. Very heart rending analysis from a loyal and a dedicated Sri Lankan who had sacrificed enough in his life for maintaining his status as a Sri Lankan.

    Mahinda is in the bunkers like Pirabakaran. He is unable to move even his fingers and time is not far away for him to be physically moved out.

    Pirabakaran was a frog in the well and did not visualise the changing world. Mahinda mama too is suffering from the same syndrome. Tsunami is in the making and it is still not late to prevent it.

    The world was resolved against Pirabakaran. The world is now resolved against Mahinda mama. Charles Taylor is waiting to receive Mahinda Mama and uncle Gota.

    One call from Delhi released the recently arrested Indian fisherman just few days ago. These numskulls must be kicked, pushed and jolted. Otherwise they will num the world.

    Gowinda! Gowinda!!

    • 5

      This is the result of people staying on power for too long.

      VP didn’t know whats happening outside his bunker, MaRa doesn’t know whats happening outside his palace, Singh was singing Sonia songs, …..

      They start relying on advisors and loose touch with people.

      No one should stay in power longer than 5 – 8 years.


  • 11

    “Hope is a bird
    With wonderful feathers
    Sits on the boughs of the soul
    And sings the song of how to remain alive”

    How very true; These birds are our Muslim ministers.They sing the song of how to remain alive with the government, whatever the harm done to the community. Also, they are craftier that the fox and would not allow the cheese to fall off their mouths while they sing.

  • 3

    Thank you for the recognition of the efforts of both the Sinhala villagers and the government towards the needs of the IDPs, and why the TNA (the LTTE proxy ) was kept out. It is sad that Westerners think that the Menik farm with 300,000 IDPs still exists thanks to the efforts of the LTTE diaspora. If the self-serving Tamil politicians had worked with the government instead of opposing it, the lot of the rescued Tamil civilians would no doubt be better today.

    A crusade by definition cannot be carried out by Buddhists. If you’d met Hope’s sisters Faith and Charity, you’d have known that they were prettier by far.

  • 2

    A well written article. It is sad to see this happening in our beautiful country. MR and his thugs are doing all these atrocities in the name of Buddhism and showing the citizens mainly Buddhists that they are concerned to win their votes. Ma Ra ,the siblings and the sons think they can rule the country for ever.In the end Ma Ra will take the same plight like Saddam ,Gadafi and co.

  • 6

    I need not speak.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran has spoken for me. And I believe for millions of silent Sri Lankans of all ethnicities as well.

    Unfortunately we do not have men of Dr. Rajasingham Narendran’s brand in politics.

    Instead our corridors of power are infested with spineless cowards, crooks, thieves, die-hard racists and religious fanatics.

    It is high time we made an attempt to change all that.


    • 6

      Ha ha Ho ho, ╭∩╮(◣_◢) ╭∩╮ tatte motte.

      `Lying Race Fascist Chameleon go tell that to the marines!

  • 4

    Hope has become hopeless !
    Buddhism has become breathless!
    Democracy has become helpless!
    Humanity has become humanless!
    Tamils have become landless!
    Sinhalese have become mouthless!

    Banda broke one of the feathers of the pigeon with Sinhala Only!
    Mrs Banda broke the other feather of the pigeon with Buddhism Only!
    JR Jeyawardena broke both feathers by burning the library and people!
    Mahinda burnt the whole of pigeon and buried under the sea!

    Now where is the hope?

    • 4

      `Now where is the hope?`

      Exactly like that freedom/hope is plucked because its never given.

  • 8

    Thanks Dr. Narendran for outlining through experience quite objectively and fairly how the country lost a golden opportunity, after the end of the war, to reconstruct the country with justice. I do agree that there was hope at the beginning. There were commendable things done too. But now the situation has deteriorated not only in the North but also in the South. The President has come under strong influence of extremist/chauvinist forces. He has become a willing captive. Perhaps it is like the fate of the Pilot of the lost MH 370!

    Let’s kill despair and give birth to hope for a better future for all communities. That can be done and should be done. I take your article in that spirit.

    • 7

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

      Please read my lengthy comment above as to why we should get to the root cause of the problem before attempting to solve the problem on an ad hoc basis.

      Mahinda is only the latest cog in the wheel of the Sri Lankan racist state: Over 66 years lawlessness of the state has increased tremendously, mainly felt by Tamils, and Mahinda has crowned the lawlessness to new heights.

      I believe the present regime of Rajapakses make even bring the island to Rwanda like situation in the future: Hope I am proved wrong.

      • 4


        You have made your points in your comments already.

        You are proving desperate to sell your root cause story that the balanced Dr Laksiri Fernando already knows. His words herein speaks loud and clear and there is no need for him to respond to your pathetic limited reflections.

      • 3

        Dear Thiru,

        Your lengthy comment was responded to.

        It would be informative to the readers to continue reading the discussion if you decide to continue with the new found Rationality of a Scientist.

        Kind Regards,

      • 0


        Sorry for the delay in responding as I was involved in some ‘reconciliation’ work in Sydney. Also I don’t believe that debates are always healthy. Therefore, I was hesitant first what to do. Sometimes it is better to allow matters to settle. In arguments we are sometimes pushed for harder positions. This is my opinion and experience.

        Trying to find root causes is good but even there people can have different perceptions. It is not that scientific. At least we have to give some margin for errors or differences. How far are we going to go back in finding the roots causes? Yes, independence is a good starting point. But at the same time we have a 4 ¼ centuries of colonialism. People may feel differently for that period.

        When looking for root causes one can go along the history, horizontally backwards. But there can be another method. That is to look for the root causes within the socio-economic and also the political system in the contemporary context. That means going vertically downwards. This way of looking at causes can identify not only the causes but also solutions. Not that I dismiss a historical approach. But I would give more emphasis on socio-economic and contemporary approach. I thought Dr. Narendran’s approach to be very contemporaneous. At least it brings us to where we are now with some indications for the future. It is free from blame game, what people from both sides normally engage in. Nevertheless he is critical.

        Please don’t take me that I am siding with some of your adversaries. Not at all. Of course they are free for their opinion. I read your initial comment but didn’t read the counter comments. I am just responding to what you have directed to me.

        • 2

          Well said Dr L F

          Tragically, Thiru is unable go beyond the monotonous yardstick that we all know very well. He and few others herein are engaged in the process to personally attack writers without responding to issues considered.

          Both extreme Sinhala and Tamil contributors are united in this. Some of them are so rabid.

          Quantum of Sinhala rabid commentators are at the same level. On the Tamil side there are only a few – unlike in the past during the LTTE time it was unbearable.

          30 years of war has brought the degeneration to such a level amongst some.

          • 3

            Gui the `Gooo`ta ghost in `boo`ts.
            The `Lying Race` has never had substance because it is forensic technology ++. Most are fed up of distorted fabricated Sihala Buddhist history. 2500yrs – 2 fight with no north indian dna. BBC gave Nonis the penis.

            Almost all treaties from 1500 of East India Company are at London (known as treaties of london and at different locations)because of marriages and dowry given by Portuguese/Spanish to the English kings.

            There is a limit to answering folk educated in free schools of 3rd world fascism so most take you and your collaborator the off the butt offshot.otc.

            The attacks on Muslims have made you nude in the eyes of the west where you have always boasted of hospitality, culture as coached by the fascist Japenese/Mahanama because of state sponsorship of Sihala Buddhist only (check all scholarships from SWRD period onwards)

            Go insulate your underpants Mugabe Loves You.

        • 3

          Thiru you are right take it from 48 and the DNA test is the best to prove their pseudo morphism.
          Dr Laksiri,
          So you want to get away vertical thinking like the west which has been unsuccessful- Iraq Syria, Libya. Your subject is a pseudo-science for control freaks wherein only politicians could dream to satiate their thirst for power.
          It’s mainly during European rule that the hora oru/kallathoni came into Ceylon (the Portuguese were sent orphans by the king to marry for security of running their crusade and slavery; the Dutch and British closely followed that or you would be like the Hispanic nations). DNA will cover that period and in any case Ceylon was ruled by the British Raj via Chennai after the 3rd and last Anglo/Maratha 1818 and the treaty with the only martial race.(it’s in the UK and Indian National archives Somerset House London)
          1947-48 tired Roosevelt and Churchill blundered with the partition and independence when J Nehru wanted the island and the sea inclusive of Andaman Islands (lanka is trying to play the Gibraltar game in the region)
          Peace can only be had Bangala style by IAF when the Americans start to waver. India does not need a failed state and nothing like Bahrain where the minority rules.

          Dr RN in his 80’s is writing a song to make him happy after his family was at the wrong place during the IPKF- We cannot blame the jawans who lost many a life and lib in anothers treacherous war but the stupid leaders who did not know what to look for.

          `humanity is spirit of divineness on earth- joy in existence.
          But Sihala Buddhist Lanka is now embroiled with its bedfellow the Muslim after having decimated most Tamils of all faiths.

          • 1

            ” Dr.RN in his 80s”! Why not 90s, 100s and 120s? Any relevance to what I have written?


            • 3

              Hello R.N.

              Reason can dream what dreams cannot reason.

              Now that you have let your emotions trail a lost humor.Remember you very often make tea in your pajamas quote eg Jaffna GA said prostitution by threat and tips to Tamil women by forces and non payment by Tamil men.

              Any form of freedom can come via technology or from honest playwrights that have lead folk (Czechoslovakia)

              Good luck and keep on writing your comments we like it because you are a decent man.


  • 4

    All these left-handed ‘hosannas’ to the police cum military state keeping tamils in the north and east under subjugation is sickening.
    Thousands still in secret detention is ignored.
    Unless the militarisation is removed,none can live free.
    Thousands of IDPs vanished after arrest – and those who exposed this are incarcerated.This is supposed to be “revolting”!!!
    Sacrifice of 4 tamil employees of the army to attempt ‘resurrection’ of the dead LTTE to justify the militarisation is worse than “revolting”.
    This great “world traveller” is deaf,blind & dumb.

    Now it is the turn of the muslims in the south.
    Law and Order are non-existent now,all over sri lanka.
    The police simply ignore it,and enjoy impunity as never before.
    The Saffron Brigade calls the shots.
    It was reported that 14 arrested arsonists were released because Gnanasara Thero threatened “self-immolation”.Evidence of Shooting deaths of 4 muslims is being altered to protect the police.

    Now there are hurried efforts to cover up/restore looted/burned homes/businesses before UNHRC team arrives.

  • 8

    This land was full of promise in 1948, where did we go? NO where, so your hope for something better in 2009 was misplaced, history always repeats itself.

  • 4

    No mention of the part you played in coming as part of the GOVERNMENT delegation of MR to laud is efforts ?

    • 2


      I am reading Dr Narendran’s articles regularly. He has mentioned his meetings with MR openly in his writings.

      It looks like Dr RN has to reflect the minds of each and every ridiculous opinion makers in this forum in all his write-ups.

      Dr RN : This is Gowinda! Growningda!! of the gutless and prejudiced.

      Gowinda! Gowinda!!

  • 3

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran, the supporter of the past paramilitary, is talking about hope.

    1. CBK refused to recommend the King for the post, knowing him.
    2. The JVP’s Sarth N.de Silva said he wanted King to grab the power that is why he cleared the legal curdles stayed blocking King to get the post.
    3. King paid the money to LTTE to come power and wiped out it completely. It is the same story with with JVP, Mangala, Fonseka, Tamil and Muslim paramilitary coolies…..
    4. Just before war he forcefully removed the SLMM which was maintaining peace. They are waiting to give their evidence at OHCHR. Dr.RN should go there and deny their evidences. King forced the Bhawathy commission out of the country.
    5. America blamed LTTE as they appointed the King. It hated him to that an extent. Everybody knows latter America joined him thinking they can control him. Then Blake accepted in Congress he was wrong.
    6. The war time has been recorded by UN, other NGO and reporters as one on the worst in the world history. Seeing the Mullivaikkal that is the opinion SG of UN said. Mary Colin had reported, immediately after the war, about her involvement in White flag and the actual events took place. (It is Tamils’ unlucky chance they are missing a person like her, a real dedicated help and having Dr.RN like with them). These writing have been already used to UN resolutions. Just because of this war only, Lanka has been named as one of the few countries in the world which is using (and used) rape as weapon.
    7. The camps were the height of the human of abuses. Paramilitary people pointed at their personal enemies in the camps. Then those innocents were picked up with whole family, Tortured and raped and forced to vanish. Many are still hidden in unknown location. By doing this idiotic, foolish paramilitary peoples were having hopes that they were becoming elites in the Army government.
    8. When UN repeatedly insisted to open up the camps and resettle the people, the government dumped most of them in water-less basic facility-less jungles. When, again NGO asked permission to visit these jungle it was refused. They all will bring their records to the investigation. That is why they created it.

    It is really laughable to write for some they had hope in this situation. Diaspora very intelligently assed the situation, analyzed the reason for the success of the Traitor Kathirkamar and immediately started to get into diplomatic agitations.
    DR.RN is writing the side of paramilitary and claiming that there was hope. It might have remained only as a hope. Not and intelligent analysis of the situation.

    This Guy is saying TNA exaggerated. The truth is TNA was the most silent Tamils organization after the war. That was in a situation none of the foreign diplomats was ready to meet them and India refused to provide them security so they remained hiding them virtually unknown.
    When we (diaspora) were protesting about the” internment camps” with the photo and reports NGOs smuggled out of the country, in 2009, 2010 & 2011 we never heard a word from TNA. The first time in 2012, when TNA has to go to campaign in Geneva, they did not go there because of fear. When India saw the resolutions at UN were going to go away from its interest, it started to force the government to NPC election. That is the first time TNA was looking out of its’ hiding hole. (TNA is still not protesting against lands grapping and try to deal it within courts, a non-workable solution, because of fear.) That time India has asked them to contest in NPC and form the NPC government, so that India can show at the UNHRC that it has the situation under control, so the resolution are unwanted.

    The way Dr.RN writes here raises a suspicion if he had hoping to get into the Royal Government. There was no other Tamil organization has publicly expressed any hope during, after or before the war. The vaddukkodai resolution was passed after very careful consideration of what had been experienced and what options were left. The entire Tamil population, TULP, FP, TNA LTTE, TGTE… everybody always has been staying bound by that resolution. Though Dr.RN supported some paramilitary organizations, he was never a part of the Tamils political organization. His ability to review these is below negligible.
    Seeing the opportunities after war for paramilitaries, this known paramilitary supporter, Dr.Rajasingham Narendran might have been eying for Health Ministry (like Hakeem in the Justice), and now in despair. Well Kathirkamar’s lesson who eyed Prime Minister- Ship is for some intelligent peoples, not for peoples like Dr.RN.

    The way he praise the after war situation is putting him as the First disciple of DR.DJ. who repeatedly writes his achievements of hiding the 147,000 disappearances with zero casualty story. They say in “one tries to hide pumpkin in a rice pallet”. This guru-disciple team is doing exactly that. But when Dr.DJ writes, even though it is a bogus analysis, it is still a political statement. This a absolute comedy!

    • 4

      Which paramilitary are you referring to? The following comment exemplifies my attitude towards the Tamil Paramilitary groups:

      “I have always disagreed with Dayan’s stance on the EPDP & Douglas Devananda; his silence on the TMVP; his promotion of the skeletal 13th amendment as a solution to Tamil political aspirations; and his list of nominees for a possible Interim Council for the north. However, I also feel that it will be counterproductive for the government to take out a person of Dayan Jayatilleka calibre from the foreign service. His intellectual versatility, writing skills and verbal abilities are rarely seen combined in one person.” http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/5172

      Please prove your accusation.


      • 2

        DR.RN, I am disappointed. My expectation was that you would put forward a proof that if any Tamil political party, other than the paramilitary gangs, was really hoping that King was going to solve the Tamils’ problem. You gave up your greatest chance of proving your sincerity in establishing your point. I do not have to repeat. I have said very clearly what the paramilitary group was thinking of themselves when they picked their personal enemies out internment camps as LTTEs. All individual family cases will be come out sooner or later. 230,000 complains are lodged about the what happened during and after the war. You may want to show some patience too.

        1. “Which paramilitary are you referring to?”

        Are you asking me to relate my comments to which of the Paramilitary you supported? I do not know how many paramilitaries you supported. I know only one from your comments in CT, when you tried uphold your colleague’s rubbish about the EPDP. If you have written in support of more than that you can tell the names of those paramilitaries too. Only one un-elected paramilitary is ruling Jaffna. Why Douglas did not contest America, which has put EPDP as involved in criminal actives for 2013 report too? Is America wrong? If so why not sue America in a Lankan court? Didn’t Douglas sue Udayan too?

        2.The following comment exemplifies my attitude towards the Tamil Paramilitary groups: “I have always disagreed with Dayan’s stance on the EPDP & Douglas Devananda; his silence on the TMVP;

        It is interesting to know while Dayan is praising your essay here, he is having a negative stance about EPDP and TVMP than yours? Is my question right? You have a negative opinion about EPDP? Is that Dayan has the negative opinion about EPDP? Could give some details on how is Dayan differing from you on the stance of Douglas Devananda?

        3.”his promotion of the skeletal 13th amendment as a solution to Tamil political aspirations; and his list of nominees for a possible Interim Council for the north.” for your this part of the comment, Dayan is the best one to answer. Anyway ,I write something about it too here. You can let me know of your opinion on that.

        Douglas is also intermittently claiming that he is for 13A. When PSC was appointed to abolish 13A, Douglas did not want to go for that until India started gets involved in that. But he gave up of 13A only after for his First Minister hope was destroyed by King as King wanted to appoint Daya Master for that post. So you do not know who is the honest supporter of 13A is.
        Dayan was a member of EPRLF that started to rule North-East (First election). By “Dayan skeletal 13A amendment” you mean that one (1987) or the current one? If you are talking about the un-constitutionally modified new one, Is Dayan requesting constitutionally affirm the modification? First, before you take a stand on 13A you need to understand the nature of it. Can you let me know, if Dayan has anytime written anywhere when Varathar felt frustrated with 13A and declared Tamil Eelam “Varathar was In Error” or “varathar was perfectly right”. If I think Dayan is honestly proposing the 13A as a solution, before I disagree with him, I would like to know Dayan opinion on that before I disagree with Dayan on his stand of 13A. It is true that I disagree with Dayan on 13A. That is mainly about his honesty. Fonseka led the armed war for the King. Dayan led the diplomatic war. After him knowing hundreds of thousandth of peoples were murdered by the government, because he hated Prabhakaran’s resplendent face, he said at UNHRC as it was only zero casualties. Even you may have hard time show Prabhakaran’s killing more than 1000 civilians, but he did not try to hide anything. But even you are saying the government which killed more than 147,000 in few months and hiding that gave you hope for peace, but not TNA. You cannot say as anywhere TNA killing anybody. Even Hakeem is accused on that, but No TNA. Out of UNP, SLFP, JVP and DP only TNA is the only one murder accusation free. You need to read back your comments what you said about TNA of disrupting the peace, but your king was about to bring peace.

        Though it was said the 2009 war was fought to liberate the Tamils, but everybody knows that the 2009 war was fought only to further marginalize Tamils. It is the same way, with name of devolving authority to Tamils, the 13A was written to make sure that their hope for devolution will be completely shutoff forever. 13A’s other object was to get Rajiv’s hand off of JR. It is not a genuine amendment to the 1978 constitution. If you want to understand the legal implications of it, you may want to read Satyendra’s writing on this. As a matter of fact, Dayan is well aware of this. When Dayan propose implementing 13A under of 1987, in “EP” and “PR election” constitution, (both are created by his enemy JR), it is Dayan sincerity is the first one falls into question. If you say you disagree with Dayan on a political point, and if treat your political point has an edge over Dayan’s political point, then, following Dayan’s sincerity, yours also falling into question, unless you are willing to accept of you utterly confused of what is going in that 13A arena.

        As you know your opponents TNA also not ready abolish 13A. But TNA’s objection to the removal of 13A is not exactly an invitation or insists to implement it. Their position is they do not accept 13A. Now let me to put my opinion about 13A. The “13A” have been written to appear as process of devolution of power to Tamils. In 1987 or around, if somebody had implemented an implementable version of that, now the devolution quest might have been half quenched. In other words, the mirage created in the 13A that the land, police and East-North annexation was done in some kind of technique, we may have an unpredictable situation (i.e. we cannot guess what would be our position now). But, thanks God! Nobody came after JR did understand it and they never tried to implement it. The actual purpose of the 13A is to completely shut off the Tamils dream of devolution forever. It is a real mirage. Mirage is not to provide water for animals in the desert. Its aim is to induce the desperate animals to stop from looking for real water and trot after this mirage for until lose their soul, fall down dead by thirst. I am not a lawyer. And further, to talk about its entire feature, like Satyendra did, the space will not permit for that purpose. Let us just look at the North-East merging. JR tentatively merged them. It appeared like he liked to merge them. But purposefully he left it at that level. That is how he created the image of water. JR left it for Tamils, who have the thirst for devolution to follow it. They too were going to follow JR’s Mirage, unless Prabhakaran and Wimal saved them. In fact Prabhakaran was able to delay only. But Wimal is the one saved the Tamils by going to court, made sure that it never get mandated in the negative way as JR planned. If it had gone in the way JR guided, Tamils might have, by now, constitutionally denied that they ever can merge North-East. But the current situation is, if a proper method is followed, North and East can be easily merged and even upcountry also can be taken into that by intelligent acts. If any Sinhalese are honest in saying that the North and East cannot be merged because that will make separation possible, then they should come forward and advocate to merge the upcountry in that, so that separation will not take place. They all are dishonest on that. So, none of them is ready to ask for that.

        So you really don’t understand what are Dayan’s thoughts are. And even if you are disagreeing with Dayan on that, it does not clarify you stand on anything. You just blindly blame TNA (forget about LTTE) and support the paramilitary’s fake stories of King is offering (or King offered to make peace).The war was made to destroy Tamils. The 13+ stories during and after war were only to cheat foreign governments. It was not for Tamils. No Tamils negotiator or Tamil party leader received any of that information from government. Even Douglas never claimed that he was promised of 13+. So the story of there was hope for peace was also utter non sense.

        4. “However, I also feel that it will be counterproductive for the government to take out a person of Dayan Jayatilleka caliber from the Foreign Service. His intellectual versatility, writing skills and verbal abilities are rarely seen combined in one person.”

        This is not our problem (at least not mine). If I write what is good for Royal government everyone in the site is going to laugh. But still let us talk about it too. Before somebody question of Dayan’s intelligence, first they have to question his attitude. He falsified the real data at UNHRC. There were no zero casualties, there minimum, 150,000 in just few months. You or I may not know, but Dayan and King know the exact number. But, you, me, Dayan and King knows Dayan lied at UNHRC. As Dayan master, now it left to King to fire him or still believe him and keep him. I really do not understand how you can pass a judgment in between them. If this biggest liar Dayan, who was a minister for Tamils, lied against Tamils, If the same Dayan lied against him master on the next time and his master get hurt by it, will you take the responsibly of that? What is Dayan asking for is the name scoundrel, not diplomat. On the contrary, if Dayan is an honest diplomat, then King does not need him. What is problem if King fires a person, who demonstrated that/her not suitable for his administration? Would you recommend to King to appoint any of the TNA peoples for his service? Will he accept that just because some of them are good lawyers? The problem you face here is you have no idea of what is King’s future plan is. He prefers army personal on diplomat’s jobs. They still will be dedicated serviceman for him. All what Dayan can do is telling some diplomatic lies. Dayan further accepted he marketed at UNHRC is only the promise King her to SG of UN(Responsibility and accountability) and to Indian government (13+).That means Dayan was only implementing the plan that was given from Colombo. Why do you think, Savendra Silva, who perfectly implemented Colombo’s plan, word by word in Wanni, cannot do it at UN? In what way Dayan has advantage more than army officials?

  • 4

    Only hope to give peace a chance and a new beginning would be for the opposition to act like statesman/women.

    CBK/Ranil/JVP/ DP/TNA/SLMC/ Mano etc , contesting and convincing and winning the Sinhala south,Tamil North-East/Tamil speaking Muslims,Malays,Burghers, Veddahs etc on the platform of a new constitution.

    1. Equal rights,Including parity of status to all languages and religions(Not preferred status to one language and religion).

    2. Maximum devolution of powers to all provinces with fiscal independence within the national policy boundaries.

    3.National list would involve only national security,Monetary policy making,Immigration/Emigration,Ports and Airports.

    3.Separation of Religion from state(Secular state).

    4.Separation of Judiciary and law and order from state/Government interference.(Be it central or provincial), by appointing Independent elections commissioner,police commissioner,civil service commissioner and Judicial appointments commission.

    5.Separation of legislative assembly (Parliament) from executive presidency and preserving the independence of legislative assembly.

    In return the Minorities (TNA/ SLMC/ Mano etc) to call for international guarantees against separatism and implementation of above constitution.

    This will give an opportunity for both communities to prove their sincerity in reconciliation.

    Then we can talk of Reconciliation in a meaningful way. Short of this every thing else is trying to hoodwink one or the other.

  • 1

    DR Rajasingham Narendran,

    Ben Hurling has paid you the highest tribute which of course is well deserved.

    I have nothing to add other than to request you to be careful in quoting what The UNSG’s Darusman Report contains. There are signs of Graft in that report.

    Kind Regards,

    • 7

      If you don’t like the UN SEC Gen’s panel report, read the

      If you don’t like those 2 reports then wait 10 months for the UN investigative panel report.

      If you don’t like any of those, then you should urge your government to leave the UN system.

      • 1

        Dear Robert R,

        It is a question of Graft.
        It means the impartiality of the report is in question.

        It means there are indications of Bribery and Corruption within that report because the writers of that report, Mr. Marzuki Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven R. Ratner has EXONERATED the LTTE of a very serious War Crime.

        Namely that of employing a Human Shield.

        Exonerating the LTTE, automatically exonerates the Financiers of Terrorism in Lanka and the living LTTE rump overseas.

        It has nothing to do with you or me liking or disliking the UNSG’s POE Report.

        If you think you are capable of contesting what I have stated please do so, without trying to be melodramatic.

        Kind Regards,

        • 4

          OTC: I laud the basis and depth of your arguments in these columns and want you to know that. However, your statement that the UNSG POE exonerated the LTTE of the crime of employing human shields is not consistent with what is available in the link below (specific findings extracted for ease of reference). Could you please point to a specific part of the full report that substantiates your position on this point? / thanks.


          Specific findings of the panel:[37][38]

          The Sri Lankan military used large-scale and widespread shelling causing large numbers of civilian deaths. This constituted persecution of the population of the Vanni.
          The Tamil Tigers kept hostage 330,000 civilians who were fleeing the shelling and trapped in an ever decreasing area.
          The Sri Lankan government tried to intimidate and silence the media and other critics of the war using a variety of threats and actions, including the use of white vans to abduct and to make people disappear.
          The Sri Lankan military shelled on large scale the three Safe Zones where it had encouraged the civilian population to concentrate. It did this even after saying it would cease using heavy weapons.
          The Sri Lankan military shelled the UN hub, food distribution lines and Red Cross ships coming to rescue the wounded and their relatives. It did this despite having intelligence as well as notifications by the UN, Red Cross and others.
          Most of the civilian casualties were caused by Sri Lankan military shelling.
          The Sri Lankan military systematically shelled hospitals on the frontlines. All hospitals in the Vanni were hit by mortars and artillery, sometimes repeatedly, despite the Sri Lankan military knowing their locations.
          The Sri Lankan government systematically deprived civilians in the conflict zone of humanitarian aid, in the form of food and medical supplies, adding to their suffering. The government deliberately underestimated the number of civilians in order to deprive them of humanitarian aid.
          Tens of thousands of civilians were killed between January and May 2009. Many died anonymously in the final days.
          The Sri Lankan government subjected the civilians who managed to escape the conflict zone to further deprivation and suffering.
          Screening for Tamil Tigers took place without any transparency or external scrutiny. Some of those separated by the screening were summarily executed whilst women were raped. Others simply disappeared.
          All IDPs were detained in closed overcrowded camps where they were deprived of their basic rights. The conditions in the camps resulted in many unnecessary deaths.
          There were interrogations and torture in the camps. Suspected Tamil Tigers were taken to other facilities where they faced further abuse.
          The Tamil Tigers refused to allow civilians to leave the conflict zone and kept them as hostages. The civilians were sometimes used as human shields.
          The Tamil Tigers forcibly recruited members during whole civil war but this intensified during the final stages of the war. Some of the recruits were young as 14.
          The Tamil Tigers forced civilians to dig trenches, risking making them look like combatants.
          The Tamil Tigers kept on fighting even when it became clear they had lost in order to save the lives of its leaders. This futile prolonging of the conflict resulted many civilians dying unnecessarily.
          The Tamil Tigers shot at point blank any civilian trying to leave the conflict zone.
          The Tamil Tigers fired artillery from near civilians. They also stored military equipment near civilians and civilian structures such as hospitals.
          The Tamil Tigers carried out suicide attacks against civilians outside the conflict zone even during the final stages of the civil war.

          • 1

            Dear Ben Dover,

            The full report of the UNSG’s POE is available here.
            Please refer to it while reading my comment below.

            E. Alleged violations by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

            1. Using civilians as a human buffer

            237. Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions: Credible allegations point to a violation of Common Article 3’s ban on the taking of hostages insofar as they forced thousands of civilians, often under threat of death, to remain in areas under their control during the last stages of the war and enforced this control by killing persons who attempted to leave that area. (With respect to the credible allegations of the LTTE’s refusal to allow civilians to leave the combat zone, the Panel believes that these actions did not, in law, amount to the use of human shields insofar as it did not find credible evidence of the LTTE deliberately moving civilians towards military targets to protect the latter from attacks as is required by the customary definition of that war crime (Rule 97, ICRC Study)).

            Mr. Marzuki Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven R. Ratner has very clearly EXONERATED the LTTE of using a Human Shield, a very serious War Crime.

            Now let’s examine whether the reason adduced by the UNSG’s trio of “experts” is a Valid Reason.

            The ICRC Human Rights Laws are available at the ICRC website. Here is the link to the Law dealing with Human Shields (rule 97).

            Rule 97. Human Shields

            Rule 97. The use of human shields is prohibited.

            Definition of human shields
            The prohibition of using human shields in the Geneva Conventions, Additional Protocol I and the Statute of the International Criminal Court are couched in terms of using the presence (or movements) of civilians or other protected persons to render certain points or areas (or military forces) immune from military operations. Most examples given in military manuals, or which have been the object of condemnations, have been cases where persons were actually taken to military objectives in order to shield those objectives from attacks. The military manuals of New Zealand and the United Kingdom give as examples the placing of persons in or next to ammunition trains. There were many condemnations of the threat by Iraq to round up and place prisoners of war and civilians in strategic sites and around military defence points. Other condemnations on the basis of this prohibition related to rounding up civilians and putting them in front of military units in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Liberia.

            In the Review of the Indictments in the Karadžić and Mladić case, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia qualified physically securing or otherwise holding peacekeeping forces against their will at potential NATO air targets, including ammunition bunkers, a radar site and a communications centre, as using “human shields”.

            It can be concluded that the use of human shields requires an intentional co-location of military objectives and civilians or persons hors de combat with the specific intent of trying to prevent the targeting of those military objectives.

            The ICRC is very clear with it’s definition of a Human Shield. Co-Location of Military Objectives and Civilians with the intent of protecting Military Objectives is a Human Shield. No other conditions need to be satisfied.

            Specifically there is absolutely no requirement of “deliberately moving civilians towards military targets” as Fraudulently Claimed by the UNSG’s Panel of Experts.

            Hence they have DELIBERATELY adduced a Corrupt interpretation to IHL rule 97 in order to Exonerate the LTTE.

            It is interesting to note that neither Ms. Navi Pillai nor Mr. Ban Ki Moon have noticed the above gross violation and have continued to use a report produced by corrupt UN officials.

            The LTTE in Lanka is dead but it lives overseas.

            It is in the interest of the undercover LTTE financiers to get the LTTE exonerated from the Human Shield war crime as they too will get automatically exonerated for aiding and abetting.

            Probably ALL organisations such as the BTF, GTF, TRO, TYO etc have been involved in funding the LTTE and they are jittery of being found complicit.

            U.S. State Department says the LTTE has also used charitable groups, like the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, as a front for fundraising. These forms of funding have made the LTTE one of the wealthiest militant organizations in the world. In a January 2008 report (PDF), the Congressional Research Service said the LTTE continues to raise an estimated $200 million to $300 million per year despite recent declines in overseas financing.

            For three supposedly eminent people to collude and take the very bold step of corrupting International Law, the incentive must have been astronomical.

            The UNSG’s POE report is the foundation for charges against the SL Forces. That foundation is weak because the impartiality and integrity is extinct.

            The UNSG’s POE says the youngest child soldier is 14 years of age but UNICEF’s Javier Aguilar contradicts him by saying there were 9 year old child recruits.

            (BBC Hard Talk interview with Stephen Sackur, see 3:28 minute onwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gXbFPoDWSI)

            There are many other instances within the POE report that goes to show partiality towards the LTTE, which appears to be Tamil Diaspora driven, in particular the non critical acceptance of CH4 videos, containing obvious lies, as gospel.

            Thank you for your kind comments.

            Kind Regards,

            • 1

              Dear Ben Dover,

              Here is something that I discovered today while perusing the UNSG’s POE Report.

              The POE Report says

              149. Authenticated footage and numerous photographs indicate that certain LTTE cadre were executed after being taken into custody by the SLA. Photographs available to the Panel show many dead bodies of cadre (or possibly civilians), some with their hands tied behind their back. On 25 August 2009, the UK-based Channel 4 News released video footage, which showed the summary execution by Sri Lankan soldiers of several prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs. The prisoners in the footage are naked and blindfolded. They are kicked and forced to cower in the mud before being shot in the head at close range. The film shows several other prisoners who appear to have been killed earlier.

              The above statement is referenced to the following footnote.

              The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Mr. Philip Alston, concluded after consulting a video and audio expert as well as a forensic pathologist and an expert on ballistics, that “while there are some unexplained elements in the video, there are strong indications of its authenticity.” us See http://www.channe14.com/news/sri-Lanka-civil-war

              Let’s see how that stands up to scrutiny.

              1. Authenticated footage refers to the CH4 video released on 5 August 2009.

              How was this AUTHENTICATED?

              UN’s Philip Alston used Dr. Daniel Spitz as the Pathologist.

              This person was caught committing Perjury in a US Court.

              Spitz under Cross Examination starts to stammer

              He had no explanation as to why he could not find the ENTRANCE wound during a postmortem of a man shot in the Head, execution style. He had no explanation as to why he failed to find the bullet either. This killing was similar to the execution style killings in the CH4 video.

              Philip’s second expert was Mr. Grant Fredericks. He had no expertise in Photogrammetry as claimed by Alston.

              The Evidence given by Mr. Grant Fredericks at a Canadian Commission of inquiry (Braidwood Commission), into the Death of an immigrant Robert Dziekanski after being Tasered by four RCMP officers at the Vancouver airport in October 2007, was rejected by the Commissioner.

              The Commissioner stated,
              His verification methodology was flawed — while I accept that his measurement of the fixed object (the counter) showed a decrease in size as the camera zoomed out, he could make no comparable measurement of the movable object (Mr. Dziekanski’s jacket), because he was not able to measure the entire length of the jacket, as it extended below the level of the counter. I accept the opinions of Mr. Hird-Rutter and Mr. McInnis on this issue. He has no special expertise in determining steps from shoulder movements — without the verification referred to above,Mr. Fredericks’ opinion of three distinct steps forward is based entirely on his repetitive viewing of the three-second segment of the Pritchard video and his interpretation of Mr. Dziekanski’s changing shoulder movements. I am not persuaded that his expertise as a forensic video analyst extends to this type of human body movement. In the absence of such expertise, his opinion deserves no greater weight than the opinion of any other careful observer. I have watched this segment of the Pritchard video many dozens of times, and I have been unable to detect the three methodical step movements Mr. Fredericks described. Even if I am wrong and Mr. Dziekanski did take three distinct steps forward, Mr. Fredericks’ opinion is of questionable significance, since he repeatedly refused significance, since he repeatedly refused to estimate distance, even a distance as small as one inch.

              Mark Hird-Rutter, a certified photogrammetrist who was called by the Braidwood Commission that inquired into the Robert Dziekanski killing to analyze the methodologies used by Fredericks, described the methodology as ‘flawed.’ Hird-Rutter said:

              The methodologies that were used in Mr. Fredericks’s report do not follow the rigours of the Science of Photogrammetry and it would be wrong to use them to determine the movement of Mr. Dziekanski either forwards or backwards.

              Another expert Duane McInnis called by the Commission also criticized Fredericks’s analysis and methodology. McInnis, a mechanical engineer and founder and senior engineer in MEA Forensic Engineers and Scientists, Canada’s largest forensic engineering and scientific firm concluded that Mr. Fredericks’ opinion (that Mr. Dziekanski moved toward the officers) is not technically supportable because of measurement errors.

              Both Dr. Daniel Spitz, the Pathologist and Mr. Grant Fredericks the photogrammetrist has been JUDICIALLY condemned as Perjurors and Charlatans.

              Now where does the so called “Authenticated footage” of CH4 stand?
              It’s place should be the dust bin and not in the POE Report.

              To add insult to injury the UNSG’s Experts have been able to identify with certainty the killers in the CH4 as Sri Lankan soldiers!

              All of us saw this first video. How did they perform the identification with absolute certainty?

              Without a doubt, the UNSG’s POE of Mr. Marzuki Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven R. Ratner and the UN’s Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Mr. Philip Alston are corrupt to the Core.

              Kind Regards,

  • 6

    Kuveni’s curse is creating all these problems.

    How to get rid of this curse?

    Shall we bring some malayalees from kerala,settle them in matara,convert them into sinhala bhuddhists and ask them to do some hooniyans to get rid of this wretched curse.

    The curse will go and the malayalees will fight tooth and nail for bhuddhism too.Two birds with one stone.

    • 1

      Shankar, don’t you know many of them were brought to the south by Portuguese and Dutch to work as Toddy tappers, Cinnamon farmers, other menial jobs and for fishing. Good example Vasudeva Nanayakara- a Malayalee, all Silva’s, Pereira’s, Fernando’s and they are Malayalees Tamils and Telungu origin. They were given Portuguese and Dutch names as to honour and to hide their origin and for their services under their rule. They are all now known as low country Sinhalese. Srilanka need no more of them. There is this Catcher Mervin Silva now a minister who had hoodwinked Srimavo, her Son Anura and Chandrica with his bogus Astrologers and magical men. Even Mahinda is his victim.

      Did you know, When Mahinda went to meet Modi at his ‘official crowning’ as PM, Mahinda had a magical string round his wrist to make Modi become more affable and accessible to his way of thinking. He was hoping that Modi would not raise the 13th amendment to solve the Tamil problem. but he did. Dr.RN ‘s hope is a day dream of his. Because the Kuveni’s curse will remain. There is no panacea for this curse.

      People who would like to show themselves as unbiased, or neutral have a hidden agenda. Or they had been the losers or victims of their own fate. When you write truth which may be unpalatable then you are biased or even a racist. One needs to understand Why this fate has befallen on this land of paradise/ Mr. Lee Kuan yew first PM of Singapore, in the early 1950’s wanted to model his country like Ceylon. In 1960’s he completely changed his mind due to the political quagmire Ceylon was in. Our rulers were and are steering towards no return situation. We are now in a pit hole unable to extricate ourselves. Only God can save this Island but which one!

      • 4

        “” One needs to understand Why this fate has befallen on this land of paradise/ Mr. Lee Kuan yew first PM of Singapore, in the early 1950′s wanted to model his country like Ceylon. “”

        Still an agricultural economy of supplying and dependent on the west especially UK?? While Singapore is a coral reef where land is being reclaimed and nothing grows but they sell trees that come from Malaysia Burma etc of the region.
        Your statement is a misconceived concept of LKY quote just like the one attributed to Einstein `If you kill all the bees…..
        The police state undoubtedly is Singapore.

        He wanted Singapore to be like Japan Tokaido- spotless, all trees same height and no pigeon feces on the streets etc. Read his latest book on city planning. Japan has not apologised for the killing of millions of unarmed Asians so it was too early to say it.Fascist Buddhist Japan is the 1st nation to manufacture aircraft carries which it used in WW2 and the 7th fleet is docked there.

        “If you are a troublemaker…it’s our job to politically destroy you. Put it this way. As long as JB Jeyaretnam stands for what he stands for – a thoroughly destructive force – we will knock him. Everybody knows that in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac.”
        – Lee Kuan Yew, The Man And His Ideas, 1997

    • 4

      Shankar man:

      I dont logic in your argument. Why import foreign material ( Malayalis) when you have your fellow Muslims and left over Tamils. Malayalis are good cooks and not not known for their fighting qualities and if you are thinking of MGR (Malayali) he only fought in films and not in real life.

      • 4

        Shakar man:

        It should have read: I dont understand the logic in your argument

      • 4


        “MGR (Malayali) he only fought in films and not in real life”

        He had his own enforcers therefore he didn’t have to physically involve himself in real life fights.

        • 3


          Who are these enfocers. Are you talking about TNA.

      • 1

        “Malayalis are good cooks and not not known for their fighting qualities’

        But they can rouse up others to fight and die for them.It is called malayalee matara magic.One portion of it and you become like asterix.Speaking of cooks,so many os sonia’s cooks,house maids and boys,drivers etc are currently unemplyed and so is manmohans advisors and ex foreign service people.That is why i thought of bringing them down and make them sinhala bhuddhists and try to get rid of kuveni’s curse.

        However i can see that you guys have a deap seated historical animosity with the malayalees who broke away from you and formed their own language.They must have got sick of your superiority complex.So i propose the following solution to lift the kuveni curse.That poor woman after her humiliation has to be assuaged.

        I propose that 10 parliamentary seats at the general elections and each provincial council 5 seats be reserved for the veddhas who are supposed to be the descendents of kuveni.

        Let her soul rest in peace and let us have peace at last.

        • 2


          It comes naturally to you and you are starting to “flip” your hat again. Who can blame you it is in your “GENE”

  • 7


    Remember those descendants of kallathoni South Indians who settled in the south are the most zealous protectors of Sinhala/Buddhism.

  • 9


    Let me question your Wisdom when you say the following and if I was assessing your PhD it would fall at the first hurdle and let me explain.

    “The Land Where Hope Was Killed And Despair Was Reborn”

    The Tamils never had any hope from Day 1 since independance as we dindnt have the realms of power so couldnt change anything and we were always going to play 2nd fiddle. So hope never existed for it to be killed you cant kill a non entity.
    As for your other heading ” Despair was reborn” let me correct you.
    If hope never existed Despair was never far away and by inference it never died so it cant be reborn and I am sure you know what I mean.


    Hope is a bird
    With wonderful feathers
    Sits on the boughs of the soul
    And sings the song of how to remain alive —– Until caught and kept in captivity. The Tamil were captured when the Brits left without putting a system ( Federal to Govern ourselves with cast Iron Guarantee underwritten) in place for us survive as a Nation within a Nation.

    It sings when the dream breaks ———— You mean day dreaming

    It sings when ships over turn —— This is what MR is doing. Singing when the Tamil Nation has capsized with him being the Architect

    You are at the bottom and Far away is the beach:

    At that time it teaches you How to ride from bottom to top: —- My friend by your own admission you are sunk and only your dead lifeless body will float.

    How to swim to reach to the beach How to rebuild the broken wings of your dream ———– When you are dead you cant swim and onlookers have to bury and if you believe that we are dead it is FINITHO.

    But let me give you a topic for your Thesis


    We are FREE at last the Tamil HOPE lives on for another 1000 years and MR is not going to destroy and he will be taken to the cleaners and I give you that Gurantee written in Blood ( Antru Sinthiya Ratham).

    • 0

      Hope springs eternal in the human breast! It does so also among other species. Look at birds that look for their lost chicks. Look at dogs that seek their stolen/sold pups. Look at the cow crying for her separated calf. They all hope for the return of their offspring, until they forget. Man does not forget and never gives up hope. If not for this hope, humans as a species would not have survived their own perversity and depravity.

      The ferocious beast lurking under the human skin , frequently breaks out and wreaks havoc at various scales, but is always put back where it belongs, because of the hope within all of us that we can be better humans. The Hitlers, however powerful are always remembered for their perversity, because we do not want to be like them. Simple spiritual men like Mohandas Gandhi, are remembered as Mahatma. The Mahatmas represent our own hopes ( aspirations) to be better humans and the Hitlers represent the opposite.

      This hope keeps us alive and makes us fight back when confronted with the worst circumstances. We try to swim when drowning. We run to save our lives. We hide to save our lives. We make counter threats to ave our lives.. We do all this and more, in the hope that we will survive to live another day to pursue our hopes, which manifests as our individually defined aspirations. Hope is what sustains us. Hope is what keeps us alive. Hope is what keeps us going, despite the certainty of ultimate death. Hope is what makes man do the incredible things he has done and rebuild what is destroyed by nature or his own perversity. Medicines and surgery will not keep alive a man who has given up hope. Without hope, we are zilch.


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