29 September, 2022


Tissa A Quits UNP Leadership Council: Rajapaksa-Alles-Maharaja-Premadasa Pact Unfolds

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake resigned from the UNP Leadership Council a short while ago.



While no reasons were immediately available for his sudden resignation the move is expected to be a prelude to the eventual abolishing of the Karu Jayasuriya led Leadership Council established by the UNP Working Committee in October 2013. Attanayake’s resignation was announced first on the Sirasa media network which is known to be very pro Sajith faction.

The dissolution of the Leadership Council is a major demand of the pro-Sajith group including political puppeteers Tiran Alles head of the Mawbima Group and Kili Maharaja head of Sirasa network. Negotiations conducted mostly through Attanayake with UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe involved the pre condition from the Premadasa faction that the Council be dissolved if Sajith Premadasa is to accept the deputy leadership of the Party.

“This sudden move that came out of the blue really looks like an attempt to undermine the huge success achieved by Harin Fernando in Uva on behalf of the UNP” one UNP Parliamentarian told Colombo Telegraph a short while ago.

Political observers said that it was ironic that the UNP lapsed into internal disarray even when it performs creditably in an election.

“It is like sabotage. It helps the Government to take the gloss off Harin’s victories in Badulla” the Parliamentarian added.

Attanayake’s go-between role in the Ranil-Sajith reunification has the blessings of the top rungs of the Rajapaksa Government Colombo Telegraph learns.

Premadasa who watched the finals of the T20 World Cup that Sri Lanka won with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the hotel of high networth businessman Dilith Jayaweera is seen by some UNPers to be playing to a Government agenda. The Premadasa-Rajapaksa alliance has been growing stronger lately especially after the Defence Secretary bailed Dulanjali Premadasa out of a tightspot when a business associate was nearly arrested by the CID for fraud.

Several members of the Rajapaksa administration have urged Sajith to resume as Deputy Leader of the UNP a source close to the negotiations told Colombo Telegraph. The source said the move is believed to be the first step towards scuttling a common opposition platform at a presidential election which would be advantageous to the Rajapaksa regime.

Among Premadasa’s other demands are the total control of Sirikotha the party headquarters and that no other deputy leaders should be appointed alongside him.

Colombo Telegraph is in possession of information regarding the other ways in which Attanayake has been rewarded for his role in the negotiations between the UNP Leadership and Premadasa and his team of handlers. Those details will be revealed in further updates. Stay tuned.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Ha..ha! There we go again. what did you expect these selfish clowns?

    Petty bickering has begun in earnest. Within 24 hours of the so called “turning point” of the “oppsition” in Uva Province.

    It re-confirms one hard fact. All Sri Lankans have known this all along.

    These two parties, SLFP & UNP are rotten. So totally. These monkeys are in it for themselves. To secure themselves, their families, cronies & henchmen. Nothing else.

    They are not in it for Sri Lanka or her long suffering people.

    However, I have no sympathy for so called “long suffering people” either.

    Ultimately people must bear the responsibility for propping up corrupt, self-serving clowns of SLFP & UNP, since 1948. Who’ve taken turns to destroy Sri Lanka for over 65 years.

    Sri Lanka is so ready for new leaders of courage, integrity & intelligence.

    People who can sacrifice something for the country.

    Such qualities not found among so called top rung “leaders” of either SLFP or UNP.

    All Sri Lankans must rub these hard facts into their thick skulls. See it helps.


    • 5

      Forget about the UNP – Ranil is a greedy clown who will never win the Sinhala electorate which despises him. Sajith is a liar and moron! Fact remains that UPFA controls UVA PC!

      The Uva vote shows that the Sinhala people are fed up of the corrupt and criminal Jarapassa regime. but we must not forget that they have absolute contempt for Ranil Wickramasinge who has lost every election, and right now there is TINA (there is no alternative to Jarapassa).

      Let us NOT exaggerate the UNP’s performance at the Uva elections, which merely reflected and anti-Rajapaksa climate..

      Clearly, Sobitha Thero MUST move URGENTLY and fast now and name the joint op. candidate. Either declare himself or Chandirka Bandaranaiyake (CBK) as the candidate to defeat Mahinda Jarapassa and abolish the Corrupt Executive Presidency. JVP support will then be forthcoming..

      It is ONLY by default that the UNP won and also due to Harin’s efforts.

      If Ranil Wickramasinghe the UNP dictator thinks he can win along against Mahinda Jarapassa as joint opposition candidate for President he is joking! Ranil is a SPOILER and greedy dictator! Finally, Harin should be named UNP deputy leader for turning the party around, rather than Sajith Premadasa who has NO education and cannot be TRUSTED in a basic and fundamental way since Sajith LIED about a degree from London School of Economics. Sajith is no better than the Rajapakse brothers in his mentality and ethics… All Hambatota buruwas..

      • 2

        We should start thinking of a common candidate Ven Shobitha. Ranil or Sajith cannot do any change. UNP got so much votes merely b’cos of Harin. His personality promoted him to get so much votes. Its very unfair from Sajith’s side that until the last moment he did not come to support Harin. Sajith cant do so much to the party as we all thought of. He looks a conman.

      • 1

        If this S. Mpdaya as he rightly calls has any gray matter in his brain , he will not mention the name Chandrika (If he meant the former Pres) who by her foolishness and short sight had plunged the country to this position but now shed crocodile tears

      • 0

        Haha.. YES Sinhala voters are fed up… darn right isn’t that the reason MR and GR brought in Galabodaththe Gandassara?

        True say when u said UNP’s win was due to Harin.. had RANIL contested he would have lost with a record….. check on Harin’s preferential votes..man… a hundred and seventy three thousand odd… umm shows how popular this guy Harin is.. way to go voters of UVA… now that ya’ll have said it loud and clear..lets pack the bags of the Rajapakse clan along with the kith n kin of em n their stooges… NOT to any foreign country though..Coz they all need to face the law… along with the Cheap Justice…

    • 1

      UNP did not win Uva, it did better LOCALLY in Uva because of Harin. It will NOT win NATIONALLY either at the next Prez elections.

      UNP will never win Nationally because the Sinhala voter despises Ranil Wickramasinghe

      Ranil has NO charisma and is a loser and a dictator. Sajith is worse – an unethical moron. Neither will win NATIONALLY.

      Sobitha Thero and CBK are the only hope at this time to get rid of the Jarapassa regime.

      Time has come for Sobitha and the joint opposition to move fast and let the UNP continue its infighting. CBK will gain the votes of the majority of fed up UNPers and SLFPers and gallop home to victory!

      • 2

        Will CBK abolish executive Presidency if she wins? Well, going by history we will be back at square once again. Common candidate to abolish executive presidency is all rubbish and a non-starter.

      • 1

        As much as i dislike her inefficiency, CBK is the lesser devil, and will also win a certain amount of minority votes.

        Sobitha is an unknown factor who will not get any minority vote (exchange a nationalist sinhala buddhist layman for a possibly nationalist buddhist monk? yeah, no thanks), and whose philosophy appears to be “get rid of executive power, then… balamuko mokada wenne kiyala”

    • 1

      While much of what you have said is perfectly right,
      Attanayake resignation will have to be taken on a
      positive note I guess.With the heat of the election
      results still on,next immediate action on party unity
      has kicked off.It is the party that is regaining lost
      shine through sacrifice and unity.Harin challenged
      that the party will be united in this election and he
      did it and Bravo for Harin.Harin is a man ready to
      do something and wait for its benefits and he knows
      he will get it without going for it.Now party unity
      comes as a result of one man’s great sacrifice and
      commitment.This could have happened in NCP and SPC
      if Dayasiri and Sajith were generous enough to do
      what Harin did today and JRJ did in his time.
      Sajith prepared himself for leadership the moment he
      entered to politics and there was nobody else for a
      second place in the party.One likes it or not,that
      was the case and there were many who wanted him and
      ready to lose for him their positions.And now is the
      right time to take all of them back on board without
      anymore wait.So,my guess is,the first shot is fired
      towards that end.

      • 2

        Whywhy, I am happy. If anybody thinks that Sajith can turn the UNP around he should get his head examined.What ability has he got.Killing the Leadership council was in the air.They want to destroy Karu who brought in some sort of sensibility to the party.

        It is high time that some youth with education, take to politics.

        If the choice is between MR and Sajith, I will vote for MR. If the choice is between MR and RW, I will refrain. If the choice is among Anura Dissanayake, MR or RW I will vote with Anura.

        • 1

          What I’m saying about Sajith is not what I love to
          to see but what happens and going to happen whether
          one likes it or not,for the benefit of the party.
          Heads will have to be examined and even rolled
          but Sajith will get his place in the party and that
          is why Harin wanted Ranil and Sajith together on his
          election platform.Is that not admission of Sajith’s
          ability?Uva performance is a joint effort with the
          great sacrifice,courage and very strong confidence
          of a talented young man in Harin Fernando.He led the
          play with the party’s full strength thrown behind
          him and put the party back on track without any
          doubt.I know there are Sajith haters,I’m not a
          favourite of Sajith either but neither a hater.A
          neutral person with open mind to go with the truth.

    • 3

      Ben Hurling

      This could be the beginning of the last round of MR’s divide and rule strategy before the next presidential and general elections.

      In the mid 1970 JR too contemplated the idea of joining SLFP. He made a deal with Premadasa and won elections and rest is history.

      The tendency to cross over to the other side has been there all the time.

      “However, I have no sympathy for so called “long suffering people” either.”

      What do you do about it?

      How do you shake up tribal loyalties?

    • 0

      Nice one…. couldn’t have said it any better… well well IF our people can vote a guy who cant wear a pair of shies with SOLES who else cant they vote for… People deserve what they go through for electing such morons. Electing is one thing..making him a Minister is another… SO one can judge the one at the TOP… who makes decisions…

    • 0

      Ben you said it right. With 90% literacy rate in Sri Lanka, unable
      to understand why people do not think before they vote and after the voting is done, Govt elected with shouts of “Jayaweva “, they keep cursing the govt.in power for malfunctioning until the next election.
      People were responsible for propping up corrupt govts all these bad years. they never compared other countries with ours and found out the
      reason for their prosperity. I was surprised to read in the media that most of MPs have not even passed senior school certificate examination and what more you expect from them other than thuggery, intimidation and bogus promises.I do not know why the educated and the intellectuals
      do not take part in politics in Sri Lanka

      There is a permanent sickness among our people in south Asia to elect
      the wrong type of govts. and suffer. In India, large no of MPs are from Bollywood and what can you expect from them with fat bank balances
      and will they know the problems faced by the poor People, some under
      poverty lines. Voters should be blamed for the evils they face in their countries for being gullible to swallow what ever bait thrown to them by the politicians. Once a politician is elected greed for power
      sets in him or her and in the process, the voters are sidelined. Ben
      we are born to live with this problem all our live and go with tide.

  • 4

    Need common candidate first to abolish disharmony within UNP and unite UNP. When CBK was becoming unpopular SLFP was able to bring MR with new theme. if SLFP memebres (majority) did not take the turn at that time definitely UNP would have come to power in 2005. UNP member had to get together and take this decision and come out, and reorganised. Find leadership that can challenge Mahinda. if there is no unity within the party how we can expect defeat MR strong profile to come to power. Most of present UNP leaders are craving for power, no one has commen interest eventhough they speaks in public against the government. Every one canot be leader. There can be only one leader who is slected by majority and others should support that person genuinely to achive the desired goal. The leader also should be able to recognise the valuable contribution by the others team members. Today UNP is lacking this team spirit. All want to be leaders and no one ready to show their genuiness like Harin F…

  • 6

    Funny how at one point those supporting Sajith accused Ranil of scuttling the UNP by preventing him from climbing the ladder. Now Sajith is proven to be a liar and a trouble maker, but still they blame Ranil for no real reason except that they don’t like him.

    Let’s face it, Ranil did good by slowing Sajith. We now see Sajith’s true nature. Ranil may have no charisma and may have difficulty appealing to the masses, but it’s clear he wants the party to do well. Underneath all this pile of sh** Ranil still is the cleanest of the them all.

    • 1


      Unfortunately ” BATALANDA” ghost are still around Ranil and
      Premadasa’s sins are following His moronic Son.

      • 0

        Majority voters are running after ‘Kattadiyas’ for
        all their ills!Good governance not in their

  • 1

    Ranil should realize this is the do or die moment for the UNP. The UNP can do without a Judas. Ranil, just sack the bugger and send him home to the Jarapassas. Mara will make him a zero. Caput. End of Sajith.

    Ranil, time to be decisive. Do this NOW. It will create the much needed space for those patriotic young 2nd tier leadership. Everything will start falling into place, in favour of the UNP, well in time for the Presidential election.

    You Ranil will be able to win the Presidential election and function for one term as President. You will use this term to clean up the country’s legal structure, punish the thieves and the marauders, and re-establish civilized governance.

    Towards the end of the six year term, you will be able to redeem and establish your stature as a statesman Politician, and peacefully hand over the reins of power to a deserving successor from the 2nd tier.

    • 2


      Good ideas. But, wishful thinking. I am afraid.

      None of your ideas will be realized by Ranil. Even if he becomes the next Prez.

      RW may be more decent than the incumbant guy who got there via fraudulent means. Yet Ranil is still a product of the tragic status quo of our nation as well. Ranil has a hell of a lot of baggage too. He will serve like all his predecessors. Forgetting who elected him and why.


    • 2


      ” End of Sajith.”

      Sajith who?

  • 1

    There is bound to be bad eggs in all Political Groups. Identify them and
    get rid of them to project a focused goal of winning more Voters to a
    honest front. Simple Sajith is being used to wipe out the UNP by the Regime and via Business Fronts. The same kind of threat on Politicians with “files”
    is also used to bring down Sajith to do what the Regime wants. The mature
    UNP should throw out these characters and explain it to the Voters for
    once. Even if Sajith breaks away, his Voters will not benefit the regime
    but the UNP can stand up to bring down the Regime, leading a common front.

  • 0

    Analysing results of highly flawed elections is a useless exercise, especially when a good percentage of the electorate could not even cast their votes.
    This pastime has been popular among election watchers since independence.
    Yet, the run up to balloting in this election, appears to have thrown up young leaders from among the main opposition party – which so far appears to have the greatest asset – incorruptibility.
    Unless and until all voters are able to vote freely in elections, the ruling coterie will remain firmly in charge and citizens will be unable to elect representatives of their choice.
    The UNP leader must cut out the deadwood to strengthen the party.

  • 4

    Sajith is a Traitor. He should not be given the Deputy Leader position, it should be given to Harin. Sajith did not have the guts to contest the PC election. It was Harin who had the guts to do it.Further Sajith always comes with various demands. What has Sajith done for the party? Its Harin who has brought about a turnaround in the thinking of the people by canvassing in Uva.

  • 0

    Where has Indra landed from ? Is he suggesting a suicide mission ? Most of MR tactics today were introduced originally by Ranil and his UNP under JR. Dont you guys realize the Ranil and them are also totally hopeless ? Indra says to Ranil, be president for one term and hand it over to second tier ? Do you think presidency is some piece of furniture?
    You see how immature we sri lankans are when they now think harin fernando is super man material. why ? because he contested UVA and the UNP did not get wiped out,like last time. But this is after 10 years of MR and various self made problems like sasindra, BBS and muslim factor.If Harin contested in 2010 he also would have got wiped out. If winning well is a bonus for a politican who is only at the right place at the right time ,then people like MR who won so well in 2009 Dayasiri Jayasekera who won wayamba in 2013 must be miraculous leaders. No one knows what harin is really like but they think he is nehru, gandhi, churchill, thatcher, lee kuan and all such people rolled together. But what we heard before was that Harin was very friendly with dayasiri and hirunika. He had tea with narmal and go clubbing together.Had a big fight with dayasiri on TV. When will we sri lankans grow up ?

    • 0

      OH..C’mon… get a grip… IF lawyers argue for opposite sides in a court and then have tea together is acceptable, why cant Harin have tea with Namal or even go to a club with Hirunika, Malsha, Namal and other people whom he likes to be around? They are all of the same generation so they may have ideas much better than the AGED losers who has pawned our country to China and made a mess in the International arena.. Think OUTSIDE the box ever? Go with the flow eh? than swim upstream… oh yeah call me a Pink salmon… (^-^)

  • 0

    It looks can do nothing only the seniority – old boys club don’t like new faces taking the center stage.

    that should be changed.

  • 1

    They should take example leadership training our SL cricket team captains wanna be’s are put under. Time and time again they have appointed a much younger talented cricketer to be the captain while all the seniors are still playing for the team. Mahela, Sanga, and Mathews were promoted that way. Despite all the dog fights going on the the cricket board, youth who are put in the lime light delivered. They are full of energy, not exhausted, fresh and more idealistic. So let Sajith and his corrupt goons join the tent of their true masters. make SP watching the final with GOTA and MARA as top front page news using your sources, and use that to Appoint Harin to the leader in training position. Although we were wondering what RW was doing, it looks like he had a good understanding of the Sajith and Daya-Sorry who we all now know to be traitors.
    Read else where that, Gota keeps him by the leash because one of Sajith’s security detail STF officer has divulged details of Sajith past sins of sacrificing virgins in his Treasure hunting adventures during his father’s tenure, to GOTA and he keeps a file on him. Now they got his sister too by setting her up perhaps with GOTA’s own printed money. To stop this political suicide coming out, Sajith has taken the contract of dividing the UNP.
    They want to steal the lime light and headlines off of Harin victory and the headlines to talk more about the UNP inside wars.

  • 1

    Does any authentic supporter of a strong Opposition and political balance in the country, seriously suggest that the UNP should face nationwide elections without securing the fullest participation of Sajith Premadasa and the sympathetic coverage of Sirasa and Mawbima? How on earth can these factors be regarded as less than priorities, still less as dispensable?

    • 0

      Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka:
      Readers of this publication need to be VERY careful of a Greek ….. like you when you come bearing “gifts” of this kind. What you have said and done (in your own interest) all these years hardly qualifies you as one to be trusted with ANY opinion! Go back to your copy of “Gota’s war” because you belong in the same category as its official author.

  • 0

    Colombo Telegraph, whose agenda are you pushing? The unp rank and file is v happy with this reconciliation. You should not try to sabotage party unity.

  • 0

    “…huge success achieved by Harin Fernando in Uva….” What an interpretation of Uva election results. If 40% against 51% is the success that UNP aimed at, then, I am sure the government would love to congratulate the UNP and wish them to continue it.

  • 0

    Welcome news. He is one who should have been sent out long time back. I have read some of his public utterances and at times felt why at all he is in politics. At times his utterances were like “Yanne Koheda, Malle Pol” type and those are so irrelevant and out of context. There are so many who should go out either “voluntarily” or kicked out and sooner the better for the country. That includes all the members of the “Governing Council” too. So long as Ranil & Co. (Inc) are at the helm of affairs of this party; MR will be the WINNER and the rot will continue. What we need is a complete overhaul of the “Governing Machinery” and as long as these bunch of people whom we have tested so many times are “hanging” nothing will change and will be same old shit on different days. This UNP talks of forming the next Government and up to now have they put out at least a “formula” for a change for us to discuss. In that respect, I appreciate and congratulate JVP for doing that well ahead of time and we are discussing their plan titled “Our Vision”. We may or may not agree. That is a different matter; but we know what their plan of action is. Who knows, people might decide to try it out in the absence of any other alternative or go with the present day “mess”; saying “known devil is better than the unknown”. If that happens this main opposition (UNP) is responsible and that is what Ranil would most probably do to help MR to get the next six yeas rule.

  • 0

    Perhaps that “Kavadi” number from Keselwatta Kid put off the Colombo Elite .

    It is good to get our Sinhala Dalits in Badulla on their feet.

    But can he get the Colombo Elite and their kids to do Kavadi dancing when they are connected with Western styles and Western way of life through I Phone 6 and the I Pad.

    But there is a message there for the TNA.

    Just imagine if Manoharan belts that out in both Sinhala and Tamil at Election rallies in Batti.

    It will be full house , sorry full esplanades with Kavadi Dancers .

    And I bet the Sinhala dalits will out number the Tamils and TNA may do a clean sweep.

    By the way , wonder where old Mano is now a days…..

    • 0

      you mean Pop A. E. Manoharan, he changed his Bagawantalawa style to Jaffna tamil accent and sang in a Diaspora hosted music show in one of the European cities few years ago. after 2009 haven’t seen or heard about him. I like his nanda usai mama kotai song.

  • 0

    It takes Thotawatte Tiran to counsel Keselwatte Kid
    to take on the Deputy Leader of the UNP.

    Tissa Attanayake has been negotiating with him. Who
    were the others who took part when Attanayake met
    Alles at latter’s office in Rosmead Place. It was
    Thushara Gunaratne and Upul Joseph

    Why should Alles be interested in brokering a deal
    for Sajith in the UNP?

    The answer – He is playing for Gothabaya Rajapaksa
    this time. So Alle as well as Attanayake’s pockets
    are full.

    Ranil, the born loser,does not realise. He will lose
    the opportunity this time too.

  • 1

    Assuming that all this is true, what is RW doing? Please explain that to Game kollas like us who know little but want a unp govt

  • 0

    Game Kolla – The answer is simple. Ranil Wickremasingha
    is naive. That is why he is the longest serving Leader
    of the Opposition. That is why he has lost nearly 42
    election. Some of his cronies in the Working Committee
    are keeping him afloat. He is heavily indebted to Mahind
    Rajapaksa.He has to pay back political IOU’s he received.
    So it is not RW’s decision to win a presidential election.
    It is to allow a few cronies like Malik Samarawickrema
    and Tiran Alles to make money.

    That simple chum!!

  • 2

    Game Kolla

    “Assuming that all this is true, what is RW doing? Please explain that to Game kollas like us who know little but want a unp govt”

    Game Kollas do not need to know the complex arguments about anything at all. They are only interested in the freebies that is on offer.

    By the way they can live on a staple diet of Sinhala/Buddhism. What else do they want?

  • 0

    ONE SPINELESS JACK-ASS and a kiss-ass of RW is Tissa A.. He was NOT ELECTED by the people BUT SELECTED by RW… The chit MP’s system should be abolished and if one is to be representing the masses he/she should be ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE by VOTES not VETO’S of Politicians who want them to toe their lines.

    I bet none would feel the void, IF AT ALL one is created by his resignation.

    He is one who could NOT win in the electorate he represents… Hope he can find a 9-5 job and use his mouth to good effect and make a DECENT living…

    Bless his SOUL and also of the SOLE of the Minister who needed a pair of shoes…..

  • 0

    This talk of getting rid of Exec. Presidency is all rubbish, no one will ever do away with it, be it he or she – with the narrow UPFA win in UVA the ruling party will now itself lay the ground work for a broader and easy win at the next prez. election by hook or crook and it will be a sure win for Mara.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 0

    Please dont get confused.. Wait and see. RW has done what he has to do for the party. To win we need everyone. To protect from outside elements they need to act brave. many people interpret in manyways. But caravan goes.

  • 0

    Sapumal – You are not the only one who kept saying
    that. There are people who think that if Ranil
    Wickramasingha fall from a flight of steps, there
    is a strategy behind it. People think he is a clever
    tactician. He is overated. That is why he has been
    Opposition Leader for nearly two decade. Caravan sure will move.
    Sapumal. The difference is that it will move towards a
    pricipice. Apologists like you have spoken such things like
    wait and see for a decade or more. Ranil has destroyed
    the UNP. If it is unity that he wanted, he should have
    brought Sajith Premadasa three or four years ago. He is
    bringing him now only to save his back. Is that the quality
    of a future statesman? It is gross betrayal. You flirt with
    the Government and now you want to become the UNP candidate.
    The caravan and the handful who advise him will all be

  • 0

    I don’t know Tissa Attanayake personally. But I agree with many of my friends he is bad luck to the UNP. From the time he was made Secretary the Party has been in splinters. He is no asset to the UNP. As I learn he has no electorate from where he can easily be elected. Ranil must gather the necessary nerve to show him the door. The Party’s fortune
    may improve thereafter.

    The GOP is not short of good men for the important post of Secretary. Although he did not win in the last elections – for no fault of his. Ranil was unfair by him shifting him from one place to another. I refer to Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku. Bilingual, educated, quiet and personable gentleman. It is academics and loyal workers like him who should be brought to Parliament on the National List. I understand he has been a dedicated UNPer from his University days.

    Dr. B.I. Passe

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