5 July, 2022


Tony Blair, Chilcot Report & The UNP Led Government

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

After losing more than two dozen elections the United National Party, UNP, was voted to power last year. The entire Muslim community voted for UNP to free themselves from the post-war persecution of Muslims by the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

However dismissing Muslim sentiments the UNP led coalition aligned itself, virtually unconditionally with the United States led British, French and Israeli   neo con war mongers who have unleashed, world-wide a barbaric war against Islam and Muslims, destroyed several Muslim countries, killed millions of Muslims, forcing out millions of them into refugee camps and to cross the mighty oceans facing death for hundreds of them in deep waters and the rest finally ending up in European streets as beggars.

As part of this samaraweera foreign policy, war criminal Tony Blair and his family were invited by Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera on a two week holiday during November 2005.

This not only shocked but also insulted Sri Lanka –once a proud voice of the Non Aligned Movement and a fearless defender of justice for oppressed people worldwide in all third world fora and beyond.Mangala Blair

Allowing war criminal Tony Blair to step into the soil of Sri Lanka, dismissing the island’s intelligentsia and the sentiments of the Muslim community, is the last think one could expect from a government claiming to establish good governance.

However it was not something unexpected as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNP government was perhaps the only third world country that refused to condemn the US led invasion of Iraq. When some Muslim parliamentarians tried to condemn the US invasion they were told, according to several sources, by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe to leave the government and do so.

This week, a report by Sir John Chilcot, a reputed civil servant, appointed by Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 to report on the British role in invading Iraq, confirmed that deliberately misleading intelligence was used by Blair to join hands with US President George Bush to falsely justify and invade Iraq, an illegal war that had led to the rise of jihadi resistence in Europe.

The two war criminals executed a Zionist- Israeli plan to destroy Muslim countries in the Middle-East who were fast developing with their oil wealth. The Zionist controlled US had to make Israel safe at all costs. The US and Britain benefitted with roaring sales of arms all round. Over 500 arms manufacturing industries in the US and Europe benefitted immensely, a small part of the proceeds of which they dole out to third world countries imposing on these poor nations conditions, that will keep them chained to these neo-colonialists for generations to come! Ah, they will tell you these are conspiracy theories!

British Zionist Blair together with American Zionist war criminal George Bush masterminded the war to   destabilise and reshape the Middle East to create Greater Israel, a racist nation of foreigners in the Arab world, and to ensure its supremacy in the Middle-East Arab region which hitherto comprised of peace loving Jews, Christians and Muslims, who co-existed as Arabs.

Many in the world opposed this senseless aggression as the Iraqis who had already suffered enough since 1991 when the country was divided into three under the guise of no fly zones, most of its weapons destroyed, its armed forces weakened, its economy devastated and pushed back to pre-industrial era while the people were subjected to untold suffering due to economic sanctions.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said she believes Blair is a “war criminal”, adding: “It [the Chilcot report] confirms what we know, that Tony Blair lied when he took this country to war on a false prospectus.

Blair and Bush rained death on innocent Iraqi civilians. They destroyed the infrastructure depriving essential services such as without water, electricity, food, drainage, transport network, health, education and even medicine. According to official figures almost one and half million civilians were killed. The exact figure is much more. Hundreds of thousands of men and women were subjected to worst type of barbaric torture and worst form of rape. Should not the criminals be made accountable?

There were also pictures of female prisoners being forced to pose for indecent pictures besides reports of rape about which most victims were reluctant to talk about due to the devastating consequences on their lives in this conservative society. Yet the details were shocking. Should not the world call these war criminals to account for the atrocities that they knowingly committed in order to advance a clear neo-con agenda?

This sadistic torture is deeply rooted in Western racism against the blacks and the Muslims, particularly Arabs. The Western “shared values” have never stood so despicable in the eyes of the Arabs and Muslims in particular. But then where is the so called caring conscience of the West? The Western arms industry is dictating to Western leaders and the Western media on their agenda and Chilcot will soon be history. But transforming ordinary peace loving Blacks and Muslims into beasts and jihadists will continue as each round of cowardly drones continue to kill the innocents while the western media will scream headlines that “precision targeted attacks killed terrorists”. They will continue until the barbarians arrive at their gates!

They created sectarian war pitting minority Shiite against Majority Sunnis in certain countries and majority Shiites against minority Sunnis in other countries.

In yet another well-planned cultural crime against humanity, their cruise missiles, bunker busters and other weapons of mass destruction also destroyed Iraq’s legal system overnight when valuable documents such as birth certificates, land titles, criminal records, marriage certificates, business agreements, school records, vehicle registrations and even drivers’ licenses were used by US troops as campfire fodder. Should not these state terrorists be also held accountable?

Around 170,000 items, including the Warqa Vase of 3500 BC, the bull’s head of Ur and the squatting Akkadian King of 2300BC, were robbed. Lamenting over this pillage, British MP Boris Johnson, also the editor of The Spectator, cried his heart out when he said, “it fills me with rage to think that at least some of the spoils of Iraq’s National Museum will, in all likelihood, end up as the bibelots in the brownstone of some bankers in New York”.

The destruction of Iraq had been so meticulously planned, embracing every aspect of this ancient nation that one of their main aims was to physically eliminate academics, professionals and other intellectuals to wipe out the society for generations to come.

Hundreds of top Iraqi professionals, academics and other intellectuals were systematically killed by Israel’s secret service Mossad which arrived with a list of names and addresses of more than 400 top intellectuals and killed them in their houses, offices, cars along the streets and other places.

According to the UN’s International Leadership Institute, “84% of Iraq’s higher learning institutions have been burnt, looted or destroyed.” The thefts from the Iraqi Museum of April 2003, the untrammelled looting of hundreds of archaeological sites and the burning of libraries have placed Iraqi’s access to culture, history, and science in graves. The assassinations and the flight of Iraqi professionals are the most criminal part of this process.

Speaking in terms of the inhuman atrocities committed by Anglo-American troops in Iraq, one begins to wonder whether Bush and his British partner in crime, Blair and their troops were normal people brought up in decent families with reasonable human values and feelings.

Renowned international legal expert C. G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, said “the Anglo-American alliance dragged their troops to the borders of Iraq without the moral, legal and factual evidence and took the illegal road to Baghdad carrying the Biblical curse of the sins of the father on his back”.

It was  this very same war criminal Blair invited by the UNP government ,given audience with President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Adding insult to injury Blair was honoured when he was requested to deliver the Lakshman Kadirgamar Memorial lecture!  Do we really need a war criminal to deliver the memorial lecture of an eminent sri Lankan and that too on the ethnic crisis of the island? To what criminal level can the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry descend to?

This clearly showed that despite all claims of good governance the UNP remains the same and the Government’s foreign policy has been hijacked by the United States led Israeli, UK and European neo con war mongers. They have begun their sordid rule of Sri Lanka through puppets and packies!

Minister Samaraweera’s and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s special love for US, UK and European and Israeli war mongers is not unknown. However what one cannot understand  is the wisdom of inviting a war criminal, despised by even the British public, on a government invitation?

Despite the UNP government aligning with US led war mongers the country was not flooded with investment as expected. Instead the island’s economy is continued to be sustained by the almost million Sri Lankan employed and remitting around seven billion dollars from the Gulf state.

Not only the Gulf the whole Muslim world, not the dictators there, are watching carefully those who collaborate with Israeli sponsored US led on-going campaign demonising Islam and Muslims and the killing of Muslims.

The question is whether a small country like Sri Lankan, with almost three fourth of the population of Pakistani city of Karachi can afford to antagonise the Muslim world which remain the most sincere friend of Sri Lanka.

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  • 13

    Birds of a feather(corrupt)flock together.

    Second most corrupt British politician is Tony, Most corrupt British politician is David Cameron.

    Sri Lanka’s most corrupt politician is Chandrika (Chandrika introduced nepotism and extortion to the island), corrupt Mangala is Chandrika’s partner in crime, also, allegedly Mangala owns several mud slinging websites.

    • 7

      I am highly skeptical of Ranil wickramasinghe policy, once he made speech he said Rajapakse government unleash communalism without boundary, it meant to me I would do that with boundary

      • 9

        million Sri Lankan employed and remitting around seven billion dollars from the Gulf state.

        What plucked figures from Fantasy ‘seven billion dollars from the Gulf state’

        Can Latheef Farook inform us of the rue cost to the Lankan state to treat the broken and tortured maids that arrive in our nation daily, can he also give us the figures of the Maids who are denied their wages after years of Slave labour.

        ‘are watching carefully those who collaborate with Israeli sponsored US led on-going campaign’

        THE FASTER WE ‘collaborate’ THEN THE QUICKER THE SLAVE LABOUR INDUSTRY WILL END, Then even our local criminals who live from these slave labour will surely end.


        Because the Muslims of those nations are heading to Europe and else where seeking freedom, knowing how oppressive their governments and work environment are.

        • 9

          Latheef Farook,

          “The question is whether a small country like Sri Lankan, with almost three fourth of the population of Pakistani city of Karachi can afford to antagonise the Muslim world which remain the most sincere friend of Sri Lanka.
          Pakistan and India are not allowed to send maids, girls to Medieval Middle East.
          Economically it not need to either.
          2014 report: According to the Central Bank statistics, around 55% (US$ 3.8 billion) of the total US$ 7 billion of workers remittances remitted last year came from the Middle East.
          On the other hand, earnings from tourism during the first seven months have however recorded a healthy growth of 16.8% growth to US$ 1.37 billion.

          “A key reason for the reduction in remittances could be due to the slump in oil prices which affected many of the Middle Eastern countries where the majority of Sri Lankan workers are employed. If you look at UAE, which is our third largest market in terms of departures, you will see a contraction in their recruitment market,” Senior Analyst, Frontier Research, Shiran Fernando told The Nation Gain.

          The government’s high debt payments and bloated civil service have contributed to historically high budget deficits and low tax revenues remain a concern. Government debt of about 72% of GDP remains among the highest in emerging markets.
          The new government in 2015 drastically increased wages for public sector employees, which boosted demand for consumer goods but hurt the overall balance of payments and reduced foreign exchange reserves.

          Exports not sex- slaves to the middle east that is wanted.

          $11.28 billion (2015 est.)
          $11.13 billion (2014 est.)
          country comparison to the world: 85

          Exports – commodities:
          textiles and apparel, tea and spices; rubber manufactures; precious stones; coconut products, fish
          Exports – partners:
          US 26.1%, UK 9%, India 7.2%, Germany 4.3% (2015)

          $20.14 billion (2015 est.)
          $19.42 billion (2014 est.)
          country comparison to the world: 74
          Imports – commodities:
          petroleum, textiles, machinery and transportation equipment, building materials, mineral products, foodstuffs
          Imports – partners:
          India 24.6%, China 20.6%, UAE 7.1%, Singapore 5.9%, Japan 5.7% (2015)

          Reserves of foreign exchange and gold:
          $7.065 billion (31 December 2015 est.)
          $8.209 billion (31 December 2014 est.)
          country comparison to the world: 87

          Debt – external:
          $45 billion (31 December 2015 est.)
          $42 billion (31 December 2014 est.)
          country comparison to the world: 65

          What happened at Iraq is your emotion not your culture.
          What happened at Colombo July 83 is your culture of looting.-
          depota naya islam. same crusader in asia. F**8 off under the rock you come from.- from 48 you rule with sinhala buddhist lick their butt now you are playing double treble. Tamil speaking Islam is the godfather of suicide bombs.
          your sub-culture is different that you have no standard to accuse europeans.

          Obama Hussain who stole Libya is not being accused.

          Democrat : Lyndon B Johnson Johnson escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War.

          Democrat Hillary : No public official since LBJ has gone as far as Hillary Clinton to evade public disclosure of laws.

          The worlds public are crooked stupid gossip that they dislike republicans or tory which give them rights.
          the wretched socialist talk untruths like religious fanatics.

          Is islam a violent crusader religion??

          Somethings are going on everyday.

          Baghdad bombing death toll rises to 281 -during Ramadan.
          Path of Allah’
          The belief in Ramadan as a month of war comes from Islamic history itself.
          The Prophet Muhammad waged his first jihad, known as the Battle of Badr, during Ramadan in 624.
          Eight years later he also conquered Mecca during the month of Ramadan, thereby claiming the city which houses one of Islam’s most holy sites today: the Kaaba.
          For 30 days, Muslims abstain from drink and food during sunlight hours and believe that God is at his most forgiving during this time.
          Mosques are consequently fuller than usual, typically packed with worshippers seeking divine mercy and blessings.
          Juxtaposed alongside that ascetic puritanism is the view of radicals who regard Ramadan as a month of conquest and plunder.
          They believe it is an opportune moment to double down on their millenarian war against civilisation and therefore launch more attacks than normal.
          Indeed, al-Qaeda’s official chapter in Syria, the Nusra Front, recently described it as “a month of conquests.”
          As Ramadan approached, IS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani told supporters around the world; “Get prepared, be ready to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers… especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.”

          • 0


            All this statistics is irrelevant.

            What matters is that the government of SL paid for the entertainment of a liar and psychopath like Tony Blair and wife and to boot, invited him to praise the well respected late Lakshman Kadrigamar.
            It’s time we had an honest and impartial Foreign Minister and Prime Minister.
            Or is it that there is no cure for this SL disease?

    • 17

      The usual ramblings of a Nut Case, Yes the Muslim World’s entire woe’s are to do with the west and ohhh Zionist and now the UNP.. It has nothing to do with the Saudi Funded Proxy that export a Extreme racist Islamic ideology coupled with the domination of the Sunni Branch of Islam over the more moderate Shia Islam. From Africa, Middle East, South and east Asia we see Saudi, Qatar funded Proxy Sunnin Muslims killing Muslims who do not conform to their ideology. And what of the refugees of Syria? Why don’t they seek safety in Saudi Arabia??? In the words of the saudi foreign minister ‘ we don’t want them here.. they will change our population demography’ The problem with the so called Muslim world they will be quick to put the trigger of blame else where and will not take the majority of blame. That’s why the Sunni Muslims led by Saudi are beating the war drums against Iran a majority shia nation, and are truly unhappy of the west from lifting sanctions.

      This Ignorant racist idiot who writes the usual conspiracy theory rubbish ignores the basic fact’s

  • 5

    Latheef Farook

    RE:Tony Blair, Chilcot Report & The UNP Led Government

    “This week, a report by Sir John Chilcot, a reputed civil servant, appointed by Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 to report on the British role in invading Iraq, confirmed that deliberately misleading intelligence was used by Blair to join hands with US President George Bush to falsely justify and invade Iraq, an illegal war that had led to the rise of jihadi resistence in Europe.”

    We all know it was cooked up.

    This is the New Imperialism.

    However, it was made worse by the Wahhabis ans Salafis, who were originally agents of Britain Against the Ottoman Empire (The Great Game), and the later on as agents of USA.


    “The Great Game” (also referred to as the Tournament of Shadows (Russian: Турниры теней, Turniry Teney) is a term used to describe the political and diplomatic confrontation that existed during most of the 19th Century between the British Empire and the Russian Empire centered around Afghanistan and its surrounding regions. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, in which nations like the Emirate of Bukhara fell. A less intensive phase followed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, causing some trouble with Persia and Afghanistan until the mid 1920s.

    Sykes–Picot Agreement

    So, the Stupid Arabs trusted the British against the Ottomans, and got screwed.


    The Sykes–Picot Agreement /ˈsaɪks pi.ko/, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret agreement between the United Kingdom and France,[1] to which the Russian Empire assented. The agreement defined their mutually agreed spheres of influence and control in Southwestern Asia. The agreement was based on the premise that the Triple Entente would succeed in defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The negotiations leading to the treaty occurred between November 1915 and March 1916 and it was signed 16 May 1916.[3] The deal was exposed to the public in Izvestia and Pravda on 23 November 1917 and in the British Guardian on November 26, 1917.

    Now we have the British USA Israeli Agreement to ruin the “Stupid” Arabs.

    The Wahhabi Saudi Arabians want to maintain their hegemony. They will deal with the devil, as per Hadith of Najad, as they are supposed to be Devils as Well.

    Hadith of Najd


    • 6

      Copy & Paste Amare

      • 3


        “Copy & Paste Amare”

        The Ruth hurts! What is the Truth? Learn the truth! Don’r believe and devour everything the Ulema, Mullah, Imams, Priests, Monks, Politicians and others throw at you. Use your evolved or God given brain that has has common sense.

        1. We all know it was cooked up. Clarification here. It was all, WMD, cooked up by Bush, and Lapdog Blair went along with it.

        2. This is the New Imperialism.

        3. So, the Stupid Arabs trusted the British against the Ottomans, and got screwed.

        How did they become Stupid? Too much inbreeding, cousin marriages over generations, 50 generations, and the average IQ dropped 15 points, over 1,400 years, plus they got additional birth defects. Compare the IQ of Northern Mediterraneans (95) Vs. Southern Mediterraneans(81).

        The Arabs also embraced Revelation over Reason, Observation, Data and Common sense. It was downhill from then on.

        Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power


        4. Now we have the British USA Israeli Agreement to ruin the “Stupid” Arabs.

        5. The Wahhabi Saudi Arabians want to maintain their hegemony. They will deal with the devil, as per Hadith of Najad, as they are supposed to be Devils as Well. Hadith of Najd.

  • 17

    I hope this ignorant hate-monger emigrates to the Middle East where all is peace and Muslims live as brothers.

    • 5


      “I hope this ignorant hate-monger emigrates to the Middle East where all is peace and Muslims live as brothers.”

      Then the Para-Sinhala will go after the throats of theit cousins, Para-Tamils, in the Land of Native Veedah Aethho.

      All Paras, yea All Para, should leave the Land of Native Veddah Aethho!

    • 3


      “I hope this ignorant hate-monger emigrates to the Middle East where all is peace and Muslims live as brothers.”

      I hope the ignorant Tamils/Sinhalese too vacate this island, emigrate to their ancestral land India and live happily ever after.

      That day would be truly an independent day for this island.

  • 0

    Today even for very serious issues our direction is not clear.We cannot imagine what future results would be.

  • 7

    The Chilcott Report, though overdue, was finally published.

    We are still waiting for publication of the private report commissioned by the King of Saudi Arabia on the Bombing of the Twin Towers by 19 Saudi nationals to be made public so that we can see the many supporters of that operation.

    • 7

      Spring Koha

      “We are still waiting for publication of the private report commissioned by the King of Saudi Arabia on the Bombing of the Twin Towers by 19 Saudi nationals to be made public so that we can see the many supporters of that operation. “

      You are asking for trouble. Please avoid uncharted waters.

      You are wise old codger, hence never ever ask them to explain, the creation, funding, training arming of Jihadhi’s of Afghanistan in the early 1980s or since then up to the destabilization of Syria and Libya – all in a days work of western intelligence.

      Most importantly don’t ask them about how they funded and sustained Saddam until he chose to invade Kuwait. Lets not deal with the why USA, UK, Saudi … chose to contain “battle hardened” Iraqi armed forces. Don’t ever say it is because of Israeli security.

      Even as recently as February/March this year the Saudi foreign minister said his country was involved in “demonstration” of Syria, Yemen, Libya, …..

      • 5

        O Native Vedda, YOU have punctured my high flying balloon. I was surely travelling too high for my own good.

        Should I go into hiding? Will it be the white-van for me? I hope it is a whiter-than-white van with the regimental logo on the side.

        O Native Vedda If I go missing tell them that I went with my head held high and my nose dilated (as if smelling shit), all the time chanting “WE the PEOPLE WILL prevail, ultimately.

        Truth is that on a bright, warm sunny morning you just want to break free and tell it like it is. To hell with consequences. You only live once.

        • 2

          Spring Koha

          We understand your dilemma.

          “all the time chanting “WE the PEOPLE WILL prevail, ultimately.”

          Hope you are not reading too much of Namal’s tweet messages. My grandpa used to tell me

          “Vedda boy, listen, listen good, I will tell this only once, you live to fight another day, don’t pick up a fight that you can’t win, bide your time in order to disarm your enemy, If you are wise you would neither kill your imagined enemy nor would you allow yourself to be killed.”

          By the way, he told me this several times. It is another matter.

          I am still thinking about it. Did my grandpa make any sense? He thought he was right.

  • 13

    Will Latheef Farook also condemn the thousands of Muslims who have CHOSEN to live their lives working and supporting the economies of the west ie US and Canada, Britain, Europe, and in the Antipodes. Many of these muslims are professionals whose work enhances the quality of life for the infidel. Muslims activists should campaign for them to return to their native lands and work for the welfare and advancement of their brethren (and Islam). Follow the example of Mr Bashar Al-Assad and his nice wife Asma, both professionals who left London to make Syria a country fit for the 21st Century – presently work-in-progress.

    • 6

      There are 3 MILLION first generation and second generation MUSLIMS in the USA.(63% of those muslims are IMMIGRANTS). FACT. and every town and city and uni I worked in we had Mosques and Halal stores. Very nice and tolerant just like Saudi Arabia where there are Temples and Churches openly in every major city.

  • 11

    WE are truly the MIRACLE OF ASIA..(or should we say the Universe)

    Sri Lanka, blue-water paradise, a little bit of Heaven, chosen by the Noble One to give nourishment, succour and a home to the Noble Message.

    WE invite the once-most-powerful-man in the Universe to bring wife and family and spend a fine holiday (no expense spared!) in our Paradise. Then give US a rousing speech in praise of one of OUR sons. (Talk of singing for your supper).

    This is the same Tony Blair, leader of men, to whom the word Ahimsa was definitely a foreign word. More like ‘Ah Him Sir’ he is with the coalition.

    On the other hand, WE DENY the Dalai Lama, a man whose life is dedicated to spreading the Noble Message, the right to even step on our sacred soil.

    In fairness, WE might also DENY Abu Hamza al Masri, spreader of fragrant words, a visa should he wish to visit. OR, will we?

    Only time will reveal what further surprises await us.

  • 7

    O I say, Mr Farook….nice touch in this following para of yours…

    ….Despite the UNP government aligning with US led war mongers the country was not flooded with investment as expected. Instead the island’s economy is continued to be sustained by the almost million Sri Lankan employed and remitting around seven billion dollars from the Gulf state…….

    How so ironic. the ONCE-upon-time war mongers are now in opposition or on bail, and the NEW war mongers are siding with warrior friends in the west. YET the NEW war mongers are shielding the old war mongers from international tribunals BUT,BUT, BUT we want Blair and Bush persecuted (shorry, must be the early morning sherry..) prosecuted in an International War Crimes Tribunal. Fine Eastern logic this.

    F..F..Finally, who will run to invest in a country whose (arguably) best million players are busy playing away? Sorry Mr Farook, as long as the Middle East needs the servants and WE need the money there will be no ‘backlash’. They will still need our women (and men) to abuse. Old habits die hard.

  • 10

    The SL government itself is a war criminal. So, birds of a feather ( war criminals) flock together.

    Mr. Latheef, you feel sympathetic towards the Muslim in the Middle East. But you are blind to what happened to the Tamils in SL. These Tamils are also humane. So, stop supporting based on your creed. Place your humanity in front.

    You all are grown matured with the entrenched racism. So, how can you expect young Sri Lankans to be pluralistic or with no ethnic extremism?

  • 0

    “Nearly 300 British personnel who served in Iraq have been contacted by investigators looking into allegations of war crimes, with some of them facing interrogation on their doorsteps, officials have said.

    The Iraq historic allegations team (Ihat), the government-established criminal investigation into claims of murder, abuse and torture during the Iraq war, said it has written to veterans a week after it warned that some may face prosecution.”


    “According to a December Freedom of Information release, the government has already settled 323 cases, totaling some 19.6 million pounds. ” – https://theintercept.com/2016/07/08/international-criminal-court-investigates-human-rights-abuses-by-british-forces-in-iraq/

  • 9

    I don’t care what HM govt is doing to Teflon Tony, But I am worried about the Muslim fundamentalism raising it ugly head in Sri Lanka! The result is the creation of thaka thiru reactionary forces like BBS!

    Mr Latheef, Why do not you do some investigation and let us know is Sri Lanka in danger of Muslim fundamentalism? We do not want any more suicide blasters in SL!

    • 2

      So Srinath -what is your solution… if I may ask you … since you soudn to be knowing it better.. – when you look at the mentioned problem in the island nation? You live on a greener pasture.. but doing nothign … go on worshinng the man who let it to become mountation to this day… had his regime introduced family planning also to the muslim srilankens, things would have ended up not that way…. so, can you respond ? You guys being on UK soil behaves like Royals thinking that you too have blue blood – but what have you done sofar for the sake of the country.. go back to the country do it let alone today- man.. wake up.. just hang on the wrong side cant get us forward.

      • 3

        Use our intelligence services,
        Find out who is behind the money trails both Jihadi and BBS and cap that flow. I would not be surprised if we find few more hands that try to burn Sinhalese and Muslims together.

        Find out who had been to Jihadi wars and monitor them.
        Make it illegal to join these wars,
        Deprive their citizenship for those who joined.

        There are plenty of other tactics used by MI6,to curtail these kind of situations.
        I think Gotabhaya was looking into one side, may be he should have investigated the other side too.

        The biggest problem is rule of law is implemented case by case! (in MR time too!), When this problem is sorted out 1/2 of our problems are solved, next is economy!

    • 9

      ugly islam extremism is on the rise thanks to muslim racists like hilmy, farook…etc

      • 4

        Please go on barking.. but that will not bring anything.

        Ballahs cant move anything in the country in a good way.: BBs are your gods, go and lick theirballs.. there you will earn nothing but strenghten your stupdity further.

        • 7

          sama, i’m sure licking the balls of muslim extremists have given you immense pleasure

          • 2


            “sama, i’m sure licking the balls of muslim extremists have given you immense pleasure”

            I cannot dispute when you are talking from your own experience.

  • 7

    You try to make good points and then losing it with your racist and blame everyone else forum. Blair: he is a war criminal. So are Bush and Cheney but so was Saddam.

    Firstly,the long delayed Chilcot report is damning. Intelligence reports released by the inquiry confirm Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was created by the Iraq war. This view is also backed by Britain’s Tory Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Essentially Blair is a war criminal. His deputy PM Prescott now admits to it being illegal in the eyes of International Law.

    He led Britain into war with the US on false pretenses. In his new incarnation as a pious born again Catholic he tries to defend his actions. Yet the Chilcot report has been quite damning of this man who was once referred to as Bush’s lapdog. Previously classified reports from the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), reveal the story of the security services’ increasing concern that the war and occupation was fuelling ever more extremism in Iraq.

    The evidence repudiates repeated claims by Tony Blair that IS began in the Syrian civil war and not Iraq, positioning the brutal group’s rise clearly within Iraq’s borders. Which means like the US government Blair lied too.

    Tory Foreign Secy Phillip Hammond said the following “many of the problems we see in Iraq today stem from that disastrous decision to dismantle the Iraqi army and embark on a program of de-Baathification.”

    “That was the big mistake of post-conflict planning. If we had gone a different way afterwards we might have been able to see a different outcome.” (RT.com)

    The fact that a significant number of former Baathist officers formed the professional core of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and have given that organization the military capability it has shown in conducting its operations was also mentioned. Again, there is no surprise here is there except to those in denial and with their arrogant colonial and neo colonial heads in the sand.

    In other words, the same savage wahabi radical jihadi islamic groups consisting of fighters from across the world(including from India and Sri Lanka) is a direct result of the invasion and the post invasion bungling. The rape and beheadings, the boiling alive of people, skinning of people, raping and enslaving young girls and selling them as cattle are sold for sexual pleasure are all ISIS hallmarks. Suicide bombings and mass murder across the world are also their trademarks now. So how did ISIS come about?

    It is now quite clear and everything anyone ever warned would happened when Bush and Blair invaded Iraq have come true in the worst nightmarish horror movie like scenario as possible

    but here are some other points you must also pay attention to.
    Fact: Saddam waged war against Iran for 9 years and over a MILLION people(Arabs who happened to be Muslim and Persians who happen to be Muslims were killed during the cold war.? Where was your outrage? So again, if you blame the US(in fact they did encourage Saddam to start a war with Iran and gave him fire directional support, artillery support and supplied a lot of dual purpose technologies, jeeps and trucks etc) which suggests Saddam was an Arab fool to be played by the US? so if we get fooled and become puppets is it solely the fault of the puppet master or the puppet as well?

    Saddam was Sunni and Sunnis hate Shias.

    FACT. Right now Saudis are fighting a proxy war against Shias; they are mad at Obama for trying to normalize relations with highly civilized moderate PERSIAN Iran where women have more freedoms than in KSA.

    FACT: there are secret US bases inside Saudi Arabia sometimes as close as 50 miles from their holy sites. Is it Israel’s fault US’ fault that this closest ARAB ally of the US and reason to have US protection in a contentious area? Saudi Arabia did not want to lead the war against Iraq. I know this fact because some of my former students served in those places and they were under strict censorship orders not to take photos.Now Saudis are engaged in proxy wars in Syria and Iraq. Saudis buy BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF WEAPONS from the US. Is it the fault of the Jews? KSA is the world’s number one arms importer!! BILLIONS of dollars for arms. Their people and other people in Kuwait and Qatar support ISIS. Quite a quandary.

    FACT: Saddam murdered his own people and used and iron fist to oppress and kill anyone. FACT: NOT one Arab nation is a democracy. FACT: US is in bed with Saudi Arabia because of energy politics. More Arabs were killed inside Iraq under Saddam than by Israel. Bush nor Obama will ever criticize Saudi Arabia openly because of Oil.

    So this article of yours not a balanced article but hate speech.

    Some of us predicted exactly what will happen in Libya in 2011 and what is the status there? ISIS. FACT: You cannot keep blaming others for savagery of ISIS.

    You CAN and I DO too, blame US policies for creating the conditions for ISIS. FACT: Ronald Reagan referred to BinLaden and all other Arab Jihadis who flocked to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets during the cold war as “Freedom fighters”.. Al Qaeda became the danger to the Western world because they felt that Saudis were in bed with USA(well they are because of oil and other strategic reasons)

    I am at a loss while Tamil speaking Dravidian Fellow Sri Lankans who happen to be Muslim equate Islam which is a global faith with ARABS. You are NOT Arab or Malay. I am NOT Aryan. WE ALL HAVE DRAVIDIAN DNA, thick lips, flatter noses with thick ends. We are generally short and dark skinned. So I am not sure why you cannot focus on Sri Lankan muslim problems of poverty, radicalization, Wahabism and hate and above all child brides etc rather than going all Arabified on us.

    Can you keep blaming the US and Jews for the corrupt dictators and potentates? SL needs the oil rich Arab nations to find employment of its people. There is no doubt SL needs to foster its ties with the rich nations but it must also foster ties with Persian Iran: one of the greatest ancient civilizations of the world. Saudi Arabia did not even exist before WW I was over. Neither did Syria and other nations.

    Some of these problems go back to Colonial times. UK and France arbitrarily drew lines in the sand after WW I and created nations and spheres of influence. Except for amazing historic Egypt and Egyptian culture and Persia, lot of these nations did not exist.

    As for Palestine, sadly yes it is present condition is due to the West and creation of Israel under the Balfour Declaration by the British.

    But you keep shouting and shouting about this and that but are so bloody mute on the rapes, murder, burning alive, boiling alive, sex slaves as young as 12 being kidnapped by ISIS, Boko Haram etc indicating your silent support for these people and their savage ways. Why have you not condemned them.

    You want further history ? BinLaden went back to Saudi Arabia and wanted to fight Iraq when Iraq invaded Kuwait.(again it was ARAB Muslim IRAQ who invaded Kuwait in 1991). He was mad as hell at his Saudi pro US corrupt King, to the core degenerate House of Saud, for allowing in his mind, “infidels” to come corrupt the holy lands and do the fighting. He wanted Saudis to lead the fight. Chuckle chuckle we all know about Arabs and their fighting prowess. So what happened? He became mad and declared war on the West.

    Gosh Mister Lateef, I am really sad that you deliberately ignore FACTS on the ground and history.

    NOW SL should support Palestine and Israel to co-exist together; smart Egypt is only one of 2 Arab nations that accepted that and for the most part co-exist and TRADE successfully. The other is Jordan ; again a moderate pro western Kingdom.

    Yes the US again under Obama did a number by reneging on their promise to establish democracy by backing the Sisi coup after the first free election in Egypt led to a Muslim Brotherhood government; but you know the problem with that? they exceeded their mandate and BROKE their campaign promise to be a moderate more secular government and started establishing Sharia type suppressive laws. Young modern EDUCATED urban youth rebelled against it . So why blame Israel? So in one way you want to absolve Arabs and the uneducated sexually repressed youth in ISIS by blaming ISIS? there is no logic to that. That means you are saying millions of Arabs are fools to be controlled by Israel. Who is to blame for that?

    Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Aethists, Agnostics, Sikhs, Hindus, Zorastrians, animists, ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM FEAR And not be murdered for their beliefs or be raped and beheaded. Let it go let it go.

    I have a frightening feeling you do not believe in secular multi-religious democracy. You are so silent on the lack of personal freedoms and democracy in the oil rich Arab world. Why? Do you prefer Sharia law to secular laws? do women have a right to just wear a modest hijab as they do in Iran or you want to impose the burqa? Do you accept secular laws?

    Stop hating people so much for being different; BBS demented thugs are not Buddhists even though they wear robes. ISIS are NOT muslims even though they cite the Quaran and Hadith.

    • 2

      Mano Ratwatte RE: Wahhabis, Salafis and Their Clones.(Latheef Farook ?)

      “I have a frightening feeling you do not believe in secular multi-religious democracy. You are so silent on the lack of personal freedoms and democracy in the oil rich Arab world. Why? Do you prefer Sharia law to secular laws? do women have a right to just wear a modest hijab as they do in Iran or you want to impose the burqa? Do you accept secular laws?”

      Thank you for the succinct write up. Somebody like Martin Luther, an Islamic Martin Luther, is needed to expose these Devil, Satan, Iblis following Wahhabis, Salafis and Clones.

      The 99 Theses on the Devil, Satan, Iblis following Wahhabis, Salafis and Clones.

      1. Hadith of Najad.

      2. Ibn Taymiah

      3. Abdul Wahhab

      4. Saudi Arabian Clerics, and the Wahhabi-Saudi Ideology.

      5. The followers of the Devil, Satan, Iblis. That is why they want to kill.

      6. Add yours to the list, 94 more to go.

  • 5

    In Yemen, bulk of the civilian casualties were caused by Saudi Arabia. UN was silent because KSA threatened to withdraw funding for UNHRC. Ban Ki Moon admitted to it. Money speaks. Same for US etc. That is why there is always selective morality in play.

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has admitted that his decision to remove the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen from the organization’s blacklist came after threats from a number of countries. Human rights groups are urging him to backtrack on the decision.
    Ban said on Thursday that temporarily removing the coalition from the blacklist was “one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make,” and that it raised “the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously.”

    “Children already at risk in Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and so many other places would fall further into despair,” he told reporters.

    The UN secretary-general added that “it is unacceptable for member states to exert undue pressure…scrutiny is a natural and necessary part of the work of the United Nations.”

    There too there is a tri-cornered complex proxy war going on. Do not let Sri Lankan Muslims of Tamil origin become pawns in a war between Sunnis and Shias. Please focus on stopping the spread of Wahabi hate looking for easy recruits to isolate and separate themselves from other people of other faiths and joining terrorists.

    • 2

      Mano Ratwatte

      //”In Yemen, bulk of the civilian casualties were caused by Saudi Arabia.’??

      In Yemen, bulk of the civilian casualties were caused by the Wahhabi Salafi following Saudi Arabia, that follows the Devil, Satan.

      Wahhanism and Salsfism, the Followers of the Devil Satan, Iblis.

      This is what one Muslim Said about a Wahhabi:


      //”Sheikh Qadhi, when I go to pay respect to a shrine of a Holy man or a Saint or Imam that does not mean I Am WORSHIPPING that individual, it is just paying respect to those who loved Allah soooo much, we love Allah and those who loved Allah and lived a pure life and we can learn a few things from their life. Stupid and backward Wahabbies call everyone Kafir as if they’re the police for Islam, the judge and jury to stone or shoot women in the head. Wahabbies don’t follow Quran, they don’t have the intelligence to interpret Quran. Not everyone can read and understand Quran so of course one has to follow Ullama and Mujtahideen. Salafis are sick and still in the dark.”//

      They are truly the curse of Mankind. Satan, Devil has really got the Wahhabi Salafis fooled.

  • 2

    Chilcot report does not say Tony Blair was a War criminal. The report said the war is illegal because Blair took the decision based on False Intelligence / Blair misguided! The writer says millions were dead by the war! But most of them were killed by Muslims themselves rather than attacks by USA / UK.

    It appears according to the writer that Srilanklan Government should consult with Muslim Community before inviting any current / ex leaders of other countries.

    We should not be wasting time on these matters and we should really concentrate on some Fundamentalist Ideas spreading in Sri Lanka.

    Look what is happening in Bangaladesh. Until 1200, Bengal was a predominantly hindu region until Muslims invaded the area. And today people of Bengal divided into two areas – Bangaladesh and West Bengal. The country divided based on Religious Grounds. The people are same race and share common Language – Bengali. We should avoid same thing happening in Sri Lanka.

  • 5

    Hello Latheef;

    You have stated;
    “However dismissing Muslim sentiments the UNP led coalition aligned itself, virtually unconditionally with the United States led British, French and Israeli neo con war mongers who have unleashed, world-wide a barbaric war against Islam and Muslims, destroyed several Muslim countries, killed millions of Muslims, forcing out millions of them into refugee camps and to cross the mighty oceans facing death for hundreds of them in deep waters and the rest finally ending up in European streets as beggars.”

    First of all who are you tell us the majority Sinhala people how to run our foreign affairs. I agree 100% with you if Sri Lanka is a Muslim country, like Bangladesh , Malaysia or Indonesia. You are living in a Sinhala-Buddhist country and belong to Tamil speaking minority, your Muslim community is a minority within the Tamil Speaking community. Therefore you are not significant at all in our foreign policy making.

    Furthermore you have stated “The entire Muslim community voted for UNP to free themselves from the post-war persecution of Muslims by the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.” Do you think we were born in 2015, you are so naïve to take us for a ride. Your community and your chauvinist political leaders were part of Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. You have been eating from both parties whenever they are in power. Your entire community is a “Two headed Monster”. We the Sinhala-Buddhist have to be careful when dealing with a “Two Headed Monster”. Not only Sinhala Majority , our Tamil Speaking Hindu and Christian brothers have to be very vigilant about your activities.

  • 6

    Mr. Latif Farook,
    What kind of foreign policy from HELL can anyone expect from someone like of MangalaS who is a pansy Batik fashion designer and an infamous butt kisser and driller. The heinous criminality of human slaughter by declaring war on a nation like Iraq that was more an ally than an aggressor or sponsor of global terrorism is what the entire Chilot report omit. This report is a joke and is watered down version than the original by Lord Chilcot himself. And it was this reason for the delay in releasing this report that pats the back of war criminals like Gordon Brown that are equally responsible for entertaining and continuing the war than ending it. Hence, the Chilcot report is a disgusting mockery as it down plays the gory and beastly nature of Western genocidal maniacs like Blair, Dubya-Bush, Cheny, Condoleza Rice and neo-CONS for crimes against humanity. If this report serves any justice for the millions of innocent people killed, missing, injured, imprisoned, displaced or left destitute, these world leader would be either skinned alive, meat stewed, on put on stake like shish kebbabs and roasted before the International Criminal Court(ICC). One of the flagrant errors of the Chilcot report also highlights that “Blair mislead” both British and US intelligence. It is not that they mislead but DEFIED and defiled the reports from British, USA and UN weapons inspection teams which Hans Blix and nuclear research experts like Dr David Kelly belonged to. The latter was strangled and murdered under a mysterious circumstances of events that has pointed fingers at Blair for Dr Kelly’s murder. Both MI6 and CIA reports to the Foreign Intelligence committee to the respective government’s and home office. The reports declared that there was no evidence for war and warned doing so would cause political anarchy by not having an Iraqi opposition to transfer power and that dissolving an Iraqi military, intelligence and Republican Guard would create a security vacuum to contain threats emanating from neighboring Iran and Shia militias. Also the intelligence warned of sectarian violence that would lead to an insurgency and “civil unrest or war” that ground combat troops would not be able to control as this would be a different kind of war with possible political meddling from neighboring Iran, Bhat party across national borders. The reports also predicted correctly that sectarian violence would spread to neighboring Syria, Turkey and even re-ignite violence in Jordan and Lebanon. All this intelligence evidence was callously disregarded. One can now find these original intelligence reports in the public domain. An early copy that was leaked was being reviewed by previous UK MP George Galloway on youtube that claims to this day that Tony Blair should not only be prosecuted but persecuted for genocide. MP Galloway indirectly called for the execution of Blair that got Galloway into alot of hot water. But Mr George Galloway and many other brave politicians who saw the writings on the wall were correct in their assessment that war would only embolden their enemies to destabilize their own economies. Those interested can catch Galloway’s speeches on Youtube and in program named “Sputnik with George Galloway”.

  • 6

    What a racist dingo!
    When Ranil gets blessings of the US & the West to get rid of Mara regime, they are the angels. When Blair was here during elections, you guys were on knees licking his boots.

    Do not try to tell us stories; go and protest against British Embassy? and If you so hate them, why don’t you stop using their language.

  • 5

    Hey Latheef…

    You have dumped a lot of crap that happened to Iraqis etc..

    “Green MP Caroline Lucas said she believes Blair is a “war criminal”, adding: “It [the Chilcot report] confirms what we know, that Tony Blair lied when he took this country to war on a false prospectus.

    Blair and Bush rained death on innocent Iraqi civilians. They destroyed the infrastructure depriving essential services such as without water, electricity, food… bla, bla,bla….”

    What do you think we are United Nations, complain to a wider audience and vilify our foreign policy. Where did you see that our foreign policy must be determined based on the requirements of Muslim Community a Two headed Monster” in Sri Lanka. Our foreign policy must be fashioned according to the needs of the majority not based on “fourth placed” minority. Your arguments are valid in Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country. Even Saudi Arabia and entire Arab Muslims except a few Muslim countries supported USA lead the war against Saddam Hussein. Saudis would have kicked you out within seconds as a hate monger if this was written in that country. We don’t give a damn about your wars with the west, We have to worry about protecting our selves Sinhala-Buddhist community from Muslim Fascists and Racists elements.

    Colombo Telegraph must be commended for publishing your anti-western rhetoric. CT has adhered to freedom of expression principle. However, Saudi Arabian media or any other Arabic media outlet would not have cared or dared to publish your pile of “C..P” or complains. You also have said Muslims have “ended up as beggars” in the streets of Europe.

    What are you talking about? Did European invite them to beg in Europe, these Muslims ended-up in those countries looking for greener pastures? Nobody force them to go there. Instead of being thankful you are spitting on their face.

    You are a SPIN DOCTOR of first grade, the guys ended-up as refugees or beggars in Europe are mostly the supporters of uprisings against Assad of Syria, Kaddafi of Libya and Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia (starting with Jasmine Revolution). All these uprising campaigns were fully endorsed and supported by the USA and Western European governments. Muslims like you (Latheef) speak against the Western Governments when it suits their hidden agendas and another group (a majority ) speaks out in support of the Western Governments. You will not be allowed to fabricate any longer, especially in Sri Lanka. “Two Headed Monsters” better think twice before attacking our national policies designed to protect our SINHALA-BUDDHIST country Sri Lanka.

    You are a minority and learn to live within reality, what would be the reaction of German, French, Italian or Swiss people if those Muslim beggars and refugees roaming the streets start a campaign to alter the FOREIGN POLICIES of those countries. They will be kicked-out as a national threat. We the Sinhala Buddhists should have kicked the extremists like you very long ago. Now we are paying the price. YOU HAVE BECOME A NATIONAL THREAT and a LIABILITY. You have bitten the hands that fed you. It is natural for “Two Headed Monsters”.

  • 2

    Mano Ratwatte,

    “I am NOT Aryan. WE ALL HAVE DRAVIDIAN DNA, thick lips, flatter noses with thick ends. We are generally short and dark skinned.”

    Just being curious. This means that the Kandian Radalas including Mrs. B are not arya Sinhala but from the same set as last Sri Lankan king Sri Wickrema, a south Indian dravidian?.

    • 2

      Hi Alloy there is nothing known as Radalayas in Sri Lanka. However, Mano may know more than you and I about his origin. May be there is Dravidian blood in him. Anyway Let’s not also get carried away calling every Sinhala person has Dravidian blood. Mano may be trying to legitimize the case of Non-Sinhala Bandaranaikes. However my dear fellows do not mix up Dravidians with Sinhala – Buddhists.

      Lesson 101 on about “Sinhala”

      Sinhala is a distinctively different race from that of Dravidians from southern part of INDIA.

      Sinhala is a HYBRID race it is a fusion between SINHA from Vanga Kingdom of North Eastern, India and HELA, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Princess KUWENI can be identified as one of the representatives of HELA People.
      Prince Vijaya was the leader of SINHA Clan. The day Prince Vijaya defeated HELA armed forces with the help of KUWENI, He declared that all the people living in his kingdom will be known as SINHA + HELA hence the race known as SINHALA was introduced for the first time of our history. Furthermore, he introduced the LION flag which was brought from VANGA Kingdom as the national flag of Sri Lanka.
      Subsequently, the LION flag was modified to represent other ethnic groups that came to the SINHAL A country Sri Lanka looking for greener pastures.


      There is no known Dravidian involvement in this noble task of defining “SINHALA” and establishment of their country LANKA. But remember SINHA are Kshatriyas. HELA are most probably descendants of RAVANA clan a highly advanced race ever lived on earth. Both were worrier clans. I hope Mano will not be mad with me for saying this; Ratwattes may have come from the HELA clan if he disagrees, they may also have arrived from Kerala just like Bandaranaikes. But I doubt that Ratwattes came from Kerala. The Likelihood is very high that they belong to the HELA clan. However, every reader must understand there is no ethnic group or a caste known as Radhala. Radhala term was used to identify the ones who carried out or performed Royal court duties. (King’s administrative work) They were well rewarded by the king and none of the Radhala person possesses any Royal blood. However it is well documented their treacherous activities that undermined the king’s authority, especially after the arrival of Portuguese in 1505.

      Dirty extremist shady individuals like MP Gammanpila have tried to interpret SINHALA as SINHA (LE); Blood of SINHA. It is Humbug we all have to ignore the dirty rats trying to ignite racial violence in Sri Lanka due to their ignorance and hunger for pwer.

      So once again, don’t kid yourself saying we all are Dravidians.

      In order to explain about our last King SRI WICKRAMA RAJASINGHE, I have to teach you many lessons, I leave it for another day. The main point is; we must learn to celebrate our differences rather than trying to insult the other party. For a lesson on ARYAN; it is another day too. So loosen-up you all are enjoying the hospitality of Sinhala-Buddhist country and we don’t care whether you have Dravidian blood or any other blood, we don’t care about your color your native language thickness of your lip and size of your posterior. That is the noble Buddhist way taught to us by our forefathers. Nevertheless, the roots of a person must not be belittled and racial slur must not be thrown at each other. If you do so, it will strengthen the rank and file of the extremists in our country.

      • 1

        Sinhala Banda

        Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “Sinhala is a HYBRID race it is a fusion between SINHA from Vanga Kingdom of North Eastern, India and HELA, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka.”

        In fact according to Maha historians of this land it was a Lion (beast) which copulated with a beauty (a women) from Venga that produced this hybrid people, in other word it was a the work of highly developed geneticist who performed this miracle about 2500 years ago.

        By the way, how would you account for the 75% gene shared by the stupid Sinhalese, stupid Sri Lankan Tamils and the stupid Madarasies?

        Please just accept the fact that all of you are descendants of Kallthonies.

  • 2

    Mr. Latheef Farook, I am no fan of Tony Blair but you cannot blame the UNP government for inviting him. He was indeed the Middle-east Peace Envoy appointed by the UN at the time. How were they supposed to know he would be discredited down the line. On the matter of the religious wars, it was Tony Blair (and Bill Clinton) who went into Kosovo to save the Muslims being massacred by the Serbs. I believe the Iraqi invasion was purely on economic grounds and nothing to do with religion. But, the Muslim war mongers in the region had turned it, successfully, into a religious war and recruited the vulnerable from all over the Muslim world and went on a rampage of killing innocent people. So much so that Islam had become synonymous with terrorism. We should applaud the West for producing a report. though unfavourable. Where is our own report after a 26-year conflict and many accusations of war crimes?

    • 3

      Well said Sylvia Haik. Let me also emphasis that; due to the lack of European action, it was BILL CLINTON and BLAIR who got together and bombed Serbian Orthodox Christian Serbs and SAVED BOSNIA the only muslim majority country(about 52% in Europe besides Albania which only is about 59% muslim.

      You just lie or you have no bloody clue about facts.
      Do you want to blame the US for the gory carnage unleashed during Ramadan by ISIS too? Turkey, Bangladesh, and Iraq? and even in the Holy nation of KSA? Why do you Sunnis hate Shias so much?

      • 3

        Mano Ratwatte

        “Do you want to blame the US for the gory carnage unleashed during Ramadan by ISIS too? Turkey, Bangladesh, and Iraq? and even in the Holy nation of KSA? Why do you Sunnis hate Shias so much?”

        Could you state the facts/truth chronologically rather at the random timeline?

        For convenient sake could you start at the events leading up to the creation of Israel?

        Creation of Iranian Pahlavi House and the coup that toppled democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh. The CIA and MI6 closely worked together.

        Kindom of Jordan and Saudi etc were the creation of British.

        Countless coups and counter-coups in Africa and South America, the handy work of CIA and its allies.

        Vietnam, Cambodia, … etc.

        Creation of Pakistan the handy work of MI6, the country continues to bleed.

        Are you saying that USA/UK intervention all over the world should be considered as benevolent, and a white man’s burden?

        It was US interest in Sri Lanka that created as a fighting force out of boys, thanks to Hindians until then a few boys wearing Bata slippers around Jaffna Peninsula with just one or two first world war revolvers, picked their target from unarmed civilians.

        There are thousands of US/UK interventions that were not peaceful and the people still continues suffer from consequences. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Agent Orange, ….

        Why didn’t the benevolent leaders of the west intervene to stop the war in Sri Lanka?

        Why didn’t the leaders of the west stop Pakistani atrocities in East Bengal? By the way, Sri Mao couldn’t resist her temptation to support the Pakistani war criminals, who used transit facilities on this island.

        • 0

          Native Vedda, You’ve asked “Are you saying that USA/UK intervention all over the world should be considered as benevolent, and a white man’s burden?” Certainly not. They’ve brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war and in the far east, they’ve devastated agricultural land for thousands of years in the pursuit of bogus wars and more. But,in the imperfect world as it is, they are the only ones we have to police the world. E.g. in Myanmar, the Muslim Rohingyas are systematically starved and ethnically cleansed, how many Muslim nations have come to their aid? The Muslim refugees created by ISIS, Taliban and others, do they flee to the rich Muslim states? No. They flee to Christian Europe. I still remember, many years ago, when holidaying in a remote village in England, I went into a quaint old church. This was a time when a bomb had gone off in Colombo and 50 people were dead. I was deeply touched, this small congregation took time to pray for the innocent people who had died in Colombo. They did not know where I was from but they were pleased their prayers were appreciated. The Muslims have a lot to learn.

          • 1

            Sylvia Haik

            “But,in the imperfect world as it is, they are the only ones we have to police the world.”

            Come on, have they ever pursued a policy of anything other than “Our interest in your country” as if the people of such countries do not have their interest in their country.

            If you go back to all colonial wars in the world in the last 500 years, from Australia to Americas, what was the common theme do you see among the imperialists?

            The tools commonly used were “Control and exploit” in colonies for the benefit of the few in the metropolis.

            Though the world has moved on since 1945, the idea of control and exploit hasn’t changed at all, in fact it has become more and more dangerous.

            For example the Iraq war was sold to the world as if it was a liberation of Iraqi people from a despotic regime. You will do well to remember the west at the time was going through a period of recession, and they needed extra Demand from outside their countries to stimulate their respective countries.

            After the war under USA “Leadership” the productive resources were taken over by the coalition of the willing. Subsequently post war contracts were shared among the allies. British provided 3% of the resources to fight the war however they received almost 12% of business.

            Please don’t tell us that the west always had the interest of the local people in their heart.

            Opium war was a good example.

  • 1

    The religion of Islam or Muslim that politics has conflict of interest of capitalist democracy!
    Capitalism has thought us that religion has free for line of politics and State also free from religion teaching.

    That is western democracy values are different stocks but US said “God Save America”!

    What I want know is that Islam or Muslims believed capitalism? Or any other system of New Order of World ?

    What is that ?
    Are they Islam an opposed US led Capitalism?
    Kuran is supposed to be the teaching of Prophet Mohammed.

    That teaching has noting do with Modern politics of Capitalism and Imperialism.
    There is unanswered number of question remain in world by believers of Islam’s ? We want and need more deliberation and consensus with Islam school of thoughts ?

  • 2

    I have to revisit this hysteria. First, he displays a total ignorance of foreign policy and foreign relations. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait(invaded by ARAB MUSLIM SADDAM and rescued by A COALITION LED BY CHRISTIAN USA), UAE, OMAN, etc are all PRO US Middle Eastern Oil potentates. Will Mr. Lateef with his utter racist hateful speech tell Bahrain to REJECT THE US 5th fleet? Bahrain cracked down on Shia majority pro democracy rallies with Saudi Military intervention tacitly supported by the USA

    15 of the 19 9/11 Muslim Arab terrorist hijackers were Saudis. US secretly airlifted family members of the very very rich BinLaden family out of the US at a time even we could not fly.

    US is KSA’s main western allies; OIL and Strategic policies are the reason for this relationship since KSA was founded. There are secret US bases in KSA. Will Lateef scold the House of Saud(family whose name gave rise to the name of the nation: only nation on earth) for having relations with the terrible west and jews?

    As for refugees, it is a sad outcome of MUSLIM ISIS taking over Iraq and the terrible civil war in Syria. In Sri Lanka due to the Civil war and the state sponsored ethnic violence that targeted innocent Tamils, Tamil Sri lankans fled to India to suffer in refugee camps. In India a lot of Sikhs fled to Canada after the Hindu pogrom against them in 1984 but it was a far bigger political problem for Tamil Nadu when tamil Sri Lankans had to flee. So in Syria and Iraq because of ISIS, Shia Assad’s cruelty etc people are fleeing towards WESTERN CHRISTIAN LIBERAL SECULAR NATIONS mostly. Yes some fled to Jordan and Jordan is a PRO US moderate Kingdom. Some fled to Iran but most in search of safety and a better life because of the welfare system in Europe chose actively to flee to Europe because they value personal freedom and did not cross to Saudi Arabia or Qatar(the two main sources of ISIS funding). It is sad state but now these N.African and Arab youth are causing social problems in Europe and there is a backlash.

    Complex issues. I doubt if Saudi Arabia or Qatar gives a shit Blair came to SL. BLAIR WAS VERY CLOSE TO KSA TOO. KSA NEVER openly opposed the second gulf war because they wanted to use USA as their pimp and surrogate to remove Saddam as well. But they did not join the US coalition unlike in 1991 when Qatari troops entered Kuwait City first as a symbol of their liberation. Saddam LOOTED AND STOLE everything from Kuwait. STOLE gold, Stole artifacts and Saddam’s Arab muslim soldiers wreaked havoc. They were defeated; actually routed and humiliated.

    All those Arab nations you claim will be mad at SL BUY ALL THEIR WEAPONS from US and UK. US AND UK Are very close to KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain(US 5th fleet anchors there and US and KSA are their sugar daddies when they oppress Shia majority and brutally crack down on pro democracy protests: Yes it is unpalatable for a rabid radical islamist like you to admit it but Arabs have killed more Arabs since the chaos Bush and Cheney and Blair created in Iraq too).

    Facts are stubborn thing mate. Refugees and migrants moving to secular liberal predominantly Christian nations have no damned right to force their wWahabi sharia views on these societies. They have to ADAPT and accept western notions of equality for women etc rather than going wholesale to rape then and molest them as happened in Germany.

    Why don’t you demand and protest in front of the Saudi Embassy and tell them to stop diplomatic ties with USA? See if you can ever get a visa to travel there afterwards. Here in every Uni and town I worked and lived in, we have beautiful mosques and halal stores. Are there any Hindu temples or Buddhist temples or Churches in the open in KSA?Damn America so repressive they allow open worship or lack of worship of any and all gods. Those terrible Westerners. Even better organize a Hartal and demand Kuwait, KSA, Qatar and Bahrain all chase out US companies and military. Let Sri Lanka where Muslims are minority be.

  • 1

    Here are some of the things ARAB MUSLIM IRAQIs under Saddam STOLE from Kuwait
    They stole and destroyed Kuwaiti identity. Now if you feel strongly that because Kuwait was artifically created by the UK and France and it belongs to Iraq, you should write to Kuwaiti King and the Al Sabah family and strongly urge them to merge with fellow Sunni parts of Iraq.(about 70% Sunni and about 30% Shia) Iraq by the way is majority Shia (65% or so) but Sunnis ruled it because that is what British did; they always pampered minorities as they did in SL too.


    Missing Qur’anic emerald

    An 18th-century emerald centrepiece from the Indian Mughal or Deccan eras, the 73.2 carat stone is diamond-engraved with the Throne Verse from chapter 2, verse 255 of the Qur’an.

    Mughal dagger

    With a blade of Jawhar steel, the late 16th-century Indian dagger is overlaid with gold and set with rubies, turquoise and emeralds.

    A huge emerald

    A priceless 234-carat emerald that is the size of a paperweight was one of the biggest prizes for Saddam’s looters.

    Jewelled dish

    A plate from the Indian Mughal period in the first quarter of the 17th century and is set with rubies and emeralds. It appeared with the dagger above in Sotheby’s London catalogue in 1996 and was returned to the Dar-al-Athar museum collection.

    SADDAM’s ARAB MUSLIM ARMY STOLE priceless treasures and they’re ago still missing: a dazzling 234-carat emerald the size of a paperweight; a slightly smaller gem inscribed with exquisite Arabic calligraphy; Mughal-era ruby beads.

    “The Iraqis still don’t understand the damage they did to us, not just financially, but for our souls,” says the daughter-in-law of Kuwait’s emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who maintains the dynasty’s heirlooms. “It was emotionally wrenching and still is.”

    Though many of the priceless treasures have been returned to the collection in the bitter decades since, up to 57 remain missing – perhaps lost for ever. At the National Museum across town, they report that the whereabouts of another 487 treasures remain unknown.

    Many of the pieces, Kuwaitis believe, now form the core of private collections in post-Saddam Iraq and around the Arab world.

    To the victims of the 1990 invasion they remain the central reason of a failure to close the unfinished business of the first Gulf war – just as the second one is beginning to wind down. THANK YOU USA and Christian West and the Coalition of Arab forces that chased out Arab Muslim Saddam.

    In the seven years since Saddam was ousted, Iraq has been obliged to settle United Nations-prescribed debts of $43bn (£29bn), and compensations to private families totalling several hundred million dollars more, before being welcomed as a fully-fledged member of the so-called community of nations.

    It is a burden that has proven difficult to bear for a brittle state still ravaged by war and chaos and deeply resentful of the fact that Kuwait was not invaded in the name of the current regime in Iraq.

    To Iraq’s wealthy southern neighbour though, neither 20 years nor the time after Saddam has diminished the desire to reclaim what was lost.

    With a higher per capita income than most other Gulf petro-states, Kuwaitis remain sensitive to the claim that their residual hostility is all about getting even richer. “This is about principle,” says Sheikha Hussa. “It remains a huge dilemma for us. The people here have a say in everything we do and the parliament does also. This is part of Kuwait’s rights and we will continue to press them.”


    At the National Museum, which was ravaged by marauders who seemed to know what they were looking for as they packed items into cushioned crates before driving them to Baghdad,a plethora of irreplaceable pieces remain missing. The lost artefacts mainly date from the Moghul dynasty and include around 20 gold bracelets, necklaces and ankle rings, pottery, arrow heads and Korans.

    Staff handed over a list of loot and mentioned a theory often discussed in Kuwait that much of what was stolen remains in a warehouse north of Baghdad, where it is being used as leverage in any eventual settlement between the two countries.

    Three months of inquiries by the Guardian with officials in Iraq’s government, military and police seem to rule out that there is such a central repository of loot in Iraq.

    “Anything that was stolen was taken to Saddam’s palaces and the offices of his high officials,” said one Kuwaiti MP. “There were antique cars stolen by Uday [Hussein, Saddam’s psychopath son] that were sold in Europe at auction, paintings and heirlooms. But after the American invasion it was a free-for-all. Everything was stolen again then and there was no control over who took it, or where it went.”

    Between the first and second Gulf wars, there were attempts by Saddam’s regime to put things right, with Kuwaiti officials under UN supervision being invited to the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad to reclaim some stolen Kuwaiti pieces that had been on display there.


    The private art world also turned up the occasional treasure. In 1996, a jewel-encrusted Moghul dagger, which had been on the cover of a Sotheby’s catalogue, was taken off the market and returned to the Dar-al-Athar collection. Financial compensation has been paid, according to Sheikha Hussa. Butthe far more important repatriation of priceless pieces has been rare.

    Two years ago, parts of a giant archive of Kuwait’s history, known as the Prince’s Archive, were returned from Baghdad after being kept in the home of a civil servant who had little idea of the value of his souvenirs. Recently, a well-known Iraqi actor and her husband made contact with an Iraqi now living in Kuwait in an attempt to sell another part of the collection.

    Iraq hopes that a steady repayment of the billions owed – $23bn has been handed over so far – will boost its credentials. It also appears to be hoping that a steady repayment of the debt will stop Kuwait from pressing claims through international courts for the seizure of Iraqi assets.

    Twice in recent months the state-owned Kuwait Airways has moved to seize an Iraqi Airways plane that had landed in London as part of a new passenger route from Baghdad. That action has led Iraq to suspend the route only weeks after it was opened. Baghdad also says it is now looking at ways to privatise the airline.

    Iraq’s monthly repayments are pegged by the United Nations at 5% of its oil revenue. “Last month they paid $520m as part of the United Nations Compensation Commission obligations,” said the chairman of a Kuwaiti public authority established to process compensation claims from Iraq’s invasion. “They have been co-operating with us in meetings lately. But it takes time, it will need another generation to forget. There are also the remains of fallen soldiers and POWs yet to be returned.”

    In Baghdad, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Ayad al-Sammaraie, said things were now moving quicker than at any other time since 1990. He said: “Both countries are willing to sort things. But there is a remaining bitterness. Resolving this is complicated and needs a realistic perspective. Our fishermen are worried at repeated interceptions by the Kuwaitis in the Gulf.

    “Our farmers in the south are worried about border claims. And we are concerned about having good relations again.”

    Asked about the ancient treasures that in some ways hold the key to goodwill, he said: “There was no [sovereign] Iraq from 2003 for three years and we had no ability to look for them. But really, Iraq is sincere and willing to return them.”

    • 1

      “” they always pampered minorities as they did in SL too. “”

      There is no socialist dielectric logic in the american or english way of doing things so they rule while mules bray.
      US/UK are confident of what they do so they interfere and rule.
      Minority Jews rule US/UK because they are what it takes to rule.

      Where are emeralds found? The word loot comes to the cambridge dictionary from islamic crusades. We had one at Colombo lead by Sinhalese in july 83.

      Mogul Mughal Emerald:Originally mined in Colombia, it was sold in India, where emeralds were much desired by the rulers of the Mughal Empire. The Mogul Mughal is unique among Mughal emeralds[2] in bearing a date – 1107 A.H. (1695-1696 AD) – which is within the reign of Aurangzeb, the sixth emperor. However, the Mughal rulers were Sunni, whereas the inscription is Shi’a, making it likely that it belonged not to Aurangzeb, but to one of his courtiers or officers.[2]
      It was sold on 27 September 2001 by Christie’s for £1,543,750, including buyer’s premium.[1] As of 17 December 2008, it was in the possession of the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar.[2]
      The 180,000-carat Bahia Brazil Emerald has been the subject of a contentious court battle between a colorful crowd of gem traders, miners and a real estate tycoon all vying for the prized jewel. (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department)

      The US does not sell F16’s to rich Saudi or India. USA sells F15’s and Saudi has hundreds of it.
      But it gives military aid F16 to Turkey and Pakistan and assisted Pakistan its creation, to have a nuclear bomb. US and UK largest export item Arm and ammunition and the largest buyer of arms in the world India.
      There are no friends but money to make and America to get back Russia and China that ran away with WW2 American funding.
      Trump would clear both Syria and Iraq out of the map and have just oil wells run by expat Americans.
      Lanka is to soon have rendition centres as at Thailand for Bangladeshi and Pakistani terrorist therefore the forces are being trained by USA. You are in the plot either way with 80% GDP as foreign debt and imports double that of exports.

  • 2

    The question is whether you will be laughed out of town if you go to the Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari embassies and demand they break ties and stop buying weapons and doing trade or sell oil to pro Jewish USA and UK. Try that and see first.

    SL is a poor nation and it depends on middle east labour remittances that form 47% of their foreign currency earnings. So that is true. SL cannot afford to ride a high horse and ignore ethnic tensions and attacks like the Aluthgama attack. But it also cannot ignore or pretend the provocations by increasingly militant Salafist Wahabi Saudi brainwashed radicals who provoke and burn flags etc. ISIS is not Muslim and BBS is not Buddhist either. But if you launch a hartal in front of any of those Embassies or demand that Bahrain kick out the US 5th fleet you are likely to be laughed out. Almost all the so called Moderate Arab kingdoms have deep ties with USA and UK. They depend on these 2 nations to protect them. US buys their peace so they will not attack Israel. Egypt is the SECOND LARGEST recipient of US foreign aid and US weapons after ISRAEL. Why is that?

  • 5

    If not for the Chilcot Report, Latheef Farook would not have said what he says in the article. The content as usual is not based on principles but is political.

    Latheef is peeved that Tony Blair (according to Latheef “the war criminal”) delivered the Lakshman Kadirgamar Memorial lecture on 24 August 2015. But at that time none of the Lankan Muslim MPs (most of them cabinet ministers) raised a finger!

    Latheef says that in 2005, some Muslim MPs tried to condemn the US led invasion of Iraq but Ranil (then PM) told them to leave the government. Why the hell did they not? An instance showing the duplicitous nature of Muslim MPs. All along Muslim MPs have honed the practice of keeping out of contentious issue. Will there ever be a Muslim Wigneswaran?

    Latheef quite rightly points out the misery inflicted on the people of Iraq, Libya, and other Muslims. He is probably unaware of the plight of Rohingya Muslims or Uighurs. He goes on and on about war crimes in Iraq but what about war crimes committed at home?

    Latheef is quite critical of UNP but not Mahinda. Is a Mahinda comeback real?

  • 4

    Sylvia Haik

    ” it was Tony Blair (and Bill Clinton) who went into Kosovo to save the Muslims being massacred by the Serbs.”

    It was to stop Russian expansion into Serbia and to keep an eye on Croatians who were the close allies of Hitler. It was Germany which armed and financed Croatians in their pursuit of expanding its influence over Croatians.

    “But, the Muslim war mongers in the region had turned it, successfully,”

    Are you blaming the victims?

    It was the west which built Sadam as the counter balance to Khomeini’s Iran. West supplied advanced weapons and other support to the despot including chemicals that was used against Iraqi Kurdish people. The west has been the closest allies of the despots, in every continent. Sadam was used and destroyed.

    The Iraqi battle-hardened army was a threat to other West-friendly despotic regimes. The US also needed to guarantee the security of its 51st state Israel. Historically whenever the west go through recession wars helped it to kick-start its economy. A good war is good for the arms manufacturers and to the economy as well.

    The fallout from Afghanistan has now come to hound the very people who created the monsters well spread over every nook and corner.

    “We should applaud the West for producing a report. though unfavourable. “

    What for, whitewashing war crimes and crime against humanity? A typical British report which found nobody is responsible for the second war in Iraq.

    I wonder how bad guys turn into allies and then become Pariahs, once their usefulness is exhausted.

    • 4

      Well said Native Vedda,
      What Sylvia and Mano might not know is that the reason why Britain and the USA got involved in Bosnia and Kosovo was not because the West had a change of heart for Muslims but to prevent a possible unification of ex-Soviet Muslim militias with their Middle Eastern and African counterparts in forming a new European front. This Islamic unification of Mujahideens, Chechniyans, Azerbaijani Jihadist, Shia militias that created common Islamic Defense Force to fight for the Bosnians, Kosovo Albanians and Muslims scattered elsewhere is what sent red flags among Western intelligence networks that if Muslim ranks swelled further, this would have become an imminent threat to Europe. Therefore, it was time for Western intervention on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims to eliminate a Islamic surge and expansion into Europe. What most of you don’t get is that the West is not philanthropic at all and could have averted this bloodshed by Milosevic way before it spread when the Serbs, Croats and Muslims agreed to the Slovak_Russian peace accord in Lisbon in the early 1990’s. This too the USA interfered by convincing Bosnian Muslim leaders to go for a referendum to secede that was one reason to break out of an unnecessary war. Thus, one should know the facts before commenting.

  • 2

    Latheef mate,

    Didn’t your Wahabis win the Election this time by borrowing the Green Elephant from Batalanda Ranil?.

    Where did you get this “persecution” under Rajapaksa bit?

    Muslims are the highest per capital income sector. Most of the high net wealth citizens in Lanka are Muslims.

    Colombo Real Estate is totally dominated by them.

    Biggest Yahapalana Minister are Muslims.

    How can a persecuted people achieve so much in such a short time after Mr Pirahaparan kicked your butts..

  • 1

    Please support whoever faces injustice in the world. Instead of drawing support system on racial basis. Why do not you understand that all are humans irrespective of man-made constructions which have been destroying our world.

    Why are you obsessed with narrow divides? So what is the different between you and an illiterate??? Are we really educated masses????

  • 1

    Some more factoids:

    Even India which by the way has over 170MILLION Indian patriotic Muslims has thriving ties with Israel. We can follow their lead and have thriving relations with everyone.

    SL’s survival depends on their exports. EU and US are the biggest markets for SL exports: estimated to be around $USD30Billion in the next year.

    According to some 2014 data
    The top export destinations of Sri Lanka are the United States ($2.54B), the United Kingdom ($1.21B), India ($657M), Germany ($644M) and Italy ($565M). The top import origins are India ($5.89B), China ($3.37B), the United Arab Emirates ($1.62B), Singapore ($1.3B) and Japan ($955M).

    (source :http://atlas.media.mit.edu/en/profile/country/lka/)

    Now some more factoids on Arab nations and weapons Mr. Lateef accuses them of buying. Increasing tensions with Iran drove a set of Persian Gulf nations — Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman — to purchase American weapons at record levels. These Gulf states do not share a border with Iran, and their arms purchases focused on expensive warplanes and complex missile defense systems.

    So WHY are they buying American weapons? No one forced them to right? Why are some people in Qatar and KSA supporting ISIS? Total value of weapons bought is well over $500BILLION over 30 years. A lot of it was during the Cold war when KSA was clearly a US ally. It still is US’ No1 Arab ally because of oil.

    Some of the weapons of the KSA airforce SOLD by USA; over 100 Billion over time.

    M1A MBTs state of the art tanks. Same sold to Kuwait. Sadly Kuwait dropped their weapons and ran when Saddam the Arab muslim tyrant invaded them. Recent purchases for Royal Saudi Airforce include Typhoons from UK much after Iraq was invaded.

    In 2011, the United States signed a $29.4 billion deal to sell 84 F-15s in the SA (Saudi Advanced) configuration. The sale includes upgrades for the older F-15s up to the SA standard and related equipment and services. Israel, Turkey and Japan all use F-15s. But Israel gets the fighter interceptor F-16 and not Saudis.

    Kuwaiti Airforce has the better newer Hornet F-18.
    Qatar has older Mirage French jets

    Jordan has F-5s and is getting F-16s or already have them.

    UAE has over 80 F-16s and is active in fighting Daesh in Syria.
    Even small Oman which had an insurgency that was ended with Sri Lankan military and police officers working there has about 20 F-16s

    EGYPT is the SECOND LARGEST recipient of US aid and US weapons. That reason is simple. The US buys the peace they made with Israel.

    Trade is booming between secular Egypt and Israel.
    Egypt has 249 F-16s, they’ve ordered Russian MIG-35s and they have a MASSIVE arsenal. M1A1 Tanks replaced their old and obsolete T-72s.
    T-72s were thought to be “great” but the US shot them out in Iraq like tin cans. Pathetic weapons they turned out to be in the hands of incompetent soldiers against superior tactics and weaponry.
    The M1A1 could shoot a greater distance and shoot while moving. Egypt has over 700 M1A1s PLUS THEY ARE NOW making the US weapon in Egypt. This was a key demand the Egyptian military had.

    All in all US and UK put fear of Iran into Arab Sunni nations. So they use their oil money to buy brand new shiny weapons they cannot even seem to use correctly at times. For example a student of mine who was stationed in Kuwait said the Kuwaitis loved to keep firing the main gun on the M1A1 during practice for target shooting and a lot of them overheated and blew because they did NOT allow the guns to cool and did NOT listen to the instructors when to stop firing.

    Iran is of course not in a good position now. They have old F-4s from the Shah era but they are still pretty good at cannibalizing those weapons. Iran was under and arms embargo. If there is a real war the odds are their airforce will be shot out in 48 hours. They are modernizing their Air defences with Chinese and Russian weapons.

    So no matter a Sri Lankan Tamil speaking Muslim Islamist screams, the Middle East will do what they want to do; they hate Israel. Understandbly the Palestinian problem has to be resolved so both Israel and Palestine can CO-EXIST. But Hamas refuses to accept that. Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic and military dies with Israel. Why not? But KSA does not but KSA has always had secret ties with Israel. Iran is the bogeyman with their unpredictable hatred towards Israel.

    What should matter to Sri Lankans is to STOP bigots of ALL shades. BBS are THUGS and not real buddhists. There cannot be room for attacks on innocent people. Look what happened after JRJ and Dharmishta Rajya attacked innocent Tamils in 1983. A ragtag group of militants became seen as liberators and protectors of tamil people. We deserved that shit because our stupid government at that time organized that pogrom.

    IF you want to call BBS Buddhists then logically those who misues the Quaran and Hadiths like Daesh/ISIS must be called Muslim too. BOTH are wrong. Please do not start wars.

    British BAE Systems sold 22 BAE Hawk advanced jet trainer aircraft to the Royal Saudi Air Force for a total of £1.9 billion ($3 billion). The deal also includes simulators, ground and training equipment and spares(Wiki)

    They continue to buy US and British weapons like a lot of other Middle East nations. During the Cold war, Saddam bought inferior Soviet and French weapons. He was in the Soviet Camp and Iran was in the US camp until the revolution in 1979. So both camps were armed to their teeth. Even after US imposed arms embargoes Iran stood really well with their older US weapons systems against Saddam’s newer Soviet weapons. If Saddam were to diversified his weapons purchases and bought US weapons and given US companies oil contracts who knows? He might still be around.

    No one is under any delusion about what Russia and US intervene in conflicts even today though the cold war is dead. Bosnia of course had greater security impacts on Russia because of their ethnic ties to Serbs and history. To this date, Russia is a close ally of Serbia.

    • 2

      Mano Ratwatte

      “Kuwaiti Airforce has the better newer Hornet F-18. Qatar has older Mirage French jets Jordan has F-5s and is getting F-16s or already have them. UAE has over 80 F-16s and is active in fighting Daesh in Syria. Even small Oman which had an insurgency that was ended with Sri Lankan military and police officers working there has about 20 F-16s “

      Good point, the F-18s, F-16s, …. do need good braking systems.

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        Wonder how your Hindian relos react to Chinese built Yahapalana FJ 14 from Pakistan.

        Is Batalanada Ranil planning to cann it under his ETCA , which he is trying to push to punish our Sinhala Buddhist Doctors . Engineers and even Dalit Assembly workers?.

        Will this be the next free kick to Bodhi Sira to show his colours?…

        • 1

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “Is Batalanada Ranil planning to cann it under his ETCA”

          Did you mean cann-bis?

          “Will this be the next free kick to Bodhi Sira to show his colours?”

          I don’t get your point, not that you ever had any.

          “which he is trying to push to punish our Sinhala Buddhist Doctors . Engineers and even Dalit Assembly workers?”

          ETCA should teach your Sinhala/Buddhist who are complacent and never understood work ethics, “An Honest Days Pay for an Honest Days Work”.

          Just being Sinhala/Buddhists they have had good time and good life at the expense of poor people.

          Unless they are willing to change their life style they will not survive in this competitive globalised world.

          Competition is good for cleaning up the sick economic system, sick industry, very sick plantation sector,…

          You will never be employed if you live in the real world.

          • 0

            Dear Native,

            “Learn Work Ethics from Indians.”. Are you serious?.

            500 Million live on on less than USD 3.10 a day , 300 Million are even worse with just USD 1.25 a day.

            Do you know how Osmosis work?

            Not sure about work ethics , when Batalanada gives Indians free access, our Dalits and even Doctors will be on par with their wages.

  • 2

    Anyone recall what happened in Bekaa Valley inside Lebanon in 1982? After Israel illegally invaded Lebanon to fight Syrian proxies(Ariel Sharon was a war criminal found guilty by his own nation for allowing Christian Falangist militias to massacre innocent Palestinians in Shabra and Shatila refugee camps during that same war) they got involved in a class over Bekaa valley.

    It is now referred to as a “Turkey shoot” just like the Turkey shoot in Arab Saddam’s “mother of all battles” in 1991 first and then in 2003.

    So over the skies of Bekaa, US made Aircraft of the Israeli Airforce used superior technology and methods and shot down 86 odd SYRIAN AIRFORCE SOVIET planes and wiped out 30 of their SAMs. Israel did not lose a single plane. It shocked the Arab world to how superior US weapons systems were. So there was no way in hell the Pro US Arab Kingdoms were going to waste their petro dollars on Soviet equipment after that no matter what the Soviets said. F-15s and F-16s,F-4 FGAs who attacked the ground control sites, and the Kfirs(famous planes that helped Sri Lanka beat the LTTE) went up against Mig-21s, Mig-23s and Sukhoi 20s. So Big Daddy Hafez Al Assad the dictator of Syria was humiliated at this disaster.

    Now how did Israel adapt and become so skilled? Because they are a western style democracy with brilliant scientists and professional soldiers as opposed to political hacks in the Arab nations. Israel was indeed shocked in the 1973 Yom Kippur war when SAMS shot down a lot of Israeli planes during the first 4 days of the war; Egyptian and Syrian Airplanes still fared very poorly against IAF but in 1973 because of the secret deployment of decent Air Defense Systems Israel was stunned by Egypt. Israel did not expect the surprise brilliantly planned attack by Sadat’s Egypt and Syria then. So as a result IAF which normally launches pre-emptive strikes(great success in 1967) against SAMs and other missile defense systems did not have time to do so.

    The IAF was rendered ineffectual in the 1973 October War by Egyptian and Syrian Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs). This failing was so severe that many Israelis held the IAF as responsible for the near destruction of the state.

    The Israeli Air Force lost 102 airplanes: 32 F-4s, 53 A-4s, 11 Mirages and 6 Super Mysteres and over 400 Tanks. Egypt was saved by the bell eventually by US-USSR intervention when Ariel Sharon and the Israelis crossed the Suez Canal and surrounded the Egyptian 3rd army and were threatening Cairo. So once the first few days resulted in massive losses and humiliation for Israelis they countered in their usual brilliance. Egypt lost over 2,500 tanks and nearly 600 planes and 314 were simply shot down by Israelis. Egypt and Syria lost all the dogfights. As a result of lessons learnt, IAF managed to remain Israel’s central military instrument before the 1982 Lebanon War began.

    End result? A very brilliant statesman and pragmatic Anwar Sadat and Israel both realized the futility of war and sued for peace. Egypt won back Sinai they lost in 1967 and established normalized relations with its powerful neighbor. Israel realized it cannot always be at war with Egypt. Both sides did the smart thing.

    Despite tensions, specially when the Muslim brotherhood won the first democratic election in Egypt, their annual trade is worth about $100 to $120 million dollars per annum.

    Under the Qualifying Industrial Zone agreement( QIZ agreement) trade ties with with Egypt keep getting stronger. They were very strong under the Mubarak administration, but surprisingly got even stronger when Mohammed Morsi took over the leadership of Egypt in 2012 – and now, with Abdel el-Sissi leading the country, it continues to flourish as well. Mr. Lateef might want to take this up in the Egyptian Embassy(as a pro Arab typical SLFP family of now discredited policies, I must say I rooted for Egypt in 1973 and my father even went to Nasser’s funeral in 1970)

    There were concerns among Israeli officials that Morsi, former head of the Muslim Brotherhood – the “parent” of Hamas – would attempt to undo the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace treaty. But, at least on trade issues, the opposite took place.

    Under QIZ, Egypt can export goods to the US duty-free if 10.5 percent of a product’s components are made in Israel. Israel exported about $100 million of raw material products to Egypt – which in turn used the Israeli components to produce and export about a billion dollars worth of goods to the US.

    According to the agreement, the finished products must also contain at least 24.5% Egypt-contributed components. In the case of textiles, which account for more than a quarter of Egypt’s exports and are mostly made of Egyptian-grown cotton, that figure is close to 90%, said Cohen.Under the QIZ, Israel’s $100 million in exports to Egypt is worth at least $250 million to Egypt, and because textiles constitute so much of Egypt’s exports to the US, the deal is worth a considerable amount of money to Egypt.


    It is a fantastic deal for former mortal enemies. Ranil and this UNP led government wants trade to ensure peace and stability.

    For Israel, it helped create a stable relationship with the most important Arab country in the region. Mr Lateef it was Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi administration that sent a JOINT delegation of trade partners to USA.

    It behooves learned highly educated Sri Lankan intellectuals to at least examine ALL facts. Mr. Lateef, please verify this information by going to the Egyptian embassy. Nasser was a hero to me growing up and he installed nationalist Arab pride after decades of colonial humiliation. But he outlived his usefulness with his belligerence. Sadat was a pragmatic man. Sri Lanka needs more Sadats and fewer hate mongers across all ethnic groups.

    • 2

      Mano Ratwatte

      “Sadat was a pragmatic man. Sri Lanka needs more Sadats and fewer hate mongers across all ethnic groups.”

      Thanks for the write up.When will Sri Lanka grow up? Remember, the average IQ is 79.

      David Ricardo and Comparative Advantage.

      Between 1500 and 1750 most economists advocated Mercantilism which promoted the idea of international trade for the purpose of gaining bullion by running a trade surplus with other countries. Adam Smith and Ricardo challenged the idea that the purpose of trade was merely to accumulate gold or silver. With “comparative advantage” Ricardo argued in favour of industry specialisation and free trade. He attempted to prove, using simple mathematics, that industry specialization combined with free international trade always produces positive results. This theory expanded on the concept of absolute advantage.


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