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To Editors Of Sri Lankan Media; Enduring Conspiracy Theories

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

To Editors of Media Institutions; Enduring Conspiracy Theories

A Sunday Paper published today in a Column “ Sunday Punch 2” titled “Rambuk’s ‘right to info’ poppycock, quotes the chief government spokesman, the Media Minister as stating “ the Lankan people do not require a Right to Information Act”, and “There is more than enough access to information. In Sri Lanka, democracy is such that the government has only two TV channels, whereas there are over twenty TV channels owned by the private sector. In print Media, the government has one Sinhalese, one Tamil and one English newspaper-the rest is owned by the private sector. I do not know what the urgency is to bring an Act. An Act is needed only in a country where public has no access to such rights

There is no purpose in debating neither the validity nor the rationality of the statements of the Media Minister. Let us assume, as articulated by the Minister, that the operating environment in Sri Lanka, allows the Media, and the Editors of Media Institutions, the democratic space to practice, the accepted best practices in journalism and the journalists to freely engage in their professional activities, express views, opinions and engage in investigative journalism.

In the above assumed context, here is a challenge to the Editors of Media Institutions in Sri Lanka! 

Those of you who are courageous and have the commitment to strive to have your names potentially inscribed amongst those recognized for the World Association of Newspapers “Golden Pen of Freedom Award” in journalism, can attempt to develop, by research, investigative journalism, a competition or other means, a list of 10- 20 most enduring conspiracy theories in Sri Lanka since its independence.

“Conspiracy Theory”, is defined as “a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event”. 

The Time Magazine on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing asked whether it was just a sinister hoax and then developed 10 of the world’s most enduring conspiracy theories. These included The JFK assassination, 9/11 Cover-up, Secret Societies Control the World, The Moon Landings Were Faked, and CIA and AIDS.

Derik Bradshaw in the Guardian wrote on “The Worlds Top 15 Conspiracy Theories of All Time” and included  some already identified in the ‘Time’ published list and also included Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Death of Princes Diana, The Shroud of Turin, The Holocaust, Global Warming, and Who really wrote the plays of Shakespeare?

The Telegraph list in a similar initiative had many of the conspiracies identified earlier and others like, Harold Wilson was a Soviet Agent and Elvis Presley Faked His Own Death.

It is hoped that the Sri Lankan Media Editors will design their challenge to cover  not only the 10-20 most enduring  conspiracy theories at a macro level, but will in addition expand the structure to further sub classify 5- 10 political, ethno/religious, economic, business and social/societal conspiracies theories as well.

I trust that in the interest of your readership, you will kindly accept and give leadership to this challenge in the near future.

With Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Chandra Jayaratne

14th September 2014

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    What is this discredited former commercial operator about?
    Is he nuts?

    • 2

      He is not nuts. He is clearly one of those who has benefited from the stories he refers to as “conspiracy theories” about the corrupt system that is governing the world today. Accusing anyone questioning the system as “conspiracy theorists” is part of the modus operandi.

      The worst part is, for a Forum member constantly complaining about “Freedom of Expression”, this man does not seem to be too keen to allow others to express themselves. Hypocrite of the first order!

      How ridiculous is that he quotes from a Time Magazine “survey”(done on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing) to back his complaint? It is a classic example of the Sinhala proverb “Balallu diya kirata sakki kiyanavalu”.

      It is the help of the corrupt NGOs and people involved in these Forums in the Third World that is helping the rogues who deceive the world carry out their tricks.

      If the questioning on the moon landing is silly, why doesn’t NASA answer questions about how the moon craft crossed the “Van Allen’s belt” (an extremely high radiation area of space)? There are lots of other questions one can ask about this hoax.

      All materials are known evaporate in to nothing in less than measureable time when put in to this area. But NASA or any of its accolites re refusing to answer this simple question. Buzz Aldrin (the second man who claims to have landed on the moon) slapped a scientist who raised this question at one of the talks given by him, without answering the question!

      So, corrupt Third World agents of the international mafia can keep on trying to make a dollar r two by peddling such lies, with help from the Time magaine and other ‘reliable’ sorces. But the sceptics will win at the end.

      Bravo free thinkers.

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      Long live Sinhalayas in the Miracle of Modayas!

      “Ignorance” the Buddha said is the root of the problem – but Sinhalayas know everything and do not need the Right to Information!

      The JVP’s Anura Kumara is the BEST and only man to ENLIGHTEN the Sinhalayas who have been deluded by the corrupt and criminal Rajapaksa family and their cronies, just as they have been deluded by Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP opposition which is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

      Anura Kumara has spoke the TRUTH about the Rajapaksa family dictatorship and the violence in Monaragala and its implications for DEMOCRACY is the Miracle, while Ranil is busy infighting with Sajith!

      The fact is that the failure of the UNP to EDUCATE and ENLIGHTEN Sinhala Modayas because its leader cannot unify his own party, never mind the country is the biggest problem. Anura Kumara would be the BEST candidate for joint opposition candidate at the next elections – Mr. Jayaratne over to you and keep up your good work!

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        Anura Kumara makes the best interventions and is educating the people about the threat that the Rajapaksa family presents to democracy in Sri Lanka today.
        He has correctly and fearlessly identified Mahinda Rajapaksa as the biggest obstacle for free and fair elections in the country, unlike Ranil Wickramasinghe who is following Jarapassa’s lead as the UNP dictator!

        • 1


          “He has correctly and fearlessly identified Mahinda Rajapaksa as the biggest obstacle for free and fair elections in the country, “

          Come on do you really want me to believe JVP is the custodian of democratic values?

          Is Anura Kumara selling a non existing car?

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    Mr Jayaratne:
    If you expect those who head up the media in Sri Lanka, most of which is either openly owned or absolutely controlled by our Royal Family, to display what used to be called “independence,” you are dreaming in technicolour as the expression has it!
    However, maybe there is still room for hope springing eternal from the human breast!

    • 1

      Chandra Jayaratne –

      To Editors Of Sri Lankan Media; Enduring Conspiracy Theories

      Just listen to Anura Kumara D. It is about retaining power and continuing the hegemony. It is either you are with us or in with us or out.


      Is it the impending doom Rajitha senses?

      The UPFA will lose a large chunk of its voter base at the Uva PC election says the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Development Rajitha Senaratna.

      Speaking to today’s issue of ‘Dinamina’ Minister Senaratna says, “We could get a voter slice of about 58 to 60 percent from Monaragala District while we would get 52 to 53 percent majority in Badulla District.” Minister’s assessment shows they expect a considerable reduction of votes when compared with the number of votes the government received at the earlier elections.

      At the provincial election held to Uva in 2009 the UPFA polled 72.39% of the votes. Monaragala had 81.32% of the total number of votes while in Badulla UPFA received 67.79%.

      According to Minister Senaratna’s prediction UPFA will lose 23.32% of votes in Monaragala at the election to be held on the 20th while the reduction of votes in Badulla District would be 15.79.

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    ” the Lankan people do not require a Right to Information Act”

    He is right as we are a Deshapreme Nation who said we don’t need human rights when the UN pressing Palestine Star to establish democracy in the Country.

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    Mr Jayaratne,

    Your challenge can NEVER be fulfilled adequately because the majority of journalists today have NEVER been trained to report or write about ANYTHING. This is not something you choose to do because you have nothing else to do. Journalism like other professions has to be taken seriously by its practitioners and there have to be standards. None exist or apply because the majority of editors and producers of TV programming are ill-equipped to do it. Just because you worked in a Newspaper for 10 years does not make you a journalist. A reporter maybe, if you can figure out to report just the facts and not your version of them.

    Compare an English article written in ANY Sri Lankan newspaper to an Indian major like the Hindu, Express etc. The prose in the Indian publication is a pleasure to read. The text relates to the title. The individuals, incidents and facts are related and suitably connected so the reader is not scratching their head trying to figure out what on earth the article is about.

    To ask Rambukwella a question, we have to forget that he is just a mouth-piece and not a competant Minister. He will give you the most evasive, confusing answer to any question. Only an idiot will say that ‘Freedom to information Act’ is not necessary because the Freedoms currently exist. Talk about the cart before the horse…

    Be that as it may, the miserable standards of journalism in Sri Lanka stands in one extreme, compared to the production values of general entertainment on TV. We have reached admirable standards in that realm. Then it begs the question, is it a matter of education and courage? Is it the fear of persecution? These are legitimate concerns
    but the lack of education is the key. And by education I mean, University level graduate studies not International school London A/L’s. By the way, who trains the teachers who teach at all the International schools that have cropped up at every junction?

    • 1

      I wholeheartedly agree with Upul that the quality of English in Lankan dailies is poor. The quality of jounalism/journalists needs to be improved too and is not as good as mainstream Indian dailies (I often read the on-line version of Lankan dailies and the Hindu). English is without doubt the international medium of communication and, we need to urgently uplift the quality of teaching at (all) schools (and train the trainers too).

      • 1

        lal loo

        “I wholeheartedly agree with Upul that the quality of English in Lankan dailies is poor. The quality of jounalism/journalists needs to be improved too and is not as good as mainstream Indian dailies (I often read the on-line version of Lankan dailies and the Hindu).”

        Why do you think the quality of English and Journalism in this island has gone to the dogs?

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    The biggest conspiracy theory is Tamil Homelands in SL.

    No proof just insane arguments from the grave.

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      You misunderstand the meaning of Conspiracy. Conspiracy – a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
      But Tamil Homeland is real and legitimate in the eyes of the Tamils. So there is no need to conspire.

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    You mentioned “AIDS” as one of the “enduring conspiracy theories”.

    There are several competing conspiracy theories regarding AIDS, some with more merits than others. One (supported by the American scientist Peter Duesberg and others) is that HIV does not cause AIDS. I do not think this is correct and am more inclined to the other enduring conspiracy theory – that the Pentagon developed AIDS and unleashed it on homosexuals and Africans, before spreading it to the rest of the world. This was written about 1995 publication “The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time” (Citadel Press) by the reporters Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen. The chapter is titled “AIDS: The Pentagon’s Plague?”

    The evidence implicating the Pentagon, according to Vankin and Whalen, centres on the successful appeal of a high-level defense department biological warfare administrator by the name of Donald MacArthur for funds to develop such a germ in 1969:

    “Dr Donald MacArthur, a high-level defense department biological research administrator, showed up at a June 9, 1969, meeting of a House subcommittee on military appropriations begging for cash to carry out an unsavory endeavor. ‘Within five to ten years,’ he prognosticated, ‘it would be possible to make a new infective microorganism which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these,’ he continued – and this is the ominous part, ‘is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.’ The new germ, the one Dr MacArthur desired so sincerely to whip up in his lab, would destroy the immune system.” (p.295)

    This book is written in a sensationalist manner, and so are many conspiracy theory websites, but over the past 20 years I have gradually accumulated more and more evidence that HIV was, in fact, developed as a biological weapon and unleashed on Africans after first testing it out on homosexual populations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The evidence is circumstantial – including epidemiology and investigation of the covert biological warfare programs that continued after the Nixon administration declared that the USA was abandoning offensive biological warfare programs. In the early 1970s, amid rising concern from the public as a result of the Vietnam War, the US Army Biological Warfare Headquarters at Fort Detrick, Maryland was renamed the Frederick Cancer Research Facility. Bethesda, Maryland remained the centre of US biowarfare expertise and it is of note the Robert Gallo the credited “discoverer of AIDS” worked there, officially engaged in cancer research. Causing cancer is one of the standard ways in which cancer is researched.

    The evidence is that USA did not abandon biological warfare research, and neither did the Soviets who also signed the international treaty against biological and chemical weapons. Instead it was absorbed into various departments of the biosciences, pharmaceutical research and medical science in private and public universities (areas such as immunology, virology, oncology, bacteriology and genetics). The key principle of biological warfare is to kill or disable the enemy. In this case the enemy became the public at large. The result was disease creation on a massive scale disguised as medical, pharmaceutical and biosciences research and implemented through various “aid” and “charity” organizations and “public health programs”, without these NGOs knowing the harm they are doing.

    The field of medicine is full of conspiracies, since every drug company conspires to sell its drugs. Treating chronic illness is better than curing it for drug sales, and giving high doses for a long time are better than low doses for the shortest necessary time are good for profits. AIDS has been a bonanza for the drug companies, and the drug companies have a lot of influence on medical education as well as on governments and the World Health Organization (WHO). The side effects of drugs are routinely ignored and deaths from prescribed drugs are routinely attributed to other causes. Meanwhile there is a shortage of genuinely needed drugs in various parts of the world.

    The main reasons I think that the AIDS epidemic is a genocidal conspiracy were not mentioned in Vankin and Whalen’s conspiracy theory story (which they remain inconclusive about saying neither the official version nor the ‘Pentagon’s Plague theory’ were satisfying). These include the epidemiology of the epidemic from the time of its original explosion in what used to be the Belgian Congo (Zaire, Burundi and Rwanda) coinciding with an epicentre among white homosexuals and intravenous drug users in the USA. When I read about the atrocities the Belgian colonials did in this region, including hand-hacking and slavery in the interests of terrorizing the locals to collect wild rubber, I had reason to look more deeply at Belgian involvement in Africa after the terrible rule of Leopold II, when an estimated 2 million Congolese died under his cruel rule from Belgium (he never personally visited the African continent but claimed a huge area of the Congo and its resources as his personal possession, rapaciously exploiting the people, the forests, minerals).

    Other conspiracy theorists have pointed to the Hepatitis B vaccine trials of the late 1970s as the source of introduction of AIDS to homosexuals in LA, San Francisco and New York. It was also theorized that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus was introduced to Africa through infected smallpox and/or polio vaccines. If so, selective batches of vaccines would have been used to seed the infection into targeted populations. This would explain why the epidemic was heterosexual and also affected women and children in Africa, but was largely confined to homosexuals in the USA and later in the First World countries (including Australia and Belgium, which are both implicated in the AIDS conspiracy. It’s also possible that specially bred mosquitoes were used in tropical Africa and Asia. It is now known that the entomological warfare experts in Australia’s CSIRO were breeding mosquitoes to carry massive loads of mosquitoes as early as the 1940s (during and after the Second World War).

    When I researched Belgium’s biotechnology industry, I found that all the Smith Kline Beecham (SKB) vaccines are made in Belgium by SB Biologicals. SKB merged with Glaxo Wellcome, itself the product of a merger between Glaxo and Wellcome laboratories. It so happens that Glaxo Smith Kline market the benchmark treatment for AIDS – azidothymidine or AZT. AZT has been on the market since the 1950s as a treatment for cancer, but was seldom used due to its serious adverse effects, including damage to the immune system. After its declared success in treatment of AIDS (which was a longer life expectancy, not a cure) AZT, now renamed Zidovudine (of which there are several brands), was the drug against which all other AIDS drugs were evaluated. When I looked deeper at the research that justified the use of the admittedly dangerous drug AZT there were more questions raised.

    My investigations into the possible AIDS conspiracy can be found on my YouTube and Scribd sites:



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