22 May, 2022


The Political Economy Of Sinhala Chauvinism

By  Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

The Rise of Crusading Sinhala Chauvinism

All indications are that officially legitimated and state sponsored Sinhala chauvinism is preparing to raise its serpentine head openly and brazenly. It is baring its venomous fangs, readying to hit at selected targets and set the country on fire- once again, but as never before. Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), Sinhala Ravaya, combined with other underground vigilante squads such Mahasona Brigade, each with their respective sponsors, mentors and protectors in the State apparatus, have ascended the stage of history with public declaration, brazen arrogance and singular determination. Their aim is to assert the pristine purity and absolute supremacy of the Sinhala Buddhist Nation (SBN). This could be achieved through a crusading campaign of ethnic cleansing and demographic reordering, backed by white terror and state impunity.

Political and Ideological Premises and Exigencies

This bestial communal crusade may be legitimated by large sections of the Sinhala-Buddhist polity. They are being pushed into a deadly, devious trap. They are being manipulated to think that Tamils and Moslems, Christians, Hindus and Islamists – all non-Sinhala Buddhists- constitute a potential threat and enemy to the ‘beleaguered’ Sinhala-Buddhist Nation. They are being led to believe that the Sinhala-Buddhist Nation is in mortal danger, being faced by a diabolical conspiracy. A conspiracy led by foreign Western powers, in league with the Tamil Diaspora and other LTTE separatists and a train of local traitors whose one aim is to overthrow the present Regime, divide the country and displace the historical place and position of the Sinhala Buddhist Nation. For now, the Moslem nationality is being targeted by the BBS. Yet, this crusade had been repeatedly directed against all non-Buddhist communities. This web of contrived ideological demonizing and collective paranoia weave into a single evangelical, missionary zeal legitimated by a self-evident righteousness. The center and heart of this collective, crusading ideological consciousness is concentrated and expressed in a shared need to redefine, reassert, and consolidate the undivided sovereignty, undisputed supremacy and absolute political hegemony of the Sinhala Buddhist Nation over the length and breadth of Lanka, once and for all! This fits in to the political agenda and strategy of survival of the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime (MRR).

Social Base of Sinhala Chauvinism

Will this crusading call find an echo, a resonance, among the broad and diverse social category that constitute the Sinhala-Buddhist Nation? Would it be sufficient to morally legitimate a descent to barbarism and a resultant communal holocaust? Of course, it would be contradictory. Some may dare to resist in the name of freedom, democracy and humanity. However, the majority of the Sinhala people supported just such a brutal terrorist war for decades. They remain silent when the Tamil Nation is being subjected to military rule and occupation and being politically subjugated as never before. Desecration of non-Buddhist places of worship and assault on religious rituals continue unabated and with impunity. Yet, the majority Buddhists have either complied or remained silent. We have a history and a litany of repeated barbaric communal pogroms. We have also witnessed the slaughter and decimation of two generations of Sinhala youth by the State. We should not dismiss the possibility, nor underestimate the political will of degenerate, power-hungry reactionary forces to descend to the depths of barbarism just to seize and maintain absolute state power in order to establish and perpetuate their own brand of hegemonic-terrorist class dictatorship. In the struggle for power, it could mean life or death. Whether in Lanka or in the world, people are being forced to decide between Civilization and Barbarism, between Freedom and Slavery, between Democracy and Tyranny; Between Socialism and Imperialism. It is in this context that the question requires analysis. We should study the psychological and sociological impulses and economic imperatives of this complex unity that makes up the SBN in order to make a concrete assessment of the capability and sustainability of the emerging and rising political crusade of chauvinist fascism. More fundamentally, we would have to study the political economy of Sinhala chauvinism, the corresponding class relations and the forms of their expression in the ideological superstructure, in order to arrive at a concrete analysis and a composite picture of the emerging political conjuncture. This is a preliminary attempt to do so.

The Sinhala Polity

The oppressed Sinhala masses, also battered by decades of war and terror, ground to the dust and struggling to survive, overwhelmed and overcome by the sheer hegemonic legitimacy, power, reach and durability of the State and the Regime, forced into a ‘dog eat dog’, ‘life or death’ competition to stay alive, atomized and polarized, and in the context of imperialist and regional powers penetrating the life-lines of the country, and in the absence of any countervailing force or democratic alternative, may indeed, even subconsciously, imbibe the theory of imminent, mortal danger. Certainly, the more idiotic, Neanderthal sections would imbibe this paranoid delusion willingly and militantly. A rising, thriving new urban, semi-urban and suburban Sinhala Buddhist bourgeois class and privileged upper petty-bourgeois strata; along with an entrenched trade union labor aristocracy, combined with a majority of backward parochial rural masses may believe that they stand to benefit from maintaining the prevailing status quo under a quasi-theocratic, hegemonic, centralized, militarized unitary Sinhala-Buddhist State. Some may prefer to tolerate it just to hang on their privileged status and to climb up the ladder. Still others may concur for the need for personal identity and economic security in a nameless, reckless and turbulent global market place. Such is the soil of fascism.

Patriotism in the form of Military-Fascist Chauvinism

Mahinda Rajapakse may have officially enthroned Sinhala supremacy and Sinhala-Buddhist Chauvinism and may still command undisputed legitimacy among the masses. Yet, emerging and intensifying contradictions, crises and challenges will test his ability to centralize and monopolize State power. Rival fascist forces prepare for seizing state power if and when Mahinda Rajapakse may be forced to capitulate and sell out the agenda. All these scenarios and possibilities make up fertile soil for a crusading, missionary patriotism, in the form of military-fascist chauvinism, to emerge from the throes of economic anarchy, moral degeneracy, political instability and terrifying insecurity. This scenario may come to dominate the landscape, shape the agenda, and determine the day. Black July just may appear a shade of grey – as a dress rehearsal for the real drama, in all its grotesque gory, yet to be enacted.

Structural Necessity

Sinhala (Buddhist) chauvinism is not an ephemeral or phenomenal reality located in some demented, egoistical psychological mind-set. It is not an aberration, but a natural and integral appendage of the Feudal-Comprador Capitalist State. Under the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime, this introverted and perverted Capitalist ideology derives and thrives in the political economy of a crony-mafia/ narco-terrorist/ decadent dynastic junta. Majority-nation, Sinhala Chauvinism has been a persistent structural feature of the Lankan State. It was ingrained into the colonial Constitution that laid the basis for the transfer of state power. It enabled the British colonial rulers to transfer state power to its most loyal and trusted landlord-capitalist ruling class of emerging Compradors, whose economic existence is integrally tied to imperialism. This ruling class has come to be represented principally by the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, and its various coalitions and alliances. Every single successive regime has reinforced and entrenched the chauvinist structural foundations of the Capitalist State and Political Order. The Mahinda Rajapakse Regime has merely stripped away all the bourgeois liberal trappings and ribbons and crowned this historical trajectory with planned, conscious force, unbending will, singular determination and unfettered fury.

The Hierarchic Strategy of ‘Divide and Rule’

As a matter of deploying the strategy of ‘divide and rule’, state power was vested in a lackey, Sinhala-dominated Comprador Capitalist ruling class. In fact, universal adult suffrage and the principle of ‘one man-one vote’ ensured the economic dominance and political hegemony of this majority, Sinhala-dominated ruling class. The bi-cameral structure and special constitutional provisions to safeguard minorities, were mere sops aimed at co-opting and harnessing the alliance of the dominant compradors and parasitic feudal landlords of other nationalities. At the first instance under this colonial constitution and as the first act of this State, the Hill Country Malaga Tamil nationality, the most exploited, deprived and subjugated population, was deprived of citizenship and the right to vote by an absolute Sinhala majority, backed by a majority of representatives of all nationalities.

This structure of the modern colonial state has woven vertical and horizontal fractures of ruthless economic rivalry and competition, and violent political contention into the very fabric of the political economy and social order. It has generated volatile conflicts between rival ruling fractions of the State, between the various nations, nationalities and communities based on territory, language and religion, and also within each such constituency, based on class, gender and caste divisions. This is the vile and deadly game of predator chess that is packaged and sold as a ‘model five-star democracy”.

The Power of Mythologized Ideology

The Sinhala-dominated comprador- landlord ruling class constitutes the most rich and powerful capitalist fraction which maintains political control over the vital structural linkages, circuits and connections of capital accumulation tied to world imperialism. Furthermore, they have powerful roots and allegiances with feudal power bases and landed property. The oppressed masses, along with privileged classes, castes and strata belonging to the dominant Sinhala nation could be easily manipulated by this ruling class into believing that the Feudal-Colonial State rigged by the British to perpetuate and intensify imperialist domination and neo-colonial subjugation, is indeed their own State. This strategy guarantees that the predominant majority (74%) of the Sinhala masses shall regard the Capitalist State as its own sacred State, set up to defend its rightful superiority and predominance in the country of their origin, against all aliens and intruders. They could be easily deceived and manipulated to believing that they had an inherent right and duty to protect their exclusive ‘historic’ rights and privileges conferred by god and legend on the Land of the Lion, which the aliens and intruders are plotting to take away from them. This ideology of evolutionary exclusivism, collective destiny and ‘bio-genetic’ racial supremacy gets extended to the belief that only the Sinhalayas have the exclusive and undivided right to nationhood and statehood in the “Land of the Lion”- or, as publicly advertised, in the “Land of the Buddha”. The Land of Lanka belongs to them, exclusively, unconditionally and through eternity. All others are, at best, minorities, that must coexist by the grace of benevolent tolerance of the Sinhala nation. Mahinda Rajapakse has the honor of obliterating even this category of ‘minorities’ from the constitutional and political lexicon.

Grand Consensus

Through this strategy and ideology, the State, and its ruling class, was able to manipulate and mobilize the majority oppressed Sinhala masses to legitimate and celebrate a war of conquest and occupation against the Tamil Nation, waged by this very same State and Ruling class that continues to rain poverty, misery, degradation and death upon them. Regardless of class, caste or any other division, the majority of the Sinhala people continue to legitimate and celebrate the military victory over the LTTE, and the consequent military occupation and political subjugation of the Tamil Nation. This is even though the truth is that the LTTE was an effect caused by the Sinhala supremacist chauvinist politics of the State and intensified by all successive regimes, and its brand of counter-terrorism was caused by the systemic and systematic terrorism of the State, and that this same reign of terror has been, and is, unleashed upon the Sinhala people as well. Such is the power of mythologized ideology and tortured historical chronology that begets the notion of a chosen people, sanctioned by the power of a ‘divine will’ to vanquish and conquer the other, and which finds regeneration in orgiastic blood feasts, narcissistic ceremonies and phallic rituals of self-glorification. The new wave of organized, state-sponsored and authored vigilante Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism represented by the Bodu Bala Sena and its ilk, represent the need of a decomposed Capitalist State, ruling class and Regime to reproduce, reassert and reinforce itself in the context of a new spiral of organic-systemic crisis accompanied by a corroding, convoluting putrefaction of the system.

Character of the Comprador Economy

The ideology of Sinhala chauvinism arises from an underlying political economy. What we have is a neo-colonial political economy that is organically dependent on International Finance Capital and the circuits of imperialist capital accumulation and expanded reproduction. The ruling Capitalist class is categorized into 1. a state bureaucratic sector, 2. a crony-narco-mafia sector, and 3. a private sector. State bureaucratic capitalism, connected with the narco-crony-mafia sector has become the dominant mode of capital accumulation and for amassing vast fortunes. It is estimated that these combined sectors command trillions of Rupees. Their investments and modes of operation remain unknown, except to its official benefactors and direct stakeholders. Graft, corruption and commissions amount to tens of billions. Almost every minister, member of parliament, senior bureaucrat and high official are connected to this booming parallel and illegal narco-crony-mafia political economy, with the Rajapakse troika at the commanding heights.
Within the neo-liberal, open market Capitalist economy, non Buddhist entrepreneurs, drug dealers and racketeers have also got a firm hold on lucrative sources of capital accumulation and made strategic inroads into the thriving sectors of the economy. State patronage has also dispensed privilege, which is resented by the Sinhala-Buddhist competitors. It is this perception of creeping economic power and perceived inequalities in the distribution of economic benefits and opportunities, and the resultant jealousy and insecurity, that form the basic elements of the political economy of Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism.

Intensifying Economic Competition and Political Rivalry

The rising Sinhala-Buddhist Capitalist sectors have accumulated vast sums of Capital, and are burning with the desire to come up and remain on top of the ladder of wealth, privilege, status and power. It is this underlying lust for power and position, fed by a fear of being displaced and overcome, that drives the chauvinist-fascists to monopolize and extend the domain of the State to the four corners of the Land and the economy. 1983 and Black July targeted mainly the Tamil and Chettiar merchant and industrial capitalists. This time around, it is the Moslem class of merchants, financial and industrial capitalists that stand in the way of asserting the economic predominance and political supremacy of the Sinhala-Buddhist polity. As the economy declines and opportunities for investment and expansion shrinks, the heat of outraged frustration and hatred is let out by scape-goating and targeting the non-Sinhala-Buddhist nationalities and communities. The economic imperative gets nourished by a historical narrative of lost glory and by the introverted, convoluted, egoistical psychological need for conquest and supremacy. All that is needed for this festering pathology to ignite and spread is the official sanction and complicity of the State. The MRR, for its part, requires a permanent state of perceived threat and communal conflict, feeding into the into the ideology and politics of patriotism in the form of a militarized chauvinism to keep its agenda and its survival afloat. This describes the political economy of Sinhala (Buddhist) chauvinism.


It should be clear that this Comprador Capitalist State and its Neo-colonial Political Order is beyond reform. It is rotting to the core. This should be a lesson for the good bourgeois liberals and social democrats of all stripes. The Bodu Bala Sena and its ilk are expressions of extreme putrefaction of the Comprador Capitalist State and neo-colonial political order. The putrefaction has reached into its structural roots and foundations. It can only live and reproduce by increasing doses of deceit and terror and by intensifying poverty, misery, destruction, death and degradation. Militarized chauvinism and fascist terror are the twin props upon which the Regime survives and perpetuates. It is time to bury the corpse and build a whole new state, society and way of life corresponding to the needs and aspirations of the vast majority of exploited and oppressed masses, wherein all nations, nationalities, communities and citizens shall live with equality, dignity, security, autonomy, democratic freedom and prosperity.

*The writer is Secretary; Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)

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Latest comments

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    Thanks for this Ajith. Please translate and publish in Sinhala for the Sinhalay Modaya..
    We so need political economic analysis.. since the current generation of economists in Lanka, except for a handful, are sorry practitioners of the dismal science, sold on neoliberal analysis without conscience..
    As the economic crisis and debt worsens the Rajapassa brothers are looking for SCAPEGOATS and the Muslims are the new scapegoat, now that the Tamils have been smashed and neutralized. The name of the game of the Sinhala politicians, following their colonial masters is, DIVIDE AND RULE.. distract the people by playing identity politics from the twin crisis of governance and Rajapassa brother’s corruption and looting of the national wealth via MILITARY BUSINESS..

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    Jack of all trade of politics by essay,is needless to say your essay has large number selections and range of subjects covered,indeed not be in ordered to guide for democratic Revolution under the leadership of PROLETARIAT.
    “They all call themselves Marxist,but their conception of Marxism is impossible pedantic. They have completely FAILED to understand what is DECISIVE IN MARXISM,namely ,its revolutionary dialectics” by Lenin says.
    To grasp Marxism one needs to adopt its methods not by book-learning,even by heart is ever-never enough.
    The material basis for this is the the complexity of class relations in Sri lanka in state-monopoly capitalism and the distinctly crisis-ridden character of its present-day development you were unable to realize.

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    Thanks Ajit for this excellent analysis, except that it has been written in a tone of historical fatalism. It will be interesting if you could in the same breath of analysis, as a historical materialist, say “what it is to be done” to avert the impending catastrophe that may befall this country yet again.

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    Wonderful piece by a Sinhala Marxist which does not do the normal JVP type racist marxism or the parlimentary variety like Dew and Nanayakara which i would call Marxism with an L for Licking or Lap dog marxism of the MR regime.

    What a breath of fresh air to get this!

  • 0

    Dear Cyberviews,
    You have correctly raised the question “What is to be Done”. We must beware of quick fixes, cosmetic reforms, and short cuts. We should neither fall behind or overstep the struggle of the masses. The masses must liberate themselves through their own experience and struggle by engaging in conscious, organised revolutionary practice to transform the world and themselves. This is the revolutionary essence of Marxism- and Maoism. We can only serve their struggle for freedom.

    We have suffered from two abortive armed insurrections in the South commanded by the elite vanguard , and from a liberation struggle in the North that also had no need or place for the creative initiative and revolutionary activity of the masses. All three ended up in total disaster, and generations of revolutionaries have had to pay the price. We have to develop a scientific theory, strategy and program taking account of past and on-going experience and new developments in the world, based on a concrete analysis. On this basis, we have to raise our level of organised revolutionary practice to a higher professional level corresponding to the need of the situation.

    I have stated what should not be done, and that is to try to reform the State and the system, since the rot has set in at the foundations. I have said that the way forward is to build towards constructing a new form of people’s democratic State, and discussed its political content and character.

    We are in the process of building a Left Unity Center consisting of radical-democratic and revolutionary forces that share the need to strengthen, support and try to unify the various mass resistance struggles and to raise this struggle against the Regime to go beyond the prevailing status quo, and set the foundations of building a whole new form of State. As Mao said,” The path is tortuous: The future is bright”. The time will come, if we work towards it.

    Thanks to Cyberspace, Kalpana and Sinha Bahu who have appreciated the post. It is truly encouraging. Thanks also to colombo telegraph for being there.


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    Mr Ajith Rupasinghe Your hypothesis “Comprador Capitalist state…Neo-colonial political order” of political terms, is half truth of National Capitalism order of Sri lanka.
    Sri lanka (Ceylon) capitalism came into being that existence of womb of Colonial Order of British Empire.Since over 150 years of tyrannical colonial rule by British had been plunder of national wealth and ruthless exploit people all races by colonial masters.
    Is obviously white rulers have been train and safeguard political elites class for replace after exit of end colonial rule in 1948 04th February.
    They have been train class of elites not only Sinhalese, but Tamils as well as Muslims another minority communities in our society replace to carry colonial system with in their ABSENCE .
    Their political class and party of Comprador bourgeoisie is represent by United National Party or U N P. The Colonial order forward by
    U N P since day of Independence; that order shifted into new form of that Neo-colonial political order by U N P and its political class.
    The nature and character and its comprador bourgeoisie class basis of
    U N P are social roots remain unchange, urban and rural population our society even after 65 years past of Independance. They represent backwardness,underdeveloped and simple commodity production VAST rural terrority of huge population in poverty and poor living social conditions majority of population of Sri lanka.
    That how U N P become PUBLIC ENEMY PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA ,which opposed ongoing national path of capitalist development and its growth. U N P national politics agenda still opposed National Soverignity, Territorial Intergrety,Independence and foundation CERTAIN electoral politics in Sri Lanka.
    System had been enrich and ensure growth Comprador Bourgeoisie class and Camprador Capitalist state since 1948 encourage by U N P.Our young generation ‘s understanding of economy theory of neo-colonialest state and the governing assumptions of capitalist economy practice will be as radically different from ours the national capitalist theorist’ ideas are the FAIR SYSTEM DEMOCRATIC ORDER of philosophy that governed by late Neo-colonial political order.

  • 0

    Dear Ajit

    Thanks for taking the time to pen a response to my comment. I am in agreement with the approach you have suggested and I like the idea of the Left Unity Centre. I am sorry that I have to communicate with you under a pseudonym, but I would like to learn more about the Center in the future.

  • 0

    The writer is obviously a Marxist who sees everything through one lens. The issues is much more complicated. Global islamic expansion with all its tentacles such as sharia, halal, hijab, al qaeda, jihad is set to conquer the island of Lanka by no later than 2050, perhaps as early as 2025. Every such tragedy is preceded by Marxist denials, a happened in Serbia, Indonesia, etc.

    Someone should address the issues raised by the Buddhists, and make the country more equitable, less islamic and friendly with smiling people, not full of women covering themselves in black terrorist looking outfits. The bodu sena will be seen a justified as long as blatant islamic “conquer” of the island does not stop.

    • 0

      For God’s sake, isn’t there a limit to your idiocy? If you wish to comment on the topic, you are most welcome.If you have nothing to say, just keep away. This forum is strictly for intelligent comment

  • 0

    Dear Mr. Chambers,

    This is neither an analysis nor an empirically informed theoretical refutation. Unfortunately, in rings to the tune of the war-mongering jingoists in the US and Israel- and in Lanka. Are you representing a MOSSAD agency or consultancy? We must not reduce or distort the issue as a religious or civilizational contention and provide nourishment to extremism, fanaticism and fascism- in whatever form and from whatever source. We should strive to unite the people to rise above their conditions of oppression, to overthrow and uproot all structures and institutions that generate the social relations of domination, exploitation, violent division and WAR! This the way to serve the people, whatever their race, nationality, language, religion or caste may be. So, I ask you not to be blinded by hatred and prejudice, but to rethink your assumptions and premises.



    Thanks for taking up the article seriously. There is so much to be done to catch up. I will keep you informed about developments in building the Left Unity Center. We will get connected.

    Wish you strength,


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    Sri lanka state and democracy run by -Urban centered Wealthier -Bourgeoisie, who are really in RULE and POWER of society, politics, economy and democracy.
    Their set of persons belongs to ruling class parties of their own RULE by Government of public adimitration and management, as well as security forces, Members of Parlimeant, Presidency , Judiciary and Democracy since 1948.
    Even after 1956 social changes of power occur in country ,indeed that Sri Lanka Freedom party have been to power of state, there were NO any fundamental change from mode of management of STATE previously used by United National Party in power.
    There were certain social-political-economy changes has taken place during the SLFP rule time to time,but never address main social and economic issues by house of Babadarake family under the SLFP leadership. By and large SLFP has taken path of reform that Parlimentay center politics ,but being to power, that which SLFP-politics abonaded vested interest of People of Sri Lanka.
    Needless to say Sri Lanka Freedom Party is repestantive of National and Petty Bourgeoisie classes of our society;well, SLFP come into driving seat of state power and members of Parliment in chamber,they promptly exit form relationship with majority of people,and are working hand in hand with Urban Wealthier Class.
    Since 2004 Under Mahinda Rajpakase of SLFP has pratice previous policies by C B Kumaratunge of SLFP.
    In fact after end of 30 years WAR, credit goes to SLFP under the leadership of MR, upheld safeguard Sovergenity, Terroitral Intergreity and Indepenedence of Sri Lanka,made most progressive act in our modern political history.
    This is dual nature of SLFP and so-called Left Political parties enter into ruling vicious cycle of political power and practice since 1956 start working for FEW RICH.
    So-called people-oriented policies keep beside,start working according
    vested interested local and foreign powers.

  • 0

    The corner stone of Democratic Revolution could come under leadership of working class and Its party.
    Task and reform of democratic Revolution fail since 1956,Under the leadership National Bourgeoisie class of its DUAL nature of political character and action.Mao said ” is needed in dealing with national bourgeoisie. While it is opposed to the WORKING CLASS,it is also opposed to imperialism.Our main task is to fight Imperialism,and Feudalism and that the LIBERATION of the people..”
    Our society PRESENT urgent task NOT for socialism , needless to say society urgently demand by social forces to be overthrown unfinished, incomplete and under-develop OF WEAK Bourgeoisie Democracy of island.
    At this stage ongoing capitalism that undermine national political-economy order and oppressed 90% majority people of Island.
    The central role play by Neo-colonial and Neo-Liberal capitalism having connected to US headed Hegemony system.
    Their-system ( Imperial of Hegemony) that which modern-day successors are represented of Imperialism of USA,by IMF-International Monetary Fund,WD-World Bank-, and WTO- World Trade Organization an operations power of Global Neo-colonial economy.The hegemony of Neo-colonial political-economy order with liberal face which that rally exploit and oppressed nation regardless of CLASSES, RACE, CREED,COLOR, GENDER, SEXUAL orientation in masses of PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.
    The triumph of Globalization of Capital since 1990 , that International Capital of Hedges Funds rule by US EU Japan and UK,which that sovereignty nations no longer be regulated own economy and Financial capital within national state. Capital’s response to such struggles was to decentralized production,raise the mobility of capital and relative of mobility of workers;but the corollary of this was that nation state could no longer regulate the flows that now exceeded it.
    Due such Neo-colonial process since 1977 under UNP-JRJ rule of Sri lanka, that capitalism relative decline and lost the economic, and political sovereignty power of nation state.
    By UNP regime of Start up war, ethnic conflicts ,as well as,riots against Tamil community in 1977,79.1981,and 1983,and suppressed and demobilized workers state corporation and ,privatized of state corporation under Neo-colonial order,political sovereignty power of nation had been suddenly disappeared.
    The democratic revolution is of a different nature-OLD bourgeoisie path that is an open and transparent collaboration leading classes of workers,farmers,peasant , plantation workers ,petty bourgeoisie,elite youth and students are friendly social forces of democratic task has to undertake by working class party. And between civil society and which represents the interest of all public of majority Sri lankan in overseas just friendly forces of new system come into being. The handful Neo-colonial forces will be isolated and Democratic movement by join critical role.

  • 0

    The categorisation of the economy into 3 sectors is that in which Sri Lanka is not alone. A (1) crippling unproductive and resource-gobbling State Sector (2) a crime-crony-narco-Mafiosi sector and a (3) poor nephew of a private sector are found in the ASEAN region (notably Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand) and even in India. But what is significant in Sri Lanka is there is at least one individual – poorly educated – who is a leading player in all three not excluding a leading role in the banking sector. To add spice to the whole saga, he is also the king-pin of what goes as the Stock Market here. The Common Denominator in all of these is filthy lucre. He has every one in his deep pockets. There is yet another individual who too has his tentacles on all three areas – but he has a bit more education and has a longer innings at the top (from the mid-1970s till now)

    The other weakness that works against the country’s march to economic
    health, even at a limited pace, is a totally crippled Opposition that has not merely watched the collapse of many limbs of governance – including the Legislature – but in many instances collutionist with the truant regime as well – all allegedly due to personal gain of the its own weak and divided leadership. As opposed to this was the Opposition in the 1960s-1970s – devoid of corruption/bribery, urbane, highly educated whose contributions in the House and outside served as a useful check on the regime’s possible excesses.

    The cunning regime knows playing the numbers game will ensure its continued survival. And so it resorts to the majoritarian game – also playing Godfather to the chauvinistic cabal – while simultaneously paying lip service to justice to the minorities. For this trapeze act the regime has to lose some credibility – both within and outside. But from its own narrow calculations the risk is worthwhile and ensures its own hold on the apparatus of power. This is proven by the deceit in pledges to the outside world to bring in a more just governance that is never kept. It also includes a vast array of transparent meetings with concerned minority leaders and frightened religious groups – giving them empty pledges in the old Leninist strategy “promises are like biscuits. They are made to be broken”

    But trickery and perfidy cannot hold a collapsing economy that has a poor base – permanently. The cracks are already showing. Soon they will grow to levels which was best described by Gen. Charles de Gaulle “an individual alone cannot control all events at the same time”


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