20 May, 2022


The Reasons For The UPFA’s Loss

By Sirajul Anam

Sirajul Anam

Sirajul Anam

The recently concluded General Election is a good indicator about the people’s choice and desire on electing their representatives for the next parliament. It also a clear indicator about how bad management decisions can cost you dearly. Let us analyse them briefly.

In the Presidential Election in January 2015, UPFA got 5,768,090 votes while the NDF under Swan symbol received 6,217,162 votes. In yesterday’s General Election, UPFA received 4,732,669 votes while the UNP as the major party received 5,098,927. Some might argue that, UNP lost its popularity from the last election which is far from the truth. In the last Presidential election, it was a Common Front that received 6,217,162 votes. If you add the votes received by JVP, ITAK, DP, SLMC, and other minor parties who were partners for the victory of NDF, the total number of vote will be anything around 6,130,000 which is closer to the votes the NDF received in January 2015. It is an obvious fact that UPFA lost its major share of votes in yesterday’s election, over 1 million.

WimalThe first reason for UPFA’s loss is the team didn’t respect their Leader and brought another leader who had different vision and attitude. From the day one, we saw the conflict in the open arena which made even hardcore SLFP voters to feel depressed and confused, in return making them not to cast their vote on Monday. In many districts, the voters’ turnout was around 65 to 70%.

Racism; People are fed up with politicians playing racist mind games and they have come to a state that they cannot be fooled anymore. People are not willing to buy about the threats and imaginative stories said in the election stages to buy votes using fear factor.

Bad campaign; UPFA candidates spent most of their valuable times in answering trivial issues and questions raised by the UNP and JVP. They loss most of their precious time of educating their pledges and vision to common people and used it to answer and counter attack the other parties. And again, their counter attack arguments were definitely childish!

Wrong speakers addressing wrong issues; Everyone who was watching the TV and seeing the Talk shows, Debates and news coverage on election meetings witnessed the way how UPFA candidates spoke in amateurish styles. They were not hand-picked by their leader for sure, and whoever got the opportunity to appear in the TV shows, went for the debate ill-prepared and screwed themselves and the party’s image so badly. While the UNP and JVP selected well prepared representatives.

Out of focus campaign; For the last 10 over years, UPFA had a well planned campaign strategy and they were very strong in projecting themselves positively and their campaign worked out well starting from grass root level. This time around, it took them 2 weeks just to establish themselves in the mind of voters and by the time they start to reach the peak, the time was over. Here again, bad choice of candidates handled the campaign and made a big mess. This includes poison bottle displayed in news conferences! (I definitely know, some candidates who lost in the preferential race will dream those poison bottles tonight).

In a nutshell, I wind up this piece by saying those faults in few words (more like what can happen in a private establishment): A very Good Product, Bad Tempered and Attitude CEO, Bad General Managers and Marketing Managers, Wrong Choice of Words, Bad Campaign and a crazy set of Sales Representatives!

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  • 11

    Your analysis is flawed from the word go. The reason for the loss is mainly due to the money the western imperialist poured. into the election coffers of unp and other monor regional racist parties. Moreover, we pulled more than 42% withiut the party leader taking part in the campaign, infact he was acting for the opposition.
    It dooesn’t matter, as. I wrote in my previous communications this is a short lived one. We will take over bby one way or annother, it is apromise.
    Now you look after yourself.

    • 32

      keep dreaming. you will be able to visit your mates like baluwansa, the ex king and family., goata, johnstoned, et al in jail once ranil cleans up the judiciary and these crooks are brought before the courts. we can now expect our citizens rights to be protected and look forward to being citizens of a country that is ruled by the law and respected by the world. scum of your ilk will have to go back living in the jungles where your beast like behaviour and animal values can be practiced. good riddance of bad rubbish.

    • 25

      You sound like a child in the playground who can’t accept defeat, so cries about the opposition having cheated. Grow up. It was the complete alienation of the minorities, corruption, and authoritarian agenda that the UPFA had that lead to their defeat.

      • 0

        Sounds more like a THUG, than a child in a playground

    • 11

      Can someone please wake this man up?

    • 17

      Don’t be foolish. Mahinda still have money & wealth but he didn’t have the power to use that money. The good governance made the law & order to stop the misuse of power by Mahinda though he tried to give bribe to voters.

      • 4

        It is true Mahinda and his family have amassed vast amount of money, far more than their ministerial salaries and with no other resources. Within a matter of a few years, they own mansions in USA and Sri Lanka and just like Ferdinand Marcos was made to return Philipines the US$Billions he embezzled from that country, the Rajapakses should be asked to account for their fortune and just like Madam Jayalalitha, jailed and made to return the monies they have embezzled.

        • 0

          Oh yeah…! where are they hiding it? Asking them them to justify some thing not yet found sounds a bit silly….don’t you think?

        • 0

          @Sylvia Haik
          You forgot to mentioned the Mansions, Palaces in UK, the orchards and ranches in Australia of past UNP stalwarts as well as SLFP
          These were NEVER investigated
          Why only now ?
          All previous governments from 1977 should be investigated

    • 15

      This is all Bull Shitritings,

      Every Jacks and Jills know that your F KING is a bloody fool,
      So The Reasons For The UPFA’s Loss is because of this Foolish Mahendran Jarapassa.

      This power hungry Fool Took advises from other fools and Thieaves like him self.
      F King’s some appointed so called Advisors are / were ,Pimps, Heroin dealers, Rapists, Drunkards and thieaves like him self.

      It is good to know that there are 42% of the voters of sri lanka are fools like you and your foolish Boss F King.

    • 12

      Proudman, you are a creep of the first order. Commit suicide and save yourself from shame.

    • 11

      The western and imperial interest in our politics is the same tune you guys played from the time MR lost the presidential election. That as become a boring excuse. People had been hearing this very often. Why still MR lost the second time. MR has lost further about 1.1 million from his 5.8 million vote base from the January election. Do something better rather than writing stupid remarks.

    • 11

      Sirajul Anam,

      RE: The Reasons For The UPFA’s Loss

      “The recently concluded General Election is a good indicator about the people’s choice and desire on electing their representatives for the next parliament. It also a clear indicator about how bad management decisions can cost you dearly. Let us analyse them briefly.”

      Yes, in a nutshell, Bad Governance by MaRa, Mara, and his cronies.

      This is the time to fix the flaws in Lanka, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, created since 1948 by the various characters and parties. The People expect that and have given you and the president a mandate to fix it, without MaRa, Mahinda Rajapaksa, interfering.

      Now it is time, to sing, Jaya Mangala Gatha, in original Pali.

      Jaya Mangala Gatha-Verses of Auspicious Victory (rare Pali version)-Buddhist Chants.


      Based on the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are:

      1) Victory over Mara ( MarRa)
      2) Victory over the demon Alavaka (Wimal)
      3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri (Udu Gamanpila)
      4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala (Gotabaya)
      5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame (Pavitra) 6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka (Vasudeva)
      7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda (Susil)
      8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka (Yapa)

    • 9

      Did Chokka Malli top the UPFA list in Ratnapura and Muthuhettigama from Galle, who beat up the police men, get in to Parliament also with the help of the Western Imperialists?
      So sad that the erstwhile rulers kept the ordinary folks at a very low IQ and carried on with their criminal activity. People like you condone that behaviour with your fancy explannations! Western imperialist! My foot!

    • 2

      Have you run out of the excuses? Why don’t you take the standard excuse that the earth was curved for you, and so unable to dance (to MR;s tune). Get lost man, had enough of your “Wolf, Wolf!”

    • 1

      ‘ this is a short lived one. We will take over bby one way or annother, it is apromise”.

      Therein lies the trouble!!. For nearly twenty five years, opposition parties have only wanted to destabilize the government and take over power. That is not patriotism, that is greed for power.

      Politicians who genuinely want the best for the country will work with the elected government to bring stability, security and economic prosperity for the people. Your attitude, like those of the Rajapaksa regime is to grab back power, and fatten your bank balances. You are and all those like you are a disgrace to the country.

      Respect the wishes of the people!

    • 1

      Did you hear the news that 14 Rajapaksa cronies have decided to support Ranil. FYI, Rajapaksa is now dead as a dodo!

    • 1

      The real reason for the loss of the UPFA was their inability to get the 1.1Mn voters who voted on Jan 08th to come and vote this time too.
      Had half of them voted UPFA would have won comfortably.
      The own goals from the non-playing captain must have discouraged the voters.

  • 34

    The Reason for UPFA’s Lost is BURUWANSA, Burudewa, Dinesh, Gammapila and others henchmen of Brailess mahinda.

    Now Buruwansa must get ready to go to prison with old wife to get various types of Passports.

  • 43

    And the Number 1 reason is….

    (drum rolls)

    Lack of ability to manipulate the result: UPFA in the past was in power. They could muster all kinds of resources, such as money, media, government officials, police, members of the armed forces, members of the judiciary, computer technology, ballot stuffing techniques, etc. People have well and truly spoken now.

    To be frank, I never expected a bloodless coup in the first place late last year that brought a new leader in January. Then this second part where an ‘un-winnable’ candidate won. Rajapakses were cocky that they would take Ranil on any day as they knew how to beat him. Ranil beat Mahinda in two steps, and Mahinda lost both times.

    Hats Off to the crusaders for peace and democracy who engineered this Lankan Spring.

    • 1

      This piece may provide some facts for MRs loss:
      A recognized Psephologist (one who studies election trends) Mr. N. Rahman had this to say, on 6.8.15, elsewhere:-

      “MR is no longer in power and does not have recourse to the vast and unlimited resources he enjoyed (unleashed) at the January election. • The UNF propaganda blitz has had some effect on discrediting MR’s team on the issue of corruption and oppression. • The floating vote, true to its tendency, will move away from MR’s team. • The proliferation of parties/independents will eat into some of his earlier vote base. (The effect on the UNF will be less) • This time MR is running only in ONE District and a large percentage of the voters in the other Districts will be influenced by parochial issues and the popularity/unpopularity of the individual candidates. • MR’s team is still selling the War and Ethnic Issues – this did not work on January 8th – there is no reason why it should work on 17th August. • The presence of Champika R/Atureliya etc on the UNF Ticket is bound to draw away some of the Sinhala Buddhist base away from the UPFA. • The UPFA is a House divided against itself. • There is a very strong likelihood of a lower UPFA voter turnout. • Voters do not buy the story : “We will correct our mistakes” • Nor do they buy “We will do now what we did not do in the last ten years. • There is no logical reason why the voters who rejected MR at his strongest point should now do an about turn and vote for him now. Finally there always is a tendency against long incumbency – (The UNF does not have this disadvantage at the moment) The resulting position will then be (+/-):

      UPFA 74 TNA 15 JVP 15 Misc 6 TNA/JVP/SLMC/ACMC/Others UNF 115

      The SLMC and the ACMC which are contesting on their own tickets in the Vanni and Batticaloa are likely to add a seat or two to the UNF alliance. To all this must be factored in the statistically unquantifiable element that favours the winning side. For example no analysis in 1977 predicted more than 120 seats for the UNP, but they went on to win 144 seats. Similarly at the last election in the UK all polls predicted a hung Parliament with the Conservative having a slight edge – but they won by a landslide “

  • 5

    Sorry mate,
    You hav’nt got a clue about SL

    • 1

      Ashok, your hero is not returning. [Edited out]

      Commit suicide, that’s the best way out for you.

  • 7

    If we continue to assess the situation in Marketing terms, what happened to the UPFA at the recently-concluded General Elections could be described as that of a brand which was compelled to compete not just against a very strong competitor (external factor) , but had to simultaneously counter the debilitating, devious attacks launched by it’s current CEO and a former CEO on their own brand (internal factor). This infighting was perceived by loyal customers as being indicative of a lack of confidence among the leadership in it’s own brand. They asked themselves as to whether the decisions of the leadership were designed to help their own brand or the competitor. As a result, a sense of apathy crept in among many loyal customers rather than a desire to switch brands.

  • 28

    corruption, commission, bribery, family monarchism, interference in judiciary and police, white van culture and harassing the minorities are the major causes of the defeat of war winning former president Mahinda Rajapakse
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    • 1

      But Dr.the winners too have the same proven qualifications where as in the loser’s case they are yet to be proved!!!

  • 7

    How can you expect bunch of thugs can win hearts and minds of people? after all, it’s people’s verdict!!

    By the way, thugs and crooks like Gotabya and Merwin are still at large or sneaked through back door to a distant land; forced to leave the paradise by the force of vote??

    Just wondering……

  • 8

    I agree with Ashok and the reasons are not what is written.

    Rather than why MARA lost I would like to highlight why UNF/UNP won. MARA not getting majority is good for Sri Lanka.

    If you look at the vote patterns it is obvious the majority community is split in 1/2 between the 2 major parties maybe slightly more towards nationalistic SLFP/Sandanaya.

    This has been the voting patterns in Sri Lanka in the recent past even in 2005 if LTTE did not prevent Northerners from voting it would have been very close.
    In 2009 it is very different given the circumstances even minorities all over the country voted for MR.

    Going back to my point it is the minorities which has tilted the race in the favor of UNP/UNF without the vote of minorities it would have been easily MARA taking oath as PM.

    Look at the voter patterns in all districts wherever their is sizable minority UNP has won with higher margin.

    Our voters mostly the majority community voters are still not reformed look at Galle and Gampaha. Singhala Buddhist voters have gone for Geetha/Nishantha Muthuhettigama leaving out Sunil H. (unbelievable) In Galle. In Gampaha they voted for N Lansa
    but the vote is split evenly between SLFP and UNF. Poular figures getting most votes.

    Now in Colombo with a sizable number of minority community voters it is pretty clear the majority community vote is split maybe evenly, but the minority voters have voted overwhelmingly for UNF/UNP even Champika R. would have got fair amount of minority vote.

    On the other hand look at the people voted in by Colombo SLFP voters how pathetic is this, Wimal W., Bandula G., Udaya G, Denesh G. I want to ask do these people deserved to be our representatives ? I never thought in Colombo we will have so many Baiyo.

    If you look at it in this view where I say majority community is split I would say in the Badulla district has most reformed majority community voters. Though I am not very much aware of the political dynamics there.

    I think this is the reality. I don’t think we can label all minority communities living outside north and east are pro UNP because during the January presidential election they all voted for M3.

    The point I want to make as conclusion is majority community is still in the mindset of Singhla/Buddhist 1st not country 1st. I would also like to say minority communities saved the day for all of us.

    Hopefully with 5 years of RW/MS governance this mindset will change.

    • 5


      Thanks for your analysis.

      If you look at the overall island wide votes gained and lost by each main party you will note a large decrease/increase in their share of votes.

      Total votes

      UPFA 2010 – 4,846,388, 2015 – 4732669 a decrease by 2.34%

      UNP 2010 – 2,357,057, 2015 – 5098927 an increase by 116.32%

      Your district wise analysis though very useful it should be looked within the national trend, taking into account of minority preferences, party and person loyalty, etc.

      Did constant gloating of war victory help Mahinda’s campaign or hinder it?

      Do you think if VP was around MR could have won both elections?

      • 0


        UNP gain is so big I think it’s because the defeat in 2010 is huge, so I think we should not compare the 2010 results against 2015 results. 2010 was extraordinary one it’s one off. Nevertheless the gain is significant this time around.

        I think MARA and clans whole election campaign was based on war and imminent threat to national security if UNP led government comes to power. People (whoever had a reasonable IQ) were fed up of this rhetoric. It was too much bullshit to hear given that the same theme was repeated even in Jan presidential election. Apart from this 2 topics there was nothing worthwhile in their whole campaign apart from the bond issue which I believe if any wrong doing Governor of CB is not responsible.

        CB was used to certain pattern of working for the past 10+ years, just so the government and head of CB changes much of Sri Lankan government workers not going to adapt and change so quickly. They just continued with what they were doing. This was evident in all main government entities. I assume the real picture will be known in the near future.

        As for your question on VP on a lighter note we will not be having a general election, as MARA would have won the presidential election he might have appointed all his family members/friends as member of parliament after dissolving the it.

        But yes I think if that was the case the split of majority voters may not be 50/50 (approximately) it could have favored MR.

    • 0

      “The point I want to make as conclusion is majority community is still in the mindset of Singhla/Buddhist 1st not country 1st. I would also like to say minority communities saved the day for all of us”

      Afsal, You have not explained, When Tamils and muslims vote for their racial parties,Why Sinhala Buddhists have to put country 1st?

      Do you know Afsal, that if the Sinhala Buddhist voted with that mindset as you claim it will be some thing like 70% of the total vote and the minority vote will become insignificant?

      It is just not a case of replacing Mahinda Rajapakse.It was a case of the alternative to him. Namely Ranil Wickremasinghe.You say minority communities saved the day by giving power to him but you sound so ignorant, you don’t seem to to know nothing about who Ranil really is. So the minority communities will have to face the consequances as well for it
      Wait and see it won’t be one year before those who saved the day start crying foul.

  • 7

    The problem was that the back stabber was allowed to rule without people seeing him for who he is.

    When they discuss lack of moral values they need to show moral values themselves. Current President is a back stabber and he has started his campaign of authoritarianism even before the country went into to election by trying to sack the Secretaries who will be in charge of the candidate list as he wants to control that. The Courts have sent the authority to the Secretaries and that was done within 48 hours before he election – even the election commissioner is saying that this is illegal!! Who runs the Court system – the President as he has executive powers – the powers that he said he will give up within 100 days – 8 months later, actually using them!! Even to the extent of illegally removing people who doesn’t support him and sacking others that do not support him. So if someone is in his party, they have to obey and support him fully? What happened to the said democracy that he was going to uphold? More like revenge is on the cards!! These were people that he said could become Prime Minister under his government even if UPFA did not win as he would make it happen. They said, No, we don’t want it, we want MR. So from Sirisena’s own words these people were senior members who were cable of being Premier/s of the country and 24 hours later after they said ‘no, we don’t want that position’ they get sacked from the party??? So this is the democracy that the West and India is hailing? Oh sorry forgot – it is how they run Govts, you agree to what we say if not, you are do not exist – e.g. Saddam Hussain.

    People who call racism and talk about freedom cannot speak of the same in the same paragraph. The reason being 30 years that was just passed. If you are a Sri Lankan, you owe your life to MR for the fact that you are alive. We lived through that era and have not forgotten. The terrorism started during the UNP regime. It gor worse and worse during the UNP regime. It got cleared only with MR at the helm. That job was given to many UNP Govts over and over for 30 years. All the leaders who tried to make peace with the terrorists were killed by the terrorists. The ones that survived tried to give the country to the terrorists hence the reason that they are alive today. MR was the only leader who knew how to handle them. He clearly stated when he came to power, if you want peace we are ready for it, if you want war we are ready for it. That is the reason Sri Lanka is the only country that had eliminated terrorism from its country – that must be a bit hard to take for the super powers of the world who knows to deal with terrorists who continuously to date create people with terrorist ideals because of the way they go about it. Sri Lanka is the only country in recent history who has successfully rehabilitated and re-integrated people who were armed as terrorists. Can the mighty US boast on that – Guantanamo Bay still exists. UK with its bullying attitude tells us to investigate our history – we can but what will they do about the findings ei? When we bring out the close to 150 years of abuse of a land that was known as the Granary of the East? Give that every thing that was shipped ‘to mother land’. Compensate for the damage that it is causing even today? David Cameron should look at himself and do something about the arrogance he shows when talking about Sri Lanka as he clearly knows – Sri Lanka is not his Colony!! He can try to make it because of its natural resources it has, but that does not mean that he can do it easily. Yes, now US and UK has come a step closer in making that happen. Just like British did it last time by finding someone that is power hungry and getting them to topple the King – like Molligoda in 1815.

    The 9 billion dollars that Tony Blair brought and banked for TNA’s election campaign’ to give to poor people so that they feel that financially they will be better off by voting for TNA – if considered this not hankering in another countries election process, then what is it? Imagine if a local politician gave money like this to people for a vote? What would the the West say? What is the interest British has to not let MR win? What is it? To the extent of flying over here to a country that is soooo small and insignificant in the bigger picture of the world? What is it? Ask yourselves that before commenting.

    • 4

      You have precisely said what I really wanted . Thanks for that . It pity that many people do not understand the fact . However we are innocent Compare to the size of the interest of west. This is what west want ? They have relentlessly commuted to topple whole Mediterranean countries , and our minorities are ruthlessly committed to what west need without knowing the gruesome consequences . I would like to ask Muslims in Sri Lanka , could you tell me what Rajapaksa done to you worst than western world done to whole Muslim world . Tell me . Answer me ?? I beg you to keep in mind , that our country has great risk of losing the Chinese investments and their friendship . We must respect and hold the hand of friends who support us in the difficult time . I reckon they are the real friend but we may lost them due to Ranil’s foreign policy .which is one thing as well . However , I do not think this is as a big lost . And also I wished what happened to JVP who talked nonsense to topple Rajapaksa and has made the way to western interest rule . Jvp made a big mistake not realising the size of enemy . Which is against the wills of leftists movements in the world . So , we will see soon the consequences . Which is sure as sun rise next morning .

    • 3

      Blithering idiot. When the crooks were in power they were so arrogant, they did not even bother to dismiss accusations that Basil the clever dick was raking in commissions to the tune of 20% from all government and NGO sponsored projects. Where did all that money go? Why did BR ran off to US immediately after January election? Just because MR gave political leadership to liberate the country from terrorists, it did not mean that the country should be handed over to another Sinhala Prabhakaran to use it and its assets for his personal use. people like you are slaves, born slaves, and you will never be able to stand up without a crutch like MR. No wonder you are still praising songs to a criminal and thug masquerading as a leader.

      • 0

        Wait and see who the idiot is. What Basil was said to taken will be peanuts compared to CB robbers Gallion partners.
        You’ll what happens to the country under Ranil/Sirisena in another 05 years.Youll be lucky if there was an election to get rid of them.

    • 0

      Yes,its the backstabbers own goals that made the difference and he’ll be made to pay for it sooner rather than later.I don’t wish for it,but we are in for chaos and more blood baths.
      Our pandiyas who gloat about winning does not seem to have realised what happened here is akin to what happened in Libya.

  • 5

    The realities are little different.
    If you look at the UPFA manape list you will see the names of all the rogues like Johnston F’do arundika Fdo Gammanpilla Buruwansa Thondaman etc. The ones who lost out are the names who supported My3 like Nandi mitra and Mahinda Samarasinghe!
    Therefore the fraudsters and rogues are back in the parliament. The Yahapalanaya government will have to prove that the law will be applied equally to all these culprits and Show that they are punished. Or else people will lose faith and return to the old habit of favouring “ape ekkana”.

  • 1

    This is an interesting piece but it is by no means a perceptive analysis of the election result. We can be sure there will be any number of other analyses of what happened and why and I am sure that CT readers can themselves think of a host of reasons which author Anam has not stated, which contributed to the defeat of the UPFA. Dr Najimudeen has already stated some. In addition to what he has mentioned there were other reasons including the fact that, this time, MR did not have the advantage of being able to use the resources of the State for his benefit, and the very simple fact of voter/election fatigue. MR seemed to think he was a great democrat because he held frequent elections but he did not have the good sense to realise that people weary of having to make a trip to the election booth so often. And MR also seems to have failed to grasp the reality that he could not afford to indefinitely dine out on the theme of having ‘won the war’.

    As for author Anam’s concluding comments, I won’t quarrel with his description of the attitude of the CEO, the general and marketing managers and the campaign, as bad. And, OK the sales representatives were a crazy set. But how on earth does he say the UPFA was offering a ‘very Good Product’? Far from it, what was placed before the voters was a badly stained and re-cycled bit of merchandise more like the proverbial snake oil than a sound article. And, let’s face it, no amount of marketing skills can succeed if the product you are flogging is a dud!

  • 3

    Please do not speak rubbish . If Our arguement is why the pa is lost that answer is that Puppet Sirisena who destroyed the country and Party . Which began the day that he betrayed the party and greatly forwarded country from all sides . But I agree that superstitious Rajapaksa did not do enough to stop rubbish BBS which exposed the beginning of his down fall , still this bony Puppet Sirisena would have not betrayed a party that he served for 40 years . If he wanted to protest against Rajapaksa atrocities that he could have done being in the party or resign from the politics , but what he did was dance to the tune of west and India . He may think it was a step to save the country but it has proven today as it isn’t .
    So, it is not Rajapaksa who betrayed the country or party , and it is he the puppet Sirisena . Sirisena would not pardon for what he done to the country and party in general . I knew what would happen when this bony puppet defected and come as a common candidate . He created the crisis in the party and country when the country was steadily moving , he said he is no greedy for power , but he forgot about characters like Gamini jayasuriya , M. G . H.jayawardana who quitted respectfully and never betrayed the party . So those are very few reasons why and who should bear the responsibilities . I’m 100% sure that Rajapaksa should not blame for the lost of election who did his best to save the party and the country from national and international hypocrites , but hypocrites were stronger and powerful than namely powerful RJapaksa in the past . This is the sad truth . And shall we see soon what would happen to the country . We already know how pathetic are the good governance and I wish good luck for puppet Sirisea . He needs to watchful about Ranil than he had on Rajapaksa .

  • 0

    this is interesting but sir you were not aware about underage voting
    corps voting overseas workers voting and recent concluded elections
    MACCO was strict . consequently this was not happened in presidential

  • 1

    Sri Lankans are NOT Modayas after all !
    They are late bloomers….and they woke up from a bad dream, obviously much WISER !!!

    The US and UK do not have any interest in our tiny Island S/L
    They ( US & UK ) have their own Political Agenda & problems to look into.

    Please leave these two great countries alone…Why don’t you guys mention anything
    about Frog Eating Chinese beggars ?

    Thank God MR the Rogue and the Chinese Stooge is gone, otherwise Sri-lanka
    will be a Chinese Colony.

    God Bless the Sri-lankan Voters.

    • 4

      Suresh Samarasinghe

      “Sri Lankans are NOT Modayas after all !”

      Nopes, you still have 4,732,669 of them, nearly quarter of the population.

    • 0

      @Suresh Samarasinghe

      “The US and UK do not have any interest in our tiny Island S/L They ( US & UK ) have their own Political Agenda & problems to look into.”

      Sure, they have their own agendas.. but you seem to be quite ignorant of those agendas

      DO try to read a good book on superpower rivalries in the Southern Indian Ocean – perhaps you might learn something that will prevent you from writing stuff like the above

      Ha! ha!! you even call them “great”.. !!!

      • 1


        “DO try to read a good book on superpower rivalries in the Southern Indian Ocean”

        Since the demise of USSR I am told that there is only one supper power with competing regional powers.

        Could shed some light on super power rivalries.

  • 1

    Most comments are missing the point. That includes
    the writer who appears to be in a muddle.

    A close look at the results show all the minorities
    have voted overwhelmingly for United National Party.

    The dubious credit for that should go to Lord Gotabaya
    Rajapaksa, the killer who ruined everything. He has
    sold his own brother Mahinda down the line by doing
    all the killings, abductions, crack down on the
    minorities, creating the BBS, using intelligence agencies
    to his advantage and last but not the least becoming
    the monarch of all what he surveyed. This security guard
    turned 7-11 manager was not fit to be a clerk but he ran
    the Ministry of Defence with his own cronies.

    The question is whether an RW government will pursue the
    investigations that were started with much fanfare. That
    naturally includes the Wasim Thajudeen murder.

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    “A very Good Product, Bad Tempered and Attitude CEO, Bad General Managers and Marketing Managers, Wrong Choice of Words, Bad Campaign and a crazy set of Sales Representatives!”

    Sirajul Anam – you missed a critical point.

    The consumers (voters) have decided that the product has passed it’s shelf life and sell by date.

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    I may be wrong, but I did a quick math on old First Past the Post and I get 74 for UPFA and 69 for UNP in 20 districts. Can you guys check the funny math? Just telling you that it was not a landslide nor a rout as some journalists are saying. One says it was a “mauling”

    PR worked really well to represent individual votes correctly. This is what I recorded from Island election results by district. Can a number cruncher VERIFY this for me please?

    1 Apura 5 2
    2 bdulla 0 9
    3 cmb 5 10
    4 digam 1 3
    5 galle 9 1
    6 gampaha 8 5
    7 hamban 4 0
    8 kalutara 7 1
    9 kegalle 4 5
    10 kuru 11 3
    11 kandy 1 12
    12 matale 2 2
    13 matara 6 1
    14 moneragala 3 0
    15 neliya 0 4
    16 pnarua 1 2
    17 puttlam 1 4
    18 ratnapura 5 3
    19 trinco 1 1
    20 vanni 0 1
    UPFA 74 UNP 69

    Whatever doubts we had about the PR system worked to represent individual votes better than the british first past the post system. But UNP also should not ululate and shout about a landslide and therefore GOVERN with equanimity and dont become the thugs they became after a few good years when they won 5/6th in 1977 or how MR’s gang became arrogant thugs after 2010 when the war was won. VERIFY my numbers. It is definitely a mauling compared to 2010 which was an anomaly because of the war victory. This is more like 1994

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    What really happened was MR swallowed the dead-rope given by Buruwansa, Uetath Ne Retath Ne Gammanpila, Dinesh & Bandula, who on their own strength will never be elected. The fooliosh SLFP’ers voted for the Betel leaf and their preferences of non-SLFPer candidates. That is why Buruwansa got so many preference votes. Had the SLFP contested on the Hand Symbol with an untainted set of candidates, with Maithripala sirisena leading the campaign, they would have won handdown and the likes of Buruwansa and Company thrown into the dustbin or shall we say the Landfill at Kollonnawa.

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