23 April, 2024


Top Cops Beg Asgiriya Chief Prelate To Save Them from Prosecution Over Easter Attacks

Senior police officers led by the notorious Senior DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon paid a call on the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya temple in Kandy on Thursday, begging the influential monk to save them from litigation over the Easter Sunday attacks in April 2019.

The team of senior police officers, broke quarantine laws and violated inter-provincial travel restrictions to visit the temple. They went in uniform, and used their official vehicles to make the trip to beg reprieve. They have also visited other Chief monks in Anuradhapura.

The officers claimed that the Presidential Commission that investigated the Easter Sunday attacks had held that police officers in charge of the regions where the attacks took place were criminally negligent for failing to prevent the bombings.

SDIG Tennakoon told the Chief Prelate that neither the Government nor the Defence Ministry had provided clear instruction to the police about the intelligence received regarding the terror attacks before they took place. SDIG Tennakoon said that the charges against senior cops in the Commission report could affect their pension and retirement perks. “This will be a huge blow to the morale of the police in the country,” he told the chief monk.

SSP Sisila Kumara Herath told reporters in Kandy that the situation is such that police officers who were on duty during the terror attacks were being held responsible for failure to prevent the bombings.

‘We are here to appeal to the Mahanayake Thero to prevent any injustice being caused to us police officers because this affects us in the long run,” he said.

It was shocking that the police had gone to the Buddhist monks for clemency, instead of appealing to the court system if there was an injustice perpetrated against them by a PCoI.

Former member of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, Ambika Satkunanathan tweeted: “In a supposed democracy, the police appeal to Buddhist clergy to influence govt to escape legal consequences for their (in)action. Illustrates influence of Buddhist clergy/Sinhala Buddhist nationalism on government, politicization of police and sense of impunity and entitlement of police.”

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    These officers are not the real culprits. However, they will be converted into scapegoats to take the blame. What is obvious is that there were two master conspirators involved in carrying out the slaughter of 268 innocent victims. There was also a useful idiot who could be banked upon to muddy the waters. These officers were transferred to their positions at that time by Sirisena who knew they will look the other way. Indifference is their crime. The PCoI report correctly identified one of the two master conspirators and recommended prosecuting him. But the report was deliberately delayed until the illegitimate American citizen was installed as president. The PCoI report was thus handed over to the second master conspirator. This is the reason why neither master conspirators will ever be prosecuted. Instead the scapegoats will be held accountable which was always the plan. If anything goes wrong with the master plan the useful idiot can be called upon the stage some side drama to confuse the gullible.

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    These foolish police guys should have gone to Gnana Acca who is more powerful than Mahanayakka or even Gota. She can predict their future and give advice as to how to overcome evil effect of the planets.

  • 7

    Well said, Ambika!

    • 2

      The real culprits are :
      1. Those who gained by it – The masterminds Gotabhaya, Mahinda and China
      2. Those who instigated bombers to kill Catholics – Suresh Salleh, other Muslim members of military intelligence and Pakistani agents.
      3. Those who facilitated the process – Sirisena and Nilantha Jayawardena.
      4. Those who turned a blind eye to what was going on – Defence secretary, IGP and other members of security council.
      5. Those who gave financial and logistical assistance – Several names of Muslim politicians, businessmen and professionals were read out by Cardinal Ranjith.
      NB : Ranil Wickremasinghe and Ruwan Wijewardena are also culpable though feigning ignorance of what happened.

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    I have commented on this subject in an article by Nihal Rupasinghe published in CT. To that comment, I would like to add the following.

    These “Top Cops” also visited a few temples in Anuradhapura including the Chief Priest of “Atamasthanaya” and made the same “PLEA” – to protect them from “Prosecution”. What a “JOKE” this Sri Lanka Police has fallen into? The “Police Officers” of this high rank as “Deputy Inspectors Generals” go to religious “Prelates” and ask for “Protection” from prosecution. So in their opinion, the “Sangaha Nayakas” (Chief Prelates) are the “Judiciary” of this country. No wonder with a “Professorial” Minister Sarath Weerasekera in charge of the “Police” these types of “JOKES” are staged by the “Boot-Lickers” in the Police Force.

    This action also exposes the President of the country who is in overall charge of the “Security” of the country. Mr. President: Do you condone this behavior of the “Top Cops” and all other 25 who joined this “Mission”? The “6.9 million” who voted were impressed that “No-one can play around with GR”. Haven’t you proved that the impression built was a total “FAKE”? Now I wonder if your claim to be the “War Winner” was also a “FAKE” because you cannot even “Discipline” your own “Boot-Lickers” who tarnish the image of this country.

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    Supreme court judges are at the mercy of Gotha. Top rank police officers at the mercy of Asgiriya prelate. Gotha at the mercy of Gananakka. She inturn is at the mercy of Kali.Country is at the mercy of China. Those 6.9 million are not sure who,s mercy they are dependent on.

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    The team of senior police officers, broke quarantine laws and violated inter-provincial travel restrictions to visit the temple
    Those so called ‘laws’ are for the common man and not the masonic classes.

  • 3

    This terror attack was an international operation.
    Freemasons from western nations, india and sri lanka all came together to
    carry it out.

  • 3

    Lock them up!

  • 4

    “It was shocking that the police had gone to the Buddhist monks for clemency, instead of appealing to the court system if there was an injustice perpetrated against them by a PCoI.”
    And they went in their official capacity; dressed in their police attire? What is the implication? Is this too another subtle revelation of the “Master Plan” to sacrifice some Christians

    • 2

      I’m sorry I had hit the post button by mistake.
      I meant to say …..to sacrifice some Christians to win favour with the majority?

      • 4

        Catholics are becoming impatient because promised justice to them has not been delivered. This is a ploy by the government to make them frustrated and vent their anger on Muslims. Unfortunately Cardinal Ranjith is not honest though he has asked Catholics to show restraint. He has mentioned every other persons name as suspects other than Rajapakse brothers who are the prime movers of this dastardly act. What these police officers are trying to say is that Buddhists are being targeted while Muslims who are the real culprits are left out. It appears to be an incitement of Buddhists to target Muslims. This time round, government is going to sacrifice some Muslims to win favour with the majority.

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