20 May, 2022


The Politics And Humbuggery Of The United States Of America

By Malinda Seneviratne –

UNHRC.  That’s United Nations Human Rights Commission.  Key term, ‘Human Rights’.  The UN system has all kinds of organizations mandated to deal with fairly well defined spheres of concern.  ‘Human Rights’ does seem all-encompassing and that’s both good and bad.  Good because it provides comprehensive cover. Bad because it makes for selectivity.

The current moves in the UNHRC against Sri Lanka, by a well-known incompetent to boot, shows up the negative rather than affirm the positive.  The draft resolution authored by the USA, for example, menti

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

on issues such as rule of law, judicial matters, ‘healing and reconciliation’ (whatever that might mean), independent oversight of security system (a recipe for insecurity, surely?), institutional reform (good governance from above?), sexual and gender based violence, devolution of power etc.  They might as well have added things like water supply and sanitation, organic agriculture, protection of forest cover, medicines free of the pharmaceutical mafia and polythene-free packaging among other things.  It’s that ridiculous, folks.

The authors have interjected liberally a lot of vague terms but nothing as ridiculous as ‘widespread, ’followed of course by ‘allegations’.  Now anyone anywhere can allege any number of things.  What gives weight to allegation is ‘widespread’.  How is widespread wrought, though?  Longtime Tiger-lover Bishop Rayappu Joseph sending a note to Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu and Sara saying something to Jehan which Jehan whispers into Nimalka Fernando‘s ear and which Nimalka passes onto Callum Macrae and which Callum emails Frances Harrison and the whole bunch of them cross-posting this same message to each other and to ready recipients such as Michele Sison, John Rankin, David Cameron, Samuel Harper, John Kerry, Navi Pillay etc., etc., is that how?

The Rule of Law Index 2014, recently put out by the World Justice Project, which measures how the rule of law is experienced by ordinary people around the world, covering 100,000 households and 2,400 expert surveys in 99 countries has yielded some numbers the UNHRC should reflect on.  South Asia is the worst region but within South Asia, Sri Lanka bests the biggies India and Pakistan by quite a margin when it comes to absence of corruption (SL 39th, India 72nd, Pakistan 91st), fundamental rights (SL 56th, India 63rd, Pakistan 92nd), order and security (SL 59th, India 95th, Pakistan 99th), and in the overall ‘Rule of Law’ category is placed 48th, whereas India is 66th and Pakistan 96th. Begs the question: how about some knuckle-raps on the rest of the region, Navi Pillai?

Let’s consider the USA.  What’s the ‘Rule of Law’ situation there?  We can talk about institutionalized racism in the form of racial profiling, spot-checks, arrests, convictions and so on. We can talk of police brutality. We can talk of sexual and gender based violence. We can talk of freedom of expression or lack thereof, citing ‘action’ on protestors from the November 1999 anti-WTO protests to the wave of Occupy Wall Street protests.  We can talk of the prison industrial complex and slavery 21st Century style.  Let’s consider some facts.

African-Americans comprise 13 percent of the U.S. population and 14 percent of the monthly drug users, but 37 percent of the people arrested for drug-related offenses in America. Studies show that police are much more likely to pull over and frisk blacks or Latinos than whites. In New York City, 80 percent of the stops made by the NYPD were blacks and Latinos, and 85 percent of those people were frisked, compared to a mere 8 percent of the white people stopped. After being arrested, blacks are 33 percent more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York. In 2010, the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that blacks receive 10 percent longer sentences than whites through the federal system for the same crimes.  African-Americans are 21 percent more likely than whites to receive mandatory minimum sentences and 20 percent more likely to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants. In a 2009 report, two-thirds of the criminals receiving life sentences were non-whites. In New York, it is 83 percent. Blacks make up 57 percent of the people in state prisons for drug offenses. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded that a black male born in 2001 had a 32 percent chance of going to jail in his lifetime, while a Latino male has a 17 percent chance, and a white male only 6 percent.  Why is Navi Pillai not worried?

Isn’t the UNHRC worried about the fact that in the USA, nearly 1 in 5 women are estimated to have been victims of rape?  Is it not worrisome that the USA is No 6 in the list of countries with the highest rape rates?  What do we make of the fact obtained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2010) that 1.27 million American women were raped in that year alone (equivalent to one woman every 29 seconds) and that 5.1 million women were stalked (one every 7 seconds)? So what about the human rights of women in the USA and why aren’t there resolutions against that country?

If you want ‘human rights’ we could talk of all the atrocities committed in battlefield, through drone attacks and on prisoners in holding facilities.  If you want ‘demilitarization’ (another word in the document), we can ask ‘Why do you still have troops in Japan almost 70 years after the end of World War II?’  For each and every line of censure in this document, a bad-behavior file ten times as thick can be thrown at the USA (and of course India, UK, Canada and other resolution-supporters).

And yet, even in these days of dark clouds over Ukraine and the threat of big powers clashing, ‘Geneva’ seems to think that Sri Lanka is bigger than Ukraine, Russia, the USA and the EU put together.  Strange.

For all this, the resolution on (sic) Sri Lanka (read, ‘against Sri Lanka’) is not a ‘tightening’ considering the wording in the 2013 document?  If it is indeed a tightening, does it amount to pinch, punch or strangulation?  Well, those who were salivating at a choking-prospect are dismayed.  That should say something.

At best it is a lazy (tired?) upgrading of the 2013 document (upping, if you will) that appears like a copy-paste exercise from some good-governance guidebook.  There are keywords, though.  There’s ‘concern’ and ‘deep concern’.  There is ‘alarm’.  There is ‘taking note’ of this and that.  There is ‘recollection’.  There is ‘reiteration’.  There is ‘affirming’ and reaffirming’. There is ‘report’.  There is ‘allegation’.  There is underlying assumption. No, ‘assumption’ is not a keyword, don’t get us wrong here; it is the thread that loosely ties one paragraph to the next and the next.

Reading through the litany of woes (reports of woes, to be precise) and the usual disclaimer about ‘intimidation and retaliation against civil society members’ (who, by the way, roam around Colombo and party to their hearts’ content), one might think the authors are talking about Albuquerque, New Mexico or Anaheim, California.   One could also think of places in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other places where the Democracy Squads of the USA have opened the doors to ‘sexual and gender-based violence, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture, violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, intimidation of and reprisals against human rights defenders, members of civil society and journalists, threats to judicial independence and the rule of law’.  The USA has not only ‘opened the doors’ but done the honors too, let us not forget.

So we have exaggeration.  We have selectivity too.  Come on, there’s worse stuff being ‘reported’ in other countries but no finger-wagging ‘no-no’ resolutions being tabled in the UNHRC about them.   Really, if this is what the UNHRC is about, and if it is indeed serious about right all (assumed) wrongs, the sessions should be 12 months long, for that’s the time it would take to table, debate, listen to submissions and counter-submissions, prepare texts, pencil in amendments, take votes etc., on all the countries that deserve this kind of ‘censure’.

And yet, this is still a watered-down resolution of the kind that would upset the delicate sensibilities of the likes of Fr (sic) Emmanuel, Navi Pillay, Callum Macrae, Frances Harrison, Louise Arbor, David Cameron and other Sri Lanka haters.  Indeed it is surprising that the USA, such a mover and shaker, such a lover of those who love to hate Sri Lanka, has not upped the ante here.  Makes one wonder.

Is it that the USA fears a harsher document would get shot down because a) it is ridiculous, b) the membership has bigger things to worry about, or c) Sri Lanka might call the US bluff and say ‘ok, let’s investigate all atrocities committed by all parties from 1975 to 2009, India included, and if you want post-war stuff, let’s go with that too; and since we need the world to be lovely let’s extend the logic to include all nations, happy?’

It might be that in the aftermath of Obama’s ‘cost-warning’ to Russia over Ukraine (which didn’t stop Russia) and John Kerry’s ‘you can’t invade a country on a trumped-up pretext in the 21st Century (although we invaded Iraq), the USA is worried that some countries might begin to figure out that Washington was, is and will always be full of sh**.   Some might even think that they would be digging their own graves by saying ‘aye’ to this blatant bullying, meddling, destabilizing and indeed wrecking the chances for peace and reconciliation.  It might even upset India, come to think of it.

Since ‘Ukraine’ remains unresolved and signs are that Obama may have to eat his words, voting representatives at the UNHRC might do a re-think of ‘best do what boss says’.  If someone, anyone, gives the boss the finger then ‘bossness’ is under threat and a threatened boss can’t exactly throw his weight the way he did before.  Is that the problem, one might ask.

With regime-change fanatics betting heavily on a fillip from Geneva, this kind of watering down will be seized by the Government as a victory that’s sweet and, all things considered, adequate.  If this is what all the frenetic lobbying by powerful persons (US and UK envoys in Colombo were canvassing the support of the voting members in blatant violation of protocol; this too is indicative of desperation) yielded, it is a sad indictment on their powers of persuasion. That too will be noted by the Government.

Let Sri Lanka not entertain any illusions. The deck is stacked.  Against Sri Lanka.  Watered down or otherwise.  The watering down, however, constitutes a ‘blinking’ on the part of Uncle Sam.  Let Sri Lankans have no illusions.  A ‘come down’ on the part of the USA would do the country good, but that does not mean Sri Lanka is a perfect nation. Its imperfections are many and quite apart from the fact that many imperfections flow from a flawed constitution, the arrogance of the powerful and a manifest reluctance of fixing the democracy-gap embedded in the constitution is not something to cheer about.

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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  • 9

    Malinda, sorry I didn’t read the article…..is this written using Mahinda’s Laptop?


    • 6

      anyway just READ THAT HUMBUG MALINDA’S stories,
      Insane poor guy Trying very heard to Please his THUG MASTERS.

      @ Malinda MAHATHAYA.

      I do not know it is true or not,
      It is said by some who were close to them,
      At the last Days Of J R J could not go to toilet and only drank liquid. because of Anal Cancer.

      IF, J R J suffered, Because He had done much damage to Sri Lankan society.
      I HOPE SAME Result will come To other Traitors, [ So called your Patriots, COMMISSIN KAKKAS] Like Your Jarapassas.

      I put a message, a Question in your Last article on sixth of March at
      ” A Note On The Leaked-Draft Resolution On Sri Lanka”
      I asked you,

      “Did your Masters Denounce and reject their U S A Citizen ships or Still they holding, hanging, Hooked on to their allegiance to USA given by oaths Serve Nowhere But to USA and taken that honorary Citizen ship to serve USA, with out any Obligations to Any or birth country” ???????????????.
      If it is not So,
      Your HUMBUG STORY,
      Even How many times you Coughs for your masters,

      “The Politics And Humbuggery Of The United States Of America”

      Because Your Masters are Slaves OF U S A.

      DOSN’T IT MALINDA?????//.

  • 8


    Your writings speaks of your mindset. For you everything critical of Sri Lanka is humbuggery but anyone reading your write-ups will say that you the biggest humbug. You are a bigoted anti-Tamil man who cannot think beyond suppressing the Tamils for the historical reasons. I consider you as an rabid Ayatolla of Sri Lanka,.

    Things are not going to be easy for you when shivers are going through Rajapakse & Co.

    You do not realist that good Buddha is not with you like as you have moved away from Ahimsa or jeevakarunya.

    God bless you.

    • 6

      This JHU loyalist Malinda Seneviratne is a Tamil Hater. For him, anybody in this world who talk on behalf of the oppressed Tamils is an Anti-Sri Lankan or pro-LTTE. For him, anything and everything (good or evil) that the Rajapakshes do is patriotism/nationalism. These are the biggest Humbugs in Sri Lanka.

    • 3

      It is not just showing that Malinda is working for government; he just cannot comprehend what he is reading on the newspapers. (After all Sri Lanka’s news is only Laptop news. Even the people at his level do not come to know the truth in Sri Lanka. He is standing deep in the cesspit called Sri Lanka’s media censure and taking about the fallen and rotting tree leaves the in the Garden of Arden, the Westerns world democracy’s statistics. This is what the Sri Lanka news is about.)

      Malinda did not like to discuss that he can get a big Lab Top, Lasantha can get only a small bullet. They he go ahead and bracing of with the distorted government’s statistics. So after killing more than 300,000 he and his masters courageously declared “It is Zero Casualty”.

      Anything he cited as US figures can be correct. There are collected to fix problems. Federal Government wants to know what is happening in the country. But, all Sri Lanka’s statistics, even the Central Bank’s data, come from Laptops only, does not connect to the real world.

      When writes women’s rape in Sri Lanka, the women reports about that would not be there to go court. That case never gets recorded in the police station. It is same case when he compares the Indian and Sri Lankan data too. Practically Sri Lanka’s no data carry the actual numbers of the North and East. But Indian numbers includes Kashmir and other troubles northern states too.

      Malinda showing his poor ability of comprehending a statistic from a democratic country likes USA. Reporting and not reporting is different, he does not know the definition rape in USA and Sri Lanka. Even Tangalle Rape, and the police first reported it as the white woman’s conceptual sex. In USA, in a night, if a woman did not like husband forcefully touching her, she has the right to file case against him, seek divorce, and have included her in the rape statistics. One in three marriages fails. One person marries more than once. The mechanical laptop brains cannot understand these.

      New York Police’s Frisk Stops could not be set aside even by courts just because of the freedom people have on other matters. So the governments involved in those unwillingly approving the frisk stops. There the racist are able to practice racism. Malinda is trying to take this as an excuse for northern sentry points. He himself must have felt the difference of these when he travel in New York, how many cars of Blacks standing on the road for clearance and how many Tamils have been standing on a sentry point in the North. He is so ignorantly thinking that blacks’ cars are stopped all over in the New York and they are living on the road. Pretending of not knowing of New York City is so dump of him.

      In the western world, USA has a biased law called Affirmative Action. That is, the universities have to fill up the required blacks list first before they can start to offer to white kids. Whites have been contesting it in the court. It did not work. It is just in the opposite direction of Sri Lanka’s Standardization laws. Black leaders have been criticizing the black kids that are failing to take the government’s good hand. Malinda knows that if something like that happen in Sri Lanka what would the status of Tamils. That is why the rulers brought in the standardization and destroyed Tamils’ education.

      He trying to fools others that America still has a military governor in Japan like general MacArthur or Sir- Lord- his Excellence- The sub King – Chandrasri Mahata.
      That is why Sri Lanka has to bring American Affirmative Action in Sri Lanka too and make the Tamil kids to study, so that they can be good teachers like the in old time to explain thing to Malinda like weak Sinhalese kids. When the Tamils were teachers in the school Sinhalese kid too under stood the Japanese- American military contracts. When they are not there even Malinda like professional could not understand the difference between 3 to 1 military occupation in the North, holding Tamils lands, taking their labor jobs and force fully farming in their lands and the private contract U.S. Okinawa base. So that they will come to know that one of the biggest payment America making for Japan is the Camp lease. It is not like the day time Army soldier and in the night moon lighting a professional bugler,rapists(and of cause not to book these activities in the police station records to show Sri Lanka as the most nice country compared to the world.) Many Japanese do not want lose their jobs. So the Japan government is not willing to cancel the Base contract.

  • 6

    Write another article with the title
    The Politics And Humbuggery Of The Russia

  • 8

    Do you you mean Rule of Law as allowed by Mahinda Rajapakse and Family?
    Go to US of A and you will experiance Rule of Law as allowed by the constitution.Or,ask any sri lankan immigrant in US of A.
    Journalists like you are extinct because noone pays any attention to what they say.
    Ask your famous Tea Merchant cum Ambassador – he will confirm that even idiots are tolerated.

  • 9

    I think Malinda is getting mad. He utter words that are not relevant and I think he is under Pressure from Rajapakse’s. So, he has to give no rest to his laptop and he does not bother what he is writing.

    • 12


      “I think Malinda is getting mad.”

      When was he sane?

  • 8

    Does anyone here know the minimum number of articles that Malinda has to write to get his free meals and perks from Mahinda?

  • 4

    Smellinda says: “The Rule of Law Index 2014, recently put out by the World Justice Project, which measures how the rule of law is experienced by ordinary people around the world, covering 100,000 households and 2,400 expert surveys in 99 countries has yielded some numbers the UNHRC should reflect on.”

    We the people say:
    1. That means if we assume a household = 4 people and a world population of 6.5bn, then the survey of 100,000 households would comprise a statistically insignificant 0.016%
    2. Therefore it is entirely plausible that the survey results do not reflect the actual views of the wider population.

    Therefore, Smellinda has based his comments in this (yet again tiresomely familiar) refrain on rather fragile foundation.


  • 5

    Hi Malinda!

    Have you got a spare minute to think about the American blacks and Latinos, Iraqis, Afghans and whoever you referred as victims of America’s violation of human rights and place the fellow Sri Lankan minority citizens in their(victims’) place. Now you see whether your boss behaves like America and we minority accuse America like you do. Thus can we conclude that Sri Lanka violates human rights of it own minority citizens and digs its own graveyard?

  • 0

    Not to worry.

    By 2025 Islam will be the largest religious group in UK, France, Denmark and a CLOSE second in Canada, Germany, etc. USA will be Latinos and Muslims more than others.

    India will have 25% of its population Muslims and SL will have 23% Muslims.

    Islam will rule the world in 11 years time. Just hang on there.

    It will be a new Islamic world order soon benefitting everyone. Satan rule ends and Islamic rule begins. Can’t you see the signs!!

  • 2

    Closer home in a local orbit, the dushana, bishana and prodawa of the family dynasty. Better than humbuggery.

    Fixing of GDP figures.
    Fixing Tourist Arrivals.
    Talented family in charge of 70% of the economy.
    Talented family in charge of may govt corps.
    Talented family for diplomatic positions.
    Kudu Politicians.
    Heroin Containers.
    Ethanol Containers.
    Land Grabs.
    White and Red Vanning.
    Dead and Missing Journo’s.
    Dead bodies surfacing like gem stones from Illama.
    Daily suicides of parents and children.
    Carlton monopoly of sports tv.
    Asiaanu Ascharya.
    People evolving into Konde Bandapu Chinu.
    Chinese landownership and sovereignity of exclusive new city in Colombo

  • 0

    USA is a joke. obama is a failure and kerry is a fag ..

  • 5

    Malinda should stop with buggery and not get onto humbuggery. His mission is to protect the family of humbugs by maligning others. If others are humbugs, then the family are not humbugs. That is the extent of the man’s logic.

  • 5

    Russia has very clearly shown the world how to divide a country into two. It is time for India to follow Russia’s footsteps. Jayalalitha in her election manifesto has clearly stated that there should be a referendum held for the NorthEast Tamils in Sri Lanka and abroad to establish Tamil Eelam. In the next Indian election, Jayalalitha will be the king maker and sometimes she may even become the queen (PM) herself. In order to protect the Tamils and their lands from genocidal Sinhalese, Jayalalitha should invade the North & East and create Tamil Eelam if the call for referendum is not accepted by Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    Incidentally, a instrument used to castrate young bulls in the US is also called the ‘ Humbug’. Would the use this Humbug to humbugger Sri Lanka? Is the US draft resolution presented in Geneva that Humbug?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 4

    As the commentators of mentioned above this writer would have written this article using MR’s laptop. Before deals with humbuggery in USA or the west he should have looked at the situation closer home. Before he points the finger at accuser he should probe the allegations made against us. He is in the voyage of what the accuser has done .This exactly the same thing Sri Lanka government is doing in Geneva. These write-ups are fine for journalists who to fill papers with gibberish using MR’s laptop. The issue is not the humbuggery of UAS but the humbuggery of highest order of MR and his goons in Sri Lanka.

    Chandra Seneviratne

  • 6

    Those who have lived in the US and in several other countries will attest that it is not a perfect country, but by far the most perfectable country on the planet. Don’t go far. See how much US has changed from 1965 to today. Look at the situation during the civil rights movement, Vietnam war, etc, through how American unity survived during September 2001, to the economic crisis in 2008. Now that is a country with 365 million people with a 200 year history.

    Look back at Sri Lanka with a 2500 year history. How much have we changed in terms of bigotry from Dutugamunu era to now? How much have we changed in terms of rule of law from JRJ era to Rajapaksa era? How much have we changed in terms of nepotism from SWRD era to Rajapaksa era?

    Think. Just think.

  • 2

    Stupidity of an uneducated person is acceptable. But the stupidity displayed by an educated person, who thinks he knows who is passing info to whom and who thinks that he knows everything that is wrong with others but not being able to identify the wrong thing his own group does is something, which is worst than stupidity. Malinda is one of those who is more than stupid and he proves that he is an uneducated-educated person who is blind and deaf.

  • 0

    Now, that USA is annoyed by your skulduggery Mr.Malinda Snakearatana.

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