19 May, 2022


Towards A Truly Genuine Anti-Graft Body To Combat Corruption

By Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

Considering the lethargic and ineffective attitude of the CIABOC, President Sirisena was urged today to replace the incumbent Commissioners and the Director General of the government’s anti-corruption body, as the evidence of state-sponsored corruption has reached unimaginable proportions.

Amongst the corruption cases piled up before the CIABOC, the MP tax-free car permit scam, occupies a prominent place especially due to the involvement of those holding public office in the Executive and the Legislature. However in spite of availability of overwhelming evidence of this government revenue fraud running into over 7 billion rupees, the CIABOC has absolutely failed to take any meaningful step to initiate a credible investigation.

This is despite the Sirisena-Ranil government itself condemning the previous Rajapaksa regime in its Nov 2015 fiscal policy statement (budget speech) for causing a loss of Rs 40 billion annually on the abuse of tax-free car permits. Notwithstanding this official acceptance of state-sponsored corruption, the Sirisena-Ranil government within two months backtracked on its own stand and began issuing tax-free car permits by itself to MPs with no legal sanction whatsoever.

Almost one year prior to the revelation of this financial crime by the Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake in the Parliament, this fraud was reported to the CIABOC on 11th Dec 2014. Yet no investigation was initiated on the complaint by the CIABOC, claiming that the said revenue loss had been caused due to the implementation of the government policy.

After the Ranil-Sirisena Yahapalana regime took over on 08th Jan 2015 another complaint on this government-sponsored revenue fraud was made to the CIABOC on 26th Aug 2016 with overwhelming evidence. This was supported with a schedule of vehicles imported on MP tax-free permits and registered in the names of private individuals and companies not entitled to use this tax-free privilege which is meant for MPs to discharge their office efficiently and effectively for the economic development of the country. However, the CIABOC has miserably failed to initiate any tangible action to arrest this abuse or to recover the billions of tax-revenue defrauded by dishonest MPs.

On the top of it, the government MPs and Ministers (eg: State Minister of Finance, Luckshman Yapa Abeywardena and the General Secretary to the United National Party (UNP) and Minister of Public Enterprise Development, Kabeer Hashim) began defending this high profile revenue fraud, stressing that it is the right of Members of Parliament to ‘raise funds’ through the sale of their duty free vehicle permits. Minister Kabeer Hashim on 01st Nov 2016, as usually, went to the habit of heavily criticizing Rajapaksa regime for such frauds but not the Sirisena government in which he is holding a office of a Cabinet Minister.

This pathetic and unacceptable state of government affairs has compelled to urge President Sirisena to remove all the Commissioners and the Director General of the CIABOC and replace them with people who would withstand any political pressure in the unavoidable discharge of their duty for public good. President was also warned not to appoint retired judges to the Commission, which would naturally send a wrong signal to the serving judges to fall in line with the political leadership in power.

Further the President was also reminded of the recent significant decision made by the Supreme Court, UK [SC 52 (2010)] in affirming the conviction of 3 accused MPs for 18 months in jail, for abusing public funds for unjust enrichment.

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  • 4

    Well, Public and the tax payers have to bear the cost of election campaigns of MPs!
    Is’nt this embezzlement or what?

    This is the mother of all corruption as it is perpetrated by the high office in the country who are supposed to uphold the law and order!

    Get some old clean army officers to these posts, They will follow the law without giving in to pressure.

    FXXXCID is political which hunt created by RW. Corruption happens right under his nose and he behaves like a baby.
    If RW thinks that he can treat power of people as nothing, He got another thing coming. It is the arrogance that cost Mahinda his job.
    It is a matter of time.

    Sirisena must remove the cancer in the finance ministry!

    Naga, You are the only hope for this country, Keep your great work, Let us know how we can help!

    • 1

      The problems in the home country is not easy as we the ones look at them being out of the country. We can just add our thoughts, but there are no reliable authortieis in the country. Diwulapitiya issue in terms of illegal soil diggings creating water and eco related problems -r evealed it as nothing did sofar.

      Entire workers in public sector are highly corrupted perhaps even worst than in Pakistan or the like countries. Those officers in senior positions behave penisless. They have no guts to come out the pit since politicians have intereered in their life from bottom to top.

      Such politicians like Prasanna Ranathunga behavs like serments but they treat their men working for the ministry are beyond all abusive levels.
      Please check the audio added with the link below.
      These sons of the bitches have looted and ruined th enation over the years with direct medication and support of Rajaakshe rascals. If Prasanna Ranathunga is this much abusvie, how would Basil or Gota have been with the workers ? Born barbarians … will also die like barbarians.

      • 1

        Keep up your great work Mr. Kodituwakku!

        Sri Lanka needs an integrated rapid PUBLIC TRANSPORT system, as in Singapore if it wants to Develop.
        Singapore limits car imports and has massive taxes on cars also to curb pollution.
        But Ranil Wickramasinghe and Hotair Harsha de Silva the Volkswagon man, think that “development” in Sri Lanka means more cars and Highways, even through the roads are chocked and clogged with cars due to lack of a Rapid PUBLIC TRANSPORT system.

        The biggest joke was that Volkswagon which has huge cases against it in EU and US for fraud and corruption on fuel emissions tests, sold its Lamburghinis to Namal Jarapassa, its Audi SUVs to Ranil Wickramasinge and cronies, while pretending to Hot air Harsha de Silva that they would set up a car factory in Sri Lanka.

        Volkswagon manufactures Lambughinis and Audis and has sold more cars than Toyota in 2016 through fraud and corruption. VW cars should be banned from SL and those cars tested for fuel emissions and the VW company sued in Sri Lanka as in Europe and USA.

    • 3

      srinath gunaratnam

      “If RW thinks that he can treat power of people as nothing, He got another thing coming. It is the arrogance that cost Mahinda his job. It is a matter of time.”

      Under developed, uncivilized, uneducated, …. Romanians are on the streets protesting against corruption or pardoning the corrupt while highly developed, civilized, educated, ….. Lankies were seen worshiping the Nugegoda Man.

      There must be something fundamentally wrong with people like you. Though a minority its still worrying. Is there anyway we can treat them with gene therapy?

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      Nagananda Kodituwakku

      RE:Towards A Truly Genuine Anti-Graft Body To Combat Corruption

      “However in spite of availability of overwhelming evidence of this government revenue fraud running into over 7 billion rupees, the CIABOC has absolutely failed to take any meaningful step to initiate a credible investigation.”

      Thank you for all your efforts and All the Citizens appreciate it except of course the crooks and thieves.

      “Further the President was also reminded of the recent significant decision made by the Supreme Court, UK [SC 52 (2010)] in affirming the conviction of 3 accused MPs for 18 months in jail, for abusing public funds for unjust enrichment.”

      Sri Lanka should follow in the foot steps of UK. If Sri Lanka can put 50% of the MPs and ministers behind bats for 5 years, we can make some progress.

  • 2

    Kabeer Hashim should be forced to resign for defending fraud and corruption, and its institutionalization in the Diyawenna Parliament of morons.

    Ranil Wickrasinghe and his Royal College boys club treat the Sri Lankan public with so much contempt that it is obscene – as if we, the people are stupid idiots!

    This is why Ranil and his team of Economic Hit Men at the WT towers are so blatant in their lies, defense of corrupt and duty free car permit scams and bond scams.

  • 0

    Politicians in their speeding super luxury tax free SUV convoys are a danger to the public.

    Latest hit and run was Mahinda Rajapaksa, Kurunegala MP, in Kandy yesterday.

    MR’s vehicle should be confiscated and security revoked.

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    Mr. Nagananda: Haven’t you heard of the saying: “Una Purukaye Demmath, Balu Waligeye Eda Arrina Behe” – You cannot straighten a dog’s tail even if you put it in a bamboo. We have been trying to do the same thing by electing these same old people over and over again for the last decades, and the result is the same. It is useless spending time and money, trying to correct them or bring COMMON SENSE of right and wrong into their behavioural patterns and actions. It is time to spend that time and energy to strengthen the people who elected these rouges to punish all those who misused and mismanaged the country’s wealth. Let the people know who and who made use of these vehicle permits and made money; because there are some among them who want to be “INDEPENDENT” and once again hoodwink the people, wearing a different “Cloak”.

    • 1

      I think it is no right only to put the blame on Politicians. From the incident came into beeing even clearer after Deputy Ranjan verbally attacked the female incapable-highly corrupted PS secretary for not being able her to be present in that protest marches in order to settle the issue… there, all the highly corrupted in masses rallied round to ask for a displinary action mandatory to take agains the minister but not against the high criminals that collected millions by selling soil of the area -but telling something else. Why ? Today, I feel, almost over 80% public sector workers are highly corrupted… not only by abusing funds but also other varied sorta of abuses being carried out -not knowing to differetiate rights from the wrongs.
      In European countries, if a Psector worker would behave that way – immediate suspension would be the consequence sending the message across the country – that the met one was incapable of doing the tasks as pomised to do .

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    Sinchappu: I agree that the entire blame should not go to the Politicians; but 95% of the blame goes to them. Why? The political interference in matters relating to Central and Local Governments has eaten into the very core of all public administration activities. In most cases the Public Servant is helpless and made to subjugate their authority laid according to rules and regulations, while a few, say about 10% of them are performing in a “supportive” role and as you correctly said “corrupted”. You mentioned about that abusive Deputy Ranjan. I condemn the manner in which he reacted; but the fact remains that the particular PS Secretary has “neglected” or performed in a “supportive” mode to “overlook” the illegal mining by a “Father & Co,” of a politician from the area. I say that mining was “illegal” because the report by another Govt. Authority, involved in issuing mining permits, said that the permit was only for 500 meters mining; bu the permit holder (one Appuhamy-the father of the politician) has mined 61000 meters of earth. The people affected complained to the PS Secretary and what did that officer do until this Deputy Minister got involved in the matter? This Secretary, if properly functioned in her duties as required by Law and inspected the mining operations there would not have been this incident. Did you see the live TV debate where this Politician – the son of this mining permit holder, appeared? When he was directly confronted on the matter, he was more on filing a case against the Deputy Minister for mentioning his name in the telephone conversation, rather than dealing with the environmental damage that is being done as a result of this large scale mining operation. Just see how these two politicians and a Public Officer handled a matter of Public Importance. That shows the rotten state of affairs of this country. This is the very reason I say that there MUST be complete CHANGE in this CULTURE of Management.

  • 0

    People like this writter must go into parliament and serve the people and save the country.

    • 0

      “People like this writter must go into parliament and serve the people and save the country. “

      Most people who are in Parliament wrote and spoke like this and entered parliament and did the opposite. So writing like this may be a sign to hoodwink the people and get rich!

      Even Mahinda Rajapakse did the same. He too went to UN and complained against the country and now he is speaking against the very thing he spoke off as an ordinary citizen.

      The motto is criticize the rich; criticize the parliamentarians and become them!

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    when Ranil instigated the Central Bank Scandle during the 100 day govt, when he continued and did it the second time, now the way how he handles it , Ranil wicramasinghe has proved how arrogant he is towards public. He is using his power to ridicule the public.

    Simply, UNP has not not stopped abusing their positions as legislators, executives and the govt in power.

    In contrary to that, Maithripala sirisena also showed how corrupt he is by reappointing politicians who lost the seats, offering minister posts to corrupt politicians. See the humongous cabinet and the expenses to it.

    There is another point that no one is discussing and every one is scared to talk about. Why CBK is powerful in this govt. CBK has appointed even Indian Tamils to powerful positions in the ministery of States (?) and to manage something called State languages. Then where do Sinhala people go and ask to protect their language, to Tamilnadu or to england ? Now, all the politicians have ganged up to promote Tamil which is the major language just north of the Country.

    the basic problem is what ever the system does not work when the same old gang of thieves are operating. Because, they know the loop holes and that is what they want. Even the laws they bring to action have holes because that is what they want. Then they can escape the same law. We can correct the system only if those who implement the system do it correct.

    Anyway, Ranil has proved overwhelmingly he is not suitable to govern the country. Because, he is running his personal agenda to promote himself. It is exactly the way Mahknda Rajapakse promoted his family.

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