16 April, 2024


To Zeid On Deferral Of Sri Lanka War Report

By Brian Senewiratne

Dr. Brian Senewiratne

Dr. Brian Senewiratne

Hon. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Palais des Nations

CH-1211 Geneva


Sri Lanka Publication of UN Investigation into war crimes

Dear High Commissioner,

I am writing to add my voice of protest at your outrageous decision to postpone the release of the UN investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka (OISL) from March 2015 to September 2015.

I am an Australian citizen of Sri Lankan descent originally from the majority Sinhalese community. I have campaigned for more than six decades (1948 to be specific) for the right of the Tamil people – the Plantation ‘Indian’ Tamils in 1948, and the ethnic Tamils since 1956, to live with equality, dignity and safety (and now to live at all) in Sri Lanka – the Tamil North and East in particular.

My concerns are, and have always been, the violation of basic human rights by a succession of Sri Lankan governments, the worst being the one led by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

As the High Commissioner for Human Rights, I am entitled to believe that your concerns should be the same – the protection of human rights. Your actions should not be to ensure that the trauma which these people are undergoing is prolonged.

I sent you my recently published book “Sexual Violence of Tamils in Sri Lanka”. I clearly set out the problems faced by the people in the North and East, an area run by the Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) Armed Forces who treat the area as ‘Occupied territory’ and the people as ‘The spoils of war’ to be used and abused with no accountability.

I drew attention to the outstanding publication of Human Rights Watch “We will teach you a lesson: “Sexual violence against Tamils by the Sri Lankan Security Forces” This is one of the most damning indictments of the Sri Lankan government ever published on the subject. Coming as it does from one of the most important human rights organizations in the world, what have you, as the High Commissioner for Human Rights done, other than to give another six months, possibly longer, for this outrageous situation to continue?

I refer to the Report by Yasmin Sooka “Án Unfinished War:Torture and Sexual Violence in Sri Lanka 2009-2014”. Yasmin Sooka needs no introduction. She was one of three international experts appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon to advise him as to what happened in the closing stages of the Armed conflict in Sri Lanka.. She says that the findings in her recent investigation should be referred straight to the UN Security Council. Have you done that? No you have not. Why not?

The International Crisis group published “Sri Lanka: Women’s Insecurity in the North and East (Asia Report No 217), which establishes just that – women’s insecurity in the North and East –an area run by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

There is documented evidence that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces will remain in the area. What have you done about this? To give them anther six months to continue to do what they have done. Is that a responsible or acceptable act – coming as it does from the High Commissioner for Human Rights? I do not think so.

Here is what you said in your Opening Statement at the Human Rights Council 27th Session on 8 September 2014:

“Moreover, I attach great importance to the investigation on Sri Lanka mandated by this Council, on which OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) will report later….” High Commissioner, note your word “mandated”.

You then go on to quioe the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“Recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”.

Do you really think that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces that have been, and will continue to remain in the area and who have, as pointed out by credible international human rights organizations, to be the main cause of the violation of the ‘dignity and the equal and inalienable rights’ of the Tamil people, will result in “freedom, justice and peace”? Or are these just words with no meaning despite the fact that you call them ‘resonant words’ (your words, not mine).

Let me get to the current fiasco. On 16 February 2015 you ‘explained’ the reasons for your decision to defer the Report.

You start by saying that “This has been a difficult decision”. I cannot see the ‘difficulty’. Your predecessor Navanaethen Pillay picked three eminent people – the former President of Finland, the former Governor General of New Zealand and the former President of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission and asked them to present their Report to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2015 –some 9 months away. I cannot see a particular ‘difficulty’ in your doing so.

You then go on to say that “There are good arguments for sticking to the original timetable” High Commissioner, there are no ‘arguments’. Three well known experts backed by a dozen investigators and coordinated by a UN Senior Official were given a job of work to do. They had to present a Report in nine months. What exactly is the ‘argument’?

You go on “There are also strong arguments for deferring the report’s consideration a bit longer”. Why a ‘bit longer?

You go on to answer this by saying “..given the changing context in Sri Lanka”

May I ask ‘what changing context’?

A tyrant Mahinda Rajapaksa has been replaced by his Health Minister, Maithripala Sirisena. Sirisena has said clearly and unequivocally that the murderous Sri Lankan Armed Forces that have been responsible for almost all the serious violations of human rights in this area, will stay in the area (the North and East). Is that a ‘changing context’? If it is, I fail to see it.

Internationally credible human rights organizations – Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group will not be admitted to the area. Is that a ‘changing context’? Your own credibility would have been less damaged if you had agreed to the postponement from March to September 2015 provided that international human rights organisations, one of them (AI) a Nobel Prize winner, are admitted to the area,. You did not do so. Why not?

The notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act, condemned by every major human rights organization which has enabled so many serious violations of human rights to take place – sexual violence, torture, ‘disappearances’, abduction and detention without charge or trial at undisclosed locations for long periods of time without access to lawyers or even family members, will not be repealed. Bishop Rayappu Joseph of Mannar, has asked that this be removed. It will not be. So where is the ‘changing context’?

High Commissioner Zeid, your claim that there has been a ‘changing context’ is not supported by facts.

You can point to the replacement of a bogus ‘Chief Justice’ Mohan Pieris by Dr Shirani Bandaranayake (for one day!) and the dismantling of the Executive Presidency. Welcome though they may be, these are not the problems facing the vulnerable Tamil people in the North and East. Their problem is security or rather the lack of it, in an area where the Armed Forces and the Police do what they want to whoever they want with no accountability or consequences.

High Commissioner Zeid, can you even at this late stage see that you have missed the point? Having done serious damage to the Tamil civilian population in the North and East, can you even now insist on the immediate admission of international human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch into the area? If not, why not? Are there ‘strong reasons’ or any reason at all why this cannot be done? Why has this very obvious action not been taken?

Not surprisingly, there has been an outrage worldwide to an extent that I have never seen. Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham – President – US Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC) is a much-respected senior doctor in the US who has campaigned for the Tamil people for years. His letter to you has been forwarded to me.

Let me quote from it:

“The mass atrocities that transpired in 2009 were not a singular event, but rather an especially heinous manifestation of the decades-long oppression Tamils have suffered. Our community has been and continues to be systemically disadvantaged by Sri Lankan institutions of power. The OISL investigation and timely release of a strong and credible report are critical steps towards addressing this deeply rooted injustice. We have heard repeated promises of internal accountability measures, but to date there have been no credible domestic investigations. We do not think President Sirisena’s mention of a domestic process is sufficient to believe this would change”

I completely agree with what Dr Arulanantham says. I note that what he has said has been endorsed by 15 major Tamil organizations representing a million expatriate Tamils. In the six decades that I have been involved in all this, I have never seen such a massive ‘coming together’ of this number of people. It must surely send a very strong message to you that what you have done is simply wrong.

Just in the past few days I have had a copy of a letter written to you by the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) in Sri Lanka whose Chief Minister is former Supreme Court Judge C.V. Wigneswaran. It is signed on behalf of the Council by M.K. Shivajilingam a Member if the Northern Provincial Council, and a former Member of the Sri Lankan Parliament. It says that the Tamil people are highly disappointed and dismayed at your announcement on Febriuary 16, to delay the OISL investigation on Sri Lanka.

Yes, High Commissioner Zeid, ‘disappointed and dismayed’

Recently, this Council unanimously adopted a Resolution tabled by Justice Wigneswaran on Genocide of the Tamil people. I myself have written extensively on this and even recorded a dvd “Sri Lanka: Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, Violation of International Law”

I have just heard that some 250 people, ordinary Tamil civilians, had launched a public protest in Jaffna, in the Tamil North, against your decision to postpone the tabling of the OISL Report. High Commissioner Zeid, these are ordinary people who are taking the not inconsiderable risk of launching a public protest. You will not understand how risky it is to do so with a murderous Sri Lankan Armed Forces and Police who effectively run the area and do what they want with no accountability. The fact that they decided to take this risk speaks volumes about how distressed they are by your irresponsible action.

You do not have to suffer the consequences of your action, they do. As the High Commissioner for Human Rights, it is their fears, based on valid reasons,that should be of concern to you, not placating the regime in Colombo whose new President was a senior Cabinet Minister, indeed the acting Minister of Defence at a time when the worst atrocities were taking place. I am certain that you know, or should know, all this. Yet you decided for the most absurd reasons, to allow these people to suffer for another 6 months, if not longer.

In addition to being an insult to your distinguished predecessor, Navanethem Pillay, who decided to set up this international investigation after the passage of Resolution put forward by the United States of America at the UN HRC in March 2014.

The Human Rights Council has a dreadful past record. A week after the mass murder of thousands of Tamil civilians in the North and East of Sri Lanka (which ended on 18 May 2009), on May 26 and 27, 2009, the UN HRC in a ‘Special session’, clearly sponsored by Sri Lanka, passed a Resolution commending Sri Lanka. Human Rights Watch slammed the Resolution: “Sri Lanka: UN Rights Council Fails Victims”

In an interview with the BBC, Geoffrey Robertson QC, a world authority on Human Rights, called the Human Rights Council “a highly politicised body. It is made up not of experts on human rights, but of paltering diplomats”. His entire interview can be seen in the dvd I have recorded which I have referred to earlier.

You had a chance to change this ‘highly politicized body’ into something that really did what is expected of it – to safeguard the human rights of people who suffer serious violations under brutal regimes. However, it is clear that you have failed.

What is now in question is not only the integrity of the Human Rights Council but your own. It is a pity because you had the power and authority to do what had to be done – to table the findings of the OISL in the March meeting of the HRC, but failed todo so.

I gather that you will be going to Sri Lanka before September 2015, to see things for yourself. I am sure you will be shown the things that ‘the regime wants to show, not what has to be hidden. If there is nothing to hide, on what grounds are AI, HRW and ICG excluded from the country? The Sri Lankan government, whether it be run by Rajapaksa or Sirisena cannot have it both ways.

I ask you again whether even at this late stage when all the damage has been done, you will ask the Sri Lankan regime to admit Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group into Sri Lanka with immediate effect. If not, why not?

Yours sincerely

Brian Senewiratne

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Brian Seneviratne,

    is not a srilanken but attacking any parties – cant bring us further.
    If the learnt man – being in his late 70ties should be well aware of the fact – if he is genuine with his mission, he has to support the process of reconciliation in the war torn island, than adding fertilizers to distract it.
    Any right thnking ones would commend that UNHRC report being put off upto sep 2015, but execpt Bruwanse led fractions in Srilanka. Burwanse s fractions have lot to do with those of Brian’s so that can only work to the fall of the efforts being made to achieve permenent peace

    • 7

      Suvanda Supun

      I am just wondering whether the moon is maturing now a day? Whenever this OLE Brian (self-claimed Bandaranake) start braying, it is the sign of mature moon.

      This recalcitrant does not know the meaning of “Peace” at all but definitely the meaning of “Pieces”. Go and read the history of this person. HE is no different to blood sucking Mass killer Podian Preba.

    • 2

      It is difficult to straiten to bent tail of the dog. You too will not straighten yourself or can be straightened by anyone else.

      You are playing yesteryear antagonistic politics like the BBS burdening the Tamils in further difficulties.

      Postponement of the UN report is good. Let the UN meat up the report. On the judgement day, the delayed report will stand up than the half baked report you are demanding to be released.

      I respected you in the 80’s. I was disappointed with you in the 90’s 2000’s. You are proving yourself of suffering from aging syndrome and hope this little tonic will help you look at things straight in the future.

    • 2

      There is no reconciliation without justice – you must understand. No body is asking for punishment. They are only asking for justice. Whether you punish the culprit or reward them is upto you and what you do will reflect on what level of development you are in. They may even help you to get developed.

  • 11

    Bloody idiot Brain – we sinhalese are not racist we certainly do not consider tamils as aliens they are our brothers and sisters — we hate bloody sinhale racist and tamil racist – f…..g hate mongers – are you a sinhalese – disgrace for sinhalese – get lost SoB

  • 6

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 7

      Many people find meaning and motivation in life only through the prism of racism. And sometimes the racism can be the internalized kind like in the case of Brian Senewiratne:

      “Internalized racism is loosely defined as the internalization by people of racist attitudes towards members of their own ethnic group, including themselves. This can include the belief in ethnic stereotypes relating to their own group.” – Wikipedia

  • 14

    Brian Senewiratne has requested the UN High Commissioner to show valid reasons for the postponement of his report till September while the human rights situation in the north in particular and in all of sri lanka in general, is going from bad to worse.
    Police powers for armed forces and refusal to repeal the PTA are signs of at least indifference to the situation.
    Why is the government denying the entry of three international human rights organisations into the country?

  • 18

    Dear Dr. Brian,
    First of all I should thank you for you letter. Though you live far away you seem to know the ground reality. Some people who comment about your article don’t even know the decency of language. I really wonder whether such people live in Srilanka and don’t know the reality. Yes, we may speak like gentle men but don’t like to practice what we preach. Let’s learn to walk the talk.May I invite the people who have commented to go and find out what your soldiers doing secretly with with the Tamil widows, young girls and the vulnerable people who live withing the parameters of your soldiers particularly in Mulatheevue, Kilinochi and Batticaloa. Do you know how people are secluded and spoiled by your so called hero soldiers? Before you consider Tamils as your brothers and sisters can you stand up against the injustice? I hope you reflect well before you speak. Don’t be carried away by your sentiment rather use your reason well. Jivan.

    • 9

      Well said Jeevaraj and Justice. I highly commend you both. I find Some of the CT comments are intellectually dwarfed, some at the level of imbeciles, or plain childish. This is true on various topics, these same lot, who like to comment do not even read the article in full or understand what the author’s intention is.But wants their comments written down and published. Do they think other readers to know that they are a serious lot or want to make themselves comedians. Do they also like to show off by abusing their privileges to throw mud or precisely slander the authors and rubbish the articles. Or just a show off comments! However it was a great privilege for me to have worked along side Dr. Brain in the same hospital some 45 years ago. He is a learned very intelligent, compassionate and cultured gentleman. Yes he is a kandyan and from SWRD Bandaranayke’s family. No one can deny those facts. As Justice had mentioned this was a letter to the Commissioner UNHRC. They are the ground realities. When the truth is spoken it would only hurt those with guilty conscious. Reconciliation, will only follow when genuine understanding between the two communities are made. The Sinhala masses and those elitists who govern the Island need to understand that they need to cohabit. Need to change from the Mahavamsa ideology. The politicians and some political scientists, Marxists have to relearn not to be communal minded or be racists. They should refrain making those forked tongued promises to please the International community. The present government should throw the doors open to the International investigators, if there is nothing to hide and wish to uphold good governance. Please Waite for their conclusions when read out by UNHRC in September 2015.

  • 15

    Attacking the individual without critiquing the subject matter only confirms that the writer is correct and self proclaimed “Deshapremi’s” don’t have a foot to stand on.

    • 5

      Now that is a valid observation, but on the other hand is that not exactly what the hordes of ‘non-Deshapremis’ who inhabit this space do whenever Dayan Jayatilleke (among others) writes a learned article.

  • 4

    Dear Brian,
    [Edited out]

    Stop racism while claiming you are a Sinhalese! Work for the downtrodden Tamils and other minorities if you feel and claim you are a Sinhalese! You feel so bad about Tamils, but you left the damned country to work in the Bush in Australia.
    1. Australian government, one of your citizens spilling racial hatred from
    2. Ranil/CT make up your minds before entertaining this type of crap

    • 11

      I fully agree with Dr. Brian Seneviratne.

      If Sri Lanka have nothing to hide the regime should admit Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group into Sri Lanka with immediate effect. If not, why?

      According to UN reports over 80,000 innocent Tamils been butchered by the Rajapakse Govt, in May 2009 using heavy weapons including cluster bombs.

      • 4

        Josuppe Da Voss

        What about countless killing carried out on innocent civilians by your Master blood sucking mass killer Podian Preba. Don’t they count for? Once again “One and only way – Thamil way” Isn’t it?

        • 7

          Mati Dombasiri,

          thank you for pointing out one more reason for a war crime investigation. if people like you do not like an International investigation by a UN body to which SriLanka is a signatory, ask Tamils to investigate it- like by the NPC- and give all your help. if you do not trust Tamils with that job then there is no choice other than an international one as Tamils don’t trust a Sinhalese dominated government either.

          • 0

            Nange Rajjeeva wit Lajjaava

            OK Nangee – Please tell us a single name of a Thamil intellectual with neutral opinion on this issue?

            Ok let us look at the so-called most pious [Edited out] of Manner. Well – You know there is a special place for that chap already in the HELL for he merits that this [Edited out] collected for last 30 odd years entertaining LTTE interest.

            SL does not need any help from Westerners on this issue. Because their hands were already stained with blood in heir roles in many countries. How could they be an investigator on the issue?

            Lastly, whether you Thamil like of not, the Sri Lankan Caravan will rall over, you could just keep barking. Do you have anywhere else comfortable – May be [Edited out]

            • 4

              Mati Dombasiri

              “SL does not need any help from Westerners on this issue.”

              SL did need west to win the war and then cover up the crime scene and watered down resolution and deferral of publication of report on the UNHRC investigation.

              The west turned a blind eye when most of the atrocities were being committed by the armed forces on captive victims..

              “How could they be an investigator on the issue?”

              This is a billion dollar question. The question you forgot to ask is who is the biggest mugger? The answer is not VP nor MR but both were ready to serve foreigners. If westerners are not needed why the hell the US sends its armed forces to train army, navy and air force personnel of this land?

              Probably SL invites them to be trained in advanced techniques that they used in the final war in Vanni.

              “the Sri Lankan Caravan will rall over,”

              Make sure the caravan does not stop when a Bengali lion crosses the road.

              • 0

                Dear Uncivilised Kala Vadda

                You are 100% correct!!!!Sure the caravan will never run over lions as they are not that stupid like pussy Thamil tigers to stand in the middle of a highway.

                Suffering for many generations due to the stupidity of the pussy pussa Podian Preba. He hid too long in salty water Nandhikhadal Lagoon and [Edited out]

                • 5

                  Mati Dombasiri

                  “Sure the caravan will never run over lions as they are not that stupid like pussy Thamil tigers to stand in the middle of a highway.”

                  It is for the Hindians to tame or train the tigers.

                  Don’t allow the Bengali lion to copulate with your women folks for you will have to deal with the fall out for another 2500 years.

                  • 0

                    Hey Kala Vadda

                    I beg you pardon!!!!!!!!!

                    Was that your great great grand mum (Kuveni) had served herself to the Bengol’s Lion in Thammana Coast while spinning wools back 5000 years or so . That was the curse we all are still suffering from. So you folks also had some contributions to the calamity my friend, the so-called wise kala vadda.

        • 3

          ““One and only way – Thamil way” Isn’t it?”
          Does it matter when it is the right way?

          • 0

            Hey Butt

            Yeah. It is the right way to the HELL. Your beloved blood sucking leader had already traversed along that way in May 2009. If you wish to follow him, you have that option too.

            By the tell us, any Thamil Terra who found the right way?? You idiots have now become a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

      • 0

        Josuppe Da Voss

        I suggest you go an fight for “Parangees right”, not for innocent Thamils in Sri Lanka.

    • 2

      He is a clean Sri Lankan. When the country is purified he will return. There is too much dirt in the country now. Clean it up lots will return

  • 9

    Dr.Brian Senewiratne
    Thank you Sir, for your epistle conveying a profound message to the UNHRC Chief. The oppressed Tamil people and other minorities of SriLanka admire you for your moral courage and sustained efforts. I have known you as a crusader fighting the perpetrators of injusice against Tamils. You have spent almost a lifetime exposing the rabid, naked racism practised by successive Sri Lankan governments. I trust that your message may have the desired effect with the UNHRC Chief. I am afraid that your sane voice may not penetrate the cranium of the hardcore racists in Sri Lanka, some of whom are partners in the present government.

  • 6

    well said Mr.Brian please keep continue your supports to the Tamil community which have been suffering enormously since 1922. one day both communities will understand and appreciate your priceless role of supports for Tamils specially and for whole Srilankans generally.

  • 11

    Dear Dr Brian,

    Thank you well done.

    It clearly highlights the disappointment and concerns of decent people, who demand human rights abuses be stop immediately and not prolonged the pain and anguish for another six months.

    The question now is who will be liable, for all or any of the human rights incidences that takes place from now on under the watch of this new regime (from 8 January) or for that matter (16 February) the difficult decision made by the High Commissioner?

    Furthermore, the Tamils and the Victims were not consulted on the past or ongoing abuses regarding the decision to delay the report.

    The High Commissioner should have laid some conditions on the GoSL to adhere for this delay, such as:
    • access for the OISL to SL and to the NE and to gather information from victims
    • access to AI, HRW and international media into SL and the NE
    • Strict adherence to protection for witnesses and victims and for HR activists
    • Release of all political prisoners
    • Release of all women and children
    • Provide list of all those in custody
    • Release all land grabbed by the army
    • Stop immediately the colonisation and the structural genocide.
    • Remove the army from the Tamil areas.
    • Remove PTA

    The Tamils worldwide and the victims should now demand the High Commissioner (HC) to at least present an “Oral Report” to Council in March, on the findings so far by OISL, and considerations for any actions that needed to be included or addressed for inclusion in the Final September Report.
    The HC and the IC need to understand that only an Independent and credible comprehensive international investigation will be accepted by the victims, their dependents, to other victims worldwide waiting for justice and accountability and to stop other regimes and perpetractors.
    I still believe the Tamils worldwide still have faith and trust on this HC and the UNHRC, that this will be the once only “extension of time”, and that a final strong report with recommendations to Council will be presented and with a referral to ICC or UN security Council for further action.

    • 4

      Thanks Dr. Brian

      Continue your good work. May god Bless you.

  • 10

    Dear Learned Doctor,
    A wonderful letter to the High Commissioner.

    I wonder how he will respond to such a letter. After reading this how can the HC
    waste any more time in his duty to uphold human rights???

    Some of you in your replies have mis-understood this learned Doctor
    who knows what he is talking about. He is NOT being a racist in any way,shape or form.

    He is only a human rights activist rightly questioning the High Commissioner
    for not doing his job properly. What is wrong with that???

    Well done Doctor, I respect anyone who respects HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Thanks for all your efforts over the years to uphold human rights not only
    in Sri Lanka but all over the world.

    I have read your write ups in the forms of reports ,books etc about human rights,

    every piece was excellent.

    Doctor, you and me are Sri Lankans of almost the same age (Almost) but

    unfortunately I am not knowledgeable as you are. I am a layman very concerned about
    HUMAN RIGHTS & I greatly admire people like your good self.
    God Will Certainly shower all his blessings upon you and your family
    for all your tireless selfless efforts in this area.

    • 3

      Aha!!!!!!!!!Another character suffering from Dementia like OLE Brian.

      He indicated that he is also similar age too.

      By the way this so-called Human Right Activist, where were you when you Master Podian Preba was killing mass of innocent people and running a muck for 30 odd years. Where was your human right thinking then? No!!!!! “I was collecting money t run the Peelum war”

      You are demonstrating a very selective human right approach only supporting Thamil ONLY Human rights. That may be due to aging memory loss. That is called Human rights for Thamil only, may be a new philosophy!!!!. It is like your dream La-La Land Peelum, the one and only ways.

      In conclusion, OLE Brian’s letter to the UN High Commissioner is not even worth of single sheet of a toilet paper.

      • 6

        Mati Dombasiri

        “Aha!!!!!!!!!Another character suffering from Dementia like OLE Brian”

        Sorry, did you say HLD Mahindapala? You may be right this time around.

        • 0

          Dear Kala Vadda

          It is high time for you to get educated yourself if you cannot even understand my little comment above. Few night schools near the ground of Nugegoda rally.

          Off you go little podian Vadda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 5

            Mati Dombasiri

            “Off you go little podian Vadda!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

            My Elders always call me Veddah boy, they are always right.

            In your case I forgive for you calling me podian vedda.

  • 3

    “Icompletely agree with what Dr Arulanantham says. I note that what he has said has been endorsed by 15 major Tamil organizations representing a million expatriate Tamils.”

    These major Tamil organizations represent only the EXPATIATTE
    Tamils ( most whom fled the nothern and eastern provinces to get way from being under the jackboot of Tiger terrorrism in their de facto state). They certainly dont represent the Tamil people actually LIVING in Sri Lanka.They have they own agenda- and their endorsement should be viewed as such.

  • 8

    Thank you Dr.Brian Sir Though you were born to a Singhalese Mother You Under stand the pain & tears of the Tamils.
    Keep up your good work Sir

    • 0

      His father was Tamil and mother was Sinhala.

      • 5

        No, Jim, both his parents were Sinhalese.

        • 1

          Dear Romesh

          We Sinhalese have high respect for your neutral views on Sri Lankan issues. We have seen your valuable opinions and priceless remarks in many forms over the years.

          I thought whenever people get mature and older, they become more wiser, softer, kind and less aggressive. Your dad Brian does not carry such high human qualities. He spreads, entertains and enjoys vicious ideas of dividing people and communities. Was he a person like that in his whole life? What is your view on that?.

          • 2

            Hi Mati Dombasiri Read your own comments and then look at yourself in a mirror. You must be suffering from a jaundiced eye. You reveal that you are an out and out communal minded fool, with no human qualities. “You can’t straighten a dogs tail” that too of a native P- dog. who are you to judge the learned physician? your writings show that you must be a devil dancer!

            • 0

              Waran (Aka Horen)

              Brian may be a physician. It does not mean that we should entertain all the craps he fabricated against Sri Lanka and its people.

              By the way, it is well evident that he achieved his education through the money that his parents robbed from poor people of Sri Lanka being brownies licking British’s feet.

        • 0

          Do you know why BS stinks. This humanitarian was born to a family that collaborated with the colonialists to subjugate and enslave the sinhala people. It was his ancestors that shamelessly held the hands of the white man when they killed innocent people in Uva wellessa, killed every young male of the aristocracy over the age of 16, burnt paddy fields and buddhist libraries of aluwihare etc. It was his ancestors as mudaliyars who helped the british to confiscate the properties of the poor and the temple property under the waste lands act. It is they in conjunction with the white races that deprived the sinhala buddhists of an education because they refused to become christians. This is only a small part.
          This mans family cannot be sinhalese probably a pseudo sinhalese. This mans anger with the sinhala people is thoroughly misplaced. About the indentured tamil labour in SL it was the bristish govt that brought them and treated them as slaves, They were brought to neutralise the power of the Sinhalese. The sinhala people have nothing to do with them.
          Essentialy he and his family brought up by privileges offered to them for helping the white rulers must be ashamed of them selves.
          As i understand you are his son let me tell you a secret. I had the privilege of talking to one of your grand uncles. This is what he had to say about a visit to his house by a buddhist monk. He said they instructed the priests to be carried to the kitchen as it was there he could speak to the buddhist. So this is how your relatives treated buddhist monks let alone the buddhist servants. It is time some one spoke the truth. Do not get way laid by propaganda

  • 2

    The new government is in a tricky situation. It has to face fresh parliamentary elections within the next six months. MaRa is waiting like a hungry wolf to bounce back. So all reasonable people who desire peace and reconciliation will understand the cautious moves taken by the new government though painfully slow at times. Let us give this government the next few months, hope that MaRa will not return and then judge the new government’s performance during the 12 months following the parliamentary elections.

    Sengodan. M

  • 5

    Moti DUMB a sri,

    You are too quick in assuming things.
    Firstly you are referring to me as HE. But I am a high class Kandian Sinhalese Lady FYI.

    I am where I was when your podian was killing innocent people.
    You a young low class sinhala modaya do not know what Human rights activities I did
    and played a part in eliminating terrorism in our country.
    Have some respect for a mature Doctor trying to do something for human rights
    NOT ONLY in Sri Lanka BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD. you Idiot. Have You ever read any of this
    brilliant doctors articles about human rights in other countries??? Surely NO!!!

    Remember sunny it is people like you who will create Tamil Ealam by provoking the tamils with
    stupid writings like above.
    Even tamils these days are not interested in dividing the country. All they are asking is to live peacefully
    in Sri Lanka with equal rights. Not as servants for the Sinhalese people. Remember all tamils are not
    Terrorists, and all muslims are not Talibans or alqyda terrorists. A great majority of them are good peace loving people. Just because a few tamil youths killed innocent people foolishly with a hunger for freedom
    do not class all tamils as Terrorists.

    I have got very good Tamil and Muslim friends who are excellent god fearing peace loving people.

    I hope you understand mature people like Dr.Seneviratne and myself.

    Finally we are not that old to have dementia, only you are young enough to be an immature Fool.

  • 2

    Dr Seneviratne, may have had welfare of Tamils in his heart since late 1940, and he still does, but sadly in his detailed letter to HC, he failed to raise once, the cause of on going distrust of Tamils in the North and Eastern province, funding by LTTE diaspora of under ground campaign to undermine the SL government. He does not need to look too far, he has forgotten the mass murder committed by Velupoolai Prabahkaran the catalyst for high security in the North and East and CW sowing seeds of genocide that is taken up by goons like Rudrakumaran raising funds for LTTE to train diaspora Tamils for another war, bring it on.

    • 0


      Who will be in the next round of futile war?

      Not those western brought up effluent cheese babies of Thamil Die-Ass-Poo-ras!!!!! Those young fellows are too busy studying in private schools and universities in the western world. Only innocent kids from both poor Thamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka will sacrifice their lives for another round of futile war.

      Even Northern CM Vegie’s kids will not fight that war. They have already married to kids from so-called genocide Sinhalese families. I do not know whether this Vegie man has self-respect to go that cheap and below the dignity to score browny points. Vegie is a remarkable opportunistic character with a big brown nose to scores cheap points from poor northern Thamils.

      • 4

        Mati Dombasiri

        “Who will be in the next round of futile war?”

        War for what?

        The next war is going to be in the South, because the peace dividend never arrived in the south, all gone to various family bank accounts.

        Even the trickle down economy didn’t benefit the Southerners, the Chinese labour scooped everything and taken away from this island.

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