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The Wahhabi Invasion Of Sri Lanka

By Stephen Schwartz and Irfan Al-Alawi

To many non-Muslims, the existence of an Islamic community on the island of Sri Lanka may be surprising. Sri Lanka has been known for the past three decades as the scene of an atrocious civil war. Its Buddhist Sinhala majority, with 69.1 percent of the national population of 21.5 million, was challenged by Tamils – 7.1 percent, and mainly Hindu in religion, whom the secessionist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or “Tamil Tigers” aspired to represent. The “Tamil Tigers” were defeated militarily in 2009.

But Sri Lanka also counts 7.6 percent of its people as Muslims, and among them, as elsewhere throughout South Asia, the spiritual tradition of Sufism is vigorously present. After 1973, and the Arab oil embargo that enriched Saudi Arabia greatly, the ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, which is the official religious interpretation in the Saudi kingdom, began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam. The Wahhabis in Sri Lanka act through a movement called Thawheed, or Monotheism. They opened numerous medresas. They despise Sufis.

According to M.C.A. Hameed, president of the All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen, a Sufi order whose name means “path of the fearless victorious,” Sri Lankan Muslims then began to find employment in Saudi Arabia, and many young Sri Lankan Muslims were awarded scholarships by Saudi universities. But “those who completed their studies returned to Sri Lanka and… propagat[ed] the ideology” of Wahhabism, Hameed says. Further, “to pursue their goal the Wahhabis resorted to violence and intimidation culminating in death and destruction. Our religious society… was not spared and had to face untold hardship.”

The All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen was founded in the late 1980s by Sheihul Mufliheen M.S.M. Abdullah, known as “Rah,” in the southeastern Sri Lanka village of Maruthamunai. It was registered as a cultural society with the civil authorities in 1989. The headquarters of Thareekathul Mufliheen is now located in the small eastern coast village of Kattankudy, which has 42 mosques. The order maintains branches around the island, and claims 15,000 members.

Hameed states that the “vision” of Thareekathul Mufliheen is “to expound the true meaning of ‘kalimathuth thayiba,’ the ‘fragrant sacred words.'” These words are “la ilaha illallah,” the essence of Islam, meaning “there is nothing but God.” In the teachings of Thareekathul Mufliheen, “This word Allah (God) denotes a great power, unbound by time and space, infinite and beyond human imagination. The creation is only the manifestation of this eternal truth and [is] not separate from it.”

This principle underlies the doctrines of Thareekathul Mufliheen, but its founder denied exerting any compulsion anywhere to embrace his views, given that each human being is free to choose a path of faith. In 1980, Abdullah (Rah) published a book in Tamil titled Imanin Unmaiyai Nee Arivaya, or Do You Know the Truth of Iman? – iman referring to Islamic belief. The country’s official Council of Islamic Scholars, the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, purportedly without reading the book or holding a hearing to examine it, published a fatwa or religious opinion on September 10, 1989, declaring Abdullah (Rah) and his followers as murtadd or apostates, who renounced Islam, in the judgment of the clerics.

Abdullah (Rah) filed a defamation suit against the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama in 1990 in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital. Many hearings later, in 1996, the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama revoked the fatwa and settled the complaint. In a similar act of discrimination, members of Thareekathul Mufliheen were denied registration of marriages and burial of the dead in conformity with Islamic practice, but through legal action these rights were restored, at least on paper. A book by Abdullah (Rah) translated into English, The Court of Reason, was published in 2010.

Thareekathul Mufliheen opened a Meditation Centre at Kattankudy in 1996. On May 29 of that year, at 1 A.M. in the morning, Wahhabi arson struck the building. Abdullah (Rah) and the members of the order were targets of shooting and grenade attacks, and other physical aggression, as well as threats. Worse was to come. On October 31, 2004, at 12:30 p.m., 500 Wahhabis organized under the title “Jihad” again set the Meditation Centre ablaze, destroying its library, along with homes and businesses owned by Sufis. Financial loss to the injured parties was considerable, and one Sufi was shot and killed while another was wounded by gunfire. Thareekathul Mufliheen’s president Hameed accuses police of assisting the assailants. Eight alleged perpetrators were arrested, but were released on bail with no further consequences. A complaint was entered at Police Headquarters in Colombo in 2004, and a subsequent protest was filed with the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission (HRC) in 2005.

The HRC found in favor of the Sufis, stating that their constitutional right to adhere to the belief of their will and choice had been violated, and submitting recommendations for redress to the Inspector General of Police. But Thareekathul Mufliheen asserts, “Sadly, the Police were inactive in implementing these recommendations in an equitable manner.” Still, the Meditation Centre and headquarters were rebuilt and a birthday celebration for the founder of the order was held on July 25, 2006, with 15,000 people provided free food.

Sheihul Mufliheen M.S.M. Abdullah (Rah) died on December 6, 2006. Wahhabi preachers from the Thawheed network and the armed “Jihad” incited the local clerics and politicians (Jamiathul Ulama Kattankudy, the Muslim Federation of Mosques, and the Urban Council of Kattankudy) to oppose his burial according to Islamic rites, in the Meditation Centre, as he was a supposed “apostate.” Another member of the Sufi order had died on December 1, 2006, was buried that day, and on December 2 was exhumed by Wahhabis on the same pretext and laid out on the soil. According to the Wahhabis and their accomplices, “apostates” could not be buried in Kattankudy.

The Jihadis, armed with lethal weapons, rioted after the death of Abdullah (Rah), bringing life in Kattankudy to a halt by a general work stoppage (hartal). Schools, government and private offices, banks and businesses shut down and some banks and shops were looted and burned. The official clerics of All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, Jamiathul Ulama Kattankudy, the Muslim Federation of Mosques, other Islamic organizations, and the Kattankudy Urban Council initiated a judicial argument on December 11, 2006. They denounced the interment of Abdullah (Rah) as defying Muslim norms and traditions and charged that Thareekathul Mufliheen had failed to seek permission from the authorities for the burial. The petition by the official clerics and Wahhabis was dismissed in 2007. But the Sri Lanka HRC declared in 2007 that it could not “interfere in the disputes between various sects of a religion” and recommended the conflict be referred to the Council of Ulemas – All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, or to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

In a separate controversy, the Urban Council in Kattankudy had ordered the dismantling of the minaret at the Meditation Centre, as an “unauthorized structure,” in a decision announced on December 13, 2006. Police prevented commencement of the demolition, but Wahhabi fanatics interfered with the officers. Three rioters were shot and killed. A police post and police vehicle were assaulted. On December 15, 2006, nevertheless, members of the Urban Council joined a Wahhabi mob that invaded the Meditation Centre and knocked down the minaret, removing the body of Abdullah (Rah), either burning or reburying it in a location yet unknown. The houses of 117 Sufis were leveled by fire. Many were threatened and fled the district. Two were injured, and one lost an arm.

Evidence of persecution of Thareekathul Mufliheen was submitted to Asma Jahangir, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, during a visit she made to Sri Lanka. In her 2008 Report to the UN, the Special Rapporteur expressed “regrets that she has not received a reply from the Government [of Sri Lanka]” regarding the 2006 incidents. She affirmed that “the Government of Sri Lanka has to fulfill its positive obligation to protect the right to freedom of religion or belief of all its citizens… in most of the cases that have been brought to her attention… these obligations have not been satisfactorily fulfilled by the Government.”

The 2007 International Religious Freedom Report issued by the U.S. Department of State noted the Wahhabi interference with Thareekathul Mufliheen. Since then, however, abuses against the Sufis of Kattankudy have continued, with the Wahhabi Thawheed faction in the forefront of violence. Official ulema and the village authorities attempted unsuccessfully to prevent celebration of a Sufi festival in 2008. That year, a Sri Lanka Supreme Court order, providing that 200 members of Thareekathul Mufliheen be allowed to return to their homes in Kattankudy and practice their beliefs in freedom, was obstructed by armed Jihad members.

In February 2009 a 150-year old shrine was destroyed by Thawheed in the city of Ukuwela, in the central hill country of Sri Lanka. Conflict in July 2009 between Thawheed and the Qadiri Sufi order, in the southwestern town of Beruwala, led to two deaths, more than 40 people injured, and 132 arrests. The Qadiri devotees complained that the Wahhabi mosque in their town, named Masjidur Rahman (Mosque of the Merciful) had accused the Qadiris of the Bukhari Thakkiya mosque of being qafirun (“disbelievers” or “concealers of the truth”) continuously in the eight years since the Wahhabi mosque was inaugurated.

According to the Sri Lanka newspaper The Sunday Times of August 16, 2009, Muslim Home Guards recruited by the Sri Lankan government to fight the Tamil rebels had deserted with their weapons and joined Thawheed to fulfill its demand for “Jihad” against traditional Muslims. The newspaper described a significant influx of Wahhabi preachers and activists from south India and Saudi Arabia. Riyad S. Al-Khenene, counsellor of the Royal Saudi Embassy in Sri Lanka, denied that official Saudi support was granted to the Wahhabi interlopers, while admitting that “certain wealthy persons… are helping various religious groups in Sri Lanka to put up mosques. But this has nothing to do with the Government of Saudi Arabia,” Al-Khenene insisted.

In response to the campaign against it, Thareekathul Mufliheen has appealed to the Sri Lanka authorities for an impartial inquiry into Wahhabi activities in the country; to disarm the Wahhabis; to provide for reconstruction of the headquarters of Thareekathul Mufliheen in Kattankudy; to enforce the revocation of the fatwa issued by the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama against Abdullah (Rah) and his disciples, as ordered by the Colombo District Court, and to compensate the displaced Sufis, facilitating restoration of their lost heritage, ruined homes, and businesses. The Sufis of Kattankudy seek “peaceful resettlement with honor.”

Thareekathul Mufliheen defines itself as “a peace loving and non-violent Religious Society… The members have displayed their patience and tolerance even in times of grave injustice and calamity… The words of wisdom of our spiritual leader are to detest arms and adopt peaceful means to find a solution in a crisis situation.”

The Wahhabi, Deobandi, and Mawdudist jihad trends have revealed their ambition to control South Asian Islam through violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. In all these countries traditionalists resist them. The Sufis of Sri Lanka, although obscure to the rest of the world, deserve no less support than anti-radical Muslims elsewhere in the region and around the globe.

*This article in first appeared in Washington, DC based Center for Islamic Pluralism – July 18, 2012

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    If the Sunni Muslims cannot tolerate the Shia Muslims, then what is the chance that Sunni Muslims can live peacefully with non-Muslims? A conflict is inevitable at some point. Look at Syria. Assad (a peaceful Shia Muslim) was ruling the country for decades. Now the Sunnis are ruining the place and all the Sunni Arab nations are lending their full support.

    • 3


      Please use your “god” given grey matter! Assad a peaceful ruler? My foot! And where in the world did you get this idea that one should rule a country without democratic elections for nearly 50 years?

      You are such a bigot, sometimes you don’t even know what you are saying! :)

      Somebody called you a retard. I can appreciate why he did so

      • 1

        Those who brainwashed him knew he was ignorant and could not think for himself.
        Hence the inane comments and ridiculous claims of Sinhalese being outnumbered by the Muslims.

      • 3

        Glad to see Nabil and Dhaksha supporting the Sunni terrorist revolt against the Shiite Assad. It proves my point exactly. Whether a government holds elections or not, one does not join forces with Al-Qaeda to bring the government down.

        I am sure Nabil and Dhaksha would also support Al-Qaeda if they came to Sri Lanka. This is exactly what Sinhalese and Tamil people need to be aware of.

        • 3

          Dear Lester

          Do enjoy chasing your own tail. I am sure it keeps you occupied.

          I have NOT said anything about terrorism in my comment and I must assure you that I am against any and all forms of violence.

          All I said is that there is no democracy in these countries and that the “PEOPLE, are rising against dictators.

          I did not say anything about how they do it, as well as details as to who is aligned with whom, issues that are not particularly relevant to the point I made. Further, I have not said I am for or against the means to regain their rights. Perhaps Lester has some ideas?

          Well such subtleties are beyond hate mongers who see demons behind every bush. :)

          • 2

            The “PEOPLE” are not rising against Assad. Al Qaeda is rising against Assad, just like Al Qaeda rose against Ghadaffi. If you think Al Qaeda is the “people”, then you need to have your head examined.

            • 1

              Dr. Who examined my head pronounced me fit!

              • 1

                The doctor pronounced you fit to be an inmate of Lunatic asylum.

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      Your chemical imbalance is increasing by the day.

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    Hopefully all this brouha will have a sobering effect on our religous zealots. Religon is a very private affair between oneself and ones lord. It is supposed to make us better human beings. As the quran says ‘To you your way and to me mine’. Also ‘there is no compulsion in religon’. Christianity says ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. Buddhism says ‘Hatred ceases not by hatred but through compassion’. I do not know much about Hinduism but I am certain it too gives the same message.

    In Islam we believe that there were many prophets from the begining of time. So the common thread of peace and understanding runs through all the major religons. We may believe and practice but God alone is the judge as to who is sincere and who is guided by his / her own desires. A follower of any religon may believe in God and seek his help. There are no boundaries.

    It is the people who give various interpretations and create divisions. So may God guide all to the truth and peaceful coexistance. Do to others as you would wish for ones self.

    “Allah commands you to uphold justice and to do good to others and to give to the relatives.” (16:90)

    “Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful.” (4:36)

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    Looks like the real secrets in the East are coming out strengthening the hand of the BBS etc.

    Poor Nabil has his hands full protesting .Perhaps Nabil protests too much :)

    Don’t worry.

    Saudi power doesn’t mean jack in South Asia.!

    Bring it on.

    • 1

      :) Mamae, Long time no see!

      I am having fun. I can needle some of the racist bigots and have a good laugh too.

  • 1

    I think this photo indicate that genuine Saudi transvesties do exists … Hmm.

  • 3

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I wonder why on earth these people are taking photographs of themselves because only thing they see is the black dress! The photographer of this photographing-joke has done an excellent job in capturing the Muslim’s joke culture! Cultures, religions etc. when they were first originated and evolved must have contained the objectives of human life advancement and refinement. But alas, on the contrary, now they have become quite the opposite becoming the source of human misery hatred and strife. This God fella is the creation of the man and not vice versa! Someone can create an Allah, another X and I can create Y all of what may be called God Coca-Cola, Fanta or anything one wishes!

    • 2





      “I have never debated with a knowledgeable person, except that I won the debate, and I have never debated with an ignorant person, except that I lost.”

      “I never once argued with anyone hoping to win the debate; rather I always wished that the truth would come from his side.”

      “The foolish one addresses me with words of disgrace, but I hate to respond to him in a similar manner. The more ignorant he proves, the more patient I become. Just like the incense; the more it’s burnt, the more it releases its fragrance.”


      Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:
      “I am a claimant for a house in the outskirts of Paradise for one who leaves off arguing even if he is in the right”
      ‘Saheeh ul-Jaami us-Sagheer’ (no.1477). [Abu Dawud – Hadith Sahih]

  • 0

    Nabil – I have not addressed you but, although you piously invoked whatever the last time and wished peace and goodwill, here you are again (3/41 pm – 27/3/13)unable to control your provocative nature and arsenic. I notice you are up to the same low tricks in other pages, that I simply ignored. I have neither time not inclination to waste on dangerous viruses like you. Neither do I need counsel from a non-descript “internet is not gospel” I have been commenting and writing feature articles for over 30 years and realise there are germs like you floating in cyber-space lately – but we avoid them with the contempt that they deserve. Already decent and peaceful Muslims (Safa, Thenisrahs, NAC, Cornucopia) are distancing them from trouble-makers like you – who have only brought them disaster.

    If you want to, do engage the subject and don’t pour filth and scorn in these pages. Try to be responsible and respectful to other views.


    • 1


      I have told you many times and I repeat again. I hold no cudgels against you. I can’t help if you continue to presume that I am using other gravtars and pseudo names to attack you. Honestly I have no time for such silly pranks.

      I am serious about the issues facing our community and will defend what is right as Nabil and will remain so, come what may! :)

      • 0


        “I am serious about the issues facing our community and will defend what is right”

        The issues haven’t disappeared, however since 1915 the problems have multiplied at an exponential rate.

        What are you going to do to stop it and then reverse it.

        Do you think Saudi funded cultural imperialism through back door might help (hinder) democratisation of Sri Lanka?

        • 1


          That’s a trick question. I would rather go looking for a honey comb with you in the jungles! :)

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    The last paragraph in the article reveals who the authors are and what their agenda is. The authors are islamophobes, and their agenda is to keep Muslims subjugated to Western capitalism.

    Muslims are engaged in armed struggles in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir (india). The goal here is to repel the foreign occupying forces. It is not a struggle between wahhabis and non wahhabis, as the authors maliciously imply. It is a struggle between occupied Muslims and occupiers. They wish to see the liberation struggle of the Muslims delegitimised so that the western, global hegemony can continue.

    In other words, these authors intellectual mercenary forces who fight on the side of those who are waging a war on Islam, under the pretension that it is a war on terrorism.

    In this war, Bush said, there are no neutral entities. They are either with the Crusader allies or with those who resist these illegitimate forces. This war on islam knows no boudaries. Sri Lanka is also part of this war theatre. As such, muslims are enemies of the crusader forces.

    Therefore, by arousing islamophobia through this kind of misleading half truths, ground work is being done to eventually fight and kill off muslims in Lanka.

    Having said that I agree that there have been violent clashes between islamic sects. But the same crusading forces are fueling such clashes. RAND corporation has recommended that Islam must broken into smaller religions (sects). They call this religion building. It is as part of their religion building efforts that news sects are cropping up and sectarian violence at times is raising its ugly head.

    Muslims vehemently fought against nation building, which carved them up into tiny nation states. Similarly Muslims will resist carving up of islam into sects/ religions. However, if that resistance takes the form of violence as it took in Kattankudy, it would rather expedite the religion building process. Because that would legitimise the State intervention to expedite this carving up.

  • 5

    All real Muslims should oppose this fanatical ideology of Saudi Arabia invented in the 18th century.

    Almost all the negative things you see in the media about Muslims and Islam are actually Wahhabi/Salafi. Osama bin Laden, al qaeda, the stone age barbarians in mali are all wahhabi/salafi.

    And yes, Wahhabism/Salafism is invading Sri Lanka. You can see it everyday by the number of women starting to wear the black tent (niqab) which is a Wahhabi/Salafi dress.

  • 0

    Let the muslims sort out their internal squabbles by themselves.
    But the way they treat their females is terrible.
    At kattankudy,the most thickly populated villge/town in sri lanka,females are never seen outside the homes sourrounded by cadjan fences.
    Women in pregnancy are never allowed to be examined by male doctors. There are few female doctors but their antenatal clinics are in hospitals and muslim women never attend.
    Unqualified ‘midwives’ attend in childbirth & infant/maternal mortality is frequent.
    There is continuous pregnancy and childbirth,after marriage soon after puberty, and, early menopause.
    The batticaloa obstetrician in the seventies said that “Women of kattankudy menstruate only once,at puberty” and die early due to anaemia and other causes.
    Maybe things are better now.

  • 0

    Tell your sisters wait until 40 years old or more to become pregnants. Then they will get babies with down synrame. who said that male doctors can not examine Muslim ladies that is wrong. What more is that it would be better if we have enough lady doctors . Do not judge Islam with practice of some people read about Isalm and then come to conclusion: Loot vedeo of Dr Periyadasan. dr Zakir Naik. PJ zainuabedeed. So that you will know something

    • 1

      I am not criticising/judging Islam – only the unjust suppression of women’s rights in the name of Islam.
      Kattankudy is an example.Go and see.
      Are you aware of the status of women in Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and other rich muslim nations?
      There are other muslim nations like Malaysia where women are emancipated.

      • 0

        I would think ladies would prefer to be examined by a lady doctor be it Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim. It is only natural that they feel comfortable with their own sex. This is more to do with our Asian Culture than to do with religion.

        Justice, while I am not debating your point about the broad challenges faced my Muslim women, what is being debated here is the impact of Wahabism if any.

        Surely, the presence of Wahabism does not justify men pulling the garments worn by ladies?

        I am sure women know how to fight their own battles. We just need to let them be!

  • 0

    Distracting attention from Western crimes by constructing a Muslim beast is an art, which the colonial west has mastered. The daft won’t appreciate it!

    To distract attention from Western invasion of Sri Lanka, a discussion is initiated on non-existent wahhabi ‘invasion’.

    But, never was Sri Lanka under threat from Islam and Muslims. The sacrifices Muslims made to protect the unitary nature of the country is well known. Evidence is still there: Muslims whom LTTE expelled from the North for their support of the govt. are still languishing in prison-like conditions.

    Sri Lanka has become part of the American Empire, and it has lost its sovereignty. Sri Lanka is being dragged to imperial courts in Geneva. Sri Lankan Buddhist culture is being replaced by western culture. Tight and sexually provocative tight jeans and t-shirts have replaced the traditional sarees. English will soon kill off sinhala language. Young men and women who once flocked to the temples, are now on ‘Love Trains’. They are being groomed to become sexually promiscuous.

    If there is a wahhabi influence in Sri Lanka, it is only changing the cultural practices of Muslims, unlike the decadent western culture which is replacing the Sinhala Buddhist culture.

  • 0

    There are some issues about Wahhabism. My Muslim brothers and sisters pardon me for raising this issue of violation of human rights of women and children. Will they ensure equality for women? If they think that Sharia Law be implemented in its true perspective, will there be equality for all. The aim of any judicial system is equality and justice for all individuals, irrespective of any discrimination whatsoever. However, Sharia Law has the force of discrimination against non-Muslim communities. As such can Sharia Law be practised. If that is so, what would happen to the principle of equality of non-Muslims and justice for other religious non-Muslims, and more especially when a non-Muslim marries a Muslim? Will Sharia Law advocates women’s rights? It appears that Sharia Law is discriminatory against women, because it denies women the hard won rights in democratic countries. Moreover, women are compelled by their families to go to courts or tribunals that operate on Islamic religious principles, which were derived from the Quran, the sayings or teachings of Prophet Muhammad or rulings issued by Muslim scholars. The question is can this be compatible with laws that are not construed on a religious basis? One ponders whether it is a man-made law or God-created law. Women are handicapped on issues of marriage, divorce, inheritance and even child custody. Further, Islamic legal system calls for death penalty for apostasy, sexual crimes of women including adultery. There is another uncivilized practice known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision among the Muslims. The suffering inflicted girls have no religious or medical justification and hence becomes a violation of human rights of women. In the premises, how are the Muslims going to justify the practice of FGM, when they criticize people with tattoo. Both tattoo and FGM amounts to tampering with the God given body. Can anyone explain the concept of ‘consent’ to perform such acts and how it deviates from the violation of human rights. If Muslim scholars consider tattooing is a sin because it involves changing the creation of God, then on what ground the practice of FGM or circumcision cannot be considered a sin because it involves the amputation of healthy tissues and sexual tissues from non-consenting minors. I understand that circumcision of boys and girls is done for an astonishing variety of incoherent and shifting reasons outside the realm of religious obligation. It may appear as a provocative issue, but appears that circumcision amounted to a violation of human rights and that was considered as a cause of granting asylum in Canada. If this is the plight of the women, surely the BBS or the Buddhist extremists or even the non-Islamic communities will have some suspicion and fear about the influence of Wahhabism, as Sharia Law appears to be too rigid to be compatible with a pluralistic democracy with equal rights for all.

    • 0

      But we are not in a position to say whether men and women are equal. The premise that men and women are equal can actually be false, in which case treating the two unequals equally amounts to gross injustice. Maybe men and women aren’t equal. There are apparent differences between both sexes, which it can be argued that it indicates that they are not equals.

      The islamic philosophy regarding women is that both men and women have inherent strengths and weaknesses, unique to each sexes. Both sexes are unique. Thus islam has a system that caters for those natural differences.

      There is a lot of moaning about how islam ‘views’ men and women as ‘unequals’. But the track record of those nations that have the equality concept is appalling. The statistics in western countries of rapes, domestic violence etc are depressing.

      In Sri Lanka approximately 5.2 women are raped per day. In Polonnaruwa courts, the percentage of cases involving violence against women and other forms of sexual abuse is at 65%. Yet, Sri Lanka nor other western countries have sharia law.

      • 0

        But we are not in a position to say whether men and women are equal.

        Of course men and women are equal. Maybe Allah did not equip you with sufficiently large anatomy, so you feel a need to pick on women and keep them covered in bedsheets. But they are definitely equal.

    • 0

      Naturally, women are weaker creations. Their blood has comparatively lessor density of red blood cells which makes them weaker. One reason is their monthly periods. There was no Shariya Law in the US. Still that country is yet to elect a woman president. If women are equal to men, the number of US presidents must be more or less 50%-50% men and women. This did not happen because women are weak and backward naturally. Hence, we have to protect them. However, I do not understand why Hadiths say that when a woman, donkey or a dog crosses in front of you while praying, you have to restart the prayer. Even Aysha R.Anha had asked as to why women are made equal to donkey and dog. I wish to have clarification and more knowledge on this.

      • 1

        LOL, what rubbish is this. You have not heard of Serena Williams then. She is physically stronger than 95% of all men, and could pick you up and throw you a like rubber ball.

        Your stupid holy book (like almost every holy book) does not keep up with the times, certainly not with science. Children these days are maturing much faster, due to changes in diet but also the flow of information. Girls and women don’t need men to take care of them.

        • 0

          Yes. Serena can throw me if she could lift 95KG, but what you should know is every woman in the world is not a Serena! Why on the earth girls are getting raped much more than boys? Naturally women are weaker creatures and need to be protected from people like you. You treat women like pepsi cans and crush and throw them after use, but Muslims protect them like precious gold even from vicious looking of people like you. Islam may have its ups and downs with time, but ladies should be given the freedom to choose their garments to protect their modesty. You ask your ladies as to how they wish to go in the streets: naked, half-naked, moderately dressed or fully covered and allow them to dress as they like, I don’t mind. But, don’t dictate to others on what to dress and what not to dress. Holy book only tells ladies to dress to avoid sexual appeals – it fits to any time as long as people like you live! Quran is not a science text book. It is something told to people 1400 years ago. You don’t try to prove science through Quran-it should be other way-you try to prove Quran through science; and many people have succeeded in that endeavour.

          I think you are still not matured due to your diet, go and have some liver meal with brain fry (better than yours).

          • 0

            Most people choose to dress according to the climate. When it is hot, less clothing. When it is cold, more clothing. That is the “common-sense” way of dressing. Also the occassion is important. If there is a party, most women do not want to attend the party wearing a bedsheet. Maybe that is your fantasy, but it is not how most women think.

            • 0

              Keep it up! You have much improved in your rational thinking. But, sadly you haven’t been to a fashion clothing shop or a super market in the Islamic world. Muslim women wear very expensive and latest fashion wears. Your so-called ‘bed-sheet’ is used to cover them only when they mingle with men. You can still view a couple of videos in youtube on how Muslim women dress at weddings and parties, they remove the coat(abaya) only when there are no (strange)men. Non-Muslims think that the Muslim women are abused, forced to wear abayas and denied of their rights. But in actual practice, most of them are very powerful, forward thinking and use men to protect them! If you are thinking about climate and energy conservation, the saree, blouse and chaya would have more clothing material than a shalwar khamis covered by abaya.

  • 0

    Imran (9.12 am) Clearly you represent the views and perception of the large number of peaceful, tolerant Muslims we have had the good fortune of sharing to make a colourful, composite and harmonious weave in this country for many centuries. As some of you are now coming out fearlessly to deny the divisive and dangerous outside forces that have contaminated your talented and useful society, it is best you advise the younger and more adventurous Wahabis/Falashis you have no desire to participate in their dreams of islamacising the entire universe NOW. The enormous damage they have done is difficult to repair immediately but normalcy, I believe and sincerely hope, will return in due course I am glad more Muslims in these pages are coming out to denounce the pseudo-Muslims spreading their dangerous project here. I am glad some of them have diluted the shrillness in their irresponsible ways since of late. I welcome this, which is, after all, in their own wider interest.



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    Let us respect each other’s faith and live in peace like we did for centuries. I am opposed to the arguments of ‘I am right you are wrong’ Please for peace sake respect each other’s faith and call ourselves just ‘Sri Lankans’ and not by any other identification.

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    The writer of this article is Jewish and muslim.When ever you muslims in SL have a issue you blame Jews.

    Radical Islamic ideas are imported from Saudi Arabia this is a known fact,and the majority Sinhalese population have woken up to this,My advice to muslims in SL is to be SL and not follow middle eastern Islam.

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    The people of Sri Lanka lived without any religious or racial conflicts for many centuries. The peace we now enjoy after 30 years of war waged by the LTTE on the language issue is being now threatened by the invasion of religious fundamentalism. Fundamentalists must not be allowed to threaten the peaceful co-existence enjoyed by all Sri Lankans. The way forward is for the President with the help of the Ministers in charge of religious affairs and inter-religious peace foundation to safeguard the peace, while allowing the people to practice their religions in a tolerant manner.

  • 0

    Marakkala Lionel persists in the medieval argument women are not equal to men. Those who have influenced his line of negative thinking base their arguments of physical strength. Saudi Arabia, backward in most Human Indexes, from where you secure most of your ideology – is now forced to allow women to drive cars and take into participatory politics. Give them time. They will reach the bare minimums of the civilised world soon. Our Muslim womenfolk are light years ahead of their cousins in the Sahara – and are distinguished leaders at par with men in many professions – although strong efforts are made to drag them into the Stone Age.


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    Very interesting points of view indeed and extremely educational to us non Muslims. Whatever religious sect comes on board, it is not the role of the BBS or any other group to take the law into their own hands.

    The coexistence of all religions and and their sects must be left to self regulation, regulation by religious bodies and when that fails use constitutional safeguards, which prevent undue religious infringement.

    If the Kattankudy Muslims and other Wahhabis live peacably, what is the issue? But if the Wahhabis practice violence and as per acccounts given, used force against the Sufis, well the religious bodies must act, failing go higher. On the other hand there has to be a powerful Muslim leader or a body who unifies the community to say there is one Allah and one Islam. I do not know if the Islamic Scholars Cuncil can do this or not.

    But as very rightly said by some, organized religion is the ruination of religion.

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    Well said -your piece dated 27th March. Even though I do not always agree with what you say, I respect your well informed and balanced posts.You have said a mouthful for the Wahabi influenced Muslims here to swallow who have become Internet heroes.I have lived in Middle Eastern Muslim countries for years and I know what is happening there.And of Pakistan trying to keep Wahabism out.These WAhabi fanatics are at the bottom of recent reaction from extreme Buddhists. There were others trying to make hay as The Geneva dialogue was hotting up. This is not conspracy theory.

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    Tku. Pls tell me where you and I have different perceptions so I can
    learn from you.


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    Bodu Bala sena, A Buddhist organization that call for extremist Buddhist practices in sri lanka are given a media statement that they are not opposing traditional Muslims. Surprisingly, some report which says that transmitted from US embassy says as follows, “(C/NF) Source reported there are four primary Muslim groups based in Colombo: Sri Lanka Jamthi Islam, Thauhid Jamath, Thableeq Jamath, and Jamathi Muslim.” the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington.
    When I see these I really had a good laugh, as I know where it is come from and why such are published. This is nothing but the formal US strategy where they can’t accomplish their mission. In sri lanka their objective is to take army forces for their invasions and inert the Muslims against without making any voice.
    On a report prepared by Cheryl Benard who is a think tank work for Smith Richardson Foundation ,National Security Research Division for American intelligence was favoring the sufi Islam against any other form due to its inert nature. We must know the fact that H. Smith Richardson Foundation, one of the major backers of Brzezinski and Huntington’s drive for war. also they spread lies through the AFF, a so-called deprogramming cult made up professional kidnappers and mind control specialists, like Robert J. Lifton, Margaret Singer, and the late L. Jolyon West, all of whom were veterans of the CIA’s notorious brainwashing program known as MK-ULTRA. Or, they rely on the ADL, an organization linked to organized crime, that has been caught illegally spying on American citizens, and is one of the chief apologists for the zionist atrocities of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the utopian lunatics in the Israeli Defense Forces.

    In the report Cheryl Benard had mentioned that “encouraging the popularity and acceptance of Sufism.” Is one of the strategies to bring down the Muslim voice and opposition against the US strategy. So its clear that these are technique to suppress Muslim opposition such as the film they made against prophet, Iraq invasion and many atrocities around the world.
    Also it should be noted that , leaked US State Department cables revealed that in December 2009, US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert O. Blake, in a meeting with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the Defense Secretary, raised the possibility of Sri Lanka contributing to the US-led coalition operations in Afghanistan. But Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had rejected this call and US is need of help the war it cannot complete.
    We know the fact that US started wage war against Iraq under the pre text of weapon of mass destruction and to date nothing such as found mean time invasion of Afghanistan under pretext of hunting one man osama binladen and the doubt that US citizens having on the destruction of world trade center as inside job are known to many. Israeli oppression in Palestine and its effort to caste Muslims that oppose their illegal occupation as most evil people is an open secret. With this context labeling sri Lankan Muslims and their organization that have no any kind of terrorist activity and giving reports without any single evidence of any sort of terrorism in sri lanka is really laughable. Also US in a position label any group in their favor as rebels and if they don’t cater their objective as terrorist or extremist. Will these lies will have an impact on sri lanka?

  • 1

    this article sadly a misinformation ther is no wahabism this was created by islams enemy anybody want to know islam read quran and sunna so thaheed jamat has nothing to do with wahabi

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    The first is that we should avoid stereotyping and branding people by the actions of some small groups. The second point is that we should start exploring each other and discovering our differences because people of the world are no more living in isolated islands; the ghetto-styled life is no more acceptable or even bearable.
    Wahabbis(thawheed jamath) are NOT terrorists.their just normal “SUNNI ” muslims like any other muslims who is trying their best to follow islam according to the QURAN AND SUNNAH .Usually, the term “Wahabi” is used almost as a curse word by non-Muslims or uninformed Muslims to accuse someone of being too strict or old-fashioned.
    the rival between these two group is that, as they said in the above linked statement, that the “vision” of Thareekathul Mufliheen is “to expound the true meaning of ‘kalimathuth thayiba,’ the ‘fragrant sacred words.'” These words are “la ilaha illallah,” the essence of Islam, meaning “there is nothing but God (Allah).”unfortunately their NOT practicing it .just like BBS and Buddhism .most of their followers worship dead people which is totally against to islam.
    Muslims believe that they should direct their worship to Allah alone without needing any tangible representation of Allah to do so. To make a statue and direct any worship towards it constitutes an act of shirk (polytheism) which is the gravest sin in Islam.
    This practice is found in many countries of the world in some way shape or form.(e.g Ajmer in india)and KURAGALA in sri lanka . It was also a common practice in the time of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). The Quran mentions the answer that the people give when they are asked why they do this worship of the dead:
    “And they worship besides Allah (those things or people) which can neither hurt them nor benefit them – and they say “These are our intercessors with Allah!” Surah Yunus (the 10th chapter) ayah 18 “We worship them only so that they can bring us closer to Allah!” Surah Zumar (the 39th chapter) ayah 3. Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with Him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin. 48: 1-2
    People think that these dead people can ask Allah for things on the living people’s behalf. Islam completely rejects this idea and says that Muslims should call on Allah directly. Allah says in the Quran: Call on Me, I will answer you. Surah Ghafir (the 40th chapter) ayah 60 Despite this, sadly we see some Muslims calling on dead ‘saints’ and dead relatives if they have a need to be fulfilled e.g a serious illness to be cured. This also constitutes an act of shirk in Islamic law and as such is a very serious matter.
    Speaking of who is the “real” Muslim, I would like to state that a real Muslim is someone who basically believes in only the One Creator and in the message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The real Muslim also tries his or her best to follow the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet). Many strive to be real and correct, but it is only Allah Who knows what is in the hearts of people.
    We can say that a good Muslim is the one who tries his or her best to lead a life following the teachings and instructions of the Quran and authentic Sunnah, and who turns to scholars whenever faced with subtleties and the like. Since non-muslims have allways had hatred towards real muslims they have created this label which they are trying to attach to these people in order to make them sound like a sect or to make them distinct from the mainstream Islam. However, no muslim will ever say for himself that he is wahhabi, at least I haven’t met yet one like that. The term wahhabi is mainly used by those who oppose Islam or those with no or little knowledge in Islam.

    May Allah guide these members and followers of thareekathul mufliheen to right path .their earning allahs curse .hope Allah has not blinded them.i assume they never read the QURAN properly.
    a true Muslim is One who applies the Laws and Commandments of Allah and His Messenger (saw) on themselves before they do upon others !Imam Nasai rahimullah narrates the above Hadith, but adds another part:
    “And the most evil affairs are the innovations. And every innovation is error; and every error is misguidance; and every misguidance will lead to the hell fire . I wonder if Wahabis exist. I have been labeled as Wahabi several times whenever I refuse to supplicate to/through anyone but Allah and his beautiful names.
    Allah knows the best. ” PEACE AND BLESSINGS UPON ALL!!!

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    Muslims never worship Ajmeer or Kuragala or any of its kind. it is a great sin to say so. Even a little muslim childl is aware of this fact. If a WAHABI points his finger at a Mulim and says that they are worshiping Graves then he is trying to prove that he is a Real WAHABI! WAHABISM was founded by Abdul WAHAB just little over 100 years. Whab killed millions of innocent Muslims in Saudi. He was aided and abited by Westerners to make division among Muslims. Islamic unity was a great threat to Westerners and they succeeded in dividing them using Abdul WAHAB. WAHABISM is the root of terrorism in Islam.

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    [Edited out]
    Please write instead of posting comments – CT

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    hahaha I see some western puppets shivering about the revival of Islam :D :D

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    Muslims wiped out complete civilisation in Egypt Parsees from Persia,Buddhists from Afghanistan & Maldives, Sikhs from Lahore, Sindhis from Sindh,
    Kashmiri pandits from Kashmir, Hindus & Buddhists in Bangladesh, Christians and Hindus from several Islands of Indonesia

    But the real enemies to defeat are the disturbing emotions and attitudes that lie hidden in the mind. Buddhism’s Jihad” is purely an internal spiritual war against the inner foes. Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha was born into the warrior caste and often used military imagery to describe the spiritual journey. Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha was the Triumphant One, who defeated the demonic forces of unawareness, distorted views, disturbing emotions, and impulsive karmic behavior.

    In Saudi Arabia there is no Church, Synagogue, Buddhist nor Hindu Temple is allowed. Wahhabism (pseudo Salafism) is NOT a religion of tolerance. Wahhabism provides the fundamental base for Jihadism which causes unending strife and misery. It is not Iran that should be bombed. In Iran there are still Jews living there and praying in their Synagogues. Muammar al-Gaddafi respected Christian and Jewish religions and their Churches, Synagogues in Libya but American, English, French, Saudi and Qatari financed terrorists destroyed Churches, Synagogues recently. Buddhist Temples including Bamiyan Buddha statues have survived in Islamic countries for centuries, but they could not survive under the Wahhabism.

    Washington and London are protecting Wahhabi extremists. In Syria Christians and their Churches were safe before the Westerners began sending their Wahhabi fanatics to kill innocent Syrian civilians.
    In Bosnia and Kosovo, under the guise of reconstruction aid”, Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti, and other Wahhabi organizations have demolished and removed major Islamic monuments (survived attacks by Serb and Croat militias) which were created by Muslims with an Islamic culture and tradition stretching back to 14th century long before Ibn Abd al-Wahhab made his 18th century alliance with the warlord Ibn Saud who founded the Saudi dynasty – House of Saud.
    In post- Muammar al-Gaddafi Libya,Wahhabi Jihadists bulldozed several Libyan Sufi mosques (including the Tripoli’s Al-Shaab Al-Dahman mosque) and Sufi graves (including the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholars Abdullah al-Sha’ab, Abdel Salam al-Asmar and of soldiers who fought Spanish colonialists). Wahhabi Jihadists also burned down several historic Sufi libraries in Libya recently.
    Since the start of the Arab Spring uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists, many Sufi sites have been attacked in Egypt, Mali and Libya by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    The Wahhabis, and the British, supported the warlord Ibn Saud and legitimized the warlord Ibn Saud and his fight against the Ottoman Empire. Since then the House of Saud always supports Britain and its allies including USA and Israel. When the House of Saud took control of the Holy Places in Arabia from the Ottoman Empire with British support , they destroyed 15 centuries of Islamic heritage, including the desecration of the tombs of the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet, in the iconoclastic imposition of Wahhabism. The iconoclastic Wahhabi House of Saud gradually destroyed several holy shrines, including historical places of Islam from the Prophet’s house in Mecca and companion Ayoob Ansari’s house in Medina and turned them into apartments buildings and hotels. They also turned the site of the Prophet’s wives’ houses into a parking lot.
    The Wahhabi-backed House of Saud took full control of the Hijaz, Mecca and Medina, in 1924 and established the modern state of Saudi Arabia, with Wahhabism as its official religion. Since then the House of Saud has promoted Wahhabism as normative Islam throughout the Islamic world. The House of Saud was consolidated on massive oil wealth and has spent huge sums of money building Wahhabi mosques, publishing Wahhabi literature and funding Wahhabi organizations world-wide. Today, with Wahhabi control of the Holy Places intact, virtually every aspect and corner of modern Islam has been penetrated by Wahhabi influence through the agency of the House of Saud.
    Through the control of the Hajj – the beating heart of Islam – and through their vigorous publication and propaganda means, almost all the Muslims are infected with Wahhabism to some extent.
    Present Zionist and Wahhabi doctrines foresee the fall of Iran, Belarus, and, ultimately Russia and China, after the fall of Damascus, to the combined forces of NATO and the Saudi- and Qatari-backed Wahhabis, who make up a large portion of the anti Syrian movement.
    Sufism is an entirely indigenous Islamic resistance movement to fundamentalism an throughout South Asia including Sri Lanka for several centuries, the spiritual tradition of Sufism is vigorously present. Across Pakistan, the religious tenor has been correspondingly radicalised: the tolerant, Sufi-minded Barelvi form of Islam is now overtaken by the rise of the more hardline and politicized Wahhabism. Remember Sri Lankan cricketers were ambushed in Lahore by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.

    Wahhabi ideology of Islam reached Sri Lanka in the 1940s, but was not accepted by Sri Lankan Muslims. Later oil rich Saudi Arabia greatly began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam in 70′s., With the increased funding by the Saudi Arabia with their petro dollars, Wahhabi followers have increased and are now responsible for the sectarian clashes that are slowly increasing among Sri Lankan Muslims especially in the Eastern Province. It is sadly true but there is a rising trend of Wahhabi Jihadism in Sri Lanka. Wahhabis are trying to take the peaceful Islamic community in Sri Lanka down the path of extremism and violence.Wahhabi fundamentalism has advanced so quickly in Sri Lanka partly because the House of Saud has financed the building of so many madrasas,The Wahhabis have already created deep divisions in among Sri Lankan Muslims and have formed gangs that intimidate moderate Muslims who speak out against Wahhabi fanatics. Like the Christian fundamentalist groups using NGOs to convert innocent poor families to Christianity, Wahhabis help poor Muslim families by providing cash and other material benefits to convert the innocent poor Muslim families into their cult. By building churches and madrasas all over the world to harvest the poor souls is truely very clever idea. Wahhabis even use Sri Lankan Government Cultural and Religious Affairs Departments to continue their nefarious activities.
    Wahhabis claim that moderate Sri Lankan Muslims do not know anything of Islam and only themselves are the real scholars of Islam. But Wahhabis preach only dawah” of hatred, terror and murder. To understand the deranged mentality of Wahhabis look at the fitna” the Wahhabis have caused in Pakistan. The Government authorities must investigate every Wahhabi school and propagandist in the Eastern Province to make sure they are not preaching things that are inimical to Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia spends 87 billion US dollar per year to spread Wahhabism world-wide. Scholarships are offered to our Muslims youths to go to Wahhabi institutions in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But those who completed their Wahhabi studies returned to Sri Lanka and propagate Wahhabism.
    Wahhabis have infiltrated Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). Almost all the participants and staffers in the Muslim section of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation are Wahabis and use the State radio to propagate Wahhabism. Not only Wahhabis run private unlicensed radio stations in the Eastern Province, also armed Wahhabis often attack mosques and leaders of the Sufi sect.
    Wahhabism in Srilanka is headquartered in Kattankudi is a new politico-religious movement that is sweeping the Eastern province of Sri Lanka with more than sixty Muslim Wahhabi organizations helping in propagating the movement throughout Sri Lanka and has raced ahead and taken control of the Jihadist and Al Fatah groups in Sri Lanka under their wings. Wahhabism is imported and planted in the midst of peace-loving Muslims in Sri Lanka, mostly through the lavish inflow of Saudi money pumped into Sri Lanka has overtaken other Islamic organizations by threats, intimidation and coercion.
    Remember Colonel Lateef was gun down by the prominent Wahhabi militant `Police` Faiz in Oddamavadi. CIA introduced Wahhabism in Sri Lanka through Saudi Arabia as a means of countering the growing support for Iran and Sufism among the Sri Lankan Muslims since CIA had calculated that Wahhabism would be an effective rival theology to prevent the spread of Iranian influence in Sri Lanka.
    Clashes between Sufis and Wahhabi Muslims in Kattankudi and in Oddamavadi occured on a regular basis due to the conflict of beliefs between both religious theologies. In October 2004 similar clashes occurred in Kattankudi and more than 200 homes of Sufi followers were burnt down by Wahhabi Jihadists.
    One of the Sufi leaders Abdul Payilvan died in Colombo was buried at in Kattankudi the next day. Wahhabi Muslims observed a hartal and demanded the removal of the body from the burial grounds. Wahhabi Muslims claim Kattankudy soil is sacred and bodies belonging to those who preach views contradictory to Wahhabism should not be buried there. Wahhabis demanded that the body of Abdul Payilvan, who is from Maruthamunai in the Ampara district, should be exhumed and buried elsewhere.
    Wahhabis had dug up the buried body of another Sufi Muslim from Mosque burial grounds and dumped the body on a local road as an act of protest. Kattankudi Police recovered the body, re-buried it in the original burial ground and guarded burial ground for few days.
    In Kattankudi, the hatred between Wahhabis and Sufis has widened in the last few years and has grown in intensity, left many injured, and caused damage to several houses and vehicles.
    P Jainul Abedin – a powerful Wahhabist preacher from Tamil Nadu – is leading the Wahhabi Jihadism in Kattankudi.

    Organisations like the Saudi-funded Centre for Islamic Guidance cropped up in the early 1990s, Firdous said.
    A more recent 2009 clash in the south-western Muslim coastal town of Beruwala reflects similar religious tensions between a popular Sufi sheikh and a nearby Wahhabi congregation.
    Saudi agents have successfully penetrated Sri Lankan Muslims social fabric and have managed to defeat the Sufism in their game. Due to the training afforded by the House of Saud now the Wahhabis have prevailed over the Sufis. The Muslims in Sri Lanka have been subdued due to the Wahhabi influence while Buddhists have been agitating for the release of Rizana Naffek – teenage housemaid from Muthur who was sentenced to death by a Wahhabi Sharia Court in Saudi Arabia.
    The House of Saud pretending to be the leaders of the Islam promote their Wahhabi ideology world-wide. The result has been the birth of al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups which are killing Sunni and Shia Muslims alike in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Wahhabism has been taking roots in Maldives from the days of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Abandoning its tolerant, syncretic brand of Islam, Maldives now moves towards an intolerant Wahhabi society.

    al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba are overseen by the CIA and Mossad who want to destabilise countries that are not friendly to them. Because the House of Saud depends on the Americans for its security it always obeys American orders. The constant demonization of Iran and now the war against Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad confirms a perception that Western Countries have joined with the Wahhabis in the Wahhabis’ war on the Shia. Wahhabi Jihadism remains a long-term security risk to the civilized world. In particular, through the spread of Wahhabi education in tens of thousands of religious schools world-wide, the practitioners of Wahhabism are breeding tens of millions of youth who are certain to remain outside the productive economy, and as a consequence, seethe with resentment and anger against the rest of society.

    Even the forced exodus of the Hindu Pandit community from the Kashmir Valley in India during the early 1990s, and the destruction of several Hindu and Sikh temples by the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir, failed to slow down the volume of laudatory coverage of what were portrayed Wahhabi Jihadists as freedom fighters battling cruel Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir State by the Western media. The Kashmir Model” of using the language of democracy and human rights to win Western support, even while adhering to a contrary policy in practice was widely used to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Wahhabis hated Muammar al-Gaddafi for the fact that he ruled Libya, with no quarter given to Wahhabi demands as the imposition of Sharia law or the banning of women’s dress other than the abaya. After Muammar al-Gaddafi was defeated and killed, Wahhabi Jihadists who took over Libya as a result of huge help from Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron have lost no time in imposing a Wahhabi version of Sharia law in Libya and in killing and jailing those who disagree with their extremist world-view. Fortunately for them, Western media channels that were once filled with news about Libya under Muammar al-Gaddafi are now silent about the immense human rights violations taking place in Libya after its liberation” in 2011.

    Seeing the success of such a pitch in Libya, Wahhabi Jihadists against the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, have begun cultivating the Western media and public opinion, the way the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir used to do in the 1990s.

    So extreme has the identification with such elements become, that even the largest Western media outlets accept without question such facts” as that Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad bombed his own troops and facilities in order to blame it on the insurgents.” Since the armed uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists began in Syria several thousand members of the Syrian security forces and their family members have been killed by the Wahhabi insurgents, who themselves have lost thousands of their own.

    However, those relying on Western media are told that every such death has been caused by the Syrian security forces, ignoring the deadly violence that is being unleashed in Syria by groups of armed Wahhabi mobs.

    Today in Syria, women can dress as they please. Were the Wahhabi Jihadists to take control, this freedom might soon be replaced with the obligation to wear the full veil. Already in Egypt and in Tunisia, the secular ethos of the country is rapidly giving way to Wahhabism.
    While Western countries are opposed to Wahhabi Jihadism and Sharia law in their own countries, in the Arab countries they favor Wahhabi Jihadism over those who are secular. The result is a galloping Wahhabism and its Sharia law across the Arab countries.
    Since the Western countries subterfuge to destabilise Sri Lanka, by surreptitiously supporting the LTTE failed, now the Western countries will promote Wahhabi Jihadism to cause strife and trouble to destabilize Sri Lanka . Wahhabi followers – al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-TaibaTaliban and other Wahhabi terrorist groups – have caused untold misery in several countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Sri Lanka appears to be their next target. The Sri Lankan government must take immediate strict measures to control Wahhabi organizations and ban them. Wahhabis have already built several illegal Mosques in Sri lanka using Saudi Arabia’s petro dollar. The overwhelming peace loving Muslims of Sri Lanka will extend their support to the government in this matter. As the Wahhabis are even capable of starting ethnic riots between the peaceful Sinhalese and the Muslims, the Sri Lankan government must not be lethargic on this matter.

    Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia’s ruling House of Saud have been intimately and permanently intertwined since their births. Unlike Islam in other Muslim countries, however, Wahhabism treats women as third class citizens, imposes the veil on them, and denies them basic human rights such as: driving cars; the freedom of traveling within the country or leaving it without permission or Mahram-a relative male chaperon, the interaction with men who are not related to them in order to maintain a complete separation of the sexes; and until a few decades ago denied them public education and banned them from Radio & Television.
    Wahhabism created the Saudi monarchy, and the House of Saud spread Wahhabism. One could not have existed without the other. Wahhabism gives the House of Saud legitimacy, and the House of Saud protects and promotes Wahhabism. Wahhabism is highly self-centered and extremely intolerant of progressive ideologies, other religions, and other Islamic sects such as Shiism and Sufism. It despises Arab Nationalism with a great deal of passion, yet it promotes Saudi” nationalism, despite the fact that any nationalism is considered a violation of Islamic theology due to the concept of Islamic Ummah (nation”).
    Wahhabi Islam has already penetrated every nook and corner of the Muslim world. It is right time that like minded Muslim scholars join together and put an end to its spreading further in the interest of protecting the younger generation. What is causing a big concern is that these Wahhabis concentrate much on brain washing the youths. This is a dangerous trend and the Sunnath Jamath Moulvis and followers should take a serious note of this. More than the illiteracy prevailing in the Islamic community, its backwardness, unemployment etc, what is the serious problem confronting the whole Muslim society is Wahhabism.
    There are NO SECTS in islam, indeed Koran specifies God’s dislike of schism in very clear terms. Muslims” have taken it upon themselves to create various sects, each claiming others are wrong, this defeats the whole concept of ummah”. Sects are clearly a human trait as Judaism & Christianity are also plagued with this divide, and at any rate all people who believe in One God should be part of one Ummah”, instead we all seem to worship our Egos/parents religion/history rather than God.

    Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha’s period saw not only urbanisation, but also the beginnings of centralised states.The successful expansion of Buddhism depended on the growing economy of the time, together with increased centralized political organization capable of change. Buddhism had seen a steady growth from its beginnings to its endorsement as state religion of the Maurya Empire under Ashoka Maurya (304BCE–232 BCE). It continued to flourish another 4 centuries and spread even beyond the Indian subcontinent to Central Asia and beyond to China.

    Ashoka Maurya banned Vedic sacrifices as contrary to Buddhist benevolence, Buddhism began its spread outside of its Magadha homeland. The succeeding Shungas reinstated the sacrifices. They also built the large Sanchi stupa next to a Shunga capital. The overall trend of Buddhism’s spread across India and state support by various regional regimes continued.The consolidation of monastic organization made Buddhism the center of religious and intellectual life in India. Pushyamitra the first ruler of the Sunga Dynasty built great Buddhist topes at Sanchi in 188 BCE. The succeeding Kanva Dynasty had four Buddhist Kanva Kings.

    The decline of Buddhism in India is the result of the hostility of the Brahmans. The gradual expansion in the scope and authority of caste regulations shifted political and economic power to the local arena, reversing the trend of centralization.The caste system gradually expanded into secular life as a regulative code of social and economic transactions. In ancient times, the four varnas were primarily a categorization scheme and the Vedas did contain prohibitions regarding intermarriage. There were, however, large numbers of castes probably originally tribal lineage groups.

    Pusyamitra Sunga (185 BCE to 151 BCE) was hostile to Buddhism, he burned Sūtras, Buddhists shrines and massacred monks. The Hindu Saivite ruler Shashanka of Gauda (590–626) destroyed the Buddhist images and Bo Tree, under which Siddhartha Gautama is said to have achieved enlightenment. But a steady decline of Buddhism in India set in during the later Gupta era and under the Pala Empire. Chinese monks traveling through the region between the 5th and 8th centuries CE, such as Faxian, Xuanzang, Yijing, Huisheng, and Song Yun, began to speak of a decline of the Buddhist sangha, especially in the wake of the White Hun invasion. By that time, Buddhism had become especially vulnerable to hostile rulers because it lacked strong roots in society as most of its adherents were ascetic communities.

    In 711 Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the Sindh, bringing Indian societies into contact with Islam, succeeding partly because Dahir was an unpopular Hindu king that ruled over a Buddhist majority and that Chach of Alor and his kin were regarded as usurpers of the earlier Buddhist Rai Dynasty – a view questioned by those who note the diffuse and blurred nature of Hindu and Buddhist practices in the region, especially that of the royalty to be patrons of both and those who believe that Chach himself may have been a Buddhist. The forces of Muhammad bin Qasim defeated Raja Dahir in alliance with the Jats and other regional governors.

    Many instances of conversion of stupas to mosques such as at Nerun as well as the incorporation of the religious elite into the ruling administration such as the allocation of 3% of the government revenue was allocated to the Brahmins. As a whole, the non-Muslim populations of conquered territories were treated as People of the Book and granted the freedom to practice their respective faiths in return for payment of the poll tax (jizya). They were then excused from military service or payment of the tax paid by Muslim subjects – Zakat. The jizya enforced was a graded tax, being heaviest on the elite and lightest on the poor.

    The Gupta Empire period was a time of great development of Hindu culture but even then, in the Ganges Plain, half of the population supported Buddhism and the five precepts were widely observed. The Hindu rulers and wealthy laity gave lavish material support to Buddhist monasteries. After the Guptas, the Shaivite kings of Gujarat (as well as Nepal and Kashmir) also patronized Buddhist monasteries, building a great center of Buddhist learning at Valabhi. The Buddhist emperor Harsha and the later Buddhist Pala dynasty (8th to11th Centuries ) were great patrons of Buddhism but it had already begun to lose its political and social base.

    With the surge of Hindu philosophers like Adi Shankara(788 – 820), along with Madhvacharya and Ramanuja, three leaders in the revival of Hindu philosophy, Buddhism started to fade out rapidly from the landscape of India.

    By the 10th century Mahmud of Ghazni defeated the Hindu-Shahis, effectively removing Hindu influence and ending Buddhist self-governance across Central Asia, as well as the Punjab region. He demolished both stupas and temples during his numerous campaigns across North-Western India, but left those within his domains and Afghanistan alone. Hindu and Buddhist statues, shrines and temples were looted and destroyed by Mahmud of Ghazni and many Buddhists had to take refuge in Tibet.

    Decline continued after the fall of the Pala dynasty in the 12th century and the gradual Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent. The Buddhism of Magadha was finally swept away by the Islamic invasion under one of Qutb-ud-Din’s generals Muhammad Bin Bakhtiar Khilji, during which many of the Viharas and the famed universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila were destroyed, and thousands of Buddhist monks were massacred in 12th century.

    Muhammad attacked the north-western regions of the Indian subcontinent many times. Gujarat later fell to Muhammad of Ghor’s armies in 1197. Muhammad of Ghor’s army was too developed for the traditional Indian army of that time to resist.

    In 1197 the capital, Bihar, was seized by a small party of two hundred horsemen, who rushed the postern gate, and sacked the town. Further, the slaughter of the shaven-headed Brahmans,” as the Muslim chronicler calls the Buddhist monks, was so complete that when the victor searched for a competent person to explain the contents of the library not a soul was alive.

    A similar fate befell upon the other Buddhist institutions, against which the combined intolerance and rapacity of the invaders was directed. The monasteries were sacked and the monks were slain, many of the temples were ruthlessly destroyed or desecrated, and countless idols were broken and trodden under their foot. Those monks who escaped the sword fled to Nepal, Tibet, and South India to avoid the consequences of war and Buddhism was finally destroyed and those areas then came under these Muslim rulers.

    Although the Mithila rulers were Shaivite Hindus, they continued the Pala patronage of Buddhism and offered strong resistance against the Ghurids. They stopped, for example, an attempted drive to take Tibet in 1206. The Sena king (a Hindu) installed defensive garrisons at Odantapuri and Vikramashila Monasteries, which were imposing walled citadels directly on the Ghurids’ line of advance.

    Nalanda escaped the fate of Odantapuri and Vikramshila monasteries. When the Tibetan translator, Chag Lotsawa Dharmasvamin (Chag Lo-tsa-ba, 1197 – 1264), visited northern India in 1235, he found Nalanda damaged, looted, and largely deserted, but still standing and functioning with 70 students.
    A Tibetan monk called Dharmaswamin visited Nalanda in 1235, nearly 40 years after its sack, and found a small class still conducted in the ruins by a 90 old monk, Rahul Sribhadra. Weak and old, the teacher was kept fed and alive by a local Brahmin, Jayadeva. Warned of a roving band of 300 Turks, the class dispersed, with Dharmaswamin carrying his nonagenarian teacher on his back into hiding. Only the two of them came back, and after the last lesson (it was Sanskrit grammar) Rahul Sribhadra told his Tibetan student that he had taught him all he knew and in spite of his entreaties asked him to go home. Packing a raggedy bundle of surviving manuscripts under his robe, Dharmaswamin left the old monk sitting calmly amidst the ruins. And both he and the Dharma of Sakyamuni made their exit from India.

    Many Buddhist monks fled Bihar and parts of northern Bengal, seeking asylum in monastic universities and centres in modern-day Orissa, southern Bangladesh, Arakan on the western coast of Burma, southern Burma, and northern Thailand. The majority, however, together with numerous Buddhist lay followers, went to the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, bringing with them many manuscripts from the vast monastic libraries that had been destroyed.

    Buddhism was in a strong position in Kathmandu at the time. The Hindu kings of the Thakuri Dynasties (750 – 1200) had supported the Buddhist monasteries, and there were several monastic universities. Since the end of the tenth century, numerous Tibetan translators had been visiting these centres on their way to India, and Nepalese masters from them had been instrumental in the revival of Buddhism in central and western Tibet. The early Hindu rulers of the Malla Period (1200 – 1768) continued the policies of their Thakuri predecessors.

    The Musalman invaders sacked the Buddhist Universities of Nalanda, Vikramshila, Jagaddala, Odantapuri to name only a few. They raised to the ground Buddhist monasteries with which the country was studded. The monks fled away in thousands to Nepal, Tibet and other places outside India. A very large number were killed outright by the Muslim commanders. How the Buddhist priesthood perished by the sword of the Muslim invaders has been recorded by the Muslim historians themselves.

    In 1215, Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan and devastated the Muslim world. In 1227, after his death, his conquest was divided. Chagatai then established the Chagatai Khanate, where his son Arghun made Buddhism the state religion. At the same time, he came down harshly on Islam and demolished mosques to build many stupas. He was succeeded by his brother, and then his son Ghazan who converted to Islam and in 1295 changed the state religion. After his reign, and the splitting of the Chagatai Khanate, little mention of Buddhism or the stupas built by the Mongols can be found in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

    Timur was a 14th-century warlord of Turco-Mongol descent conqueror of much of Western and central Asia, and founder of the Timurid Empire destroyed Buddhist establishments and raided areas in which Buddhism had flourished.

    In Tamilnadu and Kerala, Buddhism survived until 15th to 16th century, as witnessed by the manuscript of the Manjusrimulakalpa. At Nagapattinam, in Tamil Nadu, Buddhist icons were cast and inscribed until this time, and the ruins of the Chudamani Vihara stood until they were destroyed by the Jesuits in 1867.

    Please read the following

    Maldives had been settled by people from the nearest coasts, like the group today known as the Giravaaru. It is unlikely that the Giraavaru islanders were the only early settlers in the Maldives. The Giraavaru people were just one of the island communities predating Buddhism and the arrival of a Northern Kingly dynasty and the establishment of centralized political and administrative institutions. Prince Koimala from India or Sri Lanka entered the Maldives and became the first king from the House of Theemuge. Maldives was settled by successive waves of migration from India and more importantly Sri Lanka, had a vibrant Buddhist and Hindu culture.

    The ancient Maldivian Kings promoted Buddhism and the first Maldive writings and artistic achievements in the form of highly developed sculpture and architecture are from that period. The conversion to Islam is mentioned in the ancient edicts written in copper plates from the end of the 12th century AD. Over the centuries, the islands have been visited and their development influenced by sailors and traders from countries on the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Until relatively recent times, Mappila pirates from the Malabar Coast harassed the islands.

    The Maldives were not always Islamic. Maldives was converted to Islam in the year 1153 AD by Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary – a Muslim from Maghreb (North Africa) . When Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary visited the Maldives the reigning king was Sri Tribuvana Aditiya. The first King of the Theemuge dynasty King Sri Mahabarana was his maternal uncle. Sri Tribuvana Aditiya ascended the throne around 1138 AD. After conversion to Islam he adopted the name Muhammed Ibn Abdulla. He sent missionaries to various parts of the Maldives to spread Islam. The first Friday Mosque to be built in Malé and the Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Miskiy at Malé were commissioned by Sultan Muhammed Ibn Abdulla.

    After arrival at Malé Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary stayed in Maldives for several days. He was a Hafiz, a person who could recite the entire Holy Quran from memory. According to Thangeehu Kurevunu Dhivehi Raajjeyge Thaareekhuge Thanthankolhu (Researched excerpts from the History of the Maldives) the Hafiz succeeded in converting Maldivians to Islam after much effort and endeavour. His first efforts to proselytise did not meet with success. However his relentless perseverance turned out to be a tremendous service to the nation as Maldivians finally embraced Islam. The first convert was the king himself, who was followed by his wives and children and members of the court. After the people embraced the Islamic faith the Buddhist temples and idols were destroyed. Archaeological excavations carried out in Maldives at various times this century confirm the fact that there had been Buddhist temples in Maldives during the 12th century AD..

    Even after Maldivians adopted Islam Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary stayed in the Maldives to teach Islam to the people. He died during the reign of Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu (Muhammed Ibn Abdulla). According to historian Hassan Thaajuddheen, he was laid to rest at the shrine at Medhuziyaaraiy in Malé.

    The popular title attributed to Sultan Muhammed Ibn Abdulla, which is Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu implies that the Sultan was a pious and kind-hearted person who was generous, especially to the weak and poor. During his reign he strengthened adherence to the rules and principles of Islam, established laws of governance and destroyed the symbols of Buddhism. It is said that a long time after Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary’s death, the Sultan left on pilgrimage to Mecca and did not return.

    The 16th century saw the colonization of the islands by the Portuguese and the 17 years of Portuguese rule is referred to in Maldive history as the dark night of Portuguese Christian rule.” It is claimed that the seas ran red with blood” as the Portuguese attempted to convert the citizens to Christianity. The return to power of native rulers saw an Islamic revival, the adoption of the Arabic-style script, Thaana, and the visit to the islands of religious scholars who became the chief advisers to the sultans. Under their influence, the Kingship came to be seen as an institution created by Allah and held according to His wishes. Thus, correct religious practice on the part of the king (sultan) was seen as an essential justification of his right to rule and religious scholars were an essential part of the court. The Maldives was fairly unaffected by the British rule (the Raj) in the rest of South Asia and it wasn’t until 1887 that the country became a protectorate” of the British; however, the British did not significantly interfere with the running of the state. Full independence was gained in July 26, 1965.

    Until recently, the people of the Maldives practiced a type of folk Islam which was influenced by Buddhism. They recited the Qur’an in the style of Buddhist chanting, the earlier mosques resembled Buddhist temples and the architectural designs of the mosques had a mix of Buddhist and Islamic influences, many Maldivian had had Hindu or Buddhist type names alongside Muslim ones and Dhivehi was written in a Brahmi based scrip[t. Now, the Maldives has been destroyed by these fundamentalist elements and now Maldives is so far gone that it look as it will never return back to its former glory. Had Hinduism and Buddhism still continued to exist in Maldives even after the arrival of Islam and Hindus and Buddhists had been able to coexist peacefully alongside Muslims, then the Maldives would have been a very different place now.

    Similar to the Afghan Islamic Taliban’s destruction of the priceless Buddhist and other historic artifacts in 2001, in February 2012, a group of Islamic extremists forced their way into the National Museum in Maldives and attacked the museum’s collection of Pre-Islamic sculptures, destroying or severely damaging nearly the entire collection about thirty Hindu and Buddhist sculptures dating from the 6th to 12th centuries.

    The scene took place at the Maldives’ National Museum where the destruction occurred. A group of five men who were a part of an Islamic Extremist group targeted artifacts dating from the Pre-Islamic era in Maldives. Of those destroyed, many Buddhist and Hindu relics were smashed and broken to pieces making them merely unrecognizable. Pieces destroyed, specifically included the Bohomala sculptures, Hanuman statues, and the a sculpture of the Hindu water god, Makara. The two five faced statues from Male were also brutally damaged. This five-faced male was the only remaining archaeological evidence of a Buddhist era in Maldives and it too was destroyed, completely destroying any true history of the country. In addition an 11th century coral stone of the Lord Buddha was also wiped out. The museum staff were emotionally distraught and upset that any evidence of a Buddhist existence in Maldives was completely destroyed and torn down heartlessly. They stated that all their 12th century statues were lost which were made of coral and limestone. There is no way to restore them because they were very brittle and this makes it very difficult to remake, one of the staff members said. The Adhaalath Party, a Maldives Islamic group, who supports the newly elected President Mohamed Waheed, stated that the constitution does not allow idols anywhere in Maldives.

    Anyone with such ridiculous levels of intolerance, lack of respect or sensitivity for others are pure scumbags. Such acts are crimes against humanity, in that they should not be considered isolated incidents. They should be considered in conjunction with what happened at Bamiyan, the destruction of medical texts (considered anatomically correct pictures blasphemous) and the fact that humanity itself suffers grave losses due to such acts. This is not the mindset of the humane, these people will not only continue to destroy human cultural heritage, they will attempt to irradicate all aspects of human culture, art, science, religion, past, present and future that doesn’t fit into to their disgraceful, shallow, backward, medieval world view. Worse still, these goals are intended due only through the subjugation of the rest of humanity. The whole of the world should unite against such barbarism, including ESPECIALLY, the moderate muslims of the world in total unison.

    Wahhabism has been taking roots in Maldives from the days of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Abandoning its tolerant, syncretic brand of Islam, Maldives now moves towards an intolerant Wahhabi society. Recently two Maldives MPs – Dr Afrasheem Ali & Aishath Velezinee – were killed by Wahhabi Jihadists.

    Wahhabi” essentially identifies a rather narrow and bigoted interpretation of Islam.

    The Wahhabis are
    (1) Extremely intolerant of others” who do not share their specific religious beliefs;
    (2) Opposed to difference and pluralism;
    (3) Against civil rights;
    (4) Extremely anti-secular.

    To them the sole purpose of the state/politics is to serve their exclusive and bigoted interests.

    With the aid of oil revenues and the socialization of returning foreign workers, the Wahhabi distortion of Islam has spread widely in the last thirty years. In the Arab world, in South Asia, and in East Asia, Islamic workers and Islamic institutions have received aid from Saudi Arabian sources (usually private individuals and foundations) that have slowly embedded Wahhabism in many Muslim societies.

    The objective of Wahhabism is to revive the ritual and conceptual purity of Islam by seeking to eliminate the inclusion of culturally inspired practices under the rubric of religion. Yet its obsession with what is permissible and what is not has made it and its practitioners extremely intolerant of difference and otherness. This growing intolerance of the other has moved the practitioners of Wahhabism so far from the central peaceful and pluralistic principles of Islam that Wahhabism has become an ugly and ruthless caricature of a faith that, according to its foundational text (The Holy Qur’an), was sent as a mercy to humanity.

    When Prophet Muhammad established the first Islamic state in Medina, people of other faiths were free to practice their religions and had the same rights as Muslims in religious as well as political matters. But today in Saudi Arabia, the only Wahhabi state in the world, Christians and Hindus have very few rights and are prohibited from religious practice. They are not even allowed to celebrate their festivals openly. While Wahhabis today continue to fund the construction of mosques in India and in the West, they remain staunchly opposed to the construction of any temple or any church in Saudi Arabia. This is not only intolerant but also hypocritical.

    But we must pause before we judge Wahhabism as an Islamic byproduct. Wahhabism is a global condition and not some Islamic initiative unleashed upon the rest of the world. From the world’s oldest democracy to the world’s largest democracy one can see the festering of Wahhabi movements, sowing seeds of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance against others” and seeking to capture the state to make it an instrument of hate.

  • 2

    The word Wahhab is one of the ninety nine Divine Attributes of The Almighty Allaah, which means “The Bestower”. The enemies of Islam, have coined this word as derogatory for the one who opposed Un-Islamic corrupted rituals such as Soofees (grave worshippers) Shia, paganism etc. So before I too joined this bandwagon without searching for the truth. Now that I have found the truth so you too search for the truth and do not argue without the correct knowledge of Islam and its monotheistic creed. Do not worry that in spite of all negative publicity against Islam, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the heart of Christianity (USA Europe). By the way the soofees, although they claim to be Muslim. but their methodology, rituals, beliefs are not recognized by Islamic Monotheism. So every Sunnah Muslims will not accept the soofees and the sheeaas.

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