19 April, 2024


TNA Says Sampanthan Did Not Forcefully Enter ‘Army Camp’

The Tamil National Alliance today denied forcefully entering an Army Camp in Kilinochchi.

R. Sampanthan

R. Sampanthan

TNA MP, M. A. Sumanthiran said that the land which was reported as an army camp, has been illegally acquired by the military, hence the TNA led by its leader R. Sampanthan did not forcefully enter any camp, but ‘visited a private property, legally not acquired by the Army.’

Meanwhile, Sampanthan also met with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe this morning to complain about the army continuing to forcefully occupy the land of civilians in Kilinochchi.

Over the week, several media reported that Sampanthan, along with other TNA MPs and their supporters had forcefully entered the Paravipachchan camp in Kilinochchi on April 16 without obtaining prior permission from the Army and had remained in the camp for several hours.

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    did he break the gate,push the army guard aside and enter.That is what is meant by forcefully.Otherwise it is a load of crap.If someone opened the gate and allowed him to enter then he has been invited into the premises.If there is no gate and anybody can just walk in then the army must own the land legally and put a board outside stating trespassers will be prosecuted.If they don’t own the land then they cannot do that.The days when everyone can behave like they are the sole owners of this country and can do whatever they like giving the image of a banana south american republic is long gone after Jan 2015.

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      Taking this into the politics of racism, Mahinda Samarasinghe has made
      more allegations, due to the lack of knowledge. He had elsewhere mentioned that Jayalalitha has no business of seeking citizenship for
      the Lankans in Indian; Samarasinhe not being aware that anyone born to
      Sri Lankan parents in other lands do not become a Sri Lankan, but only
      a Registered Citizen, should the Birth be Registered in Sri Lanka too.

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      “did he break the gate,push the army guard aside and enter.That is what is meant by forcefully.Otherwise it is a load of crap.”

      You are talking load of bull here.

      Trinco Sam must have tried to crash a lorry loaded with explosives into the camp. Luckily the Army ever alert prevented a major catastrophe in good time.

      You should be standing in front the army camp singing Sinhala only national anthem with gusto.

      He is the only surviving member of the Black Tiger who failed to accomplish his mission.

      What a bungling Sam.

      Was it your poster boy Black and Decker who foresee this mission many years ago and stood guard. Probably stopped it single-handedly.

      Please convey our regards to him when you meet him next time in the dungeon.

      He must be very brave to meet you in the dark.

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        sole native veddha

        “Trinco Sam must have tried to crash a lorry loaded with explosives into the camp.”

        knowing trinco sampanthan he would have had a lorry load of bananas for the army and would have politely waited at the gate until it was opened to let him in and eat the bananas.trinco sampanthan has read dale carnegie’s ‘how to win friends and influence people’ 17 times which has helped him be the only survivor in turbulent times,unlike prabhaharan who read nepolean bonaparte 4 times and ended up like him in some island or nanthikadal.

        If the wind blows this way trinco sampanthan will be strolling this way,if the wind blows that way trinco sampanthan will be going that way.

        he learnt all this in his childhood from the muslims in the EP.

        • 2


          “If the wind blows this way trinco sampanthan will be strolling this way,if the wind blows that way trinco sampanthan will be going that way”

          Why would he die if he wants to

          “live to fight another day”?

          He must be a survivor among the stupidest.

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    Sampanthan is the last person to do such a thing. Bensen

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      You are right . I think he is a simple, honourable man who is trying his best to do something for his community , without personal gain .

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    The army is not subservient to the government of Sri Lanka.
    Even the President or Prime Minister dare not give direct orders to the army.
    This is why, in this country touted as a democracy, the army does whatever it wants to do, with regard to properties, lands, businesses, places of worship and livelihoods of citizens.
    The army has been described as ‘heros’ who saved the nation so many times, that they now believe that they are not answerable to any democratically elected government.

    In other countries, the armed forces serve and protect the civilians, but not so in Sri Lanka, where the citizens and state officials are held to be subservient to the armed forces.

    No one dares to protest for reasons known to all.

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      Some of us pointed out, also in these pages as elsewhere, Sri Lanka should not get into the untenable army-civilian conflict that has
      progressively destroyed that failed State – Pakistan; from the time of her birth in 1947. As many of us know, if the civilian government goes beyond the unwritten lines of what is considered army’s “rights/territory” the fate of Zia-ul-Haq and Benazir Bhutto is the response. Once you fall into this trap it is almost impossible to get out of it. We are not there still – but soon will be unless we clean up our act. One sure of way of ensuring democracy here is also to keep the insidious influence of religion in the armed forces.

      In fairness to the army, they acted Constitutionally when shameful, illegal pressure and intimidation was brought on them by the Rajapakses before the change of government. The Nation is also grateful to the then Attorney General for resisting illegal pressure then to nullify the results of the electoral process.


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        The bloated army of Sri Lanka, well beyond the security needs of the country is slowly building up to be a Frankenstein. It will devour not only the North and East but the South as well. When people in the South wake up to this danger, it will be too late!
        Sengodan. M

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    There was some negative publicity recently with a hidden camera.

    True to Tamil politician form plays to gallery invading a Sinhala army camp. I think he has effectively erased previous transgression from peoples minds.

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      “True to Tamil politician form plays to gallery invading a Sinhala army camp.”

      If it was a Sinhala army camp it should be evicted, contents confiscated and the members of illegal paramilitary charged for violating the constitutional arrangements.

      The constitution does not describe it as Sinhala army but as “armed forces”. The Act which defines Sri Lankan Army is:

      ARMY ACT


      1. This Act may be cited as the Army Act.

      The act does not say the members/employees of the state institution are collectively known as Sinhala Army.

      You should listen to just one voice at a time in your head.

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    The question that needs to asked and answered is why Sambanthan and company chose to go near the gates of an army camp without prior permission, at this point in time. It is common knowledge the army yet occupies private land. It is an issue the TNA has been talking to the government about. What precipated the need for a visit NOW.

    Further, since it was attempted without the permission of the army, and was stopped at the gate, it amounted to a raid that was thwarted. Sometime back an attempt was made to enter the Pallali high security zone and it was thwarted.

    I recently – about ten days back- went near the security post near the entrance to the Palali base and requested.permission to visit Vasavilan, my great grandmother’s village, because I had someone with me who knew exactly where her was located. He is 85 years old and may be the last one to have information.The soldiers denied permission and told me that I could only visit the place during the temple festival. My visit was to understand how my great grandmother, who was from Manippai came to own property and live in Vasavilan- exercise in tracing our famil roots. Innocuous though it was, the mission was thwarted.

    However. The attempt by TNA bigwigs to enter an army camp, is an entirely different issue, with serious implications, for an yet security concious establishment. What was the point the TNA was trying to make? It has only ended up creating an unneccessary Storm. What were the trying prove and to whom? Was this a repeat of the old FP/TULF/TNA rope trick, to bolster sagging support?

    Why did the TNA nor ask for prior permission?

    I am against the army occupying private land. However, this issue has to be dealt delicately and with finesse, at the current juncture, without toppling the constitution-making apple cart. Discretion is the better part of valor!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 10

      RN you are really an idiot of degree one. Why don’t you shut up, you write without knowing facts. You are a vet Why not just treat the animals .

      • 4

        I totally agree with you that RN is talking nonsense absolutely. RN was not present anywhere near the place. Does he aware the truth? He is speaking on behalf of Dayan Jeyatilake and BBS. We all know a truth that he is one time Mahinda baker.

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      “Why did the TNA nor ask for prior permission?”

      Could list down here the procedure established to request permission to visit an army camp, when, where and who has to do it? Are you arguing That the opposition leader concealed his object to raid the camp, and falsely obtained permission to see the unused land by the army? It is apparent so far you have not mentioned one action of Sampanthar inside the army camp can be construed as a raid of an army camp. Your Mottu Vaithiya law seems to be confusing you. I am not entering into the legal definition Sumanthiran is trying to show that these lands were not obtained legally. I am not a lawyer for that. But as far as my commonsense can fetch, army is occupying the North-east illegally. Britain never conducted a referendum to get the permission of the Tamils to bring them under the Ceylon constitution.

      All seems to be the problem of your Vayithu Vali is Army has returned back you but allowed Sampanthar visit to the lands.

      This was the case, when the army tortured the Killinochi young girls they forcefully recruited and admitted to hospital, EPDP Douggie went to see them for fun in the hospital. Army did not allow him. Then he came out and showed his Vayithu Vali on others who objected army forcefully recruiting young Tamil girls.

      Don’t use all the Vaidhiya vocabulary without knowing the meaning of the words. What you are telling in every comments is not just how fool you are but how poisonous you are too. You raided a army camp when you had a selfish business. But Sampanthar visited army camp to attend a matter that is problem for the people elected him, including your land (of your great grandmother).

      What appears your game is you think that there is a chance the lands may be released sooner or latter. You just collected a witness (I do not know if you paid anything for that poor 85 years old soul who took her pain to support your greed) and tried to pre-mark some area for you. You are not ready to go organised so that everybody can have their lands appropriately surveyed and marked. You seems to you want stay ahead on the game. That is why when TNA go organized with all the owners, you feel your Vaithu Vali.

      Can you explain me why didn’t you try to collect the other owner on that area and go? If you couldn’t what is wrong if I say, in fact it seems Sampanthar visited but you made raided the camp with the hope a large loot. Sooliyan Kudumpi summa aadathu. Is that right or wrong? What is your opinion?

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      There is a limit to naivety. Either you think we are all sleeping or you think that you are darn too smart. It is seven years since the end of the war and what kind of “finesse” had achieved anything at all. Who is this Sirisena regime trying to fool?

      I don’t think anyone can forget your embrace with the Rajapakse regime only to change course later. I believe Sampanthan and Sumanthiran did try to work with the regime to resolve amicably issues but when the grab continues right under the nose, it is plain stupidity to resort to your finesse even as you acknowledge that you were turned away once. Pray tell how does your finesse really work – by smacking perhaps a thousand coconuts.

      The smart fox that the regime is, who do the Tamils need to eventually lose everything if dicks like you parade your heinous garbs. If not for the pressure from all corners, even the little concessions (more like returning to the Tamils what is theirs) may not have happened. A recent statement from the BTF highlighted the duplicity of the regime in hoodwinking the Tamils property rights.

      You may have decorated Roberts bosom and most Tamils aren’t going to buy your deceit. Under the cover of army everything, the Tamils have lost everything. May be either you have a secret formula that you would like to share that will pave the way to get back the lands of the Tamils.

      • 1


        I am quite awake and aware of history , current realities and possibilities. What should be untangled delicately and with political finesse, should not become political street drama. What we do and say can be said and done differntly, considering where were in May 2009 and are now. Calling me names, will not deter me, because I write with conviction built on what I know and try hard to learn.

        Please read the following report on the incident in Kilinochchi that appears in the Financial Times today. I am familiar with the area. It was under the control of the LTTE for a long time until 2009. It was the LTTE headquarters complex for a long time. The LTTE had ousted the rightful owners and taken over their houses and lands. One such victim was my IPKF -widowed sister-in-law (and her children). After the war, with much difficulty and amidst interference by LTTE intelligence, who are now with the army, I managed to get their land released to the family. These ex-LTTE men claimed that the land had been sold to the LTTE by the family. The armed forces also had a misplaced theory that any lands occupied by the LTTE was State property, because they were gifted/ sold to the LTTE by the occupants. Many large areas in Mullaitivu, are yet held by the army, on the basis of this assumption.


        I am reading Thamilini’s autobiography now and it confirms the inner workings and lack of consideration for the people by the LTTE leaders. Her description of the trials, tribulations and conditions the LTTE cadres faced in the battle fronts are tear jerking. The story of how the civilians were forced to join the Makkal Padai and Ellai Kaaval Padai, by withholding food rations to those- the many- who refused, is horrendous.

        The war-affected and now recovering Tamils are my principle concern, not our politicians and their misdirected and mistimed antics. We are where we are toda, also because of the opportunities missed by our polticians and so-called liberators. I do not want that to happen again. Our politicians too have to take responsibility for their share of grave historical mistakes. They are trying very hard to repeat the same mistakes once again, deliberately and cynically, although they are aware that similar elements on the opposite end are waiting eagerly to do their part in aborting solutions. Solutions may not come, but we should not be cited as the reason for their not coming.

        Ranil Wickernasinghe has clearly said that solutions have to be found within the ambit of the 13th amendment and he has opined that it holds the potential to exercise powers greater than in a federal system. This may be true if certain abberations are corrected and it is operated in the right spirit. It will be impossible to go beyond the ambit of the 13th amendment in a new constitution, into a federal system. This is a fact we have to accept and deal with. We cannot afford to break our heads against the wall that has been erected and is being defended with vigor. It may be an unreasonable and illogical position, but is something that cannot be breached for a long time,

        Politics is the art of the possible and not of the impossible or the unlikely. We tried what was apparently impossible and unlikely, and failed. Let us on the basis of that lesson, seek the possible and solve the problems our people confront. These problems are quite mundane and have nothing to do with the political system.



        I am reading Thamili

        • 1

          Narendran, I do not normally agree with you on a number of issues. I felt you were a fraud when you were espousing the cause of Rajapakses in the not so distant past.
          But on this matter I do agree with you almost entirely.
          LTTE made a mess of all the golden opportunities presented to the Tamils without understanding their strengths and weaknesses. I concede that all those chances were there because of their determined battle against the hardline singhala leaders. But lack of clarity in the minds of the leadership on geopolitics cost us dearly. Without going in to further details,I agree that we cannot hope for anything more than 13th amendment or 13 plus at the most, for the current generation.
          I can see Ranil being in favour of that, may be not Sirisena, but the Indians, whoever retains power in the centre or Tamil Nadu will support that. Of course the southern hardline forces will shout their heads off from every tree top but delicately it can be silenced with the help of the International community.
          At the moment our community needs a breather to recuperate and recover their strengths and assets both fixed and in terms of personnel. I hope both a wicks and TNA understand this goal eithout any confusion.

          • 0


            Thanks for concurring. What you perceived me as, in the past, was your right. I however think that perception was wrong and was projected by interested parties. I of course praised Rajapakse for the manner in which his government dealt with the IDPs, the rehabilitation program and the infra-structure initiatives in the north and east. However, I pointed out where he was failing in the political front. Of course many refused to recognize this aspect of my writings.

            I hope we will now rally to point our oolticians in the right direction, we cannot afford any more mistakes!


            • 0


              With reference to the “fraud” impression in Rajan’s comment, you state “I however think that perception was wrong and was projected by interested parties.”

              From the different contributions you made in these columns, it is no secret you accepted an all-paid luxury trip to Sri Lanka during which you were also provided a guided tour of the North by the army as well as an audience with MR.

              You, after much foot dragging, just a month or so ago conceded accepting that free-vacation from MR, but qualified that as visiting as a “delegate.”

              It is also note worthy that it was after your visit that, as Rajan points out, “you were espousing the cause of Rajapakses” going as far as asserting that you had absolute confidence that MR is an honourable man and will be honourable in his dealings with the Tamils. With that assertion, you further went on to advocate that the Diaspora should divert their regular “family and friends” remittances to MR instead.

              That is the reason why you were seen as a “fraud”.

              If that perception is unwarranted, then it should be easy for you to be transparent on the details of your “delegate” trip:

              Who selected you as a delegate and on what basis? Who arranged your travel and agenda? Who were the other delegates with you? Who and who did you meet with? What were the issues discussed and addressed? What were the tasks the delegates under took to accomplish following the trip? Did the trip encourage you to seek Diaspora funding for Northern development? Were you influenced to take any initiatives to discourage the Diaspora in their pursuit of international intervention in seeking transparency in the war crime allegations?

              It is your reluctance to be transparent and forthright that keeps the perception unchanged!

            • 0

              It appears you still working with the Old Royals. I sincerely thought you switched side and working as a Doctor Spin for the New Royals.. Other than you and some clowns in the Old Royals, nobody else is blaming Sampanthar that he illegally entered. He is one of the most experienced and matured lawyer in the country. Sumanthiran has his arguments. As a lawyer, he is taking that side. No point in me repeating it here. I am not a lawyer. You have no tongue to tell that occasion as a raided of the camp.

              Rajitha had asked the clowns who has been joined together by the glue of crimes, why were they protesting in front of Opposition Leader’s office; Is that because the Opposition Leader was Tamil. He had reminded the occasions all others have visited the camps.

              You are reading Tamilini’s book in Tamil. We know when are you reading her book that was printed after her death, which has raised its own suspicions. Further we know when did you avoided reading her writing, too.

              Unfortunately,I am reading the below in English. I am not very great in English. Can you please, as favour to a co-commentator here, read it and explain it to me? Thank you!

              Sri Lanka Army says Opposition Leader’s visit to army camp followed proper protocol
              [Thursday 2016-04-28 19:00]

              Sri Lanka Army said today the Opposition Leader R Sampanthan’s visit to an army camp in Kilinochchi was in accordance with proper protocol and the Army has not lodged a complaint regarding the visit.
              Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera confirming that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader visited an army camp in Kilinochchi, said the Army has not lodged complaints at any police station over the incident.
              Sri Lanka Army said today the Opposition Leader R Sampanthan’s visit to an army camp in Kilinochchi was in accordance with proper protocol and the Army has not lodged a complaint regarding the visit. Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera confirming that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader visited an army camp in Kilinochchi, said the Army has not lodged complaints at any police station over the incident.

              He said the details of his visit were discussed beforehand with the Army authorities in Jaffna and the Opposition Leader had phoned the Commandant of Jaffna upon his arrival. The Army Spokesman reiterated that the Opposition Leader had not forcibly entered the Army Camp. Therefore no complaint was lodged at any police station, he said. The TNA leader was accused of entering the Sri Lanka Army’s Gajaba Regiment camp in the Kilinochchi Parawipanjaan area by force with a group of about 50 people including several TNA parliamentarians on the 16th of April. The Tamil Party has denied that they entered the camp by force. Instead they have called for a probe on Army’s alleged illegal occupation of their land.

              Please don’t shamelessly tear down yourself repeatedly. It very awkward and discomfort others to watch your chokings. If you are arrogant and repeating your venom, they don’t become true. The above is saying, by calling Sampanthar raided the camp, you are peeling off yourself mercilessly.

            • 5

              “”However, I pointed out where he was failing in the political front.Of course many refused to recognize this aspect of my writings. “”

              Balu_ dosthara,
              (like Michael White the hora dosthara).

              Here at UK we know of 2 categories.

              First is the Professional Politician.- Piss Poor, Placement Problem.

              Second is the Politician.- Rabbit & Pork, Liar.

              You fall in the first category and being addicted only the call of pakis petti would take it away.

        • 2

          One swallow does not make a summer. Ad-hoc cases should not be cited could be assumed to lend credence to actions resolving issues. As you would be aware already, the govt too had released some land already but this has only scratched the surface.It is salutary that you have had assisted in resolving some but there needs to be an honest resolve by the regime to solve the outstanding issues, particularly land issues.

          Of course Prabhakaran was a fool and those who blew his trumpet were as guilty. That much he led the wars, that much he failed to be a statesman in not grasping changing world dynamics and when to capitalise for a truce. He should have grabbed the opportunity offered by CBK from a position of strength but let it slip through his fingers because of his recalcitrant temperament. And then there was the Rajiv Gandhi murder. Going by Anton Bala’s offer of apology, it may be surmised that Prabhakaran was responsible for murdering Rajiv. Expecting to commit such a heinous crime as this and hoping to get away with it was foolhardy. Rajiv was no angel and neither was Sonia who punished all the Tamils because of Prabhakaran’s act but this also shows how far removed was Prabhakaran from reality. So, he failed to lead the Tamils to a better future. Knowing of the trajectory of LTTE politics, the land grab during their rule cannot be denied.

          Notwithstanding, none of those can be cited as reasons for the regime to continue grabbing the land. If the problem of the huge size of the army transplanted in the North does not inspire the confidence building measures, further aggravating by continuing holding and grabbing further land belonging to civilians paints a regime no better or worse than the trails left by Prabhakaran.

          Ranil may have good intentions when he supposedly believes that the full implementation of the 13A may in fact offer scope beyond what may have been anticipated from a federal structure. But doc, talk is talk and how long this talk of implementing the 13A in full will be a charade. What substance is there to show that people may believe that the govt means business. Instead, the conflicting news and views appear to lend credence that the regime is merely continuing with the puppet show as those of previous regimes.

          You shouldn’t come to town with isolated cases as a triumph. That, in actuality, means little or nothing. The govt holds the writ there now and if the dire situation is still continuing then it has a lot to answer. To be plainly frank, you are just over-blowing your trumpet. The regime has a long way to go in terms of showing the world that it has anything concrete to show.

    • 1

      “Delicacy and Finesse” are completely wasted when you are dealing with buffaloes!

    • 1

      Dear Dr. Narendran,
      I entered the Jaffna fort Army camp in 1985, when I was JMO Jaffna, and no one opposed it. Why is this double standard when Sampanthan the leader of Tamils enters an Army camp.

  • 13


    You said it right! — the singular operational phrase in the whole comment is “Sinhala army!” Yes, SINHALA army – and that indeed is the curse of a country. Imagine if the US had White-man’s army, Jewish army, African American army etc?

    Way to go democracy, Sri Lanka style.

    SINHALA army has no business, not just in the North, but anywhere in the country if the country is to hope to join the civilized world.

  • 2

    From the high profile bogus outrage Sinhala extremism – BBS, Weerawansa,
    JHU, Dinesh G – raised in the past few days in the Sinhala media by this non-event it is clear to the Tamil Nation a repeat of July 1983 hangs over our heads 24×7

    To this extent Wiggie’s reference to the (1) merger of the NEP (2) 2 Separate States (Sinhala and Tamil) within an undivided Island – is not entirely without validity.


  • 1

    Hello Kumar .R,

    There are 8 Tamils commenting here. I have read the Tamil politician motives better than any of you.

    Samba has been doing this since 77. Just go into his history and read his accomplishments. There isn’t any! Although he has never been out of a job – am I correct?

    He has always played you like a violin. I know because its a gift I have.

    • 3


      The only gift you have and share with the majority of Sinhala Buddhists extremists is “gullibility.”

      If not would you guys have prostrated chanting “Sadhu, Sadhu” at the Hambantota maharaja’s feet for five or so gullible years as he completely ransacked the country and ran to Hindu temples in India every time he had a headache, while pretending to be a devoted Buddhist?

      Or, perhaps even earlier, much earlier at the beging of the end, you guys chest thumped with “Sinhala Only” as Banda ruined the once pearl of the orient that exported doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and teachers to the most developed countries in the world, not realizing that it would only lead to your extending your “Kandyan hospitality/generosity” of offering all your women folk (mothers, wives, daughters and sisters) to service Arab master for a handful of riyals and dinars?

      I realize that you think you can read better; that you think you have a gift; that you think you have some noodles stuck up above the “kavung eating” cavity you are blessed with — but my boy, wake up, you are wrong on all counts! Very wrong!!

  • 3

    Another reason why the armed forces should not be removed from the North and East.

    • 6

      when the tide comes your stupid mercenary army would fall into their own pit of death.

      What steps would you take if someone held a bayonet at you?

    • 5


      “Another reason why the armed forces should not be removed from the North and East.”

      Is it because there is a fear that Vibhushana and his voices in his head might be rampaging through North East, with a chainsaw in his right hand and a pickaxe in his left?

    • 3

      Official Government Military Camps need to be within official boundaries legally allocated to them. This land may have been forcefully and illegally obtained and occupied by the army during the war, but now during peace time it has to be immediately released to the rightful owner irrespective of caste, creed and religion. This issue, like all issues are looked at from an angle where the army is Sinhalese and the defense system is Sinhalese and they hold hegemony over the rightful owners of the land who are innocent Tamil civilians. If Sampanthan was a Sinhalese and the owners of this land were Sinhalese, nobody in the south would have made a hue and cry. This is why Sri Lanka is ingrained in racism.

  • 3

    I am surprised that the news item did jot say that he was wearing one of those new suicide vest and was threatening to blow the army camp

  • 5

    Mr. Sampanthan, TNA leader, by far the most decent politician we have today and highly respected by both sides of the divide and what a load of rubbish the Army,the Police, the joint opposition and the govt. heaped on him that he bull dozed his way into an army camp. We never knew that land occupied illegally by some army men with no boarders ,
    against the orders given by the govt.to vacate, is called an ‘army camp’ and declared it, out of bounds for the owners of the land and
    the MPs who represent the area.
    Mr. Sampanthan should arrange for a serious debate on this issue and
    question the defence minister as to how come Armed forces have more
    power than the legitimate govt.of the country in refusing to follow Govt. directives. If the govt.is serious about reconciliation and sincerely regrets the wrong doings done to the Tamils in the past,The President should apologise to Mr.Sambanthan, for the embarrassment caused to him, who happens to be leader of the opposition and leader of the Tamils.The Jt.op.should not judge the standard of Mr.Sambanthan
    by their own standards.

    If the armed forces followed the directives from the govt.and vacated
    certain lands cleared for public occupation, there would not have been
    no need for Mr. Sampanthan to walk into this land.He was in fact doing
    the job of the sleepy minister of rehabilitation, who should have got the lands cleared of the army personnel when the Govt. declared the area’ as private land.
    The cause for all these problems, in fact, repeat of old problems, is due to TNA allowing the problems to ferment by not getting the land, devolution of power & merging N/E provinces with enhanced powers sorted
    out at the outset when they had the bargaining power, after all, the Tamils voted this Govt. to power for democracy, rule of law and coexistence to take root in the country.

  • 3

    I wonder if the army illegally occupy orivate property in Galle and if MR enter the property, will we get the same tone of coverage in the media ?

  • 2

    People of all hues, colours and nondescript,

    Please lend me your ears.

    The way we do political business did change for the better since Jan 2015. Despite the Yahapalanaya jokers bungling every issue that they handled at least there is tangible progress on the once untenable situation faced by the Tamil populace. We must admit a lot of land forcibly occupied by the military has been returned. The military are not acting as overlords in Tamil areas anymore. I for one will argue that the Tamils have achieved more freedom and more equality since Jan 2015 compared to the 4 decades prior. It is an evolving process and the Tamil polity must keep pressing via the political channels to redress the balance of the untenable issues faced.

    Acting provocatively to gain cheap political mileage by anyone is bound to cause backlashes. There is no need for provoking the military or rubbing their noses the wrong way. Sanity should prevail. We must understand that the wheels of justice have a tendency to roll very slowly especially so in a democracy.

    My advice is that the Tamil politicians must keep the political pressure on the government and not resort to unneeded provocative acts.

    • 1

      BBS Rep,

      Apart from the explanation that the TNA seems to have provided, I have a few points that should shed some light:

      1. An opposition leader in a democracy often enjoys a rank equal to that of a cabinet minister. So Sampanthan in his capacity as opposition leader enjoys certain rights, including the ability to visit SLA camps. The SLA is subject to civilian oversight and are bound to cooperate with the opposition leader when the latter feels something illegal has been going on.

      2. Though there have certainly been improvements since the new regime was elected, progress has been very slow on many promises made. On issues such as political prisoners, resettlement and HSZ lands, war crimes investigations, etc. Any improvement you are noting is something that was way overdue to the people, and much remains to be done. The regime cannot boast about its accomplishments when those are only in comparison to the abysmally oppressive conditions of the Rajapaksa regime, or the conditions of war before then. Given that the TNA trusted MS-Ranil-Mangala-CBK and gave promises to its own constituents who overwhelmingly voted for MS as President, the TNA has a right to draw attention to such failures of the regime. The party will be failing the people who voted for it if it doesn’t do something about such issues.

      • 0


        “So Sampanthan in his capacity as opposition leader enjoys certain rights, including the ability to visit SLA camps.”
        True, but there are formalities to follow. My understanding of Sampanthan is it is doubtful that he would attempt to “visit the camp” unannounced.

        “The party [TNA] will be failing the people who voted for it if it doesn’t do something about such issues.”
        Has is done the right thing by the people on Sampur? Indian encroachment in the Northern territorial waters? Chunnakam oil contamination?
        The TNA is capable of failing anyone– but not its Indian masters.

        I thought that you would have by now learned something about the Tamil nationalist outfits.

        • 0

          I don’t know enough about Sampur, but the Chunnakam water issue is mostly an administrative problem with the NPC, professionals, the GA, GoSL, etc. Even in the US there has been a leader toxicity issue in Flint, Michigan, and some administrators have been indicted for negligence.

          And on the Indian fishermen’s encroachment, I believe Sumanthiran asked for a ban on bottom trawling. Are there others like the left parties capable of doing anything tangible about it?

        • 1

          Sampur is much talked about now. Even the JVP has entere the fray on the side of the people of Sampur.
          In Chunnakam, there is more to it than administrative hiccups. Kickbacks to NPC high-ups from vested interests are suspected by the public.
          I do not expect the parliamentary left to do much. The extra-parliamentary left has been actively campaigning for long.

          What a discredited left does nor not is of no relevance to the question of willful neglect by Tamil nationalists.

      • 0


        I agree with many things you say. Most of the grievances that the Tamil people still suffer from is included in the words ‘untenable situation’. Yes, there is a long way to go but now that the damage is done nothing can be achieved by being impatient. Yes the war crimes issue must be resolved. Yes the missing must be accounted for. Yes all misappropriated lands must be returned or the evicted must be adequately compensated.

        However we all must bear the burden for mistakes done and we must find the best path to mend our errant ways. Overt exhibition of impatience will not achieve anything for anyone.

        Yes, Mr Sampanthan has many powers but there is also something called protocol. One needs to respect the office everyone holds even if the office is subservient to the office held my Mr Sampanthan. For example a Minister of Education must not walk into a school willy nilly without informing the relevant principle of the school, no matter what the issue is.

        We all quite justly denigrated the excesses of MR and his cronies. We all know how that horrible uneducated man Mervin Silva conducted himself just because he was a minister. We must not encourage Mr Sampanthan to go on the same path. He should act with more dignity and more restraint.

        • 0

          OK, but I felt the South was making much ado about nothing and wanted to point out some things.

    • 0


      Are you instilling fear psychosis among the people about the military? You are joking. This nonsense by the avaricious lot and the military is a headache to the president and the PM. Glad that this minister exposed it.

      Or by the way, did you know that the military personnel, after all that training, brain-washing, drugs etc are nothing but walking dead- very easy to destroy them. Don’t be afraid :))

    • 1

      We have 2 houses in the village of Ilavalai where I was born. The village is located in non HSZ. One of the house is forcefully occupied by the Police and the other one by the army. No rent has been paid for the past 10 years. We can’t sell the property as well.

      When I asked the police to vacate the house, they responded we have no where else to go. I dare to ask the army to vacate our house. This is the ground situation in my village. I am happy to personally take you to my village and you can discuss the situation with the police and army. You can search for protest at Ilavalai police station in YouTube . The video shows clearly police admitting that they can’t vacate
      I don’t see anywhere in the south where police forecefullly occupying non HSZ private property. You still want to talk about equality???

  • 1

    Uncle Sam Is lucky to be alive pls don’t do silly things we voted for you to enter parliament

  • 3

    I thought our valiant soldiers would have fought back against a 75 year old man in a vetti. I never knew our brave soldiers were so scared of a senior citizen of the country. It is time the government hired brave men like Vibushana, Jim Softy, KA Sumanasekera, Fathima Fukushima, Black and Decker and Lal into the army.

  • 1

    If Tamils are Treating Army camps like this, I can understand how they are treating Sinhala civilians there.

    that is why sinhala civilians need full military security there.

  • 1

    So, if this honourable gentleman did not forcefully enter a Defence Facility, what was he doing?
    Was he going for a moonlight walk with his homo pal, Sumanthiran?
    The entry into Paravi Pachchan Army Facility is a forceful entry. Had I been a soldier and had been on sentry duty, I would have raised my weapon to my shoulders to protect my motherland and rained a hail of bullets into the intruders.

  • 0

    Here is the transcript of Ranil Sambandan meeting..

    ‘ Good work mate.. I never like those Army pricks..You remember I bagged them when they were going after your ” Son”.

    I told that Field Marshall that he is not fit even to be in charge of the Salvos.

    And ridiculed him for not knowing Killinicchi from Medawachi. And Elephant pass from Grand Pass..

    Silly pricks. I don’t know how your ” Son ” got shafted in Nanthikadal

    And good on you mate for showing your strength under my guidance.

    We have clever dudes working for us unlike those dumb asses who are with that equally dumb ass Sira.

    he is supposed to be the Commander in Chief.. But he is now like mouse.I got him by the balls mate.

    Don’t you worry about that. All I have to do is show that piece of paper to him if he tries to be too smart and try to upset the Apple cart.

    That silly idiot would have been in Polonnaruwar If you and I didn’t sign that MOU…Right mate….He He Hee.

    And poor Tissa got shafted for divulging it. See we have clever dudes working for us.

    Look at the shit Shira has .. Champakaya can’t open his mouth about your invasion, unless he wants my CID to pay him a visit.

    See how quiet Sira is.

    After all he is supposed to be the Commander in Chief . But he is now rat shit.

    I have the FCID watching over Sira brothers.and Daham too.I literally got him by the balls.

    All I have to do is squeeze it gradually to get him into line.

    Now the poor bugger wants to sit next to me at the May Day Rally in Galle.

    Because he is scared that the Sinhalese will boo him off the stage.

    That is why I picked Galle where Whahabis are our friends.

    By the way , don’t let loose those Boys with special jackets yet on the Army in the North.

    Leave it to the last.

    If Sira doesn’t get those stupid village buggers to vote for my new Constitution. we will launch the Plan B.

    Bye bye..”


  • 0

    Some of the politicians in the South are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill over this minor issue of Sampanthan going into an army camp in the North.

    From various media reports, when Sampanthan went to the premises where the army camp was, he and others with him were allowed by the sentry to enter. They were not prevented from entering the camp premises. This is not Sampanthan’s fault. I do not think he forcibly entered that army camp. Had the sentry refused permission to proceed further he would have stopped and turned back. Even allowing that there was a misunderstanding on the part of the soldiers on Sampanthan’s right to enter that army camp, in what way do they find fault with Sampanthan for this so-called security breach? Did Sampanthan go there to steal arms and ammunition from the camp or to attack it? He had gone there because the rightful owners of the premises wanted to show him how their private lands are still being forcibly used by the Army. From what Sumanthiran is now saying these private lands had never been legally acquired by the Army for their use. In most cases, Army never acquired private lands in North East legally. They are in fact squatters illegally occupying private lands. Further, how can they argue that these lands belonged to the LTTE and that they took these lands from the LTTE. LTTE were not the original owners of these lands. In fact, LTTE were themselves squatters illegally occupying these lands?

    If in fact it is security breach, the soldiers who manned the sentry point should have been punished for allowing Sampanthan to enter the camp.

    This minor issue of Sampanthan’s entry into the army camp is being highlighted as a big security breach by the Southern opposition politicians obviously for cheap political publicity. This stupid guy Gammanpilla is even challenging the IGP to arrest Sampanthan. What a joker lawyer politician he is!!

  • 1

    The armed forces are individually and collectively, departments of the government.
    Any Member of Parliament has the right to enter premises occupied by the forces, for legitimate purposes, including verification of the truth of complaints made by citizens, about unlawful acts by the armed forces.
    If they are denied entry, the Minister of Defence should explain why.

    If the visit by the Leader of the Opposition was illegal, the head of the armed forces should have complained.
    But, so far, this has not happened.

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