14 July, 2024


Thoughts On Constitutional Change & Controversies

By Mahinda Rajapksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Steps have been taken by the government to initiate the process of promulgating a new constitution for Sri Lanka. Since this is a matter that will touch the lives of all Sri Lankans, this process should receive as much public participation as possible.

Controversies have emerged about the procedure to be adopted in making changes to the constitution. The opposition has suggested that the process of constitutional change should be within the provisions of the present constitution and the standing orders of parliament. I believe the government will be flexible on this matter. This is not the first time that changes have been made to the present constitution. By keeping matters within the available parliamentary mechanisms, everybody will be able get on with the task at hand.

My manifesto for the 2015 presidential election “Mahinda Chintana lowa dinana maga” also pledged to take steps to formulate a new constitution for Sri Lanka. Earlier in 2011, my government had appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee under the chairmanship of Hon. Nimal Siripala de Silva to look into the changes that need to be made to the constitution including changes relating to the executive presidential system. That responsibility now lies with the present government. The single most important pledge on which the present government was elected into power was the abolition of the executive presidential system. The 19th Amendment to the constitution passed last year purported to reduce the powers of the presidency, but the executive powers of the president still remain intact.

The preamble of the resolution introduced in parliament last Saturday by the prime minister repeatedly stressed that the main objective of the new constitution would be to abolish the executive presidential system and to institute electoral reform.  These objectives should receive our fullest support. The executive presidential system was mired in controversy from the beginning. The SLFP opposed it even when it was first instituted. Now when the very UNP that created this position is putting forward proposals to abolish it, we in the SLFP cannot oppose it. Furthermore, it’s a nephew of JR Jayewardene, the founder of this system who is putting forward proposals to abolish the executive presidential system.

I must stress that this should not be another attempt to hoodwink the masses. If the intention of the government is to simply deflect public attention from the myriad problems facing the country by making loud noises about constitutional change and abolishing the executive presidential system, such an attempt will not succeed. People are now tired of the lies and deception of this government. It is only because the President publicly made a solemn oath over the body of the late Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero that the executive presidential system will be totally abolished that I felt that perhaps the government is serious about constitutional change this time.

I wish to strongly suggest that other constitutional changes should not be mixed up with the two key issues of abolishing the executive presidential system and electoral reform, over which widespread consensus has built up over a period of time. The constitutional reform process should proceed in stages, taking up the abolition of the executive presidency and the reform of the electoral system first, and then going on to other matters.

The executive presidency was first brought in as the second amendment to the 1972 constitution which was passed around October 1977. The then Prime Minister JR Jayewardene was sworn in as the first executive president of Sri Lanka on 4 February 1978 on the basis of that amendment. It was after the executive presidential system was created that the 1978 constitution was promulgated incorporating the newly created executive presidency. Because of the special circumstances that we face today, I believe a similar two-stage approach will have to be adopted in abolishing the executive presidential system as well.

It is only through a referendum that certain entrenched provisions of the constitution can be changed and if a whole new constitution is presented to the people at a referendum, many of the entrenched provisions can be changed in one fell swoop. People have suspicions that provisions inimical to the unitary character of the Sri Lankan state may find their way into the new constitution if it is passed as a single document. We must ensure that the whole constitution making process is not hampered due to these misgivings. There is no doubt that a referendum would be necessary if the presidential system is to be abolished. The Supreme Court has already given a determination on the matter. On the other hand, the president has already assured parliament that the unitary character of the state and the special status accorded to Buddhism in the constitution will not be touched. If such is the case, no other entrenched provision need be changed and the only matter that will require a referendum will be the abolition of the executive presidency. So by breaking up the constitution making process into different stages, we will be able to get the provisions that require a referendum passed first, leaving the rest to be dealt with later.

Ever since the Supreme Court delivered its determination on the 13th Amendment in 1987, the executive presidency has been seen as the institution that keeps the country together in the context of the powers devolved to the provincial councils. So there are certain misgivings about abolishing this institution. In this context, a study should be done of the Indian constitution and of the powers vested in the Indian president, the cabinet of ministers and the Indian parliament (including the upper house of parliament) in relation to the Indian states, and similar provisions with additional safeguards if necessary, should be made applicable in relation to the provincial councils in Sri Lanka. While the provincial councils system was based on the Indian model of devolution, many of the safeguards available to the Indian central government to maintain the unity of the country were not made available to the Sri Lankan government through the 13th Amendment. These shortcomings will have to be addressed.

Apart from the abolition of the executive presidency, electoral reform was the second most important pledge given by the present government to the people. In this regard, I wish to point out that the hybrid proportional representation and first past the post system proposed by the Parliamentary Select Committee headed by Hon. Dinesh Gunawardene in 2008 was introduced at the local government level by my government. The next local government election will be held according to this new system. All that remains to be done is to introduce this system to the provincial council and parliamentary levels as well. In order to prevent controversies over the delineation of constituencies as we saw at the local government level, I suggest that the constituencies should be delineated first before the electoral reforms are introduced.

The devolution of power in the new constitution should not exceed the provisions of the 13th Amendment  that have been implemented at present. There should also be no merging of provinces.  The police and land powers accorded to the provincial councils through the 13th Amendment need to be re-examined. The safeguards available to the Indian central government in relation to the utilisation of land are not available to the Sri Lankan government. In the 1962 case of State of West Bengal v Union of India, the Indian Supreme Court affirmed that the central government could acquire any land in any state for any purpose of the central government without the concurrence of the state government. But Appendix II of the Ninth Schedule of our constitution says that the government of Sri Lanka has to ‘consult’ the provincial council to utilise land within that province for a purpose of the government.

The implications of such a provision in the Sri Lankan context should be clear to everybody.  Therefore I suggest that the landmark judgement by the  Supreme Court in the 2013 case of The Ministry of Plantation Industries v Solaimuttu Rasu delivered by Chief Justice Mohan Peris, Justice (now Chief Justice) Sripavan and Justice Eva Wanasundara be incorporated in the new constitution and powers over state land vested in the government and not the provincial councils. The significant fact about this case was that the three judges delivered separate judgments which concurred with one another.

Appendix I of the Ninth Schedule of the present constitution which was introduced through the 13th Amendment outlines the police powers accorded to the provincial councils. If these provisions are implemented, the national police force as we know it will cease to exist and all important day to day police functions will pass onto nine separate provincial police forces. I wish to suggest that while such a system may work in a large country like India where the states are bigger than most other nations, it cannot be practically implemented in a small country like Sri Lanka. Indian states such as Tamil Nadu which are several times the size of Sri Lanka have only one police force.

We will be making a bad mistake if we try to implement systems that are in place on a sub-continental scale within the Union of India in a country smaller than some of the smallest Indian states. In the three decades since the provincial councils system was introduced, we have seen many changes of government, but no leader implemented the police powers accorded to the provincial councils through the 13th Amendment because that would have rendered the country ungovernable. So we should proceed very cautiously on this matter. Unworkable provisions in our existing constitution should be discarded in formulating the new constitution.

I also wish to propose that in thinking about devolution, we should seek to empower the grassroots level bodies such as the local government institutions as far as is practically feasible so that the people of the area have a say in the way they are governed. Leaders on both sides of the political divide have at various times expressed such views and this matter should receive closer attention in the process of constitution making.

The Sixth Amendment to the present constitution which was brought in to prevent separatism should be reviewed. It can be observed that the 16th Amendment to the constitution of India which was brought in by Jawaharlal Nehru much earlier for the same purpose has been more successful in keeping separatist tendencies and separatist ideology in check in India than the 6th Amendment in Sri Lanka. How is it that the TNA takes up positions in Sri Lanka that the AIADMK would never dream of taking in India? This is another matter that needs to be looked into.

It can be seen from the comments that have already been made about the constitution making process, that some sections of the public wish to invoke the constitutional jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to ensure that the unitary character of the state is not undermined. In this context, if the cabinet bypasses the Supreme Court by designating the Bill brought to amend the constitution in terms of Article 120(b) as “a Bill to be passed with a two thirds majority plus a referendum”, there will be misgivings all around. So I suggest that while the constitution making process is split up into segments as proposed earlier, each segment is designated under Article 120(a) simply as “a Bill for the amendment of the constitution”, so that the constitutional jurisdiction of the Supreme Court remains intact, and members of the public will be able to invoke the SC to satisfy themselves that no provisions have been introduced which affect the unitary character of the state.

Once the new constitution is passed into law, it may be appropriate to hold an election to elect a new government under the new constitution.

Thank you.

*Text of a speech made by former President Mahinda Rajapksa at the Abeyarama Temple in Narahenpita.

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  • 13

    //I also wish to propose that in thinking about devolution, we should seek to empower the grassroots level bodies such as the local government institutions as far as is practically feasible so that the people of the area have a say in the way they are governed. //

    Look who is taking! He had Hambantota Mayor to run the show in his own backyard.

    Mahinda promised 13 plus plus!

    //How is it that the TNA takes up positions in Sri Lanka that the AIADMK would never dream of taking in India? //

    Buhaahaahaa… What is he smoking??

    • 5


      Sampandan (TNA) himself has invited MR (National Leader)to be part of the constitution making process. The young Sam believes it has to be an inclusive process.

      Shouldn’t you too welcome MR back to civilization as we know it?

      • 5

        Dear Mahinda Rajapakse,

        Please read my detailed response to Prof. Laksiri Fernando to his article on “Some initial proposals for a new constitution”, that is appearing in Colombo Telegraph website. Unless you go on those lines and arrive at a fair constitution, forget about peace and reconciliation.

        Please also reply to my questions posed to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke appearing below in the same article about demands of Tamils to live in peace and dignity in Srilanka. If you fail to reply or refuse to accept any of them as fair, forget about equality and justice to Tamils.

        • 3

          With the scum, mass murderers, war criminals against humanity, Sinhala Buddhist racists, Buddhist religious bigots and criminals rising to the top in the ruling hierarchy, Sri Lanka is guaranteed to be a third, if not fourth, world country for the next 100 years.

    • 2

      Dear Mahinda

      I am writing this note from my sick bed after being overwhelmed by G & T during festive season.

      Mahinda! be patient. I am working on your revised Chilthanaya. It will be given to you well before the constitutional debate.

      So far it is a pukka document.

      I can’t write a lot. I am in pains.


  • 20

    Who wants to listen to this clown ? Didn’t we say NO to him twice in 2015 ? Shameless bugger !

    • 8

      “*Text of a speech made by former President Mahinda Rajapksa at the Abeyarama Temple in Narahenpita”
      Definitely not me. Maybe the old women folks in ‘Sil Redda’ with one foot in the grave, ‘Samaneras’ with nothing else to do and the Head thief of the ‘Abeyaramaya’ who has been accused of fraud and bribery.

      • 11

        @ Anonymous . Excellent point spot on . In fact I was going to bring up the point on Abeyaramaya Temple which is in the media for wrong reasons presently. . He the big rogue couldn’t have picked a better venue for the hate speech.
        Surprisingly all the crooks are still allowed to roam free and spread HATE.

        Is GG sleeping with dogs with FLEAS??? Over to you?

  • 13

    It is astonishing that the defeat at the elections and devoid of powers can do to an individual like MR! While in power he transgressed all known ethics of a national leader. He subverted judiciary, parliamentary codes, and pioneered gerrymandering to a new level, and such an individual is now advising the present government putporting as an angelic and unblemished veteran politician! What a joke. He should instead setup a private business on the subject of “total nepotism”! He can advise powerful politicians in terms how to exercise nepotism to the maximum.

    By the way, the discredited Dayan J is behind this article and he tried his best to obscure MR’s past disasters but failed!

    • 1

      ….such an individual is now advising the present government purporting s an angelic and unblemished veteran politician! What a joke..” News in
      a website reveals MRs capabilities as an Exec. President as:-

      “Former Psident Mahinda Rajapaksa watching the commemoration ceremony held yesterday 8th at the BMICH from Kandy has taken a call to president Maithri following watching the release of the suicide bomber who came to kill Maithri in 2006.

      “Your Excellency, your work is outstanding. I never thought you would follow me”

      “….and such an individual is now advising the present government purporting as an angelic and unblemished veteran politician! What a joke….” He himself admits his abilities in this direction, as per a
      web news items as follows:-

      “President Maithripala who was perplexed from Mahinda’s call has told Mahinda, “I never followed you. I pardoned and gave freedom to the person who came to kill me. Former president Mahinda who has laughed aloud and said, “You only released the person who came to kill you but I not only released but I gave a ministerial position and a gave 100 bar license and fed his entire generation”

      Maithri who was astonished has questioned “Who was that . . . .?

      “Why president our Johnny .. . .. .I not only released him but fed him and his entire generation. He is never leaving me now because he know I have his files. Therefore please remember you are also doing the same what I did” laughed Mahinda.”

    • 6

      well said, Burning Issue. Indeed DJ is well capable of selling his soul for expediency and it is highly likely he wrote this.

      MR cannot write in English for toffee. He can only hoodwink. He’s got a double PhD in that art. DJ is his understudy.

  • 12

    All that Plastic Face and Plastic Smile , Vow guess who’s talking? The clown of the world the clown of Srilanka.
    He had Ten plus years to put things right which he didn’t , now given the go damn freedom by our GG come here to oppose everything the Good Governance is trying to achieve while he failed.
    The rumour is he has got the disease called “TAIL ITIS ” which is a disease suffered by losers , who runs behind the IMPORTANT PEOPLE , It’s similar to PANDANGKARAYA..

    The majority of us discarded you MR EX . Please go away , your sight itself provokes distruction and Mayhem of hate Preach which you unleash to the village Modayas on one hand and pop up on the podium to educate the so called wise men like GLP, HLDM, DJSILVA, AND OTHERS who holds your tail tight. Will SL head again towards the no return land .??

    Definitely all the signs are there.

  • 2

    These thoughts normally flash across the minds of rejected politicos when they sit on Haansi Putuwa.

    “I must stress that this should not be another attempt to hoodwink the masses. If the intention of the government is to simply deflect public attention from the myriad problems facing the country by making loud noises about constitutional change and abolishing the executive presidential system, such an attempt will not succeed. People are now tired of the lies and deception of this government.”

    The reality appears to have begun to haunt him and he must be finding it difficult to sleep.

  • 6

    Karma….. is not too far way…..it will catch up with sooner than later..

  • 7

    Ha ha ha , ANIMAL Kingdom of Hamban. Thotta( jungle) SINHA LE = Having s…x with an Animal?? Should have been a difficult birth with 4 legs.

    What would the world media think about this story, haven’t they picked this Ancient Srilankan evolution.

    All of us will be classed as clowns ,

  • 5

    U bring back da billions of dollars n da hidden Gold for recovery of loans.

  • 2

    If the former President wishes to take part in the process,it should be welcomed. His views on devolution and religious pluralism may not be to my liking. But I will not be ostrich like and pretend that he is a washout. On the contrary his following in the majority community would far outstrip that of either the President or the Prime Minister.
    ” See not the face..
    but only the eyes,
    of the poker face.”

  • 8

    Although he is a lawyer by profession, the text of this “speech” is far above the capacity of Rajapakse to have made, judging from his unprepared ad hoc comments in English. Therefore it is clear that his advisors / strategists have cobbled it together for effect. That makes the article wholly incredible.

  • 4

    As usual, MR has got his equation wrong. It will be safe to write him off because he is still trapped in an outdated model of governance and believes such an approach will work forever.

    Lee Kuan Yew, the late PM of Singapore ruled the island nation with an iron-fist. No matter how much of spew was directed at him by opposition politicians, he won elections after elections. His son, PM Lee, debunked the notion of a family dynasty and secured an almost clean sweep in the latest election in the island. Singaporeans don’t even bother that he is the son of a former PM. The success story of Singapore is the success story of its leader/s. Having a thin ear for corruption, even if it meant his closest friends, and ruling with fairness, Singapore is what and where it is today because of its clean, fair and forward-thinking leaders.

    MR had an unequivocal shot at the presidency. If what may be collated from his reign, he comes of as a rogue, with his over-arched desire to pit the races against each other and with little or no consideration for rule of law. He was an evil consummate, hell-bent on inflicting the worse pain on anyone who opposed him.

    Way back in 2009 just after the conclusion of the war, I was one of the many who had hoped that there was this golden opportunity for him to rise as a statesman and pave the way for a new beginning but can the leopard change its spots? Because SL has been cursed with such sewer politicians that talking of it at crossroads will be an over-stretched hope. Far from it, getting to even the crossroads will be a hopeless attempt.

    For SL to ever heal its wounds and forge ahead as one nation, a leader has yet to be born. Ideally, he will be a one-term leader so that he will not be meddling with the constitution and prove that he will be a leader for all the races. MR never fitted this bill and truly he never will. It is in his blood to be forever Mahinda the gutter politician, buying over other parasites to increase his blood bank.

    It will take the intelligentsia among the Singhalese to realise that their politicians have failed the entire nation and get in some good people to build bridges that will forge unity among the races. No one will talk about the 13A, domains, provinces, etc when their inner thoughts know that they have a fair and caring leader, all these divisions, racial and religion will be a thing of the past. It has to start with the leader. As of now, it has been the curse of SL that it had been ruled by devils, not leaders.

  • 3

    Everybody attacks the man not the idea

  • 1

    At this time of Constitution Making, it is better to set aside the “Devil” in ex President, Mr. Rajapakse and get involved in bringing about a “CHANGE” in the country and the “PEOPLE” including him- Mr. Rajapakse. In that respect, I admire and appreciate the CALL of Mr. Sampanthn, the Leader of the Opposition to Mr. Rajapakse. That “Call” has been made with a view to get him too INVOLVED in the “MAKING” of the Constitution and it has its own “Long Term Future Strategies” wrapped up very nicely and that is one reason I applaud Mr. Sampanthan.

    Now coming back to his (MR’s) presentation, I have two matters to sort out viz. (1) He proposes a “Stage by Stage” approach and (2) Is he (MR) opts out of making a “Brand New” Constitution. To me (1) above is “Amendments” and (2) is entirely a New Constitution throwing out the present one. Are others “confused” like me? because the Government promised a “New Constitution” i.e entirely a NEW one replacing the present. Now certain quarters in the Government as well as the Opposition talk of “Amendments” while “retaining and amending” provisions in the existing one. Even the Government Media speaks of in their “News Bulletins” and refer to “PRATHISANSKARANAYA” meaning “REVISIONS”. Also there is a debate on, how this subject be handled by the Parliament, i.e. Is it by “converting” the entire Parliament to a “Constitutional Assembly” or “Constitutional Committee”. If it is to be an Entirely a NEW Constitution, there must be a “DRAFT” or if it is to be a “REVISION” what are the provisions that are to be revised? Do we, therefore KNOW what is expected from the PEOPLE and if that is not spelled out clearly, that could also be another attempt to pull wool over our eyes. Am I not well informed or confused? Perhaps both.

  • 3

    Now that Rajapakse has to explain himself to the world we can see the true nationalist emerging.

    i) Strengthen unitary state – i.e. anti-devolution

    ii) Why do Tamils in Sri Lanka need to be equal to or less than Tamils in India – why can’t we look at Switzerland or Canada?

    iii) Why do you want to control the Tamils through majoritirianism ? Isn’t it time to learn from the past and let people enjoy control of their affairs.

    iv) In the new constitution of course Tamils will continue to live in Colombo (and hopefully elsewhere in the South) and Sinhalese in Jaffna and the North

    v) But we need to recognise that the Tamils are a people that share the island – they are not some migrants from another land. Here in is Rajapakse’s flaw – he can’t bring himself to do this.

    Oh well lets see what the future brings.

  • 9

    The ghost writer of this speech is definitely Dayan Jayatillke de Silva with some assistance from Gus Labba GL Pieris, and it was most certainly written in the Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 3 house of Rajeeva Wijesinghe.Incidentally, where are these 3 jokers these days?All in the dustbin.

    As for the utter crap written in the name of Mahinda Rajapakaya, no man, woman ,imbecile or idiot would ever believe this thug and murderer. As observed in the comments above, he has been utterly rejected not in one but two election in a row and reduced to been an MP

    Mahinda Rajapakaya go back to your ancestral chena cultivation in Medamulana, taking with you your murderous brother Gotabaya and your 3 thug looking and equally murderous 3 sons. But please don’t start killing the animals there because you are so used killing so many humans when your family was in power. Take that short ass Lalith Weeratunga as your cook and if the fellow is available, take Sajin Vass Gunewardena ,your former toilet washer, as well.

  • 6

    “Once the new constitution is passed into law, it may be appropriate to hold an election to elect a new government under the new constitution.”

    Sorry Mahinda,

    Before conducting an election, the law and order should complete the investigation on all crimes against humanity and corruption of you and your family should face the justice system.

  • 6

    One will have to feel sorry for MR. Everyt other attempt by him to stage a come-back ending-up in failures, this is his latest stunt ‘extend some co-operation’ as the process cannot be derailed and arrest the decline of his popularity. Poor guy.

  • 0

    Bataland’s “Yahapalana Constitution will be drafted by the Face Booking Elite, Anglicans, Vellalas ,and the Diaspora”, says the PM in today’s Island…

    He wouldn’t let the old UNP brain and his Uncle’s main legal draftsman come near him even this time.

    This is a bit confusing Isn’t it.

    Didn’t the PM say in Parliament the other day, that he is giving a copy to each of the 225 to get their input, when presenting this kick ass piece of Yahapalana legislation?.

    Hirunickers,Porky Minister,Kirra,Rajitha & Son,and a heck of a lot of other halfwits, as the PM’s own legal brain Wije tags them,must have better input to give the Elite Good Governance in the 21 Century with lots of Bacon on the Kitchen Table.

    Sorry in the Fridge..

    Can’t wait…

  • 2

    “We will be making a bad mistake if we try to implement systems that are in place on a sub-continental scale within the Union of India in a country smaller than some of the smallest Indian states.”
    “It can be observed that the 16th Amendment to the constitution of India which was brought in by Jawaharlal Nehru much earlier for the same purpose has been more successful in keeping separatist tendencies and separatist ideology in check in India than the 6th Amendment in Sri Lanka.”

    i thought he was saying a small country can’t implement systems of a big country,but to change the 6th amendment it is fine,but not to allow police powers to the provinces.Wants to have the cake and eat it too.

    okay if india is too big for us to implement their systems,what about switzerland er?Is that too small for us,about half the size?One day it will be too big and another day it will be too small to give any devolution to the tamils by the sinhala racists,but they will be exposed to the world from now on because that donkey prabhaharan is gone.Earlier the tamils were at the receiving end of the international community because of his intransigence and inflexibility for his day dreams of eelam.Now due to the sinhala racists like mahinda’s mob the sinhalese are the ones who will come under scrutiny worldwide,unless of course the stupid tamil diaspora still cling onto eelam and torpedo the negotiations and let the sinhalese off the hook again.

    For the germans,french and italians in switzerland the swiss model has worked so well that they are the no 1 competitive country in the world even beating singapore to second place.They are also a very prosperous and peacefull
    country.Therefore there is no reason for the sinhalese,tamils and muslims to also prosper under a swiss model unless of course they have clay in their skulls instead of brains.I think srilankans have the brains to prosper,but they have to be governed properly and sent in the correct direction.

  • 0

    I tis good Ex-president gives his views on constitutional changes.

  • 5

    Honorable Ex President,
    You are well paid and taken care of by the State.

    Why are you not bringing up these views in parliament so that there is official recordings in the Hansard ?

    If you can not why not ask your son Namal to bring them up in parliament ?

    If your son chickens out then ask the gang of 4++

  • 1

    Irunthum keduthaan Sevanthiyappan. Sethum Keduthaan Sevanthiyappan.

    “Thoughts On Constitutional Change & Controversies” That is how the text is headed. It is not just thought. It is the absolute scheme to catch back lost power by trying a third time. We will how the game has been played by laying over the bricks one above the other one. Then we will see, what will happen if this greed gets satisfied.

    This is the thought of a man who altered the constitution illegally with 18th amendment to be in for ever.

    It was a day in the spring of 1815, in Ceylon. The Month was February. The Cool breeze of early spring was blowing like in every other day in that month and in every other country. But the pain and distress in the new country of Ceylon was acute as never. The Birds were sing sitting on the branches, like in every other day and in every other country. The hearts in Ceylon was soaked in Muarari. The sun was coming up on the sky, like in every other day and in every other country. The Land of Ceylon was entrenched in deep dark. The two traitors, Uncle and Nephew, arrested the Kandy’s king from his hiding place and tired him with ropes and were dragging for his surrender to the newly found masters. The history of Eelam was changing and it is being renamed as Ceylon. How much of false and ugly stories were concocted about LTTE and Tamils to carry a genocide in Mullivaaikkaal, that much and another one full length of it was added to torture the King and queen. The queen’s bloody jacket preserved by British soldiers was placed eventually in National Museum of Colombo. Those two are like Sevanthiyappans who Irunthum keduthaan, Sethum Keduthaan (Destroyed while living and destroying even after the death.) Land was enslaved long after the traitors were wiped out from the earth and the rain washed off their polluting SinhaLE strains. But this goon has already beaten on their legacy by selling Port City permanently to China and sent the money to foreign banks. Unlike the Uncle and the Nephew’s case now there is no hope of that Port City land ever is returned to Lankawe.

    Hitler, Mussolini, Jenkins Khan, Mohammed of Ghazni… all were able to carry out their destruction until they lived. But this destructive person, Old King has beaten the legacy of Pilimathalawa and Ehelepola. They were able to sell the land to whites, only for 150 years. But this nasty little has sold the Port City for the rest of the history of Eelam. In fact, China has forcefully grabbed the Port City only one year after this man was thrown out of power. Neither IMF nor Western Countries have helped to pay the price China would ask for sell it back. Unless UNP government is sincerely investigating this person and punishes him, West is unlikely financially help on matters like that. It is going to remain, the part of the country sold, as sold.

    Now this clown is preaching the land provision in the provincial councils. The only purpose of that is to force the present Royal government to go for an election so he can recapture the power for the third time.
    These are the words of man who introduced the 18A and conducted election under that to capture the while had secret plots to a military government in case the election was lost. He left the Temple Tree house even without cleaning his property only after hearing that there is chance of U.S.A sending troops to restore the democracy. If the EP is there, but his 18A is no longer there, then he cannot get to the chair even if an election is held as per his greedy desire. That is why he is shamelessly claiming the last election was about EP change only. Same time, he failed to explain then why he was not elected by people, even though he says he too had pledged to change constitution and abolish the EP in the same election. It is telling people did not vote for EP abolition, they voted to get rid of him.
    He can twist. But everybody was alive at that election knows everything happened in that election. Tamils voted and removed this guy from his seat for one reason that they were thinking the Common Candidate was put by Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero to remove him from the office. Maduluwawe Thero looked for common candidate to remove him from the power first and then had the EP abolished so never a Sinhala Intellectual Politician would grab the power and repeat all what this nasty did. It is not a little bit of controversy surrounded in EP. If that was the case, wouldn’t the Thero have approached this goon and have had it smoothed it out? If fact, during the election, Thero was forcefully kept in Hospital by a dirty doctor associated with this goon. He suffered by this unwanted treatment up to his death. This was the case with Waterrako Thero. When Thero was dying he expressed dissatisfaction on the Yahapalanaya government’s’ not rule to law, rather than delay in EP removal. These are people who are expressing satisfaction of no change in the status of their religion in the proposed new constitution. What a shameless comedy?

    Everybody is as clear as crystal, even without a small mark, that the election was about removing him from the power. . EP removal is taken because “It is only because the President publicly made a solemn oath over the body of the late Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero that the executive presidential system will be totally abolished that I felt that perhaps the government is serious about constitutional change this time.” It is not because it was the only pledge made at the election campaign. Restoring the democracy was the main demand of America, who squeezed the neck of TNA and made the election victory possible for New King. In other word, like the local people, West wanted this guy removed in the election, and the other problems were after. Only Narahenpita Modayas can be fooled by that kind of speech. Even if he fooled those Modayas, force an election, win it, still he will not get too far from the Genocide Crime Investigation, the tool West used last time to make him run out of Temple Tree house. He can win an election only if he wants to expedite to grab the UN electric early.

    13A was not passed with a referendum. Enhancing, that is what was proposed to Indian FM Krishna in 2012 by this goon, does not require a referendum either. 13A is itself asking referendum only to merge North and East permanently. So that condition can be removed from 13A without a referendum as 13A not required it too. Changing 13A needs provinces’ consent. But it has to be interpreted only when their power was being taken away the consent needed. It is only a protective clause. When there power is enhanced, the consent is only ostentatious. Further divineguma was passed without consent as it was prescribed in 13A.

    13A plus was this guy’s idea when he obtained help from India. Then he gave Mattu Pongal Pukkai to S.M.Krishna and fooled him. But Robert Blake clearly said all parties should be happy by the changes, meaning the change that does not include the aspiration of Tamils is not valid.

    The important matter here is he did not make this speech at the parliament. His cowardice is trying to avoid seeing TNA lawyers replaying for that. If he has guts he has to take it Parliament and deliver it a reply to Sampanthar who has thrown out and unconditional open invitation to hear his opinion there. Sampanthar said that this guy still has a status and his cooperation is needed. But this goon is shouting in the streets like a drunkard road warrior.

    The man, whose crimes were cleared by Chief Jester Baboon de Silva to become the EP, is talking about the verdict of Mokan Peiris. As per UNP, Mokan Pieris never held the CJ post and they removed him from the post without any impeachment procedures. That makes any verdict that was given out by him as CJ null and void. UNP or the Yahapalanaya or the National government has not scrapped off the verdicts all of them in total because to use some of them against Tamils. There is one given out by Mokan Pieris that Tamils have no legal standing to raise the basic human rights violations for police brutality as they all are accused of terrorist under PTA. But remember, they chased him out of Supreme Court without impeachment. They will selective and void his CJ verdicts as and when they need it.

    • 2

      Autonomous lunatic Mallaiyuran’s another crap!

  • 5

    The message is very clear for the Tamils. The best, safe and uncomplicated option, is to get out, for a separate state of Tamil Eelam. History again says to learn and realise, to be safe than to be sorry,.

    The Vaddukottai Resolution said so 40 years ago.

    Manicka Vasagar

  • 0

    We are now in position to call forth that ‘Revolution’ was NOT that will of our people a 2015 January 9th is “rainbow revolution” but it was purely originated by US-CIA, Indian-RAW , Norway and UK led by the Western elements.

    As to the substance of this famous “rainbow revolution” that the question of guarantees of sovereignty obstacles to majority of democracy of current Republic governances is a despotism.
    It was not revolution by People-oriented one, that was 2015 January 9th, that is why we have no guarantees for proposed “constitutional Assembly to rise that question in connection with Peoples Sovereignty and Unitary state of Republic that exist since 1972!

    The UNP and TNA want restore old order of Republic initiated by UNP regime beginning 1977 the gain power of devolution that laid down foundation for NEW Tamil Eealm regime in North part of Island.
    The more than that far-reaching counter-revolution by ‘New Constitutional Assembly’ proposed by UNP -TNA alliance which want deeply the old soil is ploughed up by “Rainbow revolution”.

    In political sphere ,democratic Republic majority represents a more profound changes has taken place after defeated of LTTE Tamil Terrorist 2009 May by Security forces led by Mahind Rajapakase Democratic Progressive Alliance.

    The defeated of LTTE and TNA Tamil separatism makes it possible to tear down all fences of Tamil separatism and US and Indian hegemony ,to the utmost degree to clear all Tamil Terrorist political outlets for the NEW SYSTEM of SUSTANABILITY OF CAPITALISM-ECONOMY; hence created suitable to requirement of path of capitalism.

    Of cause even such a victory clearing affords has guarantees Unitary character, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Sri Lankan.
    Well that UNP and TNA allies of Tamil Diaspora has to realized that clearing OLD system of war footing political-economic-social system, will be enable to the new system of economy-political to become so firmly rooted that a return to OLD forms of Neo-Liberal order, would be extremely difficulty ,because no POWER Earth can arrest the sustainability of development of capitalism in Sri lanka.

    In fact UNP and TNA after all counter-revolution of restoration 2015 January led by MS and CBK will have to break up millions of NEW capitalist class that including farms in rural Sri lanka, restore the old order of past-colonial ownerships dominated by US and Indian monopolies.
    On going constitutional changes proposed by UNP and TNA’s political agenda betray bourgeoisie revolution the invention of ‘Constitutional Assembly’ only be the fruit of shallow thinking.

    We have but one TASK; to rally people for more democratic new reforms-sustainability of capitalism to support every fight against the UNP and TNA old order in the most resolute way to fight for the best democratic conditions for all nationalities and every section of people in developing sustainability of new capitalist society.

    We need new programmed stage of political reforms ,because the scope of democratic political revolution in inevitable.

  • 1

    He is saying policing by provinces is not viable as provinces are too small. That is not the Truth. For every rape and the murder the federal army and the police committed, the provincial police would have filed a case and ran the federal system to bankruptcy. Further his war crime does not need foreign lawyers and judges. The provincial government would have solved it by years ago, arresting this guy.

    His proposal is changing the power devolving level to local councils. That is only a technique to cheat and delay. But many countries have police force for their small counties and towns. Is he ready for that?

  • 0

    Did you give a lot of thought when you arbitrarily got rid of term limits for president?

  • 0

    This man is to be charged against War Crimes, plundering the country with brothers and his son involved in the murder of Rubber player. Like the frog he is shouting his last cry. No one is going to trust or believe him any more. He has done a lot of damage to the country and the people.

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