25 May, 2022


TNA Manifesto Case To Be Heard By De Facto CJ And Others On October 23

The Supreme Court yesterday decided to proceed with hearing the five petitions filed against the Tamil National Alliance election manifesto after the party made preliminary objections in the case.


The five petitions filed by Patriotic National Movement Representative Gunadasa Amarasekera and others under the sixth amendment to the constitution dealing with Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity came up before a bench headed by Chief Justice Mohan Peiris today. The petitioners ask the court to suspend the Northern Provincial Council elections which did not happen before the September 21 poll and also call on teh court to proscribe the TNA for violating the constitution by promoting separatism in its election policy statement. TNA General Secretary Marvai Senathirajah, TNA Leader R. Sampanthan, Elections Commissioner and the Attorney General have been cited as respondents in the case.

Appearing on behalf of the TNA, K. Kanag Iswaran PC, said the petitioners had misunderstood the manifesto and said that according to the constitution, they cannot maintain the petition.

After hearing submissions by the TNA lawyers the Supreme Court directed that the preliminary objections be tendered in writing and gave the TNA two weeks time to tender the written objections, TNA MP and lawyer for the TNA M.A. Sumanthiran said. He said the Supreme Court had fixed October 23 as the date on which the preliminary objections raised by the TNA would be taken up for support.

President’s Counsel K. Kanag Iswaran, M.A. Sumanthiran, V.T. Thavarasa, Viran Corea and Niran Ankertel, with a team of lawyers appeared for the TNA while the

Deputy Solicitor General, President Counsel Bimba Thilakaratna appeared on behalf of the Elections Commissioner. Attorney-at-Law Palitha Gamage, appeared on behalf of the petitioners.

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    Find a way to nullify the election.

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    This is the intimidation and harassment that the Tamil Nation feared.
    Apparently, the victory of 30 seats were by members of the ITAK but
    the Sinhala chauvinists have taken the TNA to task. The latter is still an unregistered Party. If the appeal is dismissed Court should
    also make censures against Gunadasa Amerasekera and company – not excluding heavy fines – for attempts to instigate racial hatred and create public disorder.


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    The verdict in this case will show the true colours of our justice system.

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    “The petitioners ask the court to suspend the Northern Provincial Council elections which did not happen before the September 21 poll and also call on teh court to proscribe the TNA for violating the constitution by promoting separatism in its election policy statement.”

    Ha, ha, ha ……..

    The TNA must be laughing from their rear end at this hearing.

    This shows that the Patriotic National Movement consists of Typical Sinhala Modayas.

    Why didn’t the Supreme Court suspend the Northern Provincial Council elections??? Gunadasa Amarasekera is a very important man (dentist) in the country. Even the Rajapakshes believe all what he says as gospel truth.

    Please go ahead and suspend the TNA and see what will be the consequences. If that happens, we can see a lot of fun.

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    “Gunadasa Amarasekera is a very important man” ??? says Ravi.

    In as much as a half-educated man is a dangerous one so, sometimes, is a well educated man. GA is highly read, good public speaker, passionate Sinhala nationalist and excellent writer. But his entire persona is seethed in anti-Tamil and
    anti-Indian hatred. He is RG Senanayake-KMP Rajaratna-Hector Kobbekaduwa-Cyril Mathew-Champika R all wrapped in one. He and his
    comrade-in-racial hatred Nalin de Silva make a dangerous and toxic duo that has harmed the country and will do so in the future. Both had much to do in radicalising the Sinhala youth in 1971/1988-89 and thus sending tens of thousands of them to their early unfortunate deaths. The two-some are behind both the Jathika and Mahinda Chintanayas that has created havoc in the country in the past decade and more. If Sri Lanka has made enemies of India and the international community along xenophobic lines both have to take the responsibility. Similarly, they are responsible to tens of thousands of parents who hopefully sent their children to Universities in the hope of these becoming useful and well-to-do citizens but end up as violent radicals taking to extreme politics. Many met their violent deaths due to their failed radicalism. A very small number succeed in politics in recent times but are thoroughly disliked by the people.

    Octogenarian Gunda A, a frustrated failure in public life, is a loose-Cannon and will continue to bring trouble to the peace of this country.
    I cannot, therefore, agree with you he is a ” very important” man. A dangerous, irresponsible, public nuisance – arguably so.


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    Simple formula is to devolve as much power as possible to TNA to subdue the demand for war crimes and for the people to heal from the war wounds. Giving freedom will benefit all. Crying “Wolf, Wolf” when there is no chance for the Wolf to come is a bad sign because if the wolf really comes nobody will come for help again.

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