3 March, 2024


Time To Deal With Rising Racism To Save The Country

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Are the racist elements trying to provoke a July 83 type pogrom against the island’s Muslims as part of their strategy to create chaos and destabilize the government to prevent the much expected arrest of those who committed crimes, corruption and plundered the nation?

It appears these racists, perhaps encouraged by the government’s slow pace to deal with lawless elements, began to implement their local and suspected foreign masters’ agendas.

They enjoyed free hand under the defeated Rajapaksa government, torn apart communities and caused havoc. However they were rejected by the people in the last two elections and remained subdued since President Maithripala Sirisena’s election on 8 January 2015.

However during the past few months they began raising their heads openly provoking Muslims. It appears that it was as part of this conspiracy that they started their “Sinha Le”, Sinhala Blood, and sticker campaign.

However large majority of Sinhalese distanced themselves from this madness. So much so , according to print and electronic media, some even went to the extent of buying paints to erase the slogans from the gates and walls of Muslim owned houses in Colombo suburbs.

This is a very good omen for the country battered by racist wars.

Under the circumstance the question is whether it isn’t time the government wake up and deal firm with these groups to avert any potential disaster

Addressing the special session of Parliament last week President Maithripala Sirisena did warn that extremist groups are attempting to destabilize the country. He added that there is no room for extremism be it in the North or the South.

First these racists blindly criticized all government initiatives. Then they criticized President Sirisena and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe while turning their attention on Muslims. Then came the attacks on Muslims.

Innocent Muslims coming out of the mosque after prayer were attacked in Polwatta. Green color Prophet Muhammad birth anniversary flags were removed and burnt near Puranappu statute in Matale. Attempt to damage the Muslim daily, Navamani, office in Colombo and the list continues.

Displaying their ignorance they even called for the banning of the Holy Quran.

Perhaps they do not understand the seriousness of such calls. Their words and deeds demonstrate that they have nothing to do with Buddhism or Sinhalese community. Instead as once pointed out by Ven Dambara Amila Thera “these racists think that the world is inside Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is not part of the world”.

Their irresponsible and lawlessness could trigger both local and international response which a small country like Sri Lanka, friendly to all Muslim countries, could ill afford.

It is common knowledge that these groups have been Rajapaksa regime’s political tools and suspected mercenaries funded by foreign forces.

There were speculations during Rajapaksa regime that these forces were funded by Israel through Norway and a German Jew even donated a building in Galle to Bodu Bala Sena at a function attended by former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Israelis, kicked out time and again during the past six decades from Sri Lanka only to re enter through backdoor are here now. Though invisible they are an influential lot today unlike in the past.

Their main agenda wherever they go is to carefully pick up racist groups to pit them against Muslims. The anti Muslim campaign in the island fits in to their global agenda and thus the rumored close link.

These groups have also been backed by certain section of the island’s mainstream media which give publicity to their activities and contribute to the growing rift between communities.

Some local columnist go all out to associate the island’s Muslims and Islam with extremism though Muslims were the most peaceful of the three communities as once pointed out by former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva. Muslims were the only community which did not take to violence despite systematic discrimination ever since independence and ethnic cleansing.

In the international scene Muslim countries were invaded by United States led European, Russian and Israeli war mongers, destroying almost developed infrastructures, massacre millions of Muslims besides throwing millions and millions into refugee camps to suffer in extreme conditions.

These so called columnists in the island never highlight these crimes. Instead, parroting the western media which, mainly owned by western weapons industries and remains integral part of the US led western war machine.

Thus the racist groups enjoy considerable support in the local media.

This paradise island has suffered enough due to racism. The need of the hour is for all to seek means to achieve communal harmony and move ahead for the common benefit of all. This is the reason why the government needs to be protected despite shortcomings.

However, under the circumstance, unless the government is firm in dealing with racist groups once again they could turn the country into a killing field .In fact Muslims en masse voted for the government to end racist attacks and ensure peace and harmony.

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    Hate Speech and Hate Acts cannot be eradicated by legislation and oppression. Such measures will only provide temporary relief and when such Hate Speech and Acts resume, as it inevitably must, it will be delivered with greater venom and ferocity. The only way to effectively reduce and inhibit Hate Speech and Acts effectively and permanently is to identify, address and neutralize the Hate Thoughts that give birth to such deeds. The causal factors have to be addressed – not the effects of the problem.

    The past 12 months provided an excellent opportunity for the Muslim Community to look within themselves and identify the aspects of their Islamic lifestyles that cause concern, apprehension and fear in the minds of the Buddhist Community and to take the necessary remedial measures to neutralize such fears.

    Unfortunately, in the mistaken belief that with the change of political leadership they are once again ‘safe’, the Muslim Community chose to sleep during this period when they should have been actively re-building and strengthening the bonds of communal harmony with the Buddhists

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      Can you list as to what aspects would upset the majority Sinhala Buddhists so people in SL know how to behave? It will help me, a Tamil, in terms of how to behave while in Sri Lanka!

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        @Burning Issue

        I think your question should best be answered by members of the Buddhist Community. It is their perceptions of the lifestyles of Muslims that evoke concern and apprehension in their minds. The Muslims must examine such concerns empathetically and not apathetically or dismissively.

        Take for example the brouhaha caused by the halal issue during the past few years. Although it was instigated by a minuscule proportion of the Buddhist Community, it resonated strongly with significant numbers to become a national issue. The vast majority of Buddhists were critical of the methods of delivery of this message. However, many were of the view that there was some truth in what was being said. (Kiyana eke aththakuth thiyanawa ne ?). Did the Muslims respond to this sense of apprehension empathetically ?

        One dimension of Muslim life that has definitely caused fear in the minds of the Buddhists is that sometime in the future the Muslims will emerge as the majority in terms of population.Would you not agree that to date the response of the Muslim Community to this fear has been more dismissive in nature than definitive by providing a valid and reliable statistical argument ?

        Demonstrating their willingness and ability to respond empathetically to the concerns and apprehensions of the Buddhists will strenthen the claim of Muslims that they are not mere ‘Sri Lankan Muslims’ but ‘Muslim Sri Lankans’.

        • 2

          You have basically implicitly said that SL belongs to the Sinhala Buddhists and the minorities have to mind themselves so as to not to upset them. If the Sinhala Buddhists were to perceive that a particular minority community were to step out of line or behave in such a way that evokes concerns that community must self examine and change. Is this what are you saying?

          If yes, you admit that there is a communal hierarchy in Sri Lanka where the Sinhala Buddhists are at the helm. So I as a Tamil for example need to accept my place in the country along with the Muslims. What exactly did the Muslims do that evoked concerned among the Sinhala Buddhists. Please outline as you should know as to what they are. It will be helpful to the minorities!

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            You will recall that the focus of my initial comment was the prevention of Hate Thoughts rather than the suppression of Hate Speech and Acts. In this regard there is absolutely no need to divide populations into majority or minority groups. To generalize my argument, if the religious lifestyles of Group A inadvertently causes apprehension and fear among members of Group B, for purposes of obviating the germination and growth of Hate Thoughts among Group B members, the pragmatic and effective course of action to ensure communal harmony would be for Group A members to determine as to what exactly creates such negative feelings among Group B members and to take the necessary action to neutralize to the greatest extent possible such fears. I am not, repeat not, advocating that Group A should at any time abstain from continuing such practices in order to placate the other group. This would be preposterous and stupid. For instance, this would mean that the best way to allay the misplaced fears that the Muslims will emerge as the majority community some time in the future is for the Muslims to cease all reproductive activities.

            I do not believe in the superiority of one religious group over the others. I am however a great believer in the establishment of national re-conciliation and harmony among all the different groups in Sri Lanka. Every group however large or small they may be numerically has an important role to play in this process as equal stake-holders. When making decisions affecting their community, Muslims are encouraged to practice the processes of Shoora (consultation) and Ijma (consensus). This will ensure that the consequences of such decisions will be for the greater good of the greatest number in accordance with the tenets of Islam. In much the same way, I am advocating that the twin processes of consultation and consensus based on empathy be applied to reduce the development of Hate Thoughts between any two religious groups in Sri Lanka.

            The Buddhist community is often described as a ‘majority with a minority complex’. Be that as it may. However, by stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the fact that their lifestyles may be a source of concern and fear to other religious groups in Sri Lanka, a minority group runs the risk of being be accused of behaving like a ‘minority with a majority complex’.

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              You wrote the below-mentioned on your original post:

              “The past 12 months provided an excellent opportunity for the Muslim Community to look within themselves and identify the aspects of their Islamic lifestyles that cause concern, apprehension and fear in the minds of the Buddhist Community and to take the necessary remedial measures to neutralize such fears.”

              In prelude you said the below-mentioned:

              “…The only way to effectively reduce and inhibit Hate Speech and Acts effectively and permanently is to identify, address and neutralize the Hate Thoughts that give birth to such deeds. The causal factors have to be addressed – not the effects of the problem.”

              You have concluded that legislation will not eradicate hate speeches and “racism”. Hence advocate for the Muslim community in introspect and correct those islamic practices that are deemed unacceptable by the Buddhist community. This is what you said. You can write eloquently by playing semantics and that does not mitigate your position on this issue! I am very sorry to say that you wanted the Muslim community to iron out controversial islamic practices so the Sinhala Buddhist community is at ease! This is the crux of our discussion here.

              Have muslims in Sri Lanka violated the countries law? Why should they introspect when they have not transgressed ethical or legal boundaries? Buddhism has been given the foremost place in Sri lankan constitution. The sate is entrusted to protect and foster Buddhism. In the strength of this, Buddha statues are being erected all over North and East. Have you ever spoken out against such blatant provocation? Have ever thought about as to how the Tamil community feel about such provocations?

              You have indeed endorsed that hierarchical nature of Sri Lanka communities by asking the muslims to introspect and correct their Islamic practices! How else one deduce such a request when the Muslims have not transgressed the country’s law?

              Have you thought about as to how Britain for example dealt with race relations? They have enacted a statute law criminalising hate speeches and racism. They have empower their judiciary, media and civil societies to police and mange in terms of fairness prevails. I am sure Britain has a very successful race-relations record.

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                “You have indeed endorsed that hierarchical nature of Sri Lanka communities by asking the muslims to introspect and correct their Islamic practices! How else one deduce such a request when the Muslims have not transgressed the country’s law?”

                Let me illustrate my argument by way of an example. As you may be aware, almost all Mosques in Sri Lanka use external loudspeakers to announce their call for prayers, 5 times a day. Since the noise levels are within the limits set by the law there is no transgression of any sort. However, this process results in the religion (Islam) and it’s followers being cursed 5 time a day by non-Muslims residing in the vicinity of such Mosques, who claim that it is a breach of their basic rights. When this situation continues day after day after day, the anger and resentment of non-Muslims grow exponentially. What may be deemed as being ‘melodious’ to Muslims, would be described as being grating by non-Muslims.

                So how does one resolve such an issue which will clearly contribute to any anti-Muslim sentiment that already exists among other religious groups ?
                Should the Muslim simply dismiss all complaints on the grounds that they are within the ‘ethical and legal boundaries’ of the law and ignore the fact that their revered religion is being cursed 5 times a day ?
                Or, should they view the problem in a humane, considerate and compassionate manner ? Take cognizance of the fact that neither the Quran nor Hadeeth supports the enhancement of the Azan Prayer to the extent that non-Muslims begin to curse Islam and for the purpose of establishing and maintaining harmony with all segments of society, decide of their own volition to limit the use of loudspeakers to only the Friday Congregational Prayers ? Would such a bold move not have a positive impact in reducing Hate Thoughts at least as far as this particular issue is concerned ? The Muslims will continue to enjoy the Call for Prayers, 5 times a day, while the non-Muslims will enjoy the bliss of relative silence during such times.

                Would you perceive this display of empathy on the part of Muslims as their endorsement of the hierarchical nature of Sri Lankan communities ?

                If the ultimate objective of all religious groups is to create a harmonious society where their respective followers could live with dignity, then it is my view that we should not stubbornly cling to the fact that we are within our ‘ethical and legal boundaries’ in all our actions and deeds. But instead we should be ready, willing and able to stretch such boundaries to encompass the impact of our actions on the feelings, emotions and sentiments of our brothers and sisters, who may be outside our group, through the twin processes of consultation and compromise.

                The yardstick you have defined to measure ‘transgression’ should be expanded to read as the infringement of ‘ethical, legal and empathetic boundaries’.

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                  I will talk about noise pollution later. First I need to stipulate that my criticism of you that you endorse communal hierarchy in Sri Lanka is predicated on your qualms that the Muslims in Sri Lanka should have introspected and rectified the aspects that cause concerns among the Sinhala Buddhists. You did not say that the Muslims behaviours of concern of the rest of the population! This is why I took issue with your stand. The crux of your original post was to complain that the Muslims did not self examine in order to statisfy the Sinhala Buddhists.

                  That said. I completely in agreement with you about the cochaphony of noise pollution in the Sri Lankan cities, towns and villages is beyond acceptable levels. The Muslims alone are not the perpetrators of these. Far from it. The Hindu temples and Buddhist viharas are also responsible for amplifying unbearable noises on loud speakers. It is particularly discernible when one visits SL after having lived in one of the European cities. It is a problem that the government needs to tackle as a way of progression. No one should be allowed project noise on loudspeakers. If you go to Jaffna town you will see that there will unbearable noise on loudspeakers, which is in my view is unhealthy an premitive. The country needs to progress and this aspect is one that needs to be advanced. We cannot just pick on the Muslims alone.

                  • 0

                    The reason why I focused on the behavior of Muslims is because I was commenting on an article on this subject by Mr Farook.

                    My proposal is that the Muslims should adopt an empathy-based strategy of identifying and neutralizing the apprehensions and fears that their lifestyles generate among the Buddhists for the purpose of ensuring that future generations of Muslims could continue to live in harmony with the Buddhists. ‘Identifying and neutralizing’ does not mean ‘total submission’ to or living according to the ‘whims and fancies’ of any one community. No, Sir, definitely not. The purpose of the example of Loudspeakers at Mosques was to illustrate this point – not to serve as yet another topic of debate and discussion. I am not advocating or endorsing communal hierarchy of any sort in Sri Lanka as the panacea for our inter-religious problems.

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      “according to print and electronic media, some even went to the extent of buying paints to erase the slogans from the gates and walls of Muslim owned houses in Colombo suburbs.”

      It is even better. The slogans in Colombo suburbs were allegedly painted by rich Muslims themselves, with the paint bought with their own money!

      The trick the SL Muslims are trying is very similar to endless complaints by their Jewish cousins about alleged “antisemitism” in US and in Europe.

      They milk the world for all the sympathy they can get, and through that all the world’s money and territory. Two evil religions of the Middle East are driving the world to its grave.

  • 1

    Before you know what IS will be here

    Those who start the fire cant then complain about the sparks

    • 8

      IS is already here, they are everywhere. The Muslim community continue to build mosques in a non-Muslim country. Their leaders are inept fools and do nothing. Kattankudy now looks like an Arab town. No Tamil can buy land there. Dont blame the Tamils or the Buddhist majority when the troubles start.

      • 5


        “IS is already here, they are everywhere.”

        If true then the state must catch them and put them in prison.

        “The Muslim community continue to build mosques in a non-Muslim country”

        The Sinha le community continues to build Vihara in western countries and through out this island where there aren’t any Buddhists.

        “Kattankudy now looks like an Arab town.”

        It is the Islamic Republic of Kathankudy. What are you going to do about it?

        Have you noticed that most parts of this island look like North or South India with Viharas, Temples, sarees, imported films, food, music, stupidity, gene, facial features, colour of skin, ……. while some parts look like western countries?

        “No Tamil can buy land there.”

        That is their problem, let them deal with it. Tamils lost their land to army occupation, why don’t you deal with it?

        “Dont blame the Tamils or the Buddhist majority when the troubles start.”

        Is it a warning?

        Is it time for the Sinhala/Buddhists to hit the Muslim hard given that you/they have brought Tamils under control?

      • 2

        The Muslim community continue to build mosques in a non-Muslim country? Hahaha………….it is just like Buddhist and Hindus building temples and Christians building churches in a non Buddist-Hindu-Christian country. I am not a Muslim but thought of pointing that out to you.

  • 10

    The Writer, Latheef Farook, rushes to criticise a sticker posted on vehicles as racism, yet astonishing monuments put on across the main roads of Eastern province is just cat’s pops for him?

    I think, not just Buddhist but all non-Muslims should open their eyes and watch closely what’s happening to their neighbourhoods and to their societies, before they ate converted to Muslims neighbourhoods & societies, like they have done in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam.

    Don’t know about you, but I sincerely I don’t want to let my children live in a ‘Muslim Sri Lanka’


    • 0

      So , you believe your children will have to live in
      Muslim Srilanka when they grow up ?

    • 1


      ” but I sincerely I don’t want to let my children live in a ‘Muslim Sri Lanka’”

      I do understand, if you don’t like your children brought up in Muslim Sri Lanka how about Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant?

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    Mr. Farook I guess you get all your writing mixed up. You start with blaming MR for all the racists in the country and then pick on the Jews. The problem is no one has the balls to say it is racist to call one self “Tamil National Alliance” it is racist to call one self “Muslim Congress”. Now the word Sinhale is not racist it is what Sri Lanka was called historically. It is how this Island is refered to prior to the colonial conquest. So to be a Sinhale you dont have to be a budhist. To be a Sinhale you should be a born Sri Lankan. Now instead of hanging on the tail of UNP and just barking up against MR talk to Rauf Hakeem the biggest racist in the country. Talk to Sambanthan the biggest Racist in the country and for God sake stop picking on Jews for everything. If you are born and bread in Sri Lanka you are Sinhale too.

    • 4


      You are just a complete idiot! This is all I can say about you!

      ” If you are born and bread in Sri Lanka you are Sinhale too.”

      This statement of yours speaks volumes about the level of bigotry you espouse!

      Was Anagariga Dharmapala a racist?
      Is the Scottish National Party racist?

      Both UNP and SLFP created a Sinhala Buddhist centric Sri Lanka; how are they different to the TNA?

      • 5

        Mate you are just contradicting yourself. Read what you write before posting.

        • 3


          Please help me to understand my contradiction; come on be my guest.

  • 1

    With Bombay Bookies listing Rajapaksa at unbackable odds of money back, UNP, Diaspora and the West Plan A was to use BBS Gnanissara to re enact 1915 , get the Bedouin Prince to send the Blue Helmets and give Vellala Sambandan his Eelaam.

    But the SLFP stalwarts the ex ex President and her loyal servant hatched the mother of all coups after the latter eating Hoppers and Katta Sambol at the Presidents House.

    Thus their Plan B delivered the goods,to not only to Samabandan but also the Muslims.

    With the increasing unrest by the Sinhala Buddhists for obvious reasons and who are the great majority of our Dalit population, Plan A seems to be coming back into the picture.

  • 5

    All this talk about Sinhale is of no consequence at all. Sinhalese Buddhists must stop being swayed by anti-Muslim propaganda, and realize we are a multi cultural nation, and if a Buddhist patient is in need of blood, it could be the blood of a Muslim, Hindu, or Christian, that can save him/her. There is no difference when it comes to blood transfusions. It is time the Sinhala Buddhists realized they are the majority, and no amount of Muslim enclaves can ever take over the entire country, and that the 8 percent of Muslims can ever take over this country, and become the majority. There are certain elements who are taking advantage of ignorant people, and scarring them and making them afraid, and turning them away from fellow Sri Lankans. We should also stop trusting Saudi Arabia,because they are trying to influence Sri Lankan Muslims and making them more extreme.

  • 1

    Latheef Farook –

    RE: Time To Deal With Rising Racism To Save The Country

    Sinhala Buddhist Racism against Tamils, or rather Sinhala Racism against Tamils ( before the advent of Muslims ans Christians) run deep.

    Of course it has its roots in Mahawansa of the 5th Century, courtesy of Monk Mahanama.

    The Sinha Le Campaign is directed towards the Muslims AND Tamils, even though ALL have Para-Le, Foreign-Blood, in the Land of native Veddah Aethho.

    Why don’t you start a Para-Le Campaign, or better a Para-Sinha-Le, Para-Dehema-Le, Para-Muslim-Le, Para-Marakkala-Le, Para-Parangi-Le, campaign and show the Pristine Nayive Beddah aethho Le.

    In addition, It is Time To Deal With Rising Devil , Satan following Wahhabism and Intolerance to save the Muslims, Sufis, Shias, Ahmedias and All other non-Wahhabis, non-Muslims, and the Country from Wahhabies and their clones, Salafis, Nagadis, Yawheedis, ISIS, ISIL, Talibans, Deobandis, Boiko Harams etc. To Save The Country.

    Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations

    Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112; published online 7 November 2013


    Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

    • 4

      The Veddas came from South India prehistorically and they are related to the tribal population in South
      From the point of view of anthropology the work of the eminent scholars referred to in this study are considered authentic. Knox referring to the Veddas of Ceylon said “The wilder and tamer sort of them do both observe religion. They have a God peculiar to them.” (Robert Knox pp. 61-63). The Veddas are the indigenous people of this island. “On grounds of ancestral racial and cultural heritage the Veddas, the Sinhalese, and the Tamils are the three primary races of Ceylon.” (Stondt, 1901). In our present context the study mainly centers around the Vedda religion. Though the belief system of the Veddas is extremely complex it holds to us a mirror of the genesis of the earlier concepts of God.

      The Veddas, the aborigines of Sri Lanka whose ethnic origin dates back to the very dawn of evolution are considered to descend from the yakkas or are related to the hunting tribe called Vettar in South India or to the Savaras of India or the Mundari people (Hugh Nevill 1886, Seligmann 1911, Parker 1909). Whatever the historical and literary reference may be, it is evident that a group called Veddas have lived in the jungle solitude in Sri Lanka throughout and remained in complete isolation for 2,500 years. These Veddas were also called Pulindas and Sabaras. The Veddas appear to be basically pre-megalithic people, reaching beyond 1800 B.C. Today they are reduced to a few hundreds verging on extinction. Presently they are being evacuated from their traditional territories to agricultural land and very soon they would be an extinct ethnic group. Today, the identification of Veddas has become quite controversial for most of them have been absorbed into the main communities. They range from fully Sinhalized groups in the South to the fully Tamilized groups in the Eastern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. (Brow, J. 1978).
      Seligmann ethnography is the standard account of the Veddas, which defines Vedda country as Vedda ratta, an area of about 2400 sq. miles. The area contains the whole of the present Batticaloa District parts of Polonnaruwa, Badulla and Monaragala Districts. “Formally it is known to have embraced the whole of Uva.” (Seligmann 1911 p.4) In a sense the great portion of the population of the Eastern part of Ceylon appears at some time or other have been called Vedda rata. (J. Baely. pp. 278-320)

      In the Vedda hunting community, in almost all their religious rites the arrow (dart, lance, Vel) takes the central role. The arrow or kanai is the predecessor of the lance or Vel. The forms of arrow used by them are of two types, the ordinary hunting arrow and the long bladed, short handled ritual arrow or the Āyudha. The arrows are about 3ft long and are headed with a sharp iron bit nearly six inches long and an inch wide. These arrows vary greatly in the size of their steelhead, Vedda arrows are wider near the stem. (Hugh Neville. 1887). Worship takes the form of dancing and singing resembling that of Kraunci verriattam. It is directed by a priest usually called Kapura it is possible that there is another older name, referring to them which may have been recorded. The dancer becomes often inspired into ecstatic frenzy. The spirit invoked in the arrow is probably identified with Kanta Yaka. An arrow is thrust on the ground and the Vedda dances around it in high frenzy with the ceremonial arrow in hand and hair let down. His offering are coconut, betel leaf, araconut and cooked rice. The arrow dance the simplest of the Vedda dance is performed imploring good luck in hunting or when a spell of ill luck has attendedThe arrow is said to exercise protective power. They leave tiny babes upon the sand for hours together with no other guard other than an arrow struck on the ground by the side. Their belief in the efficiency of this has received no shock, they never know such a child to be attacked by wild beasts. The Veddas also believe in the protective power of the āyudha when stuck on the door of a vacant hut. They say that they are the children of their god’s symbol. They believe that they themselves are protected as his children, calling themselves the Iya Vamsa or sons of arrows. The Veddas are never seen without their constant companion, the bow and arrow (Parsons 1907). The tradition of Alakital6, seen among Murukan devotees to this day may have had its gneiss in this belief system of the Veddas.
      A comprehensive picture of Vedda religion and ritual given in the study made by H. Parker and Seligmann on the Veddas the aborigines of Sri Lanka almost a century ago, reveals a striking parallel between veddoid religious belief system and that of the Krunchi.
      Further our study reveals, many indications which justify the assumption of the common origin of the Veddas of Sri Lanka and the wild tribes of South India such as
      1.The Veddas and the Krunchi are basically pre-megalithic people.
      2.The beliefs of Veddas bear the closest resemblance to the nature worship of aboriginal tribes of South India.
      3.Their dance circling around the planted arrowhead tipped shaft in the center resembles the Kuriñci verriāttam around. Vel.
      4.The god of the hills worshipped by the Veddas is similar to the hill god of early South India. The natural environment, the hilly tracts, streams and large trees were associated with the abodes of deities. Among these the rocks or hill tops received their greatest respect and they considered large rocks as the abiding place of unknown invisible deities, there are quite a number of dancing rocks in Vedda habitats (Parker p. 193). A high rock hill Natcima Vel Atte Malai, considered sacred by Veddas is called Vel Appa Malai by the Tamils. Among the Veddas of this area the names Vela and Vel latte are common. (Bell, p.5 )
      5. The striking parallels between the God of the rock Malaisamy or Malayan indicates that the hypotheses that the primitive form of Gala Deviyo worshipped by the Veddas is the same as the god of the hills.
      6.Their worship of Kanta Yaka7, most likely refers to Kanta Cāmi or Kantan which also means warrior in Tamil.
      7.Etymological clues: “The Vaedda dialect as probably did the old Sinhala approaches far closer to Tamil than modern Sinhala in its pronunciation”. (Hugh Neville. p.88.) The Vedda dialect, their spoken language is identical with Elu which was the spoken language of ancient Sri Lanka, which is semi-Tamil; as to the grammatical structure it is essentially Dravidian and simple (Emaneau, M.B 1961). Examples
      Vedda Dialect meanings in Elu and in Tamil

      1.Muruwn in Elu dialect denotes the ancient Indian god Murugan.
      2.Moriga arrow in Elu
      3.Muru is a form of ananku, in Elu and Tamil.
      4.Kanta boda hill side.
      5.Kur spike; same as in Tamil
      6.Iyaka, Iya arrow. kanu, vellu in Tamil
      7.Ira sun ray
      8.Ira pojja sun. iravi in Tamil.
      9.Neya Yakūn kindred spirit, neya is friendly in Tamil
      10.Taraka star, taraki in Tamil
      11.Kanta elephant.(mount of Murukan)
      12.Yakas includes both benevolent and malevolent deities
      13.Appa father, same as in Tamil
      14.Elam young, same as in Tamil

      • 0

        There you go again, with your South Indian mentality. Although I’m glad you’ve finally started to cite your work, even if it is mostly based on polarized 19th century non-scientific documents.

      • 0

        Were Tamils there in Sri lanka when Veddhas arrive ?

  • 3

    you should recruit H.L.D.Mahindapala and Izeth Hussein to forefront your campaign.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

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        [Edited out]

  • 7

    Sri Lankans are made of unique genes. They don’t like to work hard, but always like to swindle some others savings. Praise the religions, not following the teachings. Hardly the govt. servants work but ever willing die for the pension. Ministers know hardly anything concerning their ministry but want the privileges that can feed thousands.

    It all amounts to begging at all levels. President is begging, Ministers are begging, Police is begging, Professionals are begging, public servants are begging, private sector is begging, Principals are begging, teachers are begging, students are begging, unions are begging, religious dignitaries are begging, pensioners are begging, musicians are begging, patients are begging, bus conductors are begging, doctors are begging.. the list goes on.

    Begging mania indicates that the local constitutional system is faulty. The people have a right to live with dignity and also with responsibility. Parliamentarians are unsuited to bring about changes that will improve the social dignity. To improve social dignity, people should be afforded the freedom to choose, the language they prefer, religion that takes them closer to god, education without barrier that give more understanding, privileges that make family life better.

    Instead parliamentarians are cheating, lying, robbing, wasting, killing, preventing justice being meted out,holding onto powers that are unnecessary, not carrying out their duties, govt. departments operating only if bribed, and so on.

    It is not racism, but pure lunacy and poverty.

    • 4

      Dear Adrian,

      Begging across the majority Sri Lankan community is common. You are correct.

      It is our culture. We don’t have to be ashamed of this. Don’t see we wee the monk’s begging from home to home everyday. They set the example and people follow. Religion teaches us and we follow!!!

  • 2

    “these racists think that the world is inside Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is not part of the world.”

    Dead right mate!

    I strongly recommend the Friendship Bridge (Sri Lanka- India) that at least give a broader vision of the world.


  • 1

    This is a hindrance for the income of the Sri Lanka People.

  • 3

    The man is up to his tricks again, Lateef Farouk is the biggest fear monger in Sri Lanka, there is not article of his which does not raise the Racist Bogey. In 2014 he was expecting a riot in 2015 after 100 years of the 1915 riots. Now this ? for him its a win-win situation, if anything happens it will be “see, I told you so”. If nothing happens” Ahhhh its because of people like me who wrote about it”. My simple message to LF, “Retire, you are too senile to see the good in this world, No one will miss your writing|

  • 6

    There are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims and 13 million Sinhalese Buddhists, and no other country of community benefits the Sri Lankan like the Muslims, be it economically or morally, but these racist Buddhist who are living like a frog in the well wants to pulls this country back to the dark ages.

    Is this stupidity or pure racism

  • 2

    Moderate man

    “no other country of community benefits the Sri Lankan like the Muslims, be it economically or morally, but these racist Buddhist who are living like a frog in the well wants to pulls this country back to the dark ages.”

    How do Muslim countries economically benefit Sri Lanka? Do they do it out of goodness of their heart?

    How do Muslim countries morally benefit this island?

    Why should the Muslim countries benefit this island whereas there are more than 1 Billion Muslims living under the poverty line? Why can’t they open their heart and homes to these poor Muslims.

    Some arrogant rich Muslim countries are waging war on fellow Muslims, be it in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, ……. Where is their moral compass pointing to?

    How do you interpret sexual harassment, torture, murder, death on building sites due to lack of care and health and safety regimes, unpaid wages, capital punishment executed in most cruel form …. ?

    Do you know the difference between Dark Ages and Renaissance?

  • 1

    How has the world benefited from Muslims? Through bombings, terror, genital mutilation, maltreatment of women, beheadings, and a stone age mentality?

    All religions are wrong in the same way in that they privilege faith over reason, but they are not all equally bad in the same way at the same time. For example, the RC church’s open alliance with fascism in the 1930s has led to issues the world has never recovered from and never will. But in today’s world it is very clear that the most toxic form that religion takes is the Islamic form; the horrible idea of wanting to end up with Sharia (governed by a state of religious law) and that the best means of getting there is holy war/Jihad and that Muslims have a special right to feel aggrieved until they get there. Therefore, this religion is nonsense – god speaks to some illiterate merchant warlord in Arabia and he is able to write this all down perfectly, and the archangel gabriel speaks only Arabic it seems? What a load of crap. NO amount of window dressing by Sri Lankan muslims will hide the fact that Islam (over all religions) says “ours is the last and final word – there can be no other.” This mentality is evident even in the postings of some of the muslim “facebook warriors” in Sri Lanka.

    The world is in a serious struggle with a very depraved religion. Enough said.

  • 1

    Latheef Farook, I know you mean well but by constantly drawing our attention to the rubbish “Sinha Le” you are giving it the publicity they do not deserve. I went looking for it after you mentioned and it was difficult to find. If the campaigners intent was to cause conflict then they are surely breaking the law but I believe they are misguided and misinformed zealots, not causing any harm, and shall be taking them down with embarrassment at the folly they display. That is not breaking the law and should be left alone. Please also stop referring to the alleged votes the Muslim gave to President Sirisena and now he should payback. The Muslims, if they did vote for Sirisena, was not for any rewards, but as the only alternative for the Rajapakses.

    • 1

      Sylvia Haik

      Yes. Good points.

      They can be ignored, or

      Have a Campaign of Para-LE




  • 4

    Firstly lets see how the Muslim benefits Sri Lanka- although they constitute close to 10% of the population, less than 3% present are provided employment by the state or even private enterprises, and compared to the other communities only a minor percentage benefits from the free healthcare, and there is virtually zero opportunities for employment for females in state enterprises or public service except for a few teaching jobs, and no pensions; in economics term, the cost of government expenditure compared to the size of the community is very minimal compared with the other communities of Sri Lanka as a percentage.

    on the other hand the migrant Muslims bring in the much needed foreign revenue to the country, almost 60%. Basically without any cost to the state they bring in benefits, Secondly due restrictions based on the religion, they cannot just park whatever money they earn in the bank and accrue interest, so put the money back to the system by which increasing the economic activities and Consequently helping the economy.

    Thirdly because of the Muslims, Sri Lanka gets numerous support from the 52 Muslim countries when ever required, be in the UN or In any other forums and the country is provided by with lots of concessions on trading, relaxed payment terms on loans , oil supply etc.

    Unlike other communities the economic benefits to the country from this community is far greater than any others.

    And now coming to the point raised about Islam, every country has their own laws to deal with crimes, but the end result justifies the means, if you check the stastics, Saudi Arabia has the lowest prison population compared with similar size countries, and the country is the most safest for its population as well as for expatriates, if you take the US, most states has capital punishment, but this has done nothing to reduce the crime rate in that country, from this one can understand which system is most effective.

    And now on bombings and terrorism, how and where did it all start, and who was responsible for this, firstly it was the Russians who invaded Afghanistan and destabilized the country and created division among the community by pitting each other, and secondly the invasion of Iraq in the 1990, you must listen to Donald Trump speaking the other day explaining the reason for the current predicament in the Middle East and who are responsible for it, him being a republican, he directly puts the blame on George Bush senior and junior, there was no al Qaida or ISIS before these unjust wars and destruction were started, don’t tell me that you believe in all negative media propaganda spread by the Zionist media, check the facts then you will understand the truth.

    Finally you must understand that Muslims are a proud and strong global community and has been the same for the last 1500 years and they will not allow themselves to be occupied or suppressed, they will react or fight in whatever means available to get their freedom and their way of life no matter how much the media tries to portray otherwise.

    The motto is Get busy living or get busy dying, the Muslims had the biggest empire second only to the British and they will not bog down to intimidation or anything else whether people like it or not.

  • 1

    Rephrase the terminology.more fitting will be,api thireesana sinha le ,api thireesenun thamai, manusakam apigava na

  • 1

    Muslims have been at the receiving end during the nearly 3 decade separatist war and paid a heavy price in the North and East ONLY because they stood AGAINST Separatism and Division of the country and it is this Principled stand that saved the country from being divided.

    In June 1990, the LTTE occupied all police Stations in the East with several Military camps either vacated or surrounded with food supplies running short. Ealam was but a shout away. But Muslims stood firm and helped the soldiers in the surrounded camps with supplies, until reinforcements arrived weeks later. Wouldn’t Ealam have been a REALITY if Muslims merely remained neutral without taking sides. Of course, it would have been much swifter if they chose to throw their lot with the LTTE.

    The enraged LTTE took its Revenge just 4 months later by Expelling ALL the Muslims in the North numbering about 100,000 with a few hours notice with just the clothes they were wearing. And they are ALL still Refugees in the rest of the country WITHOUT the right to be re-settled according to the existing Laws.

    Haven’t the Muslims done enough for the country? Where were the Gnanaseras and other Sinhala civilian Weerayas when country was bleeding? Did they offer to face the LTTE in the front lines or at least live in the North or East throughout the war without running away and hiding in the South?

    For the BBS and other Racists, the thinking seems to be “we have subdued the Tamils and now it is the turn of the Muslims”. Is this the way forward or a sure recipe for Disaster?

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