20 April, 2024


Travails Of The UNP: Why Press The Leader To Select A Successor?

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“….to ask Ranil Wickremesinghe to name a successor is absurd. This is not the prerogative of a democratic leader, since successors must inevitably be named by the party men and women. For this to happen, the aspirant must prove himself and forge his way up as a true leader of men and resources. He must have the ticker for that. The situation must also be ripe for him and this is a most variable factor.”

Isn’t this a ridiculous suggestion made by UNP back benchers-or whoever others maybe?

LTTE’S Devastating Blow to Our Leadership

One of the most devasatating blows given by LTTE Supremo, Prabhakaran to our national polity is his destruction of some leaders of considerable potential in the United National Party-Gamini Dissanayake. Lalith Athulathmudali. Even GM Premachandra who went in the blast. Lalith Athulathmudali was my Minister when I was Additional Secretary, Higher Education and Premachandra was my Minister when I was Secretary Labour & Vocational Trainining. I hadn’t worked with Gamini Dissanayake but I have studied him. Ranasinghe Premadass was the last such capable leader to be balsted by the LTTE although he did have a short stint as President.

Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Managment of Adversity 

The party has since suffered terribly without any proper backers for its current leader, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. No politcal party leader is perfect;it is the expectation that other party members behind him will fill up for any defficiencies of the leader-covering up the latter all the time. This never did happen in respect of Ranil. In the many bad days and years in Opposition, Ranil had to face many tensions within the party, which had been then exposed to all kinds of manouvreings by the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Seventeen of his top ranking party MPs had been bought over to “to strengthen the hand of Mahinda Rajapaksa.” Ranil had two successive attempts in leadership challenge-one by Sajith Premadasa and the other by Karu Jayasuriya. Wickremasinghe was much more resillient material than his challengers thought he was and he trounced both attempts. He kept the Grand Old Party together over all the obstacles and impediments that a Party in Opposition in a country like Sri Lanka does experience. That was no mean achievement. He predicted a UNP win in 2015 even five years before that happened. And it happened, although under the restricted conditions of a persisting Executive President who can put in spokes in the wheel.


Yet, Ranil is there. Everybody in the Opposition kept the mantra go on that “Ranil is a loser.” He is no loser but a terribly tenacious guy. Wickremesinghe’s tenacity has some elements grounded in Buddhist attitudes. It was the Buddha who showed silence when useless questions had been pelted at him (Pottapada Sutta). Likewise, Ranil Wickremesinghe remains silent when sterile brickbats are hurled at him.His strong point is his emotional management. Daniel Goleman who popularised the concept of emotional management gave numerous illsutrations how it works in his seminal work, “Emotional Intelligence,” where this skill (he called it EQ) had been decisive in the success of great leaders of Corportaions. It was not so much IQ, stated Goleman; but EQ that’s crucial. I see Ranil as an embodiment of EQ. People around him will call him names and shout at him but he managers to keep silent and cool and things happen to him. Not ruffled by blame or even praise, Ranil Wickremasinghe is the wise man in the Dhammapada.

I think the concerns of the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party are also concerns for the nation.Both these groups of political forces have been at the backbone of our democratic stability.  It is in the interests of our nation to preserve these major parties. Democratic Parliamentary politics is essentially bipolar with an electorate that tends to swing periodically one way or the other. Third political forces find it an uphill task to break through this syndrome.Sri Lanka saw this with the old Left, which since cuddled up with the major parties. England has witnessed this and so has Australia with their respective Conservative and Labour Parties. Even the American non-Parliamentary set up sways between the Republicans and Democrats. Desirable or not this is the logic of the electorate.

The UNP, in particular, has been in real terms the Grand Old Party-the Master Party that has been responsible for most of the development work in our economy thus far. Beginning with the Gal Oya Development, numberless colonization schemes were establishe by the party since DS Senanayake’s State Council days- Minneriya, Kawdivulawewa, Giritale and so many. The colonization of the dry zones had been one of the great landmark achievements of our country. In education, we had the Maha Vidyalayas and Madyamaha Vidyalas. More recently, we had the Free Trade Zones, Garment Factories and the Mahweli Development Scheme. These were mostly UNP achievements. It is necessary that this party be intact and strong with new young leaders coming up to enrich it and take it forward.

How Leaders Emerge

The concerns of backbenchers, therefore, for leadership development are fair without doubt. On the other hand, my question is why place the responsibility of bringing up a new leadership rung rest soley on the party leader?

I began this piece with mention of the strong leadership rung of the UNP  that had been liquidated by the LTTE  intentionally. The leaders mentioned were those who forged their way largely alone by their sheer political skills and effort. They weren’t creations of any Party leader. Anyone with leadership potential and political will naturally find his or herself in this way. He must carve the path for himself and be creative at that. There is no template path for this as “paths are made by walking.” Witness Lalith’s idea of building the Mahapola project to the people. Witness Premadasa’s idea of the Gam Udawa. President JR did not ask them to do that. The idea occurred in their own minds and the spirit and will was there in them to show. Take the case of Premadasa. He began amidst social handicaps-unfairly considered as of low birth. Yet, by sheer dint of will, self-push, innovation and hard work Premadasa was able to reach the top echeleons of the UNP during an era when that party was known as a feudally-biased one.None could stop Premadasa’s meteoric rise. His son, Sajith, seems to think that power must fall into his lap and he seems waiting for that. A father’s laurels aren’t enough. I don’t see any other leader at this point in time who can command the heights of the United National party. Sarath Fonseka comes to mind but he is relatively junior in the party unless he could conquer that handicap, as Premdasa did, and get to the top. There are other very young leaders who need time.


In this context, the cry for Ranil Wickremesinghe to back out is unrealistic and undesirable. Ranil is still capable of leadership even with his obvious faults-poor communication, poor PR and so on. The Opposition knows this only too well and this is why they have been gunning for Ranil Wickremesinghe.

On the other hand, to ask Ranil Wickremesinghe to name a successor is absurd. This is not the prerogative of a democratic leader, since successors must inevitably be named by the party men and women. For this to happen, the aspirant must prove himself and forge his way up as a true leader of men and resources. He must have the ticker for that. The situation must also be ripe for him and this is a most variable factor.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    The racist Don Stephen first disenfranchised the Up country Tamils. Then Solomon West Ridgeway Dias brought Sinhala Only. He conducted the 1956. The he and JR conducted the 1958. JR did 1977 and 1983. Out of 22 A grade schools of that time, 20 was in North only two, Royal-Thomniian were in Colombo. Then standardization, colonization of their lands, 1972 & 1978 Constitutions, 6th amendment, 18th amendment…. 19th Amendment…. to reduce their democratic power…. If the Murderous Sinhala politicians did not commit these murders, Ceylon still will be teaching Singapore how to build a nation.

    It is sad these guys are only looking at retaliatory murders of murderous Gamini, and Richard P. (Athtulath Muthali was murdered by Gamini and Richard P) But in the last three years alone, the country has been put by the Yahapalanaya UNP, at a risk comparable to Syria. Their capacity is not there to foresee those things. The funny thing is by taking back Dole’s land or refusing the Medical ship to treat the Eastern Province patience and sending back that ship, or calling back the ambassador may sweep this risk under the carpet. But these termites, like said in Tamil saying thinking if the rain has not fallen they would have built their hill to the sky.

    Live and let live is not for Sinhala Leaders.

    • 6

      Well said Mallaiyuran.

      These so called Politicians of Srilanka are not fit to be Politicians or Statesmen, but to be the Thieves and Murderers of Srilanka under the notion of Paranoia ” Ape Aanduwe.”
      But the result of this Murderous ” Slogan Apeh Aanduwe ” is the essence of disaster of a nation once upon a time stood up against the other Asian countries with top class Education with Brains of eminent scholars.
      70 years of Gutter Politics have destroyed everything.
      Nothing to boast about.
      Take ” Mirissa” for its notoriety ! Men believes the foreign women are for only one thing!!
      That’s the kind of Education provided by the State/ Private Schools of SL .
      Male chauvinism at its best.
      They are the judge, jury and Law of the country which is rotten to core.
      We are ok Machangs!!
      We’ve got money, we’ve got Buddhism, we’ve got the law in our hand ,
      but they don’t or will ever realise that they are the cause too for the deterioration of this once perfect nation.
      Why ? Oh! Why?

      UNP/ RWs cousin Ruwan’s idea of ” Reawakening of Buddhism ” in SL a disastrous game plan waiting to destroy UNP in the next election.

      Why Stupid ??
      They certainly will lose all the minority votes in the next election.

      GUESS WHO would capitalise ?? Would be Plain sailing for the PAST MURDEROUS FAMILY AND THEIR CRONIES.
      for our country.
      We await in silence after giving them the mandate to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY .

      No light still at the end of the tunnel after 70 years of this cursed nation still crying for more Blood to drain.

    • 2

      in Sri Lanka that rape could be indulged in and completely senseless murders committed, all in the name of race and religion. As it is there is too much vandalism and conflagrations in the name of saving Buddhism, by the very ones who are shaming and destroying it.

    • 5

      MAllaiurin: wWOW, Amazing. Tamils had 20 of the 22 best schools in Sri lanka. Sinhala suburbrs did not have any Best schools. Out of the two best schools that Colombo had none was for middle class children or for children of communists . Two best schools were for children of Aristocrats, Middle eastern rich, and none were from communist parents. CBK had been negative even with buddhist schools of Ananda and Nalanda which are not A grade schools. Because theose schools Are mostly buddhists. While Two other schools are for catholics and protestants, even the B grade two schools are also for protestants and buddhists now. TAMILS ARE CRYING FOR NOT GETTING ORUMITHTHANADU BY PABAKARAN.

  • 2

    All those potential UNP Leaders whom Mr Jayasinghe mentioned and Mr Piraaparan bumped off had one thing in common.
    They were all real Sinhala Buddhist UNPers.
    Unlike the Kid from Keselwatta and his father whom Mr Jayasinghe mentioned as low birth , those potential leaders had the breeding to go with the UNP which is the party of the Rich Anglicans and Sinhala Buddhists at that time.
    Now it has changed with the Wahabis and the Vellalas becoming the power factions under Dr Ranil. .
    After Dr Ranil took over, the Kid in fact took refuge in Hambantota permanantly because the Kid knew he has Buckly’s of leading the UNP.
    Although he recently said to the Media that he is willing to even clean the rooms at the Srikotha if he is ordered to do so.
    Dr Ranil hand picked Hirunickers from the neighboring patch to Keselwatta to get the UNP supporters under control..
    But she is now pissed that Dr Ranil is staying put.
    Young Sujeeva who thinks he is bred to rule, is now so desperate that he is threatening to stand for the Prez gig, if Dr Ranil comes to contest in 2020..
    The only other young blood Dr Ranil hand picked as potential leadership material , is young Senarathna
    He is still backing the uncle one hundred percent. beside Field Marshall Ponny as my mate Mally calls him..
    Will they be the next and the one after to lead the mighty UNP.
    BTW wonder who cleaned the rooms when Akila moved in and Sagala moved out?…..

    • 3

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “All those potential UNP Leaders whom Mr Jayasinghe mentioned and Mr Piraaparan bumped off had one thing in common.”

      The jury is still out on cases of kesselwatte man Premadasa and Lalith Dirty Barrel Bomb Mudali. Great leaders are entrusted with great moral and ethical responsibilities. I still wonder how cheap racist void of any moral courage were/are being elected to top jobs.

      The highly educated Barrel Bomb Mudali blew up a local difficulty into an international crisis by bringing USA, UK and Israel into the conflict. All three countries did what could be done at the time. USA supplied second hand helicopters which were used to drop dirty barrel bombs from over innocent people, brought in Shin Bet, Mosad founding of STF …………. and hired Keenie Meenie Services of UK a bunch of Mercenaries to fight members of Bata Slipper wearing baby brigade, flying helicopters, training potentia war criminals, ………………. Perhaps he wanted to show his virility. He is another unhappy man found solace in unethical alliances and unethical counter terrorism measures which exacerbated ” storm in a tea cup” in to a regional conflict lasting over 30 years and inviting Hindians to grope our people.

      The other crook and arsonist and public racist Dutta Gamani was well known for theft, arson, racism, ………….. By the way he was the Hindia’s man in Sri Lankan cabinet.

      If these two were gentlemen Educated as lots of people believe they were both could have stopped 1983 riots and saved many lives by anticipating and purging the party of undesirables. However for narrow political advantages ………. they colluded and participated in the destruction of the island.

      You are right both were Sinhala/Buddhists public racists who mislead and destroyed the rest of the people including, Sinhalese, Buddhists, Tamils, Hindus, Muslims, ….

      • 2

        Dear Native,
        Sorry if I pushed up your Blood Pressure .
        No use telling me mate
        I have nothing to do with the UNP blokes or even birds, whether they are Racists, Sinhala Buddhists or Sinhala Catholics.
        60 % of the 75 % of them are struggling to get a fair go under Dr Ranil’s Yahapalanaya.
        Thousands of poor inhabitants still travel on old Galle Road , even when they have to go to Colombo to take their kids to Hospitals..
        They have to get roasted in old CTB buses for 3 to 4 hours because they can’t pay that 400 Bux for UNP mudalalis Luxury buses.
        Did you hear about the 131 Refugees on their way to seek Asylum in Australia.
        I thought they are from Somaliyawa, or Syriyawa or Yemanaya .
        Guess what mate , they are all from Dr Ranil’s Yahapalana Lankawa….
        BTW , why is your idol, the Vellala Kid says he won’t allow any Buddhist Temples in the North or the South.
        And it has been his position since 2011..
        Pity Dr Ranil didn’t make him the Minister of Reconciliation…

        • 2

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “60 % of the 75 % of them are struggling to get a fair go under Dr Ranil’s Yahapalanaya.”

          “They have to get roasted in old CTB buses for 3 to 4 hours because they can’t pay that 400 Bux for UNP mudalalis Luxury buses.”

          So there is no change in the last 70 years.
          BTW why don’t you ask the rulers /clan who occupied almost all the top jobs from 2005 to 2015?

          “Did you hear about the 131 Refugees on their way to seek Asylum in Australia.”

          Yes I read somewhere 131 refugees are fleeing from Sri Lanka. It appears the out flow never stopped.

          “BTW , why is your idol, the Vellala Kid says he won’t allow any Buddhist Temples in the North or the South.”

          Why do you need more Buddhist temples when the old ones are empty even on Poya days? What was the purpose of such Vihares? Are they going to be the ceremonial centers of Sinhala/Buddhist authority? Is the army trying to bury skeletons by building Vihares over the pits? Did Sirisena promise the Mahasangha that he would create more opportunities and jobs for Mahasangha’s aggressive, idling unemployed unemployable …….. monks?

          • 0

            Dear Native,
            Don’t know what Emil Aiya is on about.
            Dr Ranil has been trying to F**** Rajapaksa since 2005 , after the Cousin did it to Dr Ranil, when Dr Ranil got the Gig to be PM in a UNP Government.
            And denied Dr Ranil’s only chance to give his mate Pirahaparan, the Homeland..
            And Dr Ranil now has say to Adios without getting the chance of fulfilling his life long dream of following in the foot steps of Uncle Junius to be a President.
            With the SLFP 16 now sitting on the Opposition benches, Sillysena seems to have got an erection.
            Now Sira wants to do it again in 2020.
            Poor Dr Ranil must be feeling gutted.
            Just imagine when Silly starts spilling the beans about Dr Ranil’ and his 3 or 4 Cabinet thieves’ underhand deals.
            Anyway your idol Vellala Kid Abraham now denies ever saying that.
            He only said there shouldn’t be Viharas in areas where there are no Buddhists.
            You Native, seem to resonate with the Kid
            And he is going to sue the pants off the reporter .
            Do you think our Judges are at least as half smart as this Vella Kid.
            Galle, my home town has 3 Kovilas along a 500 meter stretch…..
            Do they have any Hindus there Native?.

            • 1

              KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

              “And denied Dr Ranil’s only chance to give his mate Pirahaparan, the Homeland..”

              Instead your brethren VP sold his services to Dr Mahinda (LLD + 3 X PhD) for a neat sum about Rs 185 Mill. Dr Mahinda and his clan took over the state lock stock and barrel.

              “Just imagine when Silly starts spilling the beans about Dr Ranil’ and his 3 or 4 Cabinet thieves’ underhand deals.”

              Now Sirisena is very much the next presidential candidate for the next elections. You would not know how the votes are going to split. Hang on you got another 24 months.

              Anyone can be as smart as the next person as long as they remained honest, spoke truth, ….. In your case you have no chance at all.

              I would be happy if we didn’t have Vihares, Temples, Churches, Mosques,…….. These are side shows people don’t want.

              • 0

                Dear Native.
                You are right on the money about Silly being the Candidate again in 2020.
                Did Silly sent the 16 to do a deal with the Pohottuwa?
                Listening to Silly yesterday , we are now High Income .
                Even our poor Preggies get LKR 2000 for Yahapalana Nourishment.

                What has Dr Ranil done besides giving his Royal mate and SIL 11 Billion.
                Jackack shit .
                But if Dr Ranil puts the hand up . Silly will be in big shit.
                Because your Vellala mates and the Wahabis will have a clear choice.
                Do you think Sampathar and the Kid can get their Homeland if Dr Ranil scores?…
                Also can you tell me how much those UNP chicks pay for the Cocktails in Colombo for Yahapalana Nourishment?…

                • 1

                  “What has Dr Ranil done besides giving his Royal mate and SIL 11 Billion.
                  Jackack shit .”

                  First try and be sensible. There is no way one could make 11Billion over night by fiddling bond schemes. If you exaggerate the loss then the ordinary people are going to find out how to fiddle bond issues give it a go. Once they find out they are going to come after you. Be careful with your own b***ls.

                  Of course he had withstand pressure from outside and inside to have independent investigation into war crime and defrauding the state’s coffer and deflected the focus with massive help from Mangla. Now the clan is completely free from all “allegations”. What else did you want.

                  In other words Dr Mahinda’s b***s are safe until the next elections. So are Gota’s. But then I cannot guarantee yours.

                  • 0

                    Dear Native,
                    What you ought to worry about is your idol Dr Ranil’s..
                    Soon his own one time boys will have Dr Ranil’s for brekky, if they get done in 2020.
                    Which is most likely.
                    Baiya MPs in the UNP are shit scared already to go to their rural patches except your mate, Keselwatta Kid. who is safe, thanks to his Old Man’s Testamentary Trust.
                    Old Man must have raked in a lot too, like Dr Ranil’s current mates have done.
                    I am with you mate, about Sillysena’s chances, which is looking better and better each day .
                    Mahanana tried to fleece one of your Hindains and got caught badly.
                    But Silly used it to his full advantage. How clever.
                    Compare that to what your buddy Dr Ranil did with the ex Royal treasure hunter from Singapore. and his loot.
                    Dr Ranil even allowed the Singaporean’s SIL to buy the MS brewery.

      • 0

        Native Vedda: I heard you went looking for a job, as a journalsit in the middle east as well as in the western hemisphere. You di dnot fimd something, live in Galkissa, Negombo area, sold even your jewellery. Were you writig for LTTE. I heard LTTE is waiting to come back. Weapon suppliers are now saying the weapons are old and buy new ones. Because LTTE might come. I heard the politician from Attahnagalla says the same thing.

        • 1

          Jim softy dimwit

          ” I heard LTTE is waiting to come back.”

          Dr Mahinda (LLD + 3 X PhD), Dr Gota (DSc), Basil (10%, 20%, 30%), Dayan, Wimal, Dinesh, ……………………………desperately need LTTE and VP.

          I am told there is no cure for paranoia.

  • 3

    Mr. shyamon Jayasinghe: did you read one news report says that there was a former VVIP, a politician was behind the Sugar factory selling deal. It looks they lowered the price in order to buy it 20% for the Indian manufacturer and 80% for the VVIP whose son had money. HE had lanundered money which he got through now legitimized rule book because of RaviK and Ranil Yahapalanaya. On the otherhand, Ranil says not me, MY3 and some one else may had had a deal.

  • 7

    ranil has no right to choose a successor.It his not his party.Same as JRJ had no right to choose a sucessor when he was thinking whether to appoint gamini or lalith and preme got wind of it and went to his ward place residence and arguing and arguing would not leave until mrs.JRJ said that her husband was tired and to leave.This was what brought about the leadership clash and lalith and gamini leaving the UNP.

    IF JRJ had just said that a election will be held by all members of the UNP to vote for their first preference and nobody is to put up their hands as candidates, then party unity would have been maintained and the guys who lost would have gone back and sulked a bit only because they know it was a fair process.So don’t repeat that mistake and ask ranil to choose.get the members to vote including for ranil.

  • 2

    Ranil refused to let Chandrika sign for ICC. That is his Smart Patriotic service for the nation. Lankawe is planning to pull out of UNHRC, UN. It is said Ranil for long committed to have Mangala removed from FAM & gave it to Tilak. Now it is stopped appointing Ambassador to USA. It may be because of the Tangling on Jaliya. From the time Jagath ran with one shoe to airport, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia does have Ambassador. After Russia blackmailed with the rice bug infesting tea, Russia doesn’t have one. After Brigadier Goon was forced out of Britain, there is none. Based on obscure Colombo Media, there were heated exchanges or stern reply from Ranil to American Ambassador in December. We heard the same took place between New King and PM Modi, in January. Earlier, in his visit to Last year’s Vesak, Modi kicked on the butt of Old King, whom, when went to meet Modi. Old Royals’ acolytes proposed to show black Flag o Modi when he came to Lankawe. Recently some congressmen were discussing the Kandy Riot under heading of “Anti-Muslim Pogrom in Sri Lanka”. Sri Lankan Chief of Staff (No ambassador there) sternly warned the Congressmen discussing those matters and even by inadvertently “wedging” between Muslims and Sinhalese. Navi Pillay-Mervyn is everywhere.
    Ponny has said New King worked against him in offering the Law and order Minister. This may cost him his Sports ministry as it is said New King is very mad on him about it. Ravi released the Russian Ship deal of New Royal Family. Ravi was denied any position at all in the new cabinet though he would be never found any guilty of any crime. Unlike Old Royals, who were paying very high fees for British & American PR firms, though they occasionally draw sleazy pictures of Jayalalitha to show the displeasure on her, neglected the outside criticisms and condoned them. But the New Royals and Ranil are on tit for that.

  • 2

    [to ask Ranil Wickreamasinghe to name a successor is absurd]

    True he don’t have any children to pass the job to.

  • 5

    Why press the leader to do ANYTHING ? Can he do anything? All he can say is “we will do this, we will do that “and then go to sleep. He promised to make SL the technological hub of Asia! In his dreams of course. The man is a total write off.
    Why did he not have the usual May Day procession a good opportunity to lambast the Rajapakses? No one was willing to join the procession.as it is a disgrace now to show any affiliation to the UNP which is nothing but a gang of robbers. Has Shameless asked his hero why he has not said anything about Mahendran now a fugitive from justice?
    Public support for the UNP has been reduced to a few anonymous but paid hacks who contribute their piffle to websites.

  • 3

    Mr. shyamon Jayasinghe: YOur beloved Ranil has hit another milestone. Read this “As recently as last week, a local politicians questions a dubious transaction amounting Rs. 25mn given a high priest in Kandy as part payment to obtain land to construct a cricket campus in the hill country. ” Even though this news reports come this way. IT is said that money to Kiriella to build this Cricket Campus when there is a Stadium suitable for Cricket. – Ranil says Itis not Ranil, MY3 gave it to Kiriella. A part goes to Kirileela and he may paint the Already available ground.

  • 1

    I heard te SAMPATH Bank is taken into the govt books because the Sampath Bank had given a Loan to some called “PODI SINNO” and is bankrupt. The son of the one who got the Loan may have grand children for RaviK.

  • 1

    the Podi Sinno may be a son of KMD silva. HE says that chanting Pirith and pirith nool are useless and not to do that.

  • 5

    A great deal of hot air over very little, really. There is no doubt that the upper echelons of the UNP were decimated with the killing of Dissanayake, Athulathmudali, Premadasa and co. However, a political entity that has been described (without apology to the Republican Party of the Excited States of Amnesia) as the Grand Old Party, should have and could have renewed itself over the many years since those assassinations. The reason that they didn’t was that, particularly under the direction of Ranil Wickremesinghe, it became a party of simple opportunism sans even a vestige of principle. Look at those around Ranil in the upper echelons of the UNP today and yesterday: every one of them has a very cosy personal and/or political relationship with the Rajapaksa junta.
    While one would be naive to expect overriding considerations of principle to prevail in a liberal democratic party, one could, at least, expect a hypocritical adherence to those principles.
    If you don’t accept the preceding, take a good look at the UNP hierarchy and their relationships with the Rajapaksa lot today and yesterday!

    • 2

      Mr. Pooten: Ranil appointed all Colombo Royal College political bureau plus one from Meegowuwa. So, MAithripala Sirisena is going to appoint a politica Beruau all from Polonnaruwa Maha vidayalaya plus a Bhikky from the same bible belt area but knows only to prey with Jayamangala Gatha.

    • 2

      Emil van der Poorten

      Both parties and respective supporters had run out of ideas long time ago, perhaps they never had any.

      Before after 1956 both partys have been relying on competitive racism for their own survival and election victory.

      In order to provide all individuals large pieces the Chef has to bake a very large cake. Instead of egalitarian principles Racism and Corruption help allocate scarce resources and skewed benefits simply because under a parochial state ordinary people are not free to think differently create an affluent society and share wealth and power equitably.

  • 4

    RW as described by Shyamon J is an ideological leader who can do no fault in whatever he does.
    However, it is impossible for Shyamon who is living in the UK, and pretending to authour his articles as if he was living in Sri Lanka, to visualize and know the ground realities.

    RW is a TOTAL Failure, and he should not have any place either in the government or his own party, the UNP, and it is that simple.

    Complications have arisen since RW has being manipulating the Internal dynamics of the UNP for so long., and most frustrating is that none of the back bench UNPers though sounding the alarm, have not carried the flare to the end.

    I was a member of the UNP think tank in the pat, but I’ve had the bitter experience of RW totally rejecting the strategic options we’d put forward for the party after many hours of deliberation just after a mere glace of our proposals.
    That is how stubborn, and knowledged that RW think he is. And with the likes of Malik S, Akila K, and Sagala R on his bedside, I don’t expect him to listen to anybody else, either within the UNP or from any strategic think tank.

    Yet again, I’ve got info that Sagala has crossed his small fingers with RW for appointing Akila K as the party secretary.
    However, such crossing of small fingers is part and parcel of he Royal Community, and I’m sure RW will make mends with Sagala R in the near future.

    Also this is not the first (or the last) that Sagala R whilst ignoring RW, hasvrun back home to Deniyaya over such little arguments of disagreement.

    Such incidents are classic examples of teenage love affairs.

  • 3

    I just watched the SLFP may day rally. Utter failure and they are sure to be beaten in the next elections to fourth place

    • 3

      SLFP is a dead horse; so is it’s jockey Patholaya ;It’s time to stop flogging it.
      UNP can be revived with a new leader; there is no shoe in leader for the UNP at the moment: but a democratically elected leader in an open convention could be a shoe in winner.
      It’s not late for the current leadership of the UNP to change the current “rules” and have an open convention with many candidates for the leadership contest to choose the next “President” of S L democratically.
      GO for it!

  • 2

    Thank you for highlighting the lack of Democracy since Minister Lalith was assassinated.

    All LTTE calling the shots, if you excuse the pun.

  • 2

    MAithripala sirisena has Said that there is enough people in the Sri lankan Air line management to fill the labour shortage in the Agricultural sector (paddy fields).

    • 1

      Way to go , Jimmy!
      So you can write sense when you want to?

  • 2

    I think there was a severe lack of information exchange. MY3 had OKEd ciaboc to investigate a humongous corruption case in progress. At the same time, Two his best employees has taken the bribe.Were they stupid to count in the car park or they were too confidant that nowadays they would go untouched. Why did they want to devidie the bribe to different portions. IT says Daham Sirisena and Piyadzasa dissnayake son had some involvement. Anyway, president found it only later, IT looks, So, No information is coming out.
    Anyway, Daham sirisena doe snot like to do anything. MY3 was for sometime thinking what to do with Daham. HE is not capable of even running a farm successfully. My3 Knows it. Some how Daham was in the May dAY Rally stage in a Arya-sinhala suit. So, expect fresh blood in the next five year cabinet. Cabinet reshuffle had 114 ministers. Winning nunber is 113. I heard there is a B list too.
    Why MAhinda Rajapakse is very silent about the above case (Ranil says MY3 did it) and has a or bought a house in NORRIS ROAD. He may have tried to buy the Hingurana for his son “because he wanted to do something for my son, with his son’s money. before I die”. Brothers will look after the advancement when he is no more.

  • 2

    Ranil has promised the BTF, and GTF that he would release all the incarcerated LTTE caders. but, TNA had ssid do not release, they would kill us if they come out. MY3 says he gave the same promise to BTF./GTF. anyway, Northern Tamils do not like PRisoners released.

  • 2

    Mr. Jayasinghe
    To use cricketing parlance , he is a highly over rated captain with a very poor strike rate . When he does come to the crease, he often fails to trouble the scorer . Meanwhile , our International ranking is down to an all time low , with top foreign teams refusing to tour as our playing fields are grossly uneven .

  • 0

    Sinhala Attendant in Colombo to Jaffna train who verbally abused a Tamil lady passenger and threatened other Tamil passengers intervened on her behalf is the best person to lead UNP. Shyamon Aiya should consider him as Ranil’s successor.

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    In Social Media the former Maname Pothe Gura Shyamon is depicted as new Martin Wickramasinghe. Quite right as this tile befits this Great Writer Shyamon so well. Go Shyamon Go.

  • 0

    I have read Shyamon;s and Dayan J (Silva’s) articles. I can say Shyamon is 100 times better,

  • 0

    Shyamon Aiye please consider of moving back to Sri Lanka, we desperately need people like you in this country.

  • 0

    If Shyamon moves back to Sri Lanka! Oh what a feeling!!! Our best writer ever, we will come to the airport to welcome him with abundance of garlands.

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