16 August, 2022


The Men Now Patrolling: Joint Report By ITJP And JDS

On Easter Sunday 2019, a series of coordinated bomb blasts struck hotels and churches in Sri Lanka killing more than 250 people, including many tourists. The targets were churches in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa and five star hotels in the capital. The attacks are thought to have been suicide bombings carried out by a local Islamist group Lanka but Amaq News Agency, a propaganda outlet for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), later claimed responsibility. Following the attacks there was considerable fear and panic about whether all the perpetrators had been apprehended and the possibility of further bombings. As a result security was stepped up considerably.

The army is quoted by media sources as saying 10,000 troops were deployed in the wake of the tragic Easter Sunday bombings[1]. As in the war period, these troops enjoy extraordinary powers to detain any suspect. The re-imposition of the Emergency Regulations confer on the army and police sweeping powers of search and seizure, detention or arrest of any person without a warrant or court approval[2]. The Emergency Regulations are in addition to existing counter-terrorism legislation, overdue to be reformed to bring it in line with international standards[3]. Worryingly, there has already been a proposal for an immunity provision from prosecution for the Sri Lankan military and especially intelligence services[4]. Shockingly, this call comes from a number of senior military figures who were involved in the 2009 war and who have yet to be held accountable for the alleged war crimes they committed then.

This is a short dossier examining the background of the army commanders currently in control of the deployment of thousands troops in Sri Lanka engaged in the search and seizure of homes and buildings, enforcing curfew and patrolling civilian areas. While the situation in Sri Lanka after the Easter bombings is extremely tense and more security is needed to prevent any further attacks, there is also a need to ensure that the Rule of Law is maintained and that the human rights of all are secured. This question is relevant because the current legal framework in Sri Lanka and the heightened security environment creates a situation where abuses of human rights may occur if there is not careful oversight and control of those who are responsible for the protection of civilians.

Several of the army generals now in charge of deployments played a pivotal role as commanders in the final phase of the civil war in the north of the island when there were grave violations of international humanitarian law and human rights.  Two are even named in the 2015 investigation report of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights[5]. One was in charge of the “rehabilitation programme” for Tamil suspected ex combatants, which the UN subsequently said constituted arbitrary detention. Two others were present as commanders in Haiti during the years when there was systematic child sexual exploitation by Sri Lankan peacekeepers there.


After the Easter Sunday bombings, an Overall Operations Command (OOC) of the army, navy and air force and the police was established on 29 April 2019, with Major General Sathyapriya Liyanage, the Security Force headquarters – West (SFHQ-W) commander, as its chief[6]. This new body reportedly has jurisdiction over the Western Province and Puttalam[7]. It reports to the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne[8], who was arrested in 2018 and released on bail, on charges of assisting an absconding naval officer who was a suspect in a court case regarding the abduction and enforced disappearance of 11 people in 2008-9. The Admiral was also alleged to have threatened a witness in the case[9] and in statements contained in the court documents he is alleged to have given money to the absconding suspect who was at the time hiding from the police in naval headquarters[10]. Astonishingly he is still serving as Sri Lanka’s most senior security officer in 2019 and on 23 April was briefing diplomats in Colombo on the security situation after the bombings[11].

Before this appointment, media reports say Major General Liyanage had already deployed 37 officers and 1,783 soldiers to provide security to churches and religious places in the Western Province[12] and to do foot, vehicle and static patrols in all major cities and suburbs. Similar numbers of troops have been reportedly deployed by Major General Aruna Jayasekara, Commander of the Security Force Headquarters – East,  by Major General Kumudu Perera in charge of the SFHQ-Wanni and by Major General Vijitha Ravipriya in charge of the the SFHQ in Kilinochchi and Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi in Jaffna and Major General Dushyantha Rajaguru in Mullaitivu SFHQ and elsewhere the SFHQ-Central and the 53 Division and the 58 Division[13].


The profiles below focus only on the 8 military officers commanding troops on the streets, rather than the higher command structure where there are also alleged war criminals still serving[14].


Two of the eight regional headquarters commanders were deployed in Haiti as deputy commanders of Sri Lankan peacekeeper units in the three years when a United Nations investigation later found there had been systematic rape and sexual exploitation of children by multiple Sri Lankan units in multiple locations between 2004 and 2007. A third officer was part of the Sri Lankan team sent to investigate the same allegations in 2007 when they became public. More than a decade later there has been no transparency or criminal accountability for the 125 soldiers repatriated from Haiti to Sri Lanka in 2007 in connection with these very serious allegations. To date not one soldier was held accountable or spent time behind bars despite the gravity of the allegations. We do not know how many of the officers in command positions from 2004-7 were investigated, disciplined or even retrained after serious crimes involving children occurred.

Final Phase of War

At least three of the officers currently deploying soldiers were instrumental in the final phase of the war in Sri Lanka in 2008-9. These men commanded units that were responsible for alleged violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (including attacks on civilian objects such as hospitals, churches and food distrubution points, summary executions, torture, sexual violence and enforced disappearance) as documented by the United Nations, and as such they should have been vetted for further positions in accordance with Sri Lanka’s 2015 commitment to the UN Human Rights Council to screen and vet all public and security officials.


One of the eight officials was in charge of the “rehabilitation” of thousands of Tamils suspected to have been members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in a 2018 report described this “rehabilitation” programme as amounting to illegal detention and recommended the Government of Sri Lanka apologise to those held and offer them reparations. To date, this has not happened.


Under UN Resolution 30/1, Sri Lanka promised to vet and also hold accountable security officials involved in the 2009 war. This never happened. Now the officers profiled in this dossier are entrusted with enormous power over civilians once again even though they were previously in command of operations that failed to protect civilians in the war zone, failed to protect vulnerable children for whom they had a duty of care and in one case oversaw the arbitrary detention of suspects held illegally. This poses an enormous potential risk to rule of law.


1 SFHQ-West[15] Major General Sathyapriya Liyanage


37 Officers and 1783 soldiers


Task Force 3 in final phase of war; named in UN report
2 SFHQ-East


Major General Aruna Jayasekara


45 officers and 1136 soldiers


2005 deputy commander UN peacekeepers in Haiti when there were child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) allegations
3 SFHQ-Wanni[16] Major General Kumudu Perera


52 officers and 970 soldiers


Investigating officer for child SEA allegations in Haiti 2004-7


Major General Vijitha Ravipriya


10 Officers and 491 soldiers


Task Force 8; named in UN report
5 SFHQ-J Major General Darshana Hettiarrachchi


28 Officers and 454 soldiers


Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, which UN says was illegal detention


Major General Dushyantha Rajaguru


Unknown number May have been involved in final phase of war – military intelligence
7 SFHQ-Cen[17]


Major General Laksiri Waduge


Unknown number Present in frontline combat infinal war (PTK) in 2009.
8 24 Division Commander Major-General L. Mahinda Mudalige


Personally assumed operational command in Amapara region. 2nd in command of the 6th contingent of peacekeepers sent to Haiti, when troops were repatriated for alleged child SEA
5006 total[18]  



 1984                                   JOINED ARMY AS A CADET

1985                                   JOINED 1ST RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT OF SLAC[19]

UNKNOWN                         5 SLAC 2ND IN COMMAND





2008-9                                TASK FORCE 3

As the UN report describing a Task Force: “This was an ad-hoc grouping put together for a specific task requiring a separate formation command. It was hierarchically equivalent to a division, but had the size of a strong brigade. It comprised a mixture of existing units ‘borrowed’ from other formations and new units that were raised by new recruitment during the rapid expansion of the army.[20]

31 JULY 2009                     GENERAL COMMANDING OFFICER 52 DIVISION[21]


2014                                   64 INFANTRY DIVISION COMMANDER[23]

AUG 2016                           MILITARY LIAISON OFFICER OF THE MOD[24]

5 DEC 2016                         SRI LANKA ARMOURED CORP, REGIMENTAL COMMANDER[25]

8 JAN 2017                         MASTER GENERAL ORDINANCE (MGO)[26]

2018                                   SFHQ – WEST, COMMANDER[27]




Given the battle locations of the unit under the command of Major General Liyanage during the final phase of the war, there is a reasonable probability that both him and men under his command were involved in the commission of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. These allegations have not been investigated credibly inside Sri Lanka over the last decade, but  have been investigated by a number of UN bodies who found reasonable grounds to say the violations occured.

At the very least, pending a criminal investigation, Major General Liyanage should have been vetted and screened before being appointed to any position. Vetting all public and security officials was one of Sri Lanka’s commitments in 2015 to the UN Human Rights Council in Resolution 30/1.

Troops in 2019 being deployed by Major General Liyanage come from, among others, one unit involved in the 2009 war[30]. This was the 8 SLSR under 58 Division – this unit was also under 58 Division in 2008-9 and instrumental in the final war in the north[31].


In operations which began in November 2008 and continued into December 2008, Task Forces 3 and 4 reportedly captured the Mankulam – Oddusudan A34 road and then moved to Thanniutti on the A9 highway[32]. Media sources confirm Task Force 3 at this point was led by Brig. Sathyapriya Liyanage who launched operations from west of the A9 highway[33]. In late December 2008/January 2009, reports say 632 Brigade, under Task Force 3 commanded by Liyanage, captured an LTTE air strip in Mullaitivu[34]. During January 2009, Task Force 3 then advanced in a south to north direction[35].

Two analyses of the military strategy suggested that Task Force 3 was a pivotal part of the offensive by 55, 57 and 58 Divisions in January 2009[36]. Indeed another writer commented on this article that “Task Force 3 was the battlefield reserve until the 57th and 58th slowed down in the Tharmapuram-Visvamadu area. TF3 was then committed and the reserve role switched to the new Task Force 5…”.

The Minstry of Defence’s own situation reports say Task Force 3 was heading from Mullaitivu towards Vishwamadu around 19 January 2009[37]. On 20 January, just as the No Fire Zone was announced, Task Force 3 was south of Vishwamadu and by 23rd January advancing with the 59 and 57 Divisions based at Mullaitivu[38].In February 2009, the MOD says Task Force 3 was south of the A35 road fighting from PTK town to Vishwamadu[39]. All of this means the Task Force 3 was an integral part of the offensive which involved attacking the first “No Fire Zone” which was located on the other side of the A35 road.

Media reported that TF3 was the unit that discovered 4 LTTE submarines in late January[40]. Indeed the accompanying map in the contemporaneous report of the local newspaper, the Sri Lankan Sunday Times, clearly shows the marking of the No Fire Zone which we know from the 2015 UN investigation report was repeatedly attacked by Sri Lankan artillery units.

The United Nations OHCHR Investigation into Sri Lanka (OISL 2015, paragraph 88) report stated:

“Throughout late January and early February, the SLA continued to advance eastwards along the A35. Heavy fighting continued as the SLA advanced towards Puthukkudiyiruppu (PTK) hospital. The shelling of the area in and around the first NFZ had become so intense with many casualties that the civilian population began to leave the area and head towards the Eastern coast, congregating on the barrier island to the south of Putumattalan.”

Without going into detail, the UN report concluded that: “the Sri Lankan Armed Forces used indirect-fire weapons, including artillery shells and MBRLs on the three NFZs and surrounding areas, causing widespread damage to civilian infrastructure and loss of civilian lives throughout the final phases of the armed conflict.(750)”

By late April, Task Force 3 is described as carrying out clearing operations in Kilinochchi and Oddusudan[41]. It is unclear where Task Force 3 was in May 2009 as the war reached a climax but on 24 May 2009, Sathyapriya Liyanage is one of the main commanders whose picture is taken ceremoniously on the beach front[42] given the significant role he played in the final phase of the war.

Major General Aruna Jayasekara


Officer number O/60201

24 OCT 1998-12 SEP 2001                       MAJOR IN COMMAND OF 4GW

23 NOV 2002                                           AHQ REP 23 DIV AND A LT COL[43].

NOV 2005                                                DEPUTY CONTINGENT COMMANDER UN PEACEKEEPERS HAITI[44]

2006-7                                                      DEFENCE SERVICES COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE

2006                                                         THE COMMANDER OF NAGARKOVIL BRIGADE[45]

2007-8                                                      UNKNOWN BUT INVOLVED[46]

28 JUN 2009                                             DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS OF THE ARMY[47], GEMUNU REGIMENT.

18 JUL 2009-10                                        COLONEL, OPERATIONS COMMANDANT, COLOMBO[48].

2014                                                         NATIONAL DEFENCE COLLEGE, DHAKA[49]

14 OCT 2015                                            DIRECTOR TRAINING[50].

12 JUN 2016                                            MADE A MAJOR GENERAL[51]

10 OCT 2018                                            COLONEL OF GEMUNU WATCH REGIMENT[52]

20 NOV 2018                                           COMMANDER OF SFHQ-EAST

BEFORE THIS                                            GENERAL OFFICER COMMANDING (GOC) IN THE 22 DIVISION[53].


Major General Aruna Jayasekera was deployed in the third Sri Lankan contingent that went to Haiti on 3 November 2005[54]. An internal UN OIOS inquiry found there had been systematic child sexual exploitation of children from 2004-7 by the Sri Lankan contingents. As deputy commander of one of those contingents, Jayasekera should have been held accountable for the conduct of the troops under his command, which he was not. Until his role in the Haiti is credibly investigated and his role determined, he should not hold office.

For more on Haiti see our earlier report with Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka[55].

Major General Kumudu Perera


5 MAR 1984                                     JOINED ARMY

16 NOV 1985                                    COMMISSIONED AS 2 LIEUTENANT.

2007                                                  551 BDE

2008-9                                              SLMA COMMANDER[56]

19 JUL 2009                                      51 DIV. COMMANDER[57] – ALSO COLONEL GENERAL STAFF 55 DIV.

UNKNOWN                                       COMMANDED 55, 59 AND 22 DIVISIONS.

FEB 2015                                           PROMOTED TO MAJOR GENERAL, 55 DIVISION COMMANDING OFFICER.

2016                                                  22 DIV COMMANDER

31 JUL 2017                                      SFHQ-W COMMANDER[58]

6 JUL 2017                                        SFHQ-C COMMANDER

27 MAR–1 SEP 2018                         COLONEL MECHANIZED INFANTRY REGIMENT[59]



Kumudu Perera was reportedly the officer sent to Haiti to investigate the allegations of child sexual exploitation from 2004-7 by a large number of Sri Lankan UN peacekeepers. Twelve years later there has been no transparency about the investigation process, no report has been published  and no soldier has been held accountable for the violations or is known to have spent time behind bars in connection with the violations[60].

Major General G. Vijitha Ravipriya


2008-9                                571 BDE THEN TASK FORCE 8


2012                                   ACTING MILITARY SPOKESMAN[62]

2016                                   DIRECTOR GENERAL GENERAL STAFF OF THE ARMY [63]

9 JUN 2017                         BECOMES A MAJOR GENERAL[64]

29 MAR 2019                     SFHQ – KILINOCHCHI COMMANDER[65]


Colonel Ravipriya is named in the OHCHR Investigation report (para 119) as in charge of TASK FORCE 8. His unit was involved in assaults on PTK and Mullaivaikkal and as such he should have been vetted for office after the war and screened out of holding any public office.  Instead he has been promoted.

571 BRIGADE IN 2008

Media reports say Ravipriya began as a senior brigade commander (571) of the 57 Division and contributed major victories for them with the capture of Akkarayankulam. The 572 Brigade also assisted by the 571 Brigade under the command of Colonels Bandara and G.V. Ravipriya respectively were instructed to capture Madhu in Mannar District. The 572 and 571 Brigades reported directly to Major General Jagath Dias – see ITJP’s dossier on him[66].

Ravipriya became Task Force 8 commander in the first quarter of 2008, operating initially under the 53 Division. The reports credit him for many military victories in Puthukudiyriuppu (PTK)[67].


Task Force 8 was present in the advance on PTK in March 2009 according to media reports[68].


 According to Kamal Gunaratne’s book, The Road to Nandikadal,  it was Colonel Ravapriya who brought him the news of the LTTE leader’s death[69].

Media reports describe how Task Force 8 were operating on the bank of the lagoon adjacent to No Fire Zone 3[70].Media reports also put Col Ravipriya’s unit advancing on Velliamullivakkal in late April 2009[71].

This means Task Force 8 was at the forefront of assaults from March to May 2009 when a wide range of alleged violations of IHL were committed by Sri Lankan forces.

The significance of his role was acknowledged in an article in the Nation which named him with other top military figures as instrumental in winning the war[72].

Ravipriya is one of a handful of senior officers rewarded for their contribution in 2009[73]. In 2013, an article in a Sri Lankan newspaper actually raised concerns that he was one of the officers who might be targeted by a UN human rights investigation into the war[74].

Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi


6 MAR 1984                                                    JOINED ARMY, CORPS OF ENGINEERS[75]

16 NOV 1985                                                  2ND LT SRI LANKA ENGINEERS REGIMENT

1986                                                                SALIYAPURA – ADVANCED INFANTRY TRAINING COURSE CONDUCTED BY SPECIAL SERVICE GROUP (SSG) PAKISTAN ARMY[76].

1997-8                                                             GRADUATE OF THE DEFENCE SERVICES COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE IN BANGLADESH

2005                                                                MASTERS DEGREE IN ‘CONFLICT RESOLUTION’, COLOMBO.

21 FEB 2012-28 JUN 2013                              COMMISSIONER GENERAL OF REHABILITATION[77]

2013-14                                                           NATIONAL RESILIENCE INSTITUTE, INDONESIA

FEB 2015                                                         PROMOTED TO MAJOR GENERAL – 23 DIVISION

BEFORE JAFFNA                                              COMMANDER SECURITY FORCES – EAST

1 APR 2017-19                                                JAFFNA SFHQ CO[78]


As Commissioner General of the Rehabilitation programme for more than a year, Major General Hettiarachchi has yet to issue a public acknowledgement of wrongful imprisonment as directed by the United Nations[79]. On this ground alone he should not be holding an office where he has the potential to be responsible for wrongful detention.

Major General R.W.W.A. Dushyantha B Rajaguru[80]



1996-2000                          10 SLSR

2000-2                                UNIVERSITY OF KELANIYA.

1992-5                                6 SLSR

2002-3                                MADRAS UNIVERSITY, MSC IN STRATEGIC STUDIES

2004-5                                DSCSC

2005-6                                 NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY, USA[81]

2007-9                                UNKNOWN

UNCLEAR                            31ST HEAD OF SRI LANKA MILITARY ACADEMY[82]

2011-25 MAR 2012            ASSISTANT MILITARY SECRETARY[83]

2015-2016                          COMMANDANT, SRI LANKA MILITARY ACADEMY[84].

17 DEC 2017                       COMMANDER SRI LANKA NATIONAL GUARDS (SLNG)[85]

23 JAN 2018                       BECOMES MAJOR GENERAL[86],


2017-2019                          COMMANDER SFHQ-MLT[88]


There is only one reference left online, on a school website, suggesting Major General Rajaguru had an  active role in the 2009 war. All other references to his past activities appear to have been wiped off the Internet.

“Old Rajans Brig. Nirmal Dharmaratne and Brig. Dushyantha Rajaguru have
been promoted to the Rank of Major General of the Sri Lanka Army. They
both played an active role on the battle front in the Eelam War IV.[89]




16 APR 1965                                                   DATE OF BIRTH[90]

16 APR 1985                                                   JOINED ARMY

APRIL 15, 2020                                                RETIREMENT DUE DATE

1 JAN 1996-6 JAN 1997                                  2ND IN COMMAND 6SLSR

15 NOV 1996-28 FEB 99                                 ADJUTANT OF REGIMENT, SLSR[91]

6 MAR 1999-28 DEC 1999                              CO 7 SLSR

20 MAR 2003-17 FEB 2005                             CO 8 SLSR

APR 2008                                                        HAITI[92] CONTINGENT COMMANDER

2009 WAR                                                       1 SLSR (59 DIVISION) AND PRESENT IN PTK


2009                                                                COMMANDER IN IN WELI OYA[94]

AUG 2009                                                       PROMOTED TO BRIGADIER[95]

2016                                                                ALLEGED TO BE HAITI UN PEACEKEEPER CONTINGENT COMMANDER.

APRIL 2016                                                      DG OPERATIONS, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF[96]

2018                                                                CO 52 DIVISION, SFHQ-JAFFNA[97]

13 APR 2019                                     COMMANDER SFHQ-CENTRAL[98]


Most entries regarding his war sevice in 2009 appear to have deliberately been removed offline. However, in March 2009 a media report described Laksiri Waduge coming under fire near PTK town[99]. The significance of his role in the 2009 war was acknowledged in an article in the Nation which named him with other top military figures as being instrumental in winning the war[100].






1997                     6SLLI

1999-2002            4SLLI


2015                     59 DIV GENERAL OFFICER COMMANDING

2018                     24 DIVISION COMMANDER IN EAST[103].

Haiti – photo from his facebook page


In the recent deploments in the East of Sri Lanka Major General LM Mudalige has been the officer in charge but he has yet to be held accountable for his failure to prevent systematic child sexual exploitation by his men serving as peacekeepers in Haiti in 2007[104].

[1] “Nearly 10,000 soldiers were being deployed across the Indian Ocean state to carry out searches and provide security for religious centres, the military said.”


Same number cited by Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sri-lanka-blasts-prayers/guarded-by-soldiers-defiant-sri-lankan-muslims-pray-for-peace-idUSKCN1S20X4

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SEE for more detail: https://www.cpalanka.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/QA_SoE.pdf

[3] Sri Lanka had promised the international community it would bring its main piece of counter terrorism legislation, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), in line with international standards. There was a moratorium on using the PTA for some time but in the last 6 months since the constutional coup of Octobr 2018, we understand from Sri Lankan lawyers that scores of people have been detained using the PTA.

[4] Sri Lanka president accepts proposal to legalise impunity (VIDEO), 5 May 2019,


[5] “According to maps compiled by the Defence Ministry, Task Forces 2, 3, 4 and 8 were particularly involved in the final weeks of the conflict. According to the Ministry of Defence website, the following were Commanders of Task Forces: Brigadier Rohana Bandara (Task Force 2); Brigadier Sathyapriya Liyanage (Task Force 3); Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi (Task Force 4); Colonel G.V. Ravipriya (Task Force 8).” OISL para 119.

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[7]     Media reports say Rear Admiral W.A.S.S Perera of the Navy, Air Vice Marshal W.L.R.P Rodrigo of the Air Force and Superintendent of Police L.K.D Anil Priyantha will function as Coordinating Officers of respective services and the Police in the OOC.

Overall Operational Command, Colombo Established with Immediate Effect, 29 April 2019, http://www.colombopage.com/archive_19A/Apr29_1556557522CH.php

Some reports say it answers to the Chief of Defence Staff – http://www.hirunews.lk/215435/tri-forces-and-police-establish-a-joint-operation-command and http://www.dailynews.lk/2019/04/30/local/184238/overall-operational-command-colombo-established 

But others say to the army Commander https://newsin.asia/joint-operations-command-set-up-in-colombo-under-maj-gen-sathyapriya-liyanage/

[8]     “Rear Admiral W.A.S.S. Perera of the Navy, Air Vice Marshal W.L.R.P. Rodrigo of the Air Force and SP L.K.D. Anil Priyantha function as OOC Coordinating Officers of the Navy, Air Force and Police respectively and the OOC functions under the Chief of Defence Staff.” Says Army assists Batticaloa church to hold feast, Daily News, 2 May 2019, http://dailynews.lk/2019/05/02/local/184402/army-assists-batticaloa-church-hold-feast Also http://www.hirunews.lk/215435/tri-forces-and-police-establish-a-joint-operation-command

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       Army launches island-wide patrols and search missions to ensure security, Aderana, 25 April 2019. http://www.adaderana.lk/news/54627/army-launches-island-wide-patrols-and-search-missions-to-ensure-security

[13] “In the meantime, troops of 58 Division conducted cordon and search operations in the general areas of Darga Town, Aluthgama, Weligama and Red Cross housing scheme in Moratuwa last morning (2) and arrested eight suspects with a stock of sim cards, forged National Identity Cards, swords, along with eight suspects. Suspects were handed over to the Police.” According to http://www.adaderana.lk/news/54858/security-forces-round-up-more-suspects-as-island-wide-search-ops-continue

[14]  See for example, ITJP’s dossier on Shavendra Silva, the current Chief of Army Staff:  http://www.itjpsl.com/reports/shavendra-silva

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[30] “In the same manner, 222 Brigade troops prioritizing national security concerns also carried out simultaneous cordon search operations in the general areas of Wan Ela and Serunuwara. Following items were recovered during those operations: 2 Air rifles, 5 swords, 3 suspicious motor bikes, 1 locally-made rifle, a map of the ancient Seruwawila Buddhist temple. Troops arrested two suspects in this connection. 5 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) and 22 VIR troops of the 222 Brigade participated in this operation which lasted for more than six hours.
Meanwhile, troops of 8 SLSR in the 58 Division and the Security Force Headquarters – West (SFHQ-West) in combined cordon and search operations in the general area of Kotiyakumbura, Kegalle found 11 petrol bombs, 2 Walkie-talkies, 16 Passports, 9 knives, 12 mobile phones, 4 WiFi routers, 2 Hand Grenades, 8 Hand Axes, 3 Swords, 1 Nanchakku, 1 Binocular, 1 GPS and the trouser of an Army-like desert combat kit. Several suspects were arrested by the Army and handed over to the Police for further investigations.”


[31]On 5th June 2008 the Battalion was detached from the 58 Division and was attached to the 57 Division to operate in Palampiddi and actively participated in capturing Kalmadu, Nochchikulam, Marathamadu, Navi and Palamodai. After consolidating control of the area the Battalion advanced along the A9 road up to Puliyankulam and led the battle in capturing Mathiyamadu and Nedunkerni. Later, the Battalion actively took part in the operations that resulted in liberating Muthiyankadu and in the process succeeded in capturing terrorist training camps, factories, farms, machinery and weapons. A submarine construction site and a submarine test facility was also capture during the operations conducted in Udayarkattukulam….. At the final stages of the ‘Wanni Humanitarian Operation’ the Battalion operated along the A35 road in Mullaitivu, Chundikulam, Championpattu and Chalai. In the operations conducted to liberate the North and East from cruel clutches of terrorists 2 officers and 84 other ranks of the Battalion made the supreme sacrifice making the total number of members of the Battalion to have laid their lives since the inception of the battalion, 7 officers and 188 other ranks. “ Regimental webpageAt the end of the Humanitarian Operation the Battalion was relieved from its duties at Chalai in Mullaitivu and in 1st December 2009 moved to Thunukkai to be placed under command to the 653 Brigade of the 65 Division and took over duties from the 6 SLSR.

[32] Ahmed S Hashim book, When CounterInsurgency Wind, Page 158.

ALSO: “The first confrontation of the Task Force 3 reported 2.30 PM when the infantrymen confronted with a group of terrorists in the Vannivilankualm area, in the West of Mankulam junction. According to the battlefield reports troops have found 2 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with two T-56 riffles.”

MOD Situation Reports on 03rd Nov 2008

“Apart from the main battlefronts, Army Task Force 3 is gaining domination over A-9 road from Panikkankulam to Mankulam and towards the East of the road.”

MOD Situation Reports on 12th Nov 2008

“TF-3 troops close-in on Mankulama: LTTE faces major setback- Mullaittivu. Task Force -3 troops inducted west of the A-9 trunk road off Mankulama in the western Mullaittivu battlefront have commenced marching towards the strategically important Mankulama junction, since dawn today (Nov 16).”

MOD Situation Reports on 16th Nov 2008

“Troops overrun Mankulama: LTTE flee amidst heavy casualties- Mullaittivu.Troops of the task Force-3 flanked west of the A-9 main road at Vannivilankulama…”

MOD Situation Report on 17 November 2008

“Troops of Task Force 3 operating east of Mankulam have gained total control over the Olumadu Village reaching to a significant stage in the Wanni liberation operation this evening (Nov 25).”

MOD Situation Report on 25 November 2008

“Terrorists take heavy beating: scores killed, many injured – Kilinochchi….At the Mullaittivu battlefront, TF -2 troops continuedconsolidating liberated territory east of the A-9 trunk road. Separately, troops of the TF-3 have reportedly met with intermittent LTTE resistance while advancing in general area east of Olumadu, security sources added.”

MOD Situation Reports on 12th December, 2009

[33] “TF III was commanded by Brig. Sathyapriya Liyanage launched operations from Vannivilankulam, west of A-9. It was the second fighting formation to manoeuvre along with west-east axis across A-9. The first was Task Force II (TF II) commanded by Brig. Rohana Bandara. Although TF II launched operations in June 2008, it was TF III which first overran an LTTE base on A-9. TF I was yet to reach A-9. Having completed operations on the western flank with the liberation of Pooneryn, TF I was positioned about ten kilometres west of Paranthan, while the 57 Division continued to consolidate its position at Kokavil, 12 km south of Kilinochchi on A-9 road. The LTTE overran Kokavil detachment in July 1990 during Ranasinghe Premadasa’s presidency. The base fell due to the army’s failure to move reinforcements to save two platoons commanded by Lt. Saliya Upul Aladeniya.TF III captured an armour plated truck during the battle for Mankulam. Swarnam and his elite bodyguards fled leaving the vehicle behind when TF III troops fired at it.”


“Having commenced operations from the Vannivilankulam in November 2008, Brigadier Liyanage commanded his troops to capture key junction town Mankulam on the A-9 road, Olumadu and Ampakamam in the East of A-9 road.”


Task Force III the fifth offensive Division added to the Wanni operation was led by the keen Army officer Brigadier Satyapriya Liyanage. They marched southwards from Murukkandi to Mankulam on the A-9 Road upto Ampakamam and Puthukudiyiruppu West after capturing Olumadu on the Mankulam Mullaitivu Road

The Valient men who led ground troops, Sunday Observer, 15 May 2011, http://archives.sundayobserver.lk/2011/05/15/victory.asp?id=s06

In support of the overall ground forces effort, Lt. Gen. Fonseka launched Task Force III under Brigadier Satyapriya Liyanage to move across the A9 road from the west to the east.”

REVISITED: November 201 http://slwaronterror.blogspot.com/2016/11/ 14/17 Muhamalai debacles and Elephant Pass triumh. 1 Nov 2016.

[34]    “Subsequent to continuous offensive operations conducted by the troops of the 632 brigade commanded by Lieutenant Colonel SUBHASHANA WELIKALA operating under the Task Force-III commanded by Brigadier SATHYAPRIYA LIYANAGE, captured the LTTE runway in the jungle area about 2 km east of oldKANDYroad south of IRANAMADU.”


The main LTTE runway situated east of Iranamadu Tank was captured by the 63-2 Brigade of the Task Force 111 commanded by Brigadier Sathyapriya Liyanage.”


[35] “The Task Force II under the command of Brigadier Rohana Bandara, Task Force III under the command of Brigadier Satyapriya Liyanage and Task Force IV under the command of Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi are heading in a South to North direction capturing all these assets of the LTTE.”

Desperate Tigers intensify terror, 1 February 2009, Sunday Observer.

[36] “With LTTE defences concentrated against the 57th, 58th, and 55th divisions, the smaller TF3, TF2, and TF4 advanced rapidly from the south, with TF4 striking in the direction of Puthukkudiyiruppu. The LTTE had to choose. If it withdrew down the A35 — thus losing Vishvamadu and Theravikulam rapidly to the 57th and 58th divisions — it would also lose much of the coast between Mullaitivu and Chundikulam, along with its Sea Tiger bases. If it withdrew from the southern part of the triangle, its defences on the A35 would be soon outflanked. In the event, it looks like the LTTE chose the latter option. TF3, TF2, and TF4 advanced rapidly towards Puthukkudiyiruppu and the A35. The Tigers had chosen to hold the coast instead of the jungle.”


“The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) will soon deploy Task Force 3 (TF3) to the Wanni theater of battle which is getting heated up by the day. TF3, which is raised with both offensive and defensive capabilities in mind, will mostly likely be deployed in areas recaptured recaptured by the army’s 57 and 58 divisions. Deployment of TF3 will no doubt increase SLA’s ability to defend a possible LTTE counterattack similar to the unceasing waves.”

 Army to deploy Task Force 3 to Wanni battlefront, 27 Oct 2008, http://defencenet.blogspot.com/2008/10/army-to-deploy-task-force-3-to-wanni.htm

[37] “LTTE underground fuel storage found – Dharmapuram. Troops of 58 Division while conducting further consolidating operations in Dharmapuram area, Mullaittivu, have found 300 fuel barrels which had been buried by the LTTE terrorists this morning, 19 January. TF-3 troops confront with terrorists; 4 LTTE bodies found – Mullaittivu.  Troops of Task Force 3 (TF3) heading towards Viswamadu have confronted with a group of LTTE terrorists in general area northeast of Ampakamam in Mullaittivu during the day hours today, 19 January.”

       MOD Situation Reports on 19th January, 2009

[38]Army Task Force 2 & 3 give heavy beating to LTTE – Mullaittivu. Sri Lanka Army Task Force 2 soldiers operating east of the Udayarkattukulam tank and the Task Force 3 soldiers operating south of the Vishvamadukulam tank, in the Teravil-Odduddan forest reserve have been engaged inheavy confrontations with the terrorists since this morning (Jan 20). According to the latest battlefield reports, troops of 6 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (6 VIR) belonging to the Task Force 2 have sprung an ambush targeting the terrorists detected in the East of Udayarkattukualm around 8 AM. During subsequent search, troops have found 4 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, 1 T-56 riffle and a motor vehicle.Elsewhere, troops of 8 Sinha Regiment (8 SR) of the Task Force 2 have captured a terrorists base around 8.10 AM. Battlefield reports revealed that 5 well fortified overhead bunkers and a hut were found in the captured base. The Task Force 3 troops have confronted a group of terrorists detected south of Vishvamadukulam area around 8.40 AM. Three bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with three T-56 riffles have been found during subsequent search.”

       MOD Situation Reports on 20th January, 2009

       “Air Force jets, helicopter gunships continue raids at LTTE positions- Mullaittivu. SLAF jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships continued air sorties at identified LTTE resistance positions in support of the advancing 59 Div, 57 Div and TF-3 troops at Mullaittivu, today (Jan 23).”

       MOD Situation Reports on 23rd January, 2009

[39]Army 59 Division breaches LTTE strongholds south of Puthukkudiyiruppu. Sri Lanka Army 59 division soldiers operating West of Nanthi Kadal lagoon yesterday (Jan 31) breached the LTTE’s heavily fortified defence south of Puthukkudiyiruppu, reveal battlefield reports.Clashes continue south of A-35 The Sri Lanka Army 57 Division, Task Force 3, Task Force 2 and Task Force 4 deployed south of A-35 road (Paranthan- Mullaittivu) continued to engage terrorists’ pockets from Visuamadu to Puthukkudiyiruppu areas yesterday (Jan 31).”

       MOD Situation Reports on 01st February, 2009.

[40] LTTE’s secret weapons uncovered in final push, 1 Feb 2009, http://www.sundaytimes.lk/090201/News/sundaytimesnews_05.html

And “troops of 4 CLI of the 631 Brigade attached to the Task Force 3 made this recovery” https://lrrp.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/mullaitivu-debacle-to-victory/

[41]TF 3 finds more LTTE military items – Kilinochchi. Troops of Task Force 3 (TF-3) continuing search and clearing operations in recently liberated areas in Kilinochchi uncovered more military items left behind by the fleeing terrorists.”

       MOD Situation Reports on 19th April

       “TF-3 uncovers more LTTE war materials – Oddusuddan. Troops of Task Force – 3 (TF-3) engaged in continuous search and clear operations in recently liberated areas have uncovered more military items left behind by the fleeing terrorists yesterday, 24 April.”

       MOD Situation Reports on 25th April, 2009

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[45] This article is about an army officer named Major Indika Walisundara, who died in Muhamalai FDL. This website was operated probably by an army unit, during the war time
In the sixth paragraph it says:

“By 2006, Major General Sanath Karunaratne was in charge of Muhamalai defence. Colonel Shantha Dissanayake was the Muhamalai brigade commander. Colonel Aruna Jayasekara worked as the commander of Nagarkovil Brigade while Colonel Ruwan Kulatunge was the commander of Eluthumadduval Brigade.”

[46] “Three Brigadiers who courageously led the troops in the massive thrust to capture Wanni – Shavendra Silva, Prasanna de Silva and Chagie Gallage were promoted to the rank of Majors General this week. In addition 46 Colonels were promoted as Brigadiers. They are: D.R. Mayadunne, Tissa Jayasuriya, D.M. Gunesekara, K.P. Wickramasinghe, K.C. Gunawardene, D.D. Dias, D.S. Weeman, D.I. Karunaratna, D.S. Weerasekera, R.P. Rowell, C.S. Wanniarachchi, W. Kariyawasam, A. Kariyakarawana, A.S. Ranasinghe, U.K. Hettiarachchi, Sarath Ambewa, S.K. Senadhira, Aruna Jayasekera, Ralph Nugera, Nishantha Wanniarachchi, Sudath Perera, Laksiri Waduge, Athula Koddipilli, G.V. Ravipriya, Athula Galagamage, Raj Ranawaka, S. Dissanayaka, I.P.Ranasingha, C.M. Kodituwakku, P.R. Seneviratna, B.A. Sudasingha, M.Kulatunga, Suraj Bangsajayah, T.J. Nanayakkara, Janaka Mohotti, R. Wanigasuriya, K.P.D. Perera, A.D.Silva, Mahinda Weerasuriya, Athula Hennadige, M.J. Seneviratna, C.D. Gunawardene, Wasantha Kumarapperuma, V.K. Jayasingha, E.G. Jayakody And K.P. Sumanapala.”


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Force, Wanni, July 31, 2017

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“On October 30, a special team had arrived to Haiti from the New York UN Headquarters in order to

conduct an inquiry into this allegation and informed Sri Lanka to send a probe team to Haiti. On

October 6, a top level team of four senior officers, a female brigadier, a doctor and a lawyer

including Mohanthi Peiris, Chief Legal Officer of the Sri Lanka Army and Brigadier Kumudu Perera

were sent to the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.” https://lrrp.wordpress.com/2007/11/09/heavy-casualties-abort-muhamalai-offensive/

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[68] “Meanwhile, 53 Division’s 68-1 Brigade under Lt. Col. Lalantha Gamage and Task Force VIII’s 68-1 Brigade under Lt. Col Subashana Welikala, are advancing on Pudukudyirippu East.Task Force VIII demolished the LTTE’s two kilometre long earth barricade south of Puthkudyiruppu on Tuesday (24), and forged ahead despite heavy resistance. “


The 1Gajaba Regiment and 4 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment attached to the Task Force VIII also joined hands with the 58 Division troops in securing the entire Puthukudiyiruppu junction having entered the Puthukudiyiruppu junction from the South of A-35 road.”

Troops marching on to LTTE’s last terrain, 8 March 2009, Sunday Observer. 

“The Task Force 8 troops operating under the command of Colonel G.V. Ravipriya cut off the links the LTTE had to Puthukudiyiruppu through the A-35 road.”,

Troops encircle over 200 Tigers, Daily News, 2 April 2009.

“Task Force VIII captured about a 1.5 km area on the Paranthan- Mulaitivu road from West to East on March 21. With this, heavy fighting erupted, as they continued to advance from there.”

REBEL’S LAST DITCH STAND, 28 March 2-09, The Nation.

TF 8 joined Vanni Liberation in February 2009 from Puthukudiyiruppu south. “ 13 March 2012,

Sri Lankan Army to come up with its own film, https://www.thehindu.com/news/international/sri-lankan-army-to-come-up-with-its-own-film/article2988547.ece

[69] KG iv http://asianmirror.lk/news/item/19103-controversial-revelation-by-maj-gen-gunaratne-army-given-warnings-on-possible-us-air-strike

“q: who gave you the news?

a: colonel ravipriya told me “sir, we killed prabhakaran in the last assault”. it was unbelievable. i asked lalantha gamage to confirm it. he went in and ten minutes later caled me to confirm….all those stories are rubbish. prabhakaran died on may 19, 2009, at around 9.30 in the morning. he was not killed by the commandos or snipers. he died during the operation by two groups of eight of the 4th vijayabahu infantry regiment. he was not captured alive. we did not know he was hiding in the mangroves. we shot the terrorists in the mangroves. we found his body afterwards. that is it

[70] “As there was no access for them towards the shore the 59 Division troops under the command of Brigadier Prasanna Silva and the Task Force VIII under the command of Colonel G. V. Ravipriya who were operating in the Western bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon were alerted about a possible attempt by the LTTE to breach the defence lines in the Western bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon.

With this information the 59 Division troops and the Task Force VIII troops were ready to face any eventuality by Saturday night. It was around 1.20 a.m. on Sunday morning when troops detected some Tiger boats were heading towards the Wester edge of the lagoon. As troops were hundred percent sure that the boats arriving towards them were not civilians they directed fire towards them destroying them.”

The Grand Finale, 22 May 2009, Daily News. 

[71] “Meanwhile, troops of the Air Mobile Brigade of 53 Division and 17 GW under Lt. Col. Kitsiri Kottewatte, belonging to Task Force VIII led by Col. G.V. Ravipriya, along with the troops of 4 Vijayaba Regiment (VR), were advancing along the A-35 route towards Wellamullawaikal, where LTTE leaders were tipped to be staying.”

Biggest hostage rescue in military history, The Nation, 26 April 2009.

[72] “Three Brigadiers who courageously led the troops in the massive thrust to capture Wanni – Shavendra Silva, Prasanna de Silva and Chagi Gallage were promoted to the rank of Majors General this week. In addition 46 Colonels were promoted as Brigadiers. They are: D.R. Mayadunne, Tissa Jayasuriya, D.M. Gunesekara, K.P. Wickramasinghe, K.C. Gunawardene, D.D. Dias, D.S. Weeman, D.I. Karunaratna, D.S. Weerasekera, R.P. Rowell, C.S. Wanniarachchi, W. Kariyawasam, A. Kariyakarawana, A.S. Ranasinghe, U.K. Hettiarachchi, Sarath Ambewa, S.K. Senadhira, Aruna Jayasekera, Ralph Nugera, Nishantha Wanniarachchi, Sudath Perera, Laksiri Waduge, Athula Koddipilli, G.V. Ravipriya, Athula Galagamage, Raj Ranawaka, S. Dissanayaka, I.P.Ranasingha, C.M. Kodituwakku, P.R. Seneviratna, B.A. Sudasingha, M.Kulatunga, Suraj Bangsajayah, T.J. Nanayakkara, Janaka Mohotti, R. Wanigasuriya, K.P.D. Perera, A.D.Silva, Mahinda Weerasuriya, Athula Hennadige, M.J. Seneviratna, C.D. Gunawardene, Wasantha Kumarapperuma, V.K. Jayasingha, E.G. Jayakody And K.P. Sumanapala.”


[73] Wanni war heroes given military honours and  their service appreciated, The Island.http://www.island.lk/2009/05/30/news11.html

“The roles of Heads of Task Force One (Brig Rohana Bandara), Task Force 2 (Brig Satyapriya Liyanage and Task Force 8 (Col GV Ravipriya, who actually killed Prabhakaran) too will be probed by such an investigation.”

Indian defence analyst identifies possible witch-hunt targets, 23 March 2013, The Island, http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=75408

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[79] A/HRC/39/45/Add.2  23 July 2018,

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on Sri Lanka’s ‘rehabilitation” programme.

“Para 87. The Working Group recommends that the Government of Sri Lanka undertake the following measures in relation to the rehabilitation of ex-combatants…..

(b) Ensure that those who are currently detained and have previously been detained at the centre receive public acknowledgement of wrongful imprisonment and compensation and/or guarantees of non-repetition, including the immediate cessation of harassment and surveillance by the authorities of the detainees and their families.”

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Also https://www.army.lk/news/mic-26th-anniversary-day-reveres-memory-fallen-war-heroes

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       Also http://www.asiantribune.com/node/1034

[93] This post says Waduge was 593 deputy commander in 2009 January 20 and was planning the Alampil attack.


[94] “59 වන සේනාංකාධිපති බ්‍රිගේඩියර් නන්දන උඩවත්ත විසින් සිය 591 බලසේනාධිපති කර්නල් අරුණ ආරියසිංහ, 593 සේනාංකාධිපති ලුතිනන් කර්නල් ජයන්ත ලියනගේ හා සේනාංකයේ නියෝජ්‍ය අණදෙන නිලධාරි කර්නල් ලක්සිරි වඩුගේ ඇතුළු ජේෂ්ඨ හමුදා සාමාජිකයින් පිරිසක් 2009 වසරේ ජනවාරි මස 20 වෙනිදා උතුරු අලමිපිල් ප්‍රදේශයේදි ඉදිරි මෙහෙයුමි ගැන ප්‍රගති සමාලෝචනයක් සිදුකල අතර තමන්ගේ ඉදිරි ගමනට බාධාවක්ව පවතින් කොටි ත්‍රස්තයින්ගේ පස්බැමිම අත්පත් කර ගැනිමෙි මෙහෙයුම සදහා කාලතුවක්කු බලකායේ හා ගුවන් හමුදා ප්‍රහාර එක් කර ගැනීමට මෙහිදි තිරණය කෙරුනී.”


[95] Promoted Aug 2009: ‘Forty six Colonels have also been promoted to the rank of Brigadier considering their seniority and the contribution to the Wanni battle. Colonels C.V. Ravipriya Nishantha Wanniaarachchi, Mahinda Weerasoriya, Ralph Nugera, Athula Koddippili, Sudath Perera, Shantha Dias, Suraj Bansajaya and Laksiri Waduge, who were directly involved in the Wanni Operation, are among those promoted to the rank of Brigadier…’ http://archives.sundayobserver.lk/2009/08/02/fea02.asp

[96] http://www.ocds.lk/more_details.php

[97] https://www.pressreader.com

[98] https://www.army.lk/news/new-central-commander-assumes-duties-0?fbclid=IwAR0I4XfCYR3DqVOIrjbAKxlKvZJiXkcNaz5nw1wQ2pk0Yb3D5E0m8nPVhew

“General Officers Commanding of 11 Division and 12 Division, Commanders of 111 Brigade, 112 Brigade, 121 Brigade, 122 Brigade and Commanding Officers of under Command Battalions were there to greet him on the occasion.”

[99]When Col. Laksiri Waduge rushed to the scene, to evacuate the injured, his vehicle came under LTTE fire.”, FALL OF LAST TIGER BASTION IMMINENT, The Nation, 1 March 2009.

[100] “Three Brigadiers who courageously led the troops in the massive thrust to capture Wanni – Shavendra Silva, Prasanna de Silva and Chagi Gallage were promoted to the rank of Majors General this week. In addition 46 Colonels were promoted as Brigadiers. They are: D.R. Mayadunne, Tissa Jayasuriya, D.M. Gunesekara, K.P. Wickramasinghe, K.C. Gunawardene, D.D. Dias, D.S. Weeman, D.I. Karunaratna, D.S. Weerasekera, R.P. Rowell, C.S. Wanniarachchi, W. Kariyawasam, A. Kariyakarawana, A.S. Ranasinghe, U.K. Hettiarachchi, Sarath Ambewa, S.K. Senadhira, Aruna Jayasekera, Ralph Nugera, Nishantha Wanniarachchi, Sudath Perera, Laksiri Waduge, Athula Koddipilli, G.V. Ravipriya, Athula Galagamage, Raj Ranawaka, S. Dissanayaka, I.P.Ranasingha, C.M. Kodituwakku, P.R. Seneviratna, B.A. Sudasingha, M.Kulatunga, Suraj Bangsajayah, T.J. Nanayakkara, Janaka Mohotti, R. Wanigasuriya, K.P.D. Perera, A.D.Silva, Mahinda Weerasuriya, Athula Hennadige, M.J. Seneviratna, C.D. Gunawardene, Wasantha Kumarapperuma, V.K. Jayasingha, E.G. Jayakody And K.P. Sumanapala.”


[101] Seen in photograph.

[102] See ITJP report on Haiti, also Lankaenews at  http://www.lankaenews.com/news/5257/si


[103] https://www.newsfirst.lk/2019/05/01/politicians-driver-arrested-in-samanthurai/

[104] “Daily Mirror, 2 May 2019:

“A contingent of armed security personnel consisting of the Army, STF and Police were hastily deployed in the Sainthamarudhu region.The greater part of the security personnel were from the Sri Lankan army. The Amparai district is manned by the 24 Division. Initially raised in 2009 as Task Force – 3 for combat in the Wanni, it was upgraded as a full-fledged division in 2013.24 division is the “youngest” division in the Sri Lankan Army. Troops from 241 and 242 Brigades of the 24 division were transported in the Kalmunai- Savalakkadai – Sainthamarudhu – Maalihaikkaadu areas. The 24 division General Officer Commanding(GOC), Major -General Mahinda Mudalige personally assumed operational command”. Battle of Sainthamaruthu, Daily Mirror, 2 May 2019,


(by International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) with Journalists For Democracy In Sri Lanka (JDS)

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Latest comments

  • 18

    Sri Lanka is proceeding in the direction its founders since independence set: The question now is, how low will it go before its people and the leaders find a vision and a mission?

    Big International players including the Islamic State have entered the fray. Will it be another Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Syria?

    God only knows!

    • 22

      This country will be idtentified as number one parayah state in the next days to come.
      All because the current rule under MOST UNEDUCATED President plays with the govt he himself appointed to govern for the rest of the time. He should better think that he has been playing with the LIVEs of 22 mios of people.
      May well be their political games could bring them some fun, but the people of island nation are so fed up of President’s and his abusive political culture.
      Either President should leave PM led cabinet to function, or resign from his position could bring lot more to the NATION, who have been beaten enough by today.

      • 11

        Guys, guys, guys ………. forget all these distractions/sideshows ……… here’s where the game is at ……..

        “Is Sri Lanka A Sinhala-Buddhist Country?”

        Why is this soooooo important now?

        The Rajapakes fed and nourished Muslim terror-outfit’s Easter massacre is now in the backburner …….. and this is pushed to the forefront!

        While Ranil walks around with a mouthful of pittu muttering imbecilic platitudes about Vesak ………. Rajapakses’ ill-gotten loot is keeping Cambridge Analytica and their ilk buzzing the SL social media with these nonsense.

        Just read, how in Australia the Labor party was piped at the post by the other side by clever manipulation of social media and how one prof (Bela Stantic) predicted it. ……… The conclusion is all the traditional pre-polling were way off and those methods are now redundant.

        Western-attired Ranil and the UNP are pre-historic in the use of social-media and all the propaganda mod-cons ………. while the national-attired country bumpkins the Rajapakses are light years ahead

        It’s going to be a cakewalk for Gota ………. just watch ……….. even the Muslims and the Tamils are going to vote for him.

        Ranil is dead meat; he won’t be able to even say he is contesting, he’ll be laughed off ……………I’m no fan, but right now Fonseka is the only candidate who can give the Rajapakse-side a run for their money

        Then Fonseka and Gota will do a deal and rule together ………. and Mahinda will help Ranil to wash down his pittu with morning coffee

        And another day goes by in paradise. ………. Where people will be still arguing if it’s a Sinhala-Buddhist country or not. And who is patrolling the streets.

        And to end the misery ol’ nimal fernando will put his hand up and confirm it’s a Sinhalese-Buddhist country ………. and lo and behold every man woman beast and nondescript of the land will be filled with immense joy and the country will overflow with milk and honey

        And everyone will live happily ever after.


        • 2

          That was more a book than an article.

    • 6

      R Paksheee says foreigners are appointing Srilankan jobs internally.
      How come.??
      I would say ” Beggars can’t be Choosers . We have only Begging Bowls in Srilanka for the politicians to go round the world asking for” plnkama”
      Then the Political Parasites takes the Loot homes leaving the country in debt.
      RPaksheee also said the Retired Politicians need their Pension increased.
      We know that’s how they start the whole sale Looting in the Parliament as though “free for all”
      Drama queens , we shouldn’t believe a word they say.
      Counting their days to return to power , we all know the outcome, hold the country and the people at Ransom .

    • 3

      All those rioters were set by Ballige putha Rajapakshe but today he was also on an inspection tour to few schools in colombo. It is said, around his official house, there are 3 lanes that have always been blocked entangling any one to move in that area freely. Above all the school going children being distracted by the hurdles, but these BPs show the world that they are even more concerned about the children not being able to rebuild their trusts so that the school attendence could improve.
      Where on earth the kind of ULTRA HYPOCRITEs are found ? Only this island called srilanka right ?:
      I wish this me be caught with the BIGGEST bomg let alone next time, and I feel there is no gott to punish these ultra criminals.
      Rajaakshes politics = extremism in my home country.
      Rajaapkshes should be removed from every means not allowing the buggers be a healthy life for all the high harms they have been doing to this GRASS EATERs dominated island nation.

      • 3

        “Rajaakshes politics = extremism in my home country.”
        Man. You got it wrong. What is right is:
        Demala politics = extremism in my home country. They created Demala terrorist group LTTE.
        Muslim politics = extremism in my home country. They created the terrorist group National Thowheed Jamath

  • 4

    Sri Lanka doe snot need NGO democracy. They all must be chased. It is public news that Saudi Arabia and three countries provided money Wahhabi muslims in Sri lanka. Saudi Arabia had asked their embassy in Sri lanka to erase Computer files and be careful with a specific period. Saudi Arabia and probably QATAR and UK allows too are supporting Muslims desteoying themselves. UK knows they have been used as a CATPAW. but, they keep quiet because, I think, their Worthless sterling pound get internationalized. These ITJP and some one Democracy are all MCC (CIA/Sorros/church) funded projects. Sri lankan forces saved the Country and did not go invading other countries. It is some one’s basic right. They are pushing Sri lanka into China and Russian hands. there is a limit that Sri lanka should obey to India too. Church is always is behind. Because theravada buddhsim doe snot have a Centralized structure that can be controlled from there. Catholic church is good when the POPE listens to them.

  • 21

    We can only imagine the horror the poor civilians in the North had to go through. On one side the despicable terrorists, and on the other a brutal military with no regard for lives, and avoiding casualties.

    • 7


      The many organisations which claim to represent Island Tamils have not declared their leader Thiruvengadam Velupillai Prabaharan dead even ten years after the end of war.

      Is he going comeback from exile?
      Is he going to resurface in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Andaman island, Vanni jungles, Kachchadive, Norway, ….. Gota’s spare bedroom?

  • 20

    Funny thing is no one can remember the war crimes, but continue to deny as if it never happened including bitc*es like Champa.

    • 2

      “Funny thing is no one can remember the war crimes.”

      Following what Buddha said ‘Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred’, Sinhalayo have forgiven and forgotten the war crimes and atrocities committed by LTTE Demala terrorists who were misled by opportunistic Wellala Demala politicians.
      If Wellala Demala politicians can follow suit, Sinhala and Demala people can live in harmony in this country as Sri Lankans. The choice is up to Wellala extremists.

  • 1

    Ha……..ha………..ha…………ha…………… Now it is crystal clear that selections of targets by ISIS affiliated terror groups located here in Lanka. It is said that when Neo Assyrians forcibly occupied north Israel now called Syria 10 out 12 hibrew tribes were dislocated without trace. Few descendants of one or two tribal gangs had already located in north-east Indian state called Mizoram and taken back to Israel. As such Israel suspect that descendants of the other gangs specially worriers , sea- farars & professional traders (kastriyas) may be living in south part of Indian sub continent.That was the targets selection criteria of Local ISIS affiliated gang.Few learned local Muslims might have advised those terror group on this effect. As such people going to Animistic religious places located in south & east coastal belt have to be more careful. Extra security should be provided. Anyway So called local learned Muslims given ISIS wrong information I suppose. People of their targets & future targets may not be descendants of lost hibrew tribes . Few may be there but others are descendants of Makkuva tribes came here more than 250 thousand years ago. .

    • 11

      Here, something for you to think about, if you are capable of thinking.
      Why is Israel interfering in other countries, and taking care of the terrorists? Isn’t Al Qaeda America’s enemy, and America gives Israel billions of dollars and weapons, so why are they supporting terrorists?

      “Earlier this year, former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy granted a telling interview to Al-Jazeera’s Mehdi Hassan. In it, he confirmed much of what I have been reporting in this column for years: Israel has been in a tactical alliance with Al-Qaeda in Syria. Halevy made some quite frank and fascinating admissions.

      As regular readers will know, for several years, Israel has been working with Al-Qaeda led “rebels” in and near the Golan Heights, a region of south-west Syria, of which a large part is occupied by Israel.

      In a cynical attempt to fuel the Syrian civil war as a distraction from its own crimes, and to let “both [sides] bleed” (as one former Israeli official put it), Israel has been aiding anti-government rebels there, including Al-Qaeda. The aid mainly takes the form of treating wounded Al-Qaeda fighters and then releasing them back into Syria to continue the fight. However, some UN reports suggest that Israeli assistance may even have gone as far as military aid.

      The occupier by the way is ISRAEL. A filthy nation that occupies, steals lands, and kills unarmed civilians.

      • 6

        Israel has been present in Sri Lanka since at least 2016, though this is not public knowledge. Even ISIS is supposed to be the hidden hand of Israel. The elusive leader of ISIS, Abu Baqer Al Baghdadi is an Israeli Jew.

      • 5

        Well said. I fully agree. I have travelled to Israel through to Palestine on a pilgrimage and saw it first hand. The Israelites are supposed to be chosen people of God. I can not believe that.

        • 3

          They are not. The are the Devil’s own, judging by their world condemned behavior.

    • 1

      Sparrow Ranji
      Whole tribes of Makkuwas are living in the seat cushions at MC cinema. If you want to meet your ancestors, please go there, but do a blood transfusion first.

  • 7

    Courtesy : Global Tamil Forum

  • 0

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  • 6

    Right you are! Let’s take the Commandos, Special Forces and the wartime field commanders out and leave the safety and security of the Sri Lankan citizens in the hands of the ITJP and JDS… Let them do the patrolling!

    • 7

      This BP should not be busy with the articles, but should do his job properly.
      Either licking the balls of Rajakashes with or without consent or rabble rouse the rank and file have been his focus. Why ?

  • 16

    Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

    “Let’s take the Commandos, Special Forces and the wartime field commanders out and leave the safety and security of the Sri Lankan citizens in the hands of the ITJP and JDS… Let them do the patrolling!”

    It’s a good idea and a timely advice
    What’s the point of leaving it to Commandos, Special Forces and the wartime field commanders when they have repeatedly ignored Hindians’ warning. And we still remember what happened to Welikada prisoners, various journalists, innocent people from 5th April 1971 to date.

    Have you completed the negotiations about the floating corroded steel?

  • 4

    Jesus Christ..
    Jihadis now have the full list of the Officers who are trying to protect our Inhabitants and their places of Worship ,mainly the Catholic brothers and Sisters.

    GTF issued an ultimatum the other day.
    That was following the warning from the TNA heavy Abraham that Kochiade got bombed because the Yahapalana Government didn’t give them the Federal Homeland, although Mangala Samraweera signed the MOU with Dr Ranil in 2014.

    In fact Mangala Samaraweera declared that Srilanka does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists,
    And it was soon after Abraham’s speech at the BMICH.

    What worries me now is , will the UN charge sheet have more crimes against these Officers names after they are ordered back to the Barracks again?

    Yahapalana Partner Bathudeen has already made one complaint against his best buddy’s innocent son getting picked up by the Army Boys.

    And there are another one thousand odd similar pick ups, since the Suicide Attack on Holy Sunday.

    Poor Officers.
    They busted their asses for 30 years to get rid of those LTTE boys .
    But the LTTE supporters went from strength to strength.
    In fact the Thamil Diaspora is the richest Refuge Ethnic Migrant Block in the World.

    I hope our Cardinal gets a copy of this, in case the collators of this List ask for information when the ashes settle and the Yahapalana Rulers get back to looking after us again..

    • 4

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “In fact Mangala Samaraweera declared that Srilanka does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists,”

      What’s wrong with it?

  • 4

    The writer has forgot to mention the damage LTTE done to Sri Lanka and specially Tamils for 30 years. Without LTTE none would have happened. It is the same thing with Muslim terrorists. You have to remember there are no nice and clean wars. Have a look other parts of the world. That is the reality.

    • 6


      Were you born this morning?

      “The writer has forgot to mention the damage LTTE done to Sri Lanka and specially Tamils for 30 years.”

      I have seen Hindus/Tamils writing Aum/ ஓம்/ॐ/…. at the top of every page. Would you like similar customs established whenever people write something about Sri Lanka, LTTE destroyed …………?

      “Without LTTE none would have happened. It is the same thing with Muslim terrorists. “

      Alright without the Sinhala/Buddhist JVP there would not have been disappearances, killings, ……………. in 1971 …. 1987/1991, and the Tamils would not have dreamed of starting a armed struggle.
      Why didn’t it occur to you It was JVP the Sinhala/Buddhists first terrorised the island?

    • 4

      Without mahavamsa mentality we would not have had LTTE.

      I will leave it to you to guess or find who wrote this –
      “The LTTE did not come into being or grow into a world-class terror outfit in a vacuum. Without the Sinhala Only, the Tiger may have remained unborn. Without the Black July, the Tiger may not have grown exponentially. If the B-C Pact and the D-C Pact did not miscarry (thanks to the midwifery of Sinhala extremism), the LTTE, even if it was born, would have remained a fringe group.
      The Tiger was born out of Tamil discontent and alienation; it fed on Tamil fear and anger. A policy of preventing a Tiger-resurgence needs to take this history into account. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa may be labouring day and night to prevent a Tiger-resurgence. But the militaristic approach and Sinhala supremacist policies of the Family cannot but fan those old-embers of Tamil fear and ire into new-life.”

  • 2

    Looks like a piece written by the media unit of Field Marshal Managala Samaraweera.

    We know how UN wrote their reports specifically related to SL. Picking arbitrary numbers 40,000, 70,000, 150,000 etc from fiction books and terrorists themselves. These numbers have NEVER been proven correct and in fact have been dismantled as bogus by eminent experts in related fields of study. NO UN report on the ground has corroborated them.

    We know how resolution 30/1 came about. Overwhelming majority of Sri Lankans do not accept 30/1 as hoisted upon Sri Lanka by Field Marshal Mangala Samaraweera under political cover from Ranil/CBK and the yahapalana gang.

    • 4


      “We know how UN wrote their reports specifically related to SL.”

      Alright please tell us how the war criminals wrote their three reports?

      ZERO casualty?

      • 3

        Dear native,

        How can it be Zero casualty , when 30,000 were wearing that Chew as you Die capsule around their necks.

        BTW Has your Idol Mr Pirahaparan taken a Patent ?…

        • 1

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          You don’t mind me naming you KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera.

          “How can it be Zero casualty , when 30,000 were wearing that Chew as you Die capsule around their necks.”

          One day I sat down and compiled a list of dead Terrorists obviously killed and claimed by the Sri Lankan Security forces over 30 years according to Daily Noise, දිනමිණ Kamkaru Mawatha, ඇත්ත, Ravaya, Island, …….. and Sinhalanet numbered about just under 3,000,000 by January 2009.

          Consider the number of terrorists who escaped to foreign countries is about 1,000,000. Therefore the casualties must be less than Zero.

          “BTW Has your Idol Mr Pirahaparan taken a Patent ?…”

          You should ask your wannabe National Hangman for life Gota anything and everything about your brethren VP. Isn’t it sad VP is no longer alive to help Gota win the elections, and make easy money.

  • 0

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  • 1

    Catholics are for the country. See Evangelists;

    Sri Lankan Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, archbishop of Colombo, asked ruling authorities “to hold a very impartial strong inquiry and find out who is responsible behind this act and also to punish them mercilessly, because only animals can behave like that.”
    According to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, there were scores of discriminatory, threatening, and violent incidents against minority Christians last year.
    Easter Sunday attacks were clearly well planned and coordinated. Sri Lankan police and intelligence officials reportedly alerted ruling authorities about possible suicide incidents 10 days before the attacks.

  • 4

    Today the highest court confirmed murder charges of a police sergeant in Mirussivil killings . Where a group of village men (I believe 16 or so) who went to inspect their houses and belonging, were murdered and their bodies were buried inside a toilet.The verdict is ” death by hanging” which MS has encouraged as capital punishment. Lets wait and see what Presidential Thaatha will do .Immoral shit hole full of cunning fools like DJ and squinted racist eye.

  • 3

    DJ, still trying making your run around statements. You are a diplomat and if you have the guts comment on the the men accused here are guilty of any wrong doing or not. Dont try to deflect with your stupid comments. If a judge finds a police officer guilty will you request the judge to do the policing??????? Are you on a binge, now a days????? No Vesak for you I guess .

  • 1

    People by and large are dumb and can be very easily manipulated into believing anything and voting against their own interests. Social media has become a cancer that spells the death knell to democracy. It gives the crafty manipulators the ideal tool to deceive the public. Human civilization is on the brink of complete collapse. Instead of uniting as a species to solve the impending problem social media is brainwashing the public into a living in a fantasy land completely devoid of facts. The megalomaniacs that seize power will enable the few of the richest and nastiest scumbags to survive while most of humanity perishes. As the day grows nearer the more Orwellian the governments get. Classic examples of what has already transpired and will potentially transpire in the near future. 1. USA under Trump where the presumed winner lost. 2. Australia where the presumed winner lost 3. Brexit and the chaos unfolding where the most liberal and well meaning leader Jeremy Corbin will never be allowed to win or be PM of the UK. 4. China where the communist party made Xi Jingpin dictator for life. 5. Russia under Putin 6. Western European democracies being undermined and being exposed to fascist ultra right wing governments. The world is teetering on the verge of collapse. The question is how long it will take. Coming back to Sri Lanka it will be a certainty that Gotler will be the next president unless RW steps down and lets some one with charisma run for president while being constantly mindful of the danger social media can be.

  • 3

    As long as these three (fake) Ruling families from Saudi ,Bahrain and UAE remain in power, they will never allow peace in Israel and palestine and by which the whole world will never have peace , they rule by the oil ,weapons sales and the blood of the innocent.
    Time is nearing to see the end of these three families.
    They will be gone soon, Iran ,Suriya Qatar and Israel will soon change their minds and change the regimes in Bahrain,Saudi and UAE.
    UAE will bleed the most.

  • 0

    The Men Now Patrolling – are not the Officers of the Armed Forces.
    They are the rank and file – the JSC qualified men trained in carrying and using arms – not in dealing with citizens they are supposed to serve and protect – and not terrorise.
    Many of them – said to be about 40 to 70,000 – have deserted the armed forces during past two or more decades – and many ‘amnesties’ have been offered for them to report to army offices, and obtain honourable discharges.
    How these men interact and deal with citizens is most important, and will decide the future interactions of citizens & the state.

  • 1

    Two UNP Politicians wanted Sri lanka in fire again because they wanted to help those peace keeping forces in waiting to land. Mangala Samaraweera was at the fore front. Two UNP politicians and one son of a UNP politician was quick to do what is in the photo. but forces and Police stopped it. So, Mangala Said against Sri lanka is not a Majority county. I say Mangala’s handler asked Mangala to do it. Mangala Should know whether that can happen ion so-called democratic countries. the politician would step down immediately. In Sri lanka, It is the party leaders who give nomination papers to criminals and Fraudsters. But, they say it is the Fault of voters who vote them. So, the Parliament is full of Welikada and bogambara prisoners and Sri lanka follow suit.

  • 2

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  • 1

    Whether the UN and the GTF like it or not. those Army boys in the List , are the ones who are protecting the Muslims and their properties. although Muslims did the Suicide Bombs and destroyed the Holy Easter of our Catholic Community.

    Needless to say that they are the same Boys who protected the Muslims when the GTF friendly Boys were doing the Suicide Bombs and destroyed Kathankaddy and Mahabodhi as well.

    Now the talk of the Town is who is the master mind or , minds behind those attacks on Catholic Holy Places.
    Not whether Dr Ranil and Mangala are pleasing the UN and the GTF..

    Zaharan may be a good orator to brain wash the Ibrahims.
    Did he have the Technical Skills to put C4 in Back Packs ?
    Did he have the Computer and InterNet Skills to coordinate them?.
    Who brought in the C4 without getting nabbed by the Yahapalana Customs?.

    How did Harin Fernanado’s dad learn about the Kochkade attack one day before Easter Sunday?.
    How did all the UNP Ministers and even MPs stayed home on , whole Easter Weekend ?..

    Who are the powers who wanted to benefit from from Sinhala Muslim Riots, just 6 months before the big Election?. .
    Weren’t few political forces in the Country demanding that the UN forces land to protect the people after Nanthikadal?..

    These are the big questions which the Inhabitants are seeking answers for, before they send their Children to School aand report to work without thinking about Suicide Bombs….

    Army Boys have rounded up a few suspects.
    Are all the above characters among them?

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    Before pointing the finger at the armed forces we should remember that Sri Lanka was dealing with one of the most Ruthless, deadliest and sophisticated Terrorist Organisations (LTTE) in the resent history of the world.

    Suicide attacks and child soldiers , human shields were perfected by the LTTE

    Let alone the improvised fast boats playing between India and Sri Lanka , air craft bombing civilian targets, submarines, illegal weapons, illegal trade, money laundering etc etc.

    If not for the valiant effort by successive governments and armed forces, police, home guards and the blessings of the peace loving people of Sri Lanka. There would be no Sri Lanka Now.

    While human rights violations should be condemned and treated with accountability, we should not throw away the baby with the bath water and demoralize the security forces and jeopardize the security of the Nation.

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