22 May, 2022


The Ranil Dilemma

By Thushara D Wanniarachchi

Thushara D Wanniarachchi

Thushara D Wanniarachchi

It is nearing two years since the ‘Good Governance’ regime (‘Yahapalanaya’) came into power. Through Sri Lanka’s civil intellectuals, civil organizations, the Muslim and Tamil communities, and the political movement build by the UNP, the present government was built.

In recent years, many Nations of the world which obtained their power through a political header, saw the country torn apart, crisis’ emerging and going from bad to worse. It didn’t take as much as 6 months for these nations to face such an unfortunate fate, and there are many examples to this effect – Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. However, in Sri Lanka, with a two-thirds majority, an established rule of law, and securing the democratic rights of the citizens, we can see the nation entering a stable phase even after 2 years.

However, there is a certain level of technical weaknesses which can be seen within that stability. Those travelling the path of Good Governance are not merely those who made personal sacrifices to bring about the present government. Much like the infamous poem by Premakeerthi de Alwis, after January 8th, thieves, robbers, fascists, fools, madmen and enemies were added into the system. And so, the path of good governance did not become the safe and convenient path which many expected.Ranil W

This is a common situation which can be expected when a Party assumes power after a political movement of such proportions. Particularly, in a society like Sri Lanka where there is high political participation, any issues in the system will cause discomfort and irk members of society. And this, more or less, is the ongoing situation today.

The Prime Minister’s dominant strategic views which him and his team are committed towards establishing, is to stabilize the nation’s economy, protect democracy and the rule of law, and build a society where every member feels at ease and can live in peace and harmony.

Through the Prime Ministers broad and inclusive public process, the entire nation is set to be beneficiaries therein; which will result in short-term and long-term results. However, over the course of the last two years, there has been a growing disconnect between the United National Party, its members and leaders. As a result, the main critics of the government are the UNP-ers – much like the reaction of children towards a neglecting father. We have even seen these conditions in our villages, families, schools and social service workers. In my opinion, this is a strong failure of the system.

If this situation is left to continue, it will increase the risk of UNP-ers forsaking the voting polls in the future. Aside from the Prime Minister’s post in the Good Governance regime, the UNP possesses a little less than 50% of the government power. Also, a majority of those who hold government posts, officials and ministers, are those who championed the maintenance of the system which prevailed prior to January 8th. While it can be said that the UNP is having difficulty in realizing this reality, it is definitely something which they must face and understand immediately.

While the UNP might appoint their personnel to this government, the state and local government processes take place at the hands of a team on the outside. If UNP ministers and political officers are part of the government process, that amount is a fraction of what people imagine. Keep in mind that the traditional enemy of the UNP – the SLFP – now has a President in power in Sri Lanka. The same can be said for a majority of the Ministers as well. A majority of the government officials are those who benefitted from the previous regime and worked tirelessly to maintain its power. The SLFP, more so than the UNP, are biased towards both parties.

The Prime Minister is now stuck at a crossroad. That is to say, he is faced with an impossible situation. On one hand, he must keep his promise to the people to bring about good governance. That responsibility has fallen upon his shoulders. On the other hand, he must relieve the nation from the economic pressures. Where the party is concerned, he also needs to control the situation and relieve the pressure faced from the UNP. As an important and reputable leader, he must employ world standard strategies and techniques to achieve the goals he has set out. The Prime Minister has no faith nor regard to the illegal and futile methods used by the previous regime, nor does he believe in throwing around bags of money to maintain power – that much is certain.

Therefore, at a time when our country is facing a serious economic, social and political breakdown, we should be civilized in allowing the good governance regime – appointed through enacting our democratic rights and public mandate – to carry out their proposed reforms towards healing and rebuilding a prosperous Sri Lanka. Countries like Malaysia, Korea and Singapore are examples for where the citizens possessed immense patience and faith in the party leader, the party, or the council, while they enacted reforms which built a strong country in its wake.

However, all these reforms should be carried out according to the public mandate, and in relation to the power possessed by the Prime Minister and the Government; and there doesn’t seem to be any challenge in sight to the existence of the continuation of the government.

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    Ranil doesn’t have the guts to have a decent tax base to begin with. Then he showers the MPs with perks. ……….
    He is immoral and lets the society become unethical. …………

    But then he wants World Bank/IMF help, Foreign investments, GSP+, …..

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      That has nothing to do with having guts, but he is so decent and educated leader. He is very patient as a leader thinking that things could change if only they are treated with patience. Just focus on his speeches. Also listen to Rajaapkshe. Then also listen to that of My3: Ranil and My3 address all the facets while Rajaakshes sound also Rherotics similar to that of Wimal Buruwanse. No matter burining issues would have been neglected, Rajaakshe just tries to live their own fantasies. Also with respect to him taken decisions in the war end – in such ALL OR NOT situation – luckily it ended up in favour of him, but we are fools, go tto know the very same man performance in the post war.That was not overlooked. Today, we cant please Rajaapkshes anymore, we need to achieve it through the DUO -therei sno other leaders to bring permement peace for this country than Ranil and MY3: If we would loose the situation, it will not be easy in the future to live peacefully in this country. There are more wounds that seek healing than Rajaakshes calculated it. Knowing all the truths, we need to march forward with PATIENCE but patience.

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      You and me and everyone in the country are fooled/blind by Lanken media for such a long time- for a decade or so.
      Today, it has been very difficult to change their mind sets and behave neutral even if the media freedom is adjusted more than in the days of Rajaakshe Era.

      What right is not spread while all the lies are being passed to all since Media Mafia is controlled by Rajapakshe-proxy business. They just want all kind of evils to be spread since then only they can run those media institution. Say, as to why on the hell we need soothsayers to go on abusing lanken masses – rightly knowing that they have nothing to run their family units, but make them victimized by the kind of fraudlent businesses.
      Take yourself a printed news paper down there and check how many pages of the paper is filled with all the sizes of advertistments that belong to Matra or Astro business. All these boomed in the high days with direct patronage of Rajapakshe co.
      Today, people go more to Sooth sayers /Astrologers than to western med professionals even if they get sick with incurable diseases.
      That is just one part only.
      Other part was the fairy tales fabricated in terms of Ranil and whole opposition them to mobilise their family dynasty – none of them have nothing inside. Please take time and go to archives. Those jouranlists even today, dont bring the kind of analyse about all these. People have every right to be fed with truths but truths.

      • 1

        Sama and Samuel duo should be investigated to unearth their real role. They seem to be under a contract from the opposition to move away people from the UNP. Such a mockery and blind comments could only help anti-UNP camp.

        I do not think a decent Ranil supporter (if there any) wants to be in a group that comprise blind shit eaters like Samas, Samuels!

        • 3

          Our headache is not anyone else but you, Sumanasekaras, Jimsofty, Sach, Eusense and the batch THAT stay permamently cleaning the backsides of Rajapakshe family. I wonder how human nose could bear all these, but you are happy with that.

          If you would compare Ranil with Rajaakshe – the difference towards the decent nature is like SKY-EARTH.

          That is why today I started respecting Ranil more. Do I have any other personalities to be compared with ?

          Earlier, I was not MISGUIDED having watched and listend to few selected speeches of him, but TELECASTED on DERANA and HIRU.

          – But I thought, I have to do it by mself and my recherche for more information started gradually. There what became even clearer was – Mr Ranil W is a great leader for the future Not ONLY for SL but for the SA region. He is the only person who can get us back to proper tracks. No doubt about his targets to create new jobs – will work for sure. EU leaders are happy to join hand with him than others in the region. I happened to share some thoughts with Germany s SPD and CDU lately. They are all happy the way TODAY s srilanka has been playing consensual politics.

          Entire developed world sees RW as a regional personality.

          Humbugs of MR nature, the world leaders would not even want to see his eyes twice.

          MR has much more in common with Wimal Buruwanse et al. Education and background of leader make him a real leader apart from his own political exp. – this was what late FDA leader/Germany reiterated.

          Who is Wimal Weerawanse ?
          He is one another person emerged from social scum of the country without nothing … But an abusive mouth piece to manipulate much less foruntate of the nation.

          No proper education, No coming from an educated family background was similar to that of a child grew up amidst all grivances. Lack of information misguide him today. Google, Europe and America are all forbidden terms for him. But the bugger lives on a palace- no doubt oto have built on the blood money of the poor folks.

          • 2

            Earlier, I was so MISGUIDED having watched and listend to few selected speeches of him, but TELECASTED on DERANA and HIRU.

    • 1

      You have a better option?

      NO, right?

      Then put up with it.

    • 2

      Please elaborate it further why you insist he is immoral and lets society become unethical. The society had ALREADY been rotten by the time current DU took over the office. But with some changes being already made to the prevailing rotten systems,like adding few more decorations to already wrongly baken cake – now they go forward.
      What options have they got on their hand ? With Economy and alarming levels of racism rising its head – is so affected, heavy loads of huge debts are the biggest stone standing on the way forward not allowing an inch forward.With all realities, being a developing country, not having the FUNDs FLOW akin to the post war Germany with Mastricht treaty funds;

      how can you see it forward ?
      What MR woudl have done if he was given the chance ?
      1) All contacts with IC (America, EC) will hold stay away from SL issues

      2) Electric Chair related ablenkung maneouver be in air – further strengthening the hands of rising racial elements (BBS and other like minded racial nationalists movements)

      3) More likely to have BRANDED the nation -no second to Sudan OR former Lybia or the like states

      4) Most likey to have been down with effective of trade embargo against the country

      5) UNHRC threats will definitly continue against the country not allowing any steps forward

  • 7

    This guy have got up after a long sleep and thinks he is in la la land.
    Ranil the strategist, ha ha my royal posterior. Oops..

  • 10

    Ranil’s a very nice guy, That’s it!.

    As a Prime Minister he is a yesterday man. He and 50% of his sycophantic self-serving ministers should go. We need younger, fresher people who understand that a politician serves the people and the country (NOT the other way round).

    Oh, and he can take MS with him Let them write their memoirs and explain whet THEY thought ‘yahapalanaya’ meant.

    I heard someone say the other day that ‘this is the best we’ve got’. If that is true, then we are well and truly stuffed.

    “Aney Ammo, Banda bring me the vadakaha sudiya”

  • 8

    Spring Koha

    “We need younger, fresher people who understand that a politician serves the people and the country (NOT the other way round).”

    Whom do you have in mind?

    Namal, Wimal Sangili Karruppan Weerawansa, …. ?

    • 0

      Native Vedda

      Your helpful suggestions leave me out of breath. Not good at my age.

      Namal has too many monkeys on his back for now. He may redeem himself, but I am not holding my breath.

      As for Wimal W, NO chance! The priapic insurgent cannot even find room in his wife’s crowded bed.

      The search goes on.

    • 1

      Gotabhaya Rajapakse, He is a go getter, He will develop the country.

  • 5

    The Ranil Dilemma…. unable to influence all parlimentarians to be Gaylords.

  • 3

    When he landed on the shores of the USA as a dirt poor Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie, started his life in the new country as laborer in a steel mill, went on to become the richest man in America and built the world’s biggest steel company at that time. Pioneered the integrated steel mill. Established the Andrew Carnegie foundation and Carnegie Mellon University. After leaving his entire wealth to charity, still he was not a happy man until he found a man to chronicle the achievements of all top achievers of his new country of that time as lessons to the future generations. On his assignment, Napoleon Hill interviewed thousands of high achievers, and wrote his Think and Grow Rich, it’s still like a bible in all the American business schools.

    Hill lists many of their common traits. First and top most among them was, all of them had a Mastermind group of well meaning, high caliber, close knit people to consult and discuss all about their activities, in other words a their own think tank.

    From their actions, it’s well and clear and it appears that our leaders lack this. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former PM of Malaysia still consults his former think tank people, he had very good local and foreign people in it. He picked up the best of young people of his country from all the communities – Malay, Chines, Indian – got them trained in the best schools in the world, to be the second tire of his think tank. Right now,these people are manning the top most posts in government and private organisations. Initially he assigned them the task of picking up the best practices in the world, do brainstorming and modify it to their local conditions, forward it for his considerations. Even Lee Kuan Yew too was practicing this.

  • 2

    Sama: You said: “just focus on his speeches” and you also try to compare those with Rajapakse. If you have listened to speeches of these politicians, including Rajapakse for the last many decades, each and everyone of them could be canonized to be “Saints”. They preach well; but when it comes into action they have all taken not 180 but 360 degrees turn around. We had some of a “Hope” that things would turn at least to an appreciable level; but from the start itself this PM did not “CARE” to do justice to the word “Good Governance”. Just see how he appointed a Board of Management to manage Sri Lankanair and the Governor of the Central Bank. Compare his criticism of Sri Lankanair while in the Opposition and also the functioning of the Central Bank under Mahinda Rajapakse regime. Has he lived up to what he preached while in Opposition? The whole trouble with Sri Lankan politics is exactly what you say viz. “focus on the speeches”. So long as you and all others “focus on speeches”, this country will never come out of the hell hole we have fallen into. Don’t you think it is time to think of a CHANGE from speeches to action? If not, sorry, this country has no future.

  • 1

    Dear Thushara and all forum participants,
    Yes it is a sad story Sri Lanka is unable to make it. It is now too late to compare with other developing Countries and change the situation for Sri Lanka. Other similar and those countries much below the par where Sri Lanka belonged at the time of independence from British are far ahead and envied by Sri Lankans today. At the time of independence Sri Lanka was envied by those Countries. During election time in those Countries, the leading Politicians promised voters if they voted for him he will develop their Country like Ceylon! So they voted and developed and succeeded to be like Ceylon.
    But in Sri Lanka who cares? What were the politicians focused on? How did the good old Ceylon got rolled down into the precipice it is in today? Ceylon got rolled down because the politicians focused in dividing the Country instead of uniting all and making it strong. What is the reason for this? You can see the reason clearly today in the new Yahapalanaya Government. Are they in any way better focused? Even so many Countries, International Community, and UN come forward to help Sri Lanka get united and made strong, is there any interest shown by those top Politicians of the Country. They show interest only to the contrary, supporting well known criminals, making the whole of the military responsible for war crimes, recruiting well known money launderers and hooligans back into bad politics, protecting all the known bad members of the previous regime, and allowing them in decision making. How can you compare Sri Lanka with other developing Countries and suggest a viable solution for Sri Lanka? Who is going to listen to you?

  • 4

    When Ranil Wickramasinghe was a powerful minister in the government:

    1982. That ultimate crime, the utmost shameful event that ever took place on this soil – burning down the Jafna library. Did he demand that culprits be brought before the law?

    1983. Watershed event in race relations. Innocent Tamils were butchered, property looted and burnt, hundreds of thousands fled to India (still languishing in refugee camps) Did he demand that culprits be brought before the law?

    1989. Deadly “bheeshanaya” . Nearly 60, 000 Sinhala youth (who cares?) caught and killed some burnt alive (including Wijeweera). Did he demand that culprits be brought before the law?

    He was a great proponent of many evil things that shaped the landscape of this country. Politicisatin of Civil service, Abolishing civil rights of Sirimavo, Cursed 1978 JR constitution, the referendum etc. etc. And the list goes on and on.

    His contributions to the present pathetic state of race relations and the polity are unmatched.

    Finally gods saved this country from his deadly agreement with Prabakaran.
    What would have been the level of blood letting and race relations in this country if that was in place today – if Rajapaksha did not appear in the scene?

    During the war he ridiculed the armed forces, celebrated when the soldiers were massacred in thousands. He led the only opposition in the world, ever in history, that openly prayed for their own armed forces to lose. Upon gaining power in 2001 he passed on the names of all intelligence officers to LTTE – famous Millenium city maasccre. Upon gaining power in 2005 he ensured that all those who were engaged in defeating terrorism are brought before the public in handcuffs.

    He engineered a number of parliamentary coups including the present one – creating internal divisions is his modus operandi. He approached Sarath Fonseka while he was in uniform.

    Never had courage to face the nation as a presidential candidate

    The major thrust in his regime change agenda was creating hatred in the minds of minorities against Rajapaksha.

    Anton Balasinghaam dubbed him as ’20th Century Fox’
    In some sense even Prabakaran was a principled man than this dirty crook.

    His anti Chinese propaganda was his shrewdest plan to permanently disable our only support base in the international arena and keep the country away from receiving any considerations in loan repayments. We paid dearly for their anti India propaganda before 1977 elections and anti Indian policies following the 77 victory.

    This idiot didn’t know that China is the second biggest economic super power!

    His suspension of post city entailed one U$ million a day compensation claim which was set off against additional land to the Chinese.

    We are paying for +90 ministers for this crook to sit on the Prime Minister chair.

    Here we are talking about reconciliation, impunity, rule of law etc. with Ranil Wickramasinghe piloting the plane.

    Let us wait and see where this plane is going to land.


    • 1

      What matters is the size and percentage.

      Each and everyone in this country, had he or she been politics, all of them were subjected to join the caravan even if the dogs were barking. So, none of them can be CLEAN.
      But compared to the size of garbage heaps let rise by MR and his deliberative acts are too much than that of Ranil.
      Please check it for yourself by self-study.
      Various hand picked media institutions were entwined with Rajapakshe siblings and their deals making. THe main purpose was to spread lies as much as they can – outreaching masses who live across the country.
      Those allegations levelled at RW on secret pacts to have been made iwth LTTE was a big lie for MR devious politics.
      That was one of the key factors as to why UNP destined to behave like a dog hidden his tail behind during the last 10 years apart from the realities that the party lost all of the senior leaders in the course of war. UNP lost their leaders more than SLFP FACED it. Latter is the number one factor party to fall that level.
      And also the force-fight within UNP was beyond all morals even if Sajith Premadasa was no senior man but a former president s son- his self greedy agendas costed the party all the falls.
      It took long them to get together and stand togethre for a common goal. I would put the blame on RW for all the falls. He is a pragmatic leader.He has proved it to date, that perseverance has succeeded.

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    the rule of law is paramount. it should not be bent so the lawgivers should be above board

  • 0

    There is no Dilemma, it only needs patience from the voting public and less rubbish articles like this from idiots who do not understand what is going on.

    Give Ranil a second term with real majority and not having to deal with a brain dead president and we will all see what can become of our “resplendent Isle” !

  • 0

    First of all law and order
    Should be bought to the country bring all the currouprted done by the ministers and MPs to the law in a strictly to abide my all citizens. Love the country first.respect all citizens. We can bring forward our motherlanka back to normal
    And best country in EastAsia.we have to clapp both hand not one hand.

  • 0

    Let’s make things short. Ranill is Mr CLean. Why was certral bank taken away from the finance ministry to under the pm. Who appointed mahendran as head of the central bank. Who send samarawickrama to the certral bank. Who is fighting ng tooth and nail to defend mahendran. Who is keeping still mahendran as his personnel advice. WHAT MORE

  • 0

    “The Prime Minister is now stuck at a crossroad. That is to say, he is faced with an impossible situation. On one hand, he must keep his promise to the people to bring about good governance. “

    Fat bloody hope! The promised “Good Governance” is an endangered species on the verge of extinction and started to crumble the moment the Bond Scam was discovered and the PM did his best to protect the perpetrator (or should it be more accurately termed ‘perpe-traitor’?)! From then on it has been a case of the ‘crumbling pie-crust’ with the President and PM both leading the way and failing miserably to keep their promises to their electorates.

    Ranil’s dilemma? No balls to ‘do the right thing’!

    • 0

      What is the alternative ? Do we have any other leaders- that could do it better ?

      He has to do it with and for the same folks that have been caught by extremists

      Lanken issue is NOT an easy one. If it had been such, many would have achieved it even in the past OR not ?

      Even if the election pledges can be printed to a sheet, sofar, no govt have fulfiled the pledges after being elected – SADDEST REALITY.

      But this is not the case for Germans, English, Spain, Italians, French or other developed folks.

      Then it is already CLEAR to us – each nation too has to do their role not only POLITICIANS.

  • 0

    With all the past experience It is a pity that Hon.PM does not feel the pulse of the people. The greater majority of voters at last two elections did not vote merely for the sake of their daily bread. They had more sublime aspirations of a new political culture and decent and honest conduct from the politicians, but what do we see today?. Government is shamelessly enjoying the National ‘Kiribath’ all by themselves. Just look at the perks and privileges given to MPP.We often hear reliable news about Govt. Ministers in underhand illegal activities with those charged with corruption. What has the PM or the President done to curb these criminal activities. They can boast of having appointed the Independent Commissions, but what we observe is in spite of these commissions the Govt. Ministers are interfering with their duties and are continuing to safe guard the same old culprits and we do not see the promised good governance. The recent episode between the IGP and The Minister of Law and Order is a test case in point.
    How the PM handled this issue in parliament was a poor show, his body language tells it all. PM cannot and should not sweep the dirt under the carpet. We only hope and pray that the Govt. will not be another MR. regime.

  • 2

    For the good governance this country. it should adopt a system similar to the systems in the western world where the right people whether they are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslims, Malays, or Burghers be given the right roles to such brains that will work solely, sincerely, aggressively for the betterment of the society of Sri Lanka. To achieve this, Laws and Justice systems must be introduced straighten up and rules of law should be upheld under any circumstances without any political interferences. No politicians should go to seek any kind of blessings nor advises from the clergy, and the clergy should not get involved in any affairs of the public,politics nor family life as clergy has renounced the world and live the life of a sage. Racism,tribalism, ethnicity mindset should be completely eliminated and banned with severe penalties imposed on the perpetrators. Develop a patriotic mindset sans religious/ethnic rhetoric. A sense of belonging to Sri Lanka land mindset should be developed where any capable/educated/civilized/cultured Sri Lankans be offered the due place solely to serve for mother lanka and its well being and its peoples’ aspiration in all walks of life. Highly educated holding specialized aptitude in various fields, be it modern agriculture/farming/animal husbandry/water management. water preserving/high technology waste management, scientific sewer management and optimum utilization of solid and waste water for better agriculture products for safe consumption is a must. Respect every citizen with love and affection with honor and dignity, appreciating the best personality for their contributions. School children should be taught at the very young age, their dutifulness to the country, environmental friendly mindset. With these changes, I am sure, this country could become the role model Insha Allah.

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