5 October, 2023


The Multi-Bond Circus

By Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

The Colombo District Court has issued an enjoining order preventing the publication or circulation of the COPE sub-committee report on the Central Bank bond issue until July 23. This order is sequent to a petition filed by Sujeewa Senasinghe (UNP).

We can still talk of ‘bonds’. There’s still a word called ‘cope’. There are no enjoining orders from the courts preventing us from writing about such things. For now.

There are bonds between man (women too) and the earth, Chief Seattle tells us. Bonds between men and men. There is a bond between President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe. The former is President thanks to the latter and the latter the Prime Minister thanks to the former. ‘Multi-bond’ one might say.

We can’t publish or circulate, but can talk about the circumstances regarding bonds and how to cope with them. So here goes.

Sirisena did not and cannot say that dissolving Parliament had anything to do with some report on a bond-issue compiled by or to be compiled by the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE).

RanilBut there’s something Sirisena DID say. He said ‘I asked the Prime Minister to ask Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran to resign.’ Now why should Sirisena want Mahendran to resign if Mahendran has done no wrong (directly, as the all-UNP team appointed by the UNP leader to investigate the bond issue concluded) or indirectly (as is usually the case in ‘insider trading’)? Did Sirisena peek into the COPE report? Did Sirisena have some ‘inside’ information? Was he trying to save himself or his bond-brother Ranil from possible embarrassment? Indeed is it possible embarrassment that prompted Senasinghe to seek ‘relief’ from the Colombo District Court?

If Sirisena did ask Ranil to ask Mahendran to resign, then we have to ask ‘what happened thereafter?’ Well, Sirisena didn’t tell us when he made this request. What we do know is that Mahendran did not resign and hasn’t made any statement on the matter. Even is Sirisena had made such a request we don’t know if Ranil conveyed it to Mahendran. Even if he had done so, it is clear that Mahendran didn’t want to budge.

What did Mahendran do, though? He did something on July 15, 2015 and we’ll come to that. On July 9, he was all smiles with the President, we know now. On that day President Sirisena AND Prime Minister Wickremesinghe visited the CBSL and were warmly received Mahendran, members of the Monetary Board and the senior management of CBSL. A new silver coin minted for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala was presented as a memento in mark the President’s visit to the Bank.

It was five days later, i.e. on the 14th, that Sirisena told the media that he had asked Ranil to obtain Mahendran’s resignation. One day later, the CBSL website posts a picture of the President with the Governor and releases the same picture along with a caption to the press. Why did the CBSL wait five days to release this, especially since the CB website is relatively fast on posting information?

Was Mahendran saying, one wonders, ‘Hey Mr President, if you wanted me to resign you could have told me on the 9th noh!’ Or is he saying ‘Ranil never passed me your message!’ Is he saying, one wonders, ‘Mr President, you were with the Prime Minister when the two of you met me on the 9th, but there was no talk of me resigning!’ He might be telling us ‘Look at the picture, folks, we are all smiles, don’t you think I would be pretty down in the mouth if I had been told to resign?’

The July 15th post in the CBSL website, therefore tells a lot and the Colombo District Court cannot do anything to kill THAT story.

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    Why is Mahendren holding on to the job when the President wants him to resign?. Has this man got no self respect and clinging on to the job when the President of the country wants him to resign?. If he does not resign on his own accord. shouldn’t he be thrown out, if necessary physically?.

    • 1

      Maithreepala is not Mahinda or any other presidents we knew in Sri Lanka. He is a democratic leader. He has appointed PM and a Cabinet. Also he works with number of Govt Officials.
      He has empowered them and he gives the leadership. You forget that he said he knew and we know that RW is clean, since there is an issue why dont you ask him to tender his resignation.
      He gave his opinion to RW. He didnt order. RW may not have told this to anybody or he must have discussed this with the rest of his colleagues.
      There is lot of details which have not come out in this whole episode. Not even in the COPE report because the people who did the report were in a hurry to issue it due to the request from MR fraction. It was revealed that this is the first time a COPE report has been issued within a month. There are number of reports which have been pending for a long time. If you like to know more details speak to Harsha or Eran. They will explain without bias the whole episode.
      If you read the articles written by this journalist in any news paper, you can see that he has always been a Mahinda and Gota loyalist. From 2010. He has the freedom to take a side. But he wont go far, because he already has a perception and cannot change his paradigm.

      • 1

        “… the people who did the report were in a hurry to issue it due to the request from MR fraction.” So the report gains credibility (only) if the MS faction requests it, eh?

    • 1

      Man, what have you been talking ? This is not under President Mahinda but under Prez My3. So do you want anyone who is alleged to have gone wrong to be resgined ? even before the process is investigated ? WHat a logic man ? Besides, president he suggested him could have been resigned as at the begining. After the process is started – he supported it and waited the verdict is made. That is the difference. You guys, just add your thought based on surface views not thinking twice- this can only be advantageous to goons that are making every effort to come to power strenghtening the hands of Rajapakshe. Be careful yo guys, when adding your thoughts. We are all to respect laws and lawful way of life styles. That is what we exchange our views on this platform not on others.

    • 4

      Sad fact is president is a lame duck. He was when he was elected he is still and he will be whenever he leave office. Unfortunate for the country no one in site in the near future to come up as a viable leader.

  • 9

    There is a strong bond between Mahinda & Malinda. This bond is about sharing wealth. Mahinda gave a free laptop. Malinda writes free for Mahinda. Both Mahinda & Malinda enjoy the freedom of using stolen public funds for their own benefits.

    • 1

      ouch ouch how hurtful is that to malinda boy ha ha ha ha

  • 6

    Bonds and bonds indeed my dear Malinda boy same as the bond between the chief of The Nation Newspaper and MR ;-) (ouch ouch)

    Since your Bonded to MR why not teach him your alma maters motto ‘Disce Aut Discede’ meaning to him and his cohorts my dear small chap

  • 6

    UNP -Wickramasinghe, CBK and MS junta misusing all legal means to cover bid scandal of sovereign Bonds inside Trading by UNP party leadership? This is gross violation of public funds! Is this good governances? Is that Rule of democracy governances?

    I do not understand that MS is not aware of or kept silent of Bond scandal? Because of MS has no idea of Bonds issues by CB, there for MS was village headmen turn politician was product of SLFP family nepotism of House of Banadarakes led by CBK &others ?

    I do not understand that Jayampathi Wickramtarhana of Trotskyites of President advices, Wickramabahu ,Sirtunge, Kumar David and Viyangoda of theses bunch of reactionaries are cover up that scandal originated by UNP, CBK and MS which looted the public funds.
    How can they to be eligible for right thinking persons of civil society leaders.

    I do not agreed with MR overall policies and his management of governances. There are deficits of democracy in MR alliances. That is nature of SLFP system of national democratic governances is keep the country sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and democracy, as well as put national growth that new sustainability path of capitalism.

    MR was in such terms that path of progressive role by developing ours national economy. He initiated massive projects of development has been vital of terms of GDP and its growth that after end of war 2009 May.

    But what UNP -Ranil, CBK and MS did? Immediately halt and stop all ongoing development projects of small and largest scale , and Looted that CB Bonds funded originated by tax payers money.

    Why theses Trotskyist and other anarchist support for UNP?
    Are they know simple meaning of ‘Good Governances’?

    Both anti-establishments( Trotskyist and Anarchist) out-fits are not interest of nation, politics or economy or social benefit or culture of people, they want by hook or crook undermine system gain person power and positions.

    That is end the power of game of personal interest come first!

  • 4

    Malinda, the “Multi-Bond Circus” will be a far more apt description for the “Circus” that the Dinesh-Weerawansa-Gamanpillai-Vasudeva gang have created around your patron Mahinda.

    I mean, after all, that “multi” implies more than just two (as you should know) and “circus” is not what has happened between Maithri and Ranil, but is much more like what has happened with the Nugegoda, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura efforts of the ‘circus masters’, Dinesh, et al. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Your allegiance to Mahinda is so strong (vested interests, perhaps?) that it is blinding you to the obvious and screwing up your writing abilities.

    Take a break – you need it!

  • 2

    Good Postulation.

    Please send my your stories on science-fiction too.

    Your hyaline culture is turning opaque.

  • 3

    It wasn’t Galleon Ravi who helped Mahendran’s SIL to carry out the heist. It was in fact, Batalanda Ranil who organized it to raise money for the election.

    I am not saying this.It was Batalanda Ranil’s own cousin who said this to the Media in Colombo.

    In fact Professor Rajiva challenged the UNP young Gun and Poodle Club member Senasinghe to debate the Bonds with him.

    But I have my doubts whether young Sene will accept it.

    He didn’t have any idea except trying to coverup his UNP bosses,

    He seems to be the most patronizing politician when it comes to do interviews with the Colombo media.

    It was pathetic to see Sene trying to dodge the Muslim reporter from the DM ,who was trying to investigate the dodgy side of the bond issue.

    Young Sene even told the reporter the following.

    “Mate if you have a couple of Billions I can get you some Bond next time “

    Say no more….

  • 1

    Malinda brings a new meaning to Journalism……. [Edited out]

  • 2

    “Why is Mahendren holding on to the job when the President wants him to resign?. – Leonvet”

    “Maithreepala is not Mahinda or any other presidents we knew in Sri Lanka. He is a democratic leader-aKILA”
    so the other Presidents JR/RP/DB/CBK were not democratically elected according to Akila. I was of the view Ranil was more interested in report being put out by his stooges?

    “There is a strong bond between Mahinda & Malinda. – Ajith”
    yES THIS bOND IS CALLED – MULTI BOND. A good glue to market sales guaranteed.

    “In fact Professor Rajiva challenged the UNP young Gun and Poodle Club member Senasinghe to debate the Bonds with him. – KA Sum”

    “Malinda brings a new meaning to Journalism” – yES HE CERTAINLY DOES

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