3 July, 2022


The Unreasonable Tax Increases To Be Enforced After May Day

By Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

No state can exist without taxes. A government needs revenue to carry out its functions and taxes are charged not only on the incomes of the rich but on goods and services used by the general population as well. Even essential items such as fuel, telecommunications, electricity and food are often targeted for taxation because such goods and services will be bought regardless of the price and therefore guarantees revenue. However, taxes have to be justifiable and reasonable. It is in that light that we should examine the tax increases that are to come into effect from 2 May 2016.

The international prices of virtually everything that we import declined after this government came into power in January last year. In 2014 the average price of crude oil was 96 USD per barrel. Today it’s around 40 USD. Wheat which cost 230 USD per tonne towards the end of  2014 is now around 165 USD. Milk powder which was over 5000 USD per tonne in 2013/14 is now around 2000 USD. Sugar which was 414 USD per tonne in 2014 is now 334 USD.  Steel which was 300 USD per tonne in 2014 is now around 90 USD or less. Urea fertiliser which cost 325 USD per tonne in 2014, is around 200 USD today.

During my tenure in office from 2006 to 2014, the international prices of all these commodities were much higher. Between 2011 and 2013 crude oil was consistently above 105 USD per barrel and went below 100 USD only after September 2014. The price of urea fertiliser reached 750 USD per tonne in 2008 and remained above 500 USD throughout 2011-2013. Steel reached a high of 1,265 USD in 2008 and until 2013, was always over 500 USD per tonne. Wheat went up to 440 USD per tonne in 2008 and sugar reached a high of 655 USD per MT in 2011 and the prices of both commodities remained high throughout my tenure in office.

Given the declines in the international prices of all commodities that took place last year, prices in Sri Lanka should have gone down significantly. In January 2015, the price of petrol was reduced from Rs. 150 to 117 and diesel from Rs. 111 to 95 in keeping with the reduction in the global price of crude oil up to that time. However though oil prices continued to decline further, the benefit of that has not been passed on to consumers. Going by the price of crude oil, petrol should now be less than Rs. 80 and diesel less than Rs. 50 per litre even after all the usual government taxes.

Though international sugar prices have declined since 2014, the government has not passed the benefit on to the consumer. The import levy on sugar was reduced to Rs. 18 with much fanfare in January 2015. But in September 2015, it was increased to Rs. 30. The international price of milk powder has declined by as much as 60% since I was in office. The yahapalana budget for 2016 fixed the price of a 400 gram packet of milk powder at Rs. 295 which means that the retail value of a tonne of milk powder in Sri Lanka is Rs. 737,500 when the world market price is something like Rs. 290,000. Leaving aside a small amount for shipping and packing, the difference is what the government takes as taxes and importers get as profits.

Just last month the price of wheat flour went up by Rs.7.20 per kilo due to an increase in the import levy in a context where the world market price of a tonne of wheat has declined by about 40% since I was in office. In the case of items like milk powder and sugar, the government may claim that higher import levies were being charged to encourage local production. However, merely increasing the import levy is not going to increase local production. Import substitution needs a programme of action with targets to achieve and good publicity to obtain maximum public support. The present government has no such import substitution programme. All they seek from higher import levies is increased revenue.

While benefitting thus from lower global commodity prices, the government is now trying to increase the VAT rate from 11% to 15% and widen its applicability to hitherto exempt sectors like telecommunications, health and education. This will cause a 4% increase in the prices of goods on which VAT is already being charged and a sudden 15% increase in the costs of telephone and internet services, medical specialist channeling services, medical tests, private hospital care, private education from nursery school to tertiary level as well as private tuition classes. The applicability of the 2% Nation Building Tax has been extended to telecommunications and electricity as well. Telephone and internet services will see the highest price increases as it will be hit by the VAT as well as the NBT. The NBT on electricity will bring in huge revenues because it will be charged from all users of electricity.

As resentment built up against the impending tax increases the president tried to pacify the public by saying he would rather send the economic advisors of the government home, than have burdensome taxes imposed on the people. Two or three days later, a yahapalana minister called a press conference and announced that VAT would not apply to essential items like water, electricity, pharmaceuticals, rice and vegetables etc. These were items on which VAT had never been charged anyway. But the impression conveyed to the public was that these items had been exempted from VAT by the president to provide relief to the poor! That is the kind of cynical deception that the yahapalana government has been practicing on the people from the very beginning. Electricity may be exempt from VAT but not from the NBT. There will be an all round increase in the cost of living as both VAT and NBT will be charged even from retail businesses with a turnover of more than one million a month.

This government made irresponsible promises at the presidential election in order to win votes. After winning, they had to fulfill at least some of their election pledges if they were to win the parliamentary election. For more than a year now the government has been borrowing heavily in the foreign as well as domestic markets to pay for the salary increases and various handouts they gave to win elections. I have pointed out earlier that after January 2015, the government has taken 7,436 million USD in foreign loans, nearly half of which (3,298 million USD) has to be paid back before the end of this year. That is apart from the hundreds of billions of Rupees the government has been borrowing in the domestic market by issuing treasury bills and bonds. Now the government is trying to collect taxes from the people to repay these debts.

Though the government has been saying that they have had to borrow heavily to pay off the debts taken by my government, that is not true. In 1977, Mrs. Bandaranaike left behind a debt to GDP ratio of 68.6%. When the UNP was voted out in 1994, this had increased to 95.1%. When President Kumaratunga lost to the UNP in 2001, the debt to GDP ratio was 103.3%. It was still 102.3% when the UNP was voted out in 2004. When I assumed office in 2005, it had declined to 90.6%. By the time I left office in January 2015, the debt to GDP ratio was 75.5% – the lowest since 1979. Even if the debt of all public enterprises is added to the government debt, the debt to GDP ratio will still be much lower than it was more than a quarter of a century ago.
Some ministers have been saying that people can afford to pay the extra taxes because salaries had been increased. However only government servants who make up 15% of the employed population got a salary increase while the remaining 85% who are either in the private sector or self employed, have not seen an increase in their income. On the contrary, they are grappling with reduced incomes and employment opportunities due to the economic downturn. The government is going to increase taxes because there is no money to continue implementing the reckless pledges they made to the voting public to win power. They actually expected vast amounts of Western aid to flow in to sustain their government. But no country gives aid to fulfill election pledges. The yahapalana government is now trying to find the money for their political survival through increased taxes on the very people they deceived in order to win power. This is another cynical trick on the part of a government that won power through, and is sustained by deception. This is why the people should rise up as one against the impending tax increases.

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  • 14

    We are used to a subsidy based and welfare type economy due to politicians like MR and every other leader. Also we not had a proper tax policy for decades. Even the Presidential Commission report on Tax was not released by MR and now by MS.

    We don’t want to pay for anything that we get since our mindset is to get everything free from the state. We also don’t want to pay taxes including some professionals.

    Look at agriculture for an example. Almost 40% of workforce in agriculture and contributes 10% to GDP. There is no reason to become productive or efficient because:

    1Guaranteed price for the produce from state
    2Free water and irrigation facilities
    3Heavily subsidized fertilizer
    4Ownership of land given free for some farmers
    5Free technical advice
    Etc etc

    We as a nation needs to understand that at some point you have to pay for all these services through direct and indirect taxes to support such luxuries and also to pay for corruption of politicians

    There is nothing called a free lunch and let’s get it into our head!!!

    • 15

      May be the bugger is now ona visit to Thailand planning his exile.

      • 9

        I think the bugger would well be welcome by Belaru and Swaziland.

        Today, powerful state ministers keep arriving the country, but MR was only dealing with lower ranking countries.

        • 5

          “”Today, powerful state ministers keep arriving the country,””

          You think they love you and they are going to adopt you?
          If that was the case then the taxes(VAT and Income Tax) which was held in abeyance until return of Ra Nil from China would have been rubbed off.

          they who come are the new breed of pawn brokers- In the west the interest rate is almost zero. 15/1/2015 Lanked pawned to India $1.5 billion for SLR. they refused to give more. Zimbabwe is the scenario.

          • 3

            Timbuttu OR Wambottu,

            so according to you, what you are saying is Srilanen state to be isolated as had been under MEEHARAKA Rajaakshe ?

            Can any state of the hungry kind be that powerful ? You guys feel so but in practical life, srilanka is an another hungry state for most of developed nations.

            Lately I happened to listen to a lanken TV program, there, they were proudly explaining that ” we the folks are the very powerful with our education- that is our brand”. May be these guys are not alert to statistics based on international analyses. How many of lanken univerisities belong to the top category of universities in the the region ?

            Just becasue few not even handful of lanken graduate to have made the country proud, we cant call lanken University and the education as a whole to be the best.
            MBBS docotrs are placed in much higher position than they deserve.

            • 2

              Raritythoughts or stupidthoughts,

              it escaped isolation and economic embargo playing its national pastime shape shape shape- your MR2 is the net result.

              Now it would isolate itself – Badagini!! No one is prepared to lend.

              when Dr. Raghuram Rajan gave Modi and his toadies a dressing for putting their hands in the jar of honey (it was just $266 billion reserve then now over $500 billion). and swapping $1.5 billion for SLR that was enough. He has been consultant for IMF for long and is expecting to be the next if IMF permits non whites.
              Even at Canada one has to spend 10 years university to become a lawyer- After Masters in Arts.
              Lankan university is low standard- Period.

              • 0


                what matters is the percentage right ? That we all are well aware of .. as learnt men/women.

                1) Do we have higher percentages of medical /GPs or specialitsts inthe country ? as my info say not even 1 medical doctor/200
                – not even 2 doctors/1000

                Do we have relatively higher percentages of statisticians and other professonals ?

                Do we have relatvely high precentage of psychologists/socialogists/educationalists/and other professionals?

                • 0

                  I am talking about apples and the 2 of you are talking about grapes.
                  Doctor or Engineer- in the continent we spend double British or your time at University to qualify as Graduates. Therefore our theory is better than yours or British. We have an official semester- work placement. The smart ones work with professionals from 2nd year at least 10 hours a week after campus hours- we don’t go on strike because we pay for our education Of course the government pays the bulk of the education cost which is at times 500-1000 times more than our fees depending on facilities.eg even at India if a student needs the latest book from USA it becomes available on request from Librarian.
                  Land of Associations is a term we in the continent uses to describe UK qualifications.
                  UK/SL spend half the time at University and later have to join an association/trade union then sit an exam to qualify and practice. This does not give you the theoretical strength and what happens in practice is commercial- best is that which sells. The British have the gift of the gab and they only praise their folk unlike you.
                  Engough said.
                  I have given the number of graduates in India and UK as a % of population some time ago on CT (a couple of times)and requested someone from Lanka to give me your figure but it seems everyone there is clueless

                  • 0

                    the trend from early 90’s is to study for 2 degrees at the same time in sciences or arts.
                    A Belgian friend of mine (both parents doctors) studied history of art BA and Law BA at the same time came merit in both (spent one year in another EU country to practice another language during that period ; exchange program)
                    Then studied International relations for PG then when he passed he joined foreign office and within 3 months was designated as first secretary in an African nation.- he has photographic memory.

                    There are several doing the double because competition is high.

                    The trend to become doctors or the traditional engineer is out.
                    Biochemistry, Marine biology, Biomedicine, etc is the thing.
                    Space engineering (Astro + Aero Engineering)
                    good luck.

                  • 0


                    ” Doctor or Engineer- in the continent we spend double British or your time at University to qualify as Graduates.”

                    What Continent are you talking About?

                    In case you have forgotten, Asia and Africa as well as others, are Continents too!


    • 20

      Mahinda Rajapaksa,

      RE: The Unreasonable Tax Increases To Be Enforced After May Day

      You idiot. Your let your idiot cronies and your idiotic ego run down Air Lanka and lose billions. Air Lanka alone done by yiu and their idiots has already cost each Sri Lankan family of four Rs.100,000 so far abd costs Rs.10,000 per year.

      Mattalala probably costs Rs. 5,000 per year.

      How much will the Port City Cost per Family per year? Rs 20,000 per year.

      Yes, there are still many Modayas are left in the country for you to fool, with an average IQ of 79, but they are far fewer now. Even in China it is hard to find Moda Chinese, and they made you a Modaya.

      Can you please commit suicide, Hara-Kiri, ritual suicide by disembowelment with a sword when disgraced, like you have been. Because of your policies, many Sri Lankans are commuting suicide every day. Why not you?

      • 2


        “How much will the Port City Cost per Family per year? Rs 20,000 per year.”

        But Ranil W says it is the core element of his “megapolis” (whatever that means) and the financial center of Asia.

        By the way my dear all-knowing Amarasiri, can you enlighten the readers a bit on this megapolis thing.


        • 4

          Amarasiri my friend… Port city is totally being built & operated by Chinese funds and they will pay loyalties to SL. So technically the port city will not cost anything to the Sri Lankans. However, the SL govt. have to pay the damages due to the delays caused by temporary halting of the project for nearly 15 months, and that is not MR’s fault

          • 7

            “”So technically the port city will not cost anything to the Sri Lankans.”

            Kondde Bandepu rilava.- year of the monkey!!
            I have chino Sinopec friends – nothing comes for free. Not even the BMICH was for free. You have no idea of Chinese accounting system- nothing exist as wholes and parts in their natural context.

            “the SL govt. have to pay the damages due …”
            the figure Xi informed Ra…gool gooool Nil.
            $150K flat no more.- which is pea nuts compared to $1.4 billion.
            There are contingencies that would be added in any case and go further up.
            UK Boris Johnson is the only man to have beaten the Chinese in costing and time of Olympics. On top of it he has a sense of humor so he is Chinese youth pin up boy.

        • 3


          “By the way my dear all-knowing Amarasiri, can you enlighten the readers a bit on this megapolis thing.”

          Amarasiri is no expert, but reads what is written and reported by others. There are “experts” out there. However, need to read between the lines to get the real story. It is like being a Christian, if you believe in Jesus, your sins(did you have sins to begin with given by Adam?) will be gone.

          Port City is a Sin given to Lankans by MaRa and his cronies. Will the Megapolis be a Sin to given to Lankans by RW and MS? Do not know yet. Ask the “experts”.


          Sri Lanka Megapolis plan downsizes China Port City

          CITY PLAN: One of the options proposed for the China Port city in the new Sri Lanka Megapolis

          ECONOMYNEXT – A structure plan to expand Sri Lanka’s capital into a ‘Megapolis’ of nine million people by 2040 has proposed a sharp downsizing of a ‘port city’ to reclaimed out of the sea by Chinese state firm.

          A concept plan for the Megapolis developed with Singapore’s Surbana Jurong has proposed a 90 hectare city with a marina instead of a 200 plus hectare reclamation protected by a breakwater originally proposed.

          “When you say Port City most people refer to the Chinese company that is developing the port city near the South Colombo Port,” Megapolis Minister Champika Ranawaka told a business forum on January 22.

          “But our port city is bigger. It is a maritime city that is planned from Mutuwal to Wellawatte. The entire area will be developed into one big city, with port related activity.

          “So we proposed to the Chinese to company to re-design their port city program to suit our Mega plan.”

          About 40 hectares of area had already been reclaimed from the sea.

          A concept plan for the Western Province Megapolis showed two options which will add either another 44 or 49 hectares incorporating a marina with no outer breakwater.

          It will fit with the existing ‘Colombo Downtown’ instead of being a self-contained area.

          “To cater for good connectivity and seamless extension, the development parcels at the Port City are planned based on a grid urban pattern which extends from the existing road network within the downtown area,” the concept plan said.

          “This grid creates a flexible framework with a series of land parcels that can be combined or sub-divided to meet requirements or cater to changing demands and allow the phasing of developments.

          “The Port City will be Sri Lanka’s most exciting and ambitious urban project designed to support continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in South Asia. It will raise the international profile of Sri Lanka while spurring growth and investment.”

    • 4

      Hey Mahindana Muthaya!

      Who is going to pay back the loans that you obtained from China for a massive interest rate? If you had built some useful infrastructure or developed some agricultural projects, they would have paid for themselves. But, you organised massive international trips, night races, helicopters and more. Even to pay interest, Sri Lankans have to work for many generations. As a dummy, you are reading papers written by dummies like GL Peiris and Nivard Cabral.

    • 6

      “Almost 40% of workforce in agriculture and contributes 10% to GDP. There is no reason to become productive or efficient because:….. “

      his and from 1956 was simple Mainland China Policy. Even today the gas at the pump is cheaper than USA. Though Oil has come down even in the west we see just a cent or 2 reduction. China uses it in other areas to undercut and flood western markets then increase price. Lanka does not have volume. Its a game of cheating. Even China town UK cheat a lot from the unwary 200%. If you go to China they have a special price for you and another for the European and a low price for themselves.

      Are you expecting an egalitarian, concept from Lanka when there are Hegel Eggheads who run the nation?
      Iceland fishing 5% of workforce and 30% of GDP- Its been robotics in that region from the 80’s as far as my visits.

      China placed importance in the farmer but once WTO opened doors Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore found a non striking hard working workforce therefore there was rapid rise.(They don’t manufacture Computer Processor but only 4 companies in the world)Chips are tested not at China at Taiwan etc Copy right. Chinese with other Yellows copied Iphone and market. Now with exports China is going back to farmer. Both Putin and Xi are concentrating on GM foods since commodity prices have gone ballastics.
      Lanka never saw agriculture and its related industry because all Lankan politicians are scumbags from 48. Having high qualifications alone does not help.
      The bumble Bee maker Rotterdam (2 largest in the world) is a cucumber farmer. When UNP came into power after land takeover of SirMao they gave a jeep and 100 acres to their catches who ended up cutting timber and exporting logs.
      lankan mentality cannot and will not change- WW1 &WW2 changed the way west thinks- you need to be bombed by other nations not by being cannibals eating own.
      i bet my bottom dollar on this concept.
      I hope Trump would do the lot of you if you don’t listen.

      Remember during Commonwealth non of you Lankas had the Gaul to go out in protest but hid in your women skirts- like the fathers of independence.
      Now when given the opportunity to vote you voted for Egghead MR2 as if MR1 was not Egghead.- Both are Hegel Eggheads and Ranil the wisdom of the foolish (Dao) carrying out revolution to free himself (money of course) and enslave the people.

      LANKA IS A LAND OF WARLORDS – 250 ARMY PERSONEL PER HEAD (ambude paddi aregene)

    • 2

      Why cant srilankaen authorities initiate the case with interpol in terms of getting this man back to srilanka for the Investigations?

      Sri Lanka’s former Ambassador to Russia, Udayanga Weeratunga, who is wanted in Sri Lanka over allegations he sold arms to rebels in Ukraine, has met former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Thailand.

      Weeratunga said in a statement today that he met Rajapaksa when the former President visited Thailand this week.

      The former Ambassador said that he has no intention of returning to Sri Lanka since “baseless” allegation have been raised against him by the Government.

      The Government had removed him from diplomatic service and has sought to question him over the allegations that he sold arms to the rebels in Ukraine.

      Weeratunga however denied the allegations and added that he now lives in Ukraine and if such claims are true the Ukraine Government would have arrested him.

      He said that the Government has frozen his accounts over false claims and he hopes to raise the issue with the Russian and Ukraine Governments.

      Weeratunga also said that he will gather support among Sri Lankans living in Russia and Ukraine against the Government. (Colombo Gazette)

  • 20

    What are you now ? Turned into Journalism with the help of copy and paste??

    Please just get the hell out of our lives you sinner.
    Go and write in your mouth piece papers who will write LIES AS YOU WANT. No more we know your dark side .You and your family are the WRECKERS OF OUR COUNTRY.

    CREATED !!

  • 7

    This kirimatimola now only turn them further but in favour of him.

    If not for tax increases, how could he have rsolved them ?

    Now the current DUO must not stay further silent, they have to unmask the most devious MR for the sake of the nation. Yesteday President has already added with some details as to why MR held elections two years earlier.
    President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday fired on all cylinders at MP and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, exposing the latter’s past ill-doings and sinister intentions and warned any comeback bid for an oppressive and corrupt rule would be a pipe-dream and strongly thwarted.

    The stage for Sirisena’s scathing attack on his former boss-turned-nemesis whom he defeated at the 8 January 2015 presidential poll was the breakfast meeting with editors and came ahead of a much-speculated showdown of the strengths of opposing camps within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party during May Day rallies.

    Taking the bull by its horns, President Sirisena inquired from media heads whether anyone had asked Rajapaksa why he decided to call for a presidential poll two years ahead or whether the former President had explained his reasons.

    “If he hadn’t, he would still be President,” quipped Sirisena, and listed avoiding humiliation from the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva in March 2015 and effects of a global economic crisis on Sri Lanka as two reasons for Rajapaksa’s early call for polls.

    “Their past regime was corrupt and oppressive and I knew what the Rajapaksa clan was planning if they won the election. Out of sheer fear and contempt and in the interest of the country, I decided to resign and join hands with the Common Opposition for a change despite having opposed the UNP for 48 years,” recalled Sirisena.

    He described speculated efforts by Rajapaksa and his supporters to form a Government in Parliament as a pipe-dream.

    “There is no room for a Parliamentary coup and even if Rajapaksa conspires and secures 50 MPs out of 95, he cannot get the 113 majority without support from UNP Leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe or me, “Neither the TNA nor the JVP will support the return of Rajapaksa,” Sirisena opined.

    “Rajapaksa and his camp are engaged in an exercise to create a false sense of political instability and thereby drive fear among officials, law enforcement authorities and the Judiciary. The most striking remark during Rajapaksa’s speech at the Hyde Park rally was telling the Judiciary to notice the crowd. This was to instill fear among authorities currently engaged in probing bribery and corruption of Rajapaksas. The people were coerced or lured via money to attend the rally. But our intelligence revealed only around 11,000 were present,” said Sirisena.

    The President, who some political analysts claim has been losing his grip within the party, also claimed there was no crisis within the SLFP but that a small camp of corrupted people were devious and power-hungry despite their defeat.

    “The founder of SLFP, the late S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, wasn’t corrupt, he didn’t amass wealth but mortgaged his Rosmead Place residence to raise money for elections. He didn’t promote family nepotism or rule. During the Rajapaksa regime, the brothers took decisions before coming to the Cabinet. They reigned with corruption and oppression. Is this what the SLFPers want to return to the Party and the country?” queried President Sirisena.

    He said despite being the defeated presidential candidate, Rajapaksa was provided with military security, something unheard of internationally.

    «However Rajapaksa is using State resources to go around temples and rallies to topple the very same State. How dangerous and ridiculous is this?» pointed out President Sirisena, who expressed regret over some media outlets› extra prominence to an ousted and corrupt leader like Rajapaksa.

    Sirisena said that among his priorities during his term was to prevent the return of such an un-democratic and corrupt leader to power or election of such a Government in the future. «This is why we passed the crucial 19th Amendment exactly a year ago, facilitating the establishment of Constitutional Council and independent commissions to ensure democracy, good governance, meritocracy, transparency and accountability,» the President emphasised.

    President also said lack of clear majority at the 17 August general election was a strong mandate from the people for the two major political parties to work together in the national interest and ensure good governance, unity and sustainable and equitable development.

    «In fact that our election manifestos promised a national government and the people voted expecting the major parties to work together no matter how challenging that may be,» Sirisena said.

  • 15

    My foot, unreasonable taxes ?

    A man who continuously abused lanken carrier for his jolyful trips- holding aircrafts weeklong landed – knowing the gravity of the losse (increased to over 100 billions already by mid of 2014)

    Talks about the the side of general public… this man deserves only a long jail sesssion allowing him to sense all the high profile abuses deliberately carried out for this nation.

  • 14

    Mahinda Rajapakse,

    I remember when you were president, you defied instructions from the Sarath Silva- led Suprene Court and kept the prices of petroleum products high, at a time when oil prices were low. How can you forget this?

    How can we forget that many factories closed down because of your thoughtless policies-both internal and external.

    Your infra-structure projects did not lead to island-wide industrial development, as one would have expected. Why?

    You ousted the minority partner-Emirates- from Sri Lankan to appease your personal ego and ran it into heavy debt.

    You borrowed heavily, promoted corruption and created unproductive projects which are a burden on this country. Can you give an estimate of how much debt you left behind and how you were planning to repay, given your track record on productive development? May be this government can learn somethings they do not know, from you!

    Why did you name all the projects you completed, after you? Did you think that you were our sovereign lord and master?

    Incidentally, can you tell us why you did not implement the Tissa Vitharana select committee report, and why you initiated that diversion?

    Indeed we have much to learn from you.

    Please ask your ghost writer to be more careful when drafting such essays.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 3

      There is no argument that lot of money was wasted, Could you show me any sensible report that under Mahinda Rajapakse economy as a whole deteriorated or any international agency including IMF is criticizing the monetary policy then?

      People jump to sling mud here, but few bothers to analyze what the man says!

      Have you guys thought by any chance what would happen to SL in the crude prices start to go up?

      This government need to reduce the waste if it has to survive!
      Paying rent where government have their own properties,
      400 million Mercedes for politicians?
      5000USD to rent a house!
      Alleged dealing in Central bank?

      Should we not tell the government to bring the house in order?

      The suppression of media is in the agenda!
      Subjective application of law to henchmen!

      Are we not going back to the Mahinda system with new faces?

      Does that not worry anybody than blaming Mahinda for everything?

      Are we allowing the same cycle to continue again or try to influence this government to correct it’s path?

      • 10

        Srinath Gunaratne,
        No where have I said that everything this government is doing is right. However, they have set the right tone. This is undeniable. The government is yet trying to find its feet in many areas. Inhopebitbwill do so, within this year.

        I do not think the oil prices will go up soon, considering the shale oil discoveries in the US and its increasing capacity to export, Iranian oil has also started entering the market. There is bound to be cut throat competition to market oil within OPEC and this will also keep the oil prices low for at least a few years .


      • 7

        Man, just talk to JVPers..

        And CB and get them directly.

        Some are still being analysed.

        5000 MILION of dollars from tsunami donations that hte poor of poor were gotten, were abused by MARA et al.

        Please talk tot he bodies direclty, we dont have time, to gointo details.
        You will get them clearly…from the respective bodies.
        Few handlful of issues that Mr Sirisena to have done are big for you… but to neglect mountain wise wastages intentionally done by Srilanken and other insittutes.. on the cost of tax payers are neglected by you… .. what contracdictory thoughts… are u either full sick or .. born fool not to count a and b.

        You as a retired person may have plety of time to hang on cleaning MARA but please see it right LET ALONE today.. never give a chance any kind of culprits to abuse you… be them sinhalaya or tamil mistatkes are mistakes basta

      • 4

        I wish I could know from what end you Srinahth have been talking.

        Were they any anatomical changes in your not knowing the realities or making every efforts further to hide them for the sake of maruwath gahuwath Rajata.

        Why to jack a man who is defeated by every means – had he done his best given the chances, he would hav ebeen kept like a god by the people.
        Today, the bugger has lost similar to Gadafi shortly before being found on drains.

        Vibrations made by them having run night car races are now leaving them aftershocks…. there the buggers even ignored Malwathuchapter s opinion – itwas like a beliatta bazaar FOR THEM, but for the people it was too much it was too much.. today he has to pay all the sins

      • 4

        Srinath Guneratne, you may actually want to WAKE UP! Assuredly you have been having one long sleep!!!

      • 1

        /any international agency including IMF is criticizing the monetary policy then?/

        They doctored the books! Don’t you remember the massive economic growth we had in Sri Lanka????? I am sure the whole country is looking around for all possible hiding places to locate this growth that was!

        • 3

          since 9/11 Lanka has followed the illiberal democratic path of the west.- faulty economics.

          So they would be singing hosanas to the west.

          School teachers daughter former finance minister present IMF chief wants to extend her position in July because she is woman But nothing else. She has Merkel backing but Trump in November would change all that.

    • 3

      Please expose as much as you can. We guys have no prima facie evidence us being out of the country. But I believe all what JVP and other men have claimed and submitted are not just accusations. Those allegations will be proved in the next few months. If not all over 90% of them should be correct.

      We the ones living on the west and pay visits to home, we can see it the way they lived and today s guys live.

      I had no doubt the EXTRAVAGANZa LIVED by Rajapakhe woudl have left us empty.
      By today, economists have proved it.
      Last November 2014, I was there, the manner they sowed peoples poor money for their prestige putting the placards of living god (making him a fool king) was beyond all ridicules.
      It was like his reign…..
      Now those guys that talk from tehir back ends …. should have not even 2 brain cells actually.

    • 1

      I don’t know what were the factories you were referring to, that were closed down during MRs regime. You are making a generalized claim without any specifics. During MRs time the labour costs (average salaries) have gone up substantially and as a result most local industries could not survive with the high production costs. Same has befallen to our tea industry.

      The infrastructure projects initiated during Mrs tenure have been aimed at developing the country’s service industry and NOT for any industrial developments. Going forward, under the current economic environment, this is the most appropriate plan of action for SL economic development. Even the current administrations is also pursuing the same path of infrastructure developments to facilitate the services industry rather than creating production factories. Take the ECTA for example.

      Emirates a minority partner of the Srilankan air deal?? heh heh. To My understanding it was Emirates the ones who were in the driving seat rather than Srilankan! And for a sovereign nation, having its own flagship airline is some kind of a national pride. That is why MR broke the Emirates deal and tried to make it totally a Srilankan venture. Hey, I agree, as usual, everything within Srilankan fell apart as usual in the usual Srilankan way, and that is a different story altogether.

      About heavy burrowing and how much to pay back…etc. etc. please access the SL treasury website and read the 2014 Budget, you will get your answers. There are no surprises.

      Finally, please understand that, every leader from Obama to Mugabe, everyone has a ghost writer. Nobody comes up with their own policy write ups.

      • 1

        Visit the Biyagama Industrial Zone . You will see a sample.


        • 2

          Dead rat Dr..the stupid are always cock sure.

          “at a time when oil prices were low. How can you forget this? “”

          nowhere not even China or USA have the prices of gas at the pump been lowered though the price of barrel is less than half.

          Its called balancing act- nothing exist as wholes and parts in their natural context.

    • 3

      Ghost writer indeed, for it is almost certain this last President of our country did not have the capability to string a sentence together, except in foul words!

      The white elephants at Mattala (airport), Hambantota (inland Harbour), Rajapakse non-playing stadium, the Rajapakse Nelum Pokuna, and other extrvaganzas far too numerous to mention – have all got to be now paid for by us. And it is not funny!!

      Can you beat it, building an inland harbour and bringing the sea in-land!!! Can you just beat that for stupidity?

      The best recourse left to this past president of ours is to shut up and wait. He’s been a blight we – the population – did not deserve.

  • 6

    The Rajapakse regime was indisputably the most corrupt, of all regimes since independence.

    It has left a legacy of indebtedness of the State of Sri Lanka to international money lenders, especially due to megalomaniac projects
    which were unwanted and unjustified considering the financial status of Sri Lanka, for the future generations/governments to repay over many decades.

    The former President’s above statement ignores reality and is an insult to the nation.

    • 4

      Most of all bugger to meet a person who is alleged to have been involved in illegal weapon handling… his cousin or someone by relatioship -Udayanga Wijethunga.. former president would not appoint the kind of men even to pluck coconut trees, but the unexpected became diplomats under the so called pragamatic leader s guidance (MR)- even toy pistol mayors became popular fo rnothign but to have decayed the loads of extrements left by Rajaakshe.
      His asosication were no better, today, we can point the finger at Mervin, but he was not the only person to have run amok with the direct negligence and indifference of former head of state. Today, one can discuss them openly, bu tthe days reinged by him, only white vans were waiting if you would have done something wrong according to them.
      Those were the days that the country faced all kind of harm… Rajakashe deserves jail sessions to stay forever … man is a wrong peg for lanken politics.

  • 6

    Hello Mr Ex President…

    How was your trip to Thailand?

    Did you try to convince your cousin Udayanga Weeratunga to come home? By the way does he still carry a Red Passport?

    • 1

      I think MR is still in Thailand or not ?`

      No media has revealed him to have returned to the island.

      Can anyone please confirm this for me ?

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    “ Mahinda has owned up to his mistakes. He has said ‘bale thiyanakota mole ne, mole thiyanakota bale ne’— when one has power one has no brains and vice versa”. – DBSJ

    References have also been made to the late Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that he entered the Rashtrapathi Bawan, the world’s biggest residence of a Head of State with one suitcase and he came out of the residence with the same suitcase, when he stepped down from his position as Indian President.

    MR has been alleged in these two as accountable: i) B/663/15 at Fort M.C. on Bank of Ceylon, Seychelles by M. Rajapakse & family ? ii) Greek Bonds purchase with names of Cabraal & Rajapakse in Petition Colombo M.C of 15.8.15 involving Rs. 1257 million ?

  • 1

    This article is by a half baked writer, to fool the Modayas and make them rise up against New Royals. After reading this(forthuanly Modaya crowd don’t read this) a big crowed, including Thero Dayan de Silva, Beggar Pieris, will be going to Kirulapone on May first to collect their Biryani Parcels. (But, one thing good about Thero Dayan de Silva is he will bring it here to share with us and we appreciate it too.)

    There is no explanation of the formulas used to price the local prices from these lot prices, that time and now. How the prices was subsidised earlier and for what the excess collected now, is used is the important part of the Analysis. If the earlier formulas had a 8% Chinese loans in the past(before Jan, 2015) & if now the collection is for repayment of it, then no point of bringing this story here.

    In 2013, just before the budget, the prices rocketed and JVP and UNP discussed with together to take a joint action. In 2014 November, the Budget was presented earlier than usual with unusual price cuts. Even the Parliament M.Ps. was trying to figure out how that game was being played. Hindunneti said in Parliament even his wife, a teacher by profession, was believing the price cuts were genuine and serious. But most of the benefits in the budget were to come into effect after the election. Just before Nuraicholai opening, the electricity prices went more than 200%. That is how these guys play games. Now fooling the Modayas, again.

    For some reasons, (may be for them to create a space to send out their share of $18 billion to out of the country) the New Royal just hide inside the holes to answer for these fraudulent writings. If the patient doesn’t complain why the doctor would issue a prescription?

    One thing is sure, even though this time too Old King has lost to Ranil, he knows how to capture the power.

  • 4

    This idiot does not know anything.
    One of his henchmen has written this.

  • 2

    Mahinda says, “This government made irresponsible promises at the presidential election in order to win votes.”

    Really???? So what else is new????

    Can you remember (among several other promises) how you promised to abolish the Presidency?

    You are a pathetic case whose cravings keep you securely locked in the suffering you deserve. Now please give us a break from your incessant attempts to create problems and go back to your Medamuluna palace and fawning sychophants.

  • 4

    Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa,

    After all the reprehensible things that occurred under your regime I am surprised that you have the gall to lecture the present government on how to run business. Your mismanagement of the economy, the utter waste and gross fraud committed personally by you and your family are well known. But you still shamelessly appeal to people about how to run the economy.

    My advice to you Sir, is to quietly fade away into the horizon with your ill gained lucre along with your infamous family and never show your face in public again. Thanks.

  • 3

    I just don’t understand why CT would publish articles “written” by MR. Of course there is press freedom and freedom of speech (unless you insult a leader of a friendly nation while you live in Germany!).

    I think MR has lost his rights to have access to any free media.

    You don’t agree? Ask any CT reader with an IQ above 80 if they believe MR was involved in the murdering anyone who opposed him, and then cleverly erasing all the evidence by murdering all the murderers by letting them move to the roof of the Welikada prison and open machine gun fire for several minutes (footage on youtube).

    We all have a clear hunch of how deep the Rajapaksa’s were involved in this underworld activities, including the CT staff who will approve my comment.

  • 1

    “I think MR has lost his rights to have access to any free media.”

    I don’t beleive in being frightened by the written word. I welcome all views as all Sri Lankans should, and see if there is anything we can learn.

  • 0

    Dear Sir, I am beginning to wonder if the current government is runnning the country better than you did with your ministers. We can see the IMF has approved another loan. Is this debt? We can see the port city recommencing. Hambatota harbour has been publicly acknowldeged by the UNP as being a good thing.

    I welcome the new taxes, though, as a means of raising government income. At the end of five years we should be in better shape, and with limited powers perhaps someone else could be Prime Minister? It will not matter.

    In church we have a special section for prayer for the government, no doubt you are aware, that we be ‘quietly and justly governed’. I suggest Catholics and Christians who stopped praying for the government on January 8th to please go down on their knees once again and pray.

  • 0

    Import prices may have gone down but export prices have gone down as well. These need to be subsided. A world wide recession has to be faces.the opposition is blocking taxes thatcreates problems.

  • 1

    Which rogue brought this tax in the first place.

    Bloody liar and thief

  • 1

    They have to make up for the billions of the public wealth robbed by you and your family both in cash and kind. Bensen

  • 0

    The following is a quote from the today’s Hindu:
    “Sri Lanka’s revenue from tourism rose to $2.98 billion from $349 million over the last six years after the island nation’s 26-year-old civil war ended in 2009.”
    Those who keep attacking Mahinda Rajapaksa should know that this is how one single political decision against all international pressure has a given tremendous boost to country’s economy.

    • 0

      Ruvan,Can’t you find a better source to quote.It is said that Cabba/ Pus Banda provides these false information.

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