6 July, 2022


Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam’s Parliament Endorses Action Plans

By Colombo Telegraph

“Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) concluded its fourth Parliamentary sitting in London, endorsing several action plans.” says TGTE.

We publish below the full text of TGTE;

The sitting started with an event at the British Parliament, which was attended by several British and Northern Ireland Members of Parliament.

Several of TGTE’s Cabinet Members, Senators and Members of Parliament came from around the world to attend this Fourth Sitting. Others joined through video conferencing from different countries. Entire proceedings were webcast live.

Some of the highlights:

• President of the Global Tamil Forum, Rev. Father Emmanuel, joined as a special guest and his speech was received with standing ovation.
• The TGTE’s Senate prepared a report on the roadmap to establish Tamil Eelam, which was discussed by the Parliament. The report will now be sent to the TGTE Advisory Committee and outside experts for comments and will be placed again in front of Parliament for discussion and adoption before the process of implementation starts to take shape.

Some of the Action Plans:

1)Calling for a promulgation of a Freedom Charter for Tamil Eelam incorporating the “Freedom Demands” of the Tamil-speaking people. (These “Freedom Demands” will be ascertained through Town Hall meetings, electronic and print media).
2)Calling for an Economic Boycott and Divestment Campaign.
3)Calling on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to appoint an International Commission of Inquiry, under Article 99 of the UN Charter. According to the recent UN Internal Review Report on Sri Lanka, this step was recommended by the UN Secretary General’s own legal team in 2009.
4)Declaring 2013 as the year to Empower Women of Tamil Eelam and to take steps to achieve specific goals. TGTE considers that this will be a stepping stone to uplift the Tamil community affected by the war and will give special attention to the 90,000 Tamil war widows.
5)Calling for assistance to Hero’s families. As a first step, the “Thalir” program was launched with the aim of providing assistance to 1,000 Hero’s families by the next National Day of Mourning on May 18, 2013.
6)Condemning the attack on Jaffna University students and calling for steps to secure the release of the students who were arrested for peacefully remembering Martyr’s Day.

Two resolutions of international significance were passed:

• Congratulating the People of Palestine for being admitted by the UN as a UN non-member observer state. “On behalf of People of Tamil Eelam, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam want to salute the People of Palestine for their determination to be free despite years of untold suffering,” said the Resolution.
• Condemning the abuses and attacks on the Rohinga Muslims of Myanmar and expressing solidarity with the People of Tamil Eelam. “We understand your pain and suffering and People of Tamil Eelam stand by you, during your difficult time,” said the Resolution.

For information contact: pmo@tgte.org

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Latest comments

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    Hello TGTE:

    You sound like Nallur Kandasamy Koil priest speaking in parliament or one of the JHU Thero speaking in parliament! Why dont you all shut up and take courses in social science and politics before you open your stupid engineering mouths!

    You do more harm to the Tamil and Sri Lankan cause! I am very dissappointed in this arrogant Nallur Vellala left overs! At the very least learn how to do politics from Sambandan!

    TGTE My ass!

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    Nice Chamber and ambient setting. Between the TGTE and the GOSL, it seems that there were no bad guys in the conflict. All were heroes.

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    Some of the Action Plans Translated to what they really mean:

    1)Calling for a promulgation of a Charter to continue conning the world’s misinformed, gullible or opportunistic.

    2)Calling for the maintenance of conflict in Sri Lanka so that their key revenue generating practice of Human Smuggling can be maintained.

    3)Calling on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to continue his good work acting in a spineless manner that enables terrorist organisations who mass murder their ‘own’ people to continue operating as ‘freedom fighters’.

    4)Declaring 2013 as the year to take VP’s lead on how to take advantage of vulnerable women, and make the most of the ‘90,000’ human shield widows (aka: drug, rape, use in propoganda – and attach bombs to).

    5)Calling for more fundraising to support terrorist activities dressed as humanitarian work.

    6)Continuing to stir tensions in Sri Lanka (Rewording of Note 2 to make up numbers).

    Translation of the Two resolutions of international significance passed (aka: trying to line itself up with relatively more legitimate movements from around the globe):

    • Intentionally misinterpreting the conflict and recent developments relating to Palestine in order to continue to give false hope to the blissfully ignorant followers of the LTTE.

    • Intentionally misinterpreting the conflict in Myanmar in order to continue to give false hope to the blissfully ignorant followers of the LTTE.

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      Navin Weeraratne

      You raised some interesting questions. I am neither a Tamil nor a Sinhalese.

      For the time being TGTE may be an irritant however it could die a natural dead just as the Vattukottai Resolution did, can be bumped off by world powers, or sustained by them.

      In no time the West has manufactured a Syrian Rebel group, armed and financed by undemocratic middle East states and has diplomatically recognised their being. Libya is another example.

      So anything is possible.

      I hope your international ignorance is short lived.

      As long as the Tamils live in that part of the region Sri Lankan state cannot sweep the issues under the carpet.

      The only solution is to round the 80 million or so Tamils and gas them. I am confident there will be many Sinhala/Buddhists thinking along this line.

      I am not saying you are one of them.

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        Not sure how you concluded on my ‘international ignorance’ out of that – I am well aware of the potential for the TGTE to be made into something useful for various opportunistic international powers – hence my comment on the spineless UN.

        That is not to sat that the TGTE will ever be a truly humane, democratic or genuine movement. To that extent, which movement ever is?

        The TGTE is however one of the worst from a very bad bunch. To that extent, you are right, they are a massive irritant for those who are trying to encourage more ‘genuine’ commitments to human rights and democracy from those in power. Movements such as the TGTE make such a mockery of the principles of human rights and democracy, what they are doing is no different to the Taliban demanding the UN look into Women’s rights in Afghanistan! Only difference is, even the Taliban isn’t that ridiculous.

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          Navin Weeraratne

          The is a domestic issue and we should keep it that way hence the Sri Lankan state has an enormous responsibility to deal with those issue s here now rather than pandering to Sinhala/Buddhist racists.

          By now the people of this island should have realised their stupidity which divided the people into human and nonhuman depending on which side you are on.

          I say this is a domestic issue because all disputes originate locally. Failure to deal with them in a timely and equitable manner invites outside forces to meddle and dictate their term on our survival.

          This has been the case for the past several hundred years and will continue to be the case for another few hundreds of years.

          The appropriate question to ask is who is behind this or other Tamil diaspora groupings. You can only keep these organisation alive if there is continuing complacency among the ruling cliques in this island. After winning the war reliance on Chinese aid/loan military or otherwise raise many eye brows at several capitals.

          China’s “peacefull rise” through other’s back yard raise blood pressure in Delhi and elsewhere.

          TGTE is in a state of suspended animation. By ignoring to deal with real issues MR and his cronies definitely will give impetus to already dead cause. Also MR should be reminded he too can be wrong footed once he approaches his sell by date.

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        Re: ‘The only solution is to round the 80 million or so Tamils and gas them. I am confident there will be many Sinhala/Buddhists thinking along this line’

        I have lived outside of my ‘home’ country for almost 20 years. I have never had any problem growing up or living in a country that does not identify itself as ‘Sinhala’, or ‘Buddhist’.

        The 80 Million Tamils you talk of have also chosen to live in western states, which are not Tamil Speaking or ‘Hindu’, though one with any common sense would question why these Tamils who claim to crave living in a Tamil state continue to move to the west when Tamil Nadu is just a stone throw away.

        Of course, then the truth surrounding this whole nonsense comes out.

        Mass Tamil and Sinhala Buddhist societies run around like headless chickens repeating over and over again patriotic but false nonsense that they are fed by their opportunistic and corrupt leaderships (such as the TGTE and GoSL) like broken records. What they achieve is simply allowing the few on the top to continue living in absolute luxury, while the masses suffer through ignorant bliss.

        The solution to the problem therefore is to try and open the eyes of the future Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil generations (both in Sri Lanka and the west) to just what a load of nonsense their previous generations have taught them, and that living a free life is far more worthwhile than wasting away their lives, and those of their children’s lives, fueling a conflict that only stands to keep the powerful in power.

        My hope therefore is that one day, a movement such as the UN will possess a leader who will genuinely stand for the truth, rather than the massaging of principles such as those of human rights and democracy to suit the interests of various corrupt leaderships that can all be classified as abusers of human rights and democracy.

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    TGTE: An idea for which the time has not come and will probably never come.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      “TGTE: An idea for which the time has not come and will probably never come.”

      The way things are MR might be forced to consider TGTE’s demand for a separate state, not by Tamil design but by default.

      TGTE can bit time until the International circumstances change.

      India and the West made sure LTTE’s existence was no longer needed, in fact detrimental to stability in the region. The region is a strategic pivot in the eyes of US policy makers. India too is agreeable to such view.

      MR and his cronies are betting on the support of Russia, China and fellow Polpotish regimes.

      When push come to shove neither Russia nor China would help Sri Lanka as they would not want to jeopardise their relation with future regimes.

      Most third world corrupt dictators will be left with no option but to comply with US policy conditions.

      Only reliable protection comes from India. China is not a reliable protection missile shield.

      As far as India is concerned it doesn’t want two very small peoples fighting each other all the time in its back yard. In fullness of time MR would be cut to size or bring him down to earth. Already India had shrunk MR to manageable size in terms of global diplomacy.

      Even MR could not get the CJ to resign from her post let alone tell India to mind its own business. May be his brother Gota could.

      Even recently the mighty Gota was summoned to Delhi for a regular “telling off” session just after he floated the idea of abolishing 13 Amendment.

      LTTE fought with terrorism. MR and his state fought with state sponsored terrorism. MR didn’t win the war but IC facilitated the victory.

      If and when International Community decides to make it a reality for Diaspora Tamils, IC could do it without a shot being fired in Sri Lanka.

      I don’t think it is wise to dismiss TGTE as a talking shop however if necessary IC may accredit TGTE with all kinds of fancy diplomatic recognition.

      For MR, he has everything to lose including his gallantry title “Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara” bestowed by the Sanha just after the war had ended.

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    I am glad that this fourth sitting of our esteemed TGTE parliament that I have been watching in my sweet dreams has become a reality. I wish a brave among our representatives of TGTE would lead hundreds of our ‘freedom fighters’ that lurk in the shade of the Jaffna University as students grab arms to fight for our Eelam goal. That will be the day that thousands of the so-called rehabilitated but true LTTE carders that lie in waiting would rise up with all the arms that our great thalaivar have buried ten feet below ground in specific places. Like chopping poke on pig’s back, together we shall get moda sinhala racists to send their own buggers, our worst enemies Rajapakses to International courts in Hague.
    Till then sweet dreams to all,
    Eelam citizen.

    • 0

      Haha, classic how war mongers such as this actually believe they can subject their enemies to International Laws without having themselves subjected to them…

      Sad reality of humanity is that there are millions of Wuliangguobinjiu’s to every single Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu or even Kadirgamar… and thus human history is full of brain dead war mongers glorified as war heroes…

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  • 0

    TGTE concept will surely benefit neither to Tamil Community nor to entire Sri Lanka.

    But there is a high possibility of being justified such a move by the world for two reasons. First and the foremost is the lack of explicit move from GOSL to build a pluralistic environment and rather the move is toward more centralizing the power system to the government and virtually the ruling family. Though this is the national problem there is a high chances of justifying this move as an oppressive.

    The second obvious reason for this is greater international politics in which Tamil diaspora community is being trapped.

    Understand these dynamics and pushing the country toward pluralistic future is the a big challenge of the day. We need creative and innovative journalists and experts who can seriously think and move the country considering the next generation in mind beyond immediate activist style analysis.

    In Sri Lanka due to lack of vision for the country we the entire communities are being victimized by our own corrupt inefficient system (i.e., Each of us think others are here to grab my rights) that never consider fulfilling the demands of the citizen that are national as its priority.

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    Even if Sambandan becomes the CM of the North, TNGTE wouldn’t be able to get even on line Visas to attend the inaugural ceremony.

    Specially the President will be be in the same room , where the politbureau member from Australia spent 4 hours without a even a toilet break..if the former takes a SIA flight to Colombo.

    Item No 5 is the moral responsibilty of these new rich and powerful as these widows contributed for them to get their current comfortable lives.

  • 0

    The African National Congress in exile in Lusaka(Zambia) in the late 1970s is now the official Govt of South Africa; the PLO in Exile now enjoys full membership of UNESCO and is honoured with Observer Status in the UN. Her full membership cannot be denied and is only a matter f time. What was the feuding Mindanao in the Phillipines fighting for an autonomous Muslim country has woken up the Aquino Govt that an entire people cannot be kept down by the jackboot and guns.Mindanao now enjoys self-government within the Phillipino Union; South Sudan is an independent country. Catalina in Spain is in the brink.

    It is good to hear the Rajapakse Family are conducting talks with the TGTE, GTF and other diaspora bodies to arrive at an acceptable solution to the unresolved Lankan Tamil struggle for justice. To dismiss entities like TGTE, GTF as irrelevant or lacking in seriousness can result in consequences of unimaginable disaster.

    In the interest of unity and peace one hopes the present private discussions will succeed soon to the acceptance of all concerned.


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    The 2 in 1 advocate ,and the most virile defender and gloater of the Diaspora might seems to be wilting a bit to suggest that the Rajapksas want to speak with TNGTE and GFT.GFT in particular.

    Here are some interesting stats.

    Poverty in 2006/07 National North Central

    15,2 % 14,2%

    2010/2011 8.9% 5.7%

    Population Density current North Central 129 per KM2

    Southern 470 per KM2

    Regardless of the 125 Billion wealth of the diaspora,that one of its members was boasting about in a post here a few days ago, inhabitants of the Noerth Central region have impoved a lot.

    With the population density in the rest of the country buldging at the seam , separate land for the TNA to rule with its own police seems out of question and even out of disscussion, which Mr Sengutuan is eargerly anticipating.

    • 0

      K.A Sumanasekera

      How about talking to GTV?

  • 0

    K.A Sumanasekera says:

    “With the population density in the rest of the country buldging at the seam”

    Why don’t you people go home, Tamilnadu, Baluchistan, Sinhapura in Venga, or Bihar?

  • 0

    Reader Sumanasekera might educate himself the Rajapakses have already begun, for some months now, talking to the main actors in the Tamil Diaspora. There is nothing to feel bad about this. This is the way to go.


    • 0

      For sure.

      The upper classes with moolai who were sbjugated by lower class Prabakaran, are now desperate to get their former abodes back, in expensive Jaffna suburbs.

      With the Armed Forces handing back the properties in HZs, lower classes may put in claims to these abandoned real estate.

      Playboy types on the other hand are keen on Condos in Colombo 6.

      Apartments in Wellawatta where Tiger proxies left hundres behind,at one stage are now fetching 40 to 50 percent more than in 2011.

      That is pretty serious weath creation in comparison to zero returns on Diaspora savings.

      And that alone is a good reason for the Eelaam PM to find avenues to please these “Actors”.

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