4 March, 2024


U.K. Voices Concern Over Sexual Exploitation Of children In Sri Lanka


The U.K. Foreign Office, in its latest human rights report, prepared from the accounts of Human Rights activists, said that despite significant steps by the Sri Lankan government to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, sexual exploitation of children remained a problem.

“According to local media, in 2011 police recorded the highest number of child abuse and rape cases ever seen in Sri Lanka. Some estimates also suggested that up to 6,000 children were exploited for commercial sex. The Department of Probation and Child Care Services provided protection to child victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, but there were no comprehensive programmes to address the problem,” the report said.

There are identified centres in Sri Lanka which have been infamous for paedophilia, and enforcement has not always kept pace with the offenders, local activists who spoke to The Hindu said.

Child soldiers

The other serious issue that the UK Human Rights Report flags is the lack of progress to bring to book LTTE members allegedly responsible for the recruitment of child soldiers. “The whereabouts of 13 children recruited by the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal during the conflict remains unknown, as does the exact number of children killed or maimed during the conflict. UNICEF’s Family Reunifications and Tracing Unit still has 600 outstanding cases of children missing from the final stages of the conflict,” it said.

The report said that the UK continued to raise these concerns, including through the UN Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, and encouraged the Sri Lankan government to investigate allegations of violations and abuses as part of its efforts for national reconciliation.

Religious freedom in Sri Lanka

The report also lists another currently debated topic in Sri Lanka: Freedom to practice religion. It noted that people were generally free to practise their religion without interference, but religious groups “complained of onerous administrative burdens placed on certain religions, and religious education that did not take minority faiths into account.”

It highlighted a draft Act of parliament presented by a minority party, which, if passed, would provide privileged status for Buddhism in Sri Lanka. “In September, a Muslim religious site in the Buddhist city of Anuradhapura was demolished by mobs, allegedly led by Buddhist monks. There were reports of ministerial interference in religious animal sacrifice at Hindu temples,” it said.

The report concerns 2011 and hence the Dambulla incident – where mobs and some people in the garb of Buddhist monks desecrated a mosque – does not find place.

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    there are more than 220 countries in thw world
    they are worried about HR violations of 5 countries
    Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China, Sri Lanka
    taken Mynmar out of the list since western stooge was elected in by election
    No human right violations ever occur in Gaza?
    millions death in Iraq on illegal war NO HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATIONS?/\illegally occupying these ountries based on pack of lies.
    hundred thousands deaths in Afghanistan another illegal war
    more than 10 thousands death iin Libya after pillar and rape of Libya and getting rid of Gadafi
    160millions dalit or untouchables in India subject to dehumanising treatment by higher caste Indians
    but Since India has had become lapdog of western countries no human right abuses raised by these hypocrites
    Totally silient human right abuses in BAHRAIN EGYPT SAUDI ARABIA, JORDAN, POST GADDAFI
    unarmed OBL was shot front of his wife and children..

    ———————- I mean can you imagine the west saing GADDAFI
    is now a good guy and he can sit one the UN Human rights council..—— no wait did that happen… By the same Report that gave him a clean chit.

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      @sjv chelvanayakam

      Is sjv chelvanayakam your real name? ;)

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    To the Indian Writer.. Yes the Entire world saw how Young Indian Children.. some young as 6 years were carrying heavy building blocks to construct the CWG games in India.. which turned out to be a mickey mouse games.. Still the UK didnt care.. inly thing they were worried about the diseases and the dog shit on the Beds..

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