17 May, 2022


Trump’s War Against Iran

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Donald Trump and the US military-industrial-media-academic-congress-complex (MIMACC) with support from the Saudi Regime and Benjamin Netanyahu has virtually declared war on Iran by raising the possibility of unilaterally abrogating the internationally agreed nuclear deal signed in 2015. This has obviously embarrassed the US allies, isolated the superpower and above all rekindled the anti-US and nationalistic sentiments in Iran on which that nation’s conservative Mullacracy thrives.

The roots of this anti-US sentiments in Iran go back to the early 1950s when the CIA successfully engineered a coup to topple Dr. Mossadeq’s democratically elected government and to bring back the puppet Shah to the Peacock throne.  From then on and until Obama’s equally successful nuclear deal Iran-US relations had been topsy-turvy to say the least. To keep Iran calm and friendly is an asset to minimise troubles in the volatile Middle east and to stabilise the oil market at affordable price to the consumers.

However, successive US administrations seem to have never come to grips with the Shia mindset that has historically demonstrated a rabid intolerance towards oppression and outside interference in domestic affairs. The current Iranian regime came to power in 1979 by exploiting that mind set and calling the U.S. “the Great Satan” and the U.S embassy a “den of thieves”. Yet, the presidential elections of 2009 showed a rising wave of discontent against the Islamic regime. Even though the Green Movement that started that year was a civil rights movement provoking nationwide demonstrations against the regime, planted the seeds for the Arab Spring two years later and sent shock waves to the Mullahs, the regime’s survival was secured only after indiscriminate slaughter of the opponents by the security forces and vigilantes. Even now there is serious discontent against the current rulers in Iran and given time a regime change towards a more democratic rule is inevitable. Obama administration must have singularly read the situation accurately and wanted to normalise U.S-Iran relations so that a regime change in the future will occur spontaneously without outside interference. The internationally agreed nuclear deal was the outcome of that realisation.

Now, an unpredictable and a sociopath Donald Trump in pandering to the wishes of a tiny elite that thrives on selling weapons of mass destruction and waging wars internationally is now trying to jeopardise a hard won peace device. The allies are naturally embarrassed and their refusal to support Trump will isolate the superpower. Like the proverbial bull in the China shop this man is bent on destroying every positive achievement made previously.  His opposition to the Obamacare, withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, withdrawal from UNESCO and now the abrogation of the Iran Nuclear Deal are demonstrations of Trump’s cyclonic path of destruction.    

From the point of view of the unpopular Iranian regime however Trump’s anti-Iranian rhetoric will provide a golden opportunity not only to rekindle the traditional anti-US and aggressive nationalist sentiment but also to resume the nuclear program. If a war is to be declared by the US eventually the Middle East volatility will certainly worsen with the Shia in Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia rising in support of Iran and causing irreparable damage to an already sensitive sectarian balance. All this will favour the conservative Mullahs in Iran who will continue to remain in power, thanks to Donald Trump.

As a final note, Iran is also closely watching Trump’s empty rhetoric against North Korea. It is that nation’s potential nuclear threat that is keeping the US war mongers away from indulging in any rash military action.  It was also by surrendering the nuclear weapon preparations that Ghaddafi became an easy prey to NATO and US attacks. It was the destruction of the nuclear reactor by Israel that made Saddam Hussain totally powerless in the face of the US invasion. Trump’s latest war mongering is clearly sending a message to other nations that if they want peace let them prepare for war.    

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  • 5

    I firmly support Trump with his war on Iran. I have personally experienced so much hate and discrimination at the hands of Muslims in the West, yet the media has predominantly focused on portraying Muslims as the underdog.

    I would enjoy a military attack on Iran to counter some of these racist tendencies that have developed in western culture. I certainly do not think that the West should accept them as refugees, but instead do more to work against placing Indians as 2nd class.

    The media needs to work on supporting Non-Muslim Indians AGAINST Muslims, and firmly stop trying to prevent the “othering” of Muslims vis-a-vis Non-Muslim Indians. I should not have to worry about inferiority to a Muslim.

    • 12

      That is a racist reason to attack any country. Which troll farm do you make comments from? Modi’s or Netanyahu’s?

    • 8

      Hello Muthal,
      So you are now happy with Sinhala discrimination against you?

      • 0

        Sinhalese do not discriminate heavily against Tamils. The majority of discrimination have evaporated as time has gone by and the elderly have died off.

        I notice that Tamils and Sinhalese generally get along in schools and universities. I realize that Sinhalese and Buddhists are in a situation where they need more support than Tamils who have TN.

        I agree that the situation with human rights on the island is dire, and that this needs strong reform. But the human rights record for sexual minorities is the most concerning.

        • 0

          Are you by any chance also known as Menna Aththa/ Lankaputhra/ Aththa Menna? Your logic sounds familiar.
          How are things at the asylum dear?

    • 3

      I think yo are talking abouth- muslims. Both muslims and Indians are definitely very ambitious and may be fighting for the same resources.

    • 2

      Muthal Ganesan

      1. “I firmly support Trump with his war on Iran.”

      That is because of poor general knowledge and low IQ, a characteristic of the Paras.

      2. “I have personally experienced so much hate and discrimination at the hands of Muslims in the West,”

      You were experiencing discrimination from the Saudi Wahhabi-Salafis and their clones. Much more severe discrimination is melted out to other Muslims, especially, Shia, Ahmedia and Sufis by the Wahhab-Salafis, and they are frequently killed. Just check the activities of ISIS, an off shoot of Wahhabi-Salafism.

      3. “yet the media has predominantly focused on portraying Muslims as the underdog.”

      It was the Sykes Picot agreement and later the advent of neo-American imperialism, that pops up dictatorships, such as in Iran.

      Muthal Ganesan, do you believe that stupidity is a virtue, a characteristic of the Paras? Just curious, if you were an exception.

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    “The roots of this anti-US sentiments in Iran go back to the early 1950s when the CIA successfully engineered a coup to topple Dr. Mossadeq’s democratically elected government “
    Even earlier, in 1942, Iran was occupied and divided between Russia and the West, because the Shah was pro- German. If all this colonial intervention had not happened, Iran might have been a prosperous more or less secular state like Turkey. Much of the world’s current problems can be attributed to Western actions in the Middle East, including the creation of Israel.
    The idiot Trump screams about Iran while being blind to Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

    • 4

      Good point. Israel has not signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, but Iran has.

  • 10

    If America’s enemies wanted to destroy that nation, all they had to do is, make sure a narcissistic man, whose qualifications were organizing beauty pageants, and taking part in reality shows, was put into the White House. A man who spends his time getting revenge on those who criticize him, by going on twitter rants, and making thuggish speeches. No president can be successful if their mind set is still in reality show mode.
    He has claimed he knows “more than all the Generals”, and that “he alone can fix it”, so far he has failed miserably, unable to pass any legislation, despite his party being the majority in congress. He spends his time golfing instead of trying to help Americans in Puerto Rico, and every day he tries to destroy the legacy of the previous president, by gutting his healthcare bill, and undoing all the safeguards put in place to protect the environment.
    Now he is doing the bidding of the warmonger Netanyahu, who seems to be hell bent on getting the US, to attack yet another Arab nation, which will cost more American lives, and thousands of Iranian lives. Netanyahu has tried all the tricks in the book, including holding up cartoon bombs, in his bid to bomb Iran, and kill more Muslims.

    It seems Israel wants to be the only kid in the block with shiny toys (nuclear weapons). What hypocrisy.


  • 4

    Israel and Saudi Arabia will egg US on. With a man suffering from Dunning-Kruger syndrome, anything is possible. Iran does foment trouble a bit with their backing of Hezbollah etc and previously they had threatened Israel. Saudi Wahabi Arabs look at Shia Persians as their enemy and “apostates” Saudis control US policy in many ways because of Energy ties. Saudis were mad at Obama for orchestrating the deal. Iran needs to tone down their belligerence too. But yes it is dangerous for Iran. Iran is the closest thing to a democracy in the Middle-East besides Israel. When it was a US puppet during the cold war, it had relations with Israel too. Iran has never attacked another nation. Iraq aided and abetted by US with Kissinger, attacked them and there was a 9 year war that cost over a million lives and ended in a stalemate. US will do its best to intervene.

    US has secret bases in Saudi Arabia very close to their holy sites; they stockpile weapons in those places. Iran was always a target for US imperialism. Libya was destroyed and next is Iran.. Iran has a higher civilization than Arab Saudis.

    They have a long history of civilization that Arab Saudis do not have. Iran does not have a death wish. They are cultured people and women have more freedoms than in Saudi Arabia. But they also need to stop wanting to destroy Israel. That will never happen. Israel and US prefer weak Mid-Eastern Muslim nations. In that goal with the know nothing clueless Booruwa as President they will use lies and Gulf of Tonkin like falsehoods to start a war.

    • 4

      I agree with most of what you said, but when it comes to threatening Israel, visually you see Israel doing most of the threatening, from cartoon bombs at the UN, to various Israeli leaders, including Rabbis threatening and praying for Iran’s destruction:
      “JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An influential Israeli rabbi has called for prayers for Iran’s destruction, a week after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to court his support for a possible attack on a nuclear programme Israel sees as an existential threat.”

      No side is faultless.

  • 6

    I think it is more to do with Sauidi and Israel influence that trigger Trump to tune as they wants ..
    Iran is clear enough to deal with it ..unlike stupidity of Saudi Iranians are more rational and logical..to deal with ..
    What Saudi has done to Muslim world ..destrcution upon destruction..

    • 4

      Lankan No 1

      “What Saudi has done to Muslim world ..destrcution upon destruction..”

      What do we have now? The Great Satan headed by Trump, and supported by two minor Satans, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who wants death and destruction.

      Al Azhar Scholar: ‘Wahhabism/Salafism is a Satanic Faith, the Horns of Satan’


    • 2

      Lankan No 1,

      “What Saudi has done to Muslim world ..destrcution upon destruction..”

      Are the Saudi Wahhabi-Salafis the stupidest Arabs? Any evidence for that? Circumstantial evidence from the Saudi Graduates who took the GMAT test compared to 172 other countries. They had the lowers GMAT scores.

      Quick Post: L&V’s National IQs predict GMAT scores across 173 nations


      The GMAT is a graduate entrance test used by more than 5,900 business programs offered by more than 2,100 universities worldwide. While the test is given in English, it is designed to be as minimally English dependent as necessary to predict successful completion of Business programs taught in English.

      The exam requires just enough English to allow us to adequately and comprehensively assess Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Integrated Reasoning skills…

      Regression Plot: The regression plot for GMAT scores and L&V’s (2012) Estimated National IQs is shown below.


      Wahhabi-Salafi Saudi Arabia at the bottom.

      What Saudi has the Devil, Data, Iblis following done to Muslim world ..destruction upon destruction.

  • 2

    Your analysis is wrong with respect to TRUMP. He came with different sets of ideas. Once he came, he found the the country is in shambles economcally, he can not change it. then the next only thing left is to side with the deepstate and make the voters forget their problems………… so, Iran, Nort Korea are their targets. but, IT won’t work. Probably, he informed North Korea leader saying this would be the game I am playing. YOu can see how funny are the statements what both the leaders are making. fortunately, IRan has its policy in place. russian help, now Chinese, are important.

  • 4

    Trump tried to portray himself as himself. He has been beaten into the shape palatable to arms manufacturers.
    Trump created panic in South Koreas and in Japan sighting the warmonger North Korea. He advised them to buy advanced defensive weapons.
    Trump is drumming the Iran threat to peace. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar is being told “Hurry
    up and buy more weapons”
    Ameer Ali, there is a method in this madness!

  • 2

    Dear Amrasiri ..
    I like your reading of Islamic literature and your path to see truth..finally; you said devil satan..
    It is all.evil of this world are done by saiyans..
    You do not to be Muslim/ Hindu/ Buddhist.
    Look at how evil Buddhists killed thousands of innocents Muslims in Burma and still they call themselves Buddhists..
    I think Lord Budha will hate these Buddhists today..
    Same like that Saudi too uses Islam.for its politics.
    Islam is free from.saudi Islam.
    Do you want to know what Saudi Islam.is ?.you know better than me ?
    Do.you know Iran Islam?
    It is little bit different from.sauidi Islam.but same like that..
    So if you want to read Islam.go onto true sources of Islam…
    Read.this book ..
    Towards understanding of Islam..
    Then I tell some more

    • 2

      Lankan No 03: what ever will happen ot IRam because that is what Allah’s wish. Are you saying not.

      • 2

        Jim softy the dimwit

        Is it Allah’s wish that you should continued to suffer from stupidity, ignorance, …………. creaking knees, …………Alien hand syndrome (AHS) ?

        Alien hand syndrome (AHS) or Dr. Strangelove syndrome

        A medical condition in which a person loses control of his or her hand, which starts to act independently.

        • 0

          NAtive Vedda Only when you write it is the truth and nothing but truth.. Keep on Braying.

          • 1

            Jim softy the dimwit

            “Keep on Braying.”

            Do you think by keep braying everything turn into truth?

    • 2

      Lankan No 03,

      “I think Lord Budha will hate these Buddhists today..”

      Buddha will recognize them as Mara followers and opportunists, including the so-called the Para-Sinhala “Buddhists”

      “Same like that Saudi too uses Islam.for its politics.”
      Hadith of Najd, clearly stated that the Wahhabi-Salafis are followers of Satan, Iblis.

      Hadith of Najd


      The Hadith of Najd is a famous hadith with several chains of narration about three geographical locations, one of which is prophesized to be the source of calamities. While all Sunni Muslims accept the group of hadith as authentic, the exact location of the area referred to as “Najd” is disputed.[according to whom? Wahhabies] Possible locations listed are the areas around Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

      “O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from there appears the Horn of Satan.”

    • 4

      Towards understanding islam by Maududi is very similar to the Saudi Wahabi Islam.

      The shia form of islam is not very well known to the western (and eastern) world.

      The book: Shia by an author named Tabatabai gives a beginner a good comparative study of the Sunni and Shia sects.

      However one must keep in mind that the Wahabis who are creating all these problems in the world now, are differant from form both shia and Sunni.

  • 1

    Trump, despite trying to portray himself as an anti-establishment President is in fact an establishment President, in particular in foreign affairs. He is part of the neocon wing of the establishment which was dominant during George W Bush’s years as President. The neocons were responsible for the disaster that was caused by the illegal invasion of Iraq and the subsequent instability in the region.
    For the neocons, regime change is the ultimate goal in Iran. For the neocons, the road to Tehran runs through Damascus and they were responsible for turning the peaceful uprising against Assad in 2011 into a violent attempt to overthrow Assad. Of course Assad helped to turn the conflict into a violent one too, dictators do that.
    Instead of admitting the disaster that they created in Iraq and defeat they are facing in Syria, the neocons together with their political brethren in Israel, PM Netanyahu’s government, are still bent on regime change in Iran.

  • 4

    Ameer Ali
    Your last and first statements give the background for all of Trumps shennigans!!

    “Trump’s latest war mongering is clearly sending a message to other nations that if they want peace let them prepare for war.”

    “Donald Trump and the US military-industrial-media-academic-congress-complex (MIMACC) with support from the Saudi Regime and Benjamin Netanyahu has virtually declared war”

    The only winners are the arms manufacturers and other capitalists. It is a pity most people are so dumb that they argue all around this point and take sides to assist the warmongers.

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