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Tussle Over Senathirajah Or Wigneswaran Is TNA’s Chief Minister Candidate

By Rajah S. Rajasingham

A committee constituted of representatives from all 5 of the TNA’s constituent parties met today (July 11) in Colombo and broke up without agreement on who their Chief Minister candidate should be. They will meet again tomorrow, July 12, and take a decision.


The representatives of five parties of the TNA alliance who met were R. Sambanthan, Mavai Senathirajah, M.A. Sumanthiran and Selvarajah of the Federal Party,  Mr. Sangiah and Mr. Krishnapillai of the TULF, Suresh Premachandran and Sarveswaran of the EPRLF, Selvan Adaikalanathan, Srikantha, Henry Mahenthiran and Karunakaran of the TELO and T. Siddharthan, K. Sivanesan, and Ragavan of the PLOTE.

The meeting went smoothly until nominating the candidate for the Northern Province Chief Ministership was taken up. Mr. Sambanthan wanted Justice C.V. Wigneswaran while all the others vied for Mavai Senathirajah who had already been put forward by the Jaffna Branch of the Federal Party. Mr. Sambanthan was adamant as were the others. Hence the inconclusive discussion.

Justice Wigneswaran who had earlier professed not to be interested in the position had suddenly issued statements that he would consent if all five parties unanimously agreed to his candidature. He was faulted for this saying that Senathirajah came forward to be a candidate only because Justice Wigneswaran had professed disinterest. And now suddenly for Justice Wigneswaran to want the position, it was felt, is unfair.

Some of the objections to Justice Wigneswaran were based on his two children having married Sinhalese.  It seemed a little unfair because when children marry outside the community the parents are often against it but cannot stop it. Nevertheless, the point made was that TNA MP Piyasena of mixed parentage from Amparai District crossed over to the government because of divided loyalties, and for the same reasons Justice Wigneswaran cannot be trusted.

Batticaloa District MP, P. Ariyanenthiran, had issued a statement before the meeting raising these objections. His punch line was that Wigneswaran knows only the Nallur Kanthan Temple in the North whereas Senathirajah knows every nook and corner in both the North and the East and it is only he who can unite Tamils everywhere.

This debate settles the matter. Even if Justice Wigneswaran is the candidate because of Mr. Sambanthan’s continued insistence tomorrow, it would not be by unanimous agreement among all 5 parties as he insisted. An experienced judge must learn not to utter words he may have to swallow. Justice Wigneswaran seems not to have been serious when he denied his interest in being Chief Minister and then showed interest. Now again he seems not to be serious about being a candidate only by unanimous agreement.

When the TNA candidate is certain of being overwhelmingly elected, many would want to have a shot at it and it is nothing to be shy about. So Justice Wigneswaran should openly say he is interested instead of all this camouflage. It is unbecoming. Mr. Senathirajah’s is a good example. He has been honest enough to admit his interest.

Update: 12 July 2013
The second day’s discussions also ended in stalemate. The group will meet again on Saturday 13th at 5 O’Clock in an attempt to reach resolution. Mr. Sampanthan is adamant that the candidate should understand the law to deal with the government. All others want a person with a long record of service to Tamil affairs.

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    Most here, will be sad when they here the Name Wignesvaran. Wait and see.

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    “Latest reports reveals that India has indicated its displeasure over the consideration of Mavai Senathirajah as the chief minister candidate of the Tamil National Alliance in the forthcoming North Provincial Council election.

    Indian intelligence agency RAW – Research Analysis Wing , it seems to have notified to TNA leadership that Mavai Senathirajah was unacceptable to India as he was the person who forcefully brought the moderate Tamil political leaders into the fold of the LTTE in 2004, despite requests and warning by India.

    Furthermore, there are allegations against Mavai Senathirajah’s involvement in the tragic episode of the assassination of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General A. Amirthalingham, Yogeswaran and the shooting of M.Sivasithamparam who was at that time the President of the TULF.”(Asian Tribune of 14/07/13).

    While this report may be part of the campaign strategy of anti-Senathirajah array, it may also be true. However, this aspect of the issue need to be taken into account. Sampanthan is reported to be in India at the moment and is expected to return on the 17th July.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

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      Senathirajah would have never ever thought of getting the leaders of the TULF murdered. That is a wild allegation and I wonder how Dr. R. N thought it fit to mention it in his comment.

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        He probably arranged the meeting innocently, without realising that the LTTE was using him. Further, issues must be confronted and understood, without being brushed aside.

        Dr. RN

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          If India is against Senathirajah,then it would be foolish for Sampanthan to start taking on India the way prabha did.The 13th amendment is India’s baby,not the tamils.There need not be a CM who is liked by them,but there should not be a CM who is disliked by them too.I think ananda sangary and wiknesvaran fit that bill.

          As for senathiraja’s alleged involvement with the amirthalingam murders,i wonder why he was not there to attend the meeting.If he was influential enough to arrange it,why not attend it too?

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      Dr. Narendran,

      Asian Tribune? You want anyone to take K.T.Rajasingham–linked to SL intelligence–, and the trash he publishes, seriously? I wouldn’t even visit their site.

      It was said then that it was Yogeswaran who had a soft spot for the LTTE and agreed to meet their “boys.”

      At that time, Mavai Senathirajah was not a high ranking a leader as he is now. So he could well have been out of the loop.

      In the absence of any evidence against MS–more than 4 years after Mullivaikal, if there was evidence against him, it would have surfaced by now–we have to take such allegations as hatchet jobs. If cleaner politics is the goal going froward, then unsubstantiated allegations should also stop.

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        Please read the reproduction of the interview with Mrs. Amirthalingam in the Asian Tribune today. It is interesting. Further, I read the AT because it has some gems of valuable information, amidst the propaganda material.


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    The good thing for the Tamils (for the Sinhalese) is that they never choose the right leader. The bad thing for Sinhalese is that the – badly chosen Tamiil Leaders propels Gonas to lead them.

    Ayo mage Amee….

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    @SENGUTTAVAN. BALU DOSTHARAYA knows better than you and me when it comes to the RAW. He is very well connected to those Pariahs….

    Despite the fact that his parents and brother were murdered by the Indians led by Col Hariharan and fed to the maggots.

    He was sooooooooooooooooo blessed that he saw that sight and smell with his very own eyes. That is his own Karma, and we all and he can figure out whether it is the Good or Bad kind.
    But the VET [Edited out] is still “Kissing Ass” to those murderers.
    What a disgrace.

    I am very blessed as far as my parents and brother Charles is concerned.
    All three died within minutes of the breathing problem. Charles did not even know as he died in his sleep.
    I hope and pray that I too go the same way from this earth.
    Both Charles and my mother were jailed and tortured in Sri Lankan jail and died prematurely at 67 and 73…My father lived until 91…

    Unfortunately [Edited out] had some different Karma than mine.
    God has given you plenty of time to think about it for more than quarter of a century. LMAO. [Edited out]… Additionally, you have your sister’s burden as well.
    Balu Dostaraya cannot remember that my mother and sister attended his sister’s first wedding in 1967 or 1968 in Jaffna and both my mother and his mother have the same first name as well. If my memory serves right.

    Donald Gnanakone
    Tamils For Justice

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      Donald J Gnanakone

      “@SENGUTTAVAN. BALU DOSTHARAYA knows better than you and me when it comes to the RAW. He is very well connected to those Pariahs…”

      So the entire Sri Lankan Tamil population living inside and outside the island is well connected to RAW!

      What a lucky people?

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      So this mahadenamutha of all Tamil politics and Chandiya Donald Duck
      has come down to earth and wants the sympathy of the readership about what happened to him and his family. But still foul language and a lack of respect for others continues. It is in the blood. All that talk of high Vellala Tamil Colombo 7 background is all bogus for a
      an uncontrollable angry man from the slums of Vihara Lane – that borders his birthplace Hampden Lane. It is therefore a promotion he married a Sinhala girl from Kollupitya. Balu Dostharaya seems to enjoy more respect in these pages than this kunu kata ex-pilot, because the Vet uses polite language and quotes relevant details in all his writings. So Donald J please learn to be respectful. You talk of your last days here. Nobody hoped for that or asked for it. You, in your usual, foolish comments talk of this.

      Your bio-data on Mr Wigneswaren serves little purpose and can be reached by anybody. Don’t you have anything more sensible to write to
      gain readers’ attention – gandha kataya?


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    TNA -Tamil National Alliance has posted a new item, ‘Elections to the Northern
    Provincial Council’

    The Tamil National Alliance(TNA), comprising of five constituent parties, met at the TNA office on 15th July 2013 to consider the nomination of the candidate forthe post of Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

    It was unanimously resolved that the candidate for the position of Chief Minister at the forthcoming Provincial Council elections for the […]

    You may view the latest post at

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    Retired Justice Wigneswaran has been nominate as the TNA candidate for the Chief Ministership of the NP. Bravo TNA.
    Bravo Mr. Sambanthan. May the Tamils and all Sri Lankans benefit from this extremely wise decision. My fervent hope has become a reality. Would Prsident MR join in to turn a new page in our communalised political history?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

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    It appears that the TNA has made a very sensible decision on the choice of a candidate for contesting the position of CM, NPC. Well done!

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      Wigneswaran being a Royalist like Sumanthiran, Ranil, Ravi Karunanayake, Premadasa, Kiriella, and others in Colombo has lot more support outside the TNA, including Tamils like Vet. Narendran and Upcountry Tamils.
      Not only that he has the support of political chameleons and leftist like Handsome Nannayakara (lol) and his[Edited out, maintaining very high moral and ethical standards. (LMAO).
      The Coomunist and Leftist are also giving him the fullest support thanks to his daughter’s “new” family.
      However, Tamils should not criticize Wigneswaran because who his children chose to join in matrimony. I know the pitfalls and dangers of such actions being a “victim” and the Wellawatte/Kollupitiya Police station or the FBI in the USA will be my witnesses, when I write my BOOK. lol.

      My own children have faced the FBI interrogations in their own home, due to that fact, and Mother of my own two children is a Sinhalese from Kollupittiya. But not from any cabinet minister family or other politically connected powerful family.

      As Vet. N said, RAW did not like Mavai to be the candidate nor did the Indian masters like Sivagnanam or Vidyakaran who are real patriotic Tamils, who were never targets of the LTTE for whatever reason. All three are true sons of the soil, and did not get their education @Royal or private fee paying schools like St. Thomas’s.

      Here is more information of the CM nominee of Sampanthan, RAW, PLOTE, EROS, TELO, EPRLF, TULF, TC,and the reluctant ITAK. (lol). TNA leader Sampanthan a experienced politician and member of the 80 Club, being a permanent resident in Madras (even now family resides there), in their own apartment, is showing his “true colors” when he became a target of the LTTE.

      CM Wigneswaran would also would be waving the Sri Lankan flag on political platforms with fellow Royalist like Ranil as Sampanthan did recently, and go two steps further by speaking fluently in Sinhalese (One can only get promotions and salary increments in the JSC if one can read, speak and write the official language of Mother Lanka, lol) and wave the LION FLAG. He will not be seen in any Black or Red colored clothing nor will he raise the black flag in honor of the 100,000 Tamils who were murdered by the Rajapakses and Fonseka in cold blood.

      It is time that Sampanthan retire from the TNA soon as leader and Mavai Senathirajah is anointed as the Tamil leader. Sivagnanam and Vidyakaran can contest the elections in the Jaffna district and enter Parliament soon.

      ustice C. V. Vigneswaran (Tamil: சி. வி. விக்னேஸ்வரன்) is a Sri Lankan Tamil lawyer, judge and politician. He was a magistrate and a judge of the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He is the Tamil National Alliance’s chief ministerial candidate in the Northern Province for the upcoming provincial council election.
      Contents [hide]
      1 Early life and family
      2 Legal career
      3 Political career
      4 References
      Early life and family[edit]

      Vigneswaran was educated at Royal College, Colombo.[1][2] His son is married to the daughter of government minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara.[3][4]
      Legal career[edit]

      Vigneswaran joined the Judicial Service on 7 May 1979.[2][5] He served as a magistrate and District Judge in Batticaloa, Chavakachcheri and Mallakam.[2][5] He became District Judge for Colombo in January 1987.[2][5] He was appointed to the High Court in 1988, serving in Northern, Eastern, North Central, Uva and Western provinces.[2] He was appointed to the Court of Appeal in 1995.[2]
      Vigneswaran was appointed to the Supreme Court in March 2001.[6] He retired in October 2004.[7]

      One correction for the above”

      Nannayakara’s son married Wigneswaran’s daughter.
      No one knows what they do professionally, but I am sure his daughters would have been well educated at Ladies or Brigdets. (Most likely).
      I sincerely hope that CM Wigneswaran would be able to obtain higher amount of funds from the Rajapakses than what Pillaiyan did for the EP, when he was CM of EP. I would not comment about the activities of RAW or their future activities in the NP, when Wigneswaran is CM.

      Good Luck and Best Wishes to the future CM and the people of NP….

      Donald Gnanakone.
      Tamils For Justice.

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    Your place can be valueble for me. Thank you!

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