16 May, 2022


The Latest Laughingstock In The Parliament: Holding Mohini’s Baby

By W. Vishnu Gupta

W. Vishnu Gupta

It was not a surprise at all for Mahinda Rajapaksa to utter the following words on 19th April 2022 in the parliament of Sri Lanka “I believe that, as a first step, the 19th amendment to the constitution with essential and timely amendments should be democratically implemented as a short-term solution.” These were not the words of a respectable politician; it is a prelude to another political drama or a ploy to be staged in the country to deceive glorious protesters emerging in every part of the island nation. The script of this drama appears to be provided by another lackluster politician in the country; Ranil Wickramasinghe, it is obvious, because he could not suppress his ego, and wanted to show the other naïve bunch of charlatans in the legislature that he was the father of deeply flawed 19th amendment. He stated, “I am happy to take the 19th amendment back to the nation as the former PM who proposed it.” Obviously, Mahinda intends to direct this “drama of deception” with the help of Ranil and hopes to save Rajapaksa clan from the wrath of majority Sri Lankans suffering from the misery induced by the kleptocracy led by Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The First Episode (Mohini’s Act)

One of the SJB charlatans in the legislature known for wacky behaviour said, the appointment of new cabinet, reminded him of the old popular ghost story of Mohini. Apparently, Mohini convinces men who are on the road at wee hours of the night to hold her baby until she adjusts her wraparound cloth. His assessment about the appointment of some SLPP rookies to the cabinet of Minsters is accurate. The rookies have been given some brief period to hold the babies of Basil, Pavitra, Johny, Rambukwella, Aluthgamage, Bandula, Rohitha, Sarath, Dullas and Lokuge. Only Rajapaksas and Ranil will determine, how long Mohini will take to fully adjust the wraparound cloth. It becomes obvious that the babies were just illusions used to trap the rookies into a defenceless position. Unfortunately, the joker who assessed the situation well and rest of the opposition did not understand this is political theatre and the script has been written by none other than their former boss Ranil Wickramasinghe.

By any chance, if the proposed 19th amendment with enhancements as announced is passed by two-third majority, it will be great for the nation provided the enhancements meet the demands of the people echoed by the protesters of Gota Go gama. The people do not expect criminals and ruffians to occupy legislature in the future, it should not be a heaven for the murderers, thieves, drug lords, money launderers, shady individuals of bawdy houses, and their kith and kin. The enhancements to 19th amendment must be comprehensive enough to prevent these ignoble men and women entering the legislature with the help of their ill-gotten money and very cozy relationship with the party leaders. Furthermore, enhancements must ensure that there is no room for kleptocracy and thwart the efforts of charlatans to enter the parliament.

1. Changes to electoral system that combines FIRST PAST THE POST (or single member plurality) voting and the PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION structure.

2. Limitations on election expenditure subject to independent financial audits.

3. Neutralize the executive president by removing the institutional authority over the appointment of Judges, Central Bank Governor, Election commissioners and the Police Chief.

Furthermore, those who believe in strong sense of entitlement, grandiose thinking, need for admiration, and lack of empathy in other words narcissists among our politicians must be weeded out before they embark on various dubious political ploys to become the president, prime minister, or the opposition leader as it was seen during last 74 years. All political leaders since 1955 suffered seriously under obsession and delusion about their own power, SWRDB, JRJ, Ranil and Rajapaksas can be labelled as a bunch of politicians suffering from megalomania. Hence, Ranil will make every effort under different guises to rescue Rajapaksas from total political annihilation in Sri Lanka because it has been proven time and time again that these two autocrats are bonded by an unwritten pact to save each other.

Maha Sangha’s final warning

The Mahanayakes of Malwathu, Asgiri, Amarapura and Ramanya chapters have requested the President, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, and other parliamentarians to think about the country first and take appropriate steps to restore normalcy and avert destruction of the state of Sri Lanka. Specifically, they have recommended appointment of a transitional cabinet of ministers representing all political parties and abolition of 20th amendment. If they are unable to implement appropriate measures and continue to hoodwink the masses, they will be compelled to issue a Sangha Convention, that will certainly affect the Buddhist politicians and others carrying the Buddhist label in the legislature. The effect of a “Sangha convention” issued against Buddhists must be like that of a “Fatwa” issued against Moslems, it should rattle the Sri Lankan Buddhist political leaders, their credibility and commitment to fulfill the obligations to masses are questionable. This strong apolitical statement of Mahanayakes should be respected by every Buddhist in the country and the repercussion of failure to heed the advice is unimaginable, but for sure it has signaled the impending perilous situation of the government.

Best time to quit

It is obvious that Rajapaksas are digging trenches to defend the beleaguered government by reconstructing the cabinet of ministers with novices this week, in addition the regime has appointed a new secretary of finance and a retired former employee of the central bank as the new governor. Nevertheless, people have not responded favorably and continued to demand the resignation of all Rajapaksas from all official roles in the state of Sri Lanka. The protesters continue to allege that Rajapaksas and many other legislators have committed many crimes including murder and money laundering. So far, Rajapaksas and other alleged politicians have opted to remain silent on these direct allegations, they could have denied these accusations using media channels or by making statements in the parliament or by instructing their lawyers to take appropriate legal actions. Every politician accused of being a party to bankrupting the country through corruption and mismanagement must understand that “Silence gives consent.” So runs an ancient maxim of common law, and from that maxim flows a widely applied legal principle: the rule of tacit admission.

However, one of the Rajapaksa clan members, Namal said in the parliament “to find out if they have amassed wealth in any country in the world under the guise of parliamentary privileges. He added that he is prepared to face prosecution if they can prove those.” Likewise, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Kenya, Veluppillai Kananathan another Rajapaksa associate has sent a letter of demand (LoD) to Hirunika Premachandra contesting her recent statement against him in a press conference on April 15, 2022. Kananathan and Namal have broken the silence of Rajapaksa regime, now it is the ideal opportunity for the accusers to provide evidence and take legal actions against Namal and Kananathan. Hopefully, Anura Kumara Disanayake and Hirunika will not miss the opportunity as they claim to possess evidence in this matter. Otherwise, they should either put up or shut up without grandstanding to earn some political mileage.

On the other hand, many civic organizations, trade unions, professional organizations, religious leaders, and the BASL have come forward to support the peaceful protesters making the position of the government untenable. Also, the alleged murder and carnage in Rambukkana has made Rajapaksas regime highly vulnerable, hence they should prepare to handover the government to a transitional prime minister and a transitional cabinet of ministers immediately, without inflicting further damages to the STATE of SRI LANKA.

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Latest comments

  • 18

    ” Otherwise, they should either put up or shut up without grandstanding to earn some political mileage.”
    Do you believe that Rajapaksas have no investments in abroad? Can you explain why Kenyan Envoy Kananathan gave a special flight to Thirupathy to Mahinda?

    This is a country where you can’t find a murderer who murdered Lasantha who was murdered day light in front of a military point. This is the country where a chief justice said that he saved Mahinda from going to jail in Tsunami fund robbery.

  • 12

    ……………because it has been proven time and again that these two autocrats are bonded by an unwritten pact to save one another………………..

    Ranil and MaRa indeed have a political relationship that goes back to several years.
    Like the Banda-Chelva Pact [ which of-course was a written document ] there is speculation about what precisely bonds these two though they are so different in style and backgrounds. When Ranil had problems with Sajith he turned to MaRa .Likewise when the Police was speeding towards Tangalle to arrest MaRa,several years ago Ranil stepped in to prevent his arrest. There must have been several other episodes which are not in the public domain even though they are both in the public glare morning,noon, and night.

    This relationship needs to be investigated……………………..

  • 7

    The suggestion to appoint an inter-party interim government to overcome the economic crisis is not practical. An unstable interim government that will waste time on wrangling over every single issue from dawn to dusk will worsen the current situation. Besides, there is no clause in the Constitution that stipulates when and how an inter-party interim government could be established.
    According to Sri Lanka’s Constitution, the political party or the alliance that secures the majority seats in Parliament forms a government, and the party leader becomes the Prime Minister. Even if there is an NCM against the PM, as the party leader, the PM has the veto power to stop his dissident MPs voting against him.
    The current political drama staged by all party MPs in Parliament is only to shirk their duty to find solutions to the economic crisis.

    • 8


      There is nothing known as “unstable interim government”. Interim government are established for a shorter period with a limited mandate to avoid a political crisis. In sri Lanka, no one commands majority of 113 right now, including SLPP. SJB is fishing in the muddy water with a minority representation. What we need all party representation in a transitional government to avoid political catastrophe in the country. IMF and other donor nations will deal only with a country with a plan for political stability.

      • 0

        Your own terms such as, “for a shorter period”, “transitional” and “limited mandate” further confirm the instability of the proposed interim government.

        • 3

          Hi Champa,
          English Tuition classes a very urgent necessity!
          Tuition master of repute is Bandu – la!!!
          He may be partial (Indian English Grammar and Usage) and may not be ENGLISH/ENGLISH!
          Find some other to have a better understanding of ‘INTERIM AND TRANSITIONAL’
          Urgent attention please Champa!

    • 3

      “Besides, there is no clause in the Constitution that stipulates when and how an inter-party interim government could be established.”
      There is provision,
      National Government
      SLFP/UNP Yahapalanaya
      SLFP/CP/LSSP of 1970, 1994?

  • 4

    The present -leader looks around for problems, and then thinks deep to device solutions to them.
    The peaceful protest made the leaders dig there own grave The people are for principle, the leader are without any vision and now they are wasting time time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. next pass over the mistakes of others will happen

  • 3

    “All political leaders since 1955 suffered seriously under obsession and delusion about their own power, SWRDB, JRJ, Ranil and Rajapaksas can be labelled as a bunch of politicians suffering from megalomania.”
    The first two were politicians in the early 1930s. You probably would not even know them.
    I think that we can do without judgmental nonsense.

    • 7

      The SWRDB and JRJ were not politicians of 1930, you seem to know very little about Sri Lankan politics and the history. The comments made by the author accurate and SWRDB and JRJ were definitely megalomaniacs driven by hunger for power.

      • 3

        I was surprised by the above comment from a pundit (SJ) who thinks he is the only one who know everything.

      • 2

        “The SWRDB and JRJ were not politicians of 1930 (INCORRECT), you seem to know very little about Sri Lankan politics and the history.”
        That to say least is a “Load of unwarranted BS of the uninitiated, claiming know all’s!!!”
        Reminds me of Cabal Rala and his Home Grown magic, which roadmap after 6 months was ‘Zilch’ and went belatedly to IMF!! These are brainless, think they are the most knowledgeable, when NOT!
        Herein below, Wikipedia proof that SJ is correct as to SWRDB.
        Born to a wealthy, political family, he studied ——————- he entered local politics by joining the Ceylon National Congress. Having been elected to the CMC 1926, he was elected — seat in Veyangoda to the STATE COUNCIL OF CEYLON FOR TWO TERMS BETWEEN 1931 AND 1947, WHILE SERVING AS MINISTER OF LOCAL ADMINISTRATION IN THE BOARD OF MINISTERS founded the Sinhala Maha Sabha in 1936 ————- advocating self-rule in Ceylon, joined D. S. Senanayake by dissolving the ———— merging with the United National Party at its formation in 1947
        Similar report for JRJ is available, not reproduced to save space!!
        One could fool the uninitiated; Not all, all the time!!
        Empty vessel the loudest noise!!

      • 1

        Your attempt will fail trying to repudiate the Wkipedia and SL History!!

  • 5

    A PM does not have the ability to veto his party mps from voting against him in a NCM. I see Champa making this claim. Having said that the numbers required for a NCM are now in hand. The delay is because several idiots are grandstanding on who would be the next pm. Dallas wants the job because his block is the largest. Sajith wants is because he is the leader of the opposition and will lose his house along with all the priviledges of being the leader of the opposition if he lets Dallas to be pm. Even if he decides to remain in the opposition the SLPP rump will have more seats than the SJB and choose the leader of the opposition from their own ranks. If that was not enough to complicate matters further RW and SF also want to be pm. While RW with one vote has no credibilty SF may at least be acceptable to the protesting voters. Also, no former SLPP politician will be accepted as PM by the masses. Therefore Dallas is not a viable candidate. Those that crossed over are just as guilty as the Rajapkshes for ruining this country. If they think they can nominate one of their own to be the next pm they are smoking something.

  • 2

    It is very important that the struggle eventually succeeds in discarding all 225 of the rapacious parasites who have infested parliament, along with the culture they nurtured carefully over several decades to hoodwink the people. The new administration must be from youth who have no experience with the corrupt system, and the bureaucrats who work with them should also be new, and not from the exploitative sycophant brigades that enabled the parasites for so long. The business community which financed the political system should be rejected also.

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