27 September, 2022


The MoU: The Same Old Imperialist-Chauvinist Charade Wrapped Up In Bourgeois Liberal Clothing

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

My intention here is to critically analyse the contents of the immediate program outlined in the MOU signed in support of the common oppositional candidate, Hon. Maitripala Sirisena. This is  with the objective of establishing how, and if, it addresses the fundamental structural fault-lines of the State and political system that have contributed to the prevailing political crisis. This will come in confrontation with those who hold the line of the “lesser evil”. There is no question in my mind that the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime has to be overthrown lock, stock and barrel. This is the most pressing task confronting the forces of democracy, freedom and human decency.  My task is to show that the MOU is not designed to achieve a radical restructuring of the State and a democratic transformation of the Political Order. It is designed only to displace the Regime from power. This is to keep the structure of the supremacist, hegemonic unitary State intact and consolidate the Capitalist dictatorship under new terms of imperialist penetration and neo-colonial domination.

The Lankan State is a creation of British colonialism. It was set up to transfer power from the colonial masters to their loyal local comprador agents to perpetuate the system of neo-colonial domination. The neo-colonial State has been carefully crafted and founded on the integrated principles of majoritarian hegemony and Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy. This is the neo-colonial strategy of divide and rule embedded into the foundation of the colonial State and political order. Majoritarian hegemony and chauvinist supremacy are twin strategic pillars of the Lankan State. This is the class nature and essence of the Lankan State and its particular form of Comprador Capitalist class dictatorship. The MOU has not, will not and cannot address nor even approach the task of eradicating these structures, nor questioning the basic reactionary-chauvinist class character of the State. This is because its dominant  composition is made up of political parties and forces of the very same ruling class that subscribe to this reactionary  political ideology. Some of them subscribe to this hegemonic-supremacist ideology and politics out of conviction and others for the sake of political expediency.  None would ever dare to invoke the wrath and stand up against the serpents of neo-fascism and feudal reaction. They have crept into the veins of the State and the System, including the armed forces. The MOU reveals how pitifully the Maitripala coalition has capitulated to this dominant ideology and politics.  This is why the MOU has dismally failed to give even an indication of how it proposes to solve the National Question. Let alone even approaching a solution to the National Question, could it not even mention that the oppressed Tamil people  must be liberated from military occupation? Could it not even mention their condemnation of the Gestapo attacks against the Moslems?

Ranil Maithri Chandrila Fonseka 1To be sure, this election is about which candidate and which reactionary chauvinist camp of the ruling class can win over the Sinhala-Buddhist masses. It has nothing to do with a radical democratic transformation of the Sinhala-Buddhist, hegemonic-chauvinist unitary Capitalist State. It has everything to do with how to clean up its blood and dress it all anew in bourgeois liberal clothes just to deceive the masses. I argue that abolishing the executive presidential system and replacing it with a prime minister answerable to parliament will not be sufficient to address the foundations of the structural crisis. The “Sinhala Only” language policy was made into law by a parliamentary system of government. So was the communal pogroms of 1958 sponsored by such a State. So was the standardization policy and the foremost status given to Buddhism promulgated under a parliamentary system of government. The 1971 youth insurrection in the south was drowned in rivers of blood under that very same system. This was when there was supposed to be the Rule of Law, Separation of Powers and the independence of the Judiciary, law enforcement and so on.

Reforming the electoral system, the abolition of the 18th Amendment and the reintroduction of the 17th Amendment will not suffice to address the root cause that has singularly accounted for the crisis of national disintegration and political polarization that prevails. Nor will any steps taken to root out corruption and abuse of power have any lasting effect. These are but foul symptoms of a malignant cancerous disease. The disease is seeded in the politics of majoritarian hegemony and chauvinist supremacy applied as the form of exercising the Comprador Capitalist Dictatorship. More fundamentally, if these malignant roots and structures of class domination are not eradicated through the most radial and profound democratic transformation, they will grow deeper, become stronger and more compelling. Any meaningful step towards a democratic-pluralist State based on devolution of power and self-rule will be resisted with force. The most barbaric chauvinist-militarist, neo-fascist reaction may surely strike back, take revenge and assert its domain. This is the irrevocable logic of the Lankan State. The way its pendulum swings. The bourgeois-liberal-democratic face in which the darkest feudal  reaction, neo-colonial domination and neo-fascist repression masks itself to survive and thrive.

The alternative to a military-chauvinist, comprador-fascist dictatorship based on a centralized, politicized and militarized State is to call for its complete and irrevocable demolition and its replacement by a form of living, radical people’s democracy. A new form of representative democracy that could build the foundations for national unity, independence and reconciliation that honors truth and justice, based on the principles of equality, dignity, security and democratic freedom of all its nations, nationalities, minorities, women and citizens, without any form of supremacy, discrimination, violation or suppression. Does the MOU give a promise of, or pave the way to,  such a democratic transformation based on a universal vision of human freedom?

The Maitripala coalition solemnly declares that it will defend the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime against the international war crimes investigation. We know that the international war crimes investigation is an integral part of advancing the US geo-political strategic agenda in the Asia-Pacific/Indian Ocean region, in the context of its contention with China. It has nothing to do with establishing truth, justice and reconciliation. But the Maitripala coalition is not opposing or even contesting this US agenda. In fact the Maitripala-RanilChandrika trinity will advance that US agenda. Protecting the Rajapaksa triumvirate against war crimes is to grab the blood-soaked banner of ‘anti-imperialist/ Sinhala-Buddhist  patriotism’ from Mahinda. It is to ensure the loyalty of the armed forces and to dupe the oppressed Sinhala masses. For the sake of winning the election and grabbing state power by appealing to Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism and patriotism (read Theocratic Fascism), they will sell out the need for truth, justice  and reconciliation. They will sell out the Tamil Nation. They will sell out the Land and the People of Lanka! Tell me, what is the basic difference between the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime and this Maitripala Coalition?

Equally fundamental is the abject failure to address the need to oppose neo-liberal penetration and fatal colonial dependence by articulating a strategically self-reliant, self-sufficient, rational, integrated, balanced and equitable social economy that serves the needs of the people. It is amazing that there is absolute and unconditional consensus between Mahinda and Maitripala – between the UNP and the SLFP, and among the whole ruling class, including the JHU and the JVP regarding the imperialist-driven, neo-liberal, neo-colonial  path of Capitalist economic development. They are, one and all, comprador agents of imperialism who survive and thrive by selling out the country and the people to the wolves of corporate profit and plunder. Graft and corruption is the grease that oils the machinery of neo-liberal penetration, imperialist domination and neo-colonial dependence and subjugation. So much for wiping out bribery and corruption.

It’s the same old wine in new jugs. It is the same old imperialist poison labeled as the elixir of life and freedom. Of course, the Mahinda Rajapska Regime has to be overthrown. It is the very concentration of evil. But, are we going to be trapped in the game of the lesser evil? Evil is evil. The way out of this reeking hypocrisy and bloody criminality against Nature and all of Humanity is to unite across all divided barricades as the people of Lanka in a revolutionary united  front against imperialism and neo-colonial domination. Only the revolutionary power of the masses can overthrow the State and uproot the foundations of the System. This is the path to achieve genuine national unity, independence, people’s democracy and universal prosperity. This is so we may stand independent, tall and proud among the community of nations and peoples of the world on our shared path of liberation.

*The writer is Secretary – Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist (CCP-M)

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  • 4

    I would say that this is a very good analysis of what ails Lankan politics in today’s context.But are
    there any one in our island country to understand this and act ?

    • 10

      I suppose you intended to pay a compliment to the writer of the Article. But don’t bother : the ruling gang have paid handsomely for his piece.

      His intention seems to be to discourage left minded citizens from voting and hand Rajapaksa an advantage at the Presidential Poll. Rupasingha is singing for his supper.

  • 13

    OK Mr Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe, Secretary – Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist (CCP-M)

    Your holy pronoucements are noted, some of your ideas are also very good for establishing a just and equitable society.

    However the crying need of the hour is to rid Sri Lanka of the rapacious, murdering, evil ruling gang of the Rajapaksas. Otherwise the Rajapaksa third term will be intolerable. For example would you like to be deprived of the security to live without interference, your rights trampled upon, would you like to have one of your close family raped by the ruling goons without recourse to justice? That’s going to be life during the Third Term. The only hope we have is the Common Candidate.

    Your “heroic” words in the Article have a hollow ring to them because your Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist (CCP-M) are not even fielding a candidate against the Incumbent President. What the F are you talking about? You want others to make happen what you are not willing or unable to do yourself? You sound like one of those guys in a shisha joint sending smoke bubbles into the air. The only time guys of your ilk handled even a little bit of power was when you had to hang on to the penises of the “Capitalist” politicians. Admit it.

    And if your Party really enter the Presidential poll, what percentage of the votes do you think they will secure?

    As I said the purpose of the Common Candidate Endeavour is to send the ruling kabaragoyas home. After that is achieved there will a Parliamentary form of Government; elections held; the man who can command a majority in Parliament will become the Chief Executive for the Country. There is a chance even for the Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist (CCP-M) to do all the noble things they are dreaming of.

    By the way if you field 200 candidates for Parliamentary elections how many of them do you think will be successful? 1? 2? or zero? Do you even have 200 candidates to put up?

    Knowing that you are incapable of doing that, you should stop writing bullshit and actively support the Common Candidate. Muddying the waters is only helping the dictator and his corrupt family.

    If you are impotent and unable to put your words into action, just shut up. That’s also a help at this time. Mfkr.

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    No doubt that is Good analysis ,but incomplete of objective situation that has not really reflated the cause of Democratic Revolution led by People core leadership of Marxists political party.

    Outlook of that approach is Differences between UNP and SLFP fundamentally negative and not yet realized, point of view that is closed to the adventurist trend of dogmatism.

    Mao Zedong said…Chinese revolution is that caution is needed in dealing with NATIONAL BOURGEOSIIE. While it is opposed to the working class, it is also opposed to imperialism ….. liberation of the people would be out of question unless these TWO ENIEMIES are overthrown, we must by all means win the NATIONAL BOURGEOISIE over to the fight against Imperialism. What is more, it oppresses and exploits the workers. We must also therefor struggle against it…”

    Further that Mao said “…hence the necessity of making investigation into the conditions of both sides, those of WORKERS and those of the CAPITALIST.. We have learn lesson from Politics of Marxist outlook is NOT TOO late by Revolutionary political elites….”

    • 6

      Irrelevant bullshit!

  • 3

    “There is no question in my mind that the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime has to be overthrown lock, stock and barrel. This is the most pressing task confronting the forces of democracy, freedom and human decency. My task is to show that the MOU is not designed to achieve a radical restructuring of the State and a democratic transformation of the Political Order. It is designed only to displace the Regime from power”, writes Ajith Rupasinghe. I fully agree. But, the point is this: Rajapaksa-family is not going to hand over power under any circumstances, for very good reasons. They know, keeping political power firmly in their hands is crucial to their survival. Thus, first, they’ll try and ‘win’ the election violently. But, if Maithri’s victory becomes convincingly undeniable, then Rajapaksa could even manufacture a ‘9/11 type’ situation (e.g. a massive terrorist attack) to justify a military takeover. In brief, I repeat, Rajapaksas will not hand over power on votes. This is why I keep arguing that a united left-front, while contributing to democratic forces’ gathering momentum, should play the central role in enlightening & preparing the mass movement to defend the progressive forces from a highly probable military dictatorship. [Remember, the liberal bourgeoisie is not ready for these developments at all.] (Follow my facebook-wall)

    • 3

      I hope the Common Candidate Front are mindful of the possibility of a coup d’état and are readying counter measures.

      It will be a comfort if they confirm this publicly.

  • 4

    As we have a few weeks to go, will readers add yours to these colums: e.g

    ” President Mahinda Rajapakse walks into Bank of Ceylon to cash a cheque. As he approaches the cashier he says: Good Morning, madam, could you please cash this cheque for me?
    Cashier: It would be my pleasure,Sir. Could you please show me your ID?
    PRESIDENT: (utterly shocked) I did not bring my ID with me as I didn’t think there was any need. I am Mahinda Rajapakse, the President of Sri Lanka!
    Cashier: Yes Sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers, etc., I must insist on seeing your ID.
    PRESIDENT: Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am!
    Cashier: I am sorry Mr. President, but these are the bank rules and I must follow them strictly.
    PRESIDENT: I am urging you, please, to cash this cheque. Shiranthi has gone to America and Namal has, by mistake, taken the keys of the safe with him. I need some extra spending money urgently.
    Cashier: look Mr. President, this is what we can do. Some months back, Sarath Fonseka came into the bank without ID. To prove he was the ex General, he showed his tummy scars. With those scar marks, we knew him to be ex General and cashed his cheque. On another occasion, Sanath Jayasuriya came in without his ID. To prove his identity, he just went out and hit sixes. With that we knew for certain that he was indeed Sanath himself, and we cashed his cheque. So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the President of Sri Lanka?
    PRESIDENT stood there thinking, thinking and thinking, and finally said: Honestly, my mind is totally blank ….. there is nothing that comes to my mind… I can’t think of a single thing!!!
    Cashier: There you are! That is enough. Now I don’t have any doubt that you are our President Mahinda Rajapakse. In what denominations would you like the cash, Mr. President? “

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    The British left us with a workable Constitution crafted after a thousand year of democratic rule that covered the biggest Empire the World had ever known but of course we knew better and we have had been tinkering with the Constitution with a plethora of Amendments, some good, but most of them bad, that it has now become unrecognisable and largely unworkable. The Sinhala only policy was a disaster which gave birth to the LTTE. Land reforms fragmented the estates that thrashed the economies of scale which made our staple products uncompetitive in the global markets. The objectives was local management of the estates but the inevitable mismanagements and incompetence ruined their profitablities and the industrial relations. The Rajapakse regime have only exploited that which have been handed down to them by our predecessors and they can claim to comply with our Constitution as it now stands. We need to repeal the bad Amendments starting with the abolishment of the Executive Presidency. This can only happen after we have ousted the Rajhapakse regime.

    • 0

      Sylvia – there is no abolishment – its abolition.

      Take care to ensure accuracy when you make statements. You refer to ‘a thousand years of democratic rule’ in UK. When did people there get universal suffrage?

      Regarding your other claims may I suggest you think before you leap?

      Keep writing. That’s good.

      • 0

        Kaditchakata, stop being so pedantic, both words are of equal stature. The British constitution is largely an unwritten one and at the beginning it must have been full of holes. Crafted in a thousand years meant, those holes have been plugged over the years to arrive at a much polished material. E.g. in 1911 they stripped the Monarchy of all its powers and made it a ceremonial position. In Sri Lanka we have done just the opposite, we have piled on extra powers to the President. There was a time when the Church was all powerful and feared. Now, though head of C of E., Britain does not declare it a solely Christian country, but of multi-faith. Remarkably Sri Lanka has introduced itself as a Sinhala-Buddhist nation. You would do well to stop patronising others and stick with your own narrow thoughts.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

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    Lenin once said (I can’t find the quotation despite searching for it) that any fool can talk about ultimate solutions (socialism, revolution, freedom for each depends on freedom for all, etc) but real wisdom is needed when it comes to deciding the NEXT STEP.

    Comrade Ajith has every right to critically examine the MoU and note the weaknesses of the Common Candidature. That can even be the topic of a left seminar. Provided however that we do not muddy the waters regarding the crucial next step, which is:

    M.R. must be defeated. The blunt and imperfect instrument in our hands to do so is electing the Common Candidate. We must of course remain in the vigilant opposition thereafter and hold these buggers to account. BUT ON NO CONDITION MUST WE DO ANYTHING TO UNDERMINE THE CHANCES OF THE C.C. WINNING (OR M.R. LOSING IF YOU PREFER TO PUT IT THAT WAY).

    I am not sure if Comrade Ajith (and the JVP comrades) understand this crucial Leninist perspective. Over to you Ajith. (CT please alert Ajith to this comment).

  • 1

    Somehow, I can’t imagine Communist Utopian North Lanka tilling fields and milking cows, and stopping every once in a while to hold hands, form circles,and dance around crops with South Lanka, whilst the call of prayer of the Lankan Mullah wafts down from the minaret.

  • 0

    This is an orthodox Marxist analysis of the state and it is fin. However, where on Earth does one find such a state? Nowhere.

    Such radical restructuring of the state will never happen as the Communist Party has failed to educate the masses so far.

    So what is possible now should be supported – change the MR regime and reform for enabling democracy.

  • 0

    Comrade Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

    Do you think that This like 1974 May rally,
    No No, That time is Over.

    Is it Now your turn to Support Jarapassa Hyenas and Thieves Of Malaccan origin.
    It is MARA Ya’s 3rd Term election to pilfer sri lanka’s coffers and Your Patron China’s Massive Interest full Loans.

    So you All, So called COMMUNISTS are supporting to Bastards Jarapassa clan to Rob poor Sri Lankans

  • 0

    “[T]he entire history of Bolshevism, both before and after the October Revolution, is full of instances of changes of tack, conciliatory tactics and compromises with other parties, including bourgeois parties!”, wrote V.I. Lenin in his “ ‘Left-Wing Communism’: An Infantile Disorder”.

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