19 July, 2024


The Rajapaksa Mobocrazy

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“This place is dangerous, The time right deadly.” – Shakespeare (Troilus and Cressida)

For political activists of many generations, the Centre for Society and Religion (CSR) was an unfailing haven. It was the place for meetings disallowed everywhere else or discussions which required secrecy.

CSR-1Father Tissa Balasuriya, the founder of the CSR, was a Liberation Theologian of global renown who was once excommunicated by the Vatican for his dissenting views[i]. He often disagreed with the political ideas and projects of those who sought refuge in the CSR. But he made sure its doors were always open for those in need of its protective shelter. He was the ultimate Good Samaritan, whose solidarity was unaffected by ethnicity, creed or ideology.

The CSR was a favourite haunt of political activists not only because of its unfailing openness but also because it was a place of total safety. Perhaps the powers that be did not intrude because the CSR was located in the grounds of the Fatima Church; or their non-intervention stemmed from Fr. Balasuriya’s unsullied reputation. Whatever the reason, once inside the CSR, you could have your political meeting or discussion in freedom and safety.

The times, how they have changed!

This week, probably for the first time in its long history, a discussion at the CSR was violently disrupted. A monk-led mob invaded the grounds of the Fatima Church and the premises of the CSR to obstruct a meeting between families of the Northern disappeared and some members of the diplomatic community. The mob was uncouth, as ever. The police were unwilling to uphold the law against the mob, as ever.

Predictably the mob had its way. The meeting was abandoned.

The Rajapaksas are honing a dangerous new weapon. Mobs made-to-order, which act outside of and unimpeded by the law are becoming increasingly potent. These mobs are more effective than the police or even the military at attacking opponents and terrorising minorities. They produce the desired results; and the Rajapaksas can claim innocence, however implausibly.

Mob-power was used to invade Sirikotha. It was deployed to prevent Channel 4 journalists from going to Jaffna during the Colombo Commonwealth. It was unleashed against the minorities, many times. It was used to chastise ministers and even the prime minister.

In January 2014, a training workshop for Tamil journalists was abandoned, after an invasion by a Buddhist monk-led mob[ii]. In May 2014, a workshop on corruption was cancelled due to pressure from the military, using the threat of mob-invasion. The Army denied pressurising the hotel management; “We only informed them that according to our intelligence sources a group of people are organising a protest rally against the workshop”, the military spokesman stated[iii]. Subsequently the owner of the hotel, Deputy Minister Siripala Gamlath, confirmed the allegations: “Our managers told me there is huge pressure from the army, so I asked the organisers to get permission from the military. They apparently tried until noon…..and failed”[iv].

On June 7th, a three-day workshop on Investigative Journalism organised by Transparency International Sri Lanka was attacked by a ‘well-organised’ mob carrying printed placards (complete with colour photographs of some of the journalists). Instead of ordering the protestors out, the police demanded that the workshop be cancelled for the safety of the participants, an order which met with the full approval of the Government Spokesman subsequently![v]

Then there was Aluthgama.

In each of these instances, made-to-order mobs, the police and/or the military worked in tandem to subvert Rajapaksa opponents or to terrorise the minorities.

Influencing Voters and Winning Elections, Rajapaksa Style

The Greeks called it Ochlocracy – mob rule.

In Sri Lanka we have Ochlocracy with Lankan characteristics. Here the mobs are not autonomous; they are the pawns of the country’s rulers.

The Rajapaksas were at the apogee of their popularity during the 2010 Presidential election. The situation will be both better and worse for them next time. Better, because thanks to the 18th Amendment and other measures and practices, the electoral playing field has been made ludicrously uneven, in their favour. This will give the Rajapaksas a considerable built-in advantage in any election. Worse, because their once solid popular base has sprung leaks, thanks to growing economic problems and waning economic hopes, as the CPA surveys clearly demonstrate.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is more likely to win than lose the next election; but it will not be an easy win. The Rajapaksas seem to know this; their actions indicate not confidence but uncertainly and concern. The hope of a common oppositional candidate is almost dead. But even if there are several oppositional candidates, they still can come to an agreement to direct their fire at the Rajapaksas and not at each other. In fact if the UNP, the JVP and General Fonseka can enthuse their supporters and appeal to some of the disgruntled SLFP/UPFA voters, it might be possible to reduce Mahinda Rajapaksa’s margin of victory to a sliver; or even push the election into a second round. It is a long shot, admittedly, but not an impossibility.

In the coming months the Rajapaksas will do what they can to improve their electoral prospects. They will use the Sajith factor to confuse and confound the UNP. They will incite anti-minority feelings, to retain their Sinhala-Buddhists base. They will use mob-power to do what the police cannot do to sabotage the electoral activities of the Opposition.

More than a month after Aluthgama, the high level committee of investigation promised by the President remains non-existent. And from the Sabaragamuwa University comes the disturbing news of an attack on a Tamil student by an unidentified gang. The attack had happened inside an external hostel around 2 am. The security of the external hostel is reportedly being handled by Rakana Arakshaka, the private security company functioning under the Ministry of Defence.

According to the JVP, the thugs also pasted racist posters threatening the Tamil students: “The slogans in broken English and Tamil say, ‘This is our country, Leave this place, you are Tigers’”[vi].

Will we see another made-to-order mob attacking Tamil students in Sabaragamuwa and elsewhere?

According to a recent article by Ameena Hussein, some houses in Colombo (mostly Muslim) seem to be getting a form purportedly from the police, asking for details about inhabitants. According to Ms. Hussein, a friend of hers, a Muslim, was told by the police officer who gave him the form “that after they obtain the forms they divide them in the station according to religion.”[vii] From where do these forms originate? What is their purpose? Are they even legal? Is this an attempt to frighten the Muslims? Or is someone really thinking of a controlled pogrom, as a way of winning Sinhala votes and BJP hearts?

The police meanwhile have arrested four ordinary Muslims for the ‘grievous crime’ of forwarding a text message about a planned anti-Muslim pogrom[viii].

The Uva nominations are not yet over and the UPFA has already started violating the election laws, on a mammoth scale. This is indicative of what awaits Lankans in the months to come. Given the Rajapaksa need to win every election, with a stupendous margin, the immediate future may well belong to made-to-order mobs.

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  • 17

    The intensity is more before things die down, like a fire ! Days are numbered, it may take a bit longer under the circumstances, but surely it will come to an end one day sooner or later.. Nothing lasts long, nothing, even the mighty Rajapakses of today.
    The made-to-order type mobs, especially the saffron robed thugs, should be strictly marginalized and put in pansala ‘jails’ and their right to take part in politics be completely banned. Religion and politics is a very bad mix and these rascal politicians are just using them for their own dirty political prostitution. Rajapakses are doing that better than any one else in SL. It’s all our bloody fate, being born as Lankans..

    • 9

      In Thugistan the Rajapaksa Mobocrazy thrives, and the police and the military facilitate the mob attcks!

      • 10

        Thank you once again Thisaranee for your excellent work.

        Civil society needs to start a campaign for CBK to be next President.
        Today Sri Lankans need to find an EXIT STRATEGY for the Rajapakse military dictatorship. We need Madam Chandrika Kumaratunge to contest the next Presidential elections to get rid of the Jarapassa clan. Ranil Wickramasinghe is useless and will NOT win since people hate and despise this looser more than they do the Rajapaksa dictatorship.

        The US should stop promoting Ranil Wickramasinghe as the opposition candidate and STROP giving him free trips to MIT. Ranil is a big reason why Sri Lanka is in the current mess because there is NO effective opposition to the Rajapaksa military dictatorship..
        Civil society needs to start a campaign for CBK as next president.

        • 7

          Indeed Don you are correct. Ranil Wickramasinghe is the DICTATOR in the UNP and has destroyed the party. No amount of US paid trips to study democracy will change his dictator who has much in common with the other dictator – Mahinda Rajapaksa.

          CBK needs to position herself as joint opposition candidate and run a POSITIVE CAMPAIGN, to
          1. Abolish the Executive Presidency.
          2. Promote genuine reconciliation, multiculturalism and UNITY IN DIVERSITY in Sri Lanka.
          3. Fight corruption and hold the Rajapaksa brothers and their corrupt stooges and politicians accountable by tracing their assets, selling them and paying on the national debt that is crippling the people and economy.
          4. Clean up the filthy political cutlure, reduce cabinet to 10 posts and cut back all the perks of the politicians and the REDUCE THE MILITARY.
          CBK needs to run a POSITIVE CAMPAIGN.

        • 2

          CBK had her chance but what has she really done for the country? Her contribution was certainly not good governance but during her time in power, she amassed enough wealth to afford to live in the fashionable West End of London, St James Wood. Apparently when she came to power, she was penniless, having even to borrow jewelry from her close knit inner circle of friends for the swearing in ceremony, so how did she come across all this wealth? She probably inspired Rajapakse because he is doing what she did, only in a much grand scale. CBK lied about her qualifications from Sorbonne which shows her character & credibility. Its time the Bandaranayake curse is eliminated for good. Ranil may not be the ideal but is the best out of a sad bunch, at least his honesty, with a cleaner record, is credible.

          • 0

            Raj I totally agree what you have said about CBK she a spent force, an empty cartridge. I beg to disagree about your assessment on Ranil. He too a spent force and an empty cartridge. I feel Anura dissanayake of JVP be a better common candidate. Let the mass voters decide who they want.

    • 15

      Readers, and the world at large, can ask a pertinent question:

      If the police, special task forces and the military aid and abet these unruly mobs here, in Aluthgama, and in several instances elsewhere in the last few years;

      isn’t it highly likely that the armed forces would have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the war against the Tamil civilians, perceived as enemies, especially with the security forces having a history of aiding and abetting pogroms against Tamils in the past?

      The actions of the security forces in the last few years clearly indicate their culpability in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide of Tamils during the war.

      If they don’t behave professionally now it is very likely they didn’t during the war, and that is a certainty in my mind.

    • 6

      Jarapasses can fool all the people all the time.

    • 6

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “This place is dangerous, The time right deadly.” – Shakespeare (Troilus and Cressida)

      “For political activists of many generations, the Centre for Society and Religion (CSR) was an unfailing haven. It was the place for meetings disallowed everywhere else or discussions which required secrecy.”

      “This place Sri Lanka is dangerous for Teachers , The time right deadly.” -Susila Herath, a school teacher of Navagattegama Navodya Vidyalaya

      Death threat on Navagattegama teacher
      August 5, 2014 06:00 pm


      Susila Herath, a school teacher of Navagattegama Navodya Vidyalaya who won a lawsuit against ex-PC member Ananda Sarath Kumara (UPFA), has received a death threatening letter today (5) morning.

      A senior police officer from the Nawagattegama police told Ada Derana that the police inquiries have been already commenced following a complaint lodged by the teacher.

      Herath said that the lives of her and her family members are now in danger with the posted letter she received today morning at around 11.30 a.m.

      “I killed the witness…I will rape and kill you. You ruined my political career….,” the letter says. The letter has also quoted the names of some prominent politicians who would support the anonymous sender as well.

      The dead body of a school teacher who is the fourth witness (an eye witness) in the case was found from a well, close approximate to the Navagattegama Navodya Vidyalaya, last Friday morning.

    • 3


      RE: The Rajapaksa Mobocrazy and Sinhala Buddhist The Rajapaksa Mobocrazy

      Sinhala Buddhism has destroyed the Land of Native Veddah and Stolen their Land. The Paras from South India and India East are responsible for this.

      It is Buddhism with Sinhala and Monk Hegemony that is BAD and RACIST.

      Remember 1958, 1977, 1983 2004 etc. Buddhism is the curse of Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah, due to Monk Hefemony.

      The Vedda Tribe


      Tamil-speaking Veddas of Vaharai await war recovery support

      Between two worlds — coastal Veddahs of Batticaloa


      Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!



      Buddhism The Great Evil –



    • 0

      The day the regime collapses these mobs including the saffron mobs should be performed with anal bleaching,cleansed and ready for the punishment.
      What sort of punishment do they deserve?

  • 4

    The biggest threat to SL is the fanatics Wahabis Moslems who have pledged to wipe out the non-believers by the sheer number of Moslems, who are poised to overtake other ethnic groups by 2025. Then it will not matter who rules the country, the ruler will have to bend to Islam and Sharia law. By 2050 it will be a majority Moslem country, and the biggest threat to India. For the first time India will be attacked by Lankan Mujahedin who will wreak havoc on the southern states in India.
    India will have no choice but to invade Lanka and keep it under control but the Moslem fanatics will detonate bombs and make life a living hell in the South of India and present Lanka.

    The puerile speculation about Rajapaksa that is coming from paid coolies of the NGO world will be a long forgotten matter by then. Lanka needs a strong leader, who can meet fire with fire, and vanquish the Wahabi barbarism. India’s Modi knows that the only person right now who can do that is Rajapaksa. Others are like a bunch of eunuchs, who can barely utter a word of sense and lacking vitality and vigor.

    The smart Sinhalese should re-elect the Rajapaksas but put pressure through monks and others to get the Rajapaksas to do work for them, and not the other way around.

    • 9

      Jay, wonder if you would consider your self a sample of the Smart Sinhalese ?

    • 7

      Hi Leelo,alias Jay

      What is this fetish with feminine names? Anyways I was wondering where you’ve been! Now we know.

      And to your point, since your raise the spectre of wahabism as the main cause of all ills faced by Buddhists as if there are no other issues at all , I let me submit that you can demonize Muslims as much as you want,but the truth will not go away.

      Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and you will see for yourself that the demons are in you!

    • 0

      Koheda Yanne Mulley POL!

    • 1

      Jay Chambers

      “The biggest threat to SL is the fanatics Wahabis Moslems who have pledged to wipe out the non-believers by the sheer number of Moslems,”

      The Wahhabis have no Theological and Intellectual leg to stand on. There is no basis for them in Islam, and Quran. They follow the Devil, Satan, who wants to destroy Islam from within courtesy of Wahhabi Mullah and Ulema. and they misinterpret it to their advantage with Saudi petrodollars. They are like the BBS Racism, nor sanctioned by Buddha nor by the Dhamma. They want to destroy Buddhism from within and promote racism and chauvinism so that the monks can retain the hegemony.

      Introduction: Exposing Wahhabism Part 1

      Amarasiri uses Wahhabism and Wahhabi, as a generic terms for the so-called Wahhabi “Muslims” who comprise the following. The Wahhabis, The Salafis, The Deobandis, The Talibans, The ISIS, The Al Queda, The Tauhidis , and others who generally follow the Devil, The Satan, The Shaitan. Given below is support for the above assertion. Muslims in general, and Sri Lankan Muslims in particular need to challenge the Wahhabi Ideology, based on the Quran and the Satan inspired practices of the Wahhabis using both the Quran, Hadith and the Sunnah, Traditions of the Prophet to discredit the Satan following Wahhabis who wants to destroy Muslims from within and impose the 7th Century Arabian Culture.

      a) Hadith of Najd http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadith_of_Najd “A number of authors have claimed that the hadith refers to Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the patronym of the Wahhabi movement. It is accounted that the origin of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is from the modern day Najd region of Saudi Arabia,” b) In the Index of the Meaning if The Holu Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the index contains multiple citations for Satan ( Sahitan, Devil), Satan,

      Re Buddhism — ATHEIST POWER!


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


  • 7

    Is that a picture of a monkey or a monk? This litany of woeful illegalities that are detailed here must stop. They are engineered by Rajapakse. If these crimes are to stop, Rajapakse must get out. It simply won’t be good for him when he gets out. Where will he go? Has he given this a thought? WIll the Chinese have him?

    • 10

      “Is that a picture of a monkey or a monk”

      Monk belongs to Nanasara Nikaya, Madamulana Rajapaksha Chapter.

    • 5


      The face of the self-appointed monk tells a story. As any medical person might confirm, it is the bittersweet expression of someone enjoying a posterior insertion – and here the unholy bugger is trying to say something profound too. Not a good move for someone who clearly cannot chew gum and break wind at the same time. But in the crazy religious infestation that has now gripped our thrice-blessed island. some poor peasant will get up and offer him a seat on the bus, or worse, fall at his feet and worship the toe rag.

    • 3

      “Is that a picture of a monkey or monk?”

      Definitely a monkey, look at the resemblance

  • 9

    [Edited out]

  • 6

    There goes Jay Chambers with his pet hobby of flogging the ‘Wahhabi’and Muslims who don’t know what he’s talking about. He/she is in the habit of missing the wood for the trees.

    Thank you Tisaranee for telling us what we ought to know. Great job, this article. The coming colors are not good and things are heating up like mad…..3 wheelers and ordinary folk you speak to will tell you how bad things are.

    For the Rajapaksas fear is the key and as long as the media stays supine things are going to get worse.

    Thank you, Tisaranne for the insightful articles you write.


  • 4

    Why would Bishop Raiappu sent his flock to an ex communicated Catholic priest?.

    Obviously it rules out high mass , followed by receiving and time in the confession box.

    The second question is why Maradana?.

    Why not Cinnamon Gardens or Vellala Gardens?.

    What is more secure than the plush US , British and Swiss Diplomatic missions where even Gotabaya can’t go in, let alone our mad monks.

    Surely Renkin and Ms Sisson’s Diplomatic staff wouldn’t like buriyani from Buhari.

    Even the citizens in their own countries who come from Muslim background can’t go back to visit even the family unless they prove themselves to be non Jihadis now a days.

    So the selection of the venue seems a bit intriguing.

    But there is no reports of direct or collateral damage to life or property.

    Just imagine if one of mad monks told one of those high powered Diplomats to F…O.. to their own country.let alone landing a punch.

    Hope these Diplomats organized at least a nice lunch at the British High commission with Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding after the meeting for these poor Widows who ravelled all the way from Mannar.

    There wouldn’t have been any vegens because Bishop Raiaapu’s flock don’t have any Vellalas.

  • 2

    It was refreshing to be reminded of the progressive Fr. Balasuriya who through his convictions was even prepared to challenge the Catholic church and eventually emerge victorious. Those days are over. As correctly stated the Sri Lankans are now enjoying an era of Rajapaksa mobocracy. Bensen

  • 2

    MaRa says he may add three more international experts to an existing three-member panel probing the cases of missing persons during the three-decade war with the LTTE.

    when they rrive here and have meetings MaRa will send his renat a Mob to disrupt the meeting

    What double standards..he thinks he can continue to fool the IC

  • 5

    These persons in robes are not ‘real’ monks. They are persons unfortunately thrust into robes in childhood because their parents thought to “earn merit” by such action as taught by village temple monks.
    They are ‘used’ by senior monks for menial tasks such as shaving heads and satisfying natural sex urges.
    Hundreds of ‘samaneras’ are thus ‘misused’, and grow up with bitterness over loss of their childhood lives, pleasures and pursuits.
    Many of them were seen in videos shouting alongside their ‘seniors’.
    They sorely miss the pleasures of the ‘worldly life’ enjoyed by normal males. This has warped their mental state and forced them to behave unlike how a pious monk should.
    They appear to be now being used as pawns in the state regime’s urgent efforts to stifle dissent and opposition to the military cum police state in its efforts to survive for the benefit of only the few who have grabbed power,by the ‘walkovers’ and the 18th amendment.
    They appear well nourished & healthy.
    They are now “stormtroopers” of the regime who “cannot be touched” by law enforcement personnel.

  • 1

    Why all these crying wolf about Wahabis and Muslims ? Tamils are almost ‘done’ with and it’s the turn for the Muslims now ? It’s really better to be ruled by Wahabis than this mobocrazy mad monkey monks dominated medamulana murder, mayhem pakase rascals..

    Who cares as to who is ruling, so long as all are treated like human.

    Remember one thing very carefully. Muslim domination in every part of the world cannot be stopped. Europe is fast becoming nations with Muslim majority, even USA could become a Muslim majority nation. Christianity & Catholicism is facing a bleak future with unholy priests molesting children etc., Islam is going to stay stronger in many part of the world. So what ? Can any one stop it ? ! Why all this unwanted panic !

    If you can live with Rajapakse rule, it’s no big deal living under any one’s even Muslims Wahabi or Sufi rule. Malaysia was a Hindu country, Indonesia was a Buddhist nation and today they are Muslim nations. So what ?..Islam is the fastest growing religion today and no one can stop that, so learn to accept it and be prepared to live with these unavoidable and unstoppable changes. They may even wipe out or change the characteristics of the Lankan race, religion completely, if we don’t behave. If that’s the fate , so be it. Watch out !

    See what crimes are being done to Rohingiya Burmese Muslims by the so called rowdy Buddhist monks in Miyanmar/Burma. Tamils are being butchered in Lanka and now Muslims are targeted, harassed, killed…
    How long can any ruler go on doing this and with tacit support of armed forces and even the majority citizen. It’s all very wrong.

    Karma will not go away but will come back to hound the evil doers.
    Rajapakses should stop their murder mayhem rowdyism and mobocrazy or have to face the consequences together with all Lankans.
    Stop teasing, harassing, killing Muslims, Tamils or any one. The entire race may end up paying a heavy price for the rulers thuggery.

  • 4

    Tisaranee: Aslam Alayakum

    Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese and every other race should be banished. The only person who can cleanse Sri Lanka of all the infidels is Mahintha Rajapakse. So long live the Paksas.

    • 3

      Fathima, say As-Salaam-u-Alaikum. That’s the correct greetings in Arabic.

      Meaning: ” May Peace be upon you.”

      Thank you, Fathima. You are perfecting your Islam. Keep it up.

  • 3

    It is high time now people start dealing with these yellow and brown robed mercenary thugs in a proper manner. These bastards think that they are the owners of this country who are at their discretion to be upto any bloody mean thing and get away just because these bastards wear a yello or brown cloth.

  • 1

    The cry babies above are fuming and smarting for their inability to change a peoples regime. They have no option but to lament, cry and roll on the ground for the near foreseeable future as well. The majority of Lankans decided with a thumping margin of 1.8 Million votes the last time around, crushing the combined opposition of (JVP,UNP, The General at the pinnacle of his success, LTTE diaspora losers, NGO’s, the human rights crusaders, The jaded white masters up West, Mano, TNA, Sampandan,SLMC and all Anti Lanka forces, the social media revolutionaries.)

    Incidentally the theme last time around was to abolish the executive Presidency and to change a corrupt, inefficient regime right ? You can add masala by way of human rights violations to the mix and also alleged abuse of minorities, drug menace, violence against women, curtailing the independence of judiciary and free media, cost of living etc. But non of these gimmicks though relevant to a greater or lesser extent seems to impact and influence the majority of Lankans (including Colombo district) voters right? How pathetic

    Yes be prepared for a another defeat in the next Presidential and General elections as well. Does any one has any doubts about the outcome folks?? Sri Lankans knows, who is best suited to govern the country and that is a foregone conclusion.

    • 5

      Kalu Sudda

      “The majority of Lankans decided with a thumping margin of 1.8 Million votes the last time around,”

      Yes that was the number of votes declared by the Election Commissioner. How many of the voters actually caste their votes for clan chief will never be known. Only the Election Commissioner knows and he is not free to disclose it.

      VP won the one before the last for MR as he was paid a neat sum for his services to democracy.

      Saddam Hussein had always won elections with 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% voters supporting him. Have you noticed a teeny weeny percentage did vote against him? Do you know why? Have a guess.

      • 1

        Dear Native.

        Are you serious

        How can you deride the great Leader of Tamils all over the World ,close to a few Million now, if you count the new comers like our neighbour Ms Jayalalitha and her followers.

        The Diaspora remittances were in US Dollars up to 100 Million a month.

        And any other real currency which he wanted.

        You think such a powerful person would take piddly Rupees from a Sinhala Buddhist who was never known to be a rich dude. and never had any friends in the money capitals of the world…

        • 1

          K.A Sumanasekera

          “How can you deride the great Leader of Tamils all over the World ,close to a few Million now,”

          He is your leader and not mine. You can cherish his memory for the rest of your life. If you like him so much you should carry a placard with his photo printed on it and chant “Our Leader Prabaharan” wherever you live. You have the freedom to do so if you so wish. You are a secret admirer of VP.

          “from a Sinhala Buddhist who was never known to be a rich dude”

          In fact your cousins in the Aryan Myth Pool from Hindian capital of New Delhi paid the bill.

        • 0

          Check Mate, I think!

      • 0

        When one cannot win they have a tendency to give excuses, like the man who cannot dance say the floor is crooked right? By the way, post Saddam the Iraq is in tatters isn’t it?

        Whether the detractors like or not the outcome of the next Presidential election is a foregone conclusion and the winner is crystal clear.

  • 4

    @ Amarasiri:
    Thanks for the educative and informative video clips.

    Veddha life is pure, natural but how long they can continue to live the same way ? Veddhas in Lanka, many many tribal people in India, Aboriginals in Canada,Red Indians in USA, Mayans and other tribes in Mexico, South America, Peruvian natives,Bolivian native people, Amazon jungle people, Australian bush people and so many tribes in south America and the world over cannot go on living like that for ever.
    The world is changing whether we or they like it or not and nothing can be permanent, unfortunately.

    Rajapakse rascals are destroying Mahiyangana,Dambana and all the reserve
    nature filled territories, raping the forests, veddhas and Tamils..all are going to be extinct or will become endangered species here in Lanka. Only thugs and moral less monks will remain with the religiously drunk fake rowdy Buddhists and their foolish followers of lie king Mahanama, the self declared ‘sacred’ incarnation of Buddha or whatever !
    This kind of Lankan Buddhism is not giving any help or showing the correct path to attain peace of mind or soul but creating problems, jealousy, hatred and all the bad things to most Buddhists and non Buddhists.

    If this trend is allowed to continue, it will definitely face a natural death in this country and destroy Lankan Buddhism. Buddhism is not spreading but slowly dieing Islam is prospering all over the world. It’s an undeniable fact and we must try to swallow the reality ! No religion is better than any other religion.
    Islamists say ” Allah is the only god” (Excuse them) and say people following other religions are infidels”. That is the most ridiculous statement coming out of religious fanaticism. Fanatics of any religion is danger to every society. But keep in mind, Islam is spreading and accept the fact to adjust and live. Do not tease Muslims, they have support world over. You don’t have any.
    Do not bet on Modi or India, even though he suppressed Muslims in Gujarat.
    India has the second most population of Muslims in the whole world and basically Hindu India has to live with that. Muslims are marginalized in India so are the problems in Kashmir and with Pakistan. Rajiv Ghandi’s father and Indira Gandhi’s husband was a Muslim. In India, Muslims and Hindus are inseparable, they are part and partial of today’s India.
    Modi, RSS or Subramanian Swamy kind can only do little to change that.
    Mahinda the thug or Modi the same cannot do much to change anything in INdia or Lanka.
    Sri Lankan wahabis or Muslims are not needed to destabilize India and so do not treat our Lankan Muslims as enemies. They are our people, we live with them. They and the Tamils belongs to different religions but they are Sri Lankans and will never do anything against their own country. You Sinhalese, rulers or others must realize that without suspecting fellow lankans whether they are Tamils or Muslims.
    If not, your dooms days are not far away !
    Rajapakses will fly away to Seacheles, China or North Korea with all their loot and leave you suckers and wha\t are you going to do ?
    They won’t take any of you. They bought an island in Seashels to live happily ever after with your money looted.
    You want to vote this guy to loot more again and again ?
    OK go and do it and go down the drain with all other innocent lankan people. Some people never learn.

  • 0

    Does this sound familiar?

    ‘He’s a master at managing perceptions. So he’s the victim and there are always enemies – foreign and interior – who are trying to undermine his power and topple him. And he uses the media in a very effective way. He knows that his grassroots are not interested in social media. They watch mainstream TV channels and they tend to rely on what he says.’

    Turkish Hurriyet Daily News on the current PM Recep Erdogan.

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    Packing of heroin done in DIG’s house; suspect allowed to escape from prison- anti narcotic bureau is now agent for heroin traffickers

    ‘Wanatthe Thilan ‘ alias Devakage Thusitha Chamara (29 years old) residing at Magazine road , Borella ,a closest crony of MP Duminda Silva who was taken into custody by the security division with one and half kilos of heroin on June 20 th had been carrying on his heroin packeting business within the house of DIG Indu Karunaratne.

    Lanka-e-News-07.Aug.2014, 11.30PM

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    Rapid Deployment Mobs (RDMs) of the MoD

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