2 July, 2022


The Opposition’s Rush To Commit Hara-Kiri! No United Opposition, No Victory At Presidential Elections

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“Swordsmanship untested in battle is like the art of swimming mastered on land.” ~Hanshiro Tsugumo (a warrior without a lord)

Those who do not learn from history will be condemned to relive it. The United National Party (UNP) and the mainstream parliamentary Opposition in Sri Lanka should be condemned for throwing away a fighting chance to grab electoral victory at the forthcoming Presidential Elections. That is, if they choose to go alone without the help of the rest of the Opposition in the forthcoming Presidential Elections. Everything that could go right for the opposition went right in the Uva Provincial Council (PC) elections. And they managed to save face and show the rest of the country that the UNP is still breathing and stirring to wake up.

Ranil sajith colombotelegraphIn the wake of the Uva PC elections, the average UNPer, Sirisena of the South, Mohamed of the East, Theagarajah in the North and Kandasamy in the Hill country started breaking their cobwebs; they realized that there is a chance, a fighting chance, at ousting this corrupt, nepotistic and dictatorial regime. But to their utter dismay, the leaders of the Opposition don’t seem to have realized that. Instead of prepping and motivating the supporters to achieve greater heights, challenging the three-term controversy, bringing the people to the road and exerting every ounce of pressure upon this regime and the Rajapaksas, they chose to indulge in an orgy of premature celebrations; disbursements of party positions and cake-cutting ceremonies that punctuated the days when organization should have been the order of the day. The Party is in the hands of political tyros and social nincompoops. People who have never won an election are in charge. The General Secretary is a joker of the highest order. With no political acumen whatsoever, he is declaring the Party positions with no context in mind.

An acute sense of false-jubilance has set in; twenty years of intellectual infertility cannot be erased in one single stroke by the Uva voter. When options are available and thrown in by those who are not even remotely connected to the Party, the UNP General Secretary rushed to venture into verbal diarrhea regarding the current incumbent’s eligibility to contest the third time for Presidency. Instead of making use of each and every opportunity, where political capital could be made and exploited to the hilt, these phony leaders of the UNP who are responsible for the very debacle that it has been suffering for the last two decades are once again showing their lack of class and poise when confronted by challenge and need.

The current political status is quite simple and unambiguous. The present regime could be made to look utterly vulnerable and pathetically hopeless. And I have reasons:

  1. The Uva PC elections show that incumbency-fatigue is setting in
  2. Patriotism and war-victory as a political slogan and a platform are waning away
  3. Corruption has reached monumental levels
  4. Nepotism has made even the strongest of Rajapaksa supporters within its own ranks scared and jittery; it’s making the Family Tree (Seven Years’ Scourge – ‘Hath Vasaka Saapaya’) of the Bandaranaikes look like an empty, undecorated and unlit Christmas tree.
  5. Random price-slashing of essential items such as cooking gas, electricity, petrol and diesel looks more and more akin to election gimmickry rather than alleviating hardships and the people are beginning to see through  it.
  6. Lies and more lies are getting fully exposed before they are even being told
  7. Rampant hooliganism among Government ranks as manifested in the Sajin Vass/Chris Nonis incident is making the average and reasonable men and women sick.
  8. The manner in which the regime is handling crisis after crisis is baring open the severe deficiencies and lack of professional and honest governing.
  9. The last but not the least, the serious argument that is building ahead of the Presidential Elections that Mahinda Rajapaksa is not eligible to run for a third consecutive time is gathering momentum

All this and much more is convincing enough for a regime change. The voters are getting increasingly aware of the misdoings of those who wield power and the voter-disillusionment is manifestly appearing in street corners, boutique interiors inside three-wheelers and of course in social clubs. It’s cutting across all walks of life and more so among those who work hard each day to put food on the table. Families are being stressed out; schoolchildren are being subjected to the most uncomfortable exercises; university students are up in arms against a maniacal Minister; the community of academics and professionals are increasingly getting alarmed about the ‘real’ status of the economy. Social and moral values are showing vivid and sure signs of decay. The values held aloft by the average Sirisena, Mohamed, Theagarajah and Kandasamy are being shoved aside and street fighters and ruffians who are not fit enough to be workshop supervisors are being treated and crowned; their acts of hooliganism in international scenes are being vindicated and excused by the Government media spokespersons.

Instead of a set of individuals who value human life and its decent ideals and principles, we have got a set of individuals for whom political power is everything and only thing that matters.

It is crystal clear as to what ought to be done. But there is no leadership at a moral level. That is the fundamental disagreement the writer has with the current Opposition and its lackadaisical leadership. Men who should take bold and courageous action are missing. On the day of the Dedigama by-election in 1973, when confronted by thugs and thuggish Parliamentarians of the then government, J R Jayewardene, the then leader of the UNP, walked alone to the Warakapola Police Station and lodged complaints; Gamini Dissanayake and Lalith Athulathmudali, when attacked by ‘Soththi Upali’ and thugs at the Pettah Railway Station, led their troops to the respective Police Stations and made their entries.

However much I’ve written, I simply cannot overstate the importance of showing unflappable leadership at the top of the line. Political power is not cheap nor is it easy to attain. Only those who strive would ultimately benefit. Given the current context of a divided Opposition, there is no reason why the average voter should repose faith in the Opposition.

If all signs are indicative of a voter-propensity towards a regime change and all mathematical and statistical analyses are showing a strong likelihood that a regime change is possible, that alone is still not enough. The unknown variables are many and varied. Elections are not fought on paper, are they? They are fought on paddy fields in remote villages; they are fought on street corners of urban cities and they are also fought in exalted corridors of Colombo social clubs. If the UNP and the rest of other political parties choose to play a different game, holding on to their cocoons and nests, there is no way they can defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa. Only a common opposition led by a common candidate could lead them to that ‘promised land’. There are no buts and ifs. Period. Untested field marshals cannot lead a weary battalion to victory. General Fonseka knows that well. As Napoleon said: “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” The country is calling out for that person who could control the chaos. It’s time that such a leader emerged. Otherwise we will be merely committing collective hara-kiri.

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    JVP is making a political suicide as LTTE did . LTTE got a bribe from MR that gave a chance for MR to win. THIS TIME JVP IS MAKING SAME MISTAKE BY NOT SUPPORTING A COMMON CANDIDATE.

    • 3

      can any one please provide some answers for the following questions,

      1)why does Ranil want to expedite the presidential election ?
      2)what is the rationale behind Ranil’s non supportive stance on Sarath N silva /JVP’s legitimate constitutional question ?
      3)Why doesn’t Ranil support the common candidacy notion ?
      4)Why on earth Ranil is not demanding to have ( to implement ) the LLRC (17 A )proposals before the PE ?

      isn’t this yet another Ranil’s genius strategies similar to his past achievements i.e lukewarm resistance (indirect support) on 18 A, CJ shirani B’s illegal impeachment saga ,gross Human right violations taking place in SL etc etc.

      As JVP rightly declared , MR can’t seek another term ,period !!!!!!!!!! most logical thing to do is challenging MR to prove that he is eligible for a third term , engaging that alone creates a huge public awareness among the general public (especially among rural masses) , next step should be the legal avenue (yes we know the final verdict of that one ), but all these exercises take time which means skipping his Astrologers dooms day , time is against the king , why can’t our experienced opposition leader understand this simple logic ? why the hell is he pushing for a an early election ? who is he trying to fool ? on the other hand , all these idiotic price reductions , if the proposed election is to be postponed , can our fragile economy sustain for a longer period than expected ? has any one noticed that Ranil always use the strategy of counter attacking on MR created/manufactured agendas , classic example is this unwarranted /uncalled snap PE , what is this mighty hurry ,does Ranil think that he can beat MR in an election ? why can’t Ranil challenge the fast forwarding election strategy of MR ( yes we all know that baila , constitutionally he can do that bla bla ) ,when actual date is due in 2017 , who has asked for for an early election (except Ranil of course ) , the other double agent Sajith , he is also same as Ranil , he will do every thing possible to defeat the opposition, i heard one of his whip crackers suggesting sajith’s name for the candidacy ! Mangala ,Karu ,Ajith P, Harin, Ven MS , CBK need to take the initiative and counter attack accordingly , Ranil sajith, Long John , Tissa A and all the other Ranil old guards do not need to do any thing ,just do one thing for the sake of future sri lanka , pack your bags and go away for a long holiday some where , don’t bother to get back !

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        correction ,

        Next presidential Election is due in 2016 , not in 2017 .

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          Agree with Vishwa’s analysis!

          CBK with Sobith Thero or Karu should be the logical joint opposition candidate because Ranil Wickramasinghe is useless, both as OPPOSITION LEADER and a LOSER as UNP party leaders.

          At this time the joint opposition led by Karu Jayasuriya and Anura Kumara of the JVP and the TNA must unite, protest and prevent Mahinda Jarapassa presenting the CORRUPT budget which is an insult to the people of Sri Lanka in the Parliament.

          This must be done by MASS PROTESTS and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE inside and outside the parliament. The people must be EDUCATED about the CORRUPTION.

          In India the BJP stalled the parliament for 6 months with protests and the people understood how corrupt the Congress regime was. Now BJP is in power. The joint opposition should follow the Modi Strategy to educate people through stalling passage of Bills in Parliament and virtually shutting it down..

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        Srilal,i know you don’t like sajith,but he is on the same wavelengh as you.It is ranil who is the rajapakshe supporter for third term.

        Daily Mirror
        United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa had pledged to back a people’s struggle to prevent the incumbent president from contesting for a third term.

        Mr. Premadasa who was speaking at a programme organised to distribute drinking water to the drought victims in Hambantota said a peoples’ struggle is needed to prevent the incumbent president from contesting for the third term and that he will back such a struggle.

        Quoting late President J. R. Jayawardene he said it is not worth allowing a person to hold the executive presidency for the third time if he is not able to fulfill what is expected from him during his first and second terms as the president.

        Also he said the constitution in the USA had been amended 27 times since 1789 but these amendments have been made to strengthen democracy and people’s power.

        Today he said a question has arisen as to whether the present president is able to contest once again or not. He said some constitutional experts had explained that the incumbent president cannot contest for another term as per the Interpretation Ordinance as the 18th Amendment is not valid for the past.
        Mr. Premadasa stressed that referring the matter to the Judiciary would not help considering the event in the recent past. In this context he referred to the episode with regard to former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake whom he said was impeached for not agreeing with the stance of the ruling UPFA on certain matters.

        In such a scenario Mr. Premadasa said the best option would be to launch a people’s struggle to prevent any violation of constitution by the present regime

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          Shankar ,

          i also read that article , i’m very skeptical about that bloke ,he is not a genuine person , as far i see , sajith is the next MR in the making , mark my word !

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    Vishwamithra 1984,

    The people in Uva who voted for UNP did so not do so because UNP had a better agenda or offered a better deal, but purely because they were tired of corrupt and inept UPFA politics.

    Even at this very late stage the most obvious questions are still to be answered by the UNP.

    1. What is UNP offering that is better than what is on offer by the UPFA.
    2. What really do the UNP stand for? Another Uncle Nephew alliance?
    3. Are they planning to fight corruption, if so how?
    4. Will the judiciary be independent? If so say it clearly.
    5. Will they improve infrastructure? How?
    6. Are they planning to muzzle in the saffron robed thugs and their horrible anti minority rhetoric? Really?
    7. How about foreign policy. Who will they lean on – India or China.
    8. What plans do the UNP have to improve education, health and the economy?

    I can go on and on.

    The average voter knows nothing about what the UNP stands for.

    I have always maintained that Ranil is a parasite and must go. But who really is capable of replacing him?

    MaRa is laughing all the way towards another term as president.

    • 0

      BBS Rep.

      Those are very good questions. The Presidential election is around the corner and why UNP hasn’t come out with what they have to offer the people. UNP cannot win the election alone and Sure,there must be hush hush meetings going on with the opposition parties and one fine day, the name of the opposing candidate will be announced
      but hope its not RW, as he has not got the backing of the majority of people and also not expressed his local and foreign policies yet. Karu or CBK is a better choice, popularity and ability wise and one of them should be in a position to rope in JVP, TNA, Muslim congress and other minor parties opposing the ruling party. It is difficult to defeat the incumbent President, unless people are convinced that the corruption, thuggery & intimidation are rampant in the country and a regime change is required.

  • 6

    A good no nonsense article.

    Ranil still sojourning in UK?

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    The problem is not the UNP itself but the disunity among the whole opposition. The JVP will be the main obstacle to opposition unity because of its dislike of the capitalist UNP. With the JVP seemingly having a significant electoral following its withdrawal of support to ant UNP led fight for the presidency is likely to fail unless the old guard of the SLFP together with. CBK come aboard the opposition boat.

  • 1

    Forth coming national election to be held, whether, parliamentary or presidential, that is anyway going to be one to call it a day for MR. It is not because of the other horses to be run are better than him or something. Its simply bcause people are fed up of the meaningless mockery MR carrying on. 90% people know he will wreck the whole thing. I have never seen a weaker leader in the recent world history. He has no vision at all. He knows about himself, he knows he will never win again. He will never hold any elections either. It will be a dream to for him to get 40% even if he holds an election in January. Which I won’t let happen. All what he now does is throwing pieces of rocks in the water to check the depth instead of getting into the water. He is scared.

    Having said that, let me throw in my analysis, which is that there won’t be no 50+% fro anyone. But there will be only one hero in this election and MR has to eat sand before that hero. He is none other than Sobhitha thero. Even Ven Sobhitha thero gets 20% with JVP he will be the winner everyone has to turn to.Those who think that they can win on their own way, well gents, then good luck to them and dare to do so. This is a begining of new poltical culture. If Mr.W becomes too adamant in his decision to go solo, I urge up you Mr W to think twice about it! Thero+ RW+JVP+SLFP+Sampanthan+Hakim+++is the ideal cbination. Once MR gets kicked out, the SLFP will be in the hands of Maithri and Chandrika.

    After all this election is mostly about abolishing or having on the EP for future. That is the question! If you are intelligent choose the camp where you want to be. Thanks Senaka

  • 2

    Are’nt we all putting the proverbial cart before the gona?

    The JVP news release from yesterday indicates that MR cannot call for early elections, according to an article in the Constitution. According to this new reports an incumbent can call for early polls only on his first term and must serve his/her second term until completion.

    If this quote from the Constitution is accurate, it behoves Ranil to play dumb and have others sort the matter out in Public.

    The interpretation of this vital clause is significant because of the qualified view expressed by the former CJ that MR is disqualified from a third try because the 18th amendment was introduced after he was sworn in, a second time. This is another reason they hounded out CJ Bandaranaiyake because they held her responsible for this critical miscalculation.

    They FORGOT to add a retrospective element to the article a-la JR and his hijacking law!!!

    • 0

      Thank you very much for this vital information.

      cheers Upul .

    • 0

      “According to the 3rd amendment to the Constitution presented by Mr. JR Jaaywardene a person who had completed four years of his term could call for a presidential election for a second term. However, it also states that a person elected for the second term should “hold office for a term of six years commencing on such date in the year in which that election is held.””

  • 2

    Vishwamithra, your analysis is correct and on the dot.Prof Kumar David,Jayampathy Wickramarane and Nirmal Ranjith Devasisri were trying to change the situation with Sobitha Hamuduruwo as the common candidate.There were short comings in the manner they proceeded.But they were genuine.

    Not Ranil Wickramasinghe who sabotaged their work.Add to that that joker Tissa Attanayake.If any think that the son of the Butcher of Moneragala can get the people to vote for him, he has to get his nut examined.In 1994 he won the election on a mistaken sympathy card, however at all subsequent elections his poll had decreased.He is not a man with a known source of income. How does he ride in luxury vehicles? The UNP leader will run the country in the same manner as the present lot.

    I think that ranil, Tissa and joker Sajith havd been bought over by Rajapakses.

  • 0

    Adiriyan Perera seems to be another nut `who has been bought over`by Rajapakse. This malicious joker wants to know ‘how does he ride in luxury vehicles?”. Does he think that he earned money by `Komis-hitting`, bribery, drug & ethanol dealing, treasure hunting, selling state property to foreigners, plundering, `kappang` collecting etc?. Do not forget that UNP is the most powerful single political party in the island and RW is the leader of the opposition. If the other opposition parties get together and support RW he can certainly win the presidential election. That is exactly what these stooges like Adiriyan do not want to happen!

  • 0

    1)It is clear to us that Ranil W is very cunningly manuvering himself forward as the main presidential campaign . He will one by one get rid of other potential options. The idiot colombo elite will endorse him. that is what is going to happen before the election.
    2) he will pretend that he wants to abolish the presidency but in reality presidency is all he wants. Those who vote for him will be foolish to think that this man wants to abolish the office that he wants so much
    3)If he wins ( really a no possibilty but let us assume)he will do things as various international bodies and some colombo johnnies want.
    4) To do away with presidency or declare war on corruption, family rule etc we need a leader of a great stature not some technocrat kind of a guy.But all along his career JVP, taxi driver as Colombo city, taking away of unp ministries by chandrika,, LTTE,removing Sarath Silva, doing away with presidency under chandrika etc etc ranil has played a selfish small minded role.He always slips on his own self assumed cleverness
    5) even after 10 years of MR there is not a single positive vote for Ranil. Only those who vote against MR for corruption, minority issues family bandyism etc. But no one votes for ranil for his own sake.
    6) so there is no point in asking such a man whether he will abolish presidency. Only damn fool voter will believe that.
    7) But will Ranil at least promise that when he loses once again at this presidential election he will pack up and leave the UNP and hopefully the country too. Then the UNP can start the long path to recover from the Ranil rule of 25 years.

  • 0

    1.I think ranil better ask sajith and karu whether they will back him if he contests.Sajith will put forward his conditions.If ranil says no to them then it will be a disunited national party again.If ranil says yes and meets the conditions demanded by sajith and if sajith and karu publicly say they will back him to the hilt then he is through where the UNP is concerned.So you are looking at about 30% of the vote for ranil from the UNP. Without this vote any opposition candidate can kiss goodbye to winning.UNP vote in its entirety should come to the candidate and unless there is absolute unity it won’t.

    2.then ranil should speak to chandrika and ask her for her backing and to publicly state so.I think he has already done that and she has refused probably because she does not want to back a losing horse and get landed like the way sarath fonseka did in welikada taking on the rajapakshes.The chandrika faction of the SLFP vote will also be crucial because there are disgruntled elements within it,but i don’t know what % of that will vote for a UNP candidate even with CBK asking them to.

    3.Since chandrika has refused to back ranil i think he should withdraw from the contest.

    4.then let us look at CBK herself.If she contests will she get the backing of ranil,karu and sajith and will they actively campaighn for her?If they do she should be able to bag 30% which is the UNP block vote.The SLFP probably has a block vote of 45% and probably CBK should be able to garner 15% of it at least.So her total Vote is 30+15=45%.

    5.Then it is a case of looking for the TNA and SLMC and JVP votes and try to get that 5% that is needed to cross the 50% line.

  • 1

    It is amusing to read the comments made about this article. Most of them are either naive to the efforts been made by the opposition or are crafty attempts to undermine what is being achieved in the guise of genuine concern. Observing and reading the news it is obvious that there are some snakes who are hell bent on sabotaging the opposition. Who these people are and who the puppet master pulling their strings is very obvious. So the UNP has a formidable task. It has to fight on many fronts. One is money it needs to raise a lot of it and contrary to what the average Joe thinks many funding streams have been cut off and sabotaged. It needs to fight the Judases constantly pulling it by the leg. Doing this is the most difficult balancing act. It has to also forge a common alliance between a very disparate bunch of egotistic jokers who think their party and their candidate should lead the opposition. A party that can pull this off deserves to lead. For those that ask what its policies would be the reply should don’t ask stupid questions.

  • 3

    The key factor in this coming election is the 12% N&E Tamil vote bank. There will be no win or solution to the mathematical formula without the Tamil factor, for any candidate.

    What is there for the Tamils to vote for?

    We need it in writing to all Tamil parties in SL, the Tamil Diaspora and to the international community, that demilitarisation with their families will be completed within one month after the election, protection mechanism for the Tamils, immediate devolution of police, land and financial powers to the NPC and EPC, and to allow them to operate and develop their provinces independently, return all houses and land to the rightful owners, release all political prisoners, open all doors to the UNHRC and to the International Media, and call for a UN conducted referendum within 3 years for the Tamils to decide their future destiny, if they are convince to be under a safe United Sri Lanka.

    The common candidate need to educate and convince the southerners to live and let live, for good governance, and to develop and prosper together, the Tamils need to be left alone. The IC, India and the Tamil Diaspora are watching, a slip will cause isolation and possible sanctions.

    Remember, 12 % can make or break the result, for the candidate, party and the country.

    After 66 years of history of subjugation, Mullaivaikkal war, 100 000 killed, 89 000 widows, 60 000 orphans, still 50 000 families refused entry into their own homes and land, still 146 000 still unaccounted for, thousands flee as refugees, and the victims of war and the relatives and friends will decide, which way.

    We will not be fooled or cheated again. The choice is ours.

    • 0

      Maniks, You have high hopes, dreaming that the ruling party will consider those proposals you have submitted. Its like pouring water
      on ducks back. Undoubtedly 12% of Tamil votes will matter in a tight election race but they have another plan of getting 12% more of Sinhala rural votes using the trump card i.e. Ltte and division of the county.Its a big risk as no one knows whether the people will buy this story this time, again, as winning their bread & butter has become their utmost priority and as per media, this story is waning off. More over Ltte is dead and gone and about the division, TNA, on behalf of the N/E Tamils, has pledged allegiance(Under Oath)to the State at the Supreme Court that they are not for division of the country. They should not have done this, demeaning the Tamils as they too are Sri lankans by right, but I suppose it was necessary to protect the party. The danger here is that, under this context, the Sinhala opposition parties could question the ruling party to show proof that Tamils are for separation in their election debates.

      The ruling party will not ask for Tamil votes because they are at lock ahead with NPC, The Tamil diaspora, Overseas and TNA as a whole and there is no dialogue between the two .They also cannot depend on other mushroom Tamil political parties as they have no votes banks in the N/E. but there could be a change of hearts if Mr. Modi Indian PM, comes to the rescue with implementation of 13A.

      In fact, Tamils are not bothered as to, who wins the presidential elections as who ever wins the election, he or she will not change the position of Presidency to parliamentary democracy with PM as the head,
      so Tamils stand to lose and dragonian rule will emerge again. This is based on past history of SL Presidents.

      • 1

        Agree, if the Tamils have nothing to vote for, nothing offered to the Tamils and for their future, why vote?

        This message will be very clear to the majority, to the international community and to India, that if the Tamils are continued to be treated and subjugated as 2nd class citizens, colonised and controlled, the Tamils will continuously protest peacefully under a United Sri Lanka, until remedial justice is served with Tamil Eelam.

        It is not only for the candidates to offer and guarantee to implement, it is also for the so called Tamil politicians to honestly demand our basic human and constitutional rights, and negotiate for a political solution of self determination for the Tamil people and for our homeland, with the help of the IC.

        You don’t trade the 12% votes after the election. We need the signed “offer and acceptance” on the table first.
        What is so painful about that?

        Do we have the right people in the right place to negotiate, or is it self interest, self centred, I am alright, bugger you Jack, and see you later!

        A word of advice – the loser will not be able to negotiate after the election results.

  • 2

    A kick that the UNP needed! Vishwamitra, Thanks.

    UNP- should organize to lead and galvanize all citizens of Sri Lanka. The impression that it is a new UNP and it is on the march to victory must be created. the people are willing to join, start the march.

    The JVP and DP will be of no consequence if the UNP is seento be on the march to victory. It is the JVP and DP that will stand to lose, if they do not respond to public sentiments. With or without the support of the TNA and SLMC, the Tamils and Muslims will vote for the UNP, if it promises to gurantee their safety and their citizenship and community rights. The CWC will be with the party that appears likely to win.

    UNP, left right, forward march for the sake of this country!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      Do not wait for long awaited changes from UNP. As UNP is the opposition, democrats like you should bring the change within UNP and in the common front for a change for all peoples of the island. It should start from now on governance (17th Amendment), within parliament and outside parliament (violation of state forces and police and commandeering state assets). People have to fight against lackadaisical leadership of Muslims, Upcountry Tamils and Sinhalese. Tamil people will NOT listened to TNA and vote against corruption and ruination of our Island.

    • 0

      Dr. Raj Narendran,

      Do not know which age group you belong to but if you ask a Tamil, above 70 years, he or she will tell you that first UNP PM D.S. Senanayake started the rot in peaceful,then called Ceylon, by forcefully colonising Eastern province, ably assisted by C .P.De Silva without any fan fare as DS had a vision that Sri Lanka should become a Sinhala Buddhist state. Then came Dudley, JR, Premadasa and so on and they continued with the same policy and the Tamils were subjected to hardships and taken for a painful ride, ever since and faced several pogroms(1983 being the worst when JR.UNP took no action) and a brutal war, during the period UNP governed.

      The current govt cannot be totally blamed for the current problems faced by the Tamils as they knew all along that this was coming and they were not united, starting with SJV/GG. Only during the period when SJV. Chelva was at the helm, there was unity and Muslims of East too contributed but this unity did not last long as SWRD abrogated a good pact on District Councils entered with Federal Party for no reason except he quoted ‘protest’ by Buddhist clergy. When Ltte was in a position of strength, they also could have solved it with the govts in power but they too did not listen to Tamil elders, and continued with the destructions.

      I am surprised that some Tamils are promoting a ‘new” UNP as the party, with the same old policies, to be supported by the Tamils in the Presidential election and this makes some of us laugh, The other treacherous matter was, Tamils were asked to vote by TNA for an ex Army commander Fonseka in the last election, who extended the security
      Zone at Palaly, ten fold( Tellippalai.KKS, Vadamarachi areas & sea side included) and fertile lands were ‘captured’.Chandrika objected(which she cannot deny even now) and Kadirgamar looked the other side, as usual ,while the Commander went on with his business of land grabs and this resulted in closure of leading schools,temples and businesses
      Farmers and fishermen chased away and livelihood lost and TNA seniors knew all this when they took the revengeful decision to oppose the current President and wanted Fonseka to be voted to power. TNA’s sincerity was at state at that time.

      This election is of no use to the Tamils and on a matter of principles
      Mr. Sambandan of TNA should contest as a Presidential candidate and try to get 100% Tamil votes, which the UN, India and the West will take note of it as an election rejected by the Tamils but used their universal franchise of voting. Dr. I am sure you are living in the heart of Colombo with all comforts but not aware of the real hardships
      the Tamils suffered under different political parties and suffer under the present regime,currently in N/E. This is the story of the political past of the Tamils.

  • 1

    Judging by the pictures of Ranil with Mahinda in the last nine years, Ranil is obliging Mahinda by a losing ploy.

  • 0

    It would be nice if Karu Jayasururiya comes forward as the common candidate. His son in law Navin Dissanayake must quit the UPFA and back his father in law without asking for any seats or status.

    There should be no nepotism like we find in corrupt countries like the USA.


  • 0

    Ranil must sign a legal document with all partnering allies regarding
    his eliminating EP for a ceremonial post, within a stated time frame,
    to avoid a repeat performance of what SL has undergone with JRs
    BBS backed by the nespotic-arm of the Regime will have to fight
    JHU and may lead to Emergency rule.

  • 1

    Every picture I see this bugger Ranil, he is always in that ‘thinking’ look. Until to date this fellow has not done a damn thing. He looks a slob, no action and wasting everyone’s time. Hey Ranil why don’t you do us all a favour and get the hell out of the UNP so that someone with intelligence can move up and get rid of this Horapakse bugger and his family.

    • 0

      Tamil from the [Edited out]

  • 0

    “.. Napoleon said: “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” The country is calling out for that person who could control the chaos. It’s time that such a leader emerged. Otherwise we will be merely committing collective hara-kiri..”

    Ha..Ha…Haaa! This Vishwamithra pusa is daydreaming after a Marijuana shot! Who the hell is this “Leader” that you proclaim? Can you name him for a start?

    Don’t write bloody joke fool. The rubbish you have written is known to every Dick, Tom and Harry in the country. UNP has prepared the common ground for everybody to unite. It is the responsibility of those in the fringe to come together. Don’t write meaningless verbal diarrhea just because you cannot understand the bigger picture.

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