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TNA Manifesto – Full Text

The Tamil National Alliance – Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi  – Parliamentary Election Manifesto – 2015

At the time of independence from colonial rule in 1948, Ceylon was foisted with a unitary type constitution with simple majoritarian rule. In 1949 a sizeable number of Tamils of recent Indian origin were disenfranchised. State aided colonization of the preponderantly Tamil Speaking territory, particularly the Eastern Province, with the majority community intensified. The Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) was formed as a consequence in December 1949. In this background in April 1951 the ITAK articulated its claim that the Tamil People in Ceylon were a Nation distinct from that of the Sinhalese by every test of nationhood and were therefore entitled to the right to self-determination. As a necessary corollary to the exercise of this right, we demanded a federal arrangement in the North and the East, where the Tamil Speaking Peoples are a predominant majority. In 1956 Sinhala was made the only official language of the country, again by the use of the parliamentary majority that was available to the majority community. Various peaceful agitations were organized between this time and the late 1970s to win back the right to self-determination that was lost first through foreign conquests and later due to a system of government that reinforced majoritarian hegemony not accepted by the Tamil People. Agreements were also entered into between two Prime Ministers, SWRD Bandaranaike and Dudley Senanayake, and SJV Chelvanayakam, the leader of the Tamil People in 1957 and 1965 respectively, relating primarily to the alienation of state land in the North-East, to ensure the linguistic and cultural identity of the North-East. Both were unilaterally abrogated by the governments of the day. In 1961 the ITAK conducted a massive satyagraha campaign involving thousands of Tamil speaking Peoples in the North and the East, peacefully engaged in prayer resulting in the entrances to the Government Agents’ offices (Kachcheris) in the North-East being peacefully obstructed and government administration in the North and East being completely paralysed.

Tamil Vote Photo CREDIT- REUTERS:DINUKA LIYANAWATTEIn 1970 a Constituent Assembly was formed to enact an autochthonous constitution. ITAK also participated in this exercise and urged the inclusion of provisions to share powers of governance with the Tamil Speaking Peoples in the North-East on the basis of shared sovereignty within a united country in keeping with their democratic verdicts. Those proposals were defeated by majority votes and the members of the ITAK left the Constituent Assembly. Similarly the Tamil People did not grant their consent to the enactment of the 1978 Constitution. Thus the first and second Republican constitutions having entrenched a Unitary State, continued with Sinhala as the only official languageand gave Buddhism the foremost place. These constituions were enacted without the consent of the Tamil People.

Systematic State-sponsored colonization was carried out since independence in 1948 in order to change the demographic pattern of the North-East, which are the areas of historical habitation of the Tamil Speaking Peoples. This has continued with full vigour in the North and the East after the end of the war in 2009. The government retains an oppressive army presence in the Northern Province and has engaged in acquiring large tracts of land for ‘military purposes’.

In addition to the acts of discrimination, including standardization which affected the tertiary education of the Tamil youth and occasioned discrimination in employment in the state sector, organized violence was periodically unleashed against the Tamil People in the country in 1956, 1958, 1961, 1977, 1981 and 1983. No protection was provided by the State to the Tamil victims. On these occasions, affected Tamil People from other parts of the country were transported by the State by land, sea and air to the North and East recognizing these two provinces to be their homeland.

Soon after the anti-Tamil pogram in 1983, attempts were made to solve the Tamil national question by means of an alternate political arrangement in which greater autonomy would be granted to the Tamil Speaking Peoples. An arrangement was introduced in 1987 consequent to the Indo-Lanka Accord. These changes paved the way for the setting up of Provincial Councils with minimal powers, and promises were made at the highest levels that it will be improved upon. Several such attempts resulted in the 1993 Mangala Munasinghe Select Committee Proposals during President Ranasinghe Premadasa’s term, the Government’s proposals for constitutional reform of 1995, 1997 and 2000 under President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and the APRC multi-ethnic expert committee majority report in December 2006 under President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

While no progress was being made on the political front to solve the burning national issue, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continued its armed struggle. Successive governments entered into negotiations with the LTTE and in February 2002 the LTTE and the Government of Sri Lanka signed a Ceasefire Agreement and later in December 2002 agreed on a set of principles called the Oslo Communiqué, which stated  “[T]o explore a solution founded on the principle of internal self determination in areas of historical habitation of the Tamil-speaking Peoples, based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka.”


However, the ceasefire did not last and hostilities broke out between the government forces and the LTTE with the military confrontation coming to an end on 19th May 2009. The 30 year old hostilities and war has ravaged the Tamil speaking North-East and left the Tamil People destitute. Over One Million Tamils have fled to other countries for safety and another half a million Tamils were displaced within the country. Over One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Tamils have been killed over the years of the conflict and credible estimates point to over seventy thousand civilians having been killed in the last stages of the military onslaught. Many more have been maimed and grievously injured and suffer from traumatic disorders. In addition over 500,000 Tamil people were rendered homeless. Most were interned in detention camps against all civilized and international norms. The right of resettlement of these people in their original places, though promised to the international community and to the United Nations, have not been honoured.


We, the Tamil People of Sri Lanka are a distinct People in terms of relevant International Conventions and Covenants. We as a People want to continue to live in our country in peaceful co-existence with others, with dignity and self-respect, with freedom and liberty and without fear, as equal citizens free from majoritarian hegemony.

We as a People are thus concerned about our historical habitats, our Collective Rights that accrue to us as a People and as a Nation and our entitlement to exercise our right to determine our destiny to ensure self-government in the Tamil Speaking North-East of the country within a united and undivided Sri Lanka.

The present constitutional arrangements in this regard have proved to be inadequate and unsatisfactory. They favour the majority and impose majoritarian hegemony on the Tamil People. Democracy in a plural society cannot function effectively without a constitutional framework that provides for equity, equality, justice, peace and security. It is in this context that we face the forthcoming Parliamentary Election.

The TNA firmly believes that sovereignty lies with the People and not with the State. It is not the government in Colombo that holds the right to govern the Tamil People, but the People themselves. In this regard the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka is flawed in that power is concentrated at the Centre and its Agent, the Governor. Our political philosophy is rooted in a fundamental democratic challenge to the authoritarian state. We made a significant contribution towards the achievement of these objectives on the 8th of January 2015 in the whole country. Our political programme is therefore rooted in the needs and aspirations of all people including the Tamil Speaking Peoples for justice and equality.


The principles and specific constitutional provisions that the TNA considers to be paramount to the resolution of the national question relate mainly to the sharing of the powers of governance through a shared sovereignty amongst the Peoples who inhabit this island. The following salient features of power sharing are fundamental to achieving genuine reconciliation, lasting peace and development for all the Peoples of Sri Lanka:

  • The Tamils are a distinct People with their own culture, civilization, language and heritage and from time immemorial have inhabited this island together with the Sinhalese People and others
  • The contiguous preponderantly Tamil Speaking Northern and Eastern provinces is the historical habitation of the Tamil People and the Tamil Speaking Peoples
  • The Tamil People are entitled to the right to self-determination in keeping with United Nations International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, both of which Sri Lanka has accepted and acceded to
  • Power sharing arrangements must continue to be established as it existed earlier in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a Federal structure. The Tamil speaking Muslim historical inhabitants shall be entitled to be beneficiaries of all power-sharing arrangements in the North-East. This will no way inflict any disability on any People.
  • Devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty shall be over land, law and order, enforcement of the law so as to ensure the safety and security of the Tamil People, socio-economic development including inter-alia health, education, higher and vocational education, agriculture, fisheries, industries, livestock development, cultural affairs, mustering of resources, both domestic and foreign and fiscal powers.
  • Direct foreign investment in the North-East should be facilitated resulting in new industries and employment opportunities being created for youth
  • Avenues for tertiary education should also be set-up so that those who cannot enter universities can pursue higher education in relevant fields

All that has been stated above shall be enacted and implemented within the framework of a united and undivided Sri Lanka.


Accountability and reconciliation are fundamental to genuine and permanent peace in Sri Lanka. We seek fulfilment of the resolutions adopted at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in March 2012, March 2013, and March 2014 and the Report of the international investigation mandated by the March 2014 resolution to be released in September 2015. We are strongly committed to the ascertainment of the truth which must be made public and known to all the peoples of this country, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims and others Truth, justice, reparation and the guarantee of non-recurrence are fundamental to the national question being comprehensively addressed so as to ensure permanent and genuine reconciliation between the different peoples on the basis of justice and equality.


In addition to continuing to pursue a just and lasting political solution to the national ethnic question, we will actively engage in addressing the immediate and current concerns of our People. The specific matters are as follows:

  • There must be meaningful de-militarization resulting in the return to the pre-war situation as it existed in 1983 before the commencement of hostilities by the removal of armed forces, military apparatuses and High Security/Restricted Zones from the Northern and Eastern Provinces. This is imperative in the prevailing calm and peaceful environment
  • Tamil People who have been displaced in the North and the East due to the conflict must be speedily resettled in their original places; housing provided and livelihoods restored in a manner that respects their dignity – After the defeat of the former regime in January 2015 and due to the persistent and indefatigable efforts of the TNA over the past several years and since January 2015, decisions have been taken by the new regime for the return of the lands to and the resettlement of the displaced Tamil People in Valikamam in the North and Sampur in the East which are being currently implemented. Action will be expeditiously pursued to fulfil these objectives. 1,000 acres of farm land has also been released in Keppapulavu in Mullaithivu.
  • Since 6 years have elapsed after the conclusion of the war, all political and other prisoners held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in relation to war-related activities must be released. The TNA has been pressing for their release and for the abrogation of the PTA and will continue to strenuously pursue this objective.
  • There must be finality reached by the truth being ascertained with regard to thousands of missing persons who were largely bread-winners of their families and adequate multi-faceted relief provided to the said families so as to enable them to overcome their agony and recommence lives.
    Tamils who fled the country must be permitted to return to their homes and a conducive atmosphere created for their return. In particular, expeditious steps must be taken for the return of over 100,000 refugees in South India.
  • A comprehensive programme for the development of the North and the East including the creation of employment opportunities for the youth will be undertaken with the active support of the Sri Lankan State, the Tamil Diaspora and the International Community. It was not possible to implement such a programme during the term of the former regime due to its negative attitude and since January 2015 the country has not had a strong and stable government. The TNA would actively promote the accomplishment of such a programme when a new government is established.
  • The TNA will initiate a programme to rehabilitate all minor tanks in the North-East so as to increase the water resources for our agricultural needs and will also take serious steps, with necessary expert help to solve the drinking water problem in the North.
  • A comprehensive development programme will be undertaken in the North-East, including upgrading the Palali airport as an international airport, and developing sea ports and fisheries harbours.
  • Relevant expertise and technologies will be obtained so as to modernise the utilization of our palmyrah resources.
  • We will find solutions for the challenges faced by our fishermen in freely pursing their vocation and make every effort to improve their livelihood.


The war has left behind almost 90,000 widows in the North-East. There is a need for a clear policy to build their capacity and uplift their lives. These widows have become economically and socially vulnerable. Adequate steps must be taken to swiftly and effectively create livelihood programmes and other necessary measures to alleviate their present condition. The needs of children, elders and disabled also need to be addressed.


The rehabilitation of ex-militants must be comprehensive ensuring the acquisition of necessary skills and the creation of employment opportunities to enable them to recommence lives with dignity. Programmes that have been implemented thus far have been inadequate and the ex-militants have not been able to earn their livelihood or recommence their lives with dignity. An early programme of action is needed to address this issue.


The current structure of government which excludes meaningful Tamil participation in effective governance and substituting therefor the military in the North-East, post-war, has resulted in the increase of gender based violence, abuse of alcohol and drugs and the general breakdown of traditional social structures. The only way in which this can be remedied is through powers of governance being effectively exercised by democratically elected representatives of the people.


The Tamil People have always worked with commitment towards a reasonable and acceptable resolution of the national ethnic question through domestic processes. It is the Sri Lankan state which has spurned these opportunities and sought to suppress the Tamil People through repeated anti-Tamil pograms. It was such conduct on the part of the Sri Lankan state that internationalized the national question and compelled the Sri Lankan state to accept an international role. Tamil militancy, which also was an inevitable consequence, has now ended.
The former regime endeavoued to undo even the minimum progress achieved through international involvement. The TNA is firmly of the view that international auspices is inevitable to achieve permanent peace through genuine reconciliation thereby enabling all Peoples living in Sri Lanka to live as equal citizens.


The TNA calls upon the voters in the electoral districts of Jaffna, Vanni, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara to unitedly and overwhelmingly exercise their franchise in favour of the TNA, contesting under the name of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi and the “House” symbol and thereby democratically endorse, to the fullest degree, policies of the TNA enunciated here in regard to vital issues of fundamental concern to the Tamil and Tamil speaking Peoples as set out in this Manifesto.

This Manifesto is issued by the TNA comprising of ITAK, TELO, EPRLF and PLOTE.

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  • 9

    Bravo…All my Sinhalese Buddhist ….this is the last chance 4 u all….u want united country 4 all or go back divided land choice is u r s…..

    • 16

      Mutt u will shortly be shocked. This is the last chance 4 u all….u want united country 4 all or go back to Tamilnadu, choice is u r s…

      • 3

        We have firmly stood by the premise that no international probe can be initiated since we are not a signatory to the Rome Statute and so we will have our own domestic mechanism instead. – Ranil in the Sunday Leader

      • 7

        U will find out very soooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn

      • 12

        @Taraki, bugger Tamils also want a united SL with equal rights. Racist fuc# ups like you will never allow that. If we Tamils have to go back to Tamil Nadu, then you fellows have to go back to Orissa an give the land back to the Veddahs.

        • 3

          I was only responding in like to the idiot Muttu. By the way, where will the Veddahs go to, Africa?

          • 5


            “We have firmly stood by the premise that no international probe can be initiated since we are not a signatory to the Rome Statute and so we will have our own domestic mechanism instead. – Ranil in the Sunday Leader”

            When did you begin to trust Ranil? Whether this island is a signatory to Rome statute or not ultimately it would be the powerful nation’s decision, when, where, what to do with war criminals, and how to deal with them. Your only option left open is to beg Hindia to protect the war criminals as you know they aided and abetted the whole sale slaughter of innocent civilians. They are in it together. It is in Hindian interest to help the war criminals.

            “By the way, where will the Veddahs go to, Africa?”

            As the first nation of this island it is up to my people to decide what we do and when we do it. You should vacate the island first together with your Tamil brethren and forget worrying about our people.

            • 1


              we should not take the words of politicians very seriously, more over when it is during an election season. WE have to learn to understand what is hidden behind their words.


          • 8

            @Taraki, I was brought up in Jaffna (central Jaffna, not some village far away from Jaffna). I was raised by parents who grew up in Colombo with many Sinhala friends, as a matter of fact many of my dear relatives are Sinhalese. I was told by my parents to treat all with respect. But also I was told by my parents to kick racists to the corner regardless of their ethnic background. I will always hold that true and practice that. Racists amongst the Tamils and Sinhalese should be destroyed. I have fantastic friends who happened to be Sinhalese. I only wished today, that at least I spent 5 years in Colombo to learn more about others and learn Sinhala. So, not all Tamils are out to get the Sinhalese and not all Sinhalese are out to get the Tamils. Politicians on both sides of the divide promote hatred so that they can stay at the top. Idiots will listen to these screw ups and believe everything they asked them to do. Why don’t you look around and see whether all the Tamils are trying to create racial disharmony in the country, I know not all Sinhalese are not trying to do that.

            Also to answer your question, Veddahs own this land which we took from them by force. If we cannot live with each then we need to get the heck out of SL.

            It appears that we have a decent leader now. Give him an chance. He has good people behind him. If MR comes back, this land will have no hope.

            • 7

              Ditto. We talk of the number of Tamils killed in 1983, but will not acknowledge that a greater number of Tamils were saved by the Sinhalese. In a similar fashion, we will not acknowledge the number of Tamils killed and deliberately exposed to the armed forces, by the LTTE and their ilk! How many homes did the loot and helped to vandalize. I have been a victim of both Sinhala and Tamil looters.

              A Hindu priest (Aiyar), originally from Keerimalai, recounted for me yesterday here in Jaffna, how the Navy personnel in the area courageously and great risk to their own lives, saved many Tamil lives.

              Both communities must learn to appreciate and acknowledge the good in the other while pointing out the bad.

              I personally do not want a Tamil Eelam, but want more powers devolved to areas we are a majority and to be treated as full fledged Sri Lankans in every way. Let us play in a level playing field and compete as equals in quality. It cannot continue to be a quantitative game.


    • 2

      @ Muthu
      This is not the first or the last chance anyway.In reality it does not matter wether it is UNITED or UNITARY as long as your heart and mind says you are a srilankan.

      Secondly what is your view Tamil speaking people who live outside this geographical area. You are discriminating them who live in Colombo, Kandy and N’Eliya with higher population. This document does not talk about those who live these area. Funny…

      As long as one live anywhere in Sri Lanka the Common low and order must be same to everybody irrespective of what language they speak or where they live.The descrimination is every where due to politics and power. This is the same fate people who live in deep south of srilanka.

      But funnything is you guys are happily live outside srilanka as minority doing all kind of jobs struggling to live, still illtreated by majority white guys. You can tolerate that becuase you live better life there.

      Since srilanka is developing country can not afford all free social benifits get in western world. But you guys rally around and portrate this as discrimination by majority.

      Please look at the top government officials in SriLanka now and talk to them and see whether they need what you are dreaming for.

      Lastly this is not about SriLankan Tamils where ever you guys are there are always a trouble… see Malaysia, Australia, Canada,UK & Europe. Enjoy your last chance and looking forward to you other options.. before that that think about are you a true srilankans…

  • 4


    “We, the Tamil People of Sri Lanka are a distinct People in terms of relevant International Conventions and Covenants.”

    No Tamil people are not a distinct people as you may claim. Your people are as stupid as your Sinhala brethren because you both share the same stupid gene.

    “It is the Sri Lankan state which has spurned these opportunities and sought to suppress the Tamil People through repeated anti-Tamil pograms.”

    Is it true?

    Be warned the professional liar and noted plagiarist is going to flood this forum with his/her copy and paste garbage in bold letters to once again prove his/her much noticed stupidity and bigotry.

    “has resulted in the increase of gender based violence, abuse of alcohol and drugs and the general breakdown of traditional social structures.”

    KASmaalam K A Sumanam

    please feel free to blame the Vellala, Anglican, Diaspora, International conspiracy, ….. for the break down of traditional social structures.

    “A comprehensive development programme will be undertaken in the North-East, including upgrading the Palali airport as an international airport, and developing sea ports and fisheries harbours.”

    Ramuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Chandre Dharmawardana, Nalin de Silva, Lal loo, K. Godage, Bandu de Silva,

    Watch out TNA is planning to bring arms and men through Palali airport, bridge connecting this island and India and seaports. The government must stop this development plan.

  • 12

    It is a very well drafted document. It does have a good survey of the position of the Tamils. But, the only problem is that it pulls punches. It does not adequately bring out the extent of the discrimination and the killings of Tamils. Particularly in this week of the anniversary of Black July, the fact that JR Jayawardene did not do enough to protect Tamil lives could have been mentioned. The man in fact said that he did not care what happened to the Tamils and that they could starve for all he cared. There are lukewarm aspects of this manifesto obviously drafted by yet another Colombo lawyer who wants to be minister, perhaps. There is no call for an international inquiry after the UNHCR Report comes out. THe Thimpu principles are given up but that is to be expected as separation is no longer a goal. Maybe, the consolation is that in the context of the political situation at least this much was done. Good luck to the TNA. One hopes that they have a resounding victory

  • 8

    Can TNA also publish the top 10 projects that were completed or initiated by each TNA parliament member in the last 5+ years?

    It’s now time to publish performance reports of each TNA member without rapping of we couldn’t perform our best because of insecure stage/organizers/ audience/ bad weather to this is what we have achieved with limited resources by sailing against the winds kind of report.

  • 4


    Just see what you say under the subject: “OUR STANDING ON A POLITICAL SOLUTION” – “The specifics and constitutional provision …”governance through a shared sovereignty” (emphasis by me). That alone is sufficient to an “eruption” of communal “Fire Work Ceremony” among the other communities and others who were waiting to “set fire” to that start of the the “ceremony”. You have “Derailed” the whole process of “Reconciliation” and you have “Nailed The Coffin”. Pointless reading through the text and I have nothing else to say other than” RIP.

  • 7

    Why only TNA’s manifesto published on CT? UNP and JVP also issued manifestos. Are you guys looking for whether TNA has requested Tamil Eelam in their manifesto?

  • 6

    If a theif who swallowed billions of public fund can ask for Prime Minister portfolio why can not TNA and Tamils ask for a independently separate country, Tamil Eelam.? Tamils have paid more than that coward mahinda robbed.

    • 6

      ” Tamils have paid more than that coward mahinda robbed.”

      Yes, a whole lot more, but to Prabhakaran, to destroy the Sri Lankan economy.

      • 4


        “Yes, a whole lot more, but to Prabhakaran, to destroy the Sri Lankan economy.”

        Of course Mahinda and paid Prabaharan lavishly to destroy this island not only economy but people as well.

        Don’t forget the Hindian investment in LTTE.

  • 6

    TNA Leader Sambandan hasn’t given up on his desire to take the Muslims in the East under his control. even in the current Manifesto.

    Although I noticed it, it is entirely up to the Muslims to sort it out.

    But Mr Sambandan doesn’t make any mention of Estate Tamils, who are now nearly 50 % of the total inhabitant Tamil population.

    Where are they going to have their self Governing Province when Sambandan raises the Tamil Nation Flag in the North and the East, after Batalanda Ranil scores?.

    Or will Mano Ganeshan make the Estate Tamils part of the Elite and Anglican Alliance ?

    In fact could the new UNP be an Elite, Anglican and Estate Tamil Alliance in place of the current Elite, Anglican and Vellala one?.

    But it can have a snag too.

    Because TNA Leader Sambandan doesn’t make any mention of the Vellala Tamils in Greater Colombo including Wellala Gardens and Cinnamon Gardens,

    These Tamils who are the Vellalas and or the loaded ones are the traditional partners of the UNP Alliance.

    Are these Vellalas going to settle in the North or the East?.

    Or is the President going to make greater Colombo an Independent Territory ,, after Batalanada Ranil makes the North and the East Federal Provinces as Mr Sambandan has demanded?.

    Interesting…My word..it is.

    No wonder the Yahapalana Partner and Red Elephant baby Party JVP has told the Hindu Express that they will never allow Devolution , because it is in fact Separation.

    Will Vijitha Herath read this Sambandan manifesto and report it to his boss about the TNA demands?.

    Wonder how Batalanda Ranil’s new mate and sort of God Son and the Elite Colombo Households Pin Up Boy Anura Kumara will take it?.

    • 1

      Why don’t you crawl out from under that rock in Australia and return to Sri Lanka and get on the stage with your darling Mahinda instead of hiding behind false names? You coward!

  • 6

    This TNA tamil terrorist said if they could send 20 terrorists to the parliament they will get this done by 2016 and also said will help UNP to form a government. Now all you have to do is to connect the dots !!! Those pimps and traitors in UNP will agree to this manifesto (they will do anything to grab power, even will sell their own balls if they have any) if they could grab the power. This could be the reason that ranil send mangala to London to have secret talks with tamil terrorist in UK which controls TNA.

    If UNP comes to power piggyback on TNA, those tamil terrorists will get what they want in few months after failing for more than 30 years. It is the responsibility of Sinhalese to make sure not to vote for pimps and traitors.

    Sinhalese should decide whether want to live with fake yahapalanaya along with eelam in the North or want to have the country in one piece and live with problems that we custom to since 1977.

  • 1

    TNA is an intellectual vacuum. They should be defeated and the pro-LTTE group contesting the election must be supported.

    I fought for Thamil Eelam and jailed for Thamil eelam and I will always fight for Thamil Eelam.

    • 4

      We are Happy to see that You Die For the Thamil Eeelam,
      Please Die Soon Without getting it!!!!.

    • 2

      Raja what do you mean ‘jailed for Thamil eelam’? Cyanide capsule failed again like VPs?

  • 4

    Why many Tamils except young diaspora still have this inferiority complex. We are not second class citizens in Srilanka, we can not live with the fear of Singhalese (JR, etc.) will start communal trouble or get anger if we speak out our grievances. What a pathatic mentality of the Singhalese rulers, LTTE kill some army in North and JR will kill innocent Tamils who never supported LTTE in Colombo. How many young people died to feed courage to our community. See how west developed through courage and exploration mentality of individuals- they never afraid of huge waves or death to find new country. Tamils are only good to make songs (achcham enpathu madamiada, anchaamai thiravida udamiada ). Please vote to TNA only for them to work with the west to find a solution to our problem and to find a safe salter in North for Tamils. Do not encourage many political parties at this important time.

  • 5

    We have arranged the reconciliation party. The drinks are on the table and DJ waiting to play her tunes.

    The Tamil donkey on the other hand is still circling the venue looking to lob a grenade.

    • 6

      Hey vibushana, why is that you are always wound up with the Tamil issue. Are you that scared of 15% of the population. I do not have a problem with Sinhalese, but I do have a problem with racists such as you. Dumb clown go and get a life or find a deep river and jump in there and put yourself out of misery. Also when the Tamil donkey lobs a grenade I hope you are in there as well. You are so dumb, when the grenade goes off instead of ducking you will stand up straight and have your face blown off, which will come as a blessing to all decent people.

    • 0

      How can you have one-sided reconciliation?? who is the real donkey!

  • 2


    Brother, Law is a qualification like Doctor, Engineer etc. and Politicians are lawyers and you and me can’t understand everything they do and they can’t explain to us and it is not safe to reveal every thing to you and me. LTTE failed to understand world politics and their advisers failed to provide proper advise – it is a bitter fact. They did not change them according to world politics and as a result they took many innocent lives with them. This is not the time for LTTE members to involve in politics because they can’t operate in their own and it is not the time to try new people either. Our political choice is very limited with TNA, and weakening them is suicidal to Tamils. People should not ask them what development they did with their empty hand and we did not loose all our wealth we saved for centuries to get small development and jobs. Please stick with TNA without confusing ordinary people -hope all the voters will understand the reality.

  • 3


    Same old story!

    The people have heard this story so many times, they know it by heart now!

    Do you have a new chapter that can be added to this old story?

    What are ideas on development, water problems and employment related issues?

    Do you have anything other than rhetoric to inspire the people?

    Your manifesto is similar to the Ramaya musical lectures (katha Prasangams) of old, which were repeated the same way by Mani Aiyar, over and over again. There were no new interpretations or innovations.

    With such hollowness in a party like yours, what can the Tamils expect from anything you are demanding? Even if your wishes are granted, I do not think your party is built to deliver the benefits to the Tamils.

    This should worry the Tamils.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 6

      Dr. RN,

      It seems nobody else provides any realistic alternative to what the TNA says. Let us go back to the 1977 general elections. Despite the rhetoric about Eelam, Amirthalingam was willing to give the toothless district development councils a try.

      Imagine there were no militant groups then and the TULF had been allowed to work with the UNP without being confrontational; despite the fact that the extremists among the Sinhalese would be doing everything possible to scuttle any such solution to the Tamil people– such extremists want Tamils to be in perpetual subservience to the Sinhalese and not get any equal rights– it was the only non-violent, incremental approach that was viable to get a more tangible solution that comes close to Federalism.

      The extremists would say such an incremental approach is the path to separation, but the TNA and Tamils in general, in word and deed, need to make sure that they no longer have such aspirations and Federalism is their maximal demand.

      And it seems to me that approach is what the TNA is taking, despite the fact that it all sounds like the same old story. Even for the urgent issues like finding solutions to water problems, etc., they will have to work with the government, and governments tend to ignore Tamil politicians and keep the power in the hands of some ministers; getting 20 seats in parliament can be a good leverage in negotiating with the government.

      The only other realistic alternative is for the Tamils to become part of the two major national parties, but the conditions–the absence of any real change in the thinking of the majority, absence of justice for war crimes, etc.– are not yet ready for that; neither the Sinhalese nor the Tamils are nowhere near such a stage, and I don’t see that happening for at least another two decades. But responsive cooperation from the TNA as an outside bloc can be made to work.

      • 2

        I will vote for the TNA, if I was exercising my vote here in Jaffna. This is not because they are what we need, but because they are the only ones who are at least marginally acceptable. A known devil is always a better choice than an unknown devil!


        • 1

          Dr RN,

          “I will vote for the TNA”
          You should also go and canvass for them. An In-depth Interview with Tamil Chief minister CV Wigneswaran

          • 0


            I will not.


    • 0

      Dr RN,

      “What are ideas on development, water problems and employment related issues?”

      These are mentioned in the manifesto.

      An example:

      “The TNA will initiate a programme to rehabilitate all minor tanks in the North-East so as to increase the water resources for our agricultural needs and will also take serious steps, with necessary expert help to solve the drinking water problem in the North.”

      My question is how the TNA intends to achieve this? Thru PCs, center, Diaspora, WB,ADB? All together?

      • 0



        IS the TNA aware of the government’s program to address the water problem in Jaffna. Why did they not refer specifically to the Jaffna River Project, which has been well studied and partially implemented? Why did they not mention the need to bring the Mahaveli waters to the Irranaimadu tank as originally proposed? Why did they not support or object to desalinating sea water? Why do the need further studies?

        This issue should have been at the core of the TNA manifesto and in more detail. What they have stated is very superficial and ‘wishy washy’.


    • 1

      Dr.R N

      Enough is enough recounting the past 66 years. What Tamils want to know is what in the next 66 years, 2015 to 2081? What is the blueprint? Where is the road map? What are the strategies?

      Thanks for exposing the hollowness.

  • 0

    According to Jaffna based Tamil newspaper “Uthayan”,TNA leader Sampanthan at a public meeting in Jaffna after launching TNA’s election manifesto had again said that if TNA gets 20 seats at the August 17th election there will be a definite solution to the Tamil problem.

    Sampanthan has not elaborated on this very strange statement. Tamil voters have a right to know how he is going to achieve a solution to the Tamil problem if TNA gets 20 seats.

    Sampanthan has to explain whether he has entered into a secret pact either with Ranil or with any other SL political party that has promised a settlement of the Tamil problem.

    Or, Did Maithri promised to Sampanthan that if TNA wins 20 seats it will be accommodated in a national government that will find a durable solution to the Tamil problem? Is it the reason why Sampanthan has made this announcement?

    If Ranil or Maithri had made such promise to Sampanthan and TNA, they have a duty to tell the Sinhalese voters about any agreement that either or both of them had made with the TNA and its leader Sampanthan. I hope the UPFA and other parties highlight this Sampanthan’s repeated statement and take it to the Sinhalese voters in order to ascertain from Ranil and Maithri the truth or otherwise of Sampanthan’s statement.

    Or, is Sampanthan making this statement to see the defeat of Ranil at the election knowing well that UPFA will go to town with his statement against Ranil?

    Elsewhere the same Sampanthan has said there will be a solution to the Tamil problem before the end of next year. Even Rudrakumaran of TGTE has mentioned this statement though not naming TNA leader and warned the Tamil voters not to be misled by these types of false promises. In Rudrakumaran’s view old man Sampanthan is making a false promise and he indirectly asked the Tamil voters to reject Sampanthan and TNA.

    Now, TNA in its manifesto says it wants self determination for the Tamils of North East. Did Ranil or Maithri promise to hold a referendum among the Tamils based on the principle of self-determination?

    TNA does not want the provincial council system brought under the 13th amendment. Instead, now TNA wants a federal system of government within an undivided Sri Lanka. TNA wants the unit of the federal system to be the merged Northern and Eastern provinces. TNA wants the support of the Muslims and it is promising fair treatment of the Muslims if they agree to the merger of the Northern and Eastern provinces under a federal system. Will the Muslims support a federal unit of merged Northern and Eastern provinces?

    What I can say is that TNA is flying a different kite for this election to get elected to Parliament. At every election it used to come up with a different slogan to fool the Tamils.

    And this time, I do not think that all the Tamils will be fooled by the TNA slogans and false promises. I will be surprised if TNA wins at least 10 seats this time. Jaffna district may give a shock to TNA this time. Let us wait and see how things unfold on August 18th.

  • 0

    Who is the lady in the picture that is very popular now?

    Every time I see her I expect to see her showing her middle finger!

    • 0


      Although this photograph has appeared many times in CT, it is most appropriate for the TNA manifesto.


  • 1

    We have seen and heard this manifestos of the TNA, day in and day out for a long time. This will go on for another 5 years and then reintroduce the same manifesto. During this period and the following periods members of the TNA will enjoy their privileges , salaries and all other benefits in the name of the people, sitting in parliament. They will not visit the villages, once elected except for opening ceremonies. They will be used to Air conditioning and will not go in the hot sun, one voter said.
    What should they do if the manifestos not fulfilled??? Let them answer.

  • 0

    I do not find anything on religion in the TNA manifesto. Is the idea to have a secular society or promote Hinduism?

    I am a bit worried about what might be increasing intolerance in the North. I found today two possible signs of this in the English speaking media.

    “It was unbecoming of the Chief Minister of a multi-religious province to highlight the attacks on Hindu temples only to the Dalai Lama. The Chief Minister should be aware that the population of Christian faith comprises 20 percent and the population of Islamic faith three percent of the total population of the Northern Province, according to the Census 2012.”

    “It is also important to note that the disciples of Premananda, including Chief Minister Wigneswaran and the Minister for Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, D.M. Swaminathan, had a commemorative meeting for the late Premananda in Barnes Place, Colombo, in March 2015.”

    “It was disgraceful for the Chief Minister and the Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs to be worshiping a rapist and murderer.”

    “This author also learns that Chief Minister Wigneswaran had met the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS – National Volunteer or Patriotic Organisation) in New Delhi in November 2014. The RSS is a Hindu supremacist organisation notoriously famous for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi and frequent attacks and pogroms against minority Christian and Muslim communities in India and their places of worship since independence to date.

    The Chief Minster should explain the purpose of meeting the RSS chief to the people of the Northern Province. He also should explain the difference/s (if any) between the RSS and the Buddhist supremacist organisation, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS – or the Buddhist Power Force), in Sri Lanka, which he often chastises for championing hatred against the people of minority religions.”


    A big conference with the elite of Jaffna just before the elections.

    “A Hindu Research Conference is scheduled to be held in Nallur, Jaffna from July 31 to August 2.”


    “Justice C. V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of Northern province, will be the chief guest at the inaugural sessions on July 31 and D. M. Swaminathan, Minister of Rehabilitation Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs will be the chief guest at the closing ceremony.”

    “Kandiah Neelakandan said: “We must work for the renaissance of our religion in Jaffna to rebuild its rich culture and glory. We are bringing together more than 50 individuals to address this conference. A conference of this nature is taking place in Jaffna after several years.

    “Instead of just having celebrations, ACHC wishes to build up the knowledge of our people and also encourage youth to learn our religion and lead a noble life in the footsteps of our forefathers.”

    • 0

      I cannot understand why the NPC CM and the Minister for Hindu Cultural affairs need to sully themselves by celebrating that infamous Matale Ravi who became incarnated as Premananda later on, and got i convicted for committing a murder sex orgies with orphaned young girls who was supposed to be cared at his Ashram in Trichy.
      In keeping with the public positions they hold, they should not flaunt their gullible stupidity by holding acommemorative satsang for a fake Guru who was found guilty by a court in India and sentenced to a live term imprisonment.
      No one will object to their propensity for indulging in rank stupidity if they did not hold public office.

  • 0

    TNA, keep on producing this kind of a documents and your population will be extinct very soon.
    Thanks to the Prabha, we have much less kooliess these days.

  • 2

    Can anyone educate me what right a Sinhala speaking person has what a tamil speaking person does not have at present in Sri lanka.Then I will understand what they are talking about this equal rights

  • 5

    This is the election manifesto of TNA.

    What is an election manifesto?

    It is an undertaking that in the event of a party being victorious that party will implement what is in the manifesto within the lifetime of parliament.

    TNA is only contesting in a limited number of constituencies and therefore is not likely to govern the country or any part of it.

    Nevertheless, they make promises to the people that the promises in the manifesto will be realized.

    Do you have a strategy to realize the promises? No it is not enunciated anywhere in this manifesto.

    In the absence of a strategy it is simply a wish list and ultimately blame everybody other than you

    When will you stop blaming others?

    Actually you should blame yourself instead of blaming others because others had not made any similar promises. People vote for you expecting you to fulfil the promises

    Otherwise you are simply cheating people

    TNA, FP and TULF (in their former avathar) made similar promises – a study of past election manifestos since the year 1949 will reveal similar promises and a blame game.

    Only consolation is that TNA is consistent. But consistency at what cost?

    We will continue to have similar manifestos of TNA in the future as well until the Tamils are completely annihilated from the country.

    • 0

      Although the TNA has not included in their Manifesto, they are orally saying that India and United States would solve the Tamil problem. Sri Krish you are one hundred percent correct.

    • 0

      The TNA still loves to live in it’s fantasy land protected from all aliens.

    • 0


      Very fine, realistic, cogent and logical reasoning. Lack of strategy and failing to formulate one highlights the emptiness. Three avadars; FP, TULF and TNA have consistently failed from 1949 to 2015. Lack of seriousness is most lamentable.

  • 2

    War criminals should be prosecuted instead of being promoted – says the European Union.


    Tamils only request equality in every sense of the word.
    This can be assured only if they are allowed to manage their own affairs, within a united Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    The genocide resolution passed by NPC headed by Hon Vigneswaran should be kept as an annexed to this manifesto.
    The iInternational community ,especially India and USA should ensure Eelam Tamils are awarded statehood to the least similar to either USA or confedarate state akin to Quebec.

  • 0

    Man of the 21st Centaury – Hon. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Copious volumes of materials had been written about him during his lifespan, in various fields of his work and contributions. This will continue in the future also.

    His personality reflected from the tender age, up to time of detaching the spirit from the body to dissolve in the universal consciousness, while being in the greatest environment of Himalayas. This is significant in every way, for introspection.

    Your well wishers, friends, devotees disciples all were in Namas / prayers at the time of detaching the body for onward journey.

    You were compassionate, gracious, with loving kindness to visit Yarlppanam, which was broken, destroyed, to post war soil of modern times, a few years back,
    This was an experience of torrential rain of compassion, love, and hope in the land of battle for decades with parched hearts and minds to make it bloom once again , for a new order of values, norms and methodology for future. Your very presence, in the negative sorrowful dismayed environment of Yarlppanam, to rejuvenate, revigarate, establish soothing confidences for young fresh flowers of future, for the minds and hearts of people, children, women in desperation and uncertainty to bloom positively.

    We worship you as a saint who visited from the great Barath, and treasure and fondly cherish your visit

    The forward, you had written to Adhi Shankara’s VIVEKASOODAMANI, for commentary by Swami Ranganathandaji, Head, Sri Rama Krishna Mission, Calcutta, reflects, your scholarship, wisdom spirituality and personality heights of your soul. This is an expression, of greatest contribution by your soul and manifest, your greatest love and honour bestowed on the entire Barath, Hindus and men and women of universal consciousness world over.

    It is beyond words to express our gratitude, love to this great soul of universal consciousness , who synchronized and dissolved himself in all living souls ,and wished in unison for prosperity, peace and harmony.

    Mahathmaji walked to every nooks and corners of poverty stricken, slavishness dominting, hungry lands, holding a stick in hand.

    You walked every environment, all over the world with honour, dignity, knowledge, wisdom, morals ,new world order to be adhered, followed, preached, lived, vibrated ,every minute, every- where, to spread and create new world order, based on new understanding and modern interpretation of futuristic Dharma.

    Our prayers to the great soul, who renounced all, including name and form, mortal body who adorned this good earth, all these days.
    Pooranum dissolved in Pooranam.

    Old Yarlppanathan 28/07/2015


    Welcome to Hon. Abdul Kalam to Yarlppanam

    Pooranam confluence with Pooranam (Perfection confluences with Perfectness)
    Pooranam welcomes Pooranam (Perfectness welcomes Perfectness)
    “Kuvalayathin Villi Poonra Yarlpanathan” (Bharathy). Yarlpanathan, who is like the eye of the world/universe according Mahakavi Bharathy welcomes the soul of universal spirit housed in the name of Kalam.

    The modern man of wisdom hailing from the simple, sandy village Rameswaram -the spiritual Himalayas of the south India- washed by the holy waters of the holy sea , is warmly welcomed by the ever mighty soul of Yarlppanam
    Your scientific achievements, knowledge and wisdom as a ‘Father persona’ is unique in the world. Your forward to the commentary on Sankara’s Vivekasoodamani by Swami Ranganandaji, published by the Ramakrishna Mission, is unparalleled in terms of modern Indian thought, philosophy and wisdom, and speaks volumes of your mighty, borderless, universal, spiritual personality and modern soul.

    The heritage of Yarlppanam, records the visits of great saints and sages from times immemorial. Lord Muruga -skanda, Lord Sri Rama, Lord Buddha , Babaji, Saint Arunagirinathar, Mani Mekalai, Mahinda and Sangamitha, Thirugnana Sampanthar , Sundarar, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagoor, Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan , Jawaharlal Nehru and a host of other great personalities from India.
    The outstanding event etched in our memory is of the Rajan Babu (Rajendra Prasad) and Dr. Radhakrishnan prostrating themselves at the feet of Yoga swami- a spiritual giant- of Yarlppanam at Columbuthurai in 1960.
    This was a meeting of mighty souls, rarely seen in human history.

    Today, after the great re- enactment of a combination of modern Maha Baratha, Ramayana and Kalingathu parani wars that concluded in May’2009, the great spirit in the name of Abdul Kalam had come to the shattered soil of Yarlppanam to unearth the subterranean ‘ Ganges of Amritham’ , to quench the thirst of parched hearts /spirits.
    The vibrations emitted and the soothing words emanated from this mighty soul- Abdul Kalam- will be a balm to the anguished souls of Yarlppanam. This is the most required succour at this point in time by the people of Yarlpanam. The response of the Yarlpanathans, was spontaneous and warm, in spite all negatives that confront them. The Yarlpanathan can yet recognize what is good and great in a spiritual sense.
    The great people of the world shower their blessings and good will on Yarlppanam for a new dawn and blossoming of peace, prosperity and ‘Mangalam’.
    The present visit of Dr. Abdul Kalam is an omen, for this unfolding future, engineered by the ‘Divine’, in which mortals have no say.

    Viswa Nalluraan, who is the guardian of Yarlppanam will bless Kalam.

    Old Yarlppanathan. 27/01/2012

    • 0

      Old Yarpanathan,

      A big thank you.

      Abdul Kalam sought the Kadavul( The One who is beyond us and within us)/ God, through his spirituality, music and science.

      After Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave of the 20th century, Abdul Kalam is the great man India produced straddling both the 20th and 21st centuries.

      His final farewell to Sri Lanka about a month back also must be remembered.


  • 0

    This is a very important time. We should not confuse voters by writing conflicting statements. Once asking what TNA did and then saying if I have duel citizenship I will vote for TNA. If Sambanthar speak out what we like him to speak or what is actually needed, he will not be alive at this moment but we all are safe in other countries. They are living inside lions cave and each and every move is dangerous. It is not fair at all for diaspora to ask TNA to act the way they wanted – TNA members are not idiots to do that either. Again weakening TNA is suicidal to Tamils. So every single vote to be casted to TNA without our narrow minded thinking of Jaffna, Batticlo, trinco etc. Asking for the future plan from TNA is ignorant- no body knows, it could go this way or that way.

    • 0


      Are you referring to me on the voting issue?

      I am a citizen of Sri Lanka and do not have dual citizenship.

      My voter registration is in Colombo, as my family was resident in Colombo over the long war years.


  • 0

    50÷% Tamil speaking people presently living outside North and East, irrespective of their religion or date of arrival must be physically moved into North and East.

  • 0




    • 0

      Yes doctor, that is my way of highlighting the fact that in view of the demographic distribution of Tamil speaking people throughout the island there is no conceivable devolution model to satisfy political aspirations of 75% of Tamil speaking people. ( I know at the back your mind “Tamil” means Hindu and Christian Tamils leaving aside those whose religion is Islam and the estate workers – that is another big problem)

      My attempt is to bring awareness to this issue. In my thinking any arguments concocted to justify leaving more than 50% of Tamil speaking people among the Sinhalee only exposes the hypocritical position of the Tamil political class who harp on discrimination, mob violence, language constraints, human rights, white vans, rape etc. on end. Why only half the Tamil speaking people to be saved from genocidal Sinhalese? My suggestion to move them all to North and East is for their own good.

      Do you think making secret pacts with half the Sinhaha politicians who are all power greedy or getting the International community to force the ruling party to compromise will solve the problem? Any solution must come with the consent of the Sinhalese or it will be unending conflict which will be more damaging to the minorities than the majority.

      Do you think there is a way to punish the Sinnhalese such as economic sanctions without any serious effect on the reverse.?

      Or do you really think accountability for one side of a thirty year war will lead to reconciliation?

      My position is clearly stated by another commentator whose words I treasure for I could not express my self in this succinct way:

      “It is my duty as a Sinhalese SriLankan citizen to stand up for fellow Tamils. If their equality or aspirations are violated by the State.

      Sinhalese are only horrified by relentless, unceasing Ealamist attempts to dismember & Balkanize Sri Lanka. One cunning way or the other.

      Once that fear is weakened in the Sinhalese mindset resolution of this problem will be a formality. Millions of Sri Lankans will fight alongside Tamils.

      Fellow Tamil Sri Lankans should help Sinhalese to reach that mental state.

      I am afraid TNA is doing the exact opposite.

      I hope Tamil moderates will cease control from Ealamist extremists soon. Sinhalese need to do the same on their side.”

      Thank you


      • 0


        Let me makes tings clear.

        I do not mind anyone, Southern Tamils, Plantation Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese opting to live in the north and east on their own volition. They should not be expelled from where they are living in the south now or be colonized by the STATE. The Muslims expelled from the north have to return and their return facilitated by the Provincial Council and the GOSL. This should be a process that should be permitted to evolve slowly by the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim politicians and leadership. It should neither be forced or accelerated.

        Anyone who opts to live in the north and east, should be given the services and rights due to any citizen of Sri Lanka. There should be tolerance and cooperation in abundance to set an example to the rest of Sri Lanka.


  • 0

    TNA has not change the principle policy of so-called
    self-determination directly mean by nothing else -that is Eealm or Separatist Tamil state in North-east proposed by Tamil political class.
    Tamil political class want fresh mandate by and large that alliance with UNP -Ranil, MS and CBK want to be achieved their demand of Tamil Eealm for the self-determination promised that before election 2015, August 17th.

    TNA is not a national political class, undoubtedly that Tamil class is anti-People, anti-national and pro-US & Indian political class is which want to be surrender our nation sovereignty to Foreign power since very inception.

    In fact TNA has no change of political perspectives of Eealm state advocated by LTTE ruthless political agenda, want Split SRI Lanka. Indeed Tamils of handful click of TNA, which working on behalf of vested interest of US and Indian hegemony.

    TNA is that outright right wing- political party and its class preserve system few Tamil riches. Tamil society more divided between have and have-nots , country Few rich Tamils which the rich in gated communities, send their children to expensive school or oversees and have access to high -rate medical care. This class of people are more or less western oriented roots, that goes to the Tamil diasporas. They were the key players of TNA new rich political class, not that majority Tamils living in North East and rest of them many parts of Sri lanka.

    TNA composition of New rich political class in not that OLD Tamils days of FP and TULF leadership. Most of them mixed with anarchist and Terrorist of ex-LTTE leaders and leading carders.

    Meanwhile the rest of live in the north by insecurity of LTTE threatens ,bottoms poor Tamils alienated and without hope.

    We have emphasizes the important after war launch by LTTE not just human rights but of economic rights. And not just right of property ,but the economic rights of ordinary Tamil citizens.
    In this vision we have an increasingly vibrant political democracy system far different from so-called Eealm- Separatists struggle for handful Tamil political class.

    Ours political heritage of democratic norms and their values as well as well-being of majority Tamils and even our economic growth has being denied by TNA new rich political class. Due to that TNA, NEW RICH class of handful AND ITS POLITICAL CLASS our society remain deeply divided between majority Nation Democracies and minority Tamils. Time, that end of war 2009 May, however may be running out. After end of WAR four years ago there was a moment where most
    Sri Lankan had the audacity hope.

    Well, current political-economic-social trend after 180 days in the marking might have been reversed under UNP-Ranil, CBK and MS, that misrule back by Tamil of TNA political class.

    I view instead new political situation have been worsened, if UNP led alliance of TNA come to power.

  • 0

    “This Manifesto is issued by the TNA comprising of ITAK, TELO, EPRLF and PLOTE.”

    “The Tamil National Alliance – Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi – Parliamentary Election Manifesto – 2015”

    If it is the TNA Manifesto then why does Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi dominate? Just because they are biggest and loudest? Did ITAK at least ask TELO, EPRLF and PLOTE for their opinion on this Manifesto?

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