28 May, 2022


Thus Spoke The Hypocrite

By Hameed Abdul Karim –

Hameed Abdul Karim

When Barack Obama visited Africa the people there did not give him the kind of welcome you would expect when a village kid who has made it good in the big city comes a calling. Probably that was what the first black US president had expected, but he was to be disappointed.

Nelson Mandela’s family did not see it fit to allow him a hospital visit as the anti-apartheid icon battled for his life. Before his departure Obama had said he was hoping to see his ‘inspiration’ Nelson Mandela.  So the spin was that he did not want to visit the great man because he did not want to disturb his ‘peace and comfort’.

When Obama became the first black president of the U.S, Nelson Mandela, in the first flush of victory, congratulated him with these words. ‘“We wish you strength and fortitude in the challenging days and years that lie ahead. We are sure you will ultimately achieve your dream of making the United States of America a full partner in a community of nations committed to peace and prosperity for all”.  It didn’t take long for Obama to disappoint Mandela. After the congratulatory note which contained the message for peace and prosperity for all, there was hardly a word on Obama by Mandela. Perhaps the pithy message from the leading U.S. critic Noam Chomsky stating there will be no change in the U.S. or in its foreign policies with Obama’s entry into the White House because the president is and always will be a prisoner of Wall Street and the gigantic U.S. military machine. This testimonial from a man who knows his onions would have put paid to Mandela’s hopes.

Obama’s movements and ‘dialogue’ while he was in Africa would have given you the impression there was a Hollywood movie director and scriptwriter in his entourage directing his every move.  He had the gall to say he was inspired by the icon’s fight and eventual triumph over the racist white rule ‘democracy’ in South Africa. U.S. media releases claimed Obama’s visit to South Africa was a ‘tribute’ to the great man Nelson Mandela and he was quoted as saying  ‘If and when he passes from this place, one thing I think we’ll all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages’.  Such stirring words must have gone well with the stand by gullible audiences in the world. But he is the same man who is supporting to the hilt the racist Jewish only ‘democracy’ in Occupied Palestine where apartheid reigns supreme according to his democratic party colleague and former president Jimmy Carter. It was his country that backed the white apartheid rule in South Africa to the max just the same way they are backing the Jewish Zionist ‘democracy’ in Israel. The U.S. violated UN sanctions by supplying South Africa anything they wanted from arms to elephants via Israel. Former vice president Dick Cheney (along with Margaret Thatcher) claimed that Mandela’s ANC was a terrorist organisation and that Mandela the ‘terrorist’ should never be released from jail. No apology will ever come from the first black president on that collaboration.

Obama claims to have been inspired by Nelson Mandela and yet that ‘inspiration’ has not stopped him  supporting the most inhuman economic blockade on the impoverished population of Gaza who have been held hostage not by Israel alone but by the entire ‘international community’ which is an euphemism for the Western powers. It has not stopped him dropping bombs on children in Afghanistan or Yemen either. All this he does with the Nobel Peace Prize in his pocket.

If you were looking for a bit of drama you wouldn’t have been disappointed. There was plenty of that when he visited Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and other leaders of his party were incarcerated for 27 years. The cameras were rolling as Barack Obama moved around the cell somber faced and all. And you would be forgiven if you thought you were watching a family movie on HBO as he peered through the small opening with misty eyes and a grim face trying to imagine the emotions that would have tormented poor Nelson Mandela as he counted, not so much the days, but the minutes as they ticked by.

And yet this is the same Obama who has his own Robben Island in his backyard  called Guantanamo Bay where ‘terrorists’ like Mandela are held without trial or without much hope of being free any day. Many, like Steve Biko, have perished under ‘enhanced interrogation’ – an Orwellian term for torture like water boarding which happened to be a favourite sport of former president George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, et al.

Nelson Mandela and his colleagues have stood against Zionism with the same strength and conviction they stood against apartheid. They see no difference between Zionism and apartheid. Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu is one of the staunchest of supporters of the Palestinian cause. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to condemn Israel’s apartheid practices and policies in Occupied Palestine. On many occasions he has said Israel’s practices against the Arabs in Israel and in Occupied Palestine were worse than that of white South Africa. So if Nelson Mandela is Obama’s ‘inspiration’ how come he is supporting Zionism in Israel? Really, mentioning Nelson Mandela in his PR  gimmicks Obama is committing a sacrilege!

Thousands of Palestinians suffer in Israeli dungeons yet Barack Obama has not been ‘inspired’ to give them even a modicum of justice. He continues to back Israel’s apartheid policies without any compunction. Talk of hypocrisy!

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    you had me until “And yet this is the same Obama who has his own Robben Island in his backyard called Guantanamo Bay where ‘terrorists’ like Mandela are held without trial or without much hope of being free any day.”

    Gitmo and the kind of “prisons” the US runs on it’s “war on terror” are hell on earth and illegal in every sense of the word, but to compare most of the jihadi scum who are kept there to a man like Mandela not only insult’s that great man’s entire career and life, but also the intelligence of the reader.

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      I agree those “inmates” at Gitmo should not be compared to Nelson Mandela, but how do you justify branding them ALL as Jihadi scum? They have not been given their day in a court of justice and the US has cleared many to be eligible for release:

      “Kafka at Gitmo: Why 86 prisoners are cleared for release but might never get it
      By Max Fisher, Updated: April 25, 2013

      For the 86 prisoners, it’s a plight almost Kafkaesque in its cruel absurdity: though the United States believes they should be released from their concrete cells at Guantanamo Bay, they have stayed in prison, often for years, not because of any crime they committed or immediate threat they pose, but because of diplomatic and political hurdles out of their control.

      For the Obama administration, it’s a maze with no obvious exits: it doesn’t want to keep these prisoners locked up in Gitmo, which is politically and diplomatically costly, not to mention antithetical to Obama’s stated desire to close the prison, but Congress has forbidden the prisoners from being transferred to U.S. soil. Though the administration had searched for foreign countries to which the detainees could be released, it appears to have since given up, having closed the office responsible for finding those countries.

      All of this means that a number of Guantanamo’s detainees are stuck in the facility even though the United States believes they should be released. Perhaps understandably, the detainees are not happy about this. Increasingly aware that the world has largely given up on them, they are starting to make noise.

      The past three months have been hard ones at Guantanamo. A hunger strike that began in February now includes 93 of the camp’s 166 detainees, fighting has broken out in the normally sedate Camp Six between inmates and guards, and tensions are reportedly worsening at the facility.”

      The US has grabbed the tiger by the tail and cannot let go. Obama was naive when he said he was going to close Gitmo down, he did not realize how complicated his ambitions were. This is America’s big shame.

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        Obama cannot close Gitmo as promised mainly due to opposition from Repiblican Party. Politics making a stranglehold.

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      Hameed Abdul Kareem,

      “Thousands of Palestinians suffer in Israeli dungeons yet Barack Obama has not been ‘inspired’ to give them even a modicum of justice. He continues to back Israel’s apartheid policies without any compunction. Talk of hypocrisy!”

      You ask Why? The answers are given below.






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        To your point, it is sheer hypocrisy that the US speaks of human rights abuses going on in other nations, yet Israel, the country that receives the MOST aid from the Americans, the nation that they arm and protect at the UN, is guilty of the worst kind – against little children:

        “6 March 2013 – Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military are subject to ill-treatment that violates international laws, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today, as it issued recommendations to improve the protection of minors.

        “Ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized,” according to a briefing paper prepared by the agency.

        According to figures cited in Children in Israeli military detention: observations and recommendations, approximately 700 Palestinian children each year between the ages of 12 and 17 are arrested, interrogated and detained by Israeli army, police and security agents.

        In the past 10 years, some 7,000 children – the majority of them boys – were held, an average of two children each day.

        Based on interviews with some of these minors, as well as with Israeli and Palestinian lawyers, and reviews of cases, UNICEF concluded that there appears to be a pattern of ill-treatment during the arrest, transfer and interrogation of child detainees.

        The 22-page report cites examples of arrests of children at their homes between midnight and 5:00 am by heavily armed soldiers, as well as physical and verbal abuse during transfer to an interrogation site, and interrogation using physical violence and threats.”

        A few days ago a little 5 year old boy was arrested for throwing stones at a car. The youtube video shows a terrified little boy being taken by the IDF.

        The zionists of Israel seem to forget what it feels to be harassed, intimidated, and be violated.
        The bullied have now become the bullies. Shame on them.

        The US Congress is bought by, and owned by, the most powerful lobby in the world, AIPAC.

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      Gosh, you are one heckuva naive bloke, aren’t you KP?…. you need to get out and learn a bit more of the world man! Before you know it, you’ll be echoing the trash being spouted off by Wirathu and the BBS and its organs and referring to all Muslims as “jihadist scum”. This is SO pathetic.

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    Ramadan bombathon 2013

    Scorecard Day 3

    Killings In the name of The Religion of Peace = 68
    Killings In the name of any other religion= 0
    Killings by Islamophobes = 0

    These are facts. Make up your mind.

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      Can you please supply the number of daily RAPES and gruesome Murders in India and attach it to your daily updates.

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        READ THIS

        “”The Saudi people still believe in the old Islamic teaching, which is belief in slavery. So a woman who works for them is considered a slave. For some men in Saudi Arabia, sexual relations with a housemaid are not considered as rape, because they believe that such a practice is permitted by their beliefs.” (Former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid ) “

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        Right hand possessions (Malak-ul-Yameen) means slaves and maids, those came in possession of Muslims through war or purchase. After having the possession of slave maid it is lawful and correct to have sexual relation with them. Even today if Muslims get possession over infidel country, this condition is possible, lawful and correct.’

        If such a maid happened to killed or murdered by this Muslim employer he should expect only a minor if any type of punishment according to sharia as a non-Muslim killed by a Muslim cannot expect much due to the discriminatory rules of Islam:

        http://www.usc.edu/schools/college/crcc … 09.083.050

        This problem of maid rape is an ongoing problem in Arabia due to this pernicious teaching of Islam.

        Indonesias previous president Wahid had this to say on the topic:

        Indonesian Observer

        Wahid urges talks on Indonesian women working in Saudi Arabia

        JAKARTA (IO) — President Abdurrahman Wahid says Indonesia must hold talks with Saudi Arabia on the treatment of Indonesian women employed as maids in the oil-rich country.

        “We must hold a discussion so that we can resolve the existing problems and both sides can understand each other. Indonesia no longer believes in slavery,” he told members of the Mobile Brigade Police in Depok, West Java,

        He expressed concern that many Saudis may treat their Indonesian servants as slaves and sexually harass them.

        Many Indonesian women who have worked abroad come home with horror stories of being raped and badly treated by their foreign bosses.

        But according to Wahid, the Indonesian media often makes inaccurate reports on what goes on in Saudi Arabia.

        “The media’s descriptions created a public perception that our women workers were raped. The situation is not like that. The Saudi people still believe in the old Islamic teaching, which is belief in slavery. So a woman who works for them is considered a slave,” he said.

        For some men in Saudi Arabia, sexual relations with a housemaid are not considered as rape, because they believe that such a practice is permitted by their beliefs, he added.

        “I have seen the huge number of Indonesian workers queuing up to seek help from the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia]. They became victims of an unfair system.”

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          Jim can you blame Buddhism for what Pol Pot did? Apply the same logic here. A maid is a free person and not a slave! Even in the US a man held 3 girls as slaves, one of whom he impregnated. So to satiate your arguments against Islam do not try to make the aberrant behavior of a few as standard.

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      “Whosoever kills even one human being, other than for man slaughter or tyranny on earth, it would be as if they had killed all of humanity. And whosoever saves even one human life, it will be as if they have saved all of humankind- Quran(5:32)”

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        that human being quran talking is a Muslim. If a muslims is killed considered that as killing all the muslims.

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          Wrong…it is any human being regardless of religious affiliations.

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      Why don’t you add Sri Lanka statistics as well – have you visited Sarvodhya ? You can meet the Sinhala-Buddhist rape victims – who were raped by their own Sinhala-Buddhist fathers and brothers ! You can meet the teenage mothers with their children as well.

      Who do you think patronises these brothels, bars and casinos – after a drink, it does not matter whether it is the wife or the daughter !!!

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    It is rather unfair to lable Obama as a hypocrite. After all he owes his loyalties to USA not to Africa or Muslims. His trip was mainly to cement ties between the US and African Nations where China has been making great inroads. He is not a charasmatic leader of the style of Mandela. He works hard and does a good job for his nation and is fairer than most. His Democratic Presidiency is hindered by a Republican House and he is a lame duck president in his second term.

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    KP – how do you label all in Gitmo as “most of the jihadi scum..” ?? You are such an armchair critic. Read about the stories narrated by credible journalists of the plight and circumstances of some or most of the inmates…really it requires much deeper thought and analysis backed by historical and psycho-social awareness.

    Dadi-bidis..him-shooters like you are most common in Sri Lanka…despite your criticisms that are rarely constructive…your circumstances never change for better! I feel sorry for your lovely country of jack-ass men(certainly not all!)

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    Good article. Obama has not delivered on the expectations of the world that he would change the course of world history by changing the conduct of the USA in the international arena. He promised much but failed. Perhaps what the critics call the American Industrial Military Security Complex is too powerful for even an American president. Obama’s forays in to Algeria, Libya, and now to Syria, Mali, in the future to Lebanon and Iran has shown him to have feet of clay. What it shows us is that white or black americans are the same.

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    Make Sharia the law for the Americans .Allow all the Muslims unfettered access to USA That is what the “Believers ” want.

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    An explosion near a mosque in central England is being treated as suspected terrorism, British police say.

    No injuries have been reported in relation to the incident.

    Residents in the town of Tipton heard a loud bang and found nails near the Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia mosque, according to West Midlands Police.

    The blast appeared to have happened shortly before Friday prayers were expected to begin. The area around the mosque was evacuated as a precaution.

    This happened on the same day the British soldier killed by Muslims was buried!!!

    Actions speak louder than words. Well spoken.

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