17 April, 2024


The LTTE Era Must Be Forgotten – Chandrahasan, SJV Chelvanayakam’s Son

By Namini Wijedasa –

Namini Wijedasa

An old man stood resolutely outside a house, facing a roaring, depraved mob. They had weapons. “You kill me,” the man said, in Sinhala, his language. “Then you can go in.”

S.C. Chandrahasan remembers that old man. Where many have chosen to dwell on the savageness and brutality of the 1983 anti-Tamil riots, he focuses on what he calls “some of the remarkable things that happened during bad days”.  He witnessed that brave Sinhalese man defending the Tamil house. “What more do you need?” he asks, today. “Can you forget that incident? Like that, on both sides, people sacrificed their lives for the cause. So why are we not talking about those things?”

He is dressed in an impeccable white ‘verti’, the Tamil national dress.  On his left is a cabinet stocked with law books. To his right, a row of shelves with sheaves of documents belonging to the Organization for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR), a non-governmental group he started after the 1983 pogrom to support Sri Lankans who fled to India. It is registered in India and Sri Lanka. We are now seated in its modest Dehiwala office.

Chandrahasan, a lawyer, lives in Tamil Nadu but visits Sri Lanka regularly since the war’s end to coordinate the return of refugees.  He caused ripples in political circles when an article in India’s ‘The Hindu’ newspaper earlier this year said he was “preparing for permanent return and has started renovating his ancestral house.” His associates received calls from various quarters, inquiring whether he would enter politics here.


This sort of interest, even anxiety, is not surprising. The 69-year-old Chandarahasan is the son of the late S.J.V. Chelvanayakam, a founder member of the Federal Party or Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi. ‘Thanthai Selva’ led the first Satyagraha against S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike’s Sinhala Only Act—and, as he sat cross-legged on Galle Face Green in 1956, he was joined by Sinhala people. Everyone got beaten up together.

The narratives of hate must stop, insists his son today. He maintains that problems in Sri Lanka are not divided along Sinhala-Tamil lines. Instead, they are divided on issues. “We have to be very keen and careful about that,” Chandrahasan explained. “There are people on both sides, they will take different views. You need to reduce the areas of dissension and increase the areas where we can cooperate and work. That will build confidence.”

When it comes to appreciating the good, Chandrahasan is magnanimous to the point of vexing the cynic in me. But when it comes to criticizing the bad—and he doesn’t dismiss that this side exists—he is cautious in an equal measure.

Chandrahasan’s message, therefore, is starkly different from the rhetoric of most opposition Tamil politicians here. “I’m an optimist,” he admits, “and I’m happy about it.” It is not difficult to talk of the bad things, he says: “But you really need to balance it because there have been so many good things happening on all sides. People from all communities have also risked their lives trying to prevent things from taking place.”


By his side, S. Sooriyakumari, OfERR Ceylon’s Sri Lanka-based president, nodded in agreement. After the 2004 tsunami, she said, it was people from the adjoining Sinhala village that gave the Tamils of Nilaveli their first drinks of water. “It was not the Tamils from town who went to give water to the coastal area people,” she said. “And it was the navy that saved even pregnant women.” She also says how, in 2008, army officers at the Omanthai checkpoint appealed to OfERR for assistance towards the battered Tamils stumbling out of war-torn Vanni.

I asked him directly whether he would enter politics in Sri Lanka. His reply was not as direct. “When I came (to Sri Lanka) in 2010, it coincided with the elections being called within a few days,” he related. “With all the stories getting around and the questions being asked, I went on saying that as a matter of right I had a role in politics. At any time I can go into politics without any difficulty. But I have chosen to be with the population of people with whom I have to walk along.”

Those people are the thousands of Tamil refugees, an estimated 100,000, who still live across Tamil Nadu as refugees. Having represented their interests for 28 years, Chandrahasan says he can’t leave them halfway. “As of now, let me walk along and support the political process from outside,” he asserts. “I’m quite happy to do that”.

Nevertheless, with his rich past in politics and social service—and given that he is keeping his options open—was he not a problem to some people? “I’m quite a problem for a lot of people who are in politics,” he said, smiling. “They do worry and every time I go somewhere they want to know whether I would be coming. But we are doing a much more difficult task. The challenge now is to build confidence and every one of us has a duty.”

Those brain-washed are a problem

Asked whether he felt there was a lack of leadership among the Tamil community, he lamented that Tamil politicians were not engaging with the government. “What little we are able to do, we do very happily,” he said, of his own organization. “There is so much room for them to engage. They are not doing it. They are finding fault all the time.”

“Put it this way,” Chandrahasan added. “Those who have been brainwashed by the LTTE are the problem.” The LTTE era, he emphasizes, has to be forgotten. “We have to dismantle that,” he said. “It is the mindset that is the problem. We have a major challenge because during that period you made everyone your enemy. You had to first finish off your enemy if you had to survive. That (approach) isn’t relevant to a country like ours where we have lived happily for so many generations.”

Commenting on the language policy, Chandrahasan said it has developed to a stage where both tongues are recognized. “That’s a big breakthrough,” he noted. “Implementation is a problem, that’s a different matter. But on principle the people of this country, both Sinhalese and Tamil, have got together and said we will use both languages.”

In July, Chandrahasan attended the launch of the Social Integration Policy Framework by the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration. He felt it was an important effort towards building confidence among communities—particularly because a lack of confidence was preventing the bulk of Tamil refugees from returning to Sri Lanka. He also said he thought it would work.

Analyzing the function, Chandrahasan said he was encouraged by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech. “The first part was in Sinhalese and he spoke directly to the Sinhala people, explaining the difficulties communities face,” he said. “That communication was wonderful. And he ended up speaking in Tamil. That certainly is a high-tide mark for us, when the president is able to speak in two languages. He’s getting the message across that we respect each other.”

He did laugh along with me when the undying skeptic in me found this funny—and when I said I wished I could think like him. And then he explained where he was coming from. “My father,” he said, “was someone who could think like that. Anytime there was an issue, he would look at the good first and then the negative point. When you are brought up that way, it’s a great asset. I think we should share it as much as possible.”

Chandrahasan went up to President Rajapaksa at the function. “He did something good,” he pointed out. “He deserved to get the credit. I complimented him and I said this is a moment in history and we should get ourselves photographed together. It was symbolic.”

It took the president a “minute or two” to get over the praise. But the least you can do, smiled Chandrahasan, is to compliment people when they are taking a step in the right direction.


Returning refugees: A valuable addition to Sri Lankan society

Since the end of the war in 2009, around 7,000 refugees have returned to Sri Lanka from neighbouring India. They fit into two categories: Those who had resources and came back on their own; and those who returned with assistance from the UNHCR.

The poorer among the returnees have challenges restoring their properties and regaining their livelihoods. Most houses are destroyed. OfERR is looking at how the return of refugees from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka can complement the process of reconciliation here. Chandrahasan said they were an “empowered group” that is educated and has undergone awareness building and personal development training. “A tremendous amount of work done on giving space for women,” he added. “Women, to some extent, say they are the finance ministers of this community!”

“All this will complement the areas they would be coming back to,” he stressed. “More important is that they have been fortunate in not having been through the worst of the war. Therefore, they are not bitter, or angry. They feel they were fortunate that they were living peacefully in India. They have improved their physical and mental capacities to help to rebuild the country. They consider it a duty to do so because they were fortunate they didn’t suffer the fate of the people back in the island.”

Tamils started fleeing to India after the pogrom of 1983. In 1987, there was a return of most of the refugees following the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord.  But with the collapse of the peace process, 125,000 refugees got uprooted again and returned to India in 1990. “The caseload in India is fundamentally the people who got uprooted in 1983, came back, and had to go back in 1990,” Chandrahasan said. “Whenever there are peace processes, they come. When fighting starts, they leave. Many have crossed the seas more than twice. These people are fortunate that we organized a process by which they could take their lives into their own hands.”

The result was OfFERR, an organization formed by refugees, run by refugees for the benefit of refugees. Chandrahasan, the driving force behind OfERR, arrived in India in August 1983. His three children were educated, live and work in India.

Chandrahasan started working directly in Sri Lanka in February 2009. “I had to be extraordinarily careful,” he said. “I was being seen more as a problem by the LTE so I didn’t want to take the risk. When in 2003 we (OfERR) made a decision that we must start working in the island, the message very clearly came from the Tigers saying don’t blame us if something happens to you! Sooriyakumari had to make a choice to come.”

After the war ended in 2009, there has been facilitation of providing flight arrangements for people to come back. The Colombo-Tuticorin ferry service was also used before it was abandoned. Chandrahasan called for a restoration of the Talaimannar-Rameshwaran ferry service, saying it was cheap and convenient.  He said that most refugees were now forced to sell everything and to return with 50kg of baggage. After coming with the barest minimum, they have to buy everything again—including pots and pans.

OfERR is proposing that containers be provided to returning refugees so that they could bring their belongings with them. This would be a vital buffer. Many have two-wheelers that would help them move around in areas where transport services are still weak. “A memorandum of understanding between the two governments is being encouraged and sponsored by us to facilitate some of these arrangements,” Chandrahasan said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has responded speedily and positively to any request made on humanitarian grounds, he continued. For instance, in a public administration circular dated November 2011, the government decreed that it was no longer necessary for any citizen of Sri Lanka to submit certificates confirming citizenship. An affidavit would do instead. This was important to refugees who did not have the required documents. The government also amended the Persons of Indian Origin Act to absorb 30,000 “stateless” persons who were living in Indian refugee camps.

“It’s a difficult situation and I think we can help,” Chandrahasan said, referring again to the integration of returning refugees with the rest of the community. “We lived in a country (India) which appreciates its plural nature and that a bigger advantage than being in a country where there are two communities with differences that are not sorted out. They could complement the people here by talking, counseling, and sharing experiences.”

At the time the refugees went into India, its economy was not doing well. “We had a quite a lot of difficulties in managing,” he recalled. “If we had to send a child to school, we had to give up one meal a day and manage with two. Happily it was done. We now have 100 per cent literacy among these refugees. Being organized, we didn’t ask for material things. We asked for human development because that’s what we can bring back to Sri Lanka.”

Not only can the refugees read and write there are several graduates among them. One of them is now a surgeon in Panadura, having also served in Vavuniya. These men and women could greatly contribute towards the teaching profession—and many other fields—having benefited from the high standards of education in India. Science and technology graduates are particularly up to date.

The return process is slow because there is no confidence-building process, Chandrahasan explained. “A lot of information that comes in the media relates to difficult situations and very little appears on good things that are being done,” he explained. “I would look at the time when I had to spend more than half a day to go from Batticaloa to Trincomalee, and how this time I did it in two-and-a-half hours. That’s a big improvement. Infrastructure development would help everyone.”

But even this eternal optimist admitted that “individual confidence of security”—of not being under any difficulty or danger—is taking time to develop. (Lakbima News)

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  • 2

    Forget the frills and the rhetoric – both what is said and what is not.
    By all accounts the affable SC Chandrahasan entering Lankan Tamil politics from the North, I believe, will enormously serve the cause of
    reconciliation. If he is expected to constest the next PC elections from a position favourable to the Rajapakses, why not? He has an admirable track record of service post-1983 which the Tamil Nation will not ignore. The son of the man who originally called for the division of the country contesting from ranks comfortable to the Govt will find popular support from the Sinhala South.

    Clearly, the Rajapakses are testing the waters by calling elections in the EP and will have to eventually hold the elections in the Northern
    Province – sooner than later. SCC is acceptable to the Govt, the Indian Govt and both Sinhala and Tamil people.


    • 0

      Senguttuvan, how can you expect a decent solution to the vexed Tamil Problem from a proven Corrupt Crooked man as MR? I believe all those who contribute to such individuals, proclaiming that lasting peace could be achieved, are also dubious characters.

    • 0

      “Son” is not a qualification, it is a physical presence and evidence of Father Selva’s happy married life, tamils still stand firmly behind the stand Father.Selva took three decades ago, sadly his son is not.

  • 1

    Though this may come as a surprise, I agree with Senguttavan’s evaluation…though he may be erring on the side of optimism, as there is a big IF.

    • 0

      What a surprise that Dyan agrees with the unknown Senguttavan.

      Unfortunately, Chandrahassan who has had a checkered carrier in the last 30 years, and the dirt he carries in tons, many of you young readers and reporters are totally unaware.
      It is those of us who were quite active in Colombo and Jaffna in the seventies and until 1983, and then in South India and the diaspora knows Chandrahassan and all his “Thiru Villayadal” (Notorious activities), of the past.
      To put it in a nutshell, majority of the Tamils, consider him as a “Traitor”, and his unpopularity and Tamil people’s resentment would be demonstrated if he dares contest the elections of any municipality, provincial councils let alone to the Parliament, despite being the son of Thanthai Chelva, the most revered name, after Prabhakaran in Tamil politics. Chelva was the Gandhi, a brilliant lawyer, very well respected among the Sinhala politicians for 25 years.

      But Chelva could not deliver anything, and not even a simple agreement nor international agreement, constitutional changes, and serious talks with the intervention and assistance of the IC. Chelva was a good christian and Prabhakaran and his family are devout Hindus and have even built a temple in Valvettithurai. Prabhakaran was a great father and a husband, in addition to being a great leader. The Tamils all over the world honor and respect him on many an occasion than any other Tamil. When political conditions change from dictatorship and oppression Tamils too will publicly pay their dues to him regularly in Sri Lanka and India.

      If Chandrahassan dares contest any elections with so much of pedigree, degree (a good lawyer) I admit, and experience with speaking and writing skills, he will learn his lesson. He has the backing of the Rajapakses, and to a lesser extent Douglas D, for him to contest any elections he wants. Why he did not return to Sri Lanka in 2010, and contest says enough. He returned to his ancestral home and town and tested the waters, with the locals. However, the reception was hostile.

      Chandrahassan lacks morality, integrity and honesty in many ways. That is his problem and not ability, shrewdness or cunning. Who is this Sooriya-Kumari who is the president of Sri Lanka OfFER? Is it the same Miss. S. Sinnethamby his secretary in Madras in 1983?

      Chandrahassan, this interviewer has forgotten to write was married to Dr.E.M.V Naganathan’s daughter, Thanthai Chelva’s #2. She too is very able and an experienced attorney. Her sister is Lakshmi Naganathan a senior diplomat and Ambassador who retired on the Tamil issue in 1983. She is the mother of the 3 children mentioned, and grandparents are Tamil giants, Chelvanayagam and Naganathan than dwarf, Chandrahassan. Now his wife is different, and it is none other than this Sooriyakumari. (CT please ask Namini to reconfirm this fact).

      Reconciliation, does not come from Chandrahassan seeking political office by contesting elections. (and losing badly). That is real rubbish. Reconciliation can only be accomplished, by accountability, Truth and Justice.

      Chandrahassan worked very closely with RAW, and Karunanithi in the eighties, and supported the IPKF battle with the LTTE. Even the Sinhala politicians of all color, including Premadasa, the Rajapakses were against the IPKF. That is why he did not return to Sri Lanka all these years, and even after May 2009 he did not return. If he cannot set an example of returning to Sri Lanka and live in Colombo or Jaffna, owning houses and land, how can he expect the 150,000 refugees in India to return when they cannot have even a free baggage allowance on the ferry that was operating from Tuticorin to Colombo.

      GOI and GOSL can easily organize some freight containers for the refugees to return if they want to. But nobody is promoting it nor facilitating it, and operating camps is a lucrative and powerful business. What will Chandrahassan do if all the camps he is in charge are closed down in 10 years when he will be eighty. That should be his goal and let TNA and other Tamils worry about negotiating an agreement with the Sinhala GOSL.

      It is up to the Tamils both in the Island, and the diaspora, to decide whether they want to remember or forget the era of the LTTE. The “real” Tamils will make that decision, and not War Criminals, or their stooges or Tamil quislings. Tamils in the diaspora, are resolved and determined to bring the war criminals to justice, where ever there is proper and adequate jurisdiction and they cannot hide from immunity.

      • 1

        Donald, amazing how you can talk about bringing war criminals to justice while speaking highly of the LTTE, and calling those with alternate views to you ‘traitors’. You must be the Tamil MR…

        No one should forget the era of the LTTE. Much like the Nazis, we should remember the LTTE, and use them as an example to teach our youth that blindly following blood thirsty leaders, who use patriotic rhetoric to get us to fight on their behalves, will only lead to the quenching of their thirsts with our blood!

        This ability of one terrorist to call the other a terrorist and pretend they are therefore saints is amazing. FACT: Anyone, that uses violence (or terror) against other human beings, in order to achieve their personal objectives, is a terrorist. The LTTE was therefore a terrorist organisation. Anyone who tries to justify their acts as ‘freedom fighters’ or whatever other nonsensical arguments that may be used, therefore has no right to accuse anyone else of war crimes, for they themselves are supporters of war crimes. It is this hypocrisy of the LTTE supporters that make it so easy for the west to ignore their noise against ‘war crimes’. Its no different to supporters of Al-Qaeda demanding that the UN try George W Bush for war crimes!

        • 0

          If SL Army could kill a hundred thousand tamils over three decades, perpetrate the most inhumane crimes against tamils and still be called “National Army” or the other nonsense term “heroes” why not LTTE be called freedom fighters, is it because of the bus bombings or the suicide attacks?How many of the bus bombings were investigated, what evidence was found to blame LTTE?

          Lazy persons in the defense ministry did an easy job of blaming LTTE for this and that and the uneducated masses believed it all, given the amount of foreign interference in the island it could have been done by anyone, then many talk of farmer killings, monk killings, killing of 600 policemen and bombing of viharas, all these took place in the East, Karuna was the god father of East, was he prosecuted? Was KP prosecuted?

          You win you are a freedom fighter, you lose you are terrorist, but that is not the case for war criminals, also who says West is not listening, were C4 video and UN Resolution products of “not listening”, NGOs, Media and like minded politicians are listening, the diaspora are doing a good job.

        • 2


          Q:If SL Army could kill a hundred thousand tamils over three decades, perpetrate the most inhumane crimes against tamils and still be called “National Army” or the other nonsense term “heroes” why not LTTE be called freedom fighters, is it because of the bus bombings or the suicide attacks?

          A: ‘National Army’ doesn’t equate to something positive, a national army can still be a ‘terrorist’ group. But to say because the ‘National Army’ killed Sri Lankans, we can also kill Sri Lankans, is not an argument. It just makes you as bad as the ‘national army’ you are claiming to be fighting.

          Q: How many of the bus bombings were investigated, what evidence was found to blame LTTE?

          A: The LTTE proudly admitted to a lot of these atrocious acts. The ‘UN’, who you seem to have a lot of faith in, has also confirmed the LTTE as a terrorist organisation that abducted children for battle etc. So is the UN right or wrong on this issue? Or do you pick and choose as you like as to when the UN should be taken seriously and not?

          Jegath Quote: ‘You win you are a freedom fighter, you lose you are terrorist’:

          A: Only in the eyes of the deluded. Winner or loser, cold blooded murderer, is a cold blooded murderer. Only those with a vested interest in murder go around trying to redefine murderers as war heroes, freedom fighters etc.

          Jegath Quote:’also who says West is not listening, were C4 video and UN Resolution products of “not listening” ‘

          A: Again, your naivety shows. What have they achieved? MR is still happily in power. MR got his way, and all that hypocritical screaming from the LTTE diaspora did not save VP did it? Why not? Because the LTTE is a globally recognised terrorist organisation. As long as people waive LTTE flags and demand war crimes investigations, such protests will only be seen as propaganda tactics!

          Any intelligent person who truly cared for the Tamil community of SL would see that the key to bringing peace and freedom to them would be to unite the nation. But then, a peaceful Sri Lanka isn’t quite what you want is it? You have a lot more vested interest in a divided Sri Lanka don’t you?

          I’m sure you can hold the ‘National Army’ of Sri Lanka responsible for a number of crimes against humanity, but the fact that you stoop as low as quoting C4 goes to further show your double standards. You state that ‘Lazy persons in the defense ministry did an easy job of blaming LTTE’, yet you can’t see the laziness of C4 reporting? Your double standards are Gold!

          Jegath Quote:’ Media and like minded politicians are listening, the diaspora are doing a good job’.

          A: Haha, the key words there being ‘like minded politicians’. In other words, people who care little about the truth, and the future of humanity, little own their own people! Just like the LTTE and its supporters?

          Yes, that is exactly who you have supporting you, and yes, the diaspora is indeed doing a great job, helping MR stay in power that is!

          I strongly hope you and your diaspora communities will be able to one day open your eyes and truly stand up for the innocent millions in Sri Lanka, and give them an opportunity to live in peace. Instead of playing manipulative political games that serve only your own personal interests.

  • 0


  • 0

    A great man of true leadership qualities. Yes! the division today is on issues!…..ECONOMIC ISSUES! This applies to many in the south too! If people were economically well off, they would not give a hoot on ethnic or religious differences.

    • 0

      Vipula Amarasekara says:

      ” If people were economically well off, they would not give a hoot on ethnic or religious differences”

      I beg to differ.

      The Tamils and Sinhalese being irredeemably stupid and greedy they do not have the culture of appreciating or creating win win situation and share resources, power and wealth.

      For them individually winning is not enough but they want others to fail, fail miserably.

      No economic miracle will satisfy their insatiable appetite for greed and possessiveness. Their ill will towards others knows no bound.

      I am confident people may have very good possibility of changing the world for the better but Sri Lanka, no chance. Although I am bit thick I am very optimistic about the future of the world not Sri Lanka. I believe you know why.

  • 0

    Friend De Silva,

    The task of implementing ALL the recommendations (not half or quarter, as the Govt threatens for some months now) is the immediate task of the Rajapakses, in which they have failed. Using Lalith Weeratunga’s mouth to state even SOME of the recommendations will be implemented only if the TNA participates unconditionally is utterly infantile.
    This only exposes the shallow deception, short-sightedness and stupidity of the Rajapakses, all of which are now globalised. TNA is far too savvy and sophisticated to get trapped in one more time-wasting strategy of the Rajapakses. TNA’s position is both right and admirable.

    The badly engineered perfidy of the Rajapakses is now legendary. Not just the TNA but very few within or outside trust them. Look at their position on the UNHRC/Geneva. They had the kept-Press and mouth-pieces of the Govt railing UNHRC/Navi Pillay they give a damn to the US-backed Resolution. And now the Day of Judgement is due in Oct/Nov on the UPR they are ready to eat crow. What a motley of clowns.


  • 0

    Chandrahasan sounds too optimistic. The most powerful Brothers treat TNA like dirt. I am not saying the TNA has been perfoect, but the TNA is many, many times better than Karuna, Pillayan, Douglas et al. The Brothers are deliberately promoting these criminals to ridicule, humiliate and undermine the TNA. How can you expect the TNA to engage with Brothers?

    I would certainly agree with Chandrahasan re the LTTE. Tamils must forget the LTTE era, LTTE’s flag of guns & bullets, its leader Prabaharan if they are interested in having their legitimate aspirations for self rule in their traditional lands come true.

  • 0

    After defeted of LTTE -terrorist outfit by GOSL,reconcilization,rehabilitaion and reconstrucation are three magic wepons for immerdiate soulation to re-settle Tamils in North and East of Island.
    NO doubt Chandarasehan can play positive role in politics the transformaintion of modern sovereignty into that of nationl sovereignity also requred certain new material conditons forGive lerdershipn Tamils in Sri lanka.
    Most important thing is Tamils required certain new mindset of political enviroment in North and East.We are in new equibibrium be esatblised between process of capitalist path and development of power structure of central state.Since 1948 capitalist progress and primitive accumlation , still always was present a mode of capitalist modernization by ruling party new working programe to will be accomodated all communites economy developement and social progress in the Island.Chadarasn can incuding Tamils to be play positive and construcative role of unite and diversity od secular democaric Sri lanka.
    Which claimed to bring together the interclass demands for political unity and needs of economic development.In other mean,nation was posed as the one and only active forces and vehicle that could deliver mordenity and developemt of all races of the Island.
    Needless to say Chandaradsan has to play leading role Island politics in future.No one can denied that.Is not confined to refugge issues Tamils,but beyond enter Natioanl policits to fill big vaccum in Tamil Natioal politics in democtaic order of Sri lankan.His role will be recognized that nationl sovererignty, terrorial intergrity, independance of effectively usurp the terrain of democratic paty politics and its orginization by renewing the powers of terrorial sovereignty of ongoing modernization its projects through the mobilization of an active Tamil community.
    The end of war 2009 May process of construaction of Sri Lankan Nation,which renewd our political sovereignty and terrioral sovererignty gave new democratic concept dfferent from the past 45 years anarchaism and terroism had been dominiated by the Island politics by political of classes in the Island. After end of war we required new democrtaic defintion suddenly become in each and every histrocial context an idelolgical guide line of politics of secular democratic version of politics of class in Island.
    The crisis of democratic modernity of Sri Lankan ,which is the contradictiory co-presnce of the multitude and power that wants to reduce it to the rule of one that is ,the co-presence of a new producative set of FREE subjectivities and s disciplinaty state power that want to explor it is finally resloved by Tamil problems by nation and democrtic state.

  • 0

    This is the single most disappointing piece of journalism I have seen come off the keyboard of a journalist for whom I have great admiration.

    To put it succinctly, she has given Chandrahasen, a slippery character obviously trying to manipulate his way back into Sri Lankan politics under the cloak of the current dictatorship, a free ride.

    The fact that the Paris-based apologist for the Rajapaksa government, Dayan Jayatilleka, and “Senguttuvan” agree with and approve of all this foofaraw only serves to confirm my opinion!

  • 0

    How could you forget the LTTE era and talk about “reconciliation”, it is a paradox, this alone speaks volume of this gentleman’s political vision.

    • 0

      From the beginning to the finish Prabaharan had been a disaster, please let him rest in peace peacefully. You will do a great service if you could stop even Prabaharan’s ghost reaching the SL Tamils.

  • 0

    Mr Jegan I aggred with you,NOT forget past of LTTE,indeed we have leran lessons past of no only LTTE why not JVP and UNP SLFP LSSP SLCP of ruilng and dominited politicial idelogy Island.
    In fact LTTE projct and programe of “Myth of Homeland” achive trough th armed struggle;and JVP so-called ” socilaism” by gunpoint politices of anarchism cum terreorism by overnight, overthrowm bourgeisioie STATE of Island.
    This two outfits teach us histrocial lesson of post modern political history of capitalism developement since 1965 May.In my opion we are lagging behind or unable to approch, come correct understnding of reconcilization of democracy society of Sri Lankan.Standstill of selected of democratic stage of reform or revolution confuce of prime problem of island politics;the stage is belongs to capitalism or socilalsm. Ground reality reveled us mode of economic developement and politics,classes and parties shows us ,we in path of globilization of capitalism and producation and exchange.
    The dominiate policies of Anarcsim, Terrorism and Extermism last 45 years in our island ,not been study by integellance of team of intellcuates of Islnad.Reconceilization has to learn form past,but not forget.

  • 0

    Anti-Boru might educate himself in that it is known in informed circles Chandrahasan agreeing to play a role in Sri Lanka’s complex
    reconciliation process is at the behest of years of work by the Rajapakse regime – with encouragement from regional Govts and the international community. The obstacles are from confused and semi-ignorant clerical sources. It is no secreat a few political parties of the Johnny-come-lately variety feeding on them relying soley on politics of deception and racial-religious prejudice. As to if this will succeed or not will depend the immediate future of 20+ million folks subject to more than 30 years of not only by the “internal War” but more by the destructive manipulations of a parallel political power that has ruined the country from the mid-1950s.


  • 0

    @Weeraratne – I am not a Tamil MR… When I kill 100,000 Sinhalese using chemical weapons, cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs then you can call me the Tamil MR.. I will fully agree with you.
    But I haven’t killed 1 single Sinhalese.
    I promoted peace and the CFA between 2001-2006.
    Cannot say more on that subject….

    Yes this government are one of the few in the world that are referred as State Terrorist. That is why USA sponsored the UNHRC resolutions, and trust me there is more coming the state terrorist and war criminals way. Whatever LTTE did or not do is no excuse to the Rajapakses and GOSL to kill 100,000 Tamil civilians, dispose of their bones, and then LIE about it saying not a single Tamil civilian died.

    That is why the whole world is clamoring for an independent international investigations. As for LLRC, we Tamils do not really care a S…………….t. Whether it is implemented or not.. That does not resolve the main issue. Which are
    Accountability, Truth and Justice.

    Only after that, Tamils will consider reconciliation.

    That is Government to Government, Nation to Nation.
    Tamil individuals are free to have personal relationship with each other Sinhalese and even marry each other… That does not matter. And as human beings that will go on. Nadesan (White Flag Tamil hero) was married to a Sinhalese from Matara.

    The JVP Sinhala terrorist in 1971 and 1988-1989, were responsible for the killings of over 100,000 Sinhalese, and mostly their youth. Now the same bastards are Ministers.. Ha ha. As someone said here, even Karuna, Pillaiyan and Devananda are ministers. KP is a VIP guest…

    Nearly 150-200,000 Tamils were killed in 30 years, and 1,000 Sinhalese civilians were killed in the same period… LTTE did have the fire power to do much more killing. But they did not do so, especially in the border towns and villages which remained unguarded.. Those were not their enemies…The Sinhala POW’s were all treated well as per the Geneva Conventions and all eventually released. Whereas Tamil POW’s were gang raped, molested, tortured, and brutally murdered in prison since 1983.

    It is good for the Sinhalese to remember the LTTE era of 30 years, and for the government not to change and rewrite Tamil history. The same way, Tamils should be able to publicly pay homage to their freedom fighters, bury and mourn their death, without bastards desecrating the dead and their cemeteries.. FYI, even rabid animals in the wild do not do that to other animals after fighting until death. They move on and allow the other animals to mourn the death of their leaders who have died in combat.

    Rajapakses are foolish to carry out such a campaign, as it increases the Tamil resolve, and determination, and the wounds would never heal. May be the Rajapakses and other racist-chauvinist in their group, need to take a closer look at their hero, Dutu Gemunu. He gave respect to King Elahara. If you don’t want to believe what I say, see the respect Prabhakaran receives from the millions in Tamil Nadu, India, Malaysia and other countries where the Sri Lankan diaspora live.

    Even their former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi does not get that respect from Tamil Nadu, and all are clamouring to fulfill Prabhakaran’s goals and aspiration, in some way, form or shape. That is the accomplishment of a True Freedom Fighter, similar to Subhas Chandra Bose, or even Mahatma Gandhi. Like most of the former Sri Lankan Presidents and Prime Ministers, the Rajapakses also will be thrown to the garbage of history, sooner or later.

    The sinhala war heroes are now hiding and not even visiting USA for 2 years or only come when immunity is available to the UN. They do not, even after all their billions of dollars of stolen money, cannot go and watch the Olympics, like 80 heads of state did…. have you all wondered why the war heroes are hiding?

    Think about it!!!!!!!

  • 1

    Donald, people like you are so full of ignorance and hate, you wouldn’t know what Accountability, Truth and Justice was if it hit you in the face.

    I don’t really care for the ‘Sinhala’ or ‘Tamil’ labels. Labels are for the ignorant who don’t understand the importance of life, family and love. They live for labels, and kill for labels.

    You talk about 100,000 Tamils being killed by the GoSL. This may, or may not be the case. But the fact to the matter is, the LTTE used Tamil civilians as human shield (and this has been accepted by the UN and all other international powers you try and use to push your cause with). To talk about the LTTE’s ‘humane’ acts towards the Sinhalese is nothing but propaganda, as they didn’t even treat the Tamil people in a humane way, and the whole world knows that!

    If you want Accountability, Truth and Justice, then you point the finger at all those responsible for the killings, not just those you like to pick on! Your bias, is no similar to the bias of the Sinhalese. Essentially the ignorance and foolishness just keeps going around, and innocent people continue to suffer, while people like you keep blaming each other!

    You may fool yourself, but your not fooling me. Your bias makes you blind to injustices of your chosen side, which makes you nothing more than a hypocrite. If you want ‘Accountability, Truth and Justice’, then demand ‘Accountability, Truth and Justice’ for all, without bias! Until such time, the violence will continue in a never ending cycle!

    • 0

      Navin, although you state you careless for Sinhalese or Tamil labels, you get carried away when you state that, the LTTE used Tamil civillians as Human Shields, quoting the UN sources. Ask yourself, soon after the MR govt. started to disseminate as usual this story of the LTTE using the Tamil civillians as human shields, which story was promptly picked up by the UN and other interested Nations, after the UN meekly obeying and leaving the war front in the hands of MR with no witnesses, these civillians started to wade the lagoon by the thousands in rubber dingies and boats and started arriving on the main land. Now, who supplied the civillians these rubber dingies and boats by the hundred that were shuttled back and forth for the whole lot to escape? if the LTTE were holding them as a human shield? After the civillians left who remained was the hard core LTTE with VP and some civillians who opted to remain with the LTTE. This lot who remained was to surrender according to the original plan, but obviously it was here that MR massacred the lot and the remaining taken as prisnor as Issapriya and crowd and later killed them as well.
      You can not blame Donald for raising these issues, and trying to gloss over and cover the missdeeds of the Forces of the MR govt. ably supported by a section of the UN and the other stakeholders of the War Drama as the US, India and others who have vested interest. Things are revolving around the Gruesome Massacre because there are people who are interested to see Justice is done and the culprits dealt with. I as a Sinhalese do not condone the violence of the LTTE, but have to be realistic as to who pushed them to do so.

  • 0

    First of all I am sorry for not posting in real name since I am scared I might not be able to come to Sri Lanka if I am open. We know the funny democracy we always had in SL and we know whther Sinhalese during JVP time or Tamil during LTTE time or now the Rajapakses time ..we know the fact that we are not supposed open mouth.

    I believe you all respect democracy . and in terms of democracy Chandrahasan should prove he got atleast few Tamil support by going to elections.His father proved and still after 40 years , I as in mid 30s Tamil , know his father as “Thanthai Selva” , who is claimed as father for Tamils.

    So unfortunately friends Chnadrahasan is not in any account represent even vierw of portion of Tamils. Also one must be faily understand the support for LTTE from Tamils. Tamil support for LTTE was huge during 90s and it went down during 2006-2008 time. THen with frustration of losing war once again support peaked up but afte 2009 , Tamil once again broken into sections. Support for LTTE is badly down but it never means the feeling to achieve free country has gone down. People talk like we could have achieved a free country if LTTE did not take wrong decissions with India and later in 2006.

    So now Tamils are forced to forget Tamil Eelam but to think about something possible. That is where TNA comes into the account and people will empower TNA in East as well in this elections. Even the former LTTErs will not win. Only those Sinhala leaders should understand is without satisfying LTTE elements there is noway we will achieve peace. Unltimate goal opf achiving a seperate country could only be put down , if North and East is joint and some rights are given to Tamils. This will encourage Tamils to partcipate with respect while securing their land rights. Once again it is only decided by Sinhala nation , if they fail and follow Mahinda, another era of war is unavoidable.

    It is important , as we fight here in UK/USA and Australia in the name of Justice for Tamil Victims , we want independent inquiry which should include President alleged war criminal Mahinda & Gotta. We must also investiagte LTTE’s crimes but the investigation is must.

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