14 August, 2022


Tiran Alles Refused Entry In Singapore

Immigration authorities in Singapore refused entry to former Parliamentarian Tiran Alles last week.

Tiran Alles

Tiran Alles

Alles, who was granted permission by the Court to travel to Singapore for medical treatment, was denied entry on upon his arrival at the Changi International Airport in Singapore on June 20.

Subsequently, he had to take a return flight the next day to Sri Lanka.

The authorities did not give him reasons as to why he was denied entry to Singapore, although before the Sri Lankan Court issued him a travel ban last year, Alles was a frequent visitor to Singapore.

Alles is currently embroiled in a financial fraud case at the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) where it is alleged that RADA, which was chaired by him had obtained Rs. 645 million from the Treasury to build houses for tsunami victims, but had not build any houses.

On June 14, the Colombo High Court granted permission to Alles to travel to Singapore for medical treatment for a period of two weeks.

A few weeks earlier, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Media Secretary Rohan Weliwita who is embroiled in a money laundering case at the Carlton Sports Network was also denied entry to Singapore, when he travelled to Singapore to take part in a broadcast exhibition.

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Latest comments

  • 14

    Alles along with Fonseka against the Rajapaksas changed sides after helping hambantota filth bombed his house?

    • 21

      The tragedy is that while Singapore knows the truth about Tiran Alles the Sri Lankan Courts and Judiciary are politicized, compromised and corrupt that they will not arrest Alles and let him loaf around with impunity!

      Most foreign governments know how corrupt Sri Lankan politicians are!

      Singapore certainly has information on all the corruption of political cronies in Sri Lanka and the Jarapassa, CBK, Ranil , SIra cronies.

      • 21

        Kudos to Singapore. Perhaps they should ban all Sri Lankan politicians who seek “medical” attention there; make them persona non grata.

        • 4

          All countries should ban Sri Lankan politicians as they reek of corruption.

          Sri Lankan politicos and their stooges like Mahendran stink like alcoholics and should be not let on planes!

          Mahendran’s citizenship should be revoked by Singapore and his assets frozen. So too Perpetual treasuries accounts and the funds returned to Lanka to pay of some of the National Debt.

          Mahendran has the audacity to say that if he resigned from the Central Bank after it would be an admission of corruption! He thinks that people of Lanka are fools – stupider than the politicians..
          After insider trading with his son in law and Perpetual Treasuries rather than DOING THE RIGHT THING because his son in law benefited from insider trading and resigning Mahendran is causing further reputation damage and loss of confidence in the Central Bank and currency, economy of Lanka!
          Mahendran has competely destroyed the reputation of the Sri Lanka Central Bank – worse than Jarapassa’s corrupt clown Nivard Cabraal!

          • 1

            This about Alles and not Mahendran. Singapore will be very glad to have him back.

          • 0

            Hello Dude Kaplia!!!
            The topic is about fraudster TIRAN ALLES not about mahendran or Jarapaksa. Of course the Singapore Government will mahendran with red carpet welcome.

            Put this wheeler dealer Tiran Alles into remand Prison. For gods sake not merchants ward!!

    • 22

      So now we can find out if Alles is really sick. Is he getting treatment in any local hospital right now for whatever ailment he was rushing to Singapore for treatment.

  • 18

    To enter any country for the stated purpose of obtaining ‘medical treatment’, the visitor has to convince the immigration officers at the port of entry, that he/she needs medical treatment in that country unavailable in his own country.

    Alles & Weliwita may have not had documents to prove this, and, proof of possession of sufficient funds for this purpose.

    • 3


      “To enter any country for the stated purpose of obtaining ‘medical treatment’, the visitor has to convince the immigration officers at the port of entry, that he/she needs medical treatment in that country unavailable in his own country.”

      Not true at all. How did, for instance, our Minister of Health enter SG for a bypass operation? Have you never heard of medical tourism?

      “Alles & Weliwita may have not had documents to prove this, and, proof of possession of sufficient funds for this purpose.”

      Weliwita did not try to enter SG for medical treatment.

      • 12

        Lone Wolf,
        They got medical opinions – “exaggerated” – from doctors who flouted the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath.

        Like them, many others did, to enter Merchants Ward, to avoid going to remand jail.

        • 0


          “They got medical opinions – “exaggerated” – from doctors who flouted the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath. Like them, many others did, to enter Merchants Ward, to avoid going to remand jail.”

          I disagree. The doctors are only doing their work. If a patient complains he/she should be properly examined. Even politicians, former politicians, remand and other prisoners are patients and human beings with human rights.

          A doctor can and should not neglect a patient based on who the patient is.

          Let us say that a person complains about abdominal pain. There are many examinations that should be done to find out what is the reason for the pain.

          In my opinion the problem is that the judges allow accused out on bail going abroad for medical treatment and examinations.

          Even the rich and famous VIPs who have been remanded or convicted should be sent to normal government hospitals instead of Merchant’s Ward. Outside of Colombo there is no choice.

  • 20

    It seems Singapore is cautious of drawing a bad reputation as a center for money laundering. No doubt the authorities are suspicious of fake health & medical requirements that Sri Lankan political, business and criminal crooks are notorious for.

  • 17

    Wonder why all the crooks head to Singapore as if there is no other place to visit. Is the looted money kept there ?

    • 13

      Lanka Watch,

      “Wonder why all the crooks head to Singapore as if there is no other place to visit. Is the looted money kept there ?”

      I have been thinking about the same questions. Maybe they have to update personally documentation related to their bank accounts or withdraw cash.

      On the other hand SG is one of the three places we can enter without a visa.

      • 4

        Lone wolf – Thanks for the update. May be true as all the banks, reputable and non reputable, are in SG. It is also possible that
        SG could be used as a transit point to other destinations, with
        two passports as one does not need a visa to get into SG. FCID
        will see the Passport with only SIN stamp on it and happy that the man returned to the country directly from SG, buying some chocolates, Wilkinson blades and Thai made clothes.

        Watch out folks, SG is watching us from Lee Quan days.If SG gets
        tough with us, Bangkok will open up with open hands and business
        will be as usual.

  • 13

    The sordid reputation of some of our political “leaders” and their
    laundrymen are in the radar of many governments. This nondescript
    bag-carrier is finally getting his desserts. What a disgrace to the
    name of his father – a respected educationist.

    How come Kudu Dimu has managed to escape the heat – so far?


  • 14

    It seems the rich lifestyle is detrimental to Alles’s health or is it Karma? Whatever the reason, well done Singapore but there are a lot more who should be barred from entering. Hope you have the list.

  • 12

    It is very important that his news conference seen in the following links is not forgotten: where he publicly claimed that Basil Rajapaksa had personally handed over, at his office, Rs. 180 million to the then LTTE financial controller Emil Kanthan to ensure that the people of the north boycotted the 2005 presidential election. Does he deny this now?


  • 14

    My man in Singapura tells me that they are getting tired of Sri Lankan politicians rushing to the Island State for ‘medical treatment’ whenever they are in hot water at home.

    Sometimes, it seems like the Merchant Ward has relocated to the International Medical Centre.

    • 12

      Spring Koha

      Is this the pimp who solicited LTTE for MR?

      Why cannot these notorious politicos find good medical treatment in this thrice blessed miracle of Asia.

      Why cannot the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) which vehemently protested against India’s free ambulance services find expert doctors to treat all these crooks, conmen, murderers, drug smugglers in this island.

      • 0

        Native Vedda,

        “Why cannot these notorious politicos find good medical treatment in this thrice blessed miracle of Asia.”

        If you had money or somebody paying for your treatment would you choose local doctors instead of Singapore? Indian “bypass surgeons” in Colombo or a bypass in SG?

        I am not saying that our doctors are bad just that SG is likely to have better treatment for serious health problems.

  • 9

    Bloody fool LANKA WATCH.
    With a Sri Lankan passport how many countries can you visit with a visa on arrival.
    Maldives is one maybe Uganda is another & I don’t think you get any decent medical facilities in either Country.
    Of course that Bastard Tiran must have stashed a good loot somewhere & he was not going to Songapore for any medical treatment but to have a word with his private bankers.
    That spineless President MS Is clueless as how to run a Country & has all the rogues of the previous regime around him.
    So he is as shady as the Tajapakses.
    That minister mr Malik Samarawickteme is into all kinds of crooked deals with crooked people who have crooked faces too, he definitely would have got the IGP to give Sachin security.
    He s shady & deals with all the crooked business men to get his deals done.
    The businessmans faces are as crooked as their dealings one such man is Jehan Amaratunge.
    Bag & ball carrier of Malik’s .
    He thinks he can override any minister as long as he gets his deals done.
    Being a friend of RW, he had connections with both CBK & RAJAPAKSE to get his deals done.
    Most certainly the most cunning shrewd minister in the UNP cabinet.

  • 15

    RADA was manipulated by Mahinda Rajapakse by appointing personal loyalists who would do anything for him.

    One is Shanthi Fernando , a full time political catcher who had no qualifications whatever to hold any post in the public sector. She was made CEO with cheque signing powers.

    All the money that should go to tsunami victims went to the pockets of politicians and crooks. Tiran Alles is a known cheat who has dabbled in politics only to further his business interest.

    Singapore should not let these crooks into their country

    • 1

      Indeed, Singapore has its own crooks to deal with. Singapore paints a picture of a good clean nation but acts as a hub for a lot of criminal activities. Monies, contraband goods, luxury items pass through Singapore. Shipping and bank documents are made in such a way that it is hard to trace. If at all Interpol, FBI, KGB and the like question, the Singaporeans authorities say ‘I don’t know’ in a beautiful Singapore accent :).

      In any case, good on them for having barred the entry of certain individuals.

  • 2

    Singapore is fine with our politicians stashing millions in their banks and hedge funds knowing well that the back money in the millions or in the billions are the looted wealth from our country. But the Singapore immigration don’t want the politico’s to step in now. This must be a reawakening of some ethical enlightenment. Singapore is one of the primary tax havens for black money from money launderers, drug lords, underworld and gangsters. They’re welcomes to Singapore and a red carpet is laid when money keeps flowing into that country. When the cash flow runs dry, the persona-non-grata begins. First and foremost, none of our politicians should be allowed to go out of the country for any medical condition under any humanitarian request. If we are a miracle of Asia, then why look for medical miracles elsewhere? Force all politicians to seek treatment from our local healthcare or have them sent to Angoda.

  • 7

    Corruption runs in the Alles family,See what a multi billion dollar the Gateway School has become….all done by a founder who was a mere Principal of a government school on just a paltry salary.It seems the Singapreans have much concrete evidence on who the corrupt Lankan politicians are than the people in charge in Sri Lanka,So who would be next in line for visa denial?Surely it would be the MaRa/GoRa/BaRa/ NaRa combine along with the notorious faudster Sajin De Vass GonaaWardena

  • 1

    For the families of thousands of war crime victims committed by the Sri Lankan military, the Government has denied foreign involvement to ensure justice without conflict of interests. But for the Parliamentarians health the local doctors are not good for them and they go abroad to sort their problems. One rule for them and another for the others. Good that entry visa was refused.

  • 3

    Singapore is not as clean as what some say here.

    Remember Duminda was taking refuge in Singapore when a murder charge was hanging over his head. The story was that he was in hospital in Singapore. So far there is no evidence that he ever stayed in a hospital there. When he quietly slipped into Sri Lanka he was seen at a party wining, dining and dancing along with many of the former MR rogues.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten about his misdeeds. Even Hirunika who was mouthing off of a plan B has gone quiet these days.

  • 1

    Any one with even a few grams of brain cells wouldn’t believe a business man can rob that sort of dosh and get away with it.

    Singaporeans are working hand in hand with Batalanada Ranil and Bodhi Sira to carry out their agenda which was signed in Singapore.

    That is another story.

    The big stories which are doing the rounds in Colombo Bars at the moment are,

    How the Saravaoadaya boss ripped off the Dutch to the tune of USD 1 Millio which the Burgher ancestors donated to our Tsunami victims to have a roof over their heads.

    Sarvodaya boss even took the Dutch to show how their donations were at work in Mullative, when the LTTE boss was ruling the roost.

    But the Dutch weren’t impressed , And Sarvodaya Boss has to front up to Yhapalana magistrates..

    Can you believe it?.

    The other juicy money matter came from the Yahapalana Prez himself yesterday.

    His Yahapalana Regime’s highest revenue is from Alcohol and Tobacco which is consumed in Jaffana North and Batti East.

    This plus the illicit trade are all run by Politicians in his own camp.

    How cool is that.

    To top it all, Bodhi Sira said on Prime time TV, that if he name names his Government will fall.

    Put it in simple terms, Bodhi Sira is so desperate to give our inhabitants Yahapalana that he is covering up the Drug Dealers in his own Government.

    Work that out guys…

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