25 May, 2022


Too Much To Bare: Behind The Scenes At A Lap-Dancing Club

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By around 10pm on a Wednesday evening, several women are undressing in the dank, cramped basement corridors outside the Windmill club’s three windowless changing rooms. The combination of the unceasing rain and roadworks in the streets above is causing chaos. One of the rooms has flooded overnight and bits of the ceiling have fallen down. The other two are full already, so women are stripping off their clothes wherever there is space. Beneath the prevailing smell of hairspray and scent, a peculiar sewagey odour seeps in from Soho’s flooded drains.A dead-faced, unsmiling, oldish man in glasses, with a greyish complexion and grey hair, sits down at a table with three women he’s brought to the club with him. He’s probably in his late 60s and the women are in their early 20s; he positions the youngest and prettiest of the three next to him and they hold hands underneath the table.

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    This is high class expensive prostitution,allowed in UK behind closed doors.In the sixties, there were street hookers in Soho. Legislation was enacted driving prostitution indoors. Prostitution is legal in UK and in many european countries.Hookers advertise on TV in the early morning hours – a picture of the woman, or a woman dancing,walking or sitting but decently clothed,and a telephone number at the bottom of the screen – no sound.
    Free street tabloids have ‘personal/adults’ sections with illustrated advertisements giving telephone numbers and websites.
    Many eastern countries allow prostitution unofficially.
    We in sri lanka have not yet progressed to this degree
    of ‘civilisation’/sophistication – but the time will come.
    But, prostitution exists secretly and clandestinely, in sri lanka.It cannot be eradicated – being the oldest ‘profession’. A demand will exist,always,to satisfy one of the two most primal urges of living beings – to preserve life and to reproduce life – though only the pleasant part of the latter,is purchasable.

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    Who cares whats happening in Britain, write about SriLanka.

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    Don’t try to Interduce that Sh..t here. I can imagine your intention. Our country has got bad enough with the Clubs, TV, Phones.Do not make it worse.

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