15 April, 2024


Truth, Lies & Mahinda Rajapaksa

By Sarath de Alwis –

Sarath De Alwis

The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has warned buyers of our national assets that he would review those deals when returned to power. 

He has asserted most forcefully, that the current government had no mandate to sell national assets. He has vehemently condemned the “authoritarian manner” adopted by the government in leasing out the sea port in Hambantota and the airport in Mattala – the outstanding national assets that he built for us after ending a debilitating war.  

Mahinda Rajapaksa is outstandingly non-moral. He does not utter false hoods. He does not speak the truth either. He manufactures facts. He is a strange creature, who lives in the world where knowledge exists on sufferance.

On reading the former president’s brave declarations in the print media the next day, this writer was reminded of that eloquent opening passage in Friedrich Nietzsche’s tract on “Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense.” 

Nietzsche opens his unravelling of truth and lies with a beautiful fable. 

‘Once upon a time, in some out of the way corner of that universe which is dispersed into numberless twinkling solar systems, there was a star upon which clever beasts invented knowing. 

That was the most arrogant and mendacious minute of “world history,” but nevertheless, it was only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths, the star cooled and congealed, and the clever beasts had to die.’ 

Nietzsche   devised the allegory to explain the conduct of humans such as our former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. Nietzsche then proceeds to explain how aimless and arbitrary human nature could turn out to be. 

Nietzsche’s allegory also explains how the theatre of truth unfolds in the human mind. The truth is only a part of the process of thinking and knowing. 

Hannah Arendt in recent memory helped us  resolve the conundrum of truth even better. In her incisive work ‘Life of the Mind she identifies the vital difference between thinking and knowing. “The need of reason is not inspired by the quest for truth but by the quest for meaning,”  

Undoubtedly the deep-sea port at Hambanthota is a national asset. By stretching our imagination to maximum permissible lengths, we may even label the Mattala airport as a national asset. They are however, assets acquired by heavy borrowing with the lenders breathing down our necks. 

This incoherent government has singularly failed to explain in simple common-sense language why we had to lease these two ‘national assets’ to ease our debt servicing burden.  

That allows our former President to excel in what he does best- manufacture of truth and fact. 

What is truth?  Nietzsche, the German philosopher dismantles truth in to identifiable components. Truth is “the sum of human relations rhetorically intensified, transferred, and embellished, and which, after long usage, seem to a people to be fixed, canonical, and binding” 

We have underestimated Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is the true discoverer of ‘non-moral truth ‘in our midst.  

Can we call him a liar?  Not that easy. Not that simple. The liar is a person who uses the valid designations, the words, to make something unreal to appear as real. Our man does the reverse. He makes the real in to the unreal. 

A man can say ‘I am a patriot ‘when his real intent is to acquire that designation to alleviate some other immediate concern far removed from the wellbeing of the nation or the motherland. 

The liar by means of arbitrary substitutions and reversal of events manufactures his own versions of truth. 

Mahinda Rajapaksa is the President who ended the war. Believability is an asset he claims just as he claims the sea port and the airport he built on money borrowed on exorbitantly high interest rates as invaluable national assets. 

He takes care to warn possible buyers of the two so-called assets and not the real lessees of the two ports. After all, as the China Harbor Engineering episode demonstrates, he who pays the piper must call the tune. His use of the third person plural in his folksy Sinhala idiom is both deliberate and deceptive. 

Knowing and sensing lies is not possible if we are blinded by the charisma of the liberator and redeemer Mahinda Rajapaksa. Patriotic pride is the fog over the eyes of a gullible people. Deception then becomes the natural consequence of that false national pride.  

Confronting this profoundly false, make believe world of fake patriots is not easy. The Mahinda ‘Mafiocracy’ is only a new local incarnation of a process that has numerous precedents in human history. 

 Deception, lying, deluding, putting up a false front, living in borrowed splendor, wearing a mask, hiding behind convention are not new phenomena. 

With the thought that Mahinda won the war that nobody could win before him, a good 40% of our electorate willingly permit themselves to be deceived in their dreams every night and awakening yawn   every morning. 

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Disgusting! This is a very unfair article.
    Mahinda deserved to be adored by people for bringing peace to Sri Lanka.
    A few writers who are driven by hatred try to deny him due appreciation for defeating LTTE. Nobody who lived in Sri Lanka during 34-year LTTE terror period will ever forget the sense of fear, misery, pain and loss, terrorists brought to people. Army paid a very high price too. If not for the PATRIOTISM aroused in the Sinhalese youth at the time to join the Army, we couldn’t have won the war.
    Mahinda is a charismatic leader. Of course he is a PHENOMENON. His unparalleled leadership gave the strength for Sri Lanka to defeat LTTE and rise from the ashes of a war torn country.
    Mahinda never claimed winning the war as an ‘asset’ to him. How unkind to say something like that. It was a blessing that he won the election in 2005. Otherwise we would have still seeing dead bodies, decapitated bodies and bloodbath.
    Yes. he built Magampura port and Mattala airport on borrowed money from China as they were the only country which offered loans. I am glad he built a port and an airport, otherwise what would Ranil have there to sell other than Dalada Maligawa, Siri Pada or Dambulla cave temple? Or I forgot, he would have even considered selling Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi as it is the world’s oldest banyan tree. After he exhausted Magampura and Mattala, now secretly planning to sell Sirigiya ancient rock fortress to a Chinese company as an entertainment piece!
    The 40% you ridiculed have every right to vote anyone they wish. Mahinda is still the best compared to present jokers.
    If Mahinda is a ‘fake patriot’, please name a ‘true patriot’ in this slave government, if you can.

    • 2

      And ? Giving you a job? By the way there have not been any patriots in governments. True patriots are US!!!!

      • 5

        Champa the ignoramus,
        “Or I forgot, he would have even considered selling Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi as it is the world’s oldest banyan tree. “
        “sell other than Dalada Maligawa, “
        None of the above have any value to a buyer with brains. The Dalada is a fake piece of ivory. Where is the value in an old tree? It probably was replaced long ago like your Dalada.
        Typical Sinhala Buddhist defender of rapists.

    • 15

      You are more liar than Mahinda Family. The first of all you should understand that it is not Mahina or Mahinda family only contributed to bring end to the war. Tamil people were living under the fear of the terror by Sinhalese thugs, criminals, military for seven decades and still continue to live in fear every day. The Sinhala military was operated under military commander Sarath Fonseka is the truth. It is the US government provided all ithe information about the arms supply ships. It is India who gave full support to the govt during the war. It is karuna’s infomation contributed much of the victory. Mahinda used that victory to manipulate to continue to become President forever. Daladha Maligawa bombed by Karuna but Mahinda punished Sarath Fonseka.Why? What motive? It is simply power. If he is a real peace lover why he created the attck on Muslims? Why he is opposing the constitutional amendment? Why Gotapaya still hold US citizenship if they real patriots of this land?

      • 4

        Who cares about Gotabhya? I only care about Mahinda. Gotabhaya is on facebook. If you have a question. ask him direct. Facebooks don’t bite as far as I know.
        Sinhalese thugs and criminals are in the North? Man, try to make your lies at least believable.
        Yeah, Tamils are now facing the same issues when they were under LTTE. They are now threatened by rehabilitated LTTE and other LTTE cadre who were released by this government to fulfill their promise to LTTE diaspora and TNA.
        Peaceful lives of Tamils in the North are threatened by Aava, Eye or I and Skundha mini-terror groups. They sell drugs, alcohol and many other substances freely. Vijayakala tried in vain to put the blame on the South but it is her own buddies who are engaged in drug business. (May be she is expecting another money bag from Ranil.) Can Tamils go out in the night without fear now? Mark my word, soon there will be collection of ransom too.
        Mahinda brought peace and democracy to Tamils in the North and East, fed them and looked after them. Since his defeat, there is no peace in the North. These days Yahapalanaya government is bribing them for votes. They are stupid. There won’t be an end of distribution of goodies. It is like holding the tiger from the tail.
        What you have written about US and India is the biggest joke in your comment. Both countries tried to save Prabhakaran. It looked like Prabhakran also believed that he would be rescued. That is why he waited for help until the last minute without fleeing (not a chance) or without taking the cyanide.
        Muslims were under attack this government too. Why don’t you ask this government why they attacked Muslims in Digana and some other place? If you hold Mahinda and Gotabhaya responsible for Beruwala and Aluthgama, you should hold Miathree and Ranil responsible for Digana and the other place too.

        • 7

          Can you tell me who are the criminals robbed, murdered Tamils in Colombo, up country and other parts in 1958, 1983?
          Can you tell me what is the relationship between Mahinda, Gotapaya and white van?

        • 5

          “They are now threatened by rehabilitated LTTE and other LTTE cadre who were released by this government to fulfill their promise to LTTE diaspora and TNA.”
          Every Tamil is surrounded by Sinhalese military in the North. That is the truth. You say rehabilitated LTTE threat Tamils now. What a lie? This sort of propaganda is played by Mahinda group to cheat Sinhalese again to rob this nation and deposit their money in foregin banks. your purpose is very clear to create bloodbath similar to 1958, 1977 and 1983.
          It is good that you agree that both Mahinda and this govt attacked Muslims. So, both Sinhalese governments create enviornment for a bloodbath. This is the Sinhala tactics for 70 years and suggest for the possibility of foregin invasion.

          • 0

            I can see that you have trouble in understanding simple sentences. I only repeated what you said.
            “IF YOU hold Mahinda and Gotabhaya responsible for Beruwala and Aluthgama, THEN YOU SHOULD hold Miathree and Ranil responsible for Digana and the other place too.”
            You cannot accuse the previous government for attacks on Muslims occurred during their regime and exonerate the current government for attacks happened under their administration.
            If Sinhalese governments created an environment for bloodbath, how could there be 11.2% Tamils, 9.2% Moors and 4.2% Indian Tamils (D/S&C 2012) live in harmony with Sinhalese in all parts of Sri Lanka?????
            You must remember that you all live happily in this country purely on our strength, our goodwill and our kindness.

          • 0

            A belated reply as I didn’t have time.
            Read this link re: terror groups threatening peaceful civilians.
            Do you think I am lying about terror tactics by rehabilitated LTTE? I don’t have time but read the news a few days ago regarding a forceful closure of a fisheries office in the North due to threats and violence by rehabilitated and non-rehabilitated former LTTE cadre.
            I forgive you for being very much behind time, machan!

            • 0

              Champa is it a man or a woman or a he-she.She believes in sucking. ignore [edited out], we othwer things more importantYou must be a reincarnation of that liar who wrote the book of lies called Bijjawanse

    • 2

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 5

      Rajapakse is no saint. He borrowed this money at exorbitant rates far beyond the international rates. Did he personally benefit by borrowing at these rates if so he should be punished. The problem with SL is that the corrupt are allowed to get away.with murder. RW must pay the prize for that

      • 0

        Oh please, name the “international country” which offered far less rates for the loans at the time Mahinda took loans from China.
        There wasn’t a single country which offered any assistance to rebuild the war torn Sri Lanka other than China.
        Ranil need not to ‘pay the prize’. He can always resign and go home. Who stops him? The truth is Ranil has no practical knowledge about how to run a country. He is only a theory man who knows nothing else. Ranil is like a parrot while Mahinda is like a weaver bird.

    • 1

      There is no true patriot of the country in the present lot.
      There were, but they are all dead and gone.
      The present lot of politicians do not auger well for the country.
      Hope is that the present lot do very poorly at the next general election and that we have a new set of bright honest patriotic lot to steer the country politically. There are honest, very capable young talent to do the job, so to speak. It’s up to to the people to choose the right candidate at the next election.

  • 9

    Sarath, the problem with quoting Philosophers without understanding Philosophy is any one can quote from the same page few lines below and counter your sad arguments and confused metaphors.
    So if you scroll down few lines from where you copied, Nietzsche also says ” When someone hides something behind a bush and looks for it again in the same place and finds it there as well, there is not much to praise in such seeking and finding. Yet this is how matters stand regarding seeking and finding “truth” within the realm of reason”
    That is exactly what you do in this rubbish you have written, wasn’t the Hambanthota Port according to your pals a useless adventure with a massive rock in the bottom? Now you and your brethren call it a National Asset. When Mattala airport becomes a budget airline hub wouldn’t you and your jokers say “Oh we knew it that is why we got India to run it”!
    Buddy stop quoting Nietzsche because some of us here, although not pretend philosophers, know that Nietzsche describes Extra Moral truth NOT Non-moral truth!
    You did not even understand the difference between the two.

    • 6

      Dear Distinguished Wannihami,
      Nietzsche with that parable seeks to demonstrate that the belief a man holds is the product of his pride. It is this deceptive streak of his intellect that ensures his preservation when confronted by his abysmal insignificance. I may be wrong in that interpretation. Maybe you are more erudite in Nietzschean psyche and epistemology. This is how I saw the relevance of Nietzsche’s allegory to Mahinda’s fraudulent political persona.
      I have already gone too far for my liking.
      I find it abhorrent to engage with a coward who seeks to engage in a debate under a pseudonym. So please expect no further ripostes. Thank you.

  • 8

    Sarath De Alwis

    “This incoherent government has singularly failed to explain in simple common-sense language why we had to lease these two ‘national assets’ to ease our debt servicing burden.

    That allows our former President to excel in what he does best- manufacture of truth and fact.”
    You got that absolutely right. It makes me wonder why Ranil & Maithri are doing this? Maybe only Nietzsche can explain this too: they are only capable of their own perspectives on Hambantota and Mattala, and have no access to the ‘truth.’

    • 3

      Who told Ranil and Mathree to “to ease our debt servicing burden?”
      Like all others loans the country has taken since independence, they only had to pay the interest and a part of the principal. Politicians who were elected for just 5 years have no right to sell/lease money generating national assets for 99×2 or 99 years which shows their incompetence.
      They still have a choice. They can step down and hand over country to Mahinda.

      • 7

        O great economist Champa,
        ” Politicians who were elected for just 5 years have no right to sell/lease money generating national assets”
        What are these money-generating assets? An airport with no planes. A harbour which survives only because ships are diverted from Colombo. Stadium in the jungle. All named after the idiot who built them.
        Your grasp of economics is similar to your understanding of the “bond scam”. Zero in fact.
        Oh, by the way, you are able to write such rubbish on the Net only because Chandrika sold the “national asset” SLT.

        • 0

          Machan old codger,
          In the hands of idiots, even gemstones look like gravel.
          Tell me, if they are not money generating assets, how could Ranil sold them in the bat of an eye?
          For your information, it is the location that is worth a world, not just the port or the airport or the number of ships anchored or planes landed.
          In international commercial transactions involving seaports, airports and lands, what comes first is the VALUE OF THE LOCATION.
          Sri Lanka is situated in a strategically, economically and politically prominent geographical location. Therefore, every inch of our country including land, sea and air, is more valuable than even whole India and China together.
          I am fighting to save our land and our assets.
          I am glad former President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave an assurance to consider in reacquiring all sold national assets in the future. I know he meant it. He is infinitely worth of receiving love from every citizen in this country just for that one sentence.

          • 4

            “For your information, it is the location that is worth a world, not just the port or the airport or the number of ships anchored or planes landed.”
            Even if it is worth a dozen worlds, if it is built with loans, who pays?
            Yes, location is important. But brains and entrepreneurial ability are even more important. Mahinda set up airlines,airports, and sea-ports on borrowed money without any idea how to run them. His only aim was to show “baiyyas” like you what you saw as “development”. His”management” of SriLankan alone cost 18 billion in 2014, much more than any bond scam you prattle about.
            Why did the Chinese buy? Because they DO have the brains and ability to make use of the location. They will probably build their own refinery to service their own ships, set up an industrial zone to trade with India using the FTA because they can’t do it directly. They will have many more ideas which we cannot imagine or even afford. But they have got the land now.

            • 0

              old codger
              Ports and airports are long term projects, not like inland expressways.
              Mahinda partly completed the project and then he was ousted. In 2014 it has been used as a port for car transshipment. Over 161 ships had come there in 2014 alone.
              One thing is sure Mahinda or his bayiyas are not negative people like Ranil or his supporters like you. We take challenges head on while people like you and Ranil dodge them.

              • 2

                ” In 2014 it has been used as a port for car transshipment. Over 161 ships had come there in 2014 alone.”
                Yes, by diverting them from Colombo. You may pretend not to know this. Just as you have forgotten the 10 minute flights by SriLankan to Hambantota. What criminal idiocy just to show busloads of baiyyas !

  • 6

    Sarath do you know the difference between Extra moral and Non Moral? Since it seems you don’t: Nietzsche talks about truth and lies outside the sphere of moral judgement. That type of truth (and lies) apply to you, me, Mahinda, Macron, Cher and all other humans, not just Mahinda Rajapaksha. The article you wrote is a perfect example of Nietzsche’s Extra Moral Truth, that is, truth as it suits you. Funny is it not? Nietzsche looks at Truth/lies from a view far away from human life and there by from outside of the human observations, and thus Extra Moral, and please not Non Moral. It is aussermoralischen.

  • 5

    One thing many people miss about Mattala is ……… airports have natural attrition with or without traffic ………. in 20 years time we would have to build many of the components anew.

    An “asset” build to be used far in the future is a total waste.

    Unlike many …….. I didn’t expect much from “Yahapalanaya” ( after all, I know the Lankans; know them like my own people ……. only too well ! ) ………. but I consider it one of the most successful governments in recent history ……. with 2 major feathers in its cap in two fronts …….. limiting the presidential terms to 2 in the political-front and stopping flights taking off from Katunayake and landing in Mattala 5 minutes later in the economic-front ……… I’m a happy and contented man ……. Like Buddha said happiness depend on what you expect ……….

  • 3


    It’s a brave, courageous and a true piece in the face of an impending long Rajapakse dictatorship to kingdom come …………

    It’s remarkable ……. that not one but two of a kind ……. should appear in the same time in human history – one insignificant and the other the most powerful man in the world ………. Either Mahinda Rajapakse borrowed the MO from Donald Trump or vice versa ……… they are identical character-twins ………. but Mahinda was the first to the throne ……. we lead the world in setting trends …….. don’t forget we also had the first woman prime minister ……. we have many firsts ………. who would’ve thought!

    I believe the more appropriate Nietzsche’s for Lanka ……… is his “observations” about morality – slave and master/aristocratic ……….. his “idea” is that “morality” is nothing but “mechanisms” we have acquired down the ages just simply for survival – there is no good/bad ……… “religions” give man nothing more than tenets for survival ……. What can a slave do other than “turning the other cheek” …….. if he wants to survive?

    Simply put ……. in spite of all our crazy cockamamie pretensions, we are still animals ……… Mahinda, Donald et al have stumbled on to “master/aristocratic morality” in their realm of human-survival ……….. while the rest are still stuck/mired in “slave morality” ……….. now throw in the temples, churches, priests, religions …… and the rest of the razzmatazz to help us deceive ourselves into believing what we see is not what we see …………… and be stuck in slave-morality in perpetuity ………

    After all masters need slaves!

    What would Lanka signify without its hordes of slaves?……… The arrival in the Promised Land? ……..The End of History?

    That’s what I was trying to tell Lacille …… there’s no greater meaning to life than chasing skirts; the only reason we were put on this earth ……. now he is missing in action ……. consider him my first disciple ……..

  • 4

    thught provoking as usual
    like to know what dayan has to say

    • 1

      If you mean Dayan Jayathilake, forget him he is busy packing his bags to see Putin. How these so called intellectuals get away with anything by timing their moves is beyond anybody’s imagination.

  • 3

    It is ok. Trump lies daily on the hour. He abuses people. He is a White CHRISTIAN LORD of the most powerful nation. His family benefits DIRECTLY from deals with the government. US Govt is subsidizing his hotel in DC which has seen increased revenue from people wanting access to him. His hotel in NYC made 13% more revenue because the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came there. It is like if Sirisena’s son in law’s restaurant suddenly gets government business. Trump LIES daily; document lies over 3,500. He abuses people. He is a racist who just last night insulted a Basketball star. If it is ok for the greatest White christian man to lie why not MR? Think about it. Trump goes to his Mar-a-lago resort and conducts business there benefitting his family directly. Govt Ethics Officer resigned in disgust over lack of ethics in Trump family. His son and son in law the Jew are making tons of money selling family name. It will be like if Rajapakses did that and made tens of millions. IT is ok.

    • 4


      As you correctly say, Trump & MR both have the same strategy. Trump’s vote base is white middle America & MR’s is the average Sinhala villager & both have the same racist agenda, disguised as national pride. Both are opportunists who are there to increase their personal wealth & not for the betterment of the country & it’s people. Just because dumb intolerant Americans appointed a yob doesn’t mean that we should emulate them. Therefore, it’s not OK & has to be stopped. It maybe like banging your head against a rock but enough is enough &, at least those with some sense, should not go with the populist agenda & voice their dissatisfaction even if the audience is small. Maybe with time, it will gather momentum.

  • 4

    Wonder what Neitzsche said about Dr Ranil ‘s Hoax Wagons,And Million Assembly Jobs for Dalits?.
    And Dr Ranil’s Free WiFi to all Inhabitants .
    Dr Rajitha & Son’s eye witness report on USD 18 Billion in the Arab Bank?.
    Mr Mangalan’s affidavit of the same, based on his mates in Intelligence Agencies in London and New York
    My3 Sira’s Pledge that there won’t be any Man Woman or Child Living in Poverty in Yahapalana Lankawe…..
    BTW Dr Ranil’s 99 Year lease on our greatest National Asset is renewable for another 99 Years automatically.If the Chinese Wish…
    That is a whopping 200 years less two..
    Wonder what Lankawe will look like then with Dr Ranil’s Divide “n Rule Constitution in place.

    • 5

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Wonder what Neitzsche said about Dr Ranil ‘s Hoax Wagons,And Million Assembly Jobs for Dalits?.”

      “Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.”
      ― Friedrich Nietzsche

      Have you ever bothered to read Mahinda Chintana, A Vision for a New Sri Lanka 2006 to 2016 or Sri Lanka The Emerging Wonder of Asia Mahinda Chintana – Vision for the Future 2010, or the Mahinda Chinthana (2005)?

      Ranil Wickremesinghe’s 2001 Election Manifesto was copied and elaborated in 2005 by the crooked clan. Nothing more nothing less. There had been no new ideas in all those manifestos.

      The reason being the stupid politicians, functionaries, the professionals, …. cannot creatively think anything new nor can they tolerate anyone who is brave enough to suggest any new ideas.

      All those donkeys elected as well as appointed have been doing catching up of hundred year gap.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself and your leaders, professionals, functionaries, ….. b***s carriers, …

      To begin with you start inventing fire, wheel, ZERO, the earth is not flat, Buddha was not a Sinhalese/Buddhist, he didn’t ask the donkeys to protect his teaching by chapter II, burn libraries, kill innocent people, …………..

      Then we can have a great debate on what has been done and what is the right thing to do.

    • 2

      Fully agree with KAS. Sarath’s piece of garbage clearly demonstrates who the liar is………He is describing himself under MR’s name…………

      • 1

        Hela, spot on mate, Sarath exactly describes himself, as in, truth as it fits Sarath de Alwis’s train of confused thought.

  • 1

    Didn’t Ranil Wicramasinge warn the lenders to Mahinda Rajapaksa that he wouldn’t honour the loans?
    Didn’t Ranil Wicramasinge carry out a virulent anti China campaign , vilify China as an economic hit man , pledge that he would scrap all Chinese funded projects? Hasn’t he taken any loans from China subsequently? Didn’t he say that the real cost of highway construction per kilometre is just 20% of Chinese contractor’s value while the present value under his government is double the previous value?
    Mr Sarath Alwis why do you faign ignorace of these well known facts – not worthy of a man of your calibre.
    What was the ulterior motive of pre election anti Chinese campaign of that intensity?
    To say that Rajapaksa stole from the Cinese funds is one thing, but to imply that Chinese are complicit in corruption is a very serious affair. Wise and matured as they are in their own self interest Chinese seem to have let it go but will beat Shylock in repayment.

    Doesn’t he always enjoy political power through proxies, always depend on political coups? Ranil Wicramasinge is an infinitely crafty scoundral than Mahinda Rajapaksa. Nietzche would have to invent a whole new classification to cover cunning humans of this nature.


  • 4

    Anatomy of CT articles.

    1. Grand non-sequitur quotation taken out of context
    2. inaccurate facts
    3. mahinda is the devil
    4. half baked analysis
    5. gota is the devil
    6. average sri lankan is stupid. Us post colonial bootlickers inherited this country because we are better. so shut up and listen.
    7. yahapalanaya sucks
    8. ranil is not to blame. He is really a genius. (although to be fare there are exceptions to this)
    9. oh wither sri lanka. Why did all these godai baiyas get a vote.
    10. death to rajapaksha. for good measure. in case the message wasn’t clear.

    Anatomy of CT comments.
    1. Overzealous Toiya:
    Brilliant article, what a brave soul. Such truth has never been spoken. ( these people tend to have a very low bar for intellectual thought)

    2. Racist expat
    Look at these sinhalese racist filth. Scum of the earth. Go Eelam!

    3. Racist Sri Lankan
    look at these tamil terrorist. all tamils are terrorists, blah blah blah. Mahindata Theruwan saranai!

    4. Disgruntled Yahapalanist
    Ranil is shit MY3 is shit this is a spinless government. They should have thrown mahinda in prison blah blah. Never gonna vote for these clowns ever. ( although rest assured he/she will vote for UNP in the next election)

    5. UNP butt boi ( most likely 15 year old paid to write this)
    MY3 is shit. SLFP is shit. UNP has done so much in the last 3 years. All the failures of this Govt are because of that spineless twat. take away the civic right of all the rajapaksha born and unborn. show them the guillotine. Ranil is sweetheart. Gota is a traitor. UNP 4life.

  • 5

    My dear Sarath

    You beauty

  • 6

    Sarath, check the Dictianory A man ‘who makes the real in to the unreal’ is a liar. Don’t be scared to call MR a liar.

    Apart from the liar he is a big time crook (hora) who even swindled Tsunami funds. He sold the country to Chinese because he was well paid with bribes. If MR was in France (where I live) people would have hung him in public in Bastille Square. I think in Sri Lanka the similar location is Galle Face.

  • 3

    Well said! Difficult for Chapas of this world to stomach. Ranil is a disgraceful fellow if, he knew about the CB theft, he is way past his sell by date if, he did not know. Gamarala is a lost cause. MR can be compared to Trump. Only Trump does not, have 585 uneducated relatives.
    Amazing! Sumenasekera is still alive and coughing for a fee? MR is never coming back . 75 and, he is not Marathir Mohamed.

  • 3

    1. De Alwis says, “Mahinda Rajapaksa is outstandingly non-moral. He does not utter false hoods. He does not speak the truth either. He manufactures facts. He is a strange creature, who lives in the world where knowledge exists on sufferance.”

    Comment, ntthen he must be supernatural and just the sort of man we should get to lead us.

    2. De Alwis asks, “What is truth?” Then he quotes Nietzsche, the German philosopher who dismantles truth in to identifiable components.”

    Comment, It is a pity that the erudite De Alwis has not looked closer to home for definitions of truth. If he did, he would have found the real answer given by a man named The Buddha: “Don’t keep searching for the truth, just let go of your opinions.”

    There is a saying that there are no fools like (wannabe?) educated fools. De Alwis’ problem is stupidity caused by the Church of England indoctrination. That is why he hates Rajapakse and keeps looking for truths to attack him.

  • 1

    The free press is the enemy of the people-Donald J Trump.

    Tell that to those pencil pusher arrogant White Toiyyas who lecture and berate Sri Lanka. Human Rights? fuck it all. Follow Trump. He wins in 2020 and then the christian fanatic Pence will win in 2024. Already they have formed a Justice Department committee to persecute Gays like they do in Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the guise of “religious liberty” what they have done is to ensure Christian fanatics ****s can discriminate legally against gay people, and even women who might seek contraceptives from a pharmacy. Soon after that it will be obvious that these so called religious liberty acolytes will be able to say they refuse service at a restaurant or hotel to interracial couples because Southern Whiteyanity version of bastardized perverted teachings of the Bible is what they believe in. So Sessions and Evangelical racists like Franklin Graham will love it. They can slam the door on interracial marriages, black people, muslim people or brown skinned people saying “my beliefs do not allow me to….” Also women rightfully under Pence doctrine will take a backseat and become baby factories. People can refuse to sell them condoms or contraceptives on religious liberty shit. 2 years ago that cherubic Ambassador promoted Gay rights openly in Sri Lanka. Now US is exact opposite.

  • 1

    What you said here I could not understand:

    “Nietzsche with that parable seeks to demonstrate that the belief a man holds is the product of his pride. It is this deceptive streak of his intellect that ensures his preservation when confronted by his abysmal insignificance. I may be wrong in that interpretation. Maybe you are more erudite in Nietzschean psyche and epistemology. This is how I saw the relevance of Nietzsche’s allegory to Mahinda’s fraudulent political persona”/

    Sir, you are so intellectual, like Gogol. Your English I think even Shakespear would be beaten.

    Sarath Forget about Wannihamy. He seems to be a top intellectual like Einstein. He may be more intellectual than you but lets forget the buggar as he does not write articles like you.

  • 1


    Donald Trump has never said this:

    “he free press is the enemy of the people-Donald J Trump.”

    Donald Trump correctly attacks fake media, which is the thing to do

  • 1

    Buwa, What you mentioned is The Anatomy of Lankawe. It is the same crap since independence. Party after party, politician after politician have successfully failed the nation by using race and religion with some variations and improvisation.It is not about CT it is about the state of a failed nation.What follows is the game of blame, finger pointing, one upmanship, mud slinging, spinning, pseudo patriotism, proxy war,shadow boxing ….etc…..etc by the citizens. Still there is no one decent leader yet.

  • 1

    Buwa sorry to say YES . Lankans are educated fools which I believe is worse than Idiots. Why?? A country which boast of a higher literacy rate and an early start( economic advantage) could only come up with Senanayakas, Bandaranayakas and Rajapaksas.

  • 1

    How very clever to make threats that you clearly won’t have to carry out! MR’s reported threats are to those who buy these national assets, but no-one is buying them and the government isn’t selling them. These assets are only being leased or being planned to be leased – and there lies an important difference. In the meantime, MR appears to his constituency as a great hero again!

  • 0

    If both projects go well in the next couple of years MR and clan will not return but will go to the Political Dust Bin

  • 1

    For some of us, the word peace must be redefined. The absence of a conflict does not mean there is peace. In this context the peace they claim that they have achieved is imaginary.

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