10 August, 2022


The UNP & Its Future

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Colombo’s Sunday newspapers published an article by me entitled “Why Prabhakaran Will Lose”, dated October 17th 2004. That was over a year before the changing of the guard with Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sarath Fonseka, Wasantha Karannagoda and Roshan Gunatillaka walking on to center stage.

It is with this experience that I see the acute similarity between the Karuna moment and the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe episode.

When the UNP is out in the cold for a long time after the next national elections of 2019-2020, as it has been in 1956, 1970 and 1994, future history will observe the similarity between the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe episode and the Karuna rebellion of 2004. That earlier rebellion could have been forestalled if the LTTE leader had listened to the civic leaders of the Eastern province who attempted to mediate. Instead he took the side of Pottu Amman. The Karuna rebellion failed, not least because it was betrayed by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga who instructed the Navy to permit a sea landing behind Karuna lines at Verugal, by Prabhakaran’s forces, in violation of the CFA.

Though the rebellion failed in an obvious sense, the Karuna breach marked the beginning of the end of the LTTE. Right now, it looks as if Ranil and the UNP’s neoliberal hawks have prevailed. But what was most significant, and quite irreversible, is that Wijeyadasa blew the whistle on the UNP government on the steps of the Ministry of Justice while leaving the building and the job, and those ideas, that critique, was carried on prime time news by every TV channel, right into the drawing rooms of the voters, including the UNP voters. And that is the schism, the fracture, which will catalyze the defection or neutral abstention once again as in 1999 and 2004, of the Sinhala Buddhist voters from and of the UNP.

Of course the UNP isn’t quite as dependent upon those voters as the SLFP or JO-SLPP are, but the UNP’s Sinhala Buddhist voters do make the difference between narrow victory and utter defeat. Wijeyadasa’s resistance was consequence, cause and catalyst of a tectonic shift of the Sinhala Buddhist vote, including that of the UNP, away from the UNP. Not all the Champikas and Sarath Fonsekas can put that Humpty Dumpty together again.

Today’s UNP is a party that hounds Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe but will staunchly defend Rajitha Senaratne. Today’s UNP, a party that prides itself on being the party of professionals and the educated, is a party that replaces as Minister of Justice, a President’s Counsel and a former examiner in the Faculty of Law at Colombo university who has also earned two PhDs, with a lady who has no academic or professional credentials that come within light years of the former. Today’s UNP is a party which scrapped the mandatory percentage of electoral candidates under age 35, a recommendation of the Youth Commission appointed by (UNP) President Premadasa in the aftermath of the JVP’s second insurrection and implemented by him.

All these changes stem from and reflect the perspective of the leadership. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe celebrated 40 years of politics recently. Of those 40 years, he has been the leader of the UNP for 23. That’s over half. These are exactly the 23 years that the UNP, which produced six leaders of the country under the Westminster and Presidential models, has not been able to lead the country even once.

Since the next presidential election is due only in late 2019, we can safely say that the UNP would not have had someone at the helm of national affairs for a quarter century. In democratic politics that’s a heck of a long while. And yet, the UNP rallies around this same personality. This corresponds perfectly to Einstein’s line that doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of lunacy. So what’s wrong with the UNP? And what is the core issue of the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe dissent and its suppression?

The UNP has turned its back on the three streams that fed it and ensured its victory.  It has therefore lost its identity. Those three streams are (I) the liberal-conservative agrarianism and welfarism of the Senanayakas (II) the Presidentialist strong nation-state of JR Jayewardene and (III) the patriotic populism and social democracy of Premadasa. Having ruptured with all three, the UNP is now following the vision of Ranil Wickremesinghe, which is one of Sri Lanka as a local branch of a multinational corporation; a local subsidiary of which he is (or becomes) the CEO. It is a vision which is shared by the Working Committee he has appointed and the parliamentarians he has given nomination to, but has not taken him or his party to the top because it is unacceptable to the country.

The key posts in the Sri Lankan state are occupied by a combination of UNP sympathizers who served during the CFA period of appeasement and those who didn’t but were since coopted by the West and India. They seek to end our national autonomy and integrate this island into the US-India-Japan strategic grid aimed at China (and Russia). The island is being penetrated, opened up and carved up i.e. semi-colonized, by these powers at the solicitation of this puppet government which is an elected version of those of Chiang Kai Shek, Batista and Ngo Dinh Diem.

Our lengthy chronicled history, among the longest continuous chronicled histories in the world, tells us of the invasions by the neighbor, driven almost ineluctably by the temptations of geography. And yet, through millennia the neighbor couldn’t carve a path deep into the Sinhala heartland, over the central hills and into the Deep South. It is only under this UNP that India (which has Tamil Nadu as an important component, shareholder and driver) could move into the Ruhuna and base itself there. A controlling share in Mattala airport will give India a runway and dual use airbase which permits direct flights from the massive Thambaram airbase in Tamil Nadu this far south into this island, allowing it to project power right into the rear of the Sri Lankan state and the Sinhala nation. Which other country would do this? This could only happen here, under the premiership of Ranil Wickremesinghe.

As a society, we are losing the capacity to reason, to think—which is why we are allowing our core national interest to be damaged. Worse still, rot has entered our collective soul as a nation. We disown our heroes or ‘damn [them] with faint praise’. The French resistance hero, postwar thinker and moralist Stephane Hessel authored a pamphlet in his last years which sold millions of copies, entitled “Indignez Vous!” which was translated into English as ‘Time for Outrage’. We Sri Lankans are no longer outraged. How do we recover our spirit, our soul as a nation– our soul that is being bartered away for foreign patronage and money, in a Faustian bargain?

Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, said that true wisdom is the ability to view the future retrospectively. Future Sri Lankan history will view the present Yahapalana government as a dangerous, degenerate, never to be repeated, grotesque aberration. It is Yeltsin’s Russia. It is Brutus’ ‘Yahapalana’ Rome after the assassination of ‘the tyrant’ Julius Caesar and before Mark Antony prevailed. It is the dark descent into servility to the foreign. It is the season of the nation’s fall.

Soon, we Sri Lankans will no longer own our country except in the most nominal sense of domicile and formal citizenship. Our sovereignty as a country and as citizens will be rendered a fake and fraud because we shall no longer control the destiny of this island. When and how do we get our country back, before it is irretrievably lost to us and to future generations?

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  • 11

    DJ remember Azwar, what goes around comes around, I hope some amount of closure for the affected people, a man of deceit, corruption and no morality

    • 12

      “I see the acute similarity between the Karuna moment and the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe”

      Ha ha ha ha ha ……………….

      There are people who see something in everything !

      So the Trojan Horse ploy failed eh? Do your crying in private, little boy. It’s mostly grownups here.

      • 5

        No Nimal, WR has got his back end cross implanted.
        He had been very different at the end of 2014.
        There, he did a great thing in chasing away the most abusive Rajapakshe thugs.
        But with the time, he had to change his mind, since all his grabs would also have to be revealed, if GOTA et al would be arrested for reasonable cases hearings. Like for every computer gimmick or the like trick playings, Rajapakshes thought, only wayout for them would be to keep someone in current govt close to them.
        So, former Justice minister MOST ABUSIVE goda perakadoruwa did the job.
        Evidence is – not even 24 hours after dismissal, he was seen sitting next to former mafia king but on a temple. Can you imagine ?
        He had always been sitting like that, even if he had been the minister of justice.
        I have to thank Mr Sarath Fonseka here, since he is the only honest politician I know today. he made it very clear from the beginning on that Goda Perakadoruwa is no means suitable for the justice position.
        God save srilanka. !

    • 4

      I dont think Azwer can be comparable with DJ s.

      Azwer is octagenarian while DJ is just sexagenarian.
      Latter has done nothing but rabblerousing to the manner no second to that of HLD from Australia.
      Even today, if DJ would look back, he would have nothing to be happy or satisfied with, since his energies have only been wasted for the sake of the surivival of Rajapakshes.
      His siamese twin -Rajeeva Wijesinghe would do the same. I heard him explaining today, that he thought he was the only person to have really worked for the country. Can you imagine ? Rajeeva is not team person. He is a prof but he cant get on with people easily. He is just good enough for University lecturing. Today, the man has been caught in bween, country loses the knowledge of a professor, while the kind of men with KNOW ALL nature would NOT be a match for lanken style crapy politics.
      May be RW could do lot more if he further remained in the UK.
      His faceted thinking is unique to him, but in the same time, I feel the kind of men dont see their knowledge and the importance of it for the benefit of the country.

  • 9

    How sweet of DJ to make time to put the knife into the body UNP. Truth is that he is not counselling the leadership as he once did many many moons ago. So fair game. The part I liked best was
    ‘Future Sri Lankan history will view the present Yahapalana government as a dangerous, degenerate, never to be repeated, grotesque aberration.’
    ditto, ditto, ditto, the previous government of the Great Liberator.
    Pray the Gods of Lanka, we rid ourselves of these incompetent self-servers who carry-on to screw the nation.

    • 9

      Spring Koha

      ” we rid ourselves of these incompetent self-servers who carry-on to screw the nation.”

      Alright, alright, now what are you going to do about wannabe diplomats, pseudo political analyst, …….. yearning b***s carriers, and war mongers?

      • 4

        Can we do the same thing Ranil did to his b***s carriers, Ravi?

  • 6

    “Karuna moment and the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe episode”
    There is a world of difference between the two.
    Karuna was a person who did much to build the LTTE in the East, then fell out with the leader and left.
    WR? What did he do that was of value to the UNP-SLFP regime? He was thrown out.

  • 6

    CT you should add emoji’s into the conversation. Its so much easier to show this fool the middle finger.

  • 8

    This article clearly shows what a RACIST this Dayan Jayatilleka is. He has also become a “Sathrakaraya” predicting the future, when he himself could not predict his own future.

  • 4

    While I disagree with most if not all of what DJ stands for and represents…

    It is shocking that 23 years and never been able to lead the party to an outright victory! What a failure.

  • 9

    What tender concern Dr. DJ displays for the UNP’s future! Why not display the same interest in the fortunes of the EPRLF, which actually made him a Minister?

    “They seek to end our national autonomy and integrate this island into the US-India-Japan strategic grid aimed at China (and Russia).” The fact is that it is the Chinese who have the most influence. It will grow even further, because DJ’s patriotic heroes borrowed up their stupid eyeballs. What can one do with non-performing liabilities like jungle airports, empty harbours and conference cetres, highways to nowhere, etc, but sell them back to the lender? At least I hope the Chinese will remove MR’s name from all the name-boards.

    • 1

      Hi Old Codger

      >It will grow even further, because DJ’s patriotic heroes
      > borrowed up their stupid eyeballs.

      The numbers say other wise.
      30% increase in govt debt from 2015 to 2017 ( frm below 31%=( 97-74)/74)

      Govt Debt: (in Millions
      2015: LKR 7, 400,000 (approx from graph below)
      2017: LKR 9, 700,000 (approx from graph below)


      GDP has flattend after steep growth prior to 2015

      • 3

        Hi sbarrkum,
        “30% increase in govt debt from 2015 to 2017 ( frm below 31%=( 97-74)/74)”
        That’s exactly what I mean, loans to pay off loans.
        I believe much of what was done in the name of development was unnecessary and too hasty, and has not improved the quality of life.
        15 years ago, one could drive leisurely to Kandy in 3 hours on a 2- lane road. Now it’s a nightmare.
        If development means that I have to spend 2 hours going 8 Km, I am not interested!

  • 3

    Dear Smart Patriot and Soverign Citizen,
    You r saying
    “When the UNP is out in the cold for a long time after the next national elections of 2019-2020, as it has been in 1956, 1970 and 1994, future history will observe the similarity between the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe episode and the Karuna rebellion of 2004.”
    The out comes from the above mentioned 3 periods :
    1956 – Racial riots , killings,looting ,the minorities were sent to their tradional lands in the North & East.
    Kelaniya-Kandy March.
    Singning and Abortion of BC pact.
    Killing of a democratically elected PM by a Buddhist monk who belonged to a group headed by Buddharahita
    .Introduction of Srima -Shastri pact and its implementation.
    1970 : JVP uprising . Killing and suppression of poor youths uprising.
    Introduction of Republican Constitution and taking away Solsbury’s special provisions.
    LSSP & CP becoming hypocritical parties losing thei face among many supporters all over the Island.

    1994 – After Premadasa’s suppression of JVP through various means, and killing of Premadasa, majority from the South and North had lot of hopes with the Kumaratunges. But Vijay Kumaratunge was killed.

    Whether it is UNP or SLFP it does not matter. For them power at any cost even if it is at the expense of the country.
    For you Sajith from UNP is okay and not Ranil.
    Similarly Chandrika from SLFP is not okay but MaRa is okay.

    Dear DJ – PhD in political science, are you really better than Sumanadasa Abeygunawardne in predictions?
    Do you predict MaRa come back to power in 2019/20 with the dragon power full support from behind the scene.

    • 0

      The kelaniya Kandy march and the murderous 83 was done by the UNP. The UNP every time it comes to power, creates a harmful socio-economic environment in the country that gave rise to both ethnic conflicts and Marxist conflict.

      The 71 marxist insurgency was a result of the 65-70 UNP government policies. Same way 88-89 was a result of the dictatorial and anti democratic JR governance of the 80s. The ethnic conflict follows the same pattern.

      After a decade of MR, all the ethnicities united as one to bring so called ‘CHANGE’ because there was less friction between ethnicities even with BBS.

      Now you will see under UNP, the ethnic friction has in fact increased.

  • 3

    It is for sure, Maithripala sirisena is the decoy for Yahapalanaya fraud. Now MY3 also has leraned the strategy and he is silent for most of the corruptions, incompetancies, mismanagements etc., Now he has become a minister for opening buildings and various schmes for Polonnaruwa. Yahapalanaya is run as per CBK, Mangala, Ranil and Civil society – NGOs’ wishes. CBK is thinking she is an political expert and is addressing only the English speaking audience. Mangala is worse than the worst criminals in Welikada. He in California said, since 1948, they did not do anything except screwing up the country. Even in Sri lanka, he accuse everything for rajapakse faults and what ever he says is lies. All the voters are in the dark. All the govt policies are to satisfy the wishes civil soceity NGOs, India and the West. Ranil’s only major national question how to become the President. President’s national question is how maneveur among Jackal Opposition, Ranil and Mahinda Rajapakse. Ranil is always tryong to undermins MY3. MY3 is always trying to pretend he does not see or hear anything wrong with the horapalanaya. All the Anti-sinhala forces are screaming about how to preserve the horapalanaya and Central Bank robbery is nothing for them. For the central Bank robbery, only prosecutuon will be I Know Nothing Ravi will come back later than sooner in another ministry. Perpetual Treasuries will be fined for not giving all the information and deleting phone conversations that would affect UNP leaders. Right now, Mangala Is bringing a PRESS control Legislation. That will effectively shuts even the little information that is brought by the press.

  • 6

    What a joke..
    UNP has produced some good leaders …SLFP too ..but what Dr DJ is trying do is to tarnish good name of RW. Why is it for his personal revenge? Nothing else ..
    Compare MR and co and Ranil .? How far both are difference?
    MR for his luck defeated LTTE and yet left the country bankrupt?
    Looted all public money ?
    Still DJ says no word about it ?

  • 3

    “Soon, we Sri Lankans will no longer own our country except in the most nominal sense of domicile and formal citizenship. -Dayan Jeyatilake.

    Dayan Jeyatilake,
    I don’t know whether you understand the difference between ownership and power changes. Srilank lost its independence over 2000 years ago with the arrival of Viyaja and Buddhism from India. What happened after that was power (ruler) changes and it never regained its ownership back.Until 1500 the land was ruled by those who immigrated from India and other foregin invaders Sinhala, Tamil & Muslims. From 1500 onwards the power changed to European power invaders. In 1948 British transferred their power but the government structure reamined with the same structure. In 1958 we brought Indian army. in 1972 we brought Indian army, In 1987 we brought indian army, in 2009 we brought Indian army, Chinese Army, US army to kill our own people. Is that independence? LTTE is the only army who fought against Foregin army, not Sinhalese army.

  • 1

    UNP is a big failure this time. I think Ranil will quit politics this time. Rajitha Senarathne is screaming because he wants to be the Prime minister. I think, CBK, Mangala etc., did not like WR. That is why he was let go. WR’s past does not go with the CBK and Mangala’s program. Ranil is OK with anything as long as he is the prime minister and he contest Preseidency one day. Penthouse Ravi is simply a self-acknowledged thief. Yet, he was not arrested, his ministerial privileges were not taken. Now, he acts like as an unofficiaj minister. On the other hand, WR was fired just because of alligations and nothing else and there are so many excuses to counter argue that WR did not do anything wrong. Anyway, Sri lanka, at present, is a failed country.

  • 3

    Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka starts “Colombo’s Sunday newspapers published an article by me entitled “Why Prabhakaran Will Lose”, dated October 17th 2004”.
    Anyone who says “I said so” is a bankrupt.
    Did DJ expect so many countries to actively taking part to ensure defeat of LTTE? These countries saw a potential threat in a benevolent corruption free government in their midst.
    The man quotes Jonas Salk, “………… true wisdom is the ability to view the future retrospectively……”.
    Did our predicament start with the language/religion divide?
    The man concludes “………..When and how do we get our country back, before it is irretrievably lost to us and to future generations?”
    Try to eliminate the language/religion divide. You cannot eat that cake and keep it Dayan.

  • 1

    What a Bitch……That cost the lives of poor Reggie and thousands of low caste poor Tamils in Batti……..Vellala TNA still wants the East……. That is another story………..Dr Ranil now boasts that he is selling Kandy to Japanese………..I don’t mind the Japs……But Naduans running Mattala Airport will be a disaster……..I was in Madras a few years ago…….I had to step over Turds even in the the middle of the road every morning on my power walk……That was right in front of the Madras Police Station……..

  • 3

    Thero had, for a change, got out of preaching and red the horoscope of Deal. Interestingly, when he was reading Deal’s horoscope he had come out lot about UNP’s future. Though interesting, not surprising to Hindus as they have been lucky always when had shown their hands to the astrologer, he/she many times have accurately described the unborn or never born son’s wife’s face and characters. Though Thero is as good as in readings like preaching, in one incident he missed – that was to read his own to find out when Varadhar going to run to India, before he join the EPRLF. But still we know even the greatest fortune tellers’ the lizards happen to fall in soup bowls. So we can excuse Thero on that.

    Nevertheless there are similarities between Kaurna’s departure and Deal’s departure. They both went into as heroes but left as corrupted zeros. Karuna was used by government as the traitor. Deal was used by Old Royals as their mole in UNP. We still can use Karuna’s similarity in another one, not for UNP, but for SLFP. Whether what he did was right or wrong, it is said Kaurna’s departure with maps devastated LTTE. When Deal abandoned the Old royals he worked with UNP and bought down Old Royals. There is a good comparison exists in that but it is “Karuna-SLFP: Deal -Old Royals”. That one is too hard for Thero to remember. Other than that Thero’s card reading has no political value. Unlike Thero, who red Deal’s chart and predicted UNP’s future, there is in CT our political-logical conclusion posted already, that as Deal had exploited his opportunities in both UNP & SLFP, Deal may face Thero’s end after leaving UNP.

  • 3

    Neither one can expect current JVP leadership buying Deal’s extremisms nor can one think of JVP catch up the two mains any sooner. That is why this a meaning blah blah: Colombo’s Sunday newspapers published an article by me entitled “Why Prabhakaran Will Lose”, dated October 17th2004. That was over a year before the changing of the guard with Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sarath Fonseka, Wasantha Karannagoda and Roshan Gunatillaka walking on to center stage.
    Thalatha is not a comparison to Deal. There is no question. Still I do not know if Felix Dias was needed for her to get into law college or and air condition room needed for her to write the exam. If they too are anybody in learned law and Politics, Thalatha will have a mountain of opportunities to prove who she is. In Yahapalanaya, Deal was carrying the burden or the accusation of protecting the Old Royals. Thalatha may not be left alone on that. New King and Ranil will be voluntarily sharing it under her administration JM.

    ”A controlling share in Mattala airport will give India a runway” A naval base is much more robust than an airbase. Future is for Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. They will be launching all misallies, but not the planes. China is holing Colombo Pong Cing, Colombo Port, Hangbangtota port, Countries entire arteries- i.e. all highways, vast area of land in Hangbangtota and Maduro Oya and anything it will be acquiring in future from Yahapalanaya. This will give an upper hand for China to stop India flying even commercial flights from Matala Rajabh Bachan Air Port.

  • 1

    Ranil is a lawyer and he is not an economist. Only thing he is using his position to go to every conference on economics and try to learn. Even when he began canvassing for Horapalana govt he was boasting about Ten million jobs. HE produced nothing. Now he is talking about 20,000 jobs. Ranil Talks very big. but, his production in tha past has been selling profitable govt businesses such as Insurance corporation to the Lowest bidder of his party. Now, iin this govt, he is selling some profitable govt business to get money and balance the budgest. If not why he has to lease the Hambanthota port for 99 years. Mnagmement by foreing businesses is not new to the world. but, giving away for nothing for 99 years is just prostituting the country because, it is cash strapped. Ranil is not suitable for a prime minister except foe the fact he was a relative of JRJ. Otherwise, he is OK for a minister and, probably, better for the foreign minister post.

  • 3

    “Karuna Rebellion” ha ha what joke. This guy can twist and turn>>>>Karuna was enticed with cheap prostitutes and arrack …..by the then UNP govt>>>> then Gota went one step further with a fake Diplomatic passport. >>>>>>>so much for Karuna rebellion.

  • 3

    Very interesting article! Have you given a translation to Sinhala newspapers? Many young Sinhalese like to know what’s going on within the UNP! Thanks again.

    • 3

      Sri Lankan

      “Many young Sinhalese like to know what’s going on within the UNP! Thanks again.”

      Many young Sinhalese roughly know not only what is going on in UNP, but SLFP and other parties too.
      The Only one who has refused to be informed is the war monger and official war crime denier the public racist smart ass patriot Dayan.
      Please inform him of what is happening in and around this island.
      Man on his own lives in the cloud cuckoo land hoping for the forthcoming JO’s putsch in Nugegoda.

      You should wake him up.

  • 0

    the unp had to seek assistance from china and india only because there was no other way to pay off the massive debts incurred by the jarapaksa white elephants
    it is hardly likely they would do battle on sri Lankan soil so there is nothing to fear from seeking help from both
    as regards wije you got it wrong.
    he wanted to be sacked so as a martyr he could join the JO in the hope of becoming their presidential candidate. just wait and see

  • 0

    This man DJ is always a boot licker; First he starting with Vatharajaha Perumal, then moved to Premadasa and then to MR. He started to get close to Prez Sirisena to lick his boots but perhaps Prez was not keen. Everyone knows that RW is a man who does not keep many people around him and so DJ could never get close the RWs boots and so he attacks RW and the UNP allround. Remember RW was Premadasas right hand man after Cooray and DJ had no problems with the UNP then

  • 3

    you have rightly said ..
    I too noticed it ..
    Ranil did not give him any post or he did not welcome..so
    he wants to revenge him..
    Ranil and DJ dispute has been for many years…He is not an objective writer at all …let us examine both negative and possible aspect of Ranil ..
    I’m not Ranil fun either..yet, still I should say the truth ..
    Ranil did not loot public money ?
    he does not have chosen to save money.
    he works for the country nothing else ..
    he is lucky too in politics.
    I thought 2010 he should step.down but what happened he waited ..waited ..waited ..then came his luck ..
    he is honest ..it is INDISPUTABLE..
    But he is crafty like his uncle
    he is cunning as his uncle
    he is foxy like his uncle .
    It is politics..what you expect from him ..

  • 1

    DJ’s articles are very biased. Since this government came into power he is a very depressed man. You cannot compare a fall out inside a terrorist camp ( Karuna and Prabha) to that of a fall out inside a political party (Wijedasa and UNP) and forecast future national election results. Generations keep changing and also drumming the same old tune of winning the 2009 war under so and so to use as a election winning campaign too will be a thing of the past and also it did not work in the last election. The next election needs fresh faces who are professionals like Dr Harsha and not anti social elements like Weerawansa and other political henchman who make up the JO. Also there should be a retirement age too, to get rid of the old horses who are just power hungry.

  • 3

    So extreme & stupid to compare Karuna & Wijayadasa Rajapakse. Karuna was a giant in the LTTE while WR was no one of any special importance in the UNP. . Admitted that he latterly acted & did his best to sound like a ” Maha kalu sinhalaya “( probably under DJ’s instructions considering the drama that is unfolding now ) but this was only recently. He started off as CBK’s prodigy & never adhered to Wimal Weerawansa kind of rhetoric.He did not suffer any injustice at the hands of the UNP. No body who criticised the party & the leadership the way he did in his Lankadeepa interview can expect anything else but expulsion.

    DJ going off at a tangent as usual.Must be disappointed that the mole is no longer there to protect MR & clan whom he is desperate to bring back to power.

    & what ever you say about RW his knowledge about Buddhism & History is far superior to that of MR.He has an occasional slip of the tongue & the media has made the most of it but those who are close to him know about his vast knowledge.

  • 0

    I also leave a pinch of salt to Dayan, But SLFP or UNP, Following is very true.

    Soon, we Sri Lankans will no longer own our country, except in the most nominal sense of domicile and formal citizenship.
    Our sovereignty as a country and as citizens will be rendered a fake and fraud because we shall no longer control the destiny of this island. When and how do we get our country back, before it is irretrievably lost to us and to future generations?

    The real question is what are the real options available to us, short and medium term?

    There is an alternative, The only way any country has become developed is by promoting/developing it’s own business community!
    Encouraging them to raise money in capital markets and getting them to improve our infrastructure projects.
    Establish a level field that everyone can bid equally, Improve transparency, rule of law!

    Our business community has more than capability to do these projects, Look at Docklands, Aitken Spencer, Hayleys, John Keels…
    Cannot they build roads, tanks, clear garbage, generate electricity?
    Set up farms and produce food at cheap prices ?
    Run air ports, harbors?
    Why are we relying on FDIs? This is insane! Why on earth a FDI will come to a shit hole like SL!

    Public private partnerships!

    We have failed as a capitalist country because our legal system and bureaucracy is a complete mess!

    I feel Mahinda kind of had this idea, even though the path they took is utterly corrupted and disastrous.
    Selling national assets to cover sundry expenses is the worse crime UNP is doing at the moment!

    • 0

      Sirinath Gunarathne: RANIL- CBK and AVAMANGALA are a disaster to Sri lanka. they want to finish off even the little left over of the country.

  • 2

    Professional writer DJ:
    A. UNP will win the presidential election
    B. UNP will win the local government elections because of the split in the SLFP
    C. Clowns like GL P and others will say anything to cling to MR’s charisma and personality to get someplace. That bugger is a clown to his academic community now.
    D. You cannot win a presidential election. Minorities will not vote for MR
    E. Minorities are 30% of our voter base
    F. Sinhala UNP is pumped up and are 39% of the voter base
    G. MR can win a parliamentary election but NOT the next Presidential election
    H. Soon their corruption will be exposed with Thalatha at the helm
    I. Eelam will happen in 2018-19 with US help.

  • 2

    Mr DJ, The Island newspaper is very independent and quite critical of this Yahapaalana regime. Here is the first para from today’s editorial. It sums it all up. An arrogant man and his family would have taken this nation into a place where it has never gone before. The para says it all

    President Maithripala Sirisena is reported to have asked at his meeting with media heads yesterday what would have happened to the country if the outcome of the 2015 presidential election had been different. Answering questions in the conditional perfect tense can be tricky in that it involves counterfactual thinking. However, we can’t resist the urge to field the President’s poser. We believe that if there had been no regime change two and a half years ago, there would have been a political witch-hunt of unprecedented proportion with wheels of justice spinning madly and Sirisena would have found himself behind bars just like Sarath Fonseka, who dared challenge the Rajapaksas politically in 2010. Police bigwigs would have gone all out to conduct various probes against the very yahapalana leaders, whose boots they are currently licking very faithfully.

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